10 Best Sales Presentations To Inspire Your Sales Deck [+ 5 Tips]

Meredith Hart

Published: August 17, 2022

While many salespeople focus on making their sales decks flashy, fun, and exciting, they do little to ensure that their presentations address the prospect's top concerns and offer an irresistible solution.

sales rep uses sales deck during presentation with prospects

As a result, many presentations are met with wishy-washy responses that drag along the sales process and waste valuable time.

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What does a great sales deck look like? We'll take a look at some of the best, and provide tips for creating your own stellar sales deck and presentation.

What is a sales deck?

A sales deck is a slide presentation (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.) used to supplement a sales pitch. The sales pitch, given by a salesperson to a prospect, often includes an overview of the product or service, offers a value proposition and solution for the prospect, and includes examples of success stories from other clients.

The primary purpose of a sales deck and presentation is to introduce a solution (ie, your pitch ) that ultimately leads the prospect to purchase from your company.

If you've done everything right during the discovery process — digging deep into your prospect's challenges and understanding exactly what they need — only to get a noncommittal response, then your presentation needs some major adjusting.

best sales presentation decks

10 Free PowerPoint Templates

Download ten free PowerPoint templates for a better presentation.

  • Creative templates.
  • Data-driven templates.
  • Professional templates.

You're all set!

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Sales Deck vs Pitch Deck

A sales deck is a pitch meant to convince a prospect to make a purchase by showcasing your product features, benefits, and value proposition.

A pitch deck , on the other hand, is usually created for investors who want to learn more about your company, vision, products, financials, and target audience. Think of the pitch deck more like a synthesized version of your business plan.

Ready to see some sales deck examples? Here are a few of the best, in no particular order.

Sales Deck Examples

  • UpstartWorks
  • Attention Media
  • Leadgeeks.io

1. Leadnomics Sales Deck by Katya Kovalenko

sales deck examples: leadnomics

Leadnomics has done something few companies successfully do in presentations: Showcase their brand identity.

The internet marketing agency hired a designer to create a sales deck that reflected their sleek, techie brand.

So while prospects learn about Leadnomics and what it offers, they can also get a peek into what it represents as a brand.

2. UpstartWorks Sales Deck by BrightCarbon

This slide deck for UpstartWorks starts with an image of the road to success, followed by a value proposition and a list of benefits buyers can enjoy from working with the company. They provide an overview of what they deliver to customers, who their clients are, and the results their customer base has seen.

The sales deck touches on all the key points a sales presentation should cover. And when it includes graphics and logos, they are clearly organized and not cluttered.

3. QS Sales Deck by BrightCarbon

QS , a platform that ranks colleges and universities, effectively uses icons and visuals throughout its sales deck to communicate its messages. At just a few slides, this is one of the shortest sales decks featured on this list.

If you’re going to make your sales deck short, make sure the information you include gets straight to the point, and be sure to front-load the most important information.

In terms of content, QS showcases its features, value proposition, and client impact.

4. Attention Media Sales Deck by Slides

Attention Media , a B2B creative agency, hired a presentation design agency to create a sales deck that features statistics and reasons businesses should work with them.

Key figures and messages are either in a bold, large, or bright font to make them stand out from the rest of the text.

While their slide deck is on the shorter side (the typical presentation is around 10 to 15 slides ), they include intriguing visuals and statistics that grab attention and keep viewers interested.

5. Freshworks Sales Deck by BrightCarbon

Freshworks is a B2B software platform that promises an all-in-one package for businesses. Its sales deck emphasizes simple text and organization. The problem and solution are introduced using graphics, which makes the text easier for readers to prioritize.

They include a dedicated slide to their mobile app, one of the product’s key differentiators and most salient benefits. The following slides provide a step-by-step walkthrough of how customers are onboarded and what they can expect on a regular basis.

Since the slides aren’t text-heavy, the salesperson can easily elaborate and answer any questions the prospect might have.

6. Soraa Sales Deck by BrightCarbon

Soraa , a lighting company, starts its sales deck with a visually appealing table of contents that contains three items: “Quality of light,” “Simply perfect light,” and “Why Soraa?”

The brand then dives into what its prospects care about most: How the light will look in their spaces and how they can apply Soraa’s offerings to their specific use case. It sprinkles in the benefits of using Soraaa as a lighting supplier. And it does this all while maintaining its strong branding.

7. Planetly Sales Deck by OCHI Design

The first thing Planetly does in its sales presentation is present an eye-catching statistic about customers wanting more eco-friendly brands. Then, they present the reasons behind that data.

The deck doesn't overwhelm prospects with too much text, opting for more graphics and visuals instead. It introduces a hard-hitting stat about the problem their prospect is facing, engages them by asking a question, and provides a solution to the issue.

The slide deck continues to outline specific product details and what sets the solution apart from others, ultimately leading to a slide that represents the expected outcome for the prospect.

8. MEOM Sales Deck by Katya Kovalenko

What you’ll first notice when scrolling through MEOM's sales deck is that it’s straightforward and easy to scan.

The brand kept it simple with their deck, making it easier for consumers to take in the information. Too often, companies overload their decks with information, and by the end of the presentation, consumers can’t remember anything.

On every slide, MEOM has one main message with supporting information in smaller font. In addition, the brand incorporates a detailed look at one of its staff members — a powerful tool when trying to attract consumers.

9. Leadgeeks.io Sales Deck by Paweł Mikołajek

Sometimes, the best way to explain a concept is through a series of process maps and timelines. In this sales deck, Leadgeeks.io takes this approach to explain its product process and onboarding process.

This method helps consumers visualize how this software will help them reach their goals and how they can adopt it at their business.

10. Accern Sales Deck by Katya Kovalenko

Similar to Leadnomics, software company Accern puts its branding at the forefront of the sales deck.

In addition to the use of design to make the sales deck stand out, Accern also highlights customer case studies in its deck, another form of social proof that shows the success other customers have found with this tool.

Each of these presentations provides a general overview of the products, problems, and solutions, and they can easily be tailored and customized to each prospective company. A custom presentation not only piques the prospect's interest but also increases the likelihood that they'll buy from you.

Curious as to how you can word your presentation during your meeting with prospects? Below, we go over the best examples we’ve seen so far.

best sales presentation decks

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Example Sales Presentation

While there are plenty of videos online on how to deliver a sales presentation, there aren’t quite as many live sales presentations to watch.

That’s because sales presentations are delivered in the privacy of a meeting between the sales rep and the prospect, and are often not recorded with the intention of sharing online.

As a sales rep, though, you have an excellent resource for inspiration: explainer videos. Companies publish explainer videos to pitch their products to qualified leads. (Sound familiar?) Use the below examples to hone your own pitch to buyers, and pay close attention to the structure of each video.

This explainer video for Leadjet starts with an urgent problem: Finding leads on LinkedIn and moving them to a CRM loses valuable time and minimizes lead opportunities. Leadjet then presents its product as the solution.

The video jumps into the benefits users can enjoy, such as synchronizing conversations over both your CRM and LinkedIn, keeping the lead status updated, and adding custom details. In this video, Leadjet follows the ideal sales presentation structure: problem, solution, and benefits.

2. Node Influencer App

The Node influencer app allows small business owners to connect with influencers on social media. It starts its video with a simple question: “Looking to promote your brand with social influencers?” The presentation effectively identifies and addresses the target market before pitching the product to viewers.

This presentation is more tutorial-based, making it ideal inspiration if you’re creating a sales deck for someone who’s closer to making a decision. People most often want to see actionable demos when they’re ready to choose a provider.

This explainer video from Upsend, a former customer service software, begins with a problem: Most customers want instant responses to their queries, but customer service systems can be expensive for new companies. Enter Upsend.

The presenter addresses the target market — startups and small businesses — while assuaging their concerns about budget. In addition, it covers the most important features of the platform and the end result for the user. If Upsend were still available, this would be a product a new business would immediately want to add to their tech stack.

4. Algoplanner

Within a few seconds of the start of this presentation, Algoplanner drives home the critical urgency of adopting a supply chain software. It uses a scary number to pull your attention, citing a possible “loss of millions of dollars” if you fail to adopt the right tool.

It then introduces its product with a breakdown of what the software can do for users. Plus, it provides powerful stats to back up its claims, including that users can reduce automation development costs by 80%. The call to action at the end is powerful and simple, telling viewers to schedule a demo.

Sales Deck Presentation Tips

Ready for your presentation? Sticking to these five simple sales presentation guidelines, recommended by Marc Wayshak , will help you blow your competition away while dramatically increasing your chances of closing the sale.

1. Lead with solutions.

Have you ever met with a prospect who was excited about your product or service – and used your presentation to keep on selling? This is called over-selling, and it's the leading cause of death for sales presentations.

When you start your presentation, first lead with solutions. Don't talk about the benefits of your product's features or tell the prospect how great your company is.

Simply dive into how you're going to solve the deepest frustration your prospect is facing right now.

2. Incorporate case studies.

Once you've addressed the specific solutions you can provide to the prospect, it's time to add some color to your presentation.

Turn your sales presentation into an engaging story by sharing case studies of similar prospects and the results they've achieved with your help.

This step is important for building trust and credibility with the prospect. At the same time, case studies bring your solutions to life in the real world, making your presentation more engaging.

3. Ask for feedback throughout.

Most presentations are a one-way monologue by the salesperson. This approach is boring – and it's certainly no way to connect with a prospect.

Instead, ask short questions throughout your presentation like "Does that make sense?" or "Can you see how this would work for you?" Asking for feedback periodically ensures your prospect stays on the same page.

4. Welcome interruptions.

If you want to close more sales, you have to care about what your prospect is thinking throughout your presentation.

Any interruption is the perfect opportunity to find out. Whenever a prospect interrupts you – either with a verbal remark or subtle shift in their facial expression or posture – stop immediately.

Acknowledge the interruption, and welcome the opportunity to explore it with the prospect. Never ignore signals just to stay on a roll and conclude your point. Invite prospects to ask their questions or share their concerns.

The opportunity to respond to those concerns is always more valuable than whatever you were about to say.

5. Wrap it up quickly.

Your presentation should be ASAP: as short as possible.

It's natural for salespeople to get excited about what they have to share, but this causes most of them to ramble on for far too long.

Prospects only care about themselves and their challenges. Present the information they'll be interested in and nothing more.

Practice your next sales presentation with a colleague or friend and ask for their honest feedback on its length.

Sales Deck Template

Ready to start creating your own sales deck? Get started with these free templates .

It includes ten Powerpoint templates, each with a different focus.

sales presentation template by HubSpot

hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, '2d0b5298-2daa-4812-b2d4-fa65cd354a8e', {"useNewLoader":"true","region":"na1"});

How to find a sales deck template.

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Here are additional resources to find a sales deck.

This presentation platform allows you to pick from hundreds of templates and fully customize the template you choose. The best part? It’s free and offers premium packages for teams who want analytics, multiple users, and live video collaboration.

On this graphic design platform, you can search through countless presentation templates and customize them. Canva also offers extensive collaboration features, such as file sharing and commenting.

Get Inspired With These Sales Presentations

When delivering a sales presentation to a prospect, you can do so with the knowledge that thousands and millions of others have been in the same position as you. Luckily, we can see their work online to guide our sales deck creation process. Use these decks to structure your own, and you’ll be well on the road to closing more deals and exceeding your quota.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

Sales Pitch

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5 minute read

sales deck

helped business professionals at:


Short answer

What is a sales deck?

A sales deck is a slide deck used in a sales presentation. It is a visual aid used during virtual sales meetings to demo a product or pitch a service. Effective sales decks include a description of a problem experienced by the prospect and your unique solution to that problem.

What should a sales deck include?

To make an effective sales deck you want to build your deck around your prospects’ core concerns and address the unspoken questions they have in mind.

  • Title slide - answer the questions: Is this interesting? Is this different? Use motion, a USP title, and personalization to intrigue prospects.
  • Introduction slide - answer the question: Who are these guys? Is their service relevant to me or my business? Can I trust them? Use a video and a supporting text. Make it about what you can do for the client, and not about you.
  • Value proposition slide - answer the questions: What’s in it for me? Why are these guys anything special? Encapsulate the prospect’s main problem and the unique outcomes you provide in 20-35 words.
  • Problem slide - answer the questions: Why should I change? What’s the risk if I don’t? Why now? Make prospects feel that doing nothing is riskier than making the change. Show that change is urgent and that waiting just makes the risk grow.
  • Solution slide - answer the questions: What’s the way out? Why you? Why is it worth the price? Focus on HOW you solve your prospect's problem, not on your solution’s features and specs. Demonstrate your product or solution, don’t explain it with words.
  • Outcomes - answer the questions: How will life become better? What does life with your solution look like? Tell a rags-to-riches transformational story of a business similar to your prospect’s. Show their before-and-after state of affairs.
  • Proof of concept - answer the questions: Can you prove you can do it? Have you done it before? Present customer success stories. Show graphs of past clients’ KPIs shooting up and to the right.
  • Social proof - answer the question: Can others like me vouch for you? Bring enthusiastic quotes or client video testimonials. Let them make your case.
  • Pricing plans or pricing range - answer the question: How much will it cost? No buying decision can be made without weighing the cost. Give a number they can consider.
  • Next steps - answer the questions: What should I do if I’m interested in moving forward? How much effort and time will it take from me? Simplify the decision psychologically by making your next steps a small concession, not a big demand. Make your CTA as simple as possible to do. Embed your calendar, a simple signup form, etc.

Grab a sales deck template

I have some sales deck samples for you that apply the content structure I gave you above.

All these sales deck templates were built to sell effectively based on more than 100,000 (anonymous) sales deck sessions we’ve collected and analyzed. Our clients have used these to get upward of a 70% uplift in demo bookings.

