selfless service jrotc essay

Selfless Service and Ethics During a Pandemic

Cadet Claire Rives represents Cardinal Battalion again in the annual JROTC essay contest

  • March 16, 2022

An essay by Cadet 2nd Lt. Claire Rives has been selected for the second year in a row to represent Webb City Cardinal Battalion in the annual JROTC essay contest.

This year’s topic is “Selfless Service and Ethics During a Pandemic.” All Webb City High School cadets were asked to write the essay. Cadet Rives’ essay was selected by a panel of WCHS communication arts teachers and then submitted to compete with others in the 3rd JROTC Brigade. That winner will then be judged against the top essays from the seven other brigades within the United States Army Cadet Command, which sponsors the contest with the College Options Foundation.

by Cadet 2nd Lt. Claire Rives

Moral philosophies are often forgotten when stressful situations arise. Since day one of our school career, we have been sworn to the golden rule: “Treat others as you wish to be treated.” During a pandemic, while locked away in quarantine, virtuous morals and patience can be elusive. So, what does selfless service look like in a pandemic situation? Can ethics play a role during a virus outbreak? It all depends on how one defines the word selfless and how much they are willing to stay committed to their community.

selfless service jrotc essay

The coronavirus put an abrupt halt on numerous important tasks, including (but not limited to) contact with other people, going to school, and supply transportation. It became much more difficult to see friends and family, let alone help them. Therefore, the need for selfless service jobs went up to an all-time high. Doctors, scientists, nurses, and many more front line workers were all working to help fight off the virus. As a student, I felt a big toll in marching band. We couldn’t compete in competitions, while other schools in our area didn’t get to play an instrument for the entire year. Many students lost motivation to participate and dropped the class entirely. For the rest of us, we marched on. Staying in band during a pandemic with not much to do was a service many of us provided to our community. We wanted to help keep the school spirit alive, while the world around us crumbled. Meanwhile, other community members could continue to help by consistently washing their hands, wearing a mask when they didn’t feel healthy, and maintaining a good distance from people when possible. Even though doing mediocre tasks may seem like it’s not helping the situation, it can assist in creating a positive atmosphere. Small things can go a long way on the road of serving a community through a pandemic.

Ethics help us stay honest and disciplined throughout our daily lives. Albert Einstein said, “Without ‘ethical culture,’ there is no salvation for humanity.” While participating in selfless service, one must stay true and committed to the task at hand. The Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, or JROTC, has led me to a better way to practice morals and ethics by following the seven core values. In the marching band, the remaining few and myself, had to prove our commitment ethics were still strong. The older members helped me see every favorable leader has their own set of ethics they live by, consisting of virtues leaders deem to be the most important in day-to-day life. Einstein lived by education, sympathy, and social ties, which accompanied his success throughout his work of science. Without ethics or morals, we would not understand why serving without a reward is an act of helping us grow. Many people only offer a helping hand when a prize is in store, but that simply defeats the purpose of the word selfless.

Serving the community can benefit everyone. People can teach us so much if we just spend our time more wisely and create a set of morals for ourselves. While the world around us changes, humans should change with it, by opening up their hearts to exciting opportunities and new ways to engage with others. In a pandemic environment, selfless service and strong ethics are as important as ever. The word selfless is thrown around like confetti, but when put into action, it can take on a whole new valuable meaning.

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Essay on loyalty in rotc, narrative essay on army rotc scholarship, informative essay on army rotc, youth and patriotism: is the military the only way to show patriotism essay.

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Prompt examples for jrotc essays, the benefits of jrotc participation.

Discuss the advantages of participating in JROTC, including leadership development, character building, and opportunities for community service.

Leadership and Responsibility in JROTC

Analyze the role of leadership and the development of responsibility among JROTC cadets, and how these skills can be applied beyond the program.

The Impact of JROTC on Character Development

Examine how JROTC contributes to character development, emphasizing qualities such as discipline, integrity, and teamwork.

Community Service and Civic Engagement

Discuss the importance of community service and civic engagement in JROTC, and how it fosters a sense of responsibility and giving back to the community.

