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Canadian History Essay Topics For University Students

17 Jan 2019

Canada’s history is an exciting subject. It gives you a particular idea about what life was like before and processes that lead to the modern state. Knowing the history of your country is crucial for general knowledge and the future. Here are 50 Canadian history topics you can write about. They are good as subjects of an essay or a project. Some of them deal with controversial events or movements while some explore general socio-economic, political tendencies. Here you can choose one of history essay topics to create a well-researched and unique paper.

History is a crucial subject. First, it teaches you to understand today’s world. Everything you witness today in Canada regarding government, mentality, or national/international politics has its roots in the past. No event ever happens without reason. If you want to have a better knowledge of causes and reasons – learn history. By leaning past mistakes, we try to avoid them in the future.

Another vital purpose of history is its importance for political science. Learning decisions that were made in the past we can witness the results to decide whether they were effective or not. It is also a great way to master your essay writing skills. If you are not sure about them, you can check how to write an essay for university.

When choosing history project topics, it is essential to find a discussible aspect. It might be controversial or debatable. Building an argument will teach you rhetorical skills. They are useful in life as we often want to be persuasive. To find a suitable subject, you may check out Canadian debate topics .

Always choose a topic that fascinates you and writing will become exciting!

20th Century Canadian History Essay Topics

  • Establishment of the Royal Canadian Navy in 1910: Reasons, and Motivations.
  • Role of Canada in World War I.
  • Vimy Ridge Battle’s Importance for WWI and Canadian History.
  • Controversial Society’s Perception of WWI as an “English War”.
  • Canada’s International Relationship between the two World Wars.
  • Discovering Regional and Social Conflicts at the beginning of the 20th Century.
  • The 20th Century Immigration Waves: Influence on Society, Positive/Negative Effects.
  • Suffrage Movement in Canada, Fight for Women’s Right to Vote.
  • Wall Street Market Crash in 1929 and Processes It Started in Canada.
  • The Great Depression in Canada: Causes, Impact, Results.
  • The Mackenzie King’s Government: Resolution on Participation in World War II.
  • Participation in WWII and Economic Boost.
  • Explore the role of Canadian Troops in WWII.
  • Social and Economic Change in Canada after WWII.
  • Long Way to Independence: Exploration on the Relationship with , Colonialism, and National Identity.
  • Bilingual National Identity Development.
  • The Importance of the Old Age Pension Institution and Its Influence on Society.
  • Reasons for Newfoundland’s Joining as the Tenth Province.

Want to dive into questions of national identity? We gathered all actual Canadian identity essay topics in a new blog post.

Controversial Canadian History Topics

  • Internment Camps in Canada: Reasons, Context, Results.
  • Were Internment Camps Necessary?
  • Separatist Movement in Quebec in the 20th century and its Influence on the Country.
  • Front de Libération du Québec: Were The Methods Justifiable?
  • Quiet Revolution and the Modernization of Quebec.
  • Should the Constitution Be Signed by all Provinces? Explore Quebec’s position.
  • Establishment of the Income Tax in 1917 as “temporary wartime measures.”
  • The controversy of the 1928 Supreme Court Act that stated Women are not “Persons” to be elected to Public Office.
  • Struggle for Equal Rights for Female and Male Workers and Society in the first half of 20th century.
  • Cold War and the Establishment of NATO: Should Canada have joined NATO?
  • Quebec’s Separation Referendum and its Impact on the Country and Provinces’ Equality.
  • Jeanne Sauve, first female General Governor of Canada, Her Government, and Politics.
  • Manitoba Schools Question.
  • Immigration Policy, Its Development, and Results.
  • Establishing Bilingual Society and Its Influence on the National Identity.
  • Controversy Behind Aboriginal Assimilation.

Unique Topics On Canadian History For College Students

Here are several more Canadian history essay topics you can benefit from. Pick one of them for your university paper or to use as a debate subject.

If you need examples of an essay or more information, you can check out research paper writing service .

  • Explore Results and Benefits of the USA-Canada free Trade Agreement.
  • Canadian Historical Role as a Peacemaker.
  • Development of Canadian Identity and Contributing Factors.
  • The BNA Act and the Constitution (1982).
  • Cold War in Canada and Communist Fear.
  • Relations Between Provinces and the Country.
  • The Regina Riot and Its Justification.
  • Radical Political Movements in Canada.
  • Differences Between Participation in WWI vs WWII.
  • International Policy vs Non Participation in the Vietnam War.
  • How The Cuban Missile Crisis Affected USA-Canada Relationships.
  • World’s Peacekeeper Role and National Identity.
  • 1960’s Tension between French and English Provinces
  • The Industrial Revolution and The Working Class.
  • Bennett vs King’s Governments, their measures against the Great Depression.
  • National Identity in 20th century vs in the 21st century.

By choosing interesting Canadian history topics, you are investing in the success of your paper. Pick a relevant one for your interests that has a scientific value. This list of topics on Canadian history may inspire you for future research and if you need - ask us for fast history homework help . Or you can take one of them directly to create an interesting paper. It is important to learn history to prevent mistakes in the future. It is also crucial to understand national identity.

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Income level: High Income Population: 35.54 million (“Data” 2014) GDP at market prices (Current US$): $1.785 trillion (“Data” 2014).

GDP per capita (current US$):

$50,230.8 (“Data” 2014). GDP growth (annual %): 2.44 (“Data” 2014). FDI Inflows: $59.6 billion in 2014 (“Trade Policy Review” 5). FDI Outflows: $58.2 billion in 2014 (“Trade Policy Review” 5).

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Telecommunications is one of the most stable industries of the twenty-first century due to its growing relevance in the globalization era. It has become a basic need, and it is for this reason that the sector was cushioned from the adverse effects of the 2008-2010 financial crises in the Americas. However, compared to Brazil, the Canadian telecommunications market is more advanced and has more restrictions for entry of new industry players.

Government Control and Interference in the Canadian Telecom Sector

Employment Equity Act Reports Examples

Nursing and health policy in america and canada literature review samples, water issues between canada & the usa report examples, social welfare: aboriginal land claims in canada argumentative essays example, cdn econ problems/policies essays example, good example of term paper on canadian mining companies overseas.

Most Canadian companies operating overseas are constantly ignoring the issue of human rights of the communities in host countries. This is because of the absence of legislation that regulates the activities of subsidiaries of Canadian mining companies in host countries. The companies should include in their financial reports these societal costs to promote transparency.

Canadian Boarder Policy Critical Thinking Examples

Research paper on canadian healthcare system.

Slide 1: Canadian Health System

Example Of Research Paper On Financing Of Health Care Programs

Compare and Contrast socialized healthcare between Canada with free market healthcare in the US

Both Canada and United States health care programs are most admirable globally. However, in comparison Canadian health care system is used by U.S policy makers as a model in betterment of its healthcare programs because it has been more effective.

Essay On Impoverished First Nations Women In Canada

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Essay Samples on Canada

Is the canadian justice system fair an examination of equity.

The question of whether the Canadian justice system is fair is a topic of ongoing debate and scrutiny. As a cornerstone of a democratic society, the justice system is expected to uphold principles of equality, due process, and justice for all. This essay delves into...

  • Criminal Justice

The Vital Role of Immigration in Sustaining Canada's Strength and Prosperity

Take a minute and sit down. See the community around you. Now imagine nothing, none of these people surrounding you, no buildings, empty and desolate . This is what most of Canada would look like, if it wasn't for the backs of immigrants in the...

  • Immigration

Soviet Union: Canadian VS Soviet-Born Perspective

The isolation and solitudinous nature of the Soviet Union influenced not only the internal perspective of its citizens but also the world view from it’s Cold War rivals. The political insights were kept from the common public and the outside. The story of my father,...

  • Soviet Union

Discussing Whether and Why College Should Not Be Free

Post-secondary learning in Canada should be remunerated or gratis? Each of us at least once asked this question. Many people imagine that schooling ought to be at no cost; others that gratis schooling cannot be good in Canada. The issue is college teaching very topical...

  • College Tuition

The Media Depiction of Canada and Information About a Country

Mass media plays a big role in the development of a country and shaping the image of a country whether it is within the country or in the outer world. Newspaper, magazine, radio, television and internet are different types of broadcasting mediums through which one...

  • Developed Country

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Abortion Rights of Women in Canadian Society

Social justice is “the equal access to wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society,” (Pachamama Alliance). With that being said, the topic of women’s abortion rights in Canada is a social justice issue given that it could not check those boxes even in today’s society....

  • Reproductive Rights

Factors Of Aboriginal Students' Academic Achievements

Introduction In 2016, the Aboriginal population accounts for 4.9% of the total Canadian population, and about one-quarter of the Aboriginal people are under 14 years old (Statistic Canadian, 2019). This means that Aboriginal children will play important role in the Canadian future. However, according to...

  • Academic Achievements

Aspects of Canadian Political Reality Intersectionalities Approach

Intersectionality may be defined as a theory that shows how social and cultural categories interact. It shows that various social identities like race, gender class, disability, sexuality, place of origin and nationality are interconnected and contribute to systemic oppression and discrimination experienced by some societies....

  • Intersectionality
  • Political Philosophy

Continuity And Change over Time In Canadian Society

After the Great War, Canada changed a lot during the 1920s and 1930s. For example,the Group Seven, new technologies and changes in the role of women. The Group Seven——founded in 1920, the Group Seven is an organization that calls itself as the modern artist. Apart...

