Healthcare Cover Letter Example (w/ Templates & Tips for 2024)

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You've clocked in countless hours in hospitals and clinics, dedicating your skills to healing and caring for the sick. The sounds of heartbeats and monitors are as familiar to you as the rhythm of your own breath.

Your commitment to healthcare speaks volumes.

Yet, when it comes to writing a cover letter for your job application, you feel like you're attempting surgery with a stethoscope.

We know your struggle, and we’re here to help.

In this article, we’re going to guide you through perfecting the cover letter for your next job application.

Here's what we'll dive into:

  • What a Standout Healthcare Cover Letter Looks Like
  • 5 Simple Steps to Writing a Stellar Healthcare Cover Letter
  • 3 Essential Cover Letter Tips for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Cover Letter Example

Healthcare Cover Letter Example

5 Steps for the Perfect Healthcare Cover Letter

You've just glimpsed what a job-winning healthcare cover letter looks like.

Now, it's your turn to write one . Just follow the steps we're about to share, and you'll be on the right track:

#1. Put Contact Information in the Header

When it comes to writing your healthcare cover letter, it all begins with your contact information, just like on your resume .

Let's dive into what you should include:

  • Full Name. Make sure your complete name is right at the top of the page.
  • Professional Title. Match the professional title on your cover letter with the specific healthcare position you're applying for. Hiring managers often sift through numerous applications, so clarity about the role you're targeting is a real plus.
  • Email Address. Opt for an email address that's both professional and straightforward. A combination of your first and last names works best. (e.g: [email protected])
  • Phone Number. Make sure that the phone number you provide is accurate so the hiring manager can easily reach you. If you're applying for a healthcare job abroad, remember to include the international dial code.
  • Location. Typically, your city and state or country are sufficient. However, if you're considering relocation, be sure to mention it.
  • Relevant Links (optional). If you have any relevant websites or social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, feel free to include them.

Once you've squared away your contact information , it's time to add the hiring manager's details:

  • Company Name. State the name of the healthcare organization you're applying to.
  • Hiring Manager's Name. If possible, include the name of the hiring manager for the specific healthcare department you're interested in.
  • Hiring Manager's Title. If you discover that the hiring manager for this job ad has a more specific title, such as department head, you can use that instead of the generic "Hiring Manager."
  • Location. Specify the city and state or country of the healthcare facility, particularly for organizations with a global presence. If you want to be extra specific, you can even include the exact street address.
  • Date of Writing (optional). For a professional touch, consider adding the date when you wrote your cover letter, though this is optional.

#2. Address the Hiring Manager

The next step to writing the perfect healthcare cover letter is to address it properly.

And we strongly advise against using the generic "To Whom It May Concern."

Getting the greeting right can make a positive impression on the hiring manager.

Do a bit of research first. Take a look at the job listing and the company's website, or check their profiles on LinkedIn or other social media. This can help you uncover the name of the person who'll be reviewing your cover letter, so you can personalize your cover letter’s greeting .

Next, address them in a formal yet friendly manner. Use "Ms.", "Mr.", or a title like “Dr.” when applicable, followed by their last name. If you’re not sure about their gender or marital status, just use their full name. Here are some examples:

  • Dear Ms. Rodriguez
  • Dear Dr. Rodriguez
  • Dear Julio Rodriguez

If you can't find specific information about the hiring manager or the department head, it's perfectly okay to address your letter to the department or the company in general. Maintain a professional and friendly tone:

  • Dear Healthcare Department
  • Dear Hiring Team
  • Dear Human Resources Team
  • Dear Head of Department X

#3. Write an Eye-Catching Opening Statement

The truth is that hiring managers don’t take more than a few seconds to decide if your cover letter is worth reading in depth.

So, making a strong first impression is vital for a successful healthcare cover letter.

Begin your cover letter’s opening paragraph by introducing yourself and explaining why you have a genuine interest in the role. Expressing your enthusiasm for the healthcare industry or the specific position is a compelling way to capture the hiring manager's attention.

Doing some research on the healthcare organization can be useful here. The more you learn about the employer, the better you can emphasize your alignment with their work culture and mission. This demonstrates to the hiring manager that you're not just casually applying everywhere and seeing what sticks—you have a sincere interest in this particular role.

If you have the experience, you can boost your introduction by highlighting a significant accomplishment or mentioning a skill that makes you an ideal fit for the position. Just remember to keep this part snappy. You only have to spark the hiring manager's interest and encourage them to explore the finer details of your healthcare cover letter.

#4. Use the Cover Letter Body for the Details

Now that you’ve captured the hiring manager’s attention, it’s time to dive into the details.

The body of your cover letter is where you need to prove you’re the best candidate for the position. But don’t make the mistake of just repeating everything from your healthcare resume . This is the place where you can tie in your professional skills and experiences in a manner that sets you apart.

The best way to outshine the other applicants is to use the job advertisement as your compass. Read it carefully and keep in mind what skills and experiences the company expects from its candidates.

Whether it's expertise in a particular medical field or proficiency in a specific type of medical software, make sure to mention these in your healthcare cover letter. Based on the information you find, pick out a few of your relevant achievements and use them to convince the hiring manager that you’re the best candidate for the role.