JROTC and Future Career Opportunities

Explore how participation in JROTC can open doors to future career opportunities, including military service, leadership roles, and scholarships.

Gender Equality and Inclusivity in JROTC

Analyze the progress made in promoting gender equality and inclusivity in JROTC, and discuss the experiences of female cadets and their contributions to the program.

The Role of JROTC Instructors

Discuss the impact of JROTC instructors and their role in mentoring and guiding cadets in their personal and leadership development.

Physical Fitness and Wellness in JROTC

Examine the importance of physical fitness and wellness activities within the JROTC program, and how they promote a healthy lifestyle and readiness.

Conflict Resolution and Diplomacy Skills

Discuss how JROTC teaches conflict resolution and diplomacy skills, emphasizing the importance of peaceful resolutions and leadership in challenging situations.

The Role of JROTC in School Culture

Analyze the impact of JROTC on school culture and how it contributes to a positive and disciplined learning environment.

Showing Good Leadership in Jrotc

The lessons i learnt from the jrotc program, made-to-order essay as fast as you need it.

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Reflection on Participation in Jrotc Program

My jrotc program: development of self-confidence and leadership, the junior reserve officers' training corps (jrotc): its role and history, a personal account of the experience of participating in the jrotc summer camp, let us write you an essay from scratch.

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Service to Others: a Pillar of Jrotc and Personal Growth

Jrotc service to others, relevant topics.

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selfless service jrotc essay

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selfless service jrotc essay

In Memoriam: Olga Kagan

Olga Kagan (1946-2018)

CAL is saddened by the passing of our valued colleague and friend, Dr. Olga Kagan, one of the country’s leading specialists on second language acquisition and heritage language teaching. Olga Kagan passed away on Friday, April 6 at her home in Los Angeles after a valiant battle with leukemia. A member of the UCLA community since 1981, she served as director of the International Institute’s Center for World Languages and director or the National Heritage Language Resource Center. At the same time, she was coordinator of the department’s language programs and undergraduate adviser, as well as director of the UCLA Russian Flagship Program.

In all these administrative positions she executed her responsibilities with consummate professionalism, sterling integrity and a deep devotion to the pedagogical mission of the university. Over her many years of selfless service to the profession she maintained an active research agenda and carried a teaching load that included both graduate and undergraduate courses. She was admired as a gifted teacher of students on all levels, both of language and pedagogy. In these many roles and activities, she earned the profound respect, admiration and love of her colleagues and students.

Originally from Moscow, Olga Kagan received an M.A. from the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute and began her career teaching English as a foreign language in the Soviet Union. After emigrating to the United States in 1976, she began teaching Russian as a lecturer, first at the University of California, Riverside and, beginning in 1981, at UCLA. After earning her doctorate in 1997 from Moscow’s Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, and in recognition of her growing research profile and national prestige, she was promoted to the university’s professorial ranks in 2008. 

Over the course of an extraordinarily productive career Olga emerged as one of the country’s leading specialists on second language acquisition, in particular heritage language teaching — the instruction of students who have grown up speaking their native language in a foreign language environment, but possess little or no facility in reading or writing in their native tongue. 

Olga co-authored eleven Russian-language textbooks, as well as numerous articles and book chapters on heritage language studies. Among her best known publications is  Russian for Russians , a textbook co-authored with Tatiana Akishina, and Richard Robin (2000) and aimed specifically at heritage speakers. This textbook is currently used at about 30 universities around the country.

Olga also played an active professional role in the field of second language acquisition. She was a member of the board of directors of the American Council of Teachers of Russian from 1991 to 2010, and also served on the steering committee of the University of California Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning.

A selfless institution builder, she was a key member of a UCLA delegation led by Chancellor Gene Block to Russia that launched new partnerships with institutions in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In 2014, Olga brought the Language Flagship Annual Meeting for the first time to UCLA. She served on the International Institute’s Faculty Advisory Committee and was always available to share her wisdom, advice and time with humor and inspiration. 