You don’t have to understand why they work, they just do. Grab one.

Why most sales decks don’t sell?

The sales decks we use in prospecting and during sales calls must effectively drive the sales process forward or they’ll just waste time and opportunities.

But most sales decks are bad. They fail to stand out, fail to persuade, and fail to drive action.

Why do sales deck fail?

  • We make decks that look like all the rest
  • We settle for superficial personalization (“hello {{name}}”)
  • We list features and specs instead of telling a story
  • We make it too demanding to take the next

How some sales decks make it rain?

Making a sales deck that gets prospects to book a call or commit to evaluating your product is very hard to do. But some smart salespeople do it.

What’s their secret?

  • They build de cks that stand out by looking differently than all the rest
  • They build their decks around a transformational narrative (before and after your solution) with winners and losers
  • They drive action by making it as simple as possible for prospects to take the next step (practically and psychologically)

What types of sale decks are used in the sales process?

Sales decks that push the sales process forward must be competitive. These are typically decks used with prospective clients as opposed to internal decks we use with our team, like a kickoff agenda or a sales playbook.

  • Sales pitch deck - This is used by SDRs and AEs for sales prospecting as part of a cold email or social media (LinkedIn) DM.
  • Sales one-pager - This is a short sales pitch deck used in prospecting as part of email outreach or as a post-sales-call deck with a recap of the meeting and takeaways.
  • Sales demo deck - This is a presentation used as a visual aid during a sales call to demo a product or service.
  • Sales proposal - This is a deck used at the late stages of the sales process to detail the proposal for a particular buyer including deliverables, costs, timelines, and sometimes terms and conditions and an e-signature box.

Real sales deck examples that moved the needle

All of the sales deck examples brought here were made for real sales teams in competitive companies. They are modern scroll-based interactive slide decks.

f you wanna win, drive more bookings, and close more deals, I suggest you learn from these examples how effective sales content is done in our day and age.

NOTE: All the examples on my list are interactive presentations made with Storydoc.

Bringing you PPT sales deck examples would be giving you bad advice because everybody hates PowerPoint .

The “16:9 frame with bullet points” format was meant for a slide machine, not for web browsing. It’s a 40-year-old legacy technology. And it feels like it.

If you’re locked on using PowerPoint you can ditch right here . There are none on my list.

Best sales deck ever - Zuora

The Zuora sales deck considered to be the best sales deck ever became famous because of its content structured around a transformational narrative.

This deck draws a historic evolution from a product economy to a subscription economy.

The entire deck creates a contrast between past and future, what used to work doesn't work anymore, and what will replace it going forward.

Zuora's deck does a great job of defining winners who embrace their solution, and losers who fail to change and stay behind.

SaaS sales one-pager - Gong

The Gong sales one-pager does a great job at selling a relatively new and hard-to-explain service and concept, namely, “Revenue intelligence”.

What I like most about this deck (and which makes it so effective) is how direct, simple, and crisp the content is. Gong are famous for their sharp copy, but seeing it in practice in their sales deck was a humbling experience.

The deck dives straight into how Gong works, and the tool’s key benefits, then backs it up with a video testimonial and some impressive results from past clients.

And it’s done with few words, simple words, but words loaded with meaning.

B2B sales deck - Udemy

This personalized sales deck for Udemy’s business B2B division uses dynamic variables (like those used in email automation) to populate the deck with a specific prospect’s information.

Then the information can be pulled into their Storydoc directly from their CRM so they can send out any number of personalized sales decks at a time.

In terms of content, this deck took an interesting approach to the Problem-Solution framework. It switched the order, starting with the benefits first, then defining the problem, then outcomes, and the solution details last. I like it.

Enterprise sales pitch deck - cprime

cprime is a tech consulting company that serves enterprise companies. Their sales deck is an amazing example of how complex information can be delivered in easy-to-follow bite-size chunks.

They do a beautiful visual breakdown of their Agile product methodology and a sample roadmap of a consultancy project. They highlight one part of the complex process at a time and introduce it with short supporting text.

The deck starts strong with social proof, saying they have 50+ Fortune 100 clients, and 250+

Fortune 500 Clients. I would start with this too if I had these numbers. My god

The deck title is its weakest point. It’s rather general and vague. I would play on their strong suit with something like: “The Tech Consulting Company for Fortune 500”

Personalized sales prospecting deck - Wisestamp

WiseStamps sales deck example showcases personalization at a high level. It goes beyond the basic prospect's name and company. What they did in this deck is rather amazing.

Being a company email signature management software they embedded a live sample signature in their deck. In a creative move, they personalized the live sample to the prospect using dynamic variables.

They populated the signature text fields and image with the prospect’s contact info from their CRM.

Now they can send the buyer a deck with a ready-made signature. And they can do it for thousands of prospects with a click.

Prospecting sales one-pager - RFKeeper

This sales prospecting deck is a very nice example of a deck that does not rely on a human presenter to communicate value effectively. Which makes it very effective for prospecting.

The deck follows the classic problem-solution content format but ties it all together with high-quality design and copy. Specifically, the way they narrate the details of their solution with beautiful scrollytelling .

They also applied a creative approach to tab design in their “ What do you want to do next ” section. Try it and see what I mean.

Technology sales prospecting deck - NetApp

Selling something as technologically complicated as a cloud solution is not easy. But that’s why I love this prospecting deck example.

It applies the problem-solution content outline really well and makes a complicated thing easy to understand.

The deck quickly explains the problem and goes on to say why this product solves it particularly well. Even the “ how it works ” section uses the minimal amount of tech jargon needed and keeps the message focused on outcomes rather than specs and features.

The deck finishes with a next step leasing to a full video demo of the service. It’s a good choice given the long sales cycle for this type of technology

Follow-up sales deck - Storydoc

The Storydoc sales team obviously uses Storydoc for all our sales collateral . And we use all the magic tricks our tool can do.

This is a deck we use to follow up on the first discovery call with a prospect. It is one step before the sales proposal . This deck normally includes a pricing offer but I had to remove it to make the deck public.

What makes this deck so effective is its extensive personalization (which is automatically taken from our CRM).

It includes everything from the prospect’s name, company, logo, and image, through the niche-relevant cover slide video, the image of the sender, and their calendar link, all the way to the specific concerns brought up in the disco call and the tailored pricing plan.

Product demo deck - Travel Booster

This example is the first full-length sales deck on the list. This deck was meant to demo the product on its own, without needing an AE or an SDR to give the presentation in person.

This example starts off by giving context - “who we are”, the challenges the tool solves, what makes it unique, moves on to features and benefits, and closes with social proof and a CTA to book a demo with a sales rep.

Based on Storydoc’s deck analytic s and what parts of the deck the prospect engaged with an adapted (more relevant) deck can be used in the sales demo with an AE.

This deck is too long for my liking, but since it was tested and iterated I can assume it worked.

Product demo one-pager - Yotpo


This example is a very well-done demo deck with no excess information. It gives a short overview and then jumps into proving that the tool’s contribution to revenue can be easily measured.

The rest of the deck is a narrated flow of outcomes and benefits, with the product features shown beside the texts as supporting visuals.

It’s a great example of a deck that shows rather than tells how it works and where its value lies.

3d product design sales deck - CGTrader

I added this example to the list because it makes highly valuable use of Storydoc’s interactive capabilities.

Since CGTrader makes 2D images into 3D, it relies on interactive content to demonstrate its product. And since anything can be embedded in a Storydoc, they placed a showroom right in the deck (go play with it).

A prospect can now see exactly what their service can do. The Wow effect is significant.

Agency sales one-pager - Bejamas

This example by Bejamas, a web development agency, takes the classic dull 16:9 agency pitch deck and turns it into an interactive story.

For a web development company to decide to use Storydoc for their sales decks says a lot.

Unlike other agencies that use static content that burdens their decks with too many slides, Bejamas can say more with less by mixing in videos, animations, and dynamic content (like tabs) into their design.

Business storytelling sales deck - Ambition

This example is on the list because of its great storytelling. I’ve seen better design, and more impressive stats, but the way they structure their deck around a narrative is masterful.

Ambition’s deck breakdown of the problem through the prospect’s eyes, using their words, thoughts, and concerns .

They answer the unvoiced questions the prospect will want answer for like: do I really need this? Will this work for me? How do I integrate this into my sales stack? And what results can I expect?

SMB storytelling sales deck - mign

This is another example of great storytelling. Unlike the previous example, this time it’s the visual storytelling I want to focus on.

This deck was made by a small business, and the result is impressive.

Though the design could be finer, the way they use videos, animations, and scrollytelling to showcase their solution rather than talk about it is outstanding.

You can’t read this deck and not understand what it is they do. But had they tried to explain personalized backbone bracing with PowerPoint, I don’t think you’d get it at all.

Partnership sales deck with data visualization - Viber by Rakuten

I chose to add this partnership sales deck even though it’s stripped down from specific numbers to protect private information.

The reason I thought you might like to see this deck is because it uses data visualization as part of its pitch to partners.

The deck makes a visual business case for partnering up, on the get-go, and only then continues to drill down into the partnership details.

Company intro deck - Huma

This is an example of a company overview deck used to introduce a healthcare company to potential clients, partners, or investors.

It’s beautifully designed and elegantly explains everything about the business, its product, and its users.

By the end of this deck, you have a solid idea of what the company is about, and whether you want to learn more.

Long-form sales deck - Healthy.io

This is a strange one. Normally sales decks are not so text-heavy. But Healthy.io works with heavy hitters in the healthcare industry like the UK’s NHS.

This means that they rely on a champion to push their solution internally to multiple decision-makers. And so, they need to provide their champion with a lot of information.

This long-form approach seems to have been working for them to help educate their champions and arm them with the arguments for implementing healthy.io’s services. If you have a similar situation this could work for you too.

Why PowerPoint sales decks will fail you every time

Everybody is creating their sales pitch presentation as PowerPoints. If everyone is doing it then it must be the right thing to do right?

No. It just means you’re exactly like everybody else. It just leads to yet another sales deck like buyers have seen a million times before.

PowerPoint is a blunt instrument for business storytelling. It’s a 35-year-old technology that was meant for slide-projectors.

It limmits you to a 16:9 canvas which you then fill with bullet points and a few static visuals.

You can make a PowerPoint as pretty as you want, but the result will still be the same - bored, disengaged prospects.

Why? Because beauty is the bare minimum that buyers expect. And beyond the pretty design PPT sales decks are still static, dull, and unengaging.

You need something more to stand out and reengage prospects. You need to go from static to interactive.

Here’s what the difference between static and interactive looks like:

(Which would you rather read?)

best sales presentation decks

As the Head of Marketing, I lead Storydoc’s team of highly trained content-ops warriors fighting to eradicate Death-by-PowerPoint wherever it resides. My mission is to enable buyer decision-making by removing the affliction of bad content from the inboxes of businesses and individuals worldwide.

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21 Incredible Sales Deck Examples Guaranteed to Get Buy-In

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Things are getting serious.

Your sales deck should provide a background to your presentation, but what goes in a great sales deck?

The goal of a sales deck is to " visually and textually present your sales narrative to your ideal customer in a way that convinces them to buy your solution." - Peter Kazanjy

Just like we did with our giant list of  sales email templates , we've collected 21 sales deck examples to help you create your own winning deck.

Jump to a deck:

Sales Deck Examples

Zenefits sales deck.

This sales deck from Zenefits is simple yet informative. It can be modified for any industry as the design elements in this template are basic but it has consistency in its style, typography, and colors.

Zuora Sales Deck

To make a clear distinction between its brand and its competitors, Zoura’s deck uses image-rich backgrounds and contains minimal texts. Zoura's sales deck contains a presentation that communicates its value, vision, and story.

Facebook for Business Sales Deck

Facebook’s sales deck is persuasive because it appeals to multiple audiences by providing different strategies based on business objectives.

Uber for Business Sales Deck

In crafting its sales pitch, Uber has a remarkable concept that is catchy and somehow connected to what's happening worldwide. It depicts the growth model of Uber, the digital revolution, and the system that solves the taxi industry's current problems.

Reddit Ad Sales Deck

Reddit stepped up and built a sales deck that was engaging. It contains custom memes and images that make you laugh. But in advertising and marketing, it demonstrates that it can be a solid contender standing alongside advertising giants like Google and Facebook.

Immediately Sales Deck

A sophisticated and professional-looking deck from Immediately. It illustrates a concise and clear message. It also displays mobile-based sales solutions for companies.

Grindr Sales Deck

Grindr is an LGBTQ social networking and online dating app. It has an innovative, sharp, and modern style theme, including mini infographics and short text as well which is readable and organized.

Snapchat Ad Sales Deck 2015

Similar to its 2014 counterpart, Snapchat’s 2015 sales deck gets right to the point. It doesn’t waste space with boring or fluffy intros, and instead kicks things off strong with “Snapchat is the best way to reach 13-34-year-olds”.

Snapchat Ad Sales Deck 2014

Snapchat’s 2014 sales deck does a great job at getting right to the point about its key differentiator and core product functionality. This sets the tone for the rest of the presentation which is built around these core features.

Tumblr Ad Sales Deck

This deck from Tumblr does a good job of visually showing their new business product, and not just letting the text do all of the selling. On that note, we would have liked to see more concise and easy to remember sentences.

ProdPad Sales Deck

ProdPad’s sales deck was easy to grasp. It directly addresses the problem of its target market with simple visualizations of its solutions using large, bold fonts and fun photos.

LeadCrunch Sales Deck

This sales deck concentrated on the launch of LeadCrunch’s new product. With larger fonts - numbers are emphasized and icons are used for visual appeal. The presentation is seamless through a clear color scheme.