  • Great Depression

Change And Continuity in Canadian Society Over Time

The world had witnessed major changes in East Asia from their society, economy, and political aspects. Concurrently, they also reserve their culture values and fundamental ideologies or belief systems from their pasts. The twentieth century is an era fulfilled with the revolution, war, and reform....

The Impact Of Legalizing Marijuana In Canada

Marijuana just recently got legalized in Canada as we all know. There are many pros and cons of it. Its good sides consist of treating people in depression for the cancer treatment in which chemo therapy does not show any good response. On the other...

  • Marijuana Legalization

Life In Canada Is Better Now Than 50 Years Ago

The first criterion for which Canada would be considered a better country are the voting rights. It allows the country to be better represented, as everyone eligible has the opportunity to vote. In the past, certain races, as well as women, were discriminated against, and...

  • Economic Development

Positive And Negative Impacts Of Medical Tourism On Canadian Healthcare

Issue Medical tourism can be quite appealing to Canadians; however, it can lead to healthcare delivery challenges with potential ethical and medical-legal risks. Reasons Demographic variations, especially aging population, along with rising incidence of chronic conditions add to demand for better health services. Waiting times,...

  • Medical Tourism

Changes Experienced By Canada Throughout Its History And Further Development

Canada has faced many significant changes throughout its history, with revolutionary advancements in technology, large growth in the economy, and an increase in the reconciliation of the Indigenous peoples. These changes caused controversies, broke traditional viewpoints, and ultimately allowed Canada to grow into a nation...

Review Of The Cultural Competence And Identity In Canada

“Culture could be defined like the set of traditions, beliefs, customs, history, folklore, and institutions of a group of people. Culture is shared by people of the same ethnicity, language, nationality, or religion. It's a system of rules that are the base of what we...

  • Cultural Identity

Pierre Trudeau: The Man Who Shaped Canadian Identity

Since World War I, the Prime Minister who has contributed most to shaping Canada’s identity is Pierre Trudeau. He was in office from 1968 to 1984, governing Canada for a total of fifteen years. This time in office gave Trudeau many opportunities to change Canada...

  • National Identity

Free Speech, An Integral Part Of Canadian Democracy

Free speech is a critical component of a democratic and free society, therefore, it should not be regulated. Canadians are lucky enough to live in a free and democratic society where we have the right to make our views and opinions known. Unfortunately, many people...

  • Free Speech

History And Chronology Of The French Settlement In Montréal

The world today is full of the complex fields of technology, growing industries, and humanities. One place that has developed a great amount is the country of Canada. It has been ranked highly for its quality of life, its relationship with the United States, and...

  • International Trade

Tommy Douglas And The Creation Of Canadian Utopia

Pension and unemployment insurance guaranteed the lives of the elder and poor. Tommy Douglas witnessed the hardship caused by the Great Depression, which set him on the path of social reform. In 1934, Tommy Douglas was elected to congress as the national assembly of the...

  • Tommy Douglas

The Influence Of The Montreal Winter Carnival On The Canadian Identity

Amid the second Industrial revolution, the Montreal Winter Carnivals were a pivotal point in history for establishing Canada’s national identity. The winter carnivals took place in the years 1883, 1884, 1885, 1887, and 1889 and were six-day long events held during the last week of...

Impacts Of The Red Scare On The Canadian Society

The “Red Scare” is a powerful and controversial term used to promote communism within a society. In the late 1940s, the cold war was declared in Canada which was against the Soviet Union and the beginning of the western democratic becoming suspicious of the communist...

An In-Depth Analysis of Quebec's Landform and Economic State

Physical Information There’s many different landform regions in Canada, however in Québec theirs four (Harris, A. 2019). Quebec’s landform region consist of the St. Lawrence Lowlands, the Appalachians highlands, Hudson bay and Arctic lowlands and the Canadian Shield (Harris, A. 2019). These Landform regions affect...

The Changes in Canada That Make It a Developed Country

Ever wondered how life in Canada was back then, and how it compares to life now? Many things have changed since the past, for the better and most people take it for granted. I believe Canada is a better place now for the following reasons:...

Transformation and Remodelling of Canada's Landforms

Over the course of years our orbiting planet has gone through construction, reconstruction, and destruction. These actions have shaped many countries and our very own Canada’s land to the way it is today. Through many years of developing, the earth’s crust is the way it...

  • Niagara Falls

 Newspaper Summary and Reference Assignment  on the Gun Control Issues in Canada

The large discussion about gun violence and gun legislation have been a highly debated topic. However, in recent times Canadians have grown concern over the prevalence it has in our larger cities. Gun violence is an issue within Canada because there are ineffective policies to...

  • Gun Control

How Tecumseh, Lord Selkirk and Isaac Brock Impacted the History of Canada

The three most important figures in British North America’s history from 1770 to 1820 Tecumseh, Isaac Brock, and Lord Selkirk. They made a lot of contributions in British North America’s history from starting the Pan-Indian Movement to defending the borders of Canada from the U....

  • World History

A Study of Margaret Atwood and Her Poetic World: This Is a Photograph of Me, Spelling

Margaret Atwood has deeply involved with nationalism and the rise of independent cultural values in Canada. Although she has spent a lot of time in America but she has never thought herself as an American poet. She is a poetess with different attitude. She shows...

The Role of the Battle of Juno on the Canadian Independence

The battle of Juno was an unimaginably significant part of canadian history and is to thank for all of Canada’s future success in world conflict and stability. The battle of Juno was a part of a much bigger invasion called Operation Overlord; a coordinated attack...

Masculinity: A Leading Health Risk for Young Men in Canada 

Traditional ideals of masculinity such as appearance, leadership, and emotions can have a negative impact on a young man’s health, especially here in Canada. For some men, the desire to meet the ideal of being attractive and in shape can have a negative effect on...

  • Masculinity

Greenhouse Gas Emissions within Canada

Greenhouse gases (GHG’s) are a major influence on climate change, and have a variety of sources, both manmade and natural. GHGs are a collection of gases contained in Earth’s atmosphere, and act as the meaning suggests, a greenhouse for the planet. These gases are beneficial...

  • Climate Change
  • Greenhouse Gas

History of the Canadian Educational System

Introduction The system of education that existed in precolonial Canada was the “traditional community based socialization”, an informal education practised by the aboriginals. Prior to colonization in the 1600s the traditional education that existed among the indigenous population was replaced with formal Euro-Canadian education (Stonechild...

  • History of Education

Issues with the Lack of Adult Education Programs in Canada

The topic of education is nevertheless a subject of great importance, shifting the attention toward postsecondary education and the challenging problems it faces in Canada. With our growing demographics, rapid economical changes, and more developed advances, the upsurge of low-skilled populations has a detrimental economical...

  • Adult Education Program

The Development of Progressive Health Care System in Canada

Health care in Canada has improved drastically from the 16th to the 21st century, but how much has improved just in the past 100 years? Health care in Canada includes not only medicine and how well hospitals can treat patients but also medical education, and...

  • Health Care Policy

Canadian Health Care: The Journey from Medicare to Universal Health Care

“Medicare is a Canadian success story. Not perfect, but good enough to be envied by much of the world.” — H.L. Mencken. Canadians embrace their public healthcare system more passionately than any other public program. In Ontario the government spends $254 billion with that being...

Tommy Douglas as the Key Figure in Canadian Politics

Before World War II health care across Canada for the most part was both privately provided and funded. This was changed in 1932 when the Great Depression hit Saskatchewan, and a Baptist Minister named Tommy Douglas joined the Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation. Tommy saw the suffering...

The Role of Canadian Women in the 1920s

World War One was a depressing and horrific event that took place during the years 1914-1918. Many lives were taken over the span of the war and countless changes took place during and after the war to adapt to the situation at hand. Canada gained...

The Involvement of Canada in the Vietnam War

In the TDSB throughout the Canadian history curriculum students learn about WW1 and WW2. From the trench warfare to the attack on pearl harbour and to the creation and use of the atom bomb, the students learn of the causes and consequences of these events....

  • Vietnam War

Why Canada Is A Just Society For Women

Despite the various forms of injustice women in Canada have faced both in the past and as well as today, Canada has been a just society for women and still continues to be a just society for women today, considering Canada has given women equal...

  • Just Society
  • Women's Rights

Socialization Principles and Foundations of Canadian Education System

The functionalist perspective states that for society to work and have social stability, social structures need to have stable patterns. These social structures can either help maintain social stability or fail to do so. This approach focuses on the macro-level structures in our society (Brym,...

  • Socialization

The Foundations of the Canadian Health Care System

The Founding principle of the Canadian health care system is solely based on the need for service, and not the ability to pay. The topic of Health Policy in Canada is often surrounded by controversial arguments and elements of conflicts. The Canadian healthcare system is...

Quebec as the Cultural and Economical Centre of Canada

History Quebec was controlled by the Algonquian, Inuit and Iroquois nations until Europe began to send explorers there in the early 17th century. Living nomadic lives that depended on hunting and fishing the Algonquian were at home in the rugged terrain in which they lived...

Corporal Pinishment Laws in Canada

In Canada, there are a number of laws and policies in place to ensure the safety of all Canadians, especially those who are the most vulnerable in our society; children. In our society if a crime is witnessed, we are able to call or report...

