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    thesis topics economics undergraduate

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    thesis topics economics undergraduate

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    thesis topics economics undergraduate


  1. Introduction to thesis writing for Journalism Studies

  2. 10 Problems of Brexit: Why The Economic COSTS Keep Growing

  3. [SOSS ECO] Best Undergraduate Thesis in Economics Showcase and Awarding Ceremony SY 2022-2023

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  1. Economics Undergraduate Honors Theses

    Spring/Summer 2020. "Parental Involvement: The Differential Impacts of Consent and Notice Requirements for Minors' Abortions" - Angela Ames. "Examining Local Price Levels and Income Distribution Over Time" - Josh Archer. "Estimating the Effect of Grandparent Death on Fertility" - Jason Chen.

  2. 134 Economics Thesis Topics: Ideas for Outstanding Writing

    The economics of alcohol abuse problems. In this thesis, students can develop several essential issues. First, they can examine how poverty is connected to alcohol abuse. Second, they can see the link between alcohol consumption and productivity. To sum up, students can elaborate on the economic costs of alcohol abuse.

  3. Undergraduate Dissertations in Economics

    In many UK undergraduate economics programmes, the dissertation counts as a double module in the final year - for example, 15 ECTS, or a quarter of the assessment for the year. Given the importance of this piece of work (especially where the final year carries a heavy weight), it is probably appropriate for the dissertation to carry a word ...

  4. Senior Thesis

    Through their Senior Thesis, majors learn to identify interesting economics questions, survey the existing academic literature and demonstrate command of theoretical, empirical, and/or experimental methods needed to critically analyze their chosen topic. All seniors are encouraged to browse the Senior Thesis Database for examples of past work.

  5. Economics Department Dissertations Collection

    Dissertations from 2023. PDF. Essays on International Trade and Economic Growth, Mateo Hoyos, Economics. PDF. THREE ESSAYS ON MACROECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT, Guilherme Klein Martins, Economics. PDF. THREE ESSAYS ON ALLOCATION OF COSTS AND BENEFITS, CREDIT, AND TIME, Anamika Sen, Economics.

  6. Finding a Senior Thesis Topic

    Some senior thesis topics come from a student's previous research for a term paper or an experience in an internship. Other ideas come from subjects studied in a course or current headlines. But many students have difficulty coming up with a topic that "works" — one that is researchable by an Econ senior and where data are readily available.

  7. PDF Undergraduate Dissertations in Economics

    When the numbers of students looking for dissertation topics are relatively small, then it may be that students can be left to choose their own topics - probably subject to the availability of an ... The Undergraduate Dissertation in Economics - A Practical Guide. Peter Smith University of Southampton. question. 1 (-1 %) 2. (-%) 2.

  8. Economics thesis and dissertation collection

    Essays on behavioral and experimental economics . Xu, Yaoyao (The University of Edinburgh, 2023-07-25) In this dissertation of three chapters, I study individuals' strategic sophistication in decision-making, specifically level-k reasoning and forward-looking behavior. The first chapter studies subjects' iterative reasoning ...

  9. PDF Writing Economics

    to succeed as a writer of economics and offers an overview of the writing process from beginning to end. Chapter 2 describes the basic methods economists use to analyze data and communicate their ideas. Chapter 3 offers suggestions for finding and focusing your topic, including standard economic sources and techniques for doing economic research.

  10. Economics Undergraduate Honors Theses

    Theses from 2016. PDF. The European Coal and Steel Community: the Path Towards European Integration, Nicholas Hudson. PDF. Wholesale Peak Demand Pricing, Jarek R. Hunger. PDF. Mills and Veblen: An Institutional Analysis, Matthew Klosterman. PDF. Collective Intervention: an Analysis of the Political Issues Regarding Secession, Self-Determination ...

  11. PDF Undergraduate Honors Thesis in Managerial Economics Handbook

    Undergraduate Honors Thesis Handbook 5 Deciding on a Thesis Topic (Guidelines for Students): The most important aspect of successfully completing this program is deciding on and developing a thesis topic. The topic should be interesting to you, this is your thesis, and answering your question will take many hours of work.

  12. PDF Senior Thesis Guide 2020-21 Department of Economics

    Economics 985 Course Offerings. NOTE: This document has not been updated to address the issue of the Spring 2020 semester being remote. The virtual "Junior Thesis-Interest Meeting" has advice on how to get started on the thesis process remotely. Slides and recording from the meeting are on the Thesis Canvas page, linked here: https ...

  13. Undergraduate Research

    Talk with your professors to hone your topic. Other resources: GUROP; Do the Research and Get Advice (and Maybe Get Course Credit) Along the Way. The main venue for students writing research papers in economics is ECON 4961 (formerly ECON 401) - Senior Thesis Seminar, taught in the spring semester by Professors Mark Huggett and Rod Ludema.

  14. Honors Thesis

    A requirement of ECON 1960 will be attendance at one of two lab sessions each week. Submit a thesis proposal to both your thesis advisor and the Undergraduate Programs Coordinator Kelsey Thorpe, [email protected] (see below for due date). Submit their work in progress to their thesis advisor and Kelsey (see below for due date).