Adgibbon Sales Deck

Adgibbon’s superb business presentation visually illustrates its product and keeps each slide lively and engaging.

Relink Sales Deck

This sales pitch deck emphasizes the pain points of its potential customers that use AI and data science to connect candidates to jobs and vice versa. Relink outlines how these technological advances can affect HR.

Bounce Exchange Sales Deck

Bounce Exchange’s deck tackles all of its potential customers' specific needs by highlighting their product features that summarize its data visualization, analysis, and design.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Sales Deck

The business presentation dives into individual product lines and customers’ success stories which are valuable marketing assets. It is visually appealing and easy to understand.

Appsflyer Sales Deck

This customer-centric sales deck has a simple and minimalistic style yet compelling, on point, and graphically interesting. It explains more of its product’s capabilities and its customers’ needs.

Splunk Sales Deck

This deck clearly explains the product's advantages and gives a step-by-step walkthrough of how the product performs. It explains succinctly what data it operates on and how it is implemented.

Office365 Sales Deck

With a vivid color scheme and graphics, Office 365's business presentation is top-notch. It also concisely conveys the message and highlights its features and the data was easily interpreted using pictograms.

Contently Sales Deck

Where to from here.

Peter Kazanjy , founder of TalentBin (acquired by Monster) put together a must watch presentation called Sales Decks for Founders. Even if you're not a founder, it's equally as relevant for marketers and salespeople who want to create a winning deck:

Founders for Sales Presentation Deck

Founders for sales presentation video.

The Example TalentBin Sales Deck

How to create a winning sales deck: best practices.

Your sales deck templates should support your presentation. It provides a starting point and context to have a conversation around, not a crux to coast through a generic pitch.

Opt for graphs, charts, images, and white space over text. The more words on the page, the more they're reading the text and not listening to what you're saying.

The meeting is for your prospect, not you. If they'd like to steer the conversation in a new direction then let them do so. Be flexible and adapt to where the interests of your prospects lie.

The less they talk the less chance you have of closing the sale. Even though you're presenting this is still a two-way dialogue, so get them involved in the conversation where you can.

Tailor your presentation based on your prospect's interests. It should feel like it's customized to them. Don't have an overly broad focus - use what you've learned about your prospect and what they care about.

At a minimum, your Sales Deck should include:

  • Who you are: keep it brief and relevant
  • The "before" or problem section: make them feel the pain
  • The "after" or solution section: show them how good life can be
  • Why you're the best solution: connect the dots between before, after, and your solution
  • Who else you're working with: validate your solution with social-proof
  • A call-to-action: bring the conversation to a head (e.g. with pricing, they're going to ask)
  • Appendices: objection, "choose your own adventure", and edge-case slides

Creating your own startup sales deck? Read our guide to create and design sales decks that knock your prospects' socks off.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I make a sales deck?

In creating your own sales deck, follow the traditional sales narrative: identify the audience and their dilemma, encourage them to understand the problem, present your offer as the most realistic alternative, and provide a case study to show that it works.

2. What should be included in a sales deck?

There should be a few key elements of a sales deck: a catchy opening slide (cover image); a story to start your sales pitch . Data is also necessary such as graphs, statistics, charts, quotes, and which are also supported by other facts and information to be presented to the target audience.

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Bit Blog

20 Best Sales Deck Examples To Revamp Your Sales Strategy!

' src=

Looking for sales deck examples? Your search ends here, with our top picks for some of the best sales deck examples. Read on…

A sales deck is an essential aspect of the sales process . It is the tipping point that decides whether or not you are going to convert your prospects into customers. Thus, taking the time to create a great sales deck is time well spent.

What is a Sales Deck? (Definition)

A sales deck is defined as a presentation, in slide format, that you can present or pitch to clients. Sales decks help prospects feel connected to your company, understand your product/services, get ‘wowed’ by your results,  and ultimately end with a call to action. Remember your ABCs of sales…always be closing!

Bottom line, your pitch deck should give your prospects the big picture , in a concise manner .

If you’re in need of a sales deck makeover , these sales decks will inspire you to revamp your messaging and imagery to help you captivate your prospective clients and close more deals . Without further ado let’s dive in!

List of Best Sales Deck Examples:

We have curated a list of 20 of the best sales deck examples from companies all over the world. They will inspire you to make meaningful improvements and highlight your company , product / services, and value in captivating ways.

1. Zuora’s Sales Deck Example: Visuals Help Sell Your Story

One of our favorite sales decks comes from Zuora, an enterprise software company that provides accounting software tailor-made for subscription-based services. Zuora offers three significant features, commerce, billing, and finance.

The sales deck is comprised of main images with minimal text that contain thought-provoking statements, facts, stats, etc. The image-rich backgrounds help to personalize and differentiate their brand from their competitors.

The modern and exciting imagery plays perfectly to Zuora’s pitch deck message of how important it is to adapt to the changing times and those who haven’t adapted failed. Zuora’s pitch deck positions itself perfectly to be the solution to their prospective clients. Spot on!

Read more:  Pitch Deck: What is it & How to Create an Impressive One?

2. SalesForce Sales Deck  Example: Simplify the Complex

Salesforce, if you are not aware, is the company behind the world’s #1 CRM solution, Sales Cloud. Salesforce’s cloud-based applications have completely transformed the way enterprises communicate with customers.

With major fortune 500 companies as their customers , Salesforce’s marketing cloud sales deck focuses on the high-level benefits of a complex product.

This sales deck is perfect if you need to simplify your sales and help your prospect walk down the sales journey.

You’ll notice that complex processes are turned into visual diagrams and flowcharts, along with images and text overlay slides that make it easier to comprehend. It’s definitely worth checking out!

3. Uber for Business Sales Deck Example: 3 Point Rule

Global taxi-hailing service Uber has a professional-looking sales deck with big, bolder images and underlying text. Uber starts with its features and goes on to discuss frequently asked questions about safety, policy control, and management in its sales deck.

Most of the slides have been created to focus on a central image and the main text. For some of the more complex slides, you will see no more than three bullet points or three boxes filled with information. By compartmentalizing detailed content, it helps audiences follow the message.

Ending sales decks and presentations with customer quotes is a powerful way to leave a lasting impression. You help them visualize how your product/service can help them too!

Read more:  How To Create A Sales Process Document The Right Way!

4. Reddit Ad Sales Deck Example: Show Off Your Brand Identity

One of the largest social networking sites, Reddit, starts its sales deck with an image of a cat riding a unicorn.  By sharing something visually unexpected, you likely leave your audience with a lasting impact.

Throughout the deck, Reddit focuses on maintaining it’s brand identity. This sales deck example engages the audience and is not afraid to throw in memes and other pop-culture images to get their message across. Of course, this plays right into the community that Reddit has helped create. Reddit tries to stand out from boring sales pitches and aims for the “x” factor.

“Creation. Conversion. Cats.” – summarizes this sales deck!

Another technique Reddit uses is that they draw in their audience right away with impressive data points. It’s easy for your audience to digest nice round figures and helps clients measure how a product/service can potentially help them.

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5. Snapchat Ad Sales Deck Example: Get the Headers Right

Snapchat is the pioneer of the newest form of communication- disappearing photos, videos, and messages. It is certainly a crowd favorite amongst 13-30-year-olds. Snapchat is known for having a relatively complex user interface and initially, they had difficulty in getting marketers and brands excited about promoting via Snapchat.

In 2014, Snapchat created a detailed sales deck  explaining their product’s basics, it features, and examples of how people are using Snapchat to engage with one another.

Although Snapchat created a detailed sales deck filled with fine print and explanations, they broke their sales deck up by major points that their reader couldn’t miss. This technique is really helpful when a user is reading through your sales material and maybe skimming it. The bold highlighted text that screams ‘Our Story’ or ‘What Do I Snap’ helps clients to choose their own adventure. 

It’s important to remember that all of your prospects have different levels of understanding about your product/service and space. By creating sales decks that can help prospects of varying levels of knowledge is important as you work to close your deal!

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6. Tumblr Ad Sales Deck Example: Less Slides & More Content

Blogging giant Tumblr released a new “web-in-stream” ad product that allows brands to be a part of the ‘greatest content stream’ on the internet. With a short six-slide-long sales deck, Tumblr gets straight to the point of what in-stream ads mean and why brands should care.

By choosing to keep their sales deck brief with only 6 slides, they were able to add more content inside of each slide. However, it’s difficult to use the same technique on a slide deck of 20 slides filled to the brim with information, because you could potentially lose your client’s attention.

If you can get straight to the point, this technique may work for your sale.

Read more:  Sales Pitch: What is it & How to Create a Killer One?

7. WeWork Sales Deck Example: Variety of Visual Charts & Graphs

The pioneers of the co-working space mania, WeWork, provides shared-workspace, communities and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small and large businesses. WeWork operates in over 16 countries and is now valued at $20 billion .

WeWork’s sales deck example begins by explaining what they do and how the industry they are serving needs their solution now more than ever. They have heavily relied on charts and flows to get their message across.

It’s important to note that they have taken the time to add images, logos,  highlighted colors and a variety of chart styles to make each slide unique and interesting.

8. ProPad Sales Deck Example: Focus on the Prospect

Propane is a product management software that allows managers to share ideas, review, get feedback and create product roadmaps that keep the team informed and aligned.

This sales deck starts off by describing the problem they intend to solve and slowly moves into their value proposition . One technique Pro Pad deploys with their pitch deck are simple slides trickled throughout that have one bold sentence and bullet points on nearly all of their slides focusing on the words you & your .

It’s important for prospects to understand and subtly visualize how your product/services can help them. By speaking directly to their prospects, they help answer the what, why & how questions audiences have as features are presented to them.

9. Office 365 Sales Deck Example: Use Color for Impact

Office 365 is Microsoft’s subscription-based productivity suite that offers apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access.

Office 365’s sales deck follows the color scheme of all their productivity apps to maintain synergy. They have images of professionals working in the background to promote productivity and collaboration, and on each screen, they highlight important text behind a bright, vivid block of color.

Color is a great way to grab the attention of your audience and get their eyes to move around a page and focus on what’s important.

10. Crew Sales Deck Example: Keep it Minimal 

The crew is an online marketplace for hiring freelancers, graphic designers, illustrators and software developers. Crew’s freelancers have completed work for companies like Dropbox, Eventbrite, Medium, and Tinder.

Crew’s sales deck is a perfect example of what a minimal deck looks like. As you go through this deck, you’ll see that it mainly comprises of single images, graphs & sentences entered in the middle.

This technique conveys your message succinctly on each slide. These types of sales decks are great when you are presenting so your audience doesn’t get distracted by the presentation behind you.

11. LeadCrunch Sales Deck Example: Play with Text Hierarchy

LeadCrunch uses artificial intelligence to mine quality, top of the sales funnel leads for B2B businesses.

LeadCrunch sales deck plays with font styles and sizes to create hierarchies on each page. They are subtly telling their audience what words/phrases to read first and which ones are the most important.

They have done a great job of making sure that each slide feels different with colored backgrounds, charts, and fonts. Although the deck is 20 slides deep, it goes fast because they have done such a great job with their visuals to help get their message across.

12. Mattermark Sales Deck Example: Define the Problem You Solve

Mattermark is essentially Google search for B2B businesses. Mattermark allows users to search for companies, employees, and investors in order to create an actionable list of leads. Mattermark’s sales/pitch deck does a great job of showing the problem they solve and their solution.

Whether you are selling to investors or prospects, it’s important that they understand the problem you are solving and how your solution is the best one out there.

Remember if you can’t define your problem, unfortunately, no one is going to care about your solution! We all want to buy services/products that help us solve the problem we have.

13. Relink Sales Deck Example: Play with Backgrounds

Relink is a technology startup that makes use of artificial intelligence and data science to connect applicants to jobs and jobs to applicants. Relink’s sales deck really makes it a point to stress the problems in current recruitment processes and how Relink’s technology can be used to be future-ready .

Relink’s sales deck example has done a great job playing with background images to draw in audience interest and create visual appeal. It’s important to note that your slide deck backgrounds should never take away from your central message.

You can see from Relink’s sales deck example that they play with transparency and color on top of background images to make sure their text is the central focus of each slide.

14. LinkedIn Sales Deck Example: Long Decks Can Be Interesting Too

Everybody’s favorite professional social network, LinkedIn was founded in 2002. It is a social networking website/app that allows individuals to connect with other professionals in their industry. Just like their site, LinkedIn sales deck is as professional as it can be.

LinkedIn’s sales deck  checks all the boxes of a great sales deck filled with information, visuals, and graphs. One important thing that stands out, is its sheer length. Depending on your product/service or sale, there are times when you need a longer pitch deck.

It’s important that you capture your audience’s attention all the way through from the beginning to the end. LinkedIn created a perfect combination of a captivating, interesting and informational sales deck.

15. Buzzfeed Sales Deck Example: Straight to the Point

Buzzfeed is an internet media company that delivers entertainment, celebrity and trendy news to millions of people across the internet. Buzzfeed’s sales/pitch deck oozes confidence.

Starting their sales deck with the “where we are” section shows how much pride Buzzfeed has as they walk their audience on a journey of where they are headed.

Buzzfeed keeps their deck to the point. It’s difficult for the audience to be confused as they go from slide to slide. Sometimes less is more!

 16. YouTube Sales Deck Example: Sometimes What You Do is More Important than How it Looks

With over a billion users, almost one-third of all internet users are on YouTube. On mobile devices alone, YouTube reaches more 18-34, and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S. YouTube has come a long way after being acquired by Google for $1.6 billion in 2006.

Their sales/pitch deck shows the early stages of YouTube and how it was meant for bigger things.  YouTube knew they wanted to be the “primary outlet for user-generated videos” and succeeded in getting the message across to the investors and the public in general.