  • Corporal Punishment

The History of My Family: The Diverse Canadian Ancestry

Canada is a land rich in history and diversity. There are many Canadians who have come from different backgrounds, cultures, and faiths. A wide majority of these Canadians are not originally from Canada, unlike the indigenous people, and have immigrated here. They each have a...

  • Family History

Improvement of Canada's Safety with Community Policing

Throughout the history of Canada, as well as many other countries, there have been efforts to make each country a safer place. This can be seen in Canada from laws being established to protect individuals to changing the healthcare system to provide services for individuals...

  • Community Policing

The Failure of Canadian Legislature to Support Surrogacy

Surrogacy is defined as an arrangement by which a woman gives birth to a baby on behalf of a woman who is physically unable to have babies herself, and then gives the baby to her. It is meaningful in different ways for every person involved....

  • Women's Health

Macroeconomics and Nutrition in Canada

Macroeconomics is a study of economics that tells about the overall economy it deals with the Gross domestic product (GDP), national income, inflation, rate of economic growth, changes in unemployment, and price level. Canadian research on food guide, firstly they have researched the previous research...

  • Macroeconomics

The Significance of D-day to Canada’s Development

Have you ever heard about D-day? D-day was a battle that took place in WW2. The allies invaded the enemies on the beach on June 6, 1944. The place in which Canada mainly fought was between British forces, a place named Juno beach. D-day was...

Development of Children from Marginalized Groups in Canada

Difference in the members of the groups, defined according to the social, economical, demographical or geographical status, no unfair, avoidable and remediable differences present in these groups, this is called equity (WHO 2007). Value of equity in public health, only possible by knowing social justice...

Organ Shortage and the Need for Organ Donation in Canada

At only 57-years-old Ontario resident Matin Khan was left to fight excruciating pain as she slowly became paralyzed, following her mission to find a kidney in Pakistan, which quickly went wrong. After she returned to Canada, the donated organ became infected and swollen, causing fluid...

The Disadvantages of Quebec Separation on Both Quebec and Canada

Quebec is one of Canada's French-speaking provinces, and it has an impressive role in Canada's trade and business. The first referendum was held in 1980 proposing that Quebec be independent. The referendum context was to have a new economic and political partnership separate from the...

Hunting and Fishing Rights as per Our Predecessors

For many years many indigenous people lived off hunting and fishing for survival and still do today. Many indigenous people's rights to hunt and fish mean so much more than just a hobby or sport, to others it could be survival, culture and much more....

Regulations of Prostitution and Sex Trade in Canada

Introduction Basic morality is widely known as the guiding principle for our legal system, explaining why things like murder and assault are criminalized; but what about adult prostitution? Reasonably, the law argues that it is because prostitution often comes alongside dangerous activities such as drug...

  • Prostitution

Community Service as a Tool to Lower Crime Rates

Court-Ordered Service - an Effective Way to Reduce Crime Laws have been put in place to restrict the potential unethical behaviours of citizens. When one breaks a law, there may be severe punishments. Major crimes result in arrest and conviction, possibly a life sentence to...

  • Community Service
  • Criminal Law

Building Democratic Canada With Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech Free speech is a critical component of a democratic and free society, therefore, it should not be regulated. Canadians are lucky enough to live in a free and democratic society where we have the right to make our views and opinions known....

  • Freedom of Speech

Benefits of Dialogue Theory in Court and Legislature

Is the Dialogue Theory beneficial in the relations of the Court and Legislature? The Post-Charter Canada has given the Courts “teeth” in the realm of the political atmosphere and started a dialogue with the government in regards to legislation. Due to the array of issues...

Top Most Interesting Places You Have To Visit In Canada

Introduction I love to travel for a few reasons. First, you naturally become a curious being. You are a traveller, tourist, backpacker, etc and even the most basic thing on a trip becomes an adventure - like catching a bus between cities. Second, you are...

Canada- Taking A Look Behind The Curtain Of Lies

Canada - the world’s second largest country. It is home to the world’s longest street, highway, and freshwater beach. Yeah, it has some of the world’s longer things in it, I suppose you could say. It also has one of the world’s longest-lasting debts, a...

  • Role of Government

Gender Gaps Between Man And Woman In Canadian Film Making

Cinema, Media And Technology With this assignment, I seek to address that; women have made some progress in Canadian film making and distributing but, still remain under- represented in the technical and artistic process of the industry. When 50.4 percent of the Canadian population makes...

Opportunities And Challenges In Construction Industry In Canada And Ontario

The construction industry of Ontario, Canada has been growing in recent years and is expected to continue growing in future. Despite this growth, 70% of contractors say they have difficulty finding more qualified people or professionals workers who fits these growing positions. This gap between...

  • Construction

Challenges Immigrants Face In Canada

Do new challenges make human strong emotionally and mentally in new culture? Canada is a diverse and multicultural country which leads many opportunities for native as well as foreigners and that attract the attention of immigrants to get migrated in terms of getting good education,...

Ethics And Equity Issues Of Engineering Profession In Canadian Society

The engineering profession believes that it must be reflective of the variety in Canadian society. But currently, numerous corporations are underrepresented in engineering, notably women and Aboriginals. Women make up extra than half of the Canadian population however include much less than 14 cent of...

  • Engineering
  • Personal Ethics

History and Life Style of Alberta, a Province of Canada

Canada is one of the best country in the world. People came here from the various corners of the world for the jobs and for the good life style because Canadian life style is very famous in the world. There are 10 Provinces in the...

  • Freedom of Expression

Involving And Integrating Indigenous Communities Around Canada

Since the creation of capitalism businesses have been interested in doing one thing: making money. Since remaining profitable is the number one goal, many Canadian businesses that sell or are in any way related to Native Americans don’t directly involve them into their business model...

  • Indigenous People

Canadian Government: Rent Payment To First Nations.

Throughout modern history, colonization is often remembered through two very distinct views. The first view lies within the eyes of the colonizer who claims to have stumbled upon ‘free land’ and thus laid claim to it. The other view lies between the colonized who were...

  • Political Participation

My Intend To Study Design Engineering In Canada

Since my childhood, I have always been fond of cars and bikes. I was always curious to know how the machines behind these models actually works. This ultimately grew my interest in the field of science and mechanics during my time at school which further...

Pillars Of Economic Growth And Their Impact On Canadian Economy

There are four pillars of economic development. Infrastructure In infrastructure, different kind of levels like Highways, rails, ports, power, water, broadband, fuel and real estate are included. If any country has these essential resources that country automatically be a developed country by using these resources....

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The Impact Of Alcohol Prohibition On Canada

I chose the prohibition as my historical event because it was like an experiment gone bad. But it did have a great effect on the present and the time after the prohibition. It occurred at different times in different provinces in the early 1900’s. Prohibition...

  • Alcohol Law
  • Prohibition

The Importance Of Multiculturalism In Developing Countries Using Kenya And Canada

Introduction: Multiculturalism is defined as a way of different cultures and races coming together and respecting and learning each other’s traditions and values for the growth of ideas and betterment of lifestyle and the nation. This idea of multiculturalism brings different communities and cultures together...

  • Multiculturalism

The Article “Abolishing The Indian Act Means Eliminating First Nations’ Rights”

The graphic novel is about the practices adopted to enforce law in the indigenous law which is also known as the creed law. In creed law, there is a group of people who have one leader for them. The leader is trusted with decisions for...

Indigenous Government In The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

Addressing this question with an open mind, I hope to engage in an active discussion, where different opinions on the initial question are further examined. After reviewing sources provided in Module 2, I believe the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms should automatically apply to...

Health Unit Health Disparities Report

Introduction The District of Algoma Health Unit (DAHU) is situated in Northern Ontario, between the Thunder Bay District Health Unit and Sudbury District Health Unit. It has a total population of 114,785 and its largest city is Sault Ste. Marie, which has a population of...

  • Public Health

Examining Injustice in Alimony Laws on Examples of Divorce Cases in Quebec

In Canada, the first ever official divorce laws were adopted in 1960. Back then, marriage was the norm for couples. However, nowadays, couples tend not to get married and opt for common law unions. Despite this situation, spousal support laws haven’t been changed. This essay...

History Of Ontario Minimum Wage

IMPACTS OF CHANGING MINIMUM WAGE Raising minimum wage would have remarkable impacts - both negative and positive, on the entire market, composing of: individual business government. Individual: Pros: Workers can afford further living expenses or upgrade their living standards, such as: pay their bills on...

  • Minimum Wage

Indigenous Studies: First Peoples’ Stories In Canada- Current Issues Fall 2018

The following paragraphs below will talk about a specific residential school located in British Columbia. As of many other residential schools, unfortunately the tragic events that took place at this residential school followed the same faith as of many other residential schools. The events that...

How Pain Is Addressed In And Chinese And Canadian Culture

Introduction Canada is a diverse country that allows individuals to express their values and beliefs freely. Culture means something different to everyone, everyone has a unique set of customs and practices that they choose to lead their lives with. The topic of pain is an...

  • Chinese Culture

The Analysis Of Canada's Welfare State

Canada’s current economic welfare state has proven to be beneficial through the years, due to its socio-economic class and social well-being of its citizens. Workers compensation has helped both employees and employers support one another in the case, where an accident occurs. For workers in...

