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The Sims 2

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In The Sims 2 , The Sims Stories , The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 , children and teens get homework on school days. Homework comes in the form of a school notebook, with differing covers depending on the student's life stage [ TS2 ] [ TS4 ] and the number of days that have passed. [ clarification needed ] [ TS2 ] Homework can be completed at a desk or on the floor, and will usually take a Sim hour to complete. Failing to complete homework generally results in bad grades. In The Sims 4: Discover University , students young adult and above are also given homework after each class.

  • 1 The Sims 2 and The Sims Stories
  • 2 The Sims 3
  • 3 The Sims 4

The Sims 2 and The Sims Stories [ ]

In The Sims 2 and The Sims Stories , children and teens will have homework in their hands after they get off the school bus. If possible, they will put the assignment on or by a desk, and seem to prefer the first desk that was placed in the house, even if it is in an illogical or inaccessible location. [n 1] If a student has unfinished homework, he or she will put the new homework on top of it. The player can tell the student to put the homework down by canceling the "Go to School" icon. Homework can be moved in buy and build modes, though it cannot be sold. A child's homework will be brightly colored, while a teen's homework will be plainly colored.

Clicking on the homework gives the child or teen an option to complete it or ask an older Sim for help. An older household member, when the homework is clicked, can offer help with finishing the homework. A child or teen who is being helped with homework will finish it faster, and will gain the memory of being taught to study . This will fulfill the "Ask for Homework Help" want , and will allow them to do homework more quickly in the future. If Seasons is installed, students will do homework faster in the fall , or after drinking apple juice .

Sims can do homework while seated at a desk or sitting down on the ground. There does not appear to be any difference in completion speed depending on how the Sim is seated. If Apartment Life is installed, Sims cannot do homework that is placed in an apartment 's communal area.

Sims will not usually get distracted while doing homework, unless their motives are low. They are more likely to get distracted if they are being helped by an older Sim. It is usually best to ensure that both the student and the mentor are in a good mood prior to beginning the interaction, and that no other interactions are in their queue until the homework has been completed.

There is no time limit on completing homework, but doing (or not doing) homework will affect a student's grades. A student who goes to school in a good mood with all homework done will gain a better grade. Students will not be penalized for going to school with one piece of incomplete homework, but going to school with more than one piece of incomplete homework may cause their grades to drop. [n 2]

Sims may have a want to do homework. This want will be fulfilled when they complete a piece of homework. This want will be fulfilled even if the homework they complete belongs to another Sim.

Young adults in college do not receive homework, but can optionally do assignments in order to improve their class performance.

If a teen has unfinished homework when he or she is sent to college or becomes an adult , it will disappear.

The Sims 3 [ ]

Sim children doing their homework

Two child Sims completing their homework.

On school days, children and teens will come home with homework in their inventory . This is unlike The Sims 2 and The Sims Stories , where they would place the homework down. They can simply "Do Homework" on their own, "Do Homework With..." another friend of their age group, or "Get Help From" an older Sim on the lot. Sims can also do someone else's homework, or copy someone's homework if that person already did it, although this can cause after school detention. Sims may stop doing homework if they are hungry , tired, have the "Stressed" moodlet, or have a low bladder meter. Sims with bookworm and workaholic traits, as well as logic skill get homework done faster, and the library is a good place to study. The level of logic skill does not increase the rate of finishing homework; only one skill point in Logic is necessary. In Supernatural , vampires also do homework faster than normal Sims, and witches may magically finish it in a matter of seconds with a chance of being Singed . Homework is a hidden skill.

Students who skip homework or do not complete it on time will receive a bad mark in the Homework area of their school performance (This can be found in the 'School' section of the Simology panel) and may get detention. Students who complete their homework on time get a good mark in this section. However, homework can be finished while at school using the "Work on Late Homework" option. However, if the teacher catches them, they may get an after school detention. Good students grow up to be good adults, so it is important that young Sims maintain good grades. If a Sim has an A when they age up, the player will be able to choose his or her next trait. [n 3]

In Generations , children can bury their homework in the sandbox, but will receive a bad grade for doing so.

The Sims 4 [ ]

Sim doing homework TS4

A teen doing homework in The Sims 4 .

Once Sims become a child or teen on-screen, they will automatically receive a homework book appropriate for their life stage in their inventory, whether or not they have attended school in the past. Children will have a yellow book labeled "Grade School Homework" while teens will receive a blue book simply labeled "Homework". When a student receives a B or above from school, they will be given the option "Do Extra Credit" if they have finished the homework by clicking again on their individual homework books. If a student receives a D or below they can "Do Make Up Work" which works functionally the same as "Do Extra Credit". Children have the ability to receive help from adults. Unlike previous games, children who neglect their homework still have a fair shot at keeping their school performance high by completing other tasks such as maintaining certain moods or building skills. If a player's Sim misplaces a homework book or ages up to a child or teen off-screen, they can purchase a new homework book for §1 from a bookcase, or simply use another Sim's homework book. Unlike previous games, a homework book is not tied to a particular Sim. 