What is fascinating about this deck is the focus on the large font, with no visuals. There are times when your idea, product & service are so great that your audience might not mind a simplistic message via plain text on slides.

17. Moz SEO Sales Deck Example: Tie It Together with a Call to Action

Started way back in 2004 as an SEO company, Moz has grown to become a pioneer in content and inbound marketing. With a plethora of experience in getting visibility across the internet, Moz is an SEO and content marketing powerhouse.

It works perfectly for both beginners and advanced users, from keyword research tools, an SEO keyword generator, to link analysis to help companies improve their link quality.

Moz SEO’s analytics experience comes handy on their sales deck, which is full of rich data, key insights, and market trends. Graphs, charts, and tables- you name it, Moz’s sales deck got it all! This visually pleasing sales/pitch deck helped them raise over $18 million.

As you create your pitch deck, keep in mind what you ask. There’s a reason you created your sales deck. Make it clear to your audience that they need to act as you make your case. Check out the last slide of this sales deck and how they delivered their call to action.

18. Foursquare Sales Deck Example: Add Details for Self Service

Foursquare is a local discovery platform to find the best places to visit in your area. Foursquare’s sales deck does a phenomenal job of explaining the product, its features and incorporating social-proof to quickly gain credibility amongst investors.

There are times when you want your sales deck to be read thoroughly and fully understood by your audience. This is a great example of how to add details to your slides to make your sales/pitch deck ‘self-service.’

19. Buffer Sales Deck Example: KISS – Keep it Simple ‘Silly’

Buffer is a well-known social media management tool that allows you to manage multiple social media profiles from a single dashboard. Buffer is an easy way to schedule posts, track the performance of your content, and manage all your accounts in one place.

Below is the sales/pitch deck they used to raise half a million dollars from angel investors. Buffer’s sales deck is fast-paced, starting with the impact of social media on the internet. Buffer then goes on to discuss their milestones and how they plan to continue growing their product.

20. AppsFlyer Sales Deck: Why speak when you can show!

AppsFlyer’s sales deck is a classic example of “images trump written text” as their entire sales deck is filled with images, graphs, charts, and tables . Analytics can be a tough topic to explain and you don’t want to bore your clients with lengthy text-filled slides describing how the product works.

AppsFlyer does an amazing job by making use of pie charts, flow charts, and lots and lots of data to make a case and explain how AppsFlyer is the go-to mobile analytics platform. Take a look…

So there you have it. Our picks for the top 20 best sales deck examples of all time.

These sales deck examples will surely inspire you and get the creative ball rolling. Now go raise some money, impress some clients, and convert those prospects into customers!

Did we miss any sales deck examples that you think should have made the list? Which ones are your favorite? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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How to Create the Best Sales Deck in 2023 (Free Template) & Sales Pitch Deck Examples

best sales presentation decks

You’ve been working hard to sell this prospect. You’ve moved them down the pipeline, and now it’s time to clinch the deal with a sales pitch deck that blows their mind.

You’re going into that sales meeting . The bases are loaded. Are you prepared to hit a home run?

The best sales pitch deck is a tool that knocks your sales presentations out of the park every time. But how can you create a sales pitch deck that sells?

Keep reading.

What is a Sales Pitch Deck? (+ When & Why Do You Need One?)

A sales pitch deck is a presentation that salespeople in various industries use to answer two essential questions for their prospects:

  • What are we offering?
  • Why should our leads care?

When done correctly, your sales pitch deck can help prospects see the real value of your product and convince them of the ROI of the purchase. It’s a gateway to a productive sales conversation that leads to a closed deal.

It's important to note the differences between a pitch deck and a sales deck:

A sales deck, as we just described, is a presentation designed to convince prospects to make purchases. On the other hand, a pitch deck is typically shown to investors. The goal? To convince them to support a company with additional funds.

(Note: we share a few sales deck examples in a later section of this article. Stay tuned!)

Sales Deck Example

So, when can you use a sales pitch deck?

There are plenty of different situations where a deck can amplify your message and bring context to your product's value.

You can use sales pitch decks at almost any stage of your sales pipeline , like:

  • Prospecting and lead generation : At the early stages, a simple presentation that sparks curiosity can arouse the interest of new leads. For example, you can post a short, concise presentation on social media.
  • Discovery and qualification : A sales deck can help you guide the conversation and add more meaning to your statements in a discovery meeting.
  • Sales meetings : At this stage, a sales pitch deck should present features and benefits that will impact your prospect most, convincing them to move towards a close. Because of this, many sales reps use case studies at this stage.

Decks are also essential to a startup investor pitch , and can even be created as an internal sales enablement presentation to help keep your sales messaging on track across the team.

Creating these different types of sales pitch decks will empower your sales team to reach their potential and tailor their sales strategy to each situation.

Want to get a head start on creating the best decks for your team? Download 6 high-performing sales deck templates and adapt them to your own team and process:

So, what does it take to build a high-performing sales deck? Learn how to do it in 6 easy steps:

Creating a Sales Pitch Deck in 6 Easy Steps

Every effective sales strategy needs a rock-solid sales pitch deck. Building your deck from the ground up? Here are 6 steps to help you build the best one ever.

Step 1: Use Real Customer Research to Find a Key Pain Point

When you know who you’re selling to, you can tailor your pitch to their needs and circumstances, from the first slide to the last.

That’s why you must do customer research before you start building your sales pitch deck.

Who are your customers? What kind of businesses do they run? What team does your main point of contact work on? What are the team or the company’s main challenges? Which competitors are they considering? How does your product integrate with their current workflow?

To answer these questions, run customer interviews or send out a quick survey to your most successful customers. Here’s an example of what that might look like from SurveyMonkey :

Sales Deck Research

The more intimate knowledge you have of your customers, the better prepared you'll be to develop a sales pitch deck that resonates with your target audience.

Specifically, try to get constructive answers to these two questions:

  • What are their main needs/wants/challenges ?
  • How does your product solve those needs?

Step 2: Develop a Narrative Around Your Product

Now that you understand the problems your audience is facing, it’s time to build a narrative around that problem.

In most cases, a sales pitch deck will start with slides that focus on the problem and provide a solution.

So, what’s the story of your product?

Your customer research is a great place to start with this narrative. What was life like before they started using your product? What were the day-to-day challenges that just couldn’t be solved? Was there a shift in the industry that caused new issues for businesses?

Then, paint a picture of the solution. What could life be like after solving these issues? How would the prospect’s day-to-day work life be affected? How would the team or company benefit?

After that, your story introduces its hero: your product.

By creating a narrative that explains the problems your prospects are facing better than they can, you’ll prove your deep understanding of their needs. This builds trust and lays the groundwork for a relationship that will last.

Step 3: Decide on 3 Key Benefits to Highlight

Three is a powerful number.

Of course, your offerings may include an entire tool shed of amazing product features, which your customers will be able to use to improve their lives and businesses. But remember: your sales pitch deck isn’t here to teach them the A to Z of your product.

It’s here to make an impression and convince them to move forward in the sales process.

That’s why choosing 3 main benefits is essential.

As Brian Clark of Copyblogger said :

If you want something stuck in someone's head, put it in a sequence of three. - Brian Clark

To help you narrow this down, pick the three features that your customers regularly rave about. Then turn those features into benefits and add them to your presentation.

Step 4: Choose Your Most Powerful Proof

Everyone loves using social proof . It’s spattered across SaaS homepages, wandering across our daily blog reading, and practically taking over our Instagram feeds.

In other words, what was once a powerful tool for trust has become a bunch of background noise to your customers.

So, how can you include social proof that stands out and makes a clear point?

The best sales pitch deck uses social proof that is relatable .

For example, if you’re pitching to a small business owner, featuring a customer quote from P&G may actually turn them off. While it’s cool that you have P&G as a customer, they’re instantly doubting whether your product is ideal for a small business like theirs.

So, if you’re pitching to a startup founder, feature a use case and testimonial from another startup founder. If you’re pitching to a restaurant owner, feature a quote from another restaurant owner who really loves your product.

SEO software Ahrefs does a fantastic job of this on the product homepage, featuring different testimonials divided by the type of customer:

Ahrefs Sales Deck Social Proof Example

Whenever possible, feature social proof from customers that are part of your prospect’s tribe. They’ll automatically feel better understood and more confident about your product for their company. This is one of the keys to creating a winning sales deck.

Step 5: Use a Sales Pitch Deck Template That’s Tailored to You

No, it’s not cheating.

An effective sales pitch deck template is a great way to get a head start on your deck and make it truly appealing to your prospects.

But just remember these two essential keys to achieve success:

  • First, personalize the template as much as possible . Any self-respecting sales pitch deck template should be customizable. So change the fonts and colors and replace any stock pictures with your own. Otherwise, your prospects might notice that your sales pitch deck is awfully similar to the competition’s deck.
  • Second, use an industry-specific template . How you present your product as a B2B company may be completely different from how a SaaS company pitches. Also, different types of sales pitch decks work better for different situations. Make sure you use the right one at the right time.

This is why we built Pitch: High Performing Sales Deck Templates.

Step 6: Make it Visually Relevant to Their Brand 

This last step can turn your sales pitch deck into something even more desirable...

Your customers have probably seen decks with their logo in the corner. Want to make your sales pitch deck stand out? Build it in the colors of the brand you’re selling to.

This frames your message as if it’s coming from the inside, not from an external source. And, it helps you present the message in the voice of your customer.

With the sales pitch deck templates we mentioned above, it’s super easy to adjust the colors. (We even include simple instructions within the decks to help you customize them to your style and needs!)

Sales Deck Theme Colors

While we're talking visual design, we should say: make proper use of white space, don't load up your slides with tons of text, and use bullet points when appropriate.

The way you present information is just as important as the information you present. If your sales pitch deck is hard to read, you won't grab your audience's attention. So, do your best to simplify the viewing experience for your prospects.

(Don’t forget to download your free pitch deck templates here .)

Bringing it All Together…

Now that we've given you six steps to create a killer sales pitch deck, let's take a quick moment to outline the elements every deck should have:

  • A brief explanation of your company
  • A statement of the problem your product solves
  • Why your solution is better than the competition's solution
  • Social proof in the form of testimonials and/or case studies
  • A call to action (CTA) that tells prospects what to do after your deck ends
  • An appendix that gives and/or refers prospects to more information

Most successful sales decks include each of these six elements. Speaking of, want to see a few real-world examples of stellar decks? Let's take a look!

6 Sales Pitch Deck Examples to Model Your Pitches After

Sometimes, the best way to learn is to check out a few examples.

See what top B2B and SaaS companies are doing with their sales pitch decks and the key elements they incorporate. Then swipe the best ideas for your next sales presentation, delivered via PowerPoint, Keynote, or whatever other platform you use:

1. Shift in the Market from Zuora

Industry Focus : B2B

In this deck, Zuora highlights a drastic shift in the market, shows the impact for companies who adapt, and then uses real customer testimonials to show why their product is the solution. By telling a story, this deck captures and holds attention.

2. Finding Waldo with LeadCrunchAI

Industry Focus : SaaS

Again, storytelling is essential here. This deck presentation also starts by describing a market change and leans into the opportunities available. Then, in 6 simple slides, it explains a complicated product in simple terms, while the use of Waldo, a beloved literary character we all remember from grade school, makes it uber-relatable.

3. Problem, Solution from ReCheck

This deck doesn't mince words: it gets right into the meat by explaining the problem and providing a clear solution. For a simple product, this kind of simple sales deck is perfect.

4. Proof in the Data from Snapchat

Industry Focus : B2B 

Snapchat shows the power of its ads with this easy-to-digest deck. It includes powerful graphs and metrics, bright colors, and excellent testimonials. 

5. Totally Relatable from ProdPad

This deck gets the prospect to say, "Wow, that's me!" By telling a story the prospect can relate to, this deck does an excellent job of getting on the same side as the prospect and showing them what's possible if they use the ProdPad product.

6. In the Mind of the Prospect With Immediately

Instead of using hard data to prove the value of their product, Immediately takes that data and turns it into the thoughts of their audience (sales reps). This adds a bit of humor to their very relatable deck, and shows the real-world impact their product can have for any rep that uses Google, Outlook, and/or Salesforce.

9 Pro Sales Pitch Presentation Tips

Now your best sales pitch deck is ready to unleash its power on your prospect. But how can you present your deck successfully? Here are nine pro tips you need to follow :

1. Create Conversation

Your sales pitch deck isn’t here to replace the conversation. It’s here to help guide the conversation and add context and meaning to what you’re saying. 

So, use your presentation as a conversation, not a monologue. 

While you will probably do most of the talking in this meeting, remember to ask questions throughout. Build context around your value points by talking about the specific pains your prospects face, then digging into the ways your product solves them.

By asking questions, you can keep your prospects engaged throughout the presentation. This is especially important when you’re giving a remote sales presentation since it’s easier for the prospect to be distracted.

Pro Tip: Your body language is important when giving a sales presentation—even if you have a great sales deck to back you up. Work hard to make eye contact with your prospects and assume a confident posture to put your audience at ease.

2. Send Your Sales Pitch Deck Before the Meeting

But wait, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of actually giving your sales presentation?

Not necessarily. 

In fact, sending your sales pitch deck before you go into your meeting can accomplish a few different things. For example, it can:

  • Whet the appetite of your audience by giving them a sample of what you’ll discuss in your meeting (but saving the best parts for your actual meeting)
  • Give your prospect the ability to see what topics you'll cover during the presentation, and prepare any questions they might want to ask
  • Help everyone understand the agenda for this meeting and keep it in mind

So, while it may seem a bit backward, sending your presentation beforehand can actually help your prospects stay focused and keep your sales meeting on-schedule.

