1. A Comprehensive Guide to Applying for a PhD in India [2023]

    how to do phd in india after mba

  2. PhD after MBA in India, Benefits, Salary, PhD Abroad 2021 Leverage Edu

    how to do phd in india after mba

  3. PhD After MBA in India: Courses, Eligibility, Duration, Career Scope

    how to do phd in india after mba

  4. The most authentic and easiest way to do PhD in India

    how to do phd in india after mba

  5. Doing a Ph.D. After MBA

    how to do phd in india after mba

  6. How to Apply for a PhD in India/Abroad: Check the complete Complete Guide

    how to do phd in india after mba


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  1. PhD After MBA in India: Eligibility, Benefits, Salary, PhD Abroad 2022

    To pursue Ph.D. after an MBA in Commerce and Management, a candidate must hold a masters' degree, MBA, or MPhil with a minimum aggregate of 55%. Candidates can seek employment in leading sectors such as Finance, Management, Commerce, etc. with an average salary of INR 3,00,000 - INR 40,00,000. Program Name.

  2. PhD after MBA: In India, Admissions 2024, Entrance Exams, Fees

    A master's degree from a recognized university is the minimum eligibility for PhD after MBA in Banking and Finance. Graduates can secure positions in educational institutions, stock exchanges, banks, etc., with average salaries ranging from INR 1,80,000 to INR 6,00,000. Details.

  3. PhD after MBA in India, Benefits, Salary, PhD Abroad 2021 Leverage Edu

    Professor /Lecturer. Academician. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) The salary of PhD after MBA in India is somewhere between INR 7 Lakhs to 17 Lakhs per annum depending upon whether you work in the corporate sector or explore the academic domain working as a lecturer or academician.

  4. PhD After MBA in India: Eligibility, Duration, Career

    PhD After MBA : Career Scope. A Ph.D. after an MBA opens up a plethora of opportunities in teaching and research professions. The average salary for individuals with a Ph.D. after an MBA in India ranges from INR 2,00,000 to INR 14,00,000, with top recruiters including companies like Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, KPMG, and Deloitte.

  5. PhD After MBA in India: Courses, Eligibility, Duration, Career Scope

    The duration of the Ph.D. course duration after an MBA varies from the research topics, methodologies, institutions chosen or the time being invested by aspirants. Most of the time, the course duration also depends on the kind of country students have chosen. On average the completion of Ph.D. courses takes about 4-5 years.

  6. PhD After MBA: Eligibility, Jobs & Salary, Fees

    Average Salary. INR 5-24 Lakhs. Making it easy for PhD after MBA aspirants, some foreign universities have launched an online version of it in the name of Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) online which also adds a "Dr." title to your name in just 3 years and is equally credible as a regular PhD program in India.

  7. Ph.D. in India: Cost, Duration, and Eligibility for Admission

    Embarking on a Ph.D. journey in India is a significant academic and professional pursuit. Aspiring research scholars often have questions regarding the duration of a Ph.D., the associated costs, eligibility criteria, and recent developments in the field. In this comprehensive guide, ilovephd aims to address these queries and shed light on the ...

  8. PhD Study in India

    There is no age limit for doing a PhD in India. Most PhDs take between three and five years to complete so it's worth considering what you want to do after completing your degree. In July 2022, the UK and Indian governments signed a mutual agreement to formally recognise eachother's higher education qualifications.

  9. PDF IIM Bangalore Doctoral Programme

    The doctoral programme of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) leading to a PhD is recognized as a rigorous research programme in various areas of business management and public policy. The doctoral programme is committed to training individuals to excel in their chosen areas of research and produce publication-quality work of ...

  10. PhD Specialization: List, Admissions, Eligibility, after MBA, in India

    Eligibility Criteria. Admission to a PhD program after an MBA needs the student to possess a master's degree in business administration in a relevant field from a reputable university or college. In fact, students are also needed to provide a strong academic record, a crisp and concise research proposal aligned with the selected specialization and some good years of work experience.

  11. Doctoral Programme 2024

    PhD Programme Brochure. For any admission related queries: Contact No: +91-80-2699 3013 / 3017. Email: phdadm [at]iimb [dot]ac [dot]in. NOTE: Online GMAT/GRE score is not applicable for PhD 2024 batch. Admission Overall Admiss.