If all four of a child Sim's skills ( creativity , mental , motor , social ) are at least level 3, "Do Homework" changes to "Breeze Through Homework", meaning the Sim is already skilled and can complete the homework more quickly. With all four skills at level 7, this changes again to "Dominate Homework," and the homework can be completed even more quickly. This speed boost is not available to teen Sims.

Homework is given to young adult sims and older in The Sims 4: Discover University . Students must complete homework before every class to achieve high grades. Although failure to do so may impact a sim’s performance at university, homework is not essential. Sims that miss their homework can make up for it by studying extra hours, or edit their term papers to be outstanding quality. However to get the highest grades, it is recommended that university students finish homework before each class.

Like with school homework, a new university homework book can be purchased from any bookcase or university kiosk. Homework of any type can be completed 50% faster on lots with the “Study Spot” lot trait .

  • ↑ A mod on Mod The Sims remedies this issue by forcing Sims to place their homework at a player-defined location, rather than at random.
  • ↑ Grades are adjusted according to the amount of incomplete homework remaining on the lot, and not whether the homework was actually completed. Thus, players can simply delete homework using the moveobjects cheat or have a pet destroy it, and Sims will not be penalized for it.
  • ↑ If the School is deleted, then the player will get to choose their next trait if the Sim was in a Good Mood.
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how do you get your child to do homework sims 3

The Sims 3 Guide to Children

Raising kids: school, homework, and skills.

Raising Kids in the Sims 3

Generations Additions : The Sims 3 Generations expansion pack brings many new features to childhood. If you want to read all about the new content for kids in the EP, have a look at Children in Generations . If your child had one as a toddler, they could be developing their Imaginary Friend .

This Sims 3 Guide was originally written for the PC and Mac versions of the game, but also will help owners of the console versions - PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Please remember some info or numbers may have changed.

Done a Good Job Raising Them? If you've followed the parenting guide thus far, and used many of our tips to raising kids, your Sim's child should have been able to choose a trait. In addition, when your child first learns a skill, they will jump up a level immediately if they had training in that skill as a toddler. As such, they can view the skill journal. For example, after playing with the peg toybox for a couple skill levels in the toddler stage, learning the logic skill will immediately start them at level 3 logic once they've grown to a child. This gives your child a head start in school. An odd thing occured the first time my Sim's child slept. She learned the writing skill in her sleep and jumped to level 2.

The Childhood Life Stage The Sims 3's children are much more like adult Sims than Toddlers. They now have free will, and can learn to cook (but not actually perpare) meals, chat on the computer, learn almost any other skill, go to school, and make friends. You'll also be happy to notice that they can stay home alone. If they spend a bit more time studying, and have a little less fun than other Sim kids, they can shoot straight up any job's career path so long as they maintain this momentum into the teenage years. Here I'll help you with raising a child Sim that tries to excel in life.

Sims 3 Parenting: Tutoring a child to teach them skills

Choosing a Child's Lifetime Wish Watch for lifetime wishes to appear in the wish panel occasionally. They don't pop up often. If you already have a general idea what you want your child's lifetime wish to be, start trying to develop an interest in that trade. For example, if your Sim wants to be a sports star, try to do some athletics (via Pool, Radio, or Television, a hidden skill until Teenager) to increase the odds that the lifetime wish will come up. Likewise for cooking , logic , fishing ,and so on.

Sims 3 Parenting: Off to school!

Doing Homework Children should do their homework daily to boost school performance. If two kids are going to school at the same time, they may want to copy homework off of one another. Drag the homework to a table or other location, and the little cheater can copy the answers straight to their paper. The kid can get detention if caught, however.

Two Children can work together to get the homework done faster, and this doesn't count as cheating. At level 5 in logic, parents can tutor their child to help raise their school performance. Parents can also help kids with homework without fear of detention, as well. It sure beats getting caught cheating! To help, click the child's homework in their inventory. You'll then select which Sim will help them with the homework.

Sims 3 Parenting: Kid's Last Birthday as a Child

Give the Kid a Good Birthday! Make your Child's last birthday as a kid a special one. They're about to grow up into teenagers with more responsibilities and a wide open world.

Share Tips and FAQs (19)

Our Sims Forum is the place to go for faster answers to questions and discussions about the game. Use the form below to share your own experiences and provide helpful tips to other readers.


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how do you get your child to do homework sims 3

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how do you get your child to do homework sims 3

There are both Vanilla and Chocolate versions to download. You can Learn More Here .

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  • how do u get your kids to do home work ?

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  • The Sims 4 guides

How to do homework in The Sims 4 High School Years

Your teen Sim doesn’t have to do homework, but they should sometimes

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A teen Sim does homework on a plain desk

In The Sims 4 ’s new expansion, High School Years , your teen Sims can head out to school the same way some Sims head to work. You can go with them to control what they do throughout the school day, affecting their relationships and academic growth.