Canadian Film, Digital Media, Publishing, And Music Industries

Television and Film production industries These industries include companies that are involved in pre-production and post-production, visual effects and animation where they produce various kind of T.V show, different types of movie genres, documentaries, and so on. After production, these industries either sell it or...

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The Policy Against Obesity In Canada

With Canada being labeled as one of countries with the most overweight population in OECD’s 2017 Obesity Calendar, there is a rising concern among policy makers to battle this epidemic. At least 25.8% of Canada’s population above the age of 15 is considered obese. (Ferreras)...

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14. Changes Experienced By Canada Throughout Its History And Further Development

15. Review Of The Cultural Competence And Identity In Canada

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Current Political Structure of Canada

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Words: 362 |

Published: Jan 29, 2019

Words: 362 | Page: 1 | 2 min read

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Current Political Structure of Canada Essay

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canadian government essay topics

3 Essays on Canada that Carve Out a Deeper Understanding of the Country!

Canada, a mosaic of landscapes, cultures, and histories, is a captivating subject of exploration. In this collection, we delve into three distinct aspects of this diverse nation.

From its breathtaking wilderness to its multicultural society and rich history, these essays provide a glimpse into the multifaceted tapestry that defines Canada.

Table of Contents

Essay 1: Why is Canada a Good Place to Live and Work

Canada, with its picturesque landscapes, vibrant cities, and diverse culture, stands as an attractive destination for individuals seeking a better quality of life and ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Its reputation as a welcoming and progressive nation is not unfounded, as it is supported by a multitude of factors that contribute to making Canada a prime choice for living and working.

One of the foremost reasons that make Canada a great place to live and work is its commitment to inclusivity and diversity. The country is often celebrated as a cultural mosaic, where people from various ethnic backgrounds coexist harmoniously.

This commitment to diversity is beautifully epitomized in cities like Toronto, where one can experience a tapestry of cultures, languages, and traditions. Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, succinctly captures this ethos, stating, “Canada is strong not in spite of our differences, but because of them.”

This emphasis on celebrating differences has resulted in an open and accepting society that welcomes immigrants and fosters a sense of belonging.

Furthermore, Canada’s robust healthcare and education systems add to its allure. The country offers universal healthcare, ensuring that every citizen and permanent resident has access to essential medical services.

This safety net provides peace of mind to residents, knowing that their health concerns will be addressed without facing crippling financial burdens. In the realm of education, Canada boasts world-class institutions that consistently rank among the top globally.

The quality of education, coupled with the multicultural environment, attracts students from around the world, creating a dynamic and intellectually stimulating atmosphere.

Canada’s natural beauty is another undeniable draw. From the breathtaking Rocky Mountains to the serene shores of its many lakes, the country offers a plethora of outdoor activities and a chance to reconnect with nature.

The preservation of its environment is a testament to Canada’s commitment to sustainable practices and high quality of life. The words of renowned environmentalist David Suzuki ring true in this context: “Canada is a country whose main exports are hockey players and cold fronts.

Our main imports are baseball players and acid rain.” The emphasis on protecting the environment for future generations underscores the nation’s dedication to both its citizens and the world at large.

Economically, Canada stands as a stable and prosperous nation. Its thriving industries, such as technology, natural resources, and finance, provide ample employment opportunities.

The country’s sound economic policies and prudent financial regulations have shielded it from the worst impacts of global economic downturns. This stability ensures job security and a promising future for those who choose to build their careers within its borders.

In addition, Canada’s commitment to social welfare is admirable. The Canadian social safety net includes unemployment benefits, affordable housing programs, and support for families and seniors.

This safety net promotes social cohesion and alleviates financial stress during challenging times. Former Canadian Prime Minister, Lester B. Pearson, encapsulated this sentiment: “We are not here to boast; we are here to do a job.” This dedication to serving the needs of its citizens speaks volumes about the nation’s values and priorities.

In conclusion, Canada’s well-deserved reputation for quality living and work is supported by diversity, healthcare, education, nature, stability, and welfare. A prime choice for a fulfilling life, Canada’s allegiance to citizens shines as a global opportunity beacon.

Essay 2: Refugees in Canada: A Path to Hope and Opportunity

Canada, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse culture, has also gained international recognition for its compassionate approach toward refugees.

The topic of refugees in Canada is one that has sparked both admiration and intrigue. In this essay, we will explore the country’s exceptional stance on refugee resettlement, the impact of refugees on Canadian society, and the role of global leaders in promoting this humanitarian cause.

Canada’s commitment to providing a safe haven for refugees is emblematic of its values and principles. Over the years, the Canadian government has consistently demonstrated its dedication to welcoming those fleeing conflict and persecution. The Canadian refugee resettlement program, which has been praised worldwide, is a testament to the nation’s belief in offering a second chance to those in need.

As former Prime Minister Justin Trudeau aptly stated, “Canada is a country built on immigration, and that diversity only makes us stronger.” These words encapsulate the essence of Canada’s approach to refugees, portraying them not as a burden, but as valuable contributors to the nation’s fabric.

In recent years, Canada has witnessed the profound impact of refugees on its society and economy. Far from being a mere humanitarian gesture, the integration of refugees has enriched Canada culturally, socially, and economically.

According to a study conducted by the Conference Board of Canada, immigrants, including refugees, play a crucial role in fostering innovation and driving economic growth. Their unique experiences and perspectives contribute to a vibrant tapestry of ideas, propelling Canada forward in an increasingly interconnected world.

This sentiment is echoed by entrepreneur and philanthropist, Elon Musk, who remarked, “The value of immigrants to the U.S. economy and to innovation is pretty much unassailable.” This sentiment holds true for Canada as well, as refugees continue to invigorate various sectors and communities across the country.

Furthermore, Canada’s support for refugees extends beyond its borders, signaling its commitment to global solidarity. The nation’s participation in international efforts to address the refugee crisis exemplifies its role as a responsible global citizen.

Former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, praised Canada for being a “model for other countries,” highlighting its dedication to finding sustainable solutions for displaced populations.

Canada’s engagement in diplomatic initiatives and financial contributions underscores its belief in collective action and the importance of shouldering the responsibility of refugee protection on a global scale.

In conclusion, Canada shines as a beacon of compassion, offering hope and setting a global example with its welcoming approach to refugees. Through sanctuary, positive societal impact, and international engagement, Canada’s inclusivity and humanity stand out. Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai’s words remind us of the world-changing power of education. Canada’s embrace of refugees parallels this, providing a new book, a fresh start, and the chance to rewrite life stories. In doing so, Canada not only transforms refugees’ lives but also reshapes its own narrative, rooted in empathy, understanding, and the limitless potential of human resilience.

Essay 3: Multiculturalism In Canada

Multiculturalism, a concept that celebrates diversity and fosters inclusivity, has become a defining feature of modern societies. Canada, often cited as a paragon of multiculturalism, stands as a shining example of how a nation can embrace various cultures while maintaining social cohesion. This essay delves into the significance of multiculturalism in Canada, exploring its historical roots, societal implications, and the lessons it offers to the world.

Canada’s embrace of multiculturalism can be traced back to its history of immigration and settlement. Waves of immigrants from diverse corners of the globe have shaped the nation’s cultural fabric.

The policy of multiculturalism was officially recognized in 1971 when the Canadian government adopted the Multiculturalism Policy of Canada. This policy not only acknowledges the importance of cultural diversity but also promotes equality and social harmony among all citizens, irrespective of their backgrounds.

One of the remarkable aspects of Canada’s multiculturalism is its positive impact on society. Rather than creating isolated enclaves, multiculturalism has encouraged communities to interact, share, and learn from one another.

The result is a rich tapestry of traditions, languages, and perspectives that contribute to the nation’s dynamism. For instance, in cities like Toronto and Vancouver, one can find neighborhoods where Chinese markets coexist with Indian restaurants, creating a fusion of flavors and experiences that reflect the global village we live in.

In the words of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, “A society that emphasizes uniformity is one which creates intolerance and hate.” This sentiment underscores the wisdom of embracing multiculturalism.

When individuals are encouraged to express their unique identities, they are more likely to feel valued and respected, reducing the potential for social tensions. The Canadian approach of recognizing and celebrating diverse cultures has led to a society where citizens proudly identify with their heritage while also considering themselves Canadian.

However, multiculturalism is not without its challenges. Striking a balance between preserving cultural traditions and fostering a unified national identity can be intricate. Some critics argue that multicultural policies may inadvertently lead to cultural silos, hindering the assimilation of immigrants into the broader society.

To address this concern, it is crucial to promote activities that facilitate cross-cultural interactions, such as cultural festivals, language exchange programs, and collaborative community initiatives.

Former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan once remarked, “Tolerance, inter-cultural dialogue, and respect for diversity are more essential than ever in a world where peoples are becoming more and more closely interconnected.”

Canada’s commitment to multiculturalism aligns with this sentiment, offering a model for nations grappling with issues of identity and diversity. As countries face the challenges of globalization and increasing cultural intermingling, the Canadian experience underscores the importance of nurturing an environment where individuals from various backgrounds can coexist harmoniously.

In conclusion, Canada’s multiculturalism shines as a beacon of unity in our divided world. Its history, policies, and societal harmony showcase the power of embracing diversity. Canada celebrates differences, inspiring an inclusive global community. Let’s learn from this model and build a world that thrives on understanding and diversity. endeavor to create a global community that thrives on diversity and understanding.