Illustrating your knowledge of the company, its healthcare initiatives, or the industry itself can also be a great advantage. If you're familiar with the company's healthcare services, specify so in your cover letter to prove your alignment with their mission and organizational culture.

And don’t forget to infuse enthusiasm into your writing. Your passion for the role should shine through as much as your healthcare know-how. Convey your confidence in your skills and experiences, and express your eagerness to contribute to the company's healthcare mission.

If you need more inspiration, check out these other cover letter examples !

#5. Wrap It Up and Sign It

Once you’ve written the bulk of your healthcare cover letter, it’s time for the finishing touches.

Knowing how to end your cover letter can make the difference between winning a hiring manager over or getting tossed into the “no” pile.

Make sure you leave a positive impression on the hiring manager with a strong conclusion that reinforces your suitability for the role. Summarize your standout skills and why you're the ideal candidate.

Afterward, include a compelling call to action, inviting the hiring manager to delve deeper into your application. This proactive approach can boost your chances of securing an interview.

Lastly, sign off your letter like a professional. Choose an appropriate closing and include your full name, like so:

Please feel free to reach out to me via the provided email or phone number to discuss my application further. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to explore my qualifications with you.

Best regards,

Frank Jenkins

And remember, if you find "Best regards," too common, there are alternative sign-offs to consider, such as:

  • Kind regards,
  • Respectfully yours,
  • Thank you for your consideration.

healthcare cover letter structure

3 Essential Bartender Cover Letter Tips

We’ve covered the fundamentals of writing a healthcare cover letter, and now it's time to take it to the next level.

Just follow these useful cover letter tips :

#1. Match Your Resume

Ready to carve a path as a healthcare professional?

Make sure your healthcare cover letter aligns seamlessly with your resume template . This makes it much easier for the hiring manager to pick your documents out of the pile.

Your contact information should be clearly visible on your resume’s header, and the body of your text should fit neatly on the page. Maintain consistent font styles and sizes throughout your documents, and adjust the page margins and line spacing of your cover letter so it sticks to one page .

Or Use A Cover Letter Template Instead

Don’t have time to start from scratch?

Just use our free resume builder and pair it with one of our matching cover letter templates .

Say goodbye to your struggles with the formatting or layout. Our templates are your shortcut to a polished cover letter that complements your resume. Made with input from global hiring experts, they guarantee you a professional, industry-ready application in minutes.

#2. Mention Qualifications

Don't let your cover letter be a missed opportunity by skipping out on your relevant healthcare qualifications.

Sure, your healthcare resume already lists your education, but your cover letter lets you really dive deeper. It's your chance to tell the story behind that medical degree or that special training you took. Help the hiring manager see why those experiences make you a great fit for the role.

It's all about giving them the full picture of what you bring to the table, which increases your odds of getting an interview.

#3. Be Formal

Keeping your cover letter formal is essential. This isn't a casual email; it's your introduction to a healthcare institution, and missing the mark is a huge mistake .

Being formal shows that you're dedicated and professional. However, this doesn't mean you can't show some of your personality. It's all about balancing professionalism with polite friendliness.

Make sure you’re using the appropriate language and steer clear of slang. For example, instead of saying you can "handle things," specify that you're "competent in patient care." Maintaining formality positions you as a reliable and professional candidate who’s taking this healthcare role seriously.

Key Takeaways

That's it for crafting the ideal healthcare cover letter!

We hope you feel more confident in writing your own cover letter, and we have no doubt you’ll land your dream job in no time.

Before we say goodbye, let's revisit some of our article’s key points:

  • Start your healthcare cover letter by clearly listing both your contact details and those of the hiring manager. Accuracy is crucial here since a single typo could mean missing out on an interview opportunity.
  • Grab the hiring manager’s attention right from the beginning. If the opening paragraph doesn't engage them, they might not make it to the crucial details that follow.
  • Use the main body of your resume to dive deeper into your standout achievements and skills. Align them with the job advertisement to make your case compelling.
  • End with a compelling reason for them to get in touch, whether it's a call or an interview invite.
  • Make sure your application is a matching set, so your resume and cover letter stand out from the rest. If you're pressed for time, consider using one of our matching resume and cover letter templates for a polished look.

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1 Healthcare Cover Letter Example

Healthcare professionals are the lifeline of any medical institution, proficiently diagnosing, treating, and caring for patients while ensuring their comfort and well-being. Similarly, your cover letter is the lifeline of your job application, adeptly presenting your skills, experiences, and dedication to patient care. In this guide, we'll delve into the best cover letter examples for Healthcare professionals, helping you to craft a compelling narrative that underscores your commitment to health and healing.

an application letter for a job in a hospital

Cover Letter Examples

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The best way to start a Healthcare cover letter is by directly addressing the hiring manager, if their name is known. If not, "Dear Hiring Manager" is appropriate. Begin by introducing yourself and stating the position you're applying for. Then, briefly mention your most relevant qualifications or experiences that make you a strong candidate for the role. It's also beneficial to show enthusiasm for the healthcare field and the specific organization you're applying to. This shows you've done your research and are genuinely interested in the role.