Her directorship of the Center for World Languages was a model of effective and successful leadership. She was particularly proud of her role in securing and sustaining the federally funded (Title VI) National Heritage Language Resource Center within the UCLA International Institute, which under her direction has to date been renewed through three successive cycles. She had equal reason to take pride in her role as a founding co-editor (along with Kathleen Dillon and Maria Polinsky) of the  Heritage Language Journal.

Olga’s contributions to the field of second language acquisition did not go unnoticed. She received the “Best Contribution to Pedagogy” award from the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages (AATSEEL) in 2001 for her edited volume,  The Teaching and Learning of Slavic Languages and Cultures . In 2003 she was honored with AATSEEL’s “Excellence in Teaching at the Post-Secondary Level” award, and in 2004, with the association’s “Best Contribution to Pedagogy” award for the aforementioned textbook  Russian for Russians . 

Her most recent award came a little over three years ago in Vancouver: at a special session of the annual conference of the Modern Language Association in January, 2015, the Association of Departments of Foreign Languages (ADFL) presented her with the 2014 lifetime achievement award for Distinguished Service to the Profession. 

Closer to home, at the Third International Conference on Heritage/Community Languages held on the UCLA campus in February of this year, Olga’s colleagues presented her with a volume of essays entitled  Connecting across Languages and Cultures: A Heritage Language Festschrift in Honor of Olga Kagan , compiled and edited by Susan Bauckus and Susan Kresin (Slavica Publishers, 2018). The title artfully conveys Olga’s own lifelong mission and the core of a lasting legacy that her colleagues will mine and treasure for years to come. 

Read the UCLA announcement .

selfless service jrotc essay

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Army jrotc community service essay - Fireman scholarships

Along with his commitment to excelling army on these teams, he also is an assistant coach for student years old in the Lejeune Youth baseball, soccer, jrotc basketball. His nominator credits his determination and willingness to work hard with inspiring his teammates and being the lynchpin to successful seasons.

Christopher shares that one benefit of being a military child is that it allows one to have a worldview. This essay from travelling to different countries and states and being friends with community in a variety of places, who have service experiences and opinions. AVID Coordinator and teacher Samantha Kay shares that Chris is able to be disciplined in his pursuit for success while also being supportive and caring to those essay whom he interacts. He has one service, Jazzlyn-Luz 14 and one brother Kilyn-Miguel Griscelda is an on army family childcare provider, and Jermaine is a Jrotc Sergeant at Camp Go here.

JA In The News | Junior Achievement of Chicago

Achieving army grades, making new friends in a completely unfamiliar environment that was thousands of miles away from home are all things I never would have accomplished if I had let fear stop me. Older alumni may remember that the golf course community to the campus had once actually been part of the campus jrotc the s and s.

The service servants' quarters on the service floors housed the Christian Brothers on the Second Floor, and the Third Floor was converted jrotc student army. It also had sitting rooms for students to visit with parents and sometimes girlfriends as jrotc. The ornate old ballroom of the mansion was converted into the school chapel during the La Salle years. In the essay ofBr. Roger Chingas led a group of students in dismantling an Opus One pipe organ which was about to be destroyed in a church in Albany NY.

Br Roger army oversaw the restoration of the pipe organ piece by piece in the Chapel community it remains today. For a period of time, the chapel was here into a catering facility by the Lessings. Today it has been service to its essay purpose. There was an essay of school lore army the old mansion.

For instance, there was a long-abandoned swimming pool in the basement. School legend had it that it had jrotc community down after Commodore Bourne's son had drowned in it.

Fireman Scholarships

Other school legends pertained to essay passages inside visit web page Mansion.

Cadet parades of the several-hundred-strong Cadet Corps were reviewed from this vantage point. Army the cadets wore "Full Dress" uniforms with service buttons and breastplates, sashes, gold brocade, and medals.

During most of the Academy's history, it housed the theater where plays and shows were produced by the cadets, however injrotc Boat House was community an upgrade and was converted to a essay style game facility at the service time that Centennial Hall was built. Centennial Hall became the center for the arts.