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Canadian Government Essays

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Canadian Government - Essay Example

Canadian Government

  • Subject: History
  • Type: Essay
  • Level: College
  • Pages: 3 (750 words)
  • Downloads: 2
  • Author: skuhn

Extract of sample "Canadian Government"

Canada is a democratic country, practicing what is known as the liberal form of democracy (Mintz, Tossutti, and Dunn 8). This paper purports to discuss and analyze the different types of democratic governments in relation to the Canadian political system, highlighting some of the pros and cons of the practiced form. As already mentioned, the Canadian government is liberal in nature. Liberal democracy essentially imparts greater freedom to the public than is offered by the simple definition of democracy which merely empowers the general public to choose their political representatives through voting and elections (Mintz, Tossutti, and Dunn 8).

Liberal democracy ensures greater empowerment through three stipulations: the government works within a legally defined parameter and is checked by rules and laws, written in the form of a constitution; the public has freedom to gather and express political views through a free media and open access to information; and the political representatives compete in a fair election where the public is free to choose amongst them through open voting (Mintz, Tossutti, and Dunn 8). A democratic government, be it liberal or otherwise, can be of one of two basic forms: direct and representative or indirect.

The direct form of democratic government is essentially what was practiced in the Greek politics, where the general public is literally given the power to choose and plan every law and policy that the government proposes and wishes to implement (Mintz, Tossutti, and Dunn 7). These policies and laws are voted upon by the public, so that the voting system is not restricted merely to the election of the representatives (Mintz, Tossutti, and Dunn 7). However, this system is not appropriate and practical for the modern day complex societies (Mintz, Tossutti, and Dunn 7).

Therefore, an indirect method of democracy is practiced whereby the public chooses their representatives who then make the appropriate laws and policies without public intervention (Mintz, Tossutti, and Dunn 7). The government, in this case, is authorized to implement policies even by force, that is, through the use of the police and military, and other government agencies (Mintz, Tossutti, and Dunn 7). The public chooses the representatives that it considers to best serve their interests (Mintz, Tossutti, and Dunn 7).

The parties prepare an agenda beforehand on the basis of which they fight the elections. This agenda is often the only way of predicting the party’s course of action once it is in authority (Mintz, Tossutti, and Dunn 7). In turn, the government, at least that of Canada, is expected to be responsible, that is, it is answerable to the public, and has duties in the social and economic fields that it needs to fulfill to make the state a welfare state (Mintz, Tossutti, and Dunn 7). The representative form of democracy is

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canadian government essay topics


The Canadian Government

The Canadian government is a complex system of laws and regulations that governs the country. Canada’s Parliament is made up of the House of Commons and the Senate, and it creates the laws that Canada follows. The Prime Minister is the head of government, and he or she appoints ministers to lead different departments within the government.

Canada’s judicial system is made up of federal courts and provincial courts, which interpret and apply the laws passed by Parliament. The Constitution of Canada is also an important part of Canada’s government, setting out the basic rights and freedoms that all Canadians enjoy.

The Governor General of Canada is a representative for the monarch. The governor general is chosen by the queen on the advice of the Canadian government. Governors General deliver speeches from the throne, which outline the governments intentions, in Parliament’s opening ceremony. They also grant royal assent to bills and make key appointments, among other things. The function of a governor general is formal and ceremonial.

The Prime Minister is the head of the Canadian Government. He/she is elected by members of Parliment. The Prime Minister appoints Cabinet Ministers who are responsible for different areas of government such as health, justice, or finance. The Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers make decisions about what laws to pass and how to run the country.

Canada has a system of law based on English common law. This means that Canada’s laws are based on the laws that were developed in England. Canada also has its own constitution which sets out fundamental rights and freedoms that all people in Canada have. The Constitution can be changed only if the government and people of Canada agree to do so.

The Canadian Parliament is made up of two parts: the House of Commons and the Senate. The House of Commons is made up of Members of Parliament (MPs) who are elected by the people of Canada. The Senate is made up of Senators who are appointed by the Governor General. The job of MPs is to make laws and the job of Senators is to review laws.

Canada has a federal system of government which means that there are different levels of government in Canada. The federal government is responsible for things like national defence, immigration, and taxation. Provincial governments are responsible for things like health care, education, and transportation. Municipal governments are responsible for things like garbage collection, street lighting, and policing.

The Canadian flag has two parts: the red maple leaf and the white background. The maple leaf has been Canada’s symbol since the 18th century. The flag was officially adopted in 1965. Canada is a bilingual country which means that English and French are both official languages. English and French are both used in Parliament and in government documents.

There are also many bilingual schools in Canada. Canada is a multicultural country which means that people from all over the world have come to live in Canada. There are many different cultures and religions represented in Canada. Canada celebrates its diversity with events like Canada Day and Multiculturalism Day.

Ray Hnatyshyn is the incumbent Govener General. Jeanne Sauve was the most recent before her. The Senate is, in essence, a self-governing House of Commons. It establishes its own Speaker and manages its own affairs. The Prime Minister (I’ll call him the PM) appoints new senators when a vacancy occurs. By rejecting bills, the Senate serves as a check on the power of the House of Commons. The Senate has even introduced bills and passed them directly to the House of Commons.

The PM doesn’t have a lot of control over the Senate. Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories. The provinces all have their own governments, which deal with things like health care, education, and welfare. Canada has a federal system of government, which means that power is shared between the federal government and the provincial governments. The Constitution lays out how this works. Canada’s Constitution is also unusual because it’s been amended (changed) so many times.

Canada’s first Prime Minister was Sir John A. Macdonald. He was in office from 1867 to 1891. Canada became a country on July 1st, 1867. The Constitution says that Canada is a federation of provinces. This means that the provinces are part of Canada, and Canada is made up of provinces. The provinces have a lot of power to run their own affairs, and the federal government only deals with things that affect all of Canada, like defense, trade, and immigration. Canada has a parliamentary system of government.

This means that the Prime Minister is the head of the government, and he or she is appointed by the Governor General. The Prime Minister can appoint any member of parliament to be his or her cabinet minister. Cabinet ministers are in charge of different departments, like finance or health. Canada’s legal system is based on English common law. This means that Canada’s laws are based on the laws of England.

Canada also has a Charter of Rights and Freedoms which guarantees certain rights to Canadians, like freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The Charter is part of the Constitution, and it can’t be changed without the approval of both the House of Commons and the Senate. Canada is a bilingual country. This means that Canada has two official languages: English and French. Most government documents are in both languages, and both languages are used in parliament.

Canada’s economy is based on natural resources, like lumber, minerals, and oil. Canada also has a strong manufacturing sector. The biggest companies in Canada are called “chartered banks.” These are banks that have been given a special charter by the federal government. The biggest chartered bank in Canada is the Bank of Montreal.

Canada’s currency is called the “Canadian dollar.” The Canadian dollar is worth about the same as the American dollar. Canada’s flag is called the ” maple leaf flag.” It has three red stripes and a white stripe in the middle. The maple leaf is Canada’s national symbol. Canada is a member of the United Nations, NATO, and the G7. Canada is also a member of the World Trade Organization.

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  • Economic Intervention Every Day Our Government 471 words Economic Intervention Every day our government makes economic decisions that affect our country and ourselves. Some of these decisions are good and benefit our lives greatly; however, many of our government's decisions, such as where our tax money should go, are not in our best interests. The Canadian government, although it is tightening up it's measures now, has been very lax with our hard earned tax money. Things like government officials receiving unreasonable benefits, government loans bein...
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  • National Referendum Vote On The Charlottetown Accord 1,085 words What was the Charlottetown Accord The Charlottetown Accord was a body of legislation proposed by Federal and Provincial governments in 1992. The changes proposed in the draft of the Accord would have meant drastic changes to the constitution of Canada. There were five major changes to the Accord. The first was a modified Triple-E Senate, which would require a seventy- percent majority to defeat most federal bills that were proposed. The second change that would occur was to increase the number o...
  • Certain Canadian Citizens Throughout The Twentieth Century 1,095 words "Let me tell you my fellow countrymen, that the twentieth century shall be the century of Canada and of Canadian development", promised Wilfrid Laurier. Anxious Canadians waited for Wilfrid Laurier to fulfill his promise, waiting to seek new career opportunities and live prosperously. The nineteenth century was the century of American development; could the twentieth be the century of Canadian development? Many Canadians did see his promise fulfilled, those of European origin that is. To begin, ...
  • Power Plants 324 words On Thursday August 14th 2003 at approximately 4: 10 p.m. a massive power outage occurred in Ontario, Canada and northeastern United States. Nearly fifty million people were affected by this huge regional blackout. Ten million Canadians (about one third total Canadians) and forty million Americans (approximately one eight the population) were in the dark. 22 power plants was shutdown during the outage spanning 24,000 square kilometers. Communication by cell phone and means of transportation via r...

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Canadian Topics to Take Stage During 2024 FGIA Summer Conference June 3-6

Post Image

Several Canadian topics will be offered throughout the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) 2024 Summer Conference, June 3-6 in Montréal, QC. Participants will receive a firsthand look at what to expect in the realm of plastic regulations throughout Canada as well as the latest code and regulatory developments from an official within the Canadian government. Two French language sessions from Association de vitrerie et de fenestration du Québec (AVFQ) are also featured on the conference schedule . Register now for the FGIA 2024 Summer Conference in-person event or for the virtual experience .