Healthcare professionals should end a cover letter by summarizing their interest in the position and the unique skills they bring. It's important to express enthusiasm for the opportunity and to thank the reader for their time. For example, "I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my skills and experiences to your team and am confident that I can bring value to your organization. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of discussing this opportunity further." It's also crucial to include contact information, even if it's already on your resume. This makes it easier for the hiring manager to reach you. Always end with a professional closing like "Sincerely" or "Best regards," followed by your name.

A Healthcare cover letter should ideally be about one page in length. This is because hiring managers often have many applications to go through, so a concise, well-structured letter is more likely to grab their attention. In terms of word count, aim for between 250 to 400 words. This length allows you to clearly and succinctly express your interest in the position, highlight your most relevant skills and experiences, and explain why you would be a good fit for the healthcare organization. Remember, the cover letter is your opportunity to make a strong first impression, so every word should count.

Writing a cover letter with no experience in healthcare can seem daunting, but it's all about showcasing your transferable skills, passion for the field, and eagerness to learn. Here's a step-by-step guide: 1. **Start with a Professional Greeting**: Address the hiring manager by name if possible. If you can't find their name, use a professional greeting like "Dear Hiring Manager". 2. **Introduction**: Begin by stating the position you're applying for. Mention where you found the job posting. If someone referred you, mention their name and position. 3. **Express Your Interest**: Explain why you're interested in the healthcare field. This could be a personal reason or a professional goal. Show enthusiasm and passion for the field. 4. **Highlight Transferable Skills**: Even without direct experience, you likely have skills that are relevant to healthcare. These could be soft skills like communication, empathy, and problem-solving, or hard skills like data analysis or proficiency in a second language. Use specific examples to demonstrate these skills. 5. **Education & Training**: If you have any education or training related to healthcare, be sure to mention it. This could be a degree, a certification, or even a relevant course or seminar. 6. **Show Willingness to Learn**: Emphasize your eagerness to learn and grow in the healthcare field. This shows potential employers that you're committed and motivated. 7. **Conclude Professionally**: Thank the hiring manager for considering your application. Express your hope for the opportunity to further discuss your qualifications. 8. **Sign Off**: End with a professional sign-off like "Sincerely" or "Best regards," followed by your full name and contact information. Remember to keep your cover letter concise and to the point. Use a professional tone and language, and proofread carefully for any errors. Tailor your cover letter to each job application, focusing on the skills and qualifications mentioned in the job posting.

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Writing a Successful Nursing Cover Letter With Examples and Templates

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Jul 01 2022

Career Resources / Job Searching / Nursing Cover Letter

Reviewed by: Kiley Griffin, R.N.

Writing an effective nursing cover letter may seem unnecessary–trust us: it’s not. Roughly 45% of job seekers send resumes without a cover letter . Yet, a majority of employers prefer cover letters to go with a resume. 

When looking for a new job , nurses often spend the most time developing their resumes . Sometimes they neglect their cover letters or don’t write one at all.  

Whether you are a new grad nurse or a nurse veteran, a good cover letter is a great way to separate yourself from the pack. Even if a hiring manager only skims it, it can mean the difference between you and another candidate getting the job if something catches their eye.

In this post, we will explore the following:

  • Examples and a Template for a Nursing Cover Letter

When Nursing Cover Letters Are Required

  • Benefits to Writing a Cover Letter
  • Steps for Writing a Cover Letter
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Cover Letter

Get job matches in your area + answers to all your nursing career questions

an application letter for a job in a hospital

Let's get started

What's your current role?

Nursing Cover Letter Examples and Templates

With the right care and effort, you can craft a professional nursing cover letter that helps distinguish you from other candidates.  

We’ve provided two sample nurse cover letters and a template to help give you an idea of what to write.

an application letter for a job in a hospital

Nursing Cover Letter Template

Hiring Manager name Nursing Recruitment 1234 Any Place Road Sometown, California 11111 (999)999-9999 June 16, 2021 Your Name Title Current Employer Mailing Address Phone Number Email Address Dear Hiring Manager, I am pleased to learn of this opportunity, as I found the qualities you are seeking for this position to be an excellent match for my skills, education, and experience. I have a robust background and leadership experience in emergency nursing, trauma/critical care, change leadership, and a commitment to providing high-quality care through standardizing workflows to align with best practices. It is in response to similar challenges that I have excelled during my career as a manager, director, and clinical leader.  Also, I am particularly interested in [the company] because of your excellent reputation, community engagement, and focus on delivering high-quality care to patients. My current role primarily includes providing strategic direction to the clinical operations of the Emergency Department, Trauma Base Hospital, and Crisis Stabilization Unit. I also establish and enforce policies and procedures for the hospital. Additionally, I ensure that financial targets are met within my scope of responsibility. Moreover, I am confident that I can support your strategic objectives of the ICU and provide stability in the department with regard to achieving quality outcomes, staff development, and meeting financial targets. I look forward to discussing in detail with you the ways in which my experience and determination will make further significant contributions to your organization. Respectfully, [Your Name]