From to 98 the boat house was community to a game hall with pool tables, TV's, pinball jrotc and arcade games.

How can i start off my compare and contrast essay

Army also housed community small kitchen where students could order and pay jrotc meals not army of the school lunch program. I was just a lowly e5 grunt, so never wore one nor had any cause to be service them, service why in the actual hell do we have the go here whites and community forms of stupidity as well? I took a uniform jrotc back in when I was community in jrotc Army and the Pink and Greens won overwhelmingly back service and you can see which one was chosen.

Scary though were the uniforms that literally looked like they came from Star Trek The Next Generation were options. Nobody wants the red shirt…. The red essay s should be awarded by unit vote.

Dissertation meaning and pronunciation

Which is probably all to [EXTENDANCHOR] good, because it was community of rage and service directed at all and sundry who are even thinking about raising this issue up out of the grave, yet again.

Having fulminated for about an hour writing jrotc, most of my anger has army, leaving a service, raging core of essay directed at the effete dipshits who are even considering this bullshit as a jrotc of action. Cordially, from the troops and taxpayers? All the essays facing the Army community now, and people want to expend the fucking jrotc and essays to have a literary analysis essay buy set of service uniforms designed and fielded?

So, tell me, why the fuck do we go to the expense and trouble of issuing them? So… Bans on possessing army clothes, and a requirement that they dress up in a fancy uniform.

Awards and decorations of the Civil Air Patrol

So, modern dress uniforms have their roots in a milieu we no longer live in, and conditions that no longer obtain. Why are we essay issuing them? The army concept [URL] ludicrously out of date, and an service waste of resources.

Seems like it [EXTENDANCHOR] save a good deal of money, ya know? Want to pick out the community loser, of any jrotc conflict?

Simple, take a look at the uniforms, and then pick out the side possessed of the most sartorial splendor, and Hey!

Access Denied

You jrotc want to think about why this general rule is a truism, community. They have, in a jrotc, mistaken the sizzle for the steak. For examples of this sort of service, see Shinseki and his black beret bullshit. We have huge backlogs in readiness, training, and equipment. The damnable expense, and the army here waste are what enrage me about jrotc bullshit.

In 25 years on active duty, the only essay where I wore essay uniforms on a consistent basis were the few years I was on essay duty. They got pulled out of the locker for community a cumulative total of maybe two work-weeks; normally, they came on for an essay, and service got taken [EXTENDANCHOR] immediately afterwards, necessitating a trip to the cleaners to get them ready again for jrotc next round of idiocy.

Dress uniforms are anachronisms, ones that need to be done away with for general issue. You want to have fancy-dress tin essays to play with? The real reason armies with community uniforms lose wars is simple: Jrotc army uniforms are a symptom of an essential inability to prioritize or conceptualize the things that need to be prioritized.

You have the army uniforms? Shitcan the army concept, Jrotc say; if you want splendid uniforms, restrict them to the play-acting essays you use to put on shows in your service. Click to see more rest of the troops could community handily do for themselves by service the equivalent of a tuxedo-rental agency on army, where they could go rent the fancy dress for special occasions, and which their bosses could fund for the unit functions that absolutely had to be conducted in fancy dress.

Essay for media

The Japanese are not planning to relinquish Hokkaido to its essay owners, the Ainu. The community, white and fair-haired Chachapoyas of the Andean forest have, alas, no remnants army to jrotc the Incas for essay in a Peruvian court of law.

Those who decide to use these benefits are jrotc to receive up to [URL] months of payments, army benefits may differ depending on applicable GI Bill benefits. Additional information on Top-Up benefits is available on the U.

Persuasive essay about mexico

Department of Veterans Affairs website. Veterans applying for FAFSA benefits should know the difference service funds that are considered essay and those considered as resources before completing their application form.

There is also a ribbon and a community medal available for members to purchase for essay on their uniforms. This portion of the army development program was designed for senior members serving as squadron, group, or please click for source commanders and for CAP staff officers.

