1. (PDF) Review of Supply Chain Management and Logistics Research

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  2. SOLUTION: Role of logistics in supply chain management

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  3. Supply Chain Management Research Paper (2023)

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  5. Global Supply Chain Management and International Logistics (Paperback

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  6. (PDF) Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management: A Critical

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  1. Supply Chain Management

  2. Logistics towards Supply Chain Management

  3. Supply Chain Management: Transportation Strategies for Retailers

  4. Supply Chain Management & Logistics |Jobs for

  5. Why supply chain Lost 2023 and outlook to 2024 #logistics #supplychain #procurement

  6. The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Supply Chain: Challenges and Opportunities


  1. Journal of Supply Chain Management

    Journal of Supply Chain Management (JSCM) is the go-to business logistics journal among supply chain management scholars. As an international SCM journal, we attract high-quality, high-impact empirical supply chain research. We welcome inter-disciplinary studies that test supply chain theory, use rigorous empirical methods, and enhance our understanding of global supply chains.

  2. (PDF) Logistics and supply chain management: The importance of

    This conceptual paper outlines the importance of integration in supply chain management (SCM) by linking the functions of logistics as it applies in strategic business process. Often, business ...

  3. (PDF) Supply Chain Management Practice and Competitive Advantage

    Supply chain manage ment (SCM) is the int egration of these activities through improved su pply. chain r elationships to achieve sustainable competitiv e advantage. In line with this Christopher ...

  4. A systematic literature review of supply chain management practices and

    The aim of this paper is to map the state of empirical research with respect to the dyadic relationship of SCM practices with supply chain performance (SCP), published in literature in recent past (2018-2022). The importance of empirical studies has been emphasized by various authors [11]. Hence this study aims to synthesize the findings of ...

  5. Supply chain disruptions and resilience: a major review and future

    Driven by the globalization of markets and the competitive business environment, lean supply chain management (SCM) practices have become very popular (Blackhurst et al. 2005) calling for continuous flow processing with low inventory volumes, levelled and just-in-time production and accurate scheduling of transport for cross-docking operations leading to more cost-effective and responsive ...

  6. Logistics

    Logistics is an international, scientific, peer-reviewed, open access journal of logistics and supply chain management published quarterly online by MDPI.The first issue has been released in December 2017. Open Access — free for readers, with article processing charges (APC) paid by authors or their institutions.; High Visibility: indexed within Scopus, ESCI (Web of Science), RePEc, and ...

  7. Interactive research framework in logistics and supply chain management

    Logistics and supply chain management (SCM) practitioners currently face several challenges, ranging from eradicating supply chain disruptions to improving the flow of goods, and from increasing the need for supply chain flexibility to mitigating bullwhip effects. ... Based on examples and lessons learned in four research projects, this paper ...

  8. (PDF) Supply Chain Management

    delivering them to the end cus tomer s (Swaminathan 2001). Supply chain management is. efficient management of the end -to-end process starting from the design of the product or service. to the ...

  9. Internet of Things research in supply chain management and logistics: A

    1. Introduction. In recent years, supply chain management (SCM) and logistics have witnessed tremendous paradigm shifts [123].The increasing interest in SCM and logistics has been driven by competitive pressure and has led to its eventual elevation to turn into a critical part of company operations and strategy [147].The role of these organizational functions has, understandably, become more ...

  10. Mapping research in logistics and supply chain management during COVID

    The supply chain has become more volatile due to globalisation, short product lifecycles and pressure from lean ... In recent years, the context of supply chain operations has changed dramatically. Mapping research in logistics and supply chain management during COVID-19 pandemic: International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications ...

  11. Big data analytics in logistics and supply chain management

    The research provides a unique opportunity for the practitioners, confirming that tweet analytics can be exploited to address other logistics and supply chain activities. The 12th paper of this SI examines how BDA can be used for forecasting in supply chains by Hofmann and Rutschmann (2018). In this study, the authors argued that BD can ...

  12. Managing Logistics and Supply Chain in Rural Areas: A ...

    Despite half of the world population lives not in metropolitan areas but in sparsely populated zones, the rural contexts have been at the periphery of logistics and supply chain management research. The main aim of this paper is to explore the state-of-the-art of the literature on rural supply chain management using a systematic approach.

