1. Case studies: types of partnerships and objectives

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  2. The Case of Partnership Law Study Example

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  3. Case Study The Partnership in Care Ltd

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  4. Case Study: Long-Term Partnership Drives Client's Continued Success

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  5. Partnerships Case Study

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  6. Resource partnership case study

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  1. Case study

  2. GapVax Work Study Partnership

  3. What makes Business Partner stand out?

  4. CFS+ 2021 Roundup with Avery Dennison. Case study: Partnership vs. Ownership recording

  5. Securing the Future: Inside the FORESIGHT-Thales Partnership for Advanced Software Protection"

  6. Employment Support Joan case study


  1. How to Showcase Your Partnership Successes with Case Studies

    Options include PDF documents, web pages, blog posts, slides, videos, or podcasts. To make your case study easy to read, understand, and remember, you should use a catchy title that summarizes the ...

  2. Standout Traits for a Great Partner Case Study (With Examples)

    January 7, 2021. It's no surprise that partner case studies are a wee bit of a struggle to produce.Getting your customers to agree to a case study is one thing; getting your customer and your partner to agree to a case study is a miracle. On top of the fact that the partnerships world is still such a gray area for partner managers everywhere (let alone their leadership), partner case studies ...

  3. Partnership Case Studies: Smart Goals and Smart Partnerships

    Rather, they should focus more on three factors before entering into any potential strategic partnership: Shared values. Transparency. Shared vision. Below I'll provide three partnership case studies of partnerships that paint a picture of the way these three factors influence partnership success, without placing much attention on smart goals.

  4. Partners and Partnerships: Articles, Research, & Case Studies

    by Victoria Ivashina and Josh Lerner. Partnerships are essential to the professional service and investment sectors. Yet the partnership structure raises issues including intergenerational continuity. This study of more than 700 private equity partnerships finds 1) the allocation of fund economics is typically weighted toward the founders of ...

  5. A model for effective partnership working to support programme

    This study used data collected for a broader case study that we reported in detail elsewhere (Fynn et al., 2021). We conducted thematic content analysis ( Hsieh and Shannon, 2005 ) of data from semi-structured interviews to identify partnerships, and themes related to stakeholders' experiences and perceptions of those partnerships, the ...

  6. Managing strategic partnerships

    By skipping this step, companies increase the stress and tension placed on the partnership and reduce the odds of its success. For instance, the day-to-day operators end up receiving confusing guidance or conflicting priorities from partner organizations. ... In the case of one consumer-goods joint venture, for instance, the two partner ...

  7. Case studies in partnerships

    Case studies in partnerships. Here you will find a series of case studies of partnerships in action within a range of Cochrane Groups. These talk about the background to the partnership, its development, the benefit to both sides and tips for Groups. If you have examples of partnership work that you would like to share, please contact Cochrane ...

  8. Partnership Research: A Pathway to Realize Multistakeholder

    The case study presented here focuses on the research process. Further research is needed to gain insight in the effectiveness of multistakeholder participation and how this partnership succeeds or fails in achieving its goals, namely, improvement of practice, impact, and empowerment of stakeholders.

  9. Partnerships and the Sustainable Development Goals

    Patrick Paul Walsh. Provides a unique outline of partnership theory and its application to the SDGs. Outlines the nature of partnerships, including their multi-level forms. Analyzes key SDG partnerships case studies that highlight partnership success stories for practitioners. Part of the book series: Sustainable Development Goals Series (SDGS)

  10. A case study in leveraging strategic partnerships through trust‐based

    The first partnership began in 2008, with the addition of the three new partners in 2015, 2017, and 2018. Each partner was first funded for their individual program; convening them for the funder's special project, the case study described here, was specifically to bring them together.

  11. Effective Partnerships with Multinational Organizations—A Case Study

    A shared sense of urgency, pre-existing networks, partnership experience, flexibility, and the use of digital technologies are key factors that have contributed to the speedy formation of partnerships. ... Effective Partnerships with Multinational Organizations—A Case Study from Sohar University. In: Badran, A., Baydoun, E., Mesmar, J. (eds ...

  12. Improving primary health care through partnerships: Key insights from a

    This longitudinal case study 33, 34 involved document review, ... First, the study of the partnership aspects was largely conducted by one member of the research team (the first author). Individual biases may have affected the coding and interpretation of data. However, the first author is experienced in qualitative data gathering, coding, and ...

  13. A Case-Study of Partnership in Practice: Engaging Students to Shape

    The partnership paradigm outlined by Healey et al. (), is enacted regularly as part of 'business as usual' operation at STIMulate.Activities routinely flowing between consultation, participation and students-as-partners as shown in Fig. 1.As STIMulate has matured and developed a rich peer-centred culture reflecting the adage "nothing about us, without us" the role of program staff as ...

  14. Strategic Partnerships that Grow Businesses: Case Studies

    Strategic partnerships have led other businesses to great success. Small but quickly growing retailing company Quirky, for example, partnered with manufacturing conglomerate General Electric in a five-year, $30 million deal to release app-enabled household products under the co-branded product line WINK. Due to the partnership, co-branded ...