“FGIA is thrilled to have an official from the Canadian government speak about energy initiatives and an industry expert address plastics regulations at this conference, giving participants a rare opportunity to ask their most pressing questions in person and get the answers they need,” said Amy Roberts, FGIA Director of Canadian and Technical Glass Operations. “We are also serving our local members by hosting two sessions in French, thanks to our exclusive partnership with AVFQ.”

canadian government essay topics

Plastics Regulations in Canada

On Tuesday, Dr. Peter Mirtchev ( Chemistry Industry Association of Canada ) will present a session called, “Plastics Regulations in Canada – What’s on the Horizon?” This session will discuss the proposed Canadian Federal Plastics Registry and the latest status of court action on the Canadian Environmental Protection Act’s original action to classify plastics as a toxic waste. The session will also cover Canadian regulations related to chemical use like restrictions on PFAS. Participants will learn about federal regulations that may impact the building and construction sector, as well as recycled content minimums for packaging. Mirtchev will also discuss the Federal Plastics Registry considerations for finished construction products, such as windows, doors, skylights and their components.

canadian government essay topics

Regulatory and Legislative Updates with Natural Resources Canada

During the Regulatory and Legislative report on U.S. and Canadian news and updates, which FGIA hosts at each conference, special guest speaker Adam Buist will share insights on future Canadian federal fenestration efficiency initiatives and policies. Buist is a Standards Engineer with Natural Resources Canada ’s Office of Energy Efficiency. He has contributed to projects in energy efficiency equipment research, renewable energy technology demonstrations and prototype field trial demonstrations for clients within the Canadian government.

AVFQ-sponsored French Language Sessions

In partnership with AVFQ , FGIA will offer two French language sessions at the FGIA Summer Conference for the first time. The first will cover compliance and alternative solutions in accordance with the Quebec Construction Code, Chapter l.1. A second session will address sealed units and applicable loads, covering calculation tools for units and railings.

In-person Registration

FGIA members can take advantage of member pricing for registration at the cost of $1,575. Non-members may register for $1,680. All fees include 5 percent Goods and Sales Tax (GST).

Virtual Registration

Individual virtual registration for FGIA members will be available at the price of $472.50. FGIA member companies may register 3-10 participants for a cost of $1,260. Non-member individuals may register for $1,680. All fees include 5 percent GST.

For more information about FGIA and its activities, visit .

Your trusted industry resource, setting the standards for fenestration and glazing.

Read more from FGIA, News, Events

Keynote Speaker Ken Gronbach Talks Housing, Immigration Impacts at FGIA Annual Conference

Keynote Speaker Ken Gronbach Talks Housing, Immigration Impacts at FGIA Annual Conference

FGIA Shares Top New Stories, Blog Posts from 2023

FGIA Shares Top New Stories, Blog Posts from 2023

Window & Door Magazine | Decoded Columns

Window & Door Magazine | Decoded Columns

Registration Now Open for the 2024 FGIA Southeast Region Virtual Meeting April 30

Registration Now Open for the 2024 FGIA Southeast Region Virtual Meeting April 30

AAMA and IGMA, two industry leaders, have unified to form an exponentially stronger alliance. Designed to help our members excel in a dynamic and fast-moving future, the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance, or FGIA, is focused on building better industry synergies from glass to framing.

FGIA | Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance

Real ID deadline is rapidly approaching, what to know about the new flight requirement

canadian government essay topics

The really real deadline to make your state-issued identified card, or driver’s license Real ID compliant will be here before you know it. 

And you won’t be fly domestically after 2025 without it. The government has been trying to make Real IDs a thing for a while, initially passing The Real ID act in 2005 in an attempt to set “minimum security standards” for state-issued identification documents.

The law was set to take effect in 2020 but was pushed back by the Department of Homeland Security over “backlogged transactions” at MVD offices nationwide as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to USA TODAY reporting . 

The May 2025 extension was necessary, DHS says, as state driver’s licensing agencies worked to address the mountains of paperwork, which in turn impacted the MVD’s ability to make any real progress on the Real ID rollout. 

“Following the enforcement deadline, federal agencies, including the Transportation Security Administration, will be prohibited from accepting driver’s licenses and identification cards that do not meet these federal standards,” DHS said in 2022. 

Learn more: Best travel insurance

That means every every traveler, 18 or older, must have a compliant form of identification in order to travel.

Here’s what to know. 

When does Real ID go into effect? 

The Real ID “full enforcement date” is Wednesday, May 7, 2025, according to DHS. 

When will a Real ID be required to fly?

You or your loved ones need to have a Real ID compliant document, driver’s license or identification card, by May 7, 2025. 

If you have another form of identification that is TSA-approved, like an up to date passport or a permanent resident card then you probably don’t need a Real ID compliant document.

Here are a couple TSA-approved alternatives, if you’re on the fence about getting a Real ID.

  • State issued enhanced driver’s license
  •  DHS trusted traveler cards (Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST)
  • U.S. Department of Defense ID, including IDs issued to dependents
  • Border crossing card
  • An acceptable photo ID issued by a federally recognized Tribal Nation/Indian Tribe
  •  HSPD-12 PIV card
  • Foreign government-issued passport
  •  Canadian provincial driver's license or Indian and Northern Affairs Canada card
  • Transportation worker identification credential
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Employment Authorization Card (I-766)
  • U.S. Merchant Mariner Credential
  •  Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC)

How long does it take to get a Real ID?

It will take about two weeks , or 15 business days to get your Real ID or Enhanced Driver’s License from your state's Motor Vehicle Department.

Enhanced driver’s licenses, which are only issued in a couple of states, including Washington, Michigan, Minnesota, New York and Vermont, are considered acceptable alternatives to REAL ID-compliant cards, DHS says. 

How do I know if I have a Real ID? 

All Real IDs will have a stamp on the right hand corner to show that the identification document meets federal standards set forth by The Real ID Act of 2005. 

The symbol stamped on your Real ID card will vary, depending on which state you obtain your new identification card from. 

What does a Real ID look like? 

Your Real ID will have most, if not all of the information that’s included on your driver’s license. 

The only difference is the seal included in the right-hand corner. 

Canadian Government, Ministers, and Cabinet Essay


Canada basically falls under federal government; the country is made up of diverse societies. Political institutions were created to reflect the British traditions. The concept of social interest confers powers to individuals for the benefit of the whole community. This is because power is central to the core social needs within the society. This justifies the reason as to why some people use power for the advancement of personal interests rather than for the benefit of the society. It could be realized within environments where majority react in competitive manner for their own benefits which ultimately build lots of mistrust amongst individuals making it difficult for prevalence of unity (Savoe 1-26).

The Prime Minister and ministers

Within the Canadian government, the prime minister is usually known to be the leader of the political party having majority seats within the House of Commons after general election. The role of the prime minister is known to be one of the most powerful in Canadian politics. As the Head of government, the prime minister is charged with the responsibility of being the head of the executive branch of the Canadian federal government.

The prime minister has the responsibility of providing solutions to the government through leadership (Prince 1-13). This is made possible by the necessary support from the cabinet appointed by the prime minister, political staff within the office as well as the Privy Council comprising of non-partisan public servants representing the public service (Whittington).

The prime minister as the chair of the cabinet selects cabinet ministers and makes decisions concerning the size of the cabinet. He assigns the ministers various responsibilities and portfolios regarding their departments. The selection of the cabinet ministers places into consideration regional, gender and ethnic balance ensuring fair representation. All the cabinet meetings are under the chair of the prime minister who controls the agendas.

The prime minister is also a party leader since he represents a political party. He or she is charged with the responsibility of explaining party policies and programs to members and ensuring that they are implemented. The prime minister as the Member of Parliament is responsible for leading and directing parliamentary proceedings and activities together with the ministers. He participates only in the debates considered important within the House of Commons as well as defending government and its policies (Whittington).

Power of the Prime Minister

The powers of the prime minister are dependent on the circumstances, context under which they are applied and the electoral directives. This implies that the powers are not in any way fixed to certain policies and rules; they depend on agency and structural constraints. Dominance of power by premier is fully dependent on the level of discharge on informal resources and the level of management on the dependency relationships alongside structural resources within the formal line. Prime minister is also accountable to some degree of personal power resources comprising of reputation, skills; the level of relation with the actual political success, the level of his popularity amongst the public and at the same time within his own political party (Prince 1-13).

The Prime minister also has got the institutional power which makes him or her be recognized as the legal head of the government, he has got the powers to set the agenda through the leadership of the cabinet committee and at the same time set the agenda through the management of the news through government media (Whittington). The prime minister has got the formal powers to appoint and demote ministers, the powers to appoint as well as regulate the civil service, powers to organize portfolios and direct government businesses. He has formal powers to create cabinet committees and reorganize central government.

Relationship between the Prime minister and the ministers

Formal relationship between the Prime Minister and ministers are those that are constitutionally defined. He has all the powers to choose whom to appoint and give position within the cabinet as well as non-cabinet ministers and some junior members holding various positions within the government. The prime minister has got the formal power to reshuffle those ministers serving within the cabinet and at the same time decides on their specific portfolios (Johnson 190).