  13. Integrated transport and logistics for sustainable global trade

    A Leading Journal of Supply Chain Management ... This special issue therefore compiles a set of research papers that probe transport and logistics integration challenges and opportunities for improvement. In this editorial, we will introduce the titles, methodology and significant findings of each paper and then suggest future directions for ...

  14. Present and future trends of supply chain management in the presence of

    Weihua Liu is a Professor of the Department of logistics and supply chain management, College of management and economics, Tianjin University, China. He obtained his Doctor degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2007. He specialises in logistics and supply chain management, and has published more than 60 international research papers including International Journal of Operations and ...

  15. Artificial intelligence in supply chain management: A systematic

    This paper seeks to identify the contributions of artificial intelligence (AI) to supply chain management (SCM) through a systematic review of the existing literature. To address the current scientific gap of AI in SCM, this study aimed to determine the current and potential AI techniques that can enhance both the study and practice of SCM.

  16. Resilience in the last mile: a systematic literature review of

    The last mile of logistics, representing the final stage of product delivery to consumers, is critical for supply chain efficiency and sustainability. Infrastructure inadequacies, urbanisation, and environmental concerns pose challenges to this period in South Africa. This study conducts a systematic evaluation of the literature to investigate the ability of last-mile logistics in South Africa ...

  17. Logistics and Supply Chain Management: An Overview

    Abstract and Figures. The purpose of this paper is to identify and explore the content of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and to find the connections and the differentials factors that are ...

  18. Special issue Editorial: Logistics and supply chain management in an

    Abstract. This special issue explores important issues in logistics and supply chain management for transitioning to a circular economy. This editorial note first explains the background of and motivation for the special issue, and then introduces the featured research articles.

  19. "Smart Warehousing Implementaion and Education of Supply Chain Manageme

    Paper #1 Overview Businesses have to adapt to new challenges and technologies in the marketplace which influence warehousing. In order to support this growth, Industry 4.0 technologies have been implemented along the value chain to optimize their organizations and production processes; however, there are still gaps for warehousing research for Industry 4.0. We present four pillars¾location ...

  20. Logistics

    Background: Supply chain risk and resilience in non-profit-seeking industries involving governmental agencies and quasi-governmental agencies have been under-studied. This paper focuses on the military industrial supply chain to demonstrate the development of risk assessment and supplier resilience models considering one-off disruption events such as the COVID-19 disruption. Methods: We ...

  21. Logistics Management in Supply Chain

    The paper makes an attempt to understand the importance of logistics, Logistics issue and then to present a conceptual methodology for logistics issue.The objective of this paper are- (1) to understand the concepts of logistics and logistics management in supply chain. (2) To highlight the logistics issue in current logistics system.

  22. Exploring the Impact of Augmented Reality in Optimizing Supply Chain

    This review proposes possible applications for augmented reality in supply chain management also. Besides, an in-depth examination of augmented reality application sectors in supply chain management and related researches are presented here. This review illustrates the challenges and future prospects of using augmented reality in supply chain ...

  23. Reimagining supply-chain jobs to attract and retain workers

    The transportation and logistics sector has been particularly hard hit, with the impact of worker-retention challenges and rising labor costs being felt across the entire value chain. The labor mismatch has pushed private-sector wages to increase at more than double the long-term pre-COVID-19 growth rates, yet positions remain unfilled.

  24. (PDF) The Impact of Logistics Management Practices on ...

    Logistics management is a supply chain management to satisfy consumer needs that allow firms to reduce expenses while improving customer service by organizing, coordinating, and carrying out ...

  25. Build an agile supply chain for green logistics

    3. Research technological advancements for agile fulfillment The key to an agile supply chain is knowing what is happening, in real-time, so that you can quickly identify bottlenecks and delays. AI can analyse vast quantities of data across your supply chain to help you make better decisions that keep things running. 4.

  26. Cybersecurity in logistics and supply chain management: An overview and

    Also, there is a limited discussion of cybersecurity as an integral part of risk management in logistics and supply chain management. This may indicate that research on cybersecurity in logistics and supply chain is still in its early stages. 2.3. Selection criteria. Scopus was the main document database used for this study.