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Turtle species are facing losses to genetic variation caused by habitat fragmentation and large-scale landscape changes caused by humans. These losses to genetic variation disproportionally effect species that have become rare due to human interaction. Spotted Turtle (Clemmys guttata) is one such species that has become rare across a large portion of its natural geographic range including the Midwest. I examined genetic variation in spotted turtles in Indiana and Ohio to delineate populations and assess levels of genetic variation within populations. Eight microsatellite loci were used to genotype 94 individuals, which originated from four sites in Indiana and two sites in Ohio. Bayesian and ordination based cluster analyses identified three genetic clusters within the sample. Individuals from one Ohio locality were largely clustered alone and had a significant degree of differentiation from all of the Indiana sites. A majority of the Indiana sites had individuals that were clustered into both of the two remaining clusters with the exception of IN-1 which only had individuals grouped into the first inferred cluster. The two sites geographically closest to one another IN-2 and IN-4, both had individuals grouped into the first and third inferred clusters. Differentiation statistics disagreed on the level of structure between these two populations. Two of the six sites had detectable bottlenecks, even though levels of genetic allelic diversity and heterozygosity were relatively high and comparable to populations investigated in other studies. Overall, population structure was identified among localities in Indiana and Ohio that may warrant independent management. Populations where the bottlenecks were detected may be of special concern in the future as they continue to be subjected to isolation.

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    A rectangular data set was first created from the SSR data in Microsoft. Excel (Microsoft Corp.) with the alleles as the rows, and the accessions as the columns, using "1" for presence of an allele and "0" for absence. Dice coefficient for similarity and UPGMA clustering were chosen to create a dendrogram of the data.

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    2 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA GRADUATE COLLEGE As members of the Master's Committee, we certify that we have read the document prepared by Rebecca Coleman, titled Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice in Genetic Counseling: a Focus on Indigenous Peoples and recommend that it be accepted as fulfilling the thesis requirement for the Master's Degree in Genetic Counseling.

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    Analysis of genetic relationships in crops is a prerequisite for crop breeding programs, as it serves to provide information about genetic variation (10). lack of genetic diversity can potentially lower the resistance of cropping systems to unknown or evolving pests, pathogens, or adverse environmental conditions.

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    By my signature below, I declare and confirm that this thesis is my work and all sources of materials used for this thesis has been acknowledged. I have followed all proper and technical principles of scholarships in the research, data collection, data analysis and accomplishment of this thesis.

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    Gene: ↑ A section of DNA that contains the instructions for a trait. Genetic Diversity: ↑ The overall diversity in the DNA between the individuals of a species. Mutation: ↑ A change in an organism's DNA. This can be a change of a single letter or a much bigger change of hundreds of letters at once.


    GENETIC DIVERSITY OF SPOTTED TURTLE (CLEMMYS GUTTATA) POPULATIONS IN A FRAGMENTED LANDSCAPE. Download (913.66 kB) + Collect. thesis. posted on 2019-10-16, 10:18 authored by Tyler J Scoville. Turtle species are facing losses to genetic variation caused by habitat fragmentation and large-scale landscape changes caused by humans.

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    crucial for the survival of a breed. A decline in genetic diversity can result in a higher disease susceptibility and a reduction of production traits. A closer examination of the term "genetic diversity" is conducted in Chapter 2.2 of this thesis and further specifications regarding equine genetic diversity are included as well.


    2.6. Genetic Diversity in Sorghum 11 2.7. Genetic Variability Components 13 2.7.1. Genotypic and phenotypic variability 13 2.7.2. Phenotypic and genotypic coefficients of variability 14 2.8. Heritability and Genetic Advance 14 2.9. Correlation Coefficient 15 2.10. Path Coefficient Analysis 17 2.11. Genetic Distance and Clustering 18


    Gudeta Dida Hordofa have read and evaluated his thesis entitled "Genetic Diversity of Ethiopian Coffee (Coffea arabica L.) Collection Using SSR Marker" and examined the candidate. This is therefore to certify that the thesis has been accepted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Plant Biotechnology.

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    Citation: Temesgen Begna, Hayilu Gichile and Werkissa Yali (2022) Genetic Diversity and Its Impact in Enhancement of Crop Plants, Global Journal of Agricultural Research , Vol.10, No.2, pp.13-25 Plant breeding is a science that focuses on the development of new plant varieties in a systematic and ongoing method. It takes advantage of genetic variation among … Genetic Diversity and Its Impact ...

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