1. Remove open assignments except the current one

    1) Create a section , include a dynamic container with mode as single document. 2)Create a new harness and refer inside the dynamic container. 3)Open the portal harness delete all the sections and include section of step 1 inside a container. 4)Include section in harness created in step 2 in a way it was in the portal harness before deleting.

  2. Delete Open assignment on change of stage

    Delete Open assignment on change of stage. we have a case life cycle which is configured with multiple stages , There is a possibility to have two parallel assignments . On post submission of one assignment , case is advanced to next stage. I see, Pega engine is not deleting the open assignments when case is moving on between stages.

  3. how to delete assignment after case is resolved

    Open assignments for a resolved completed case. Question Solved. Open assignments for Resolved-Closed cases. Question Solved. To delete all the assignment existing in particular worklist and marked all the case to Resolve Complete. Question. Resolving pega case after DocuSign. Question. delete a dummy assignment of pega case. Question

  4. close open assignments from current stage on change check box

    WO gets resolved and all pxFlows get removed, but still pc_assign_worklist has the current stage assignment record present Tried the same by setting the ticket in the current flow to jump the flow to 'change stage' smart shape with 'close open assignments from current stage on change' check box selected, but still current stage assignment did ...

  5. Delete assignment and advance the flow automatically

    How to delete assignment and resume the flow automatically. Use case: we have approval based system where system requires multiple approvals before case gets resolved. if current assignee of the task is not available then we should able to delete the assignment and resume the flow to create further assignment .

  6. Changing a stage with open assignments

    In the Automation details section, in the Select type of rule list, select Activity. In the Rule field, enter pxChangeStage. To move the case to the next stage, select the ChangeToNextStage check box. To move the case to another stage in the case life cycle, in the ChangeToStage field, enter a stage ID or stage name.

  7. Configuring a case resolution

    In the navigation pane of Dev Studio, click Case types, and then click the case type that you want to open. Click the stage at which you want to resolve the case. Typically, the last primary stage in the life cycle or an alternate stage resolves a case. In the Stage property pane, on the General tab, click Resolve the case. To use an existing ...

  8. - open assignment

    An open assignment is a task in your business process that has not been completed yet. By analyzing open assignments, you can determine what actions you need to take to resolve a business process. For example, in a process of reviewing job candidates, an open assignment might inform you to collect personal details from a candidate. ...

  9. open assignment

    An open assignment is one that has not yet been processed by a user. Open assignments are associated with a worklist or work queue. open assignment. An open assignment is one that has not yet been processed by a user. ...

  10. Deleting deployment levels, packages, and assignments

    Click the package for which you want to remove an assignment. Click the deployment level that you want to remove. In the Assigned to section, click the Trash can icon to delete the department, work group, or user to which the deployment level is assigned. On the Delete package assignment window, click Submit.

  11. Managing problem flows on the Flow errors page

    Use Restart Flow to start the flow at the initial step. If an issue requires an update to a flow step that the application already processed, resume the flow at the initial step. Use Delete Orphan Assignments to delete assignments for which the work item cannot be found. Use this option to resolve flow errors caused by a user lacking access to ...

  12. Issue with pxDeleAssignment activity

    There are two assignments in system and trying to delete one assignment (assume stale) on submission of other assignment. The stale assignment is getting deleted but current assignment is not moving to next stage or to next assignment.By default It's showing confirm harness and need to open the case again to proceed with case in advance . I see, below flow message Info in tracer . trying to ...

  13. Removing assignments

    Updated on January 31, 2022. You can remove an assignment, for example, if a case worker was inadvertently assigned to use the Development deployment level and package. Removing assignments on the Packages page. Use the Packages page to remove assignments. Removing assignments on a work group page. Use the work group page to remove assignments.

  14. openAssignment(assignmentID, className, options)

    About Pegasystems. Pegasystems is the leader in cloud software for customer engagement and operational excellence. If you've driven a car, used a credit card, called a company for service, opened an account, flown on a plane, submitted a claim, or performed countless other everyday tasks, chances are you've interacted with Pega.

  15. Assignment routing

    Work Queue. A Work Group identifies a cross-functional team that uses a Work Queue to distribute work. A Work Queue is a list of all open Assignments, in order of importance, for a group of users. Assignments stay in the Work Queue until a user associated with the Work Queue selects an Assignment, or a manager sends an Assignment in the Work Queue to a specific user.

  16. worklist

    A worklist displays open assignments, ordered by urgency, for a specific operator. You can use your worklist to view the ID, status, and relevant instructions for each item. Related information: assignment. case.

  17. Deleting work groups and assignment types

    With this approach, if necessary, you can stop any assignment types that are running. If an assignment type is no longer needed, delete the assignment type from the work group to ensure that robots do not pull work from the assignment type. You can delete an assignment type from the details page for the assignment type.

  18. Configuring URLs to open as standalone Assignments

    Create a new Activity: In the header of Dev Studio, click CreateTechnicalActivity. In the Label field, enter the name of the Activity. For example: In this scenario, enter OpenItem. In the Context section, set the current application as context. In the Apply to (Class) field, enter Work-. Click Create and open.

  19. How to perform Edit/Delete actions in table in constellation?

    Add Edit/Delete Columns: In the table layout, add two new columns: one for the edit action and one for the delete action. Configure Edit Action: In the Edit column, add a button or an icon (e.g., a pencil icon). Configure the button/icon with an action set: Action: Open Local Action / Flow Action.

  20. About the Delete a Class tool

    Select Tools > Rule Management > Delete a Class to start the tool. You can return to a previous step using the <<Back button. No rules are altered by the wizard until you click Next>> in step 2. For instructions on the forms, see: Help 1: Using the Delete a Class wizard. Help 2: Display Classes to delete.

  21. Working with the Assignments in Error report

    Using the In Workbaskets report. The Assignments with Errors In Workbaskets report lists assignments with errors routed to workbaskets that you can access. This report operates similarly to the Assignments with Errors in Worklist report. See above instructions. Assign- base class, assignment, flow.

  22. How to delete the assignments from Worklist in one go in Dev

    About Pegasystems. Pegasystems is the leader in cloud software for customer engagement and operational excellence. If you've driven a car, used a credit card, called a company for service, opened an account, flown on a plane, submitted a claim, or performed countless other everyday tasks, chances are you've interacted with Pega.

  23. The flow this assignment corresponds to has been removed ...

    Check the clipboard or logs for more details, ideally when there is no assignment to perform but you are trying to open / run the assignment with assignment pzinskey , you would see this error, check if the Assin-worklist/ Assign-workqueue Classes has the instance with the asignment you are trying to open.

  24. How to remove filter-/sort-options on tables in Constellation views

    In one of our Constellation views we need to present some data in form of a table to the customer. The data we want to present is from a Page list on the pyWork Page.. Therefore we have defined a view as "embedded data (list of records)" which then contains two fields from the page list.