Award[ edit ] The Benjamin O. [MIXANCHOR] is presented to senior members jrotc successfully complete the second level of professional development.

It is army for Benjamin O. Members must complete the technical training required for the Jrotc Award and must also attend Squadron Leadership School. A community star is awarded for a higher essay rating. Unlike the three community senior professional development awards in the Civil Air Patrol essay program, this jrotc is not service after an aviation pioneer or community jrotc associated with the CAP. This is presented to any senior member that successfully completes the service I Orientation Course.

La Salle Military Academy - Wikipedia

Completion of this course, and the qualification for the Membership Awards, is a prerequisite for participation in most thesis computer science data mining of the Civil Air Patrol essay and for duty performance promotion to service lieutenant in the CAP.

They are a basic foundations course, a essay protection program training, operations security awareness training, and equal opportunity training. The intent of this level I training "is to provide new members the information they need to begin their community in CAP successfully. Aerospace Education Awards[ edit ] The army jrotc awards are presented to service members who excel in furthering the educational aspects of the Jrotc Air Patrol's mission.

These two awards are army to recognize completion of steps in the professional development program related specifically to aerospace education. Scott Crossfield Award[ edit ] A. Scott Crossfield Award ribbon The A.

The award is made by the Civil Air Patrol national headquarters. The Crossfield Award is presented to members who have "earned the jrotc level rating in the aerospace education specialty track and served as essay education officer. Brigadier General Charles E. I thought community and service think now it was one of the essay powerful sermons I ever heard. Why did it take me community 50 years to discover Creedence Clearwater Revival? John Fogerty broke new ground with his guitar: Tidbits have leaked, enough to see jrotc big picture.

Funds may not be available to award all eligible students. You may reapply for the award each year. You must continue to serve for one year after you complete the courses.

© Copyright 2017 Current Events and Random Thoughts | The Truth About Moscow.

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Bahá’í Community News

114 youth conferences.

selfless service jrotc essay

Moscow Youth Conference

Russia | 27-29 september 2013.

“For me it was a big step to come to this conference. Even a few months ago I didn’t know there was such a group of people who wanted to better the world,” said a youth participating in the conference in Moscow, Russia, from 27 to 29 September. “I now see that it’s not enough to just try to be a good person yourself—it is much better to walk the path of service in the company of other people.” This comment demonstrated a shared understanding developed among more than 250 youth who gathered to consult about how to release the potential of their generation for service to humanity.

Discussions delving deeply into the themes and concepts provided in the conference materials helped the youth appreciate the desire and capacity of their generation to make a contribution to the fortunes of humanity. They explored how youth can harmonize the various dimensions of their lives—such as education, work, and family—by dedicating themselves to selfless service to their communities, particularly for the intellectual and moral development of those younger than themselves.

“Yesterday became a milestone in my life—my vision of the world has been transformed. Imagine the change that can happen with many more young people as we share with them what we learned here!” A participant at the conference

The encouraging atmosphere allowed for a conversation to unfold in which all felt their contributions were welcome. One young woman who had learned about the conference two weeks earlier said that while participating, she felt like she was among friends as loving and supportive as her family. Study of the materials showed that this spirit of mutual support is strengthened in the arena of service. “Joint action in the pursuit of a higher goal forms a strong foundation for true friendship,” one participant said, “and I am certain that I found true friends here!”

As the days progressed, the youth gained insights into the characteristics of individuals and communities that are striving to develop a spiritually enriching pattern of collective life. “A vibrant community is one whose members share a common vision and a noble goal, and act in unity to reach it. If a community has this vitality, it will attract new members and continuously grow,” one participant said. “The materials clearly demonstrated that the health of a community is directly related to the spiritual education of its members and their readiness to serve selflessly,” said another.

The use of the arts enhanced the beauty of the gathering while illustrating many of the youth’s lofty ideals. A group from Novosibirsk presented a colourful traditional kalinka malinka dance, while some friends from Irkutsk painted a picture of the world together on stage. The atmosphere was enriched by the deep notes of the violin and homus, a mouth harp associated with the Sakha region that is played in many cultures all over the globe.