3. Create a Deck for Stakeholders to Read Later 

While it’s true that it’s best to sell to decision-makers , that’s not always the first person you talk to at a company. Especially when selling to enterprise companies. Getting all the stakeholders and decision-makers involved in your sales pitch meeting is hard. 

So, create a sales pitch deck that stakeholders and decision-makers can check out later. This deck may include more text than a deck you’re presenting in-person (or online) since the goal is for stakeholders to read it on their own and understand it easily.

Also, if an internal champion is presenting this information to higher-ups, they can use this deck to present ideas succinctly and with the right messaging.

4. Adapt Your Script and Presentation to the Prospect

According to Forrester, 77% of salespeople do not understand their prospects' issues. If you don't know your audience, you'll have a hard time selling to them.

Take time to study your prospects before you meet with them. Learn about their industry, the specific business they work for, and the potential problems they deal with on a daily basis. (LinkedIn can be a gold mine for this kind of information.)

Then take what you learn and use it to personalize your slide presentation. Doing so will help you connect with prospects on a deeper level and increase your sales.

5. Open with Your Biggest Selling Point Instead of Saving it for the End

If you were to write a book, or a movie, or a fictional story of any kind, you'd probably save your best scene for last, right? End with a bang, as the saying goes.

Guess what: you're not an author or a screenwriter. You're in sales. As such, open your sales deck presentation with your biggest value proposition. Lead with the most impressive stats. Share a particularly powerful testimonial or case study.

Hit your prospect hard and fast.

If you can dazzle the audience of your sales deck from the get-go, you'll keep them engaged the whole way through. It's pretty much guaranteed. So don't wait.

6. Ask Open-Ended Questions

Just because you're the one giving a sales presentation doesn't mean you have to talk the entire time. By asking your prospects questions, you'll better understand their needs. You can then personalize your approach to keep them engaged.

Just remember to ask open-ended questions , i.e., questions that your prospects can't answer with a simple yes or no. Here are a few you can use:

  • Can you walk me through how your team handles [problem]?
  • Have you found any workarounds for when [issue] happens?
  • What would your ideal solution to this problem look like?
  • How would you expect a solution to this problem to affect your team?

7. Build Context Around Your Biggest Selling Points and Value Differentiators

Which statement is more powerful:

" We help sales teams be more productive ," or " We help sales teams cut back on data entry tasks, so they can boost productivity and spend more time closing deals ." 

The second one, right? The reason is that the second statement builds context. Being more productive is great. Being more productive, while minimizing data entry tasks (which all sales reps hate) and closing more deals is a game changer.

Don't just tell your prospects what your products and/or services can do in your sales pitch decks. Tell them how these things are done and why they matter. 

8. Never Talk Price Before Value

This is one of the golden rules of sales—with good reason.

If you dive into the price of your products before you discuss the value they create, you turn them into commodities. People don't spend top dollar on commodities.

But what if prospects push for pricing information at the beginning of your sales presentation? Simple: push back. If they push harder, turn the question around and ask them something like, "Before we talk about the price, let me ask you: How much will it cost your company if you don’t get these issues solved by next quarter?”

Your sales decks will be more effective when value is established before price. Always.

9. Spend Less Than 10 Minutes Presenting

Have you ever watched an Apple product launch event? Every presenter speaks for less than 10 minutes. Why? Because audiences get bored with longer presentations.

The same goes for your sales pitch decks. If they take 20, 30, or (God forbid!) 60 minutes to get through, most of your prospects will check out before the end.

The goal of your sales deck should be to connect with potential customers; not to explain your products in excruciating detail. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Build Your Best Sales Pitch Deck

Giving a sales presentation may get your heart pumping. But when you have the best sales deck at your disposal—one that’s high-powered and follows a proven formula—you’ll be well-equipped to knock your presentation out of the park. 

Throughout this guide, we’ve given you clear examples and free templates to learn from and imitate. That way you can build your own sales deck and crush the competition.

But we aren't done yet! Want more slide deck tips and expert sales advice? Check out our article on undeniably good sales pitch examples to close deals fast .

And, as always, we can offer you our assistance when it comes to baller CRM software, too. Our solution is used by tons of high-growth companies because it works . End of story. You already have to create amazing sales pitch decks. Don't complicate the sales process even more by using lame-duck tools. Try Close instead, free for 14 days .

Close is loved by inside sales teams.

Related articles from close, free trial free migration free support no credit card needed, on-demand demo.

Learn the how + why of Close in 10 minutes.

Talk to a real human

Get the gist of Close with a guided, B.S.-free tour.

How to Create a Winning Sales Deck [Examples & Tips]

How to Create a Winning Sales Deck [Examples & Tips]

Casey O'Connor

What Is a Sales Deck?

Elements of a successful sales deck, sales deck examples, 5 best practices for creating a killer sales deck, tips for presenting your sales deck.

A sales deck is a critically important component of a successful sales pitch.

Unfortunately, the sales deck is often poorly utilized. Many sales reps lose the leverage a sales deck can provide by treating it as an afterthought, or by using it as a crutch to get through a just-average sales pitch.

With today’s B2B sales process involving nearly seven decision makers to close each deal, your sales deck is an opportunity to effectively reach each person in the process while ensuring continuity in your message. 

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about how to make an outstanding sales deck, including the most important components, best practices, and examples of ones that hit the mark.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

A sales deck is the textual and/or visual component of a sales presentation . It’s usually slide-based and is created using presentation software like PowerPoint, Slides, or Keynote.

Sales decks are usually presented to prospects at the same time as the sales pitch . In their ideal form, sales decks are used to supplement and support the demo or pitch.

Once the demo is complete, sales reps can distribute sales decks to attendees and other decision makers so they can review the material on their own time.

The main purpose of a sales deck is to help reps present their product as a solution to their prospect’s problem. It helps prospects connect with your brand and offer, understand the value offering, and execute next steps.

When creating a sales deck, many sales reps get caught up on the visual aspect of it and end up inadvertently neglecting the content.

While it’s absolutely true that sales decks are meant to be interacted with visually, the content is just as important as the aesthetics.

After all, the best sales decks will be passed around between decision makers and executives — likely including some who weren’t present for your actual pitch — and the value proposition needs to be outlined clearly.

Here are the non-negotiable content components of a successful sales deck:

  • Who You Are: The sales deck should include a brief overview of your brand, its mission, your role (specific to the sales process and the prospect), and your product.
  • The “Before:” All sales decks should include a nod to the challenges and pain points your prospects encounter before they purchase your product. It’s important to indicate to your prospect that you understand their pain.
  • The “After:” The sales deck should also paint the picture of how good life can be after implementing your solution. It should “point to the top of the mountain,” so to speak, and give prospects a glimpse into how great life can be once they’ve overcome all of their challenges (with the help of your product, of course).
  • The Problem: Be sure your sales deck is clear about the problem(s) your product can solve. This isn’t to say that you need a specific slide called “Problem” — you can very likely weave at least some of this content throughout the deck in more subtle ways. But prospects should be able to trust after digesting your sales deck that you have a thorough understanding of their challenges.
  • Why Your Solution Is the Best: Part of your sales deck should outline your unique selling points , and what makes your offer better than any others on the market.
  • Social Proof: One very effective way to leverage a sales deck is to include case studies or other social proof that your solution works. Be sure to include specific mentions of the other brands your product has helped, and, if possible, concrete data around their results after implementation. 
  • Call to Action (CTA): The sales deck should outline what prospects need to do next in order to continue through the sales process. The CTA should be clear, concise, and enticing. 

With all of these components in mind, it’s important to note here that sales reps should avoid treating this as a plug-and-chug checklist. Creating a successful sales deck is part art and part science; there is a good amount of creativity involved in getting it right.

Ultimately, there needs to be a balance between including and delivering factual information about your offer and designing a visually stunning presentation.

There are many ways to design and create a sales deck. No one format is right or wrong. Each industry, product, market, and prospect will require a unique sales deck to help deliver the appropriate message.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite examples. Below you’ll find sales deck examples in two formats: a textual outline describing a specific type of sales deck, and visual examples that show them in final form.

1. CXO Deck

The CXO approach is one way to create a very effective sales deck. 

With this strategy, the sales deck is designed to get buy-in from high-level executives. The CXO approach uses the sales deck to outline a seismic shift in the way something has always been, otherwise known as “The Big Change.”

Zuoro , for example (shown below in this section), starts their slide deck by talking about how the world has become subscription-based. They go on to position their product as the tool to use to help companies adapt to a subscription model.

This method is effective because it removes some of the inherent defensiveness that sometimes arises when you confront prospects with their problem. Instead of telling prospects directly that they need to start upping their subscription game, for example, Zuoro’s sales deck presents it as a “world” problem that prospects can get an edge on by using their product. 

The CXO formula is as follows:

  • Identify a big change in the world (or, at the very least, in your prospect’s industry).
  • Clearly explain that there will be a group of people who come out on top after this change, and a group of people who will ultimately fail. 
  • Point to the top of the mountain. Paint the picture of what life could be like if the prospect is in the “successful” group. 
  • Position your product’s features as specialized tools for overcoming the obstacles in the way of becoming successful in the face of this world change. 
  • Show evidence that you’ve helped other groups become successful this way. 

The CXO framework works because human beings are wired to pay attention to change. By framing the sale in the context of a current or upcoming paradigm shift in the market, prospects are likely to engage and want to be part of a successful solution.

2. The Budget Holder Proposal

Developed by Peter Kazanjy, the “Budget Holder” deck is designed to clearly outline the ROI of purchasing your product. 

It quickly gets down to brass tacks, with most of the deck focused on “the cost of the problem today.”

In other words, this deck should hammer home just how much prospects are spending by continuing to face their problem without your solution.

3. Practitioner’s Demo

If you find yourself in a demo with product users (as opposed to a panel of decision-makers ), you might want to consider a practitioner’s demo deck. 

This sales deck format is designed to generate enthusiasm and encourage product adoption from the people who ultimately become your most authentic case study: those who will use it on a day-to-day basis.

The key with this kind of sales deck is to position the demo in a way that answers a question. The question should be a representation of the problem the prospect faces, and the solution should lead the prospect to your product. 

4. Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most robust CRM systems available on the market. There’s virtually no limit to the complications and customizations available to users of the platform.

In fact, its complexity is one of the main objections prospects have when they consider the product.

Salesforce’s slide deck, however, manages to simplify the complex with ease: each slide, as well as the presentation as a whole, conveys the perfect balance of aesthetics and information. It streamlines the product into easy-to-understand high-level concepts and gives prospects the confidence and optimism they need to take on its complexity.

Unlike Salesforce — which is a very common brand name in the B2B world, but lesser known in most other spaces — Uber is a worldwide brand. They use that to their advantage in this slide deck. Images steal the show here, with text limited to the bare minimum needed to provide the relevant information and make an impact. 

6. Mattermark

The Mattermark sales deck does a really great job of defining the problem. It’s also chock full of real-world data and impressive case studies of big-name brands who found success with their approach.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a great example of a longer sales deck that works. Although “short and sweet” is a dependable rule of thumb, the more important takeaway is that your sales deck should include just enough information to supplement the demo. Eliminating important information for the sake of “keeping it short and sweet” defeats the purpose of the sales deck. 

The Kimola sales deck does a fantastic job of storytelling, starting with a story about Jane to help highlight what could happen if prospects use their product. There’s also a great mix of high-impact images (including several celebrity faces) coupled with impactful, succinct text. 

Zuora ‘s sales deck is widely known as one of the best examples of the CXO deck to date. It frames “The Change” and artfully tells the story of companies on the cutting edge of becoming masters of a subscription economy.

sales deck example

1. Tell a Story

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to get your sales deck to resonate with prospects and decision-makers. 

The human brain is wired to connect through story, and research backs this up: people remember just 5 – 10% of statistics presented to them, 25% of imagery, and up to 70% of stories.

The DocSend case study is a perfect example of this. They found that their sales decks were being way underutilized in the sales process, so they decided to do a complete overhaul. After they incorporated storytelling into their sales deck framework, their deck completion rate tripled.

sales deck: why storytelling matters

The CXO framework lends itself nicely to this tactic; it has storytelling built in and makes it easy to engage the prospect.

Tip: Grab some psychology-backed tips below to connect your stories with buyers.

Psychology Principles + 13 Power Words for Winning Sales

2. Customize as Much as You Can 

While it’s true that the foundational elements of your sales deck will stay more or less the same regardless of your audience, it’s crucial that you personalize each deck as much as you can.

It’s standard practice to drag and drop prospects’ brand logos into sales decks, but go the extra mile and create your deck using the prospect’s brand’s color scheme as your design template. Use their company’s font if it’s available. Mirror as much of their brand as you can; this is a subtle psychological cue to prospects that this is a viable partnership.

Also, make sure that the content of your sales deck resonates with the prospect to whom you’re presenting. If the prospect shares that their number one priority is customer service, your sales deck should be built around that — even if it’s one of your less significant features.

3. Use Images

There is no faster way to lose a prospect’s interest during a demo than to stuff your slides with text and read from them like a script. 

For example, which is most effective? This statement — “On average, Yesware customers save ten hours per week” — or this image:

sales deck tips: use images

Remember, sales decks are meant to supplement your presentation. They are not designed to act as a teleprompter.

One easy way to combat the urge to over-explain is to rely on images for the bulk of your slides. As a general rule of thumb, each sales deck slide should contain about 20 words. The exception to this rule is when you aren’t planning to use your sales deck during the presentation (you may just distribute it after the fact instead) — in this case, you can include up to 60 words per slide.