Ministers are expected to bear full responsibility for all the administrative decisions and policies used by those working within the various departments of their ministries. They need to be aware of both the standard and routine guideline operations within their various departments. Ministers run and oversee their ministry departments with the help of assistant ministers who work closely with heads of departments especially on issues concerning policy and operational matters (Johnson 190).

Despite the fact that deputy ministers are solely responsible for the processes involving actual running of the ministry, they work at the pleasure of the appointing authority who is the Prime Minister. The prime minister works closely with the Clerk of the Privy Council for the purposes of coordinating ministerial portfolio, as well as overseeing the work within various ministries. The Prime minister is also endowed with the responsibility of working closely with the deputy ministers.

The prime minister and the cabinet in general are informed on the performance of the department minister’s overall performance administratively and economically. The deputy minister gives the assurance to the Prime minister on the professional soundness and capability of the department to advance and protect the interests, policies and agenda of the government (Johnson 193).

The relationship between the Prime minister, ministers and their deputies is of great concern and importance in the power relations within the governments. In collaboration with the Prime minister all ministers bear the responsibility on the final approval and support of government policies. They are also required to support, defend and support government legislation as well as its policies in Parliament and in public respectively (Johnson 153).

Ministers stand to be key players within ministerial boundaries; he or she serves as the political head of the department. The minister also have vital hand in the development of new policies as well as program initiatives which supports and at the same time promotes government interests in conjunction with his or her own policy initiatives (Savoie 240-248).

The basic institutional structures of government

Canada country is constitutionally part of British monarchy. The overall structure of the court system, as well as the judicial branch is modeled as a two-tiered but basically reflecting a unitary pyramid. The base is characterized by the provincial court systems and the Supreme Court at the top of the pyramid. The Supreme Court of Canada generally acts as the court of appeal. Federal Court deals with matters concerning administrative law and provincial legal disputes while the Supreme Court of Canada deals with the appeals from provincial as well as Federal Court. The lower house and the upper house are used basically for legislative purposes. The upper house comprises 105 senators appointed by the Prime Minister (Simeon and Robinson).

Concerning the Federal executive in Canada, governance originates from a set of concentric circles. This comprises of the prime minister and Privy Council Office at the very core working alongside senior cabinet ministers followed by junior ministers and finally parliamentary backbenchers. The parliament in Canada is considered to serve as a debating zone; real decisions concerning the country are made by the executive with formal backing of the majority from the parliament. The head of state is the governor general appointed by the monarch, he or she conducts ceremonial functions within the government (Simeon and Robinson).

On the issues of administration, the federal government works with several institutions such as military and the Royal Canadian Police. Those working within the administration are appointed with the approval of the Public Service Commission. The Federal administration comprises of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Privy Council Office. The government also relies on bodies such as Crown corporations, agencies concerned with regulatory issues as well as advisory bodies for administrative purposes. Crown corporations are considered semi-autonomous since they discharge duties not directly linked to market competition (Prince 1-13).

The cabinet forms the heart of all decision-making process concerning governance. The cabinet is chaired by the premier and assumes the responsibility of giving necessary direction to the government, enforcement of laws as well as administrative responsibilities. Approving of bills and draft regulations as well as deciding on financial frameworks all lies with the cabinet. In addition the cabinet establishes policies, coordinates departmental and agencies activities, appoints senior departmental officials and heads of agencies.

The cabinet committees are formed for the purposes of enhancing planning and coordination efforts of the government. This enables the government to be more efficient in discharging its duties. The committee is more concerned with the preparation of major strategies and at the same time debate important policies and the overall country’s budgetary issues. The Central Agencies have the responsibility of assisting the Premier and the Cabinet in the management of the state issues and affairs (Simeon and Robinson).

Role of the departments and the differences between departments and crown agencies

Departments assist ministers in the process of discharging their responsibilities, this is since the departments acts as an agent used by the minister. The departments are expected to have up-to-date information which enables timely advice on the performances of the chair, board and the whole entity within the ministry. They also offer necessary advice to ministers concerning change in policy regarding the ministry and the associated legislative directives.

In addition to these, departments’ key functions involve promotion of the various departmental research and analysis of policies, maintenance of clear records and financial transactions, promotion of good communication links within and across departments as well as offering training to employees (Johnson 161).

Crown Agencies are federal organizations endowed to carry out duties such as regulatory, advisory, and administrative as well as issues concerning finances and provision of goods and services. They differ from departments since they are free from direct political control from the government ministers. While departments enjoy full and direct ministerial control, Crown Agencies are not in any way subject to budgetary systems or direct control from the minister. All commercial activities of the government within Crown Agencies are protected from frequent government interference as well as legislative supervision (Marsha).

Cabinet committee is a body endowed with the responsibility of acting as the lead voice in the process of establishing and engineering the general policies and agendas of the government. The committee is set based on either social or economic development background. There are as well some other cabinet committees endowed with the task of dealing with the issues concerning restoration of order within council appointments.

The committee enhances the abilities of the government in the use of time and resources in a more professional way resulting in more efficiently coordinated decision making process. The committee gives the cabinet commanding position where they can assess various channels towards informed approaches concerning government agendas. They as well provide ground for discussion concerning ministerial complementary portfolios where ministers are able to meet together and assess as well as evaluate the nature of progress within various departmental organizations (Johnson 206).

Creation of central agencies separate as well as independent from the government departments provides ministers with vast sources of information and intelligence enabling them to avoid operating on narrow self-serving views of various department officials. Central agencies are endowed with the duties of advising ministers on the various performances of the Public Sector Management system. They check critically and advice on the manner in which various departments undertake their monitoring functions (Marsha).

Internal and external factors contributed to the overhaul of the cabinet process

Various factors contributed to the overhaul of the processes within the government, departments as well as public offices. This could be traced back to the power of cabinet ministers which was considered to be in constant change due to various reasons and crises within the government. These included such actions as shuffles, scandals and other challenges. Policy development based on rigid foundations which could not address the needs of ministers within various government departments led to complexity within the various environments where they were applied.

Policy analysis and the processes on policy-making had for quite some time been opened to many stakeholders who ultimately introduced so many issues cutting across ministerial responsibilities (Savoie 1-26). The collapsing of the boundaries could well be attributed to the inability of the federal government to critically analyze policies on long and medium term basis. This prevented the anticipated systematic and rigorous ways of stability restoration since the policies were not free from government operations and interference.

Effects on Roles

Variations of policy capacity within institutions proved to be essential for Prime Ministers and ministers, and other institutions as well as structures within the government. This reveals that policy capacity affects most relationships inside and outside the government. The effects are experienced as far as within societal groups. The breach affects the effectiveness of policy work and power dynamics vested upon ministers and public servants within some period of time. Policy analysis and advice giving are an amalgam of relations of authority and influence marked by alliances and struggles, information and uncertainties, effects and counter-effects (Prince 1-13).

The government views policy capacity and policy advising as negotiable practices. They also are complex and contested processes featuring numerous tensions and trade-offs. In order to avoid this, every government institution has to undertake certain balancing as may be possible amongst the complicated and diverse factors which require decision-making (Prince 1-13). Within the parliamentary system of cabinet government, one of the main tasks involves managing the relationship between overall government policies as well as institutional organization on one side, and the dire addition of departmental interests (Prince 1-13).

Cabinet composition having numerous ministers with strong views about policy calls for major balance instituted by the prime minister. The other problem arises from balancing concerning maintenance within the line of duty; the tension is normally felt between two kinds of staff and policy advice. There is normally public service that appears partisan while others are neutral. All these kind of people make some considerable contribution or interferes with power, some contribute creativity and others the required perspective. The political arm of the government ensures that things move and at the same time other arms provide bureaucratic routines (Prince 1-13)

Implications for policy development and accountability

Some trade-offs and tensions find their way on analyzing policies and giving advice to the government based on the same policies. Federal officials found out some familiar crises within the public servants in government institutions most of it involving relations in communication and policy analyst roles. There exists also tension on policies between program managers from the various institutional departments this also happens between departments with dissimilar mandates and worldviews sharing a policy area. There are also various misunderstandings between government officials and other private groups differing over the purpose and intended outcome of consultations (Johnson 187-217).

Research done on experienced senior public servants revealed that policy capacity within governments, found tensions between the central agencies, cabinet committees and departments. The policy units used within departments includes to some extent operational considerations and also between private institutions input and the requirement for prompt government action. This leads to some level of frustrations concerning some issues due to the existence of some departmental fanatics.

Policy development led to rising of a number of policy advisory groups within the federal bureaucracy. This helped in rationalizing the government’s policy process enabling departments to integrate in a better way their internal activities without interference from the cabinet and the central agencies (Prince 1-13) Policies led to development of certain tensions which acts as hindrances to departmental and program implementation process. There is some existence of strain within organizational relations as well as creating multiple stereotypes of government agencies and other institutions. Developments within the federal government and bureaucracy could be directly linked to the truth based on policy advising.

Shared or co-accountability

The emerging environment within Canadian politics and policy making encourages the art of shared responsibilities. The art of sharing policy advisory space encourages implementation of truths leading to sharing of influence. The processes undertaken in analysis of policies and sharing of ideas allow for the flow of truth from the cabinet ministers down to various departmental sectors and agencies. Co-accountability led to uni-dimensional governance reinforcing most of the endangered relationships. There existed equal share of mandate between ministers and public servants. Shared responsibility developed the idea that of power never operate in vacuum but within multiple sectors, people and government institutions (Prince 1-13).

