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  1. Short Essay on River [100, 200, 400 Words] With PDF

    Short Essay on River in 200 Words . A river is a naturally flowing stream of water that flows from high altitude to low altitude due to the force of gravity. Rivers usually rise from a mountain or large lake and flow towards an ocean, sea, or another river. They can be perennial rivers that flow throughout the year or seasonal rivers which ...

  2. Essay on River in English for Students and Children

    500 Words Essay On River. Rivers are the backbone of human civilizations which provide freshwater that is the basic necessity for human life. We cannot live without water and rivers are the largest water bodies for freshwater. In fact, all civilizations in the past and present were born near river banks. In other words, they are veins of the ...

  3. Essay on Water: 150-250 words, 500-1000 words for Students

    Essay on Water in 150-250 words. Water is a vital resource that sustains all forms of life on Earth. It covers about 70% of the planet's surface, and its availability is essential for various human activities, ecosystems, and agriculture. ... Water bodies, such as rivers, lakes, and oceans, serve as crucial habitats and breeding grounds for ...

  4. Autobiography of a River [Ganga]- 150 & 1500 Words with PDF

    Autobiography of a River 1500 words. I am Ganga, the sacred river of India. I am a living entity that has flowed through the heart of this ancient land for millennia. My waters are not just a source of sustenance, they are a reflection of the spiritual and cultural heritage of this great nation.

  5. A River In Flood Essay

    A River In Flood essay 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 words in English helps the students with their class assignments, comprehension tasks, and even for competitive examinations. You can also find more Essay Writing articles on events, persons, sports, technology and many more.

  6. Essay On River Ganga

    You can write an essay in 150 to 200 words on the Ganga river, elaborating its importance in the country. Here is a short sample essay for classes 1, 2, and 3: The Ganga represents the essence of Indian culture. The river is worshipped in India. Several legends are associated with the river.

  7. River Ganga Essay

    Short Essay on River Ganga 150 words in English. The holy river of India, river Ganga is an important aspect of Hindu Mythology. In Hinduism, the river Ganga is considered as a Goddess who gives life and relieves you of all your sins. It rises from the Himalayan glacier Gangotri and has many tributaries including the river Yamuna.

  8. English Essay on "Indian Rivers" English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for

    Indian Rivers. The largest and most famous river in India is the Ganges, or to give it its proper native name, the Ganga. It. rises in the Himalayas near Kamet Mountain, and passes through the Shiwalik Hills at the sacred city of Hardwar, where many pilgrims go to bathe in it waters.

  9. Short Essay on Rivers

    Rivers - Short Essay. The river is basically a water body which is smaller in size when compared to the ocean and a sea. River is different from many other water bodies because it is continuously moving on its course, unlike a lake. River water is used to meet the basic water needs of people…

  10. Autobiography of a River Essay for Students in English

    Autobiography of a River: Born in the mountains and flowing to unknown landscapes and valleys, rivers are restless and always on the move. They sneak into broad pathways as much as narrow creeks or amidst the rocks. They have immense strength in their undercurrents and consist of an inner force. In India, rivers are considered holy, and people ...

  11. Essay on Save Water for Children and Students

    Save Water Essay 2 (150 words) Water is one of the most precious gifts given by nature to the humanity. Life on the earth is possible only because of water. Three-fourth surface of earth is covered by water, but even though people are suffering from water scarcity in many regions of the India and other countries.

  12. Short Essay On A Visit To A River In English In 100, 150, 200, And 250

    Essay On A Visit To A River :- Hello students, Today we teach you how to writer Short Essay On A Visit To A River, Lots of times this essay asked in exam as An Essay On A Visit To A River, And A Visit To A River Essay. So, stay in this blog and note down in your copy. Essay On A Visit To A River In 100, 150, 200, And 250 Words Outline. Introduction

  13. Autobiography of a River

    Autobiography of a River. ... [100, 120, 150, 200-250 Words] Related Posts . APJ Abdul Kalam Essay in English | 100, 200, 300, 500 Words. Essay. Blood Donation Essay in English | 150, 200, 300 Words. Essay. My Mother Essay in English 10 Lines [5 Sets] 10 Lines, Essay. Essay on Mother Teresa in English for Students [300 Words] Essay.

  14. Essay on Save Rivers for Students and Children in 1000 Words

    The river is the backbone of human civilization by providing fresh water, which is the basic necessity for human life. One cannot live without water, and rivers are the largest water bodies for fresh water. All the civilizations, both past and present, were born near the bank of rivers. They act as the vein of the Earth through which life flows.

  15. Paragraph on Flood 100, 150, 200 to 300 Words for Kids, Students, and

    Paragraph on Flood - 150 Words for Classes 4, 5 Children. Floods are natural incidents where a dry area or ground is usually suddenly soaked into water. The overflow of rivers, lakes, and oceans or because, in many respects, excessive rain causes flooding. When severe precipitation occurs, people will lose lives, damage, and severe property ...

  16. Essay (Rivers in Nepal)

    These rivers are permanent in flowing water. A few names of such rivers are: Koshi, Tamor, Gandaki, Karnali, Arun, Trisuli, Rapti, Sunkoshi, Narayani, Seti etc. Koshi is the biggest, Gandaki is the deepest and Karnali is the longest of all these rivers in Nepal. We all are rich in water resource. We can make good income from these rivers.

  17. Essay on Water Pollution: 150-250, 500-1000 words for Students

    Essay on Water Pollution in 150-250 words. Water pollution is a pressing environmental issue that poses a significant threat to ecosystems and human health. It occurs when harmful substances, such as chemicals, industrial waste, or sewage, contaminate water bodies, including rivers, lakes, oceans, and groundwater sources.

  18. 350 Words Essay on Rivers Paragraph

    Many villages are ruined. Essay on Rivers. Read More Essay ( click) Contact Us. ️[email protected] 📱 +91 8434881288. Address. 🏡 35, Main Road Chandsar Jharkhand, INDIA (814154) Essay on Rivers, River rise from mountains or big lakes. Flowing through the mountains, rocks, plateau, and plain lands they fall into the sea or some other river.

  19. Essay on Rainy Season: 150-250 words, 500 words for Students

    Essay on Rainy Season in 150 words. The rainy season, also known as the monsoon season, brings much-needed rainfall to a region. It revitalizes nature, replenishes water bodies, and nourishes the earth. The dark clouds, the sound of raindrops, and the earthy fragrance create a soothing ambiance.

  20. 150 Word Essay Examples & Topic Ideas

    The number of pages in a 150-word essay can vary depending on several factors, including the font size, spacing, and formatting style. However, assuming the essay is typed in a standard font like Times New Roman or Arial, with 12-point font size and double spacing, a 150-word essay would typically occupy approximately half a page. ...

  21. Paragraph On Save Water 100, 150, 200, 250 to 300 Words for Kids

    Paragraph On Save Water - 150 Words for Class 4,5 Children. Water is an essential common asset. We need water each day for our bodies and different works. The human body is consists of water of about 70%. People likewise need water for regular fundamental exercises like washing, bathing, cooking, and so on.

  22. Opinion

    Second, when people chant slogans like "liberate Palestine" and "from the river to the sea," they are essentially calling for the erasure of the state of Israel, not a two-state solution.

  23. Paragraph on Water Pollution 100, 150, 200, 250 to 300 Words for Kids

    Paragraph on Water Pollution - 150 Words for Classes 4 and 5 Children. Water is man's basic need for survival. Life without water is unimaginable. Water is a significant element that cannot be replaced with any other elements. Water pollution is a serious environmental issue around the world and has lead to severe implications.