4. Leverage Case Studies

Use social proof in your sales decks whenever possible. It’s one thing to paint the dream of what life could look like after purchasing your product, but that dream becomes much more real to the prospect if you can demonstrate that you’ve done it before. 

In fact, most SaaS sales reps report that case studies are their most effective marketing tool .

sales deck: importance of case studies

Your happiest customers can be some of your best “invisible” sales reps, if you know how to leverage their success to your advantage.

5. Consider Mobile Formatting 

Although it’s likely that your sales deck will be projected on a large screen during your demo, don’t assume it will be viewed under the same conditions after everyone goes home.

Ideally, prospects will interact with your sales deck from their computer, but not always. You’ll need to design the deck with mobile users in mind. 

Now, that’s not to say that you should design it specifically for mobile — don’t shortchange the process for the sake of fitting it on a phone screen. But it’s worth keeping in mind as you create the deck so that the most important information is still accessible even on mobile.

Most sales reps know that presentations are part of the job. It’s rare to find a sales rep with stage fright or a fear of public speaking.

Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all sales reps are stellar presenters. There’s always room for improvement. Keep the following tips in mind as you present your next demo and sales deck.

1. Consider Your Delivery

Not all sales decks are created for the same purpose. Some are designed to supplement a demo, and are viewed in real-time alongside a presentation. For these sales decks, less is more — remember to keep your text short and sweet.

Some sales decks, though, aren’t used during the presentation at all, and are instead distributed after the fact as a kind of recap or overview. It’s okay to add a bit more text and background information on these. 

Of course, it’s still important to be succinct in either case. But knowing how the sales deck will be delivered will help guide its design and content.

2. Case Studies Should Be Concrete 

We’ve already covered the idea that sales decks should include case studies whenever possible. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to highlight them. 

Be as specific and tangible as you can when you present successful case studies. Social proof is meant to increase trust , but vague statements like “ Company X increased their revenue after using our product! ” can actually decrease trust and create skepticism.

Use data and specific KPIs from real clients to demonstrate the effectiveness of your product: “ Company X saw a 304% increase in revenue after using our product for 12 months. ”

3. Encourage Interruptions

Sales presentations should be interactive. Although sales reps are the ones presenting, the demo is really an opportunity for the buyer. 

Questions and comments should be welcomed and encouraged. The less you “talk at” the prospect, the better. The best sales presentations feel more like a conversation than a lecture.

4. Don’t Include Background Knowledge in Your Deck

It may seem counterintuitive, but try to avoid including any background information on your slides.

Instead of putting relevant knowledge on the slide, present it orally instead. This has the subtle psychological effect of making the presenter look like an expert on the subject.

Not only will this help you stick to your word count, but it also gives you the chance to position yourself as a knowledgeable consultant, which is exactly what today’s B2B prospect is looking for in the buying process .

5. Use Your Sales Deck as a Guide

One of the fastest ways to torpedo a sales presentation is to use your sales deck as a script. There is almost nothing worse than sitting through a presentation where the presenter reads from the slides the entire time. 

The sales deck is not meant to be a crutch. In fact, the sales rep really shouldn’t have to interact with the deck much at all. It exists to help the prospect better understand the content of your presentation, and guide any other decision-makers to the conclusions they need to draw to move forward with the purchase.

Do you use sales decks as part of your sales process? Do you enjoy the process of creating them? How have they helped you speak to decision-makers and drive sales?

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Blog Graphic Design 30+ Best Pitch Deck Examples, Tips & Templates

30+ Best Pitch Deck Examples, Tips & Templates

Written by: Ryan McCready Jul 04, 2023

30+ Best Pitch Deck Examples, Tips & Templates Blog Header

A startup is, by definition, a fast-growing company. And to grow you need funding.

Enter the pitch deck.

In this post, we’ll look at the best startup pitch deck templates from heavy-hitters such as Guy Kawasaki, Airbnb, Uber and Facebook. We’ll also uncover the secrets of their successful startup pitch decks, and how you can leverage them to attract investor dollars, bring on new business partners and win new client contracts.

Haven’t created a winning pitch deck before? Then, use Venngage’s Presentation Maker to easily edit the templates — no technical expertise required.

 Table of contents (click to jump ahead):

  • What is a pitch deck?

30 pitch deck examples for businesses

What makes a good pitch deck, what is the difference between a pitch deck vs business plan, pitch deck faq, create a pitch deck in 4 easy steps, what is a pitch deck .

A pitch deck is a presentation created to raise venture capital for your business. In order to gain buy-in and drum up financial support from potential investors, these presentations outline everything from why your business exists, to your business model, progress or milestones , your team, and a call-to-action.

The best startup pitch decks can help you:

  • Prove the value of your business
  • Simplify complex ideas so your audience can understand them (and get on board)
  • Differentiate your business from competitors
  • Tell the story behind your company to your target audience (and make that story exciting)

What is a pitch deck presentation?

A pitch deck presentation is a slideshow that introduces a business idea, product, or service to investors. Typically consisting of 10–20 slides, a pitch deck is used to persuade potential investors to provide funding for a business. It serves as a comprehensive overview of your company, outlining your business model, the problem you solve, the market opportunity you address, your key team members, and your financial projections.

1. Buffer pitch deck

Industry: Social Media Management

Business model: Subscription-based SaaS (Software as a Service)

Amount raised: $500k, according to Buffer’s co-founder Leo Widrich .

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Website: Buffer.com

Key takeaway : The traction slide was key for Buffer: it showed they had a great product/market fit. If you have great traction, it’s much easier to raise funding.

What’s interesting about Buffer’s pitching process was the issue of competition, as that’s where many talks stalled. Investors became confused, since the social media landscape looked crowded and no one was sure how Buffer differed.

Eventually, they created this slide to clear the air:

Buffer Pitch Deck Slide

To be frank, I’m still confused by this addition to the Buffer pitch deck, but perhaps their presentation would have cleared things up.

In any case, we’ve recreated Buffer’s pitch deck with its own traction, timeline and competitor slides, plus a clean new layout and some easy-to-customize icons:

Buffer Pitch Deck Template

Design tip : don’t forget to add a contact slide at the end of your pitch deck, like in the business pitch example below.

Simple Marketing Presentation - Best Pitch Deck Template

Because sometimes you’re going to pitch to a small room of investors. Other times, it will be to an auditorium full of random people in your industry. And I can guarantee that not everyone is going to know your brand off the top of their head.

You should make it extremely easy for people to find out more info or contact your team with any questions. I would recommend adding this to the last slide, as shown below.

Modern Marketing Pitch Deck Template

Alternatively, you could add it to the slide that will be seen the longest in your pitch deck, like the title slide. This will help anyone interested write down your information as event organizers get things ready.

Related:  Creating a Pitch Deck? 5 Ways to Design a Winner

2. Airbnb pitch deck

Industry: Hospitality, Travel, and Technology

Business model: Online marketplace (peer-to-peer) for lodging and travel experiences

Amount raised: $20k at three months and $600k at eight months (seed), according to Vator .

Website: airbnb.com

Key takeaway: A large marketplace, impressive rate of traction and a market ready for a new competitor are the factors which made Airbnb stand out early on, says Fast Company. The organization’s slide deck clearly demonstrates these points.

Your pitch deck should explain the core information in your business plan in a simple and straightforward way. Few startups have done this as well as Airbnb.

We’ve re-designed Airbnb’s famous deck as two light and airy sample pitch deck templates. The focus here is on engaging visuals, with minimal text used.

Airbnb fundraising slide deck

This type of deck is also called a demo day presentation .  Since its going to be viewed from a distance by investors while you present, you don’t need lots of text to get your message across. The point is to complement your speech, not distract from it.

Another great thing about Airbnb’s fundraising slide deck format is that every slide has a maximum of three sections of information:

Airbnb Pitch Deck

As one of the most popular presentation layouts , the rule of three design principle has been drilled into my head. And for good reason!

Here’s one of the slides that demonstrates why this pitch deck design tip works:

Airbnb Pitch Deck Template

VIDEO TUTORIAL:  Learn how to customize this pitch deck template by watching this quick 8-minute video.

Minimalist Airbnb pitch deck template

This simple sample pitch deck template is clean and incredibly easy to customize, making it perfect for presentation newbies.

Don’t forget to insert your own tagline instead of the famous “Book rooms with locals, rather than hotels” slogan. Hint: your tagline should similarly convey what your business offers. Airbnb’s pitch deck offers up tantalizing benefits: cost savings, an insider’s perspective on a location and new possibilities.

Minimalist Airbnb Pitch Deck Template

Design tip : Click the text boxes in our online editor and add your own words to the pitch decks. Duplicate slides you like, or delete the ones you don’t.

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3. Uber pitch deck

Industry: Transportation, Technology, and Logistics

Business model: On-demand transportation network and logistics platform

Amount raised: $1.57M in seed funding in 2010, reports Business Insider .

Website: uber.com

Key takeaway : Successful pitch decks clearly highlight the key pain point (the inefficiency of cabs) and a tantalizing solution (fast, convenient 1-click ordering).

Uber co-founder Garrett Camp shared the company’s very first pitch deck from 2008 via a  Medium post .

While there’s a surprising amount of text, it still manages to hit on every major part of their business plan succinctly — including key differentiators, use cases and best/worst-case scenarios.

Want something similar? We’ve updated the classic Uber pitch deck template with a sharp layout:

Uber investor deck

Uber Pitch Deck

Many of the best pitch deck presentations out there are rather brief, only covering a few main points across a handful of slides. But sometimes your deck needs to provide more information.

There’s nothing wrong with having a longer investor pitch deck, as long as you switch up the slide layouts throughout — no one wants to see basically the same slide (just with different metrics or points) 25 times over.

This sample pitch deck template we created based on the infamous Uber deck has 20 or more slides and a diversity of layout options:


Design tip : Replace the photos with your own or browse our in-editor library with thousands of free professional stock images. To do so, double click any image to open our “replace” feature. Then, search for photos by keyword.

Blue Uber slide deck

In this navy version of the Uber pitch deck template, we’ve added bright colors and creative layouts.

Again, it’s easy to swap out the icons in our online editor. Choose from thousands of free icons in our in-editor library to make it your own.

Blue Uber Pitch Deck Template

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4. Guy Kawasaki pitch deck

How much did they raise?  Guy Kawasaki’s Garage Capital raised more than $315 million dollars for its clients, according to one estimate .

Key takeaway : Avoid in-depth technical discussions in your pitch deck. Focus on the pain point you’re solving, how you’ll solve it, how you’ll make money and how you’ll reach custvomers.

Guy Kawasaki’s 10 slide outline is famous for its laser focus. He’s renowned for coining the 10/20/30 rule : 10 slides, 20 minutes and no fonts smaller than 30 point.

While you may be tempted to include as much of your business plan as possible in your pitch deck, his outline forces you to tease out your most important content and engage investors or clients within a short time span.

We’re recreated his famous outline in two winning templates you can adapt and make your own:

Gradient Guy Kawasaki pitch deck

This clean pitch deck template has all the sections you need and nothing you don’t.

Kawasaki’s format steers you towards what venture capitalists really care about : problem/solution, technology, competition, marketing plan, your team, financial projections and timeline.

Gradient Guy Kawasaki Pitch Deck Template

Read our blog post on persuasive presentations for more design and speaking tips.

Design tip : Quickly add in charts and graphs with our in-editor chart maker. You can even import data from Excel or Google sheets.

Blue Guy Kawasaki pitch deck

This more conservative pitch deck template design keeps all the focus on the core information.

Remember: opt for a 30-point font or larger. This will force you to stick to your key points and explain them clearly. Anything smaller, and you’ll risk losing your audience — especially if they’re busy reading while tuning out what you’re actually saying.

Blue Guy Kawasaki Pitch Deck Template

5. Sequoia capital pitch deck

How much did they raise? Sequoia Capital is actually a Venture Capital firm. According to TechCrunch , they’ve raised almost $1B for later-stage U.S. investments.

Key takeaway : “If you can’t tell the story of the company in five minutes, then you’re either overthinking it or you haven’t simplified it down enough.” – Mike Vernal, Sequoia Capital

VC firm Sequoia Capital has its own  10-slide pitch deck format to rival Guy Kawasaki’s famous example that we’ll take a look at a little later on. Its highly-curated, clarified format shines a spotlight on innovative ideas.

As the video above suggests, effectively communicating your mission, not just listing features, is key. Below is our take on the Sequoia Capital pitch deck example; you’ll find it clean, clear and easy to create.

Sequoia Capital pitch deck

Design tip : Click the blue background and select a new color from our color wheel (or one of your own brand colors via My Brand Kit, available with Venngage for Business ) to create a pitch deck with your branding.

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Blue and pink iconics pitch deck

Ready to try it for yourself? Add a pop of color to your version of the Sequoia pitch deck template with this pink and blue slide deck. The contrasting colors will make your information stand out.

Blue Pink Iconics Pitch Deck Template

6. Facebook pitch deck

How much did they raise? $500K in angel funding from venture capitalist Peter Thiel (first round).

Key takeaway : If you don’t have revenue traction yet, lean heavily on other metrics , like customer base, user engagement and growth.  Use a timeline to tell a story about your company.

The best pitch decks tell the real story about your company or brand. You should not only want to sell the audience on your product but also on the hard work you’ve done building it from the ground up.

Design tip: Try data visualizations to relay a company or product timeline . Since people are familiar with the format and know how to read them quickly, you can convey the information impactfully and save room while you’re at it.

Here, Facebook’s classic pitch deck shows the incredible schools that’ve already signed on and describe when future launches will happen.

The sample pitch deck template featured below shows another example of a company or product timeline . This would have been a great fit in the Facebook pitch deck, don’t you think?