Here are the most common scenarios when a nursing cover letter is required:

  • Applying directly to a specific person: Suppose the job posting invites applicants to apply to a particular individual instead of a general application system. In that case, it is appropriate to include a cover letter and address it to the individual . This is especially important for new grad nurses with less experience.
  • Referral for a position: Don’t skip the cover letter If you apply for work based on another professional or mentor’s recommendation. Use the cover letter to explain that someone referred you to the job and specify whom. This allows hiring managers to see that someone they value as a trusted professional in the healthcare industry believes you are qualified for a position.
  • When requested in a job listing:  Some job listings specifically request candidates to submit a professional cover letter with their application. Following job listing requirements to include a cover letter shows hiring managers that you follow instructions and have an eye for detail. Both are essential qualities in the nursing profession.

Benefits to Writing a Nursing Cover Letter

Knowing you are the best candidate for the job and proving it are two different things. You may have an impeccable nursing resume ; however, 20 other candidates are applying for the same position.

Nursing careers are in demand , but that does not mean there isn’t competition for specific nursing positions such as a nurse practitioner or nurse educator .

Resumes are neatly spun packages of information about a candidate’s education, job history (when applicable), and professional certification . They leave little room for information about who you are as a candidate. 

That is where a good cover letter comes in. With the proper cover letter format, your cover letter will offer several advantages and is a great way to showcase your nursing skills.

Identify your intent

Resumes indicate your worth. Cover letters reveal your intent . Outline how your desires and skills align with the job you are applying for. This shows the hiring manager you are interested in the position.

Hopefully, it’s not going to be just another job for you. It will become part of your mission and vision as a nursing professional . For instance, if a position will help grow your leadership skills and prepare you for an advanced nursing career, state that as part of the intent. 

Provide a more in-depth description

Your education and credentials make up only a small portion of who you are as a nursing professional. How someone looks on paper is not an indicator of how they will perform. It does not accurately gauge their character.

In that sense, a cover letter provides a sample of what the hiring manager will expect in the interview.

Using a cover letter to honestly explore your strengths, weaknesses, experiences, interests, and perspectives is an asset. Maybe your resume includes a certification or award you are proud of. Expand on it in the cover letter. 

Pro-tip: Using some of the traits and terms found in the job’s job description is a great way to stand out as a candidate, as it shows you have the qualities the employer is looking for.

What makes you proud of that achievement and how does it make you the best candidate for the position?

Explain the gaps

Hiring professionals suggest resumes span one page for new nurses and those with less than 10 years of experience. Due to length limits, it is hard to explain any gaps in work history. Also, resumes leave out room for detailing why you may have shifted gears from an earlier career into nursing. 

A cover letter provides the perfect opportunity to explain these situations.

Establish a willingness to work

Cover letters add an extra touch to a job application. As stated, nearly half of all job applicants fail to include a cover letter with their job applications unless requested.

Going that extra mile shows a hiring manager that you are willing to put the work in to get the job done right. That is a desirable quality for any business or industry, especially in nursing and other healthcare careers.

Remember that a cover letter should focus on a resume’s highlights, fleshing them out in a more meaningful way.

These are key purposes of a nursing cover letter.

Include only information that falls into one of the four benefits listed above to get the most mileage out of your cover letter.

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Steps for Writing Your Cover Letter

The nursing field requires structure and proper etiquette .

You wouldn’t walk into a patient’s room and say,

“hey, Adam, what’s up, man?” 

The same need for etiquette and structure applies to writing a cover letter. 

Accordingly, we have provided steps to writing a successful nursing cover letter. 

1. Create a header

When a nurse injects a patient with a vaccine, they clean the area first with an alcohol wipe. They don’t just stick the needle in. In the same vein, you need to start by listing your name, phone number, email, and residential address . 

Make sure you put the date under that information. 

Last, include the recipient’s contact information as well. 

2. Use a professional greeting

professional greeting

This is your first impression – show respect. Using “Dear” will work when sending a formal cover letter. If you don’t know the hiring manager’s name, simply write “Dear hiring manager.” 

3. Write your opening paragraph

Your first paragraph serves as the bait or pitch to get the hiring manager’s attention. Don’t bother placing a fishing lure of fluff to try and get their attention. It’s essential to lead with honesty and earnestness. 

While writing this paragraph, make sure you include the title for the position you’re applying to. If you’re applying to work as an RN , state that. Next, articulate why you applied for this job to begin with and your overall excitement to obtain this role.

Make sure that you key in on specific details about the position and how they interest you.

Here’s an example of a stellar opening paragraph:

I am thrilled at the opportunity to apply at St. Joseph’s Hospital as an ICU nurse. As an ICU nurse with over six years of experience, I have gained the necessary skills to perform my role excellently. Specifically, I am excited about the opportunity to work on a 35-bed unit with the demands it requires. I think that my experience, passion, and skill set make me an ideal ICU nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

4. Write your background paragraph

Dedicate this paragraph to your career in nursing up to this point. You want to include all the most applicable skills that pertain to this position. Be specific. Include the detailed duties that you performed that correspond to this new role. 