  15. PDF Senior Thesis Guide 2023-24 Department of Economics

    Deadline to submit the thesis registration form, signed by your advisor, to the Economics Undergraduate Office ([email protected]) by 5pm ET. Anyone without a thesis advisor by this date (add/drop deadline) must drop Ec 985 and the thesis. Have your data in hand and have plans for the type of analysis you'll be doing.

  16. 100-Plus Econometrics Research Topics & Questions

    The relationship between stock prices and inflation in a country. How income tax revenue affects a developing economy. How government expenditure affects economic growth. Factors contributing to the global recession. How a country's unemployment rate relates to economic growth. Any of these topics can be an excellent basis for an econometrics ...

  17. Economics Dissertation Topics and Titles

    Here are some economic geography dissertation topics to help you explore this field. Topic 1: Role of local ethics and culture in shaping entrepreneurial economic development in various businesses. Topic 2: Diversity in entrepreneurial approaches brought up by emigrants in the economics of a place: A critical analysis.

  18. PDF Senior Thesis 2010

    central to economic analysis because they identify important economic categories or reflect useful compromises between what is of interest and what can be measured. (3) Agency matters. Economic outcomes emerge from choices that result from the interaction of individual preferences and individual and institutional constraints.

  19. Prize-Winning Thesis and Dissertation Examples

    Prize-Winning Thesis and Dissertation Examples. Published on September 9, 2022 by Tegan George.Revised on July 18, 2023. It can be difficult to know where to start when writing your thesis or dissertation.One way to come up with some ideas or maybe even combat writer's block is to check out previous work done by other students on a similar thesis or dissertation topic to yours.

  20. Senior Honors Thesis

    A Senior Thesis Agreement Form must be completed and submitted to Debra Knox. Seniors who wish to undertake a more formally organized, two-semester research project may do so by undertaking a Senior Honors Thesis (Economics 195 and 196) class. This is a larger and more complex research project that requires certain advance preparations.

  21. Dissertation or Thesis

    These two locations offer contrasting economic environments: the New York site represents a de-industrializing and depopulating rural area, and the North Carolina site describes a thriving, entrepreneurial multi-urban hub.

  22. Preparing for Graduate School

    Economics Classes. All graduate programs in economics will expect that you have successfully completed the core intermediate courses, UN 3211, UN 3213 and UN 3412. ... It is undoubtedly true that writing an Honors Thesis is the most rewarding and most demanding experience of the economics major. Writing a thesis is not required for admission to ...

  23. PDF Undergraduate Honors Thesis in Managerial Economics Handbook

    Appendices: The Undergraduate honors program permits outstanding, committed and hard-working Managerial Economics majors to complete an in-depth research thesis that makes an original contribution and is of sufficient quality and interest to present to an employer or a grad school, and perhaps publish in some form.

  24. Dissertation or Thesis

    Moreover, it offers a counterpoint to prevailing literature that describes organized labor as largely monolithic or primarily reactive in global economic affairs. By demonstrating union leaders' active role in international economic policymaking, it challenges the presumed inevitability of US labor's decline in a globalizing economy.

  25. Your Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing a Thesis Research Topic.

    Narrowing down your thesis research topic. Now you've read around the topic, it's time to narrow down your ideas so you can craft your final question. For example, when it came to my undergraduate thesis, I knew I wanted to write about Ancient Greek religion and I was interested in the topic of goddesses. So, I:

  26. Honors and Prizes

    Senior Honors Thesis: You must also receive a grade of at least A- in GU4999 Senior Honors Thesis. This is a year-long course which you may substitute for your senior seminar requirement. Joint Majors and Financial Economics Majors are eligible for departmental honors in economics. To receive departmental honors you must meet the same criteria ...

  27. Undergrad Announcements

    Senior Honors Thesis Information Students interested in writing a senior honors thesis in economics are invited to attend an information session on Wednesday, April 24th. Bernard Salanie and Susan Elmes will provide general information about the application and selection process. Current thesis...

  28. Senior Thesis

    A senior honors thesis is a chance to investigate an idea, theoretical issue, policy problem, or historical situation of keen economic interest. All economics senior thesis writers are required to take an ECON 985 Senior Thesis Seminar. Attention Juniors: See the Ec Thesis Canvas page for a recording of the Ec Senior Thesis Interest meeting and other key details!

  29. Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics

    Our undergraduate and graduate programs prepare the next generation of economists and managers to meet the needs of the food, agricultural, and natural resource system in Michigan and around the world. One of the leading departments in the United States , AFRE counts over 50 faculty, 60 graduate students and 400 undergraduate students.

  30. Doctor of Philosophy

    A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, Ph.D., or DPhil; Latin: philosophiae doctor or doctor philosophiae) is a terminal degree that usually denotes the highest level of academic achievement in a given discipline and is awarded following a course of graduate study and original research.The name of the degree is most often abbreviated PhD (or, at times, as Ph.D. in North America), pronounced as three ...