Investor Pitch Deck Template

Plus you can summarize a ton of information about your brand on a single slide. Check out how well the timeline fits into this pitch deck template below:

Startup Pitch Deck Template

If the designer wouldn’t have used a timeline, the same information could have been spread over five or six extra slides! Luckily, Venngage’s timeline maker can help you visualize progress across a period of time without any design experience required.

7. TikTok Pitch Deck

Tik Tok Pitch Deck

How much did they raise? $150.4M in funding in 2014 (back when TikTok was called Musical.ly), says Crunchbase .

Key takeaway : Use icons as visual anchors for written information.

(The full slide deck is available to Digiday subscribers , though you can view some of the key slides in this Medium post . Keep in mind: this TikTok pitch deck was created for potential advertisers, not investors. No other TikTok pitch decks are publicly available.)

What TikTok does really well in the above example is use icons as visual anchors for their stats. (I could write a whole article about using icons in your presentations correctly. There are so many ways you can use them to upgrade your slides.)

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, just look at the slide deck template below.

Purple Startup Pitch Deck Template

Each of the main points has an icon that gives instant visual context about what the stat is about to the audience. These icons draw the eye immediately to these important facts and figures as well.

Design tip: Remember to use icons that have a similar style and color palette. Otherwise, you run the risk of them becoming a distraction.

8. Y Combinator pitch deck

Y Combinator Pitch Deck

How much did they raise? This startup accelerator has invested in over 3,500 startups to date, according to the company website . They state their combined valuation nears $1 trillion.

Key takeaway : Create clear, concise pitch deck slides that tell a story investors can understand in seconds.

The classic Y Combinator pitch deck is incredibly simple, and for good reason. Seed stage companies can’t provide much detail, so they should focus on telling a story about their company.

That means your slides should tell a story investors can immediately understand in a glance.

Note that one of Y Combinator’s key components is the problem (above) and solution (below) slides.

Y Combinator Pitch Deck

Explaining how your startup is going to solve a pain point is a vital part of any slide deck. According to Y Combinator , startups should use the problem slide to show the problem your business solves, and how this problem currently affects businesses and/or people. Additionally, if you’re starting a new startup, forming an LLC could be a great choice to launch your business in the right direction, especially if you are focused on asset protection .

Without that information, investors are going to be left with more questions than answers.

Blue Investor Presentation - Best Pitch Deck Examples

The solution slide should show the real-world benefits of your product/service. I recommend using data visualization to show traction, like the chart above, with a couple of notes for context.

To ensure your problem and solutions slides are easily understood, use a similar layout for both, as shown below.

Investor Pitch Deck Template

This will help the audience quickly recall the main problem you want to solve, and connect it to your solution (even if the slides are separated by a few other points or ideas).

9. Front pitch deck

Front Startup Presentation - Best Pitch Deck Examples

How much did they raise ? $10M in Series A funding

Key takeaway : Use a simple flowchart to visualize a problem your product/service solves.

Not everyone is going to be able to explain their problem and solution as succinctly as the previous examples. Some will need to take a unique approach to get their point across.

That’s why I want to highlight how Front masterfully communicated the problem to be solved. They likely realized it would be a lot easier (and cleaner) to create a flow chart that visualizes the problem instead of text. (Did I mention you can make your own flowcharts with Venngage?)

Also, I really like how they distilled each down to a single phrase. That approach, combined with the visuals, will help it stick in investors’ minds as one of the best pitch decks.

Here’s another example pitch deck that uses a chart to convey their problem/solution:

Simple Marketing Pitch Deck Template

It splits the competition slide right down the middle to illustrate the differences. It also shows exactly how the processes differ between the two entities using mini flowcharts.

Helping the audience make the right conclusions about your company should be an important part of your pitch deck strategy. Without saying a word, the visual choices you make can greatly impact your message.

Colorful Creative Presentation - Best Pitch Deck Examples

10. Crema pitch deck

Investor Pitch Deck Example

How much did they raise? $175K in seed funding .

Key takeaway : Choose background images carefully — making sure they have a similar color palette.

The best pitch decks keep things consistent, mainly because there are so many moving parts in any presentation. You want each of your slides to feel like they’re connected by a singular feeling or theme. An out-of-place presentation background image can throw that off.

Keeping things consistent when you use a solid background color or pattern isn’t hard. But things can get tricky if you want to use different photos for your backgrounds.

However, if you pick presentation background images that have a similar color palette, you’ll be fine. Check out the images Crema used in their startup pitch deck below:

Startup Best Pitch Deck Example

If you’re struggling to find exactly the same colored photos, you can use a color filter to make things more uniform.

11. WeWork pitch deck

WeWork Pitch Deck - Best Pitch Deck Examples

How much did they raise? $6.9M in seed funding in 2011, says Crunchbase .

Key takeaway : Put your metrics on display.

The behemoths at WeWork still have one of the best software pitch decks, despite recent troubles (layoffs, and a valuation that dropped from $47 billion to $2.9 billion).

In fact, this investor pitch deck actually helped them raise money at a $5 billion valuation.

My favorite thing from this is how their key metrics are on the second slide. They waste no time getting down to business!

Minimalist White WeWork Pitch Deck Example

A lot of the time brands hide these metrics at the end of their presentation, but WeWork made sure to put it front and center in their slide deck.

This approach puts the audience in a positive state of mind, helping them be more receptive to the pitch.

12. Crew (Dribble) pitch deck

Simple Modern Crew Pitch Deck Example

How much did they raise? $2M in seed funding

Key takeaway : Start your presentation with a simple statement to set the tone.

Sometimes you have to set the mood of the room before you jump into your slide deck. A simple way to do this is by adding a powerful statement or famous quote at the beginning of your slides.

This may sound cliche, but the creatives over at Crew (now Dribbble ) used this approach well in their pitch presentation.

Crew Startup - Best Pitch Deck Examples

By claiming that every business is an online business, they instantly change the way that people think about the business sector.

Additionally, the designers used this straightforward statement to set up the rest of the presentation. In the next few slides, the potential market is explained. Without the statement, I don’t think these numbers would be as impactful.

Let’s take a look at the graphs and charts the Dribble team used in their slide deck. In the below business pitch example, you can see that the line charts use the same color palette, size, and typography.

Crew Startup - Simple Pitch Deck Examples

One of my favorite tips from my presentation ideas roundup article states you should never make the audience do the math.

You can also use this mantra when you’re adding data visualizations to your slides. Make each slide extra easy to consume, as well as, easy to compare to other visualizations.

Below the pie charts use the exact same color palette, size, and typography as well:

Crew Startup Pitch Deck

If the designers would have used a different example, the audience would be distracted trying to decipher the information.

But consistent design across multiple visualizations will ensure your audience can make comparisons that lead to the right conclusions.

Pro Tip: You can use a comparison infographic to summarize key points you’re comparing.

13. Aspire Food Group pitch deck

How much did they raise? $1M from the Hult Prize in 2013 to scale their project.

Key takeaway : Simple graphics clearly illustrate the problem (food security), the size of the market and Aspire’s unique farming project (spoiler alert: it’s insects).

Nonprofits pitching donors or social enterprises pitching for funding have a slightly different challenge than other organizations. They need to present a unique solution and  make an emotional connection to their audience.

Aspire’s simple pitch deck graphics allow investors to grasp their unique business idea at a glance. Plus, by introducing the audience to one of their customers and describing how insect farming has impacted her food budget, the concept is made relatable to many.

Another simple design hack is to choose a unique background for your nonprofit or social enterprise pick deck. Take this sample pitch deck template:

Minimalist White Pitch Deck Example - Best Pitch Decks

There are millions of stock photos out there for you to pick from, so finding one that will work shouldn’t be too hard.

However, when you’re picking your presentation background images , it’s important to make sure it matches your message or brand.

Minimalist Business Pitch Deck Example

In the above example, the pitch deck’s slightly crumpled paper background fits an eco-friendly startup well.   Especially because eco-friendly living and minimalism share similar tenants.

Sponsorship Pitch Deck Template

Another great example is this sponsorship pitch deck above. It elevates the message by opting for a simplistic background choice.

With a beautiful yet minimalistic slide deck like this, who wouldn’t want to donate?

Nonprofit Pitch Deck Template

Most of the time your pitch deck background images are supposed to be used in a supporting role. However, you can also design your presentation around the background images to create some of the best pitch decks out there.

As you can see in this pitch deck template, we added written content to the white space in each of the stock photos:

Bold Marketing Pitch Deck Template

Plus no one can really copy your pitch deck layout, so you will instantly stand out from other companies.

Marketing Tech Presentation Pitch Deck Example

Be sure to pick photos that share the same color palette and theme. Otherwise, the benefits of using these presentation backgrounds will be lost.

14. Mattermark pitch deck

Mattermark Startup - Best Pitch Deck Examples

How much did they raise? A total of $17.2M so far, says Crunchbase .

Key takeaway : Use screenshots in your pitch deck to show the problem you’re solving.

Highlighting digital problems is tough when you have limited space and time…like when you’re pitching your new digital product to a room full of investors.

That’s why some of the best pitch decks include screenshots of the problem being solved.

As you can see above, the people from Mattermark used screenshots to show how unorganized SAAS reporting was. At that time it was spread over a ton of different sites, with different reporting standards and values.

It would be difficult to sell an investor on their product just by talking about the market. Mainly because not a lot of people have experience in that specific niche.

But with a handful of screenshots, they were able to highlight the product potential almost instantly.

In terms of design, the team at Mattermark stuck to the rule of three (see slide below). This rule will help you keep your team from overwhelming the audience with a flood of stats or figures.

Simple Modern Business Pitch Deck Example

They also decided to make these figures easier to consume by highlighting them in different colors

Compared to a boring list of figures, it’s a lot easier to remember three distinct colored numbers. Plus because the background colors darken as they go, it naturally guides the reader’s eyes down the slide.

15. Dwolla pitch deck

Dwolla Startup - Best Pitch Deck Examples

How much did they raise? $12M in funding as of 2018.

Key takeaway : Give the reason your company was founded in one quick sentence.

In many of our own presentations, we talk about how Venngage started from humble beginnings before undergoing tremendous growth in just a few years.

That’s because people love origin stories — they help your audience connect with your brand and appreciate all the work put into it.

Take a look at the pitch deck slide from Dwolla above. In a single sentence, they outline their reason for doing business, and what they hope to solve.

Dwolla Minimalist Pitch Deck Example

Just be sure to talk about your company founding in the first few slides of your pitch. Otherwise, it won’t have the same impact.

On another note, as a design company, we always love to see people create great visualizations in their pitch decks — particularly when these visuals communicate key information well….like when it comes to your ideal users!

I have seen a lot of brands just talk about their users, but I recommend creating visual user personas instead. Our persona guides can help you with this!

Dwolla Business Pitch Deck Examples

As you can see above, Dwolla visualized their user personas for each use case.

These visual user personas allow audiences to put a “real” face to your user base. And if you have many ideal users (like Dwolla), it helps keep each group organized.

16. Kickfolio (App.io) pitch deck 

Kickfolio Tech Startup - Best Pitch Deck Examples

How much did they raise? $1M in seed funding.

Key takeaway : Go for huge graphs! The bigger, the better.

Be proud of your brand’s growth and metrics in your slide deck.

You worked hard to grow a company from nothing, and that’s a big achievement! So why would you want to make that growth hard to see?

However, I’ve seen a lot of people inadvertently hide their key metrics by using small graphs or charts.

Tech Startup Pitch Deck Example

The only solution to this problem is…get bigger with your graphs! And I mean huge, like the ones App.io deployed in the pitch deck above. Their graph is so large and imposing, every audience member could see it clearly.

Venngage’s  graph maker can help you do this for your own pitch decks too.

17. Yalochat pitch deck

Yalo Tech Startup - Best Pitch Deck Examples

How much did they raise? $15M in Series B funding, says TechCrunch.

Key takeaway : Use icons as illustrations to add instant context.

Icons have been making a comeback in the design world over the past few years. According to recent reports on graphic design trends , they’ll continue to be popular.

Simple Modern Tech Startup Pitch Deck Example

This presentation from Yalochat is one of the best examples of how to use illustrated icons correctly.

Each icon perfectly illustrates the point being made on each slide, giving instant context. They will definitely catch the eyes of any audience member.

Just remember to follow their lead and  use consistently designed icons !

18. Brex pitch deck

Brex Pitch Deck

How much did they raise? $1.5 billion to date.

Key takeaway : Include a single slide about your team and highlight what makes them truly exceptional.

Another important part of your story is the people who helped you build your company. These people are the lifeblood of your brand, and what helps it stand out from the competitors.

Corporate card startup Brex does this well by using team member photos, and including their titles and company affiliations to build credibility. You can download the Brex slides for free, thanks to Business Insider .

Let’s tale a look at a sample pitch deck that employs a similar philosophy.

Modern Business Presentation - Best Startup Pitch Deck Template

I’m guessing you already planned on adding something similar to your pitch deck. Again, I would recommend using only a single team slide like they did.

You can use a team photo if you want to talk about the whole team, or add an organizational chart instead. Alternatively, like Brex, you can highlight the most important individuals, like this business pitch example:

Creative Business Presentation - Best Startup Pitch Deck Template

Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to talk about your team on a team slide, and highlight the people who make your company truly great.

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19. Purple Go pitch deck

Purple Go Tech Startup - Best Pitch Deck Examples

How much did they raise? Undisclosed.

Key takeaway : Use a contrasting hue to draw your audience’s attention to key information.

Color isn’t just about making your designs look good — it can also draw your audience’s attention to important information.

Minimalist Modern Tech Pitch Deck Example

For example, take a look at this simple pitch deck from Purple Go . They contrast deep purple with white to help certain sentences pop.