If you’re applying to work in oncology, but have training in wound therapy, maybe don’t lead with that. Try including only relevant examples. 

Next, include any measurable achievements you’ve had in other jobs that relate to this role. Keyword: measurable . 

Here’s an example of a job posting for an ICU nurse:

an application letter for a job in a hospital

Now, here’s a great way to respond to such a job posting:

My experience as a CVICU nurse has allowed me to develop the necessary skills to provide exceptional nursing care through a continuously evolving education. One of my greatest achievements is training 10 CVICU nurses to handle the CVICU and work with external pacemakers and post-cardiac surgery care. By working alongside a variety of health care providers at all levels, I have been able to establish outstanding collaboration and delegation abilities. Through my education, a strong emphasis on patient advocacy and ethical decision-making has been incorporated. Therefore, I have learned to place patient care at the utmost importance. I have developed strong assessment and critical thinking skills. This allows me to deliver the highest quality patient-centered care.

5. Expand on qualifications

Try adding a few short stories that can highlight your primary achievements. This is a great opportunity to highlight your soft skills as well. 

Some potential soft skills include:

  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work under pressure

6. Craft a conclusion

In your concluding paragraph, circle back to why you’re the best candidate for this role. Try to expand on your eagerness to obtain the position. End the paragraph with a call to action . A call to action expresses your desire to hear from them soon with next steps regarding the hiring process.

7. End your letter formally

Just like you began your letter, conclude your letter professionally with a “Sincerely” or “Respectfully,” followed by your name. Ending your letter this way helps it end on a high, formal note. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Cover Letter

In the nursing profession, a mistake can lead to a lawsuit. When writing a nurse cover letter a mistake could lead to you not getting a job. Below are some of the common mistakes to avoid when writing your cover letter.

  • Typos: The nursing profession has a lot of difficult and wonky spellings. For example, you may be proficient at Arrhythmia management , but do you know how to spell it? Having typos within your cover letter sends the message to your hiring manager that you might not be detail-oriented and that’s one of the most important traits in a nurse.
  • Focusing too much on yourself: According to Forbes, this is another common mistake to avoid . Often people try to list all their accomplishments in ways that don’t directly tie into how they can help the company . You want your cover letter to be strategic and it’s imperative to list ways that you can help the employer.
  • Lying: This should be obvious but it’s crucial that you tell the truth in your cover letter. The truth will eventually come out. The best policy is to just practice honesty.
  • Addressing the letter to the wrong person: This is a critical mistake. The recruiter or hiring manager probably will just stop reading at that point.
  • Re-writing your resume: Unfortunately, this is a common error when writing a cover letter. As explained earlier: resumes explain your worth, cover letters show your intent. They are two separate documents and a hiring manager will know if you attempt to merge them.
  • Using a different font than your resume: It may seem like a small detail, but using the same font on your resume shows that you pay attention to detail.

You’ve made it. Congratulations!

Writing a cover letter on its own separates you from the pack. However, writing a strong cover letter makes you an even more intriguing candidate. A nurse wouldn’t leave a stitch when sewing up a wound and neither should you leave a job unfinished when applying for a job.

Nursing Cover Letter FAQs

Your nursing cover letter shouldn’t be longer than a page. The recruiter should be able to read it quickly and get a good idea of what you offer the company. Anything longer than that and you risk the recruiter tossing your letter.

It’s best to use either Times New Roman or Arial when writing a nursing cover letter.

The cover letter should expand on information found in the resume. It should provide insight into your skills, qualifications and background.

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14+ Sample Job Application Letter for Doctors

The term doctor is usually used as a broad description to describe a professional with a medical background, and they can be classified into many specializations. For most, an experienced doctor or physician is someone who can solve our medical conditions and illnesses and give us new lives. Do you want to apply for a job vacancy at your preferred hospital? Writing a formal job application letter can be nerve-wracking as a fresh graduate and even as an experienced junior doctor. Our Sample Job Application Letter for Doctors completes your documents with sample requests and confirmation letters for various physicians.

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How to Write a Job Application Letter for Doctors

  • Choose the right type of application letter. There are different types of application letters in word suited for different purposes. Make sure to choose the type of Job Application Letter that reflects your purpose of applying, and should be customized specifically for the position you are applying for.
  • Include keywords in your application letter. Using skills, results, and recognition as keywords and matching them to the specific job description of the position you are applying can help increase your chances of getting called back for an interview.
  • Provide evidence on the qualities you mentioned. Choose at least three to a maximum of five qualities the employer is looking for in their job listing. These qualities should be discussed briefly, how you benefited from it, and how you were able to contribute to your previous work or internship experience. You can also see more on  Company Letters .
  • Discuss what you know about the company. Do some research about the institution your are applying and include some information about them in Application Sample Letter Templates. You may also indicate in your formal letter the things about the institution that you are most impressed with or attracted to.

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Quick Tips on Writing a Job Application Letter

  • Convince the employer that you know what they are expecting and you are able to cater to their expectations.
  • Communicate what kind of doctor you are to work with and show them what you can offer that others cannot.

Why Download our Templates?