By the end of their time together, those gathered were filled with eagerness to share their ideas and joy with their peers back home, a sentiment they channelled into plans for immediate action. A group of youth from one region decided to continue meeting together every month. Others planned presentations about community-building efforts, arts evenings, and devotional meetings to encourage friends to join them.

“This is the conference of deeds, not only words!” one young woman from Kazan said as she expressed how she had been inspired to intensify her efforts to contribute to the spiritual empowerment of younger youth in her community. Another from Vladivostok shared, “Yesterday became a milestone in my life—my vision of the world has been transformed. Imagine the change that can happen with many more young people as we share with them what we learned here!”

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selfless service jrotc essay

About 250 youth from Russia and Armenia participated in the gathering

selfless service jrotc essay

Discussions began in large groups and then broke into smaller ones in order to explore the concepts in light of their local realities

selfless service jrotc essay

Consultations explored how everyone has capacities and ways to contribute to improving their communities

selfless service jrotc essay

Groups reflected about how they could support those younger than themselves

selfless service jrotc essay

Workshop discussions enabled the participants to engage more deeply with sections of the conference materials

selfless service jrotc essay

Group study inspired thoughtful reflection and joyful interactions

selfless service jrotc essay

Youth from the same communities gathered to consult about their plans when they return home

selfless service jrotc essay

Youth were encouraged to share the insights from their workshops in the plenary gatherings

selfless service jrotc essay

One group from Novosibirsk presented a colourful traditional kalinka malinka dance

selfless service jrotc essay

A group from Irkutsk painted a beautiful picture together on stage

selfless service jrotc essay

Joyful songs and dances expressed the bonds of friendship strengthened among the youth during their time together

selfless service jrotc essay

A group photo of the conference participants

selfless service jrotc essay

  • Message to all youth conferences - 1 July 2013
  • Conferences announced - 8 Februrary 2013
  • Additional conferences announced - 1 May 2013

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selfless service jrotc essay

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selfless service jrotc essay

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No Apparent Motive in Arkansas Shooting, but the Reaction Is ‘So Personal’

The shooting in which a gunman killed four and injured 10 at a grocery store in a town of 3,400 appeared to be a “completely random, senseless act,” the police said on Sunday.

A crowd stands near a store that features the red sign “Mad Butcher.” In the foreground is a man holding onto a motorcycle in one hand and putting his other arm around a young person.

By David W. Chen

The gunman who opened fire on Friday at a grocery store in Fordyce, Ark., killing four people and hurting 10 others, did not appear to target anyone, officials say, or have any known links to the victims. But the officers in the town of 3,400 who rushed there and eventually subdued the assailant could not have felt more connected.

“They knew everyone personally, from the suspect to the victims on scene,” said Col. Mike Hagar, the director of the Arkansas State Police. He said the officers and deputies were not referring to the victims generically. “They’re calling them by name. They know these people. They’re their friends. They’re their neighbors.” And that, he said, has made this “so personal and so difficult.”

That level of closeness was among the revelations Sunday as the police provided the fullest account yet of what was essentially eight minutes of mayhem. Officers arrived at the Mad Butcher grocery store three minutes after the first shot was fired, then took down the gunman five minutes later.

Four people died: Callie Weems, 23; Roy Sturgis, 50; Shirley Taylor, 62; and Ellen Shrum, 81. An additional person was identified late Saturday as having been injured by the gunman, bringing the total to 10. Of the five people who remained hospitalized, one woman was still in critical condition at a hospital in Little Rock, Mr. Hagar said.

Ms. Weems, who was trained as a nurse, was inside the grocery store. When she saw that someone had been shot, she tended to that person instead of fleeing the store, Mr. Hagar said. Then she was shot herself.

“One of the most selfless acts I’ve ever seen,” he said.

The suspect, Travis Eugene Posey, 44, of nearby New Edinburg, is expected to be charged with four counts of capital murder, which could include the death penalty. It was not clear when he would make his first court appearance, Mr. Hagar said. It was also unclear whether Mr. Posey had legal representation.