This is a simple way to make your slides have a lot of impact; pick colors that contrast boldly with each other.

20. Mint pitch deck

How much did they raise? $31M to date, according to Mint.

Key takeaway : Add visual cues, such as illustrations and icons, to help explain your brand to investors.

I’m guessing your pitch deck is already going to touch on how you stand out from the competition. But just listing a few things that set you apart may not be enough on your slide deck!

You may need to add some visual cues to help the audience out.

We decided to redesign Mint’s original deck for a contemporary take on this.

Mint Simple Creative Pitch Deck Template

In this minimalist pitch deck template, our designers used visuals to make the main company stand out even more. And best of all, it doesn’t distract from the minimalist theme.

This simple addition to your slides will help your information jump off the page, providing a rewarding visual break from related companies.

21. Park Evergreen (Plot) pitch deck

How much did they raise? $400k in seed funding.

Key takeaway : Give each metric its own slide.

Generally, slide decks are full of important metrics that you’re supposed to remember. But not all of those numbers are presented in a way that would make them easy to.

Some are hidden in long paragraphs, while others are smashed together with less important findings.

Modern Creative Tech Startup Pitch Deck Example

That’s why I’m a huge fan of how Park Evergreen (now called Plot ) included important numbers in this slide deck. As you can see below, each metric is given its own slide:

With this approach, the audience members place their full attention on that number. And they’ll be able to recall the information a lot quicker.

It may look overly simple to some, but the best pitch decks use this tactic a lot.

22. Hampton Creek (Eat Just) pitch deck

Black Minimalist Business Tech Pitch Deck Example

How much did they raise? $1.5M in Series A.

Key takeaway : Create a minimalist title slide to build anticipation for your presentation.

You probably know that presentations don’t always run as smoothly as planned. With long breaks and technical problems, the time between presentations can end up running rather long.

Translation: you might spend more time looking at the title slide than the actual presentation itself.

So if you really want to build some anticipation for your pitch, create a minimalist (some might even say, mysterious) title slide. As you can see, the team at Eat Just (once known as Hampton Creek) did just that.

Hampton Creek Tech Startup - Best Pitch Deck Examples

The lack of information makes spectators want to learn more about your brand, effortlessly engaging them.

The only negative is that no one is going to know the name of your company — yet.

23. Sickweather pitch deck

Sickweather Tech Startup - Best Pitch Deck Examples

How much did they raise? $2.6M to date, according to Crunchbase.

Key takeaway : Pull out the main metrics from your graphs and charts to make your slide a snap to understand.

Remember when I said: “Don’t make your audience do the math”?

Yeah. That’s because people hate doing math — so you never want to make investors try to calculate your data themselves. Especially when dealing with millions of dollars, tiny percent changes or other complicated numbers.

Out of all the tips in this article, this one might be the most important. Mainly because forgetting this idea all but guarantees your failure.

That’s why I recommend you “do the math” on every slide where you include a graph or chart — like how Sickweather did above.

By pulling out the main growth metrics from the graph, they made this slide a lot more consumable, and showed the audience exactly what they should pay attention to.

24. Dutchie pitch deck

How much did they raise? $35M in 2020, according to TechCrunch .

Key takeaway : Set the tone by putting your most impressive stat(s) in the introduction.

Dutchie, an all-in-one technology platform for eCommerce, POS and payments, wastes no time coming out the gates with one impressive insight: “10% of all legal cannabis in the world” is purchased through their product.

Now I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty tantalizing.

So it makes perfect sense they would pull it out from their market share figures and feature it in their introduction. By doing so, investors get an idea how successful and established Dutchie is right off the bat.

25. Studysmarter pitch deck

How much did they raise?  $15M according to TechCrunch .

Key takeaway : Illustrate your vision over several slides.

Rather than dedicate one slide to their vision for the company, digital learning company Studysmarter continuously brings up how their product will be understood in the future — as “the world’s central hub” for “lifelong” learning, becoming the “largest learning platform in Europe” by 2021.

While this visionary sentiment is not new to the pitch deck industry, it makes sense Studysmarter would want to focus much of their presentation slide deck on this idea: the idea of an unlimited target market and use cases.

Design wise, their illustrations are consistent, using visuals to illustrate their message and various target demographics.

These graphics build off the sleek, modern interface Studysmarter’s brand image invokes. It also illustrates what they want investors to envision for the future of the brand.

26. Clearbanc (Clearco) Pitch Deck

Clearco pitch deck example

How much did they raise? $70M in series A funding, according to TechCrunch.

Key takeaway : Use flow charts to communicate complicated processes.

As a company that offers startups “growth capital for the new economy” through non-dilutive revenue-share agreements, Clearco (previously known as Clearbanc) wins big by communicating how the process works in less than a slide’s time.

That’s right: the company uses a flowchart .

For complicated business processes that would normally take several slides of text to communicate, a flowchart is a smart way to visualize a process while saving space and keeping your audience engaged.

Particularly for a company like Clearco, this is key for getting investors up to speed. Then you can move on to the other facts and figures they’ll surely want to hear.

27. Foursquare Pitch Deck

Foursquare pitch deck example

Key takeaway : Show how the end-product looks in your presentation.

Okay look, I get it. This slide deck from 2009 is certainly behind on times when it comes to design tips in this current day and age…

BUT take it back to more than a decade ago, and you’ll see why Foursquare’s pitch deck won big with investors.

As one of the first businesses to employ gamification, the company lets this selling proposition shine by using an iPhone graphic to show how the app’s points and badges look to the end-user. These visuals communicate the appeal by showcasing exactly how consumers will interact with, and understand, the product.

In essence, it takes the guesswork out of their pitch.

So while the text-heavy aspect of this sample pitch deck isn’t exactly ideal, their use of visuals can teach us a lesson.

28. TalentBase pitch deck

How much did they raise?   $330K to date.

Key takeaway : Let the numbers do the talking.

Rather than take up a ton of slide space in this pitch deck example, TalentBase, an affordable payroll solution , focused their real estate on the real deal-closers: the numbers.

While this won’t work for every business, as you may need to add more slides to truly explain the environment your organization exists in and your processes, TalentBase uses their positioning to drive forward a captivating narrative.

And this narrative utilizes only numbers to connect the dots in the mind of potential investors about the value TalentBase offers, in terms of market capture.

29. Peloton pitch deck

Key takeaway : Discuss both the tangible and intangible benefits your product offers.

In 2018, back before the real pandemic hey-day of this tech unicorn, Peloton dazzled in a funding round and managed to capture in $550M funding.

Part of this can be attributed to Peloton’s emphasis on the benefits it brings customers.

Across multiple slides, the exercise equipment and media company highlights how customers’ lives are improved in various emotional and functional ways. Since this connection lays the groundwork for long-term B2C relationships, investors can immediately identify the value encompassed by this modern fitness tool.

Looking to try something similar? Check out the below Peloton sample pitch deck, reimagined by our Venngage design team.

Peleton sample pitch deck - Venngage

30. Ledgy pitch deck

Ledgy pitch deck example

How much did they raise? $ 10M in September 2021.

Key takeaway : Cut down on space with text and graphics that follow a clear logical narrative.

In just seven slides, the equity management and investor relations platform, Ledgy, was able to convince their audience that their product was worth investing in.

By putting their mission first, and following it up with engaging visuals, the company tells a story despite using minimal text.

Yoko Spirig, CEO and co-founder of Ledgy, echoed this sentiment in an interview : “Starting with the ‘why’ lets you build the business case for the product, and create a logical narrative that investors can follow.”

That’s why, design-wise, this is one of the cleanest pitch deck examples in the bunch. It’s one of the shortest too.

I also appreciate how their brand colors are used in conjunction with white to keep everything consistent (something that Venngage’s automated branding feature My Brand Kit can help you out with).

To summarize, some of my favorite pitch deck design tips include:

  • Adding icon headers to your most important insights
  • Use similar charts and graphs for easy comparisons across slides
  • For longer pitch decks, switch up the slide layouts
  • Pick a consistent theme for your presentation background images
  • Don’t just list your ideal users, create visual personas
  • Use a timeline to show how your company has grown
  • Always do the math for your audience

Now let’s take a look at what’s the difference between a pitch deck and a business plan.

A pitch deck and a business plan serve different purposes in the world of entrepreneurship, each playing a crucial role in showcasing and strategizing a business venture. The main distinction lies in their format, level of detail and intended audience.

Pitch decks typically consists of a series of carefully crafted slides, highlighting key aspects of the business such as the value proposition, target market, revenue model, competitive advantage and team expertise.

The goal is to pique interest, generate excitement and secure further engagement or funding opportunities. A pitch deck emphasizes storytelling, persuasive visuals, and concise messaging to create an impactful impression.

On the other hand, a business plan is a comprehensive and detailed document that provides an in-depth roadmap for the entire business venture. It outlines the company’s mission, vision, goals, market analysis, marketing strategies, operational details, financial projections and risk assessment.

A business plan serves as a strategic blueprint, guiding the entrepreneur and internal stakeholders in executing the business idea effectively. It tends to be more exhaustive, often spanning several pages or even chapters, and is typically presented in a written format.

What should a pitch deck contain?

A well-crafted pitch deck should contain key information that effectively communicates your business concept, value proposition, and growth potential. While the specific content may vary depending on your industry and target audience, here are the essential elements that a pitch deck should typically include:

  • Problem statement
  • Market opportunity
  • Business model
  • Competitive analysis
  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Team members
  • Financial projections
  • Milestones and timeline
  • Investment opportunity

Not a graphic designer? No sweat — creating your own pitch deck is a breeze using Venngage’s Presentation Maker . (We’ll go over the basics here; for a more in-depth look, check out this article .)

Step 1: Sign up on Venngage for free using your email, Gmail or Facebook account. If you already have an account, log in to access the platform.

Step 2: Browse through our selection of professionally designed pitch deck templates and select one that suits your needs and preferences.

Step 3: Once you’ve selected a template, start customizing it to match your branding and content. Venngage’s drag-and-drop editor allows you to easily modify every aspect of the template, including colors, fonts, images and layout. Replace the placeholder text with your own content, such as your company information, product or service details, market analysis and financial projections.

Note: there are hundreds of templates available that you can design and share for free. If you want to access certain designs, take advantage of in-editor features like My Brand Kit/Team collaboration .

Step 4: Once you’re satisfied with your design, you can download it in various formats such as PDF or PNG. Alternatively, you can use also Venngage’s sharing options to present your pitch deck directly from the platform or share it with others via a generated link.

To leave a lasting impression on your audience, consider transforming your slides into an interactive presentation. Here are 15  interactive presentation ideas  to enhance interactivity and engagement.

Now that you know how to create the best pitch decks to communicate your ideas, present your startup or raise venture capital, take action and start designing your own pitch deck today!

And if you want to learn more, there are a ton of other presentation design resources you can take a look at next:

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10 best sales to shop this weekend from J.Crew Factory, COACH, Sonos, Wayfair and more

  • Published: Jun. 01, 2024, 9:00 a.m.

Best Weekend Sales from J.Crew Factory, Wayfair, COACH and more

Sun's out, deals are hot: Shop this weekend's best sales from J.Crew Factory and COACH to Wayfair J.Crew Factory/COACH/Wayfair/Canva

  • Danielle Halibey | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone, but summer sales are still hot !

If you just booked a summer vacation, you can stock up on warm-weather wear and summer sundresses to beat the heat and turn heads while you’re out and about. Or if you’ll be staycationing this time around, you can outfit your backyard with the coolest patio and pool deck furniture that’ll make you feel like you’re lounging at a 5-star resort.

Moreover, if you have a new graduate in your family and you want to brag about their achievements and future plans, you can snag luxe, 100% recycled paper graduation announcement cards at 50% off .

Here’s a look at this weekend’s best sales to shop.

  • J.Crew Factory : Shop up to 60% off everything on site, from shorts and swimsuits to preppy polos for summer events , plus an extra 20% off if you use your J.Crew credit card now through June 16.
  • COACH : Save up to 40% during COACH’s ‘Summer Sale,’ with handbags, shoes, wallets and a whole section of styles under $300 .
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond : Explore the Summer Kickoff Event with up to 50% off summer essentials, from gazebos and patio seating ensembles to al fresco bar sets .
  • Macy’s : Take 50 to 70% off men’s suits during Macy’s exclusive 3-Day Sale, 40% off swimwear and cover ups , 50% off makeup and skincare during the 10 Days of Glam event and an extra 25% off items marked ‘ULTIMATE’ for Macy’s cardholders only , through Sunday, June 2.
  • Nordstrom Rack : Grab fan-favorite sandals from designer brands like Cole Haan , Sam Edelman , SOREL , Seychelles and more up to 65% off.
  • Paper Culture : Celebrate some of life’s biggest milestones with up to 50% off graduation announcement and save the date cards , and 30% off wedding invitations , through June 4.
  • Victoria’s Secret : Buy two, get one free of everything - from swim and sleepwear to activewear and fragrances — for a limited time. Plus, score a FREE weekender tote with any $100+ purchase through June 4.
  • Sonos : Turn up the volume on all your summer hangs with up to 25% off portable speakers and soundbars , like the Roam SL .
  • Samsung : Browse Samsung’s latest deals page for major discounts on select The Frame TVs and Bespoke Laundry appliances .
  • Wayfair : Go all in on curating an outdoor oasis with patio and pool loungers under $600 , swing sets from $200 and outdoor lighting from $35 .


  • Brooks has some of its best running shoes on sale up to 50% off
  • Samsung is giving away free 50-inch 4K TVs with the new 2024 Galaxy laptop
  • Amazon has a secret deal on the Apple 2023 MacBook Pro that will save you $199 — but not for long

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