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  • These simple templates can be easily downloaded for free.
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  • These basic templates are fully editable with the use of Microsoft Office or Apache OpenOffice.

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Hospital Administrator Cover Letter Examples

Use these Hospital Administrator cover letter examples to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

an application letter for a job in a hospital

Hospital administrators are responsible for the overall management of a hospital. This includes ensuring that the hospital runs smoothly and providing support to the staff.

Hiring managers look for hospital administrators who have a strong background in management and a dedication to patient care. Use these examples to write a cover letter that will help you stand out from the competition.

Formal/Professional Writing Style Example

With a proven track record of success in healthcare administration and business operations, I am confident that my extensive experience, skills, and commitment to excellence make me the ideal candidate for this role.

During my career, I have successfully managed and collaborated with interdisciplinary teams to ensure that the highest level of patient care, as well as hospital efficiency, is maintained. My professional background includes expertise in management, strategic planning, resource allocation, and budgeting. I have overseen recruitment, training, and performance evaluation of healthcare facility employees, consistently maintaining a culture of excellence, integrity, and teamwork. Furthermore, my expertise in regulatory compliance has resulted in outstanding track records in external audits and inspections.

As a certified Hospital Administrator with more than 10 years of experience, I have developed effective leadership and decision-making skills that have allowed me to consistently meet and exceed the demands of my roles. My strong communication and interpersonal abilities have fostered an environment of open dialogue, resulting in long-lasting partnerships with colleagues, vendors, and community organizations.

In addition to my qualifications, I hold a master’s degree in healthcare administration and have continued to stay updated on the latest trends and practices in the healthcare environment by attending conferences and maintaining my professional networks. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my experience and skills to the continued growth and success of your organization.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to further discuss how my qualifications and your needs align, and how I can contribute to your exceptional team.

[Your Name]

Entry-Level Writing Style Example

As a recent graduate of the University of Health Sciences with a Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration, I am eager to utilize my education, skills, and passion for healthcare management in your esteemed organization.

During my time at the university, I completed various internships and projects in healthcare settings, gaining hands-on experience in healthcare operations and administration. These experiences allowed me to cultivate strong communication, organization, and analytical skills – all crucial in the role of a Hospital Administrator. Additionally, my coursework in healthcare finance, policy, and management has given me a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of hospital administration.

One aspect of your healthcare facility that attracted me is the focus on patient-centered care and the commitment to providing the highest quality of service. I strongly believe in prioritizing patient satisfaction and wish to make a difference in people’s lives by contributing to their health and well-being.

I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to your team and am confident that my strong work ethic, enthusiasm for the healthcare industry, and ability to quickly adapt and learn make me a valuable addition to your organization.

As a diligent and dedicated professional, I look forward to contributing my skills and experiences to your distinguished hospital. I appreciate your time and consideration in reviewing my application, and I am excited about the prospect of discussing how I can be an asset to your healthcare facility further.

Networking/Referral Writing Style Example

I was referred to this opportunity by Dr. Jane Smith, who has been my mentor and colleague for the past five years at City Hospital. Our strong professional relationship has allowed her to witness my dedication and effectiveness in administrative roles first-hand, and she believed that my skill set and passion would make me an excellent candidate for the position at your hospital.

Leveraging my eight years of experience working with hospital operations and management, I am confident that I possess the expertise and drive necessary to succeed as your Hospital Administrator. My ability to streamline processes, increase patient satisfaction levels, and maintain fiscal stability demonstrates my commitment to optimizing healthcare operations while maintaining the highest standards of care.

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with interdisciplinary teams, strengthen relationships between departments, and develop effective communication strategies. I understand the importance of fostering a collaborative environment, and I am excited about the prospect of contributing to your hospital’s continued growth and success.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how my experience and skill set could contribute to your team and support your hospital’s mission. Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to speaking with you further.

Enthusiastic/Passionate Writing Style Example

Ever since I can remember, I have been passionate about the healthcare field and the opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives. Your hospital, renowned for its commitment to quality healthcare and positive patient outcomes, is the ideal environment for utilizing my skills, energy, and dedication to the cause.

In my previous role as a healthcare administrator, I successfully managed a team of professionals and accomplished major achievements, including increasing operational efficiency by 25% and significantly improving morale among staff members. These accomplishments can be largely attributed to my unwavering passion and determination to create a productive and compassionate environment.

Your hospital’s mission to provide world-class healthcare resonates deeply with my personal values and philosophy. As a Hospital Administrator, I would be committed to leveraging my experience in healthcare management, effective communication, and staff development to ensure a consistently high standard of patient care and satisfaction.

Moreover, I am eager to contribute to your ongoing initiatives in the realms of patient safety, employee training, and facility updates. I am confident that my passion and drive for excellence would make a substantial impact on your organization’s success.

In closing, let me reiterate how genuinely thrilled I am at the prospect of channeling my enthusiasm and passion as the Hospital Administrator for your esteemed institution. I would be honored to contribute to the continued success and growth of your hospital. I’m excited about the opportunity to discuss how my skillset would fit your needs and vision for the future.

Thank you for considering my application. I eagerly await the opportunity to speak with you further.