  12. IIMA

    After completing the course work, students have to pass an area comprehensive examination to demonstrate that they have reached a level of proficiency in the area of high levels of specialization. The Ph.D. dissertation, for the next couple of years, provides them with an opportunity to make original contribution to an area of management or to ...

  13. A Comprehensive Guide to Applying for a PhD in India [2024]

    The cost of a PhD course in India differs based on the kind of university people choose. However, if you take estimates, it can cost you around 80k to 2 lacs. For admission in PhD in India, students require a Master's degree in a relevant field. An overall grade point average of at least 55% (or equivalent) is required.

  14. The Whys & Hows of a PhD After MBA

    Top PhD programs after MBA. There are plenty of doctoral dissertation areas which are considered to be immediately marketable assets furnishing you with a competitive edge in today's workforce. Following is the list of top PhD programs post-MBA offered by world ranking universities: 1. Behavioral Science 2. Accounting 3. Economics 4.

  15. How To Pursue A PhD After MBA?

    Aside from the prerequisite of having an MBA, the remaining qualifying conditions are as follows: 1. Excellent IELTS/TOEFL scores to demonstrate your command of the English language. 2. Depending on the university you intend to apply to, a GMAT/GRE score is required. 3.

  16. Minimum Qualifications for admission to Full-time PhD Programmes

    Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110 016, INDIA Tel:+91-11-2659 1737 (O) Email:drpgsr[at] Mr. Suresh Kumar Gohar ... subject to their meeting the minimum eligibility criteria after their final qualifying examination results are announced. ... Minimum Qualification for Admission to full-time PhD Programmes. Qualifying Degree Minimum ...

  17. PhD After MBA

    To do a PhD after MBA abroad, one has to additionally give exams like GMAT or GRE and language proficiency exams like IELTS or TOEFL. ... PhD After MBA in India. There are several advantages to pursuing a PhD after an MBA, including gaining a competitive advantage in the management and business worlds, as well as the research and professional ...

  18. MBA after PhD: Salary, Top Universities, Comparison

    MBA Vs PhD. Here is a table containing general differences between an MBA and a PhD. MBA. PhD. MBA is a Generalist Degree. Ph.D. is a Specialist Degree. MBA usually takes two year to complete full time. Ph.D. can take four years. MBA students will usually research a broad range of subjects.

  19. Doing a Ph.D. After MBA

    Career Scope, Employment, and Salary for Doing a Ph.D. After MBA. Somewhere between 8 Lakhs to 18 Lakhs per annum, Ph.D. after MBA salary in India is depending upon whether you explore the academic domain working as a lecturer or academician or working in a corporate sector.

  20. IIM Bangalore courses 2024: MBA, PhD and other list of ...

    Doctoral Programme (PhD) The Doctoral Programme at IIMB spans five years of full-time study and is open to applicants who hold a Master's Degree. This rigorous program is dedicated to training ...

  21. PhD after BTech

    Ans. The basic eligibility criteria for Ph.D. after BTech is-. -A good GPA score. -Adequate experience in research. -A good academic background with charming scores in competitive entrance exams. -Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation.

  22. Top MBA colleges in India: Compare fees, placements, and ROI

    Each ranking factor has been given due weightage and consideration to come up with a holistic list of top B schools in India. The key parameters used are: Placement data - The average final and summer placements. ROI - The total cost of the degree, including hostel fees and the time taken to recover the invested amount.

  23. IBD Alumni Share How IBD Has Influenced Their Careers

    Recently several IBD alums returned to Haas to share with the current class how IBD has influenced their career trajectories and approaches to their work. Below are their reflections. "The entire team built so much confidence through the IBD experience and learned how to be most effective working with our client," Stephen Collins, MBA 2020 ...

  24. The Historian's Notebook: 50 Years of Business & Society

    MBA Two-year program for leaders in all industries.; MBA for Executives Rigorous executive MBA for accomplished professionals.; Master of Advanced Management MBA graduates of top business schools around the world spend a year at Yale.; Master's in Asset Management Intensive introduction to investing with leading faculty and practitioners.; Master's in Global Business & Society A year of ...