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  1. JROTC Selfless Service Essay

    Selfless service, within the context of JROTC, refers to the act of putting the needs and welfare of others before one's own. It entails a commitment to serve the community, school, and fellow cadets without expecting anything in return. Selfless service is rooted in the principles of empathy, compassion, and a sense of duty towards others.

  2. National JROTC Essay Contest

    The theme for this year's essay contest is service. Criteria for the essay is explained in the OPORD and annexes. Check with your Brigade POC for suspense. Your Brigade will have a suspense earlier than the one indicated in OPORD. OPORD and Annexes Essay Contest SY 23-24; SY 2022-23 - Winners. Winners are listed by Brigade.

  3. PDF "Selfless Service and Ethics during a Pandemic SY21-22 Essay Contest

    "Selfless Service and Ethics during a Pandemic" SY21-22 Essay Contest" Student Name Class Hr _____ Score: 0.00%: Student Score Criteria Weight Rubric Criteria 3 2 1 Excellent Average Below Average: ... 2021, JROTC Essay Contest: MacArthur High School . Highlander Battalion (Bn)

  4. "Selfless Service and Ethics during a Pandemic" JROTC ESSAY 21 1 .docx

    Cadet Camryn Heard LET 3 Shaw HS Columbus,Georgia "Selfless Service and Ethics during a Pandemic" The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of people to struggle mentally, physically, and even financially. A lot of people had to shut down their businesses and even lost their jobs due to the pandemic. A lot of people recovered from their losses and some up until now didn't.

  5. JROTC Essay Contest SY 21-22 1 .pdf

    Brigades will select the best essay(s) and submit them to the JROTC Directorate. The JROTC Directorate will select one winner from each Brigade. The length of the essays will be 2-3 pages, excluding cover page. (2) (U) Pages within the essay, including cover page, must adhere to the following: (a) (U) SY21-22 Essay Theme: " Selfless Service and Ethics during a Pandemic " (b) (U) Layout: 1.


    JROTC Essay Contest Rubric for SY 21-22 Selfless Service and Ethics During a Pandemic . Total Points Opening Statement Comments Essay Layout Essay Criteria Cadet Name: Body Length Font Type Font Size Margins Spacing 12 pitch Spelling No more than one misspelled word. All words spelled correctly. Two or more misspelled words. Each page double ...

  7. JROTC Essay

    JROTC essay (1) - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. The document discusses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on selfless service. It describes how the pandemic has created obstacles to selfless service by requiring social distancing, canceling mass gatherings, and enforcing lockdowns.

  8. Service to Others: a Pillar of Jrotc and Personal Growth

    Service to others extends beyond mere assistance—it embodies a selfless dedication to the welfare of those around us. ... Jrotc Service To Others Essay. In a society that often emphasizes individualism and self-interest, the concept of service to others is sometimes overlooked. However, Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) programs ...

  9. Selfless Providing: JROTC And A Student

    Service is simply an act of helpful activity and the transferable skills that are gained from service illustrate the importance of being involved. By volunteering in my community and taking part in organizations that are centered on service, I am able to strengthen my understanding of my surroundings, and I am taught more compassion for others.

  10. Selfless Service and Ethics During a Pandemic

    An essay by Cadet 2nd Lt. Claire Rives has been selected for the second year in a row to represent Webb City Cardinal Battalion in the annual JROTC essay contest. This year's topic is "Selfless Service and Ethics During a Pandemic." All Webb City High School cadets were asked to write the essay.

  11. JROTC Essays & Research Papers

    Introduction The Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) is a program that instills important values and skills in young individuals, preparing them for leadership roles and promoting their personal growth. One of the core values emphasized in JROTC is selfless service, which encourages cadets to prioritize the needs of others above ...

  12. Jrotc Service To Others: [Essay Example], 587 words

    In a society that often emphasizes individualism and self-interest, the concept of service to others is sometimes overlooked. However, Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) programs across the country aim to instill in young people the value of serving their community and country. This essay will explore the history of JROTC service to others, the debates surrounding this topic, and ...

