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  1. How to Write a Book Blurb: A Guide for Novelists

    Use a tone that matches your book. 5. Show off your credentials, if it's important. 6. Entice readers with comparable titles. 7. Edit your blurb to within an inch of its life. With this in mind, let's get specific about what you should include in your blurb to capture your audience's interest.

  2. How to write a blurb for your book

    One challenge you may face in writing a book blurb is length. While there's no concrete best practice for blurb length, the rule of thumb is to target between 100 and 200 words, with a rough average of 150 words for back cover book blurbs. However, some blurbs can be as few as 50 words and others as long as 250+ words.

  3. How To Write A Book Blurb + Some Great Book Blurb Examples

    The secret lies in your ethos. For instance, you can demonstrate your authority as a writer in your book blurb by pointing to your previously published works, your professional expertise, and/or experiences. Ultimately, you want to let the reader know that your work is worth reading. 3. Make your intent clear.

  4. How To Write a Compelling Book Blurb (+15 Examples)

    Top Tip #1: Your writing voice should come through in the book blurb, but it should be written in the third person. Unless done with absolute class, creativity has its time and place and sometimes it's best to follow the rules of the publishing industry. 3. Highlight the Hook.

  5. How to Write a Blurb: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

    Download Article. 1. Look at blurb samples. Think about your favorite blurbs and what about them draws you in. Read the sites of book stores, reviews of books, or film ads to find ones you like. Getting a feel for different types of blurbs can give you inspiration to write yours. 2. Figure out your target audience.

  6. Writing a Blurb for a Novel: Dos and Don'ts

    Do: Introduce the Protagonist. The first "do" for writing a blurb for a novel is that you want to make sure you're introducing your main character or characters. In most cases, it works well to introduce the protagonist in the opening line. If your novel has multiple protagonists that share equal space, or if it has multiple shifting points ...

  7. Crafting the Irresistible Hook: A Guide to Writing the Perfect Blurb

    Feb 24, 2024. --. 1. Cover art for the author's novel, Hangman's Revenge (book one in the Fortune's Well series — co-written with author Chantelle Atkins) — Author's own image. Hey ...

  8. How To Write A Blurb That Intrigues Your Readers

    Here are six things a blurb should (and often does) contain: 1. The Author's Popularity. If you're a well-known author, that's what the blurb should start with. There are countless times when we've bought books just because they're from a USA Today or Sunday Times bestselling author.

  9. How to Write a Blurb. A skills lab for fiction writers.

    A Formula for Writing a Blurb. A blurb should be 150 to 200 words long. Less than a page. You can see that two of our examples have three paragraphs that break down like this:

  10. How to Write & Create a Compelling Book Blurb

    Writing a compelling book blurb requires a mix of creativity and marketing savvy. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you craft an enticing blurb: Understand Your Audience: Understanding your intended audience is critical. Investigate their reading tastes, habits, and genres. Make your blurb relevant to their interests and expectations.

  11. How to Write a Better Book Blurb (Definitions and Examples)

    Key Components of a Good Book Blurb. A good book blurb is generally 150-200 words in length. Tailored to your genre. Dynamic. Laser-focused on the most essential points of the story. Doesn't include secondary plots and side characters. Isn't a summary of the story. Doesn't include spoilers.

  12. How to Write a Captivating Blurb

    Now that we've thoroughly unpacked this blurb, we can identify 4 main components: the situation (1), the problem (2), the promise of a twist (3), and the atmosphere (4). The first three components should be strung together in the order we've listed them, whereas the atmosphere can be introduced throughout the text, and should ideally be a ...

  13. 10 Practical Tips for Writing a Book Blurb That Sells

    10. Write More Than One Book Blurb. When you're done writing the blurb, write another one. Blurbs are short. If you're in the right mood, you can quickly churn a couple of samples with vastly different tones or even content. Show friends and fans two versions of your blurb and get some feedback.

  14. A Handy Formula for Writing the Perfect Book Blurb

    In general, most book blurbs should be between 150 and 250 words long. This length is enough space for you to introduce your story, while still being short enough that you won't lose your reader's interest. Of course, the first draft of your book blurb might be (and likely will be) much longer than just 250 words.

  15. How to Write a Book Blurb

    To write a great blurb, begin with the essentials: Character, Goals, Conflict, and; Stakes. Then add in details, strong words, and imagery that are catchy, emotion-evoking, and genre-specific. Read as many other blurbs in your genre as possible, especially those that rank among the bestsellers. If you do your research and follow the advice in ...

  16. What Is a Blurb? Meaning, Examples & 10 Expert Tips

    A blurb is a brief, compelling book description designed to arouse the curiosity of potential readers. The blurb is printed on the back cover of the book, giving readers a short glimpse of the story. It introduces the main characters, offers a brief plot outline, and highlights unique story themes. It can also consist of intriguing quotes from ...

  17. How to Write a Good Book Blurb: Examples and Tips (2024)

    Writers understand that condensing ideas into one or two paragraphs is harder than expounding on a topic or a story. Book blurbs cannot be overlooked, but they are understandably intimidating to write. Here are our proven blurb examples and techniques to help you craft the best one. 1. Outliers: The Story of Success.

  18. What should we do in a creative writing club? : r/writing

    lockwoodfiles. •. Bring in work you have written and share it. Write flash fiction from the same prompt. Write poems. Watch videos or lectures about writing techniques. Collaboratively outline a book. Learn about writing events in your area. Talk about writing contests or places to submit stories.

  19. How to write a blurb

    For blurbs specifically it depends on who I'm working with. If I'm working with an author, one on one, I have a list of questions I ask them that are based on kind of my own process that I've developed that gives me all the information that I need. Honestly, I wouldn't have time to read a book for every blurb I write.

  20. Virtual Creative Writing Club for ages 5-12

    Join us each week at 4 PM on Tuesday on Google Meets to talk about fiction, stories and writing and freewrite short fiction, poems and more! This is a social writing workshop led by children's librarians Hal and Allison from 53rd St Library. We've been running this workshop since 2020 as a space to talk about stories and experiment with storytelling in a group environment and--most importantly ...

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