  15. Partnership Case Study

    Partnership Case Study Niagara Adapts Case Study: An Interview with Dr. Jessica Blythe What qualities or ingredients are most important for collaboration to succeed? Inclusion, trust, and mutual respect are critical for successful interdisciplinary collaboration (Blythe & Cvitanovic, 2020). Research is showing that these feelings are essential ...

  16. Governing public-private partnerships: A systematic review of case

    Governance plays a critical role in determining the success and failure of public-private partnerships (PPPs). We conducted a systematic review of case study literature on PPP governance and developed a governance framework consisting of 21 issues in four groups: institutional, organizational, contractual, and managerial.

  17. Case Study: Long-Term Partnership Drives Client's Continued Success

    When he's not focused on the hyper-technical, Matt enjoys boating, fishing, and lock picking. In this case study, we take a look at a long-term partnership with one our clients to highlight Mindsight's capabilities, reliability, and expertise. In this trusted relationship, we were able to yield great success for our client by delivering on ...

  18. Effect of Partnership on Business: A Case Study

    This research is a case study that included 50 partnership businesses (SME-small and medium enterprises) in the District Pulwama, Kashmir valley, India. The information relevant to the aim of ...

  19. "Cases on the Law of Partnership" by Floyd R. Mechem

    Download Table of Cases (2.7 MB) Download I: What is a Partnership (21.6 MB) Download II: For What Purpose Organized (14.8 MB) Download III: Who May Be Partners (18.4 MB) Download IV: What Contracts and Acts Create Partnership (11.7 MB) Download V: Nature of Partner's Interest in Property (30.8 MB) Download VI: The Firm Name and Good Will (4.6 MB)

  20. Case Studies: Lessons from Public-Private Partnerships

    07 Apr. Case Studies: Lessons from Public-Private Partnerships. America must address its infrastructure needs—transportation, water, power and energy, and civic structures—to meet the demands of the next generation. The task is daunting, especially in an era of fiscal constraint, and to accomplish it public officials must think creatively ...

  21. Case Study: Achieving Results • Partnership for Public Service

    Explore our other case studies. Becoming Self-Aware Engaging Others Leading Change Achieving Results Stewardship of Public Trust Commitment to Public Good. The Partnership for Public Service is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that strives for a more effective government for the American people.

  22. 16 case study examples [+ 3 templates]

    Takeaway: Invest in videos that capture and promote your partnership with your case study subject. Video content plays a promotional role that extends beyond the case study in social media and marketing initiatives. 14. Benchling and Airtable. Benchling is an impressive entity in its own right. Biotech R&D and health care nuances go right over ...

  23. The Coca-Cola Company and Microsoft announce five-year strategic

    Editor's note - April 23, 2024 - The quotation from Judson Althoff was updated following initial publication. ATLANTA and REDMOND, Wash. — April 23, 2024 — Microsoft Corp. and The Coca-Cola Company on Tuesday announced a five-year strategic partnership to align Coca-Cola's core technology strategy systemwide; enable the adoption of leading-edge technology; and foster innovation […]

  24. PDF Case Study: Betterview Announces Sale to Nearmap, a Portfolio Company

    Case Study: Betterview Announces Sale to Nearmap, a Portfolio Company of Thoma Bravo Jefferies Acted As Exclusive Financial Advisor To Betterview ... Sale to Nearmap, a portfolio company of Thoma Bravo Exclusive Financial Advisor Furthers the strategic partnership formed between the two companies in 2022 by increasing access to premium imagery ...

  25. Case Study: Personalized Recycling Education to Reduce Contamination

    Recycling contamination decreased by 22.5%. Both educational and emotional response mailers decreased contamination and increased set-out rate. Emotional messaging recipients contaminated 23% less and set-out 45% more. After three empathetic mailers went out, those that had not set out previously were 28% more likely to set out their cart.

  26. Social Capital in Higher Education Partnerships: A Case Study of the

    Case study is a qualitative methodological approach aimed at gathering in-depth and comprehensive information about the particularity and complexity of a case or what Stake calls a bounded or integrated system.For this study, our case is the CCUP, a case of an international HE partnership.

  27. Partnership Divisions: Tax Treatment

    An overview of the US federal income tax rules that apply to partnership divisions, including guidance on determining whether a transaction is treated as a partnership division, the tax form of a ...


    HIGHER ED SUMMIT | Case Study: University of East London, a tale of a successful digital partnership sujathavaradharajan, Donald McLeod. In this session we will discuss how we continue to enable the Vision 2028 for University of East London in building an impactful, diverse, future-focused, careers-led university through our long standing ...

  29. New Summit Consulting and W.E. Upjohn Institute Study finds MEP

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology's Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) commissioned a new study by Summit Consulting and the Upjohn Institute. The study finds the MEP program generates a substantial economic and financial return of 17.2:1 for the $175 million invested in fiscal year 2023 by the federal government.

  30. A case study on the ecosystem for local production of pharmaceuticals

    A case study on the ecosystem for local production of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and biologicals - The Kenya context; A case study on the ecosystem for local production of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and biologicals - The Kenya context. 6 May 2024 | Publication. Download (1.1 MB) WHO Team.