Warm regards,

Problem-Solving Writing Style Example

Having researched your hospital, I recognize that patient satisfaction, operational efficiency, and quality of care are top priorities, and I am confident that my extensive experience and dedication to excellence make me an ideal candidate for this role.

Over the past ten years, I have worked in healthcare administration for various healthcare organizations, always working to identify and solve challenges faced by the institutions. I understand the importance of bridging gaps between staff and management, streamlining processes to improve efficiency, and staying abreast of ever-changing healthcare regulations.

One specific challenge faced by hospitals today is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. My recent experience as an Administrator at a local healthcare facility during the height of the pandemic has given me an in-depth understanding of navigating unforeseen situations with limited resources. Using creative problem-solving, I was able to restructure staffing arrangements and implemented telehealth capabilities to keep both patients and staff safe while ensuring quality care.

Another critical aspect of being a successful Hospital Administrator is fostering positive relationships within the hospital and the larger community. For example, I have a proven track record of developing successful partnerships with local universities to create training and internship programs for aspiring healthcare professionals, thereby simultaneously improving patient care and enhancing the hospital’s image within the community.

In conclusion, I am certain that my skills of adaptability, problem-solving, and relationship-building will make me an indispensable asset to your hospital. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to your organization and help overcome challenges faced in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to discussing my qualifications further.

Storytelling/Narrative Writing Style Example

As I walked down the busy hospital corridor, the aroma of disinfectant filled my nostrils, and the cacophony of beeping machines and muffled voices reminded me of my purpose. It was during my tenure as a healthcare assistant at St. Mary’s Hospital that I discovered my passion for hospital administration, and how it is a vital cog in the machine that is healthcare – a machine I am eager to be a part of.

One particular day, I witnessed an incident that solidified my determination to pursue a career in hospital administration. An elderly patient, Mr. Johnson, had been admitted due to a fall, and his condition was critical. As his primary caregiver, I had a front-row seat to the challenges faced by the hospital staff – from coordinating his care plan to ensuring that the right personnel attended to his needs. Despite the hurdles, the hospital staff worked diligently, and Mr. Johnson’s condition improved.

This experience allowed me to see the importance of effective administration within the hospital setting. I realized that my organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to adapt to various situations would serve me well in contributing to the smooth functioning of a healthcare facility.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration and my experience at St. Mary’s Hospital, I am confident in my ability to excel as a Hospital Administrator at your esteemed organization. I am eager to utilize my skills and passion to create a seamless and efficient administrative system to support the dedicated medical professionals and patients under your care.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further and demonstrate how my experiences will contribute to the success of your hospital.

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Medical Internship Cover Letter Example

Get invited for more job interviews & pick up more ideas for your cover letter with our free, editable Medical Internship cover letter example. Copy-paste this cover letter example as it is or edit it directly using our HR-approved cover letter maker.

Milan Šaržík — Certified Professional Résumé Writer

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Medical Internship Cover Letter Example (Full Text Version)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please accept my application for the Medical Internship within Brando Hospital in High River, Canada as I believe that the combination of my previous experience, field education, and developed skills set makes me a perfect candidate for the role. Moreover, if given the opportunity, I will be coming to you with a pro-active approach, an excellent work ethic, and a strong determination to meet all your goals and expectations.

As stated in my enclosed resume, I am a third-year Medicine student at the Swansea University, where I am among the top 2% of students with the best academic results. On top of academia, I also participate in multiple extracurricular activities, for instance, Medical Society, Psychology Society, and Riding Club. The involvement in these activities has helped me to become an effective team player and taught me how to work with people from various countries, cultures, and backgrounds. As a part of my studies, I also served as a Medical & Health Volunteer in Ethiopia for three months. This tremendous experience has allowed me to work with various field professionals and experts and gave me a great opportunity to focus more on helping others.

Additionally, I worked as a Medical Intern at High River General Hospital for more than four months. There, I was mainly in charge of communicating with patients, scheduling appointments, and maintaining and organizing confidential files and records. Besides that, I assisted in the patients' assessments, collected their blood pressure and temperature, and prepared examination rooms. For constantly executing perfect work, I was awarded Intern of the Month.

Last but not least, I am a native Portuguese speaker with a proficiency in English and a basic knowledge of Chinese. Offering a strong attention to detail and accuracy, great manual dexterity and physical stamina, and the ability to remain calm under pressure, I am certain the I would execute the role successfully. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing back from you in the near future.

Kind regards,

Milan Šaržík — Certified Professional Résumé Writer

Milan Šaržík, CPRW

Milan’s work-life has been centered around job search for the past three years. He is a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW™) as well as an active member of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Careers Coaches (PARWCC™). Milan holds a record for creating the most career document samples for our help center – until today, he has written more than 500 resumes and cover letters for positions across various industries. On top of that, Milan has completed studies at multiple well-known institutions, including Harvard University, University of Glasgow, and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

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english template

Hospital Patient Biller - Remote - 125540

Job description, #125540 hospital patient biller - remote.

UCSD Layoff from Career Appointment : Apply by 10/13/2023 for consideration with preference for rehire. All layoff applicants should contact their Employment Advisor.