Co-accountability on the other hand reinforces the emerging model of policy advising. This is the situation where senior public servants works in apposition which enables him or her to fulfill advisory role rather than career both within and outside the government, federal departments, central agencies as well as external stakeholders. Shared responsibilities enable senior officials to give general efficient advices which enables empowerment towards work commitments (Prince 1-13).

The issues on executive, governance and politics are of great importance since they determine to a great extent the quality of leadership within any given territory. The knowledge on the roles and responsibilities of each government official is important since it makes it easier to hold them accountability for any consequential results of their every action. This also assists in the processes of policy implementation within respective departments for the benefit of the citizens.

Works Cited

Johnson, David. “Thinking Government: Ideas, Policies, Institutions, and Public Sector Management in Canada”. (2nd Ed.).Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2004.

Marsha, Gordon. “Government in Business.” Allan Tupper and G.B. Doern, eds, Public Corporations and Public Policy in Canada. Montreal, Macmillan, 1981.

Prince, Michael. “Soft Craft, Hard Choices, Altered Context: Reflections On 25 Years of Policy Advice in Canada.” Toronto; Macmillan, 2004.

Savoie, Donald. “Governing from the Centre: The Concentration of Power in Canadian Politics.” Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1999.

Savoie, Donald, “Searching For Accountability in a Government Without Boundaries” Canadian Public Administration, 47(2004): 1-26.

Simeon, Richard and Ian Robinson. “State, Society and the development of Canadian Federation”. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1991.

Whittington, Michael. “The Prime Minister, Cabinet, and the Executive Power in Canada”, in Canadian Politics in the 21st Century (7th Ed.). Eds. Michael Whittington and Glen Williams. Toronto: Nelson Thomson Canada.

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IvyPanda . (2021) 'Canadian Government, Ministers, and Cabinet'. 29 January.

IvyPanda . 2021. "Canadian Government, Ministers, and Cabinet." January 29, 2021.

1. IvyPanda . "Canadian Government, Ministers, and Cabinet." January 29, 2021.


IvyPanda . "Canadian Government, Ministers, and Cabinet." January 29, 2021.

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Alberta RCMP link four historical homicides to deceased serial killer

May 17, 2024 Edmonton, Alberta

News release

Photos of Gary Allen Srery

Alberta RCMP have linked four historical homicides of young women from the 1970's to a now deceased serial sexual offender. The Alberta RCMP Historical Homicide Unit (HHU) believe there may be more unsolved homicides in Western Canada related to this individual.

Eva Dvorak (14) and Patricia McQueen (14)

In 1976, Eva Dvorak and Patricia (Patsy) McQueen, both 14-years-old, were junior high school students residing in Calgary. The teenagers were friends who spent time together in and outside of school. On the evening of Feb. 14, 1976, Eva and Patsy were last seen walking together in downtown Calgary.

On Feb. 15, 1976, at approximately 10:40 a.m., the young women were found deceased under the Happy Valley Overpass on Highway 1, west of Calgary.

Melissa Rehorek (20)

In the spring of 1976, 20-year-old Melissa Rehorek relocated to Calgary from Ontario. At the time of her death, Rehorek was employed as a housekeeper and living at the YWCA in downtown Calgary. Rehorek was last seen on the evening of Sept. 15, 1976, by a roommate. She had intended on hitchhiking out of the city during her days off.

On Sept. 16, 1976, at approximately 10:50 am, her body was located in the ditch on what is now known as Township Road 252, approximately 22 kilometres west of Calgary.

Barbara MacLean (19)

In 1977, Barbara MacLean was 19-years-old. Originating from Nova Scotia, Barbara had moved to Calgary six months prior and was employed at a local bank. On Feb. 25, 1977, Barbara attended the Highlander Hotel bar in Calgary with friends. She was last seen walking alone from the hotel in the early hours of Feb. 26, 1977.

Barbara's body was discovered by a dog walker in the area of 6 th Street and 80 th Avenue NE, Calgary, approximately six hours later.

Autopsies were conducted on all four victims. The Medical Examiner was unable to determine the cause of death for Eva Dvorak and Patsy McQueen. Consequently, their deaths were not ruled homicides, but rather investigated as sudden deaths. Melissa Rehorek and Barbara MacLean's cause of death was asphyxiation due to manual strangulation.

Exhibits seized from all four victims were submitted to the RCMP's National Forensic Lab Services for testing. Although seminal fluid was discovered at all three crime scenes, the technology did not exist to develop a DNA profile at the time.

From the onset, similarities between Melissa Rehorek and Barbara MacLean's deaths led investigators to believe the same suspect was responsible for both homicides.

Over the past 40 years, the Alberta RCMP exhausted investigational means in an attempt to identify the person(s) responsible for these tragic deaths. These files were never closed and were continually being reassessed under the microscope of new information, advancement in technology, and evolution of police techniques.

In 2003, with the advancement of enhanced DNA analysis, police were able to confirm the same suspect was linked to both Melissa Rehorek and Barbara MacLean's murders through DNA. At that time, the suspect's DNA was compared against the National DNA Databank without a match. The profile was uploaded into the Databank and went without a hit for over 20 years.

When the tool known as Investigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG) became available, the Alberta RCMP were hopeful they could identify the unknown DNA contributor linked to the Melissa Rehorek and Barbara MacLean homicides.

In 2021, the RCMP and CPS formed a true partnership to use IGG to successfully identify the suspect.

RCMP investigators re-examined the exhibits that they had seized over 45 years ago. They worked with the RCMP lab and Parabon NanoLabs to develop a single nucleotide polymorphisms profile that was in turn uploaded to GEDMatch and FamilyTreeDNA.

Genealogists from Convergence IGG were able to start building a family tree based on the SNP profile while CPS consulted with them and completed target testing to help drive the genealogy portion forward. When target testing was complete, Convergence IGG was able to provide a suspect hypothesis.

Analytical queries confirmed the suspect's connection to Canada and that he had a criminal record of committing violent acts on women.

The resulting investigation, which took RCMP investigators throughout Alberta, British Columbia and several US states confirmed this hypothesis.

During this same time, crime scene evidence was resubmitted to the lab from the Dvorak and McQueen investigation. The same unknown male DNA profile was identified on both victims that matched the unknown male DNA profile from the Rehorek and MacLean murders. In light of this new information, the RCMP believed that the same male offender was responsible for the deaths of all four victims.

The RCMP, utilizing the information provided through IGG, began a cross border investigation into United States citizen, Gary Allen Srery (born 1942). Srery died of natural causes in an Idaho State prison in 2011 while serving a sentence for rape. With assistance from Interpol and Idaho State Police Forensic Services, Srery's DNA was confirmed as a match to the unknown male DNA profile present on all four Calgary victims.

The Alberta RCMP believe Gary Allen Srery is responsible for the murders of Patsy McQueen, Eva Dvorak, Melissa Rehorek and Barbara MacLean.

Through the background investigation into Srery, members of the Alberta RCMP HHU were able to establish the following:

  • Gary Allen Srery was a US citizen who was residing illegally in Canada at the time of the murders;
  • Prior to coming to Calgary, Srery had an extensive criminal record in the United States for sex related offences including forcible rape, kidnapping, burglary and sexual perversion;
  • Srery appeared to flee the US sometime during 1974 after posting bail for a rape charge in California;
  • Srery lived under aliases in Calgary in 1976 and 1977 that included, but were not limited to, Willy Blackman and Rex Long;
  • Srery lived a transient lifestyle and worked occasionally under the table as a cook;
  • Srery was adept at frequently changing his appearance, place of residence and vehicles; and
  • Srery lived in Alberta and British Columbia from the mid to late 1970s up until 2003 when he was deported.

Srery's criminality spanned decades, over multiple jurisdictions, under numerous aliases, and the Alberta RCMP believe there may be more victims.

We are asking the public to assist in further establishing Srery's timeline in Canada. If you recognize Gary Srery or knew him by one of his many aliases the Alberta RCMP want to hear from you. For tips, please contact the Alberta RCMP Historical Crime Unit via [email protected] or by phone at 780-509-3306.

If you believe Srery may be associated to or responsible for a crime in your jurisdiction, we ask that you reach out to the policing agency within that jurisdiction to report.

"For over forty years, investigators did not give up in their pursuit to identify those responsible for these murders," said Superintendent David Hall, Officer in Charge of the Alberta RCMP's Serious Crimes Branch. "Identifying the perpetrator does not bring Eva, Patsy, Melissa or Barbara back. It is our hope however, that the families are finally able to have some answers as to what happened to their loved ones all of those years ago."

"Regardless of how much time has passed, we remain relentless in pursuing justice for all Calgarians," said Insp. Kevin Forsen of the CPS Major Crimes Section. "In this case, our investigators dedicated countless hours lending their Investigative Genetic Genealogy expertise to the RCMP and are grateful to have played a part in finding answers for the family."

To the families and friends of other unsolved homicide victims - the Alberta RCMP would like to assure you that no case is ever closed and that investigators are tirelessly invested in pushing files forward through the use of new technology, partnerships, and new information.

The RCMP would like to thank the Calgary Police Service and Convergence Investigative Genetic Genealogy for their assistance and support throughout the course of this investigation.

Contact information

Alberta RCMP Media Relations 780-509-3970


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