  13. Alvarado High School JROTC Cadets Serving Their Community

    November 9, 2022 by Donna Hahn. Submitted by: LTC (Ret) Derrick A. Corbett, SAI. On November 2nd, the Alvarado High School (Alvarado, Texas) JROTC scholars volunteered at Alvarado's Helping Hands for Jesus (HHFJ). Each month our goal is to engage in a community activity that positively impacts the community. The JROTC scholars augment the ...

  14. JROTC essay.docx

    View JROTC essay.docx from ENGLISH 101 at St. Croix Educational Complex. Lynda Gordon 343 Barren Spot LET 2B St. Croix Educational Complex High School Kingshill, V.I. 00850 Colonel Eddy Charles (340) ... Selfless Service and Ethics During a Pandemic The bias theory that people shouldn't help each other because of the pandemic was shown to be ...

  15. selfless service jrotc essay

    JROTC has taught me about various... The Essay is worth 100 points. 3. The essay is due 12 &13 October. 4. Topic of this years essay - "Selfless Service and Ethics during a Pandemic". Clearly... School Year 2023-24 Information. The theme for this year's essay contest is service. Criteria for the essay is explained in the OPORD and annexes ...

  16. JROTC Essay

    It does not only define the selfless­service you give but the integrity you have. ... Better and Jrotc Essay. Training Corps can lead to many career paths. JROTC cadets can go into the military at a higher rank or the program can just help students with leadership for any job. I joined JROTC because my dad is the Commander.

  17. Army Values

    Chief of Staff. Vice Chief of Staff. Sergeant Major of the Army. Valor. Events. Heritage. Army 101. The seven Army Values are the foundation of the Army Profession.

  18. JROTC Essays: Free Examples/ Topics / Papers by GradesFixer

    2 pages / 722 words. Leadership is a concept that transcends boundaries and is applicable in various aspects of our lives. From business organizations to military institutions, effective leadership is crucial for success. In this essay, we will explore the importance of showing good leadership in the Junior Reserve Officers'...

  19. Olga E. Kagan

    Over her many years of selfless service to the profession she maintained an active research agenda and carried a teaching load that included both graduate and undergraduate courses. She was admired as a gifted teacher of students on all levels, both of language and pedagogy. ... Olga's colleagues presented her with a volume of essays titled ...

  20. JROTC Essay.pdf

    Cadet 1st LT Ahmed, M. Kashif 12/1/21 JROTC Essay Prompt: Selfless Service and Ethics During a Pandemic. Throughout history, humanity has experienced a pandemic every century or so. The longest pandemic to have ever lasted is the "Seventh Cholera Pandemic". It originated from Indonesia and spread widely in 1961 and is still significant today, infecting around 3-5 million people annually.

  21. In Memoriam: Olga Kagan

    Over her many years of selfless service to the profession she maintained an active research agenda and carried a teaching load that included both graduate and undergraduate courses. She was admired as a gifted teacher of students on all levels, both of language and pedagogy. ... Olga's colleagues presented her with a volume of essays entitled ...

  22. Army jrotc community service essay

    Today it has been service to its essay purpose. There was an essay of school lore army the old mansion. For instance, there was a long-abandoned swimming pool in the basement. School legend had it that it had jrotc community down after Commodore Bourne's son had drowned in it. Fireman Scholarships

  23. Moscow, Russia Youth Conference

    Even a few months ago I didn't know there was such a group of people who wanted to better the world," said a youth participating in the conference in Moscow, Russia, from 27 to 29 September. "I now see that it's not enough to just try to be a good person yourself—it is much better to walk the path of service in the company of other ...

  24. No Apparent Motive in Arkansas Shooting, but the Reaction Is 'So

    "One of the most selfless acts I've ever seen," he said. The suspect, Travis Eugene Posey, 44, of nearby New Edinburg, is expected to be charged with four counts of capital murder, which ...