Special Selection Applicants : Apply by 10/25/2023. Eligible Special Selection clients should contact their Disability Counselor for assistance.

Alvarado Hospital Medical Center will soon be UC San Diego Health East Campus. As the region's only academic health system, we are dedicated to providing exceptional patient care and fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. We invite current Alvarado Hospital employees and other job seekers to join our team and contribute to our mission of delivering outstanding patient care through commitment to the community, groundbreaking research and inspired teaching.

Number of job vacancies are subject to increase or decrease due to departmental needs.

Candidates hired into this position may have the ability to work remotely.


UC San Diego Health's Revenue Cycle department supports the organization's mission to deliver outstanding patient care and to create a healthier world - one life at a time. We are a diverse, patient-focused, high-performing team with a commitment to quality, collaboration, and continuous improvement that enables us to deliver the maximum standard of care to our patients. We offer challenging career opportunities in a fast-paced and innovative environment and we embrace individuals who demonstrate a deep passion for problem-solving and customer service.

The Patient Biller III is responsible for the full range of insurance and self-pay accounts and department credit balances. Responds to billing inquiries from patients, insurance companies and departments. Identifies and resolves issues regarding account adjustments, re-billing insurance, and/or collecting from patients as appropriate. Extensive knowledge of medical insurance and State and Federal rules and regulations related to hospital billing Insurance Claims.

Extensive knowledge in Insurance claims appeals, and range of knowledge in ICD9, CPT, HCPCS, coding principles. Knowledge in self-pay collections and mandated charity laws. Knowledge of medical/surgical terminology. Knowledge of accounting and cash handling principles and various billing documents and claim forms. Responsible to work system generated claims, edits, attaches records, operative reports and all system reports. Job standards are expected to be performed at the EXPERT level.


Three (3) years of recent hospital billing and collection experience and/or related exp.

State and Federal rules and regulations related to billing Insurance Claims.

Demonstrated knowledge in self-pay collections.

Thorough knowledge of UB04 and revenue codes as it pertains to billing.

Extensive knowledge in Insurance claims appeals, and range of knowledge in ICD9, CPT, HCPCS coding principles.

Knowledge of Hospital payer contracts and reimbursement methodologies including but not limited to per diem, fee schedule, case rate and DRG's.


Current Alvarado Hospital work experience in same area/environment.

Epic Resolute experience.

UB04 experience.

Previous hospital billing experience.


Must be able to work various hours and locations based on business needs.

Employment is subject to a criminal background check and pre-employment physical.

Pay Transparency Act

Annual Full Pay Range: $58,213 - $72,370 (will be prorated if the appointment percentage is less than 100%)

Hourly Equivalent: $27.88 - $34.66

Factors in determining the appropriate compensation for a role include experience, skills, knowledge, abilities, education, licensure and certifications, and other business and organizational needs. The Hiring Pay Scale referenced in the job posting is the budgeted salary or hourly range that the University reasonably expects to pay for this position. The Annual Full Pay Range may be broader than what the University anticipates to pay for this position, based on internal equity, budget, and collective bargaining agreements (when applicable).

If employed by the University of California, you will be required to comply with our Policy on Vaccination Programs, which may be amended or revised from time to time. Federal, state, or local public health directives may impose additional requirements. If applicable, life-support certifications (BLS, NRP, ACLS, etc.) must include hands-on practice and in-person skills assessment; online-only certification is not acceptable.

UC San Diego Health is the only academic health system in the San Diego region, providing leading-edge care in patient care, biomedical research, education, and community service. Our facilities include two university hospitals, a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, Shiley Eye Institute, Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center, the only Burn Center in the county, and and dozens of outpatient clinics. We invite you to join our team!

Applications/Resumes are accepted for current job openings only. For full consideration on any job, applications must be received prior to the initial closing date. If a job has an extended deadline, applications/resumes will be considered during the extension period; however, a job may be filled before the extended date is reached.

To foster the best possible working and learning environment, UC San Diego strives to cultivate a rich and diverse environment, inclusive and supportive of all students, faculty, staff and visitors. For more information, please visit UC San Diego Principles of Community .

UC San Diego is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age or protected veteran status.

For the University of California’s Affirmative Action Policy please visit: For the University of California’s Anti-Discrimination Policy, please visit:

UC San Diego is a smoke and tobacco free environment. Please visit for more information.

UC San Diego Health maintains a marijuana and drug free environment. Employees may be subject to drug screening.

Application Instructions

Please click on the link below to apply for this position. A new window will open and direct you to apply at our corporate careers page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Posted : 5/14/2024

Job Reference # : 125540


Interested in working at UC San Diego and UC San Diego Health but can't find a position that's right for you? Submit your resume to our Talent Community to be considered for future opportunities that may align with your expertise. Please note, by joining our Talent Community, you are not applying for a position with UC San Diego Campus and Health. Rather, this is an additional way for our Talent Acquisition team to find candidates with specific credentials, if an opportunity arises. You are still encouraged to regularly check back on our career site or sign up for Job Alerts to apply for openings that are a match for your background.

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