Notably, in the career tab for the teen Sim, you’ll see that they have a daily task to “do homework” after every school day (as you’d expect from school). Though homework for young Sims is not a new addition, it can be new for players who never had teenage Sims.

The homework your teen Sim has to do will be in their personal inventory , as a little blue book. You can select it and click “do homework” and your teen Sim will move to a nearby table to do it.

The inventory menu screen of a teenage sim with homework inside

Based on our gameplay, not doing homework didn’t do anything too dramatic to the Sims’ school performances. As long as your teen Sim is attending class, they’ll progress in their career just fine. However, if you want them to improve their grades faster, they should actively be doing their homework.

how do you get your child to do homework sims 3

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Sims 4 Seasons Cheats

The Sims 4 Children Guide

School, child skills, aspirations, and raising kids, by pam marsden.

Children in The Sims 4

Children in The Sims 4 - Multitasking is key to running a Family

In this article, I will explain how to successfully raise a child in Sims 4. There is much more to raising a child than in Sims 3 and I personally find them to be much more enjoyable. Their interactions are cute and this helps to make up for the absence of toddlers in the game. They will keep you busy, though, so be ready!

Aspirations Once a toddler ages up to child, the player will be able to choose a Childhood Aspiration and one Trait . There are 4 Aspirations to choose from: Artistic Prodigy, Rambunctious Scamp, Social Butterfly, and Whiz Kid. Of course, it's a good idea to choose a trait that goes well with the Aspiration . For example, Art Lover is a good trait to pair with Artistic Prodigy. A Sim will be a Child for 7 days on the Short lifespan, 14 days on Normal lifespan , and 52 days on Long lifespan.

School and Homework Children will start Grade School on the first weekday after aging up to Child. Class is from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. While at school, the child will have the options for Normal, Leave School Early, Make Friends, Study Hard, and Slack Off. Just like in The Sims 3 , the Make Friends option will add other children to the child's relationship panel, while also repleneshing the social need.

There will be tasks for each level working toward getting an A. The child will start with a C. To reach a grade of B, the tasks are to reach level 2 in 1 of the 4 available skills (Creativity, Mental, Motor, and Social), and Attend School while Focused. The easiest way to get into the ideal mood of Focused is to ponder moves on a Chess table just before going to School. This will give a moodlet that lasts for four hours, which is enough to accomplish the task. Completing Homework is the daily task, which functions a bit like a Career. It will help the bar move faster. Once the tasks have been completed and the meter bar goes all the way green to the right, the child will get an increase in grade.

To reach a grade of A, the child must Get 1 Skill to Level 4. Once the kid has an 'A', it's fairly easy to maintain. It's possible for grades to fall if the minimum amount of work is not done, which is to go to school every day and complete homework.

A parent can help with homework by clicking on the child once he/she has started working on it. Unassisted homework takes a little over 1 1/2 hours to complete. Having the parent help with homework cuts the time in half. The homework will be in the child's personal inventory at the time of aging up, so you can get a head start on school if you wish. Extra Credit Work becomes available after completing the regular homework if the child has at least a B grade. Just click on the homework again and it will show up. A parent may also help with Extra Credit. If homework has been missed, Makeup Homework shows up instead of Extra Credit.

Sim Children benefit from having higher Skill levels when it comes to Homework. Each Skill that they get to level 10 will increase the rate homework is done by 70%. When all Skills are maxed , Sim children will finish homework 8x faster! Thanks to DarkWalker from our Sims Community for sharing this info!

Sim Child doing Homework

Doing Homework

Skipping School If you cancel the Go to School action at 8:00 a.m., the child will stay home. The principal will call around 10:00 a.m. and again at 3:00 p.m. every day that the child misses school. His/her grades will gradually drop first to a D and then to an F by the time grade school is finished. I didn't get any negative moodlets until my child dropped to an F and then he had an Embarrassed moodlet. It was only for a couple of days, though, because he was ready to age up to teen. There were no other negative reactions at all. When he aged to teen, I was still able to choose his Aspiration and next trait. He started high school with a C, just like everyone else. The benefit for keeping him home was that he completed his Child Aspiration of Artistic Prodigy and gained a lot of Satisfaction Points as a result.

Child Skills As already mentioned, children have 4 skills during their childhood years. These skills are Social, Mental, Creativity, and Motor. If a child is able to reach level 10 of any of the skills, related adult skills will be unlocked for children to get a head start or a special moodlet will be given.

Here are the Adult skills that are unlocked (allowing you to gain XP) by maxing the associated Child Skill:

  • Mental : Fishing , Logic , Video Gaming .
  • Social : Charisma , Mischief
  • Creativity : Piano , Violin
  • Motor : none.

If you complate an Aspiration, you will get a 20% boost to learning all Adult Skills in the appropriate category when they age up. This means they can then learn the missing skills they can't yet level, like Comedy and Painting, faster.

For the Social skill, a child needs to have conversations with other Sims. Other ways to increase the Social skill are to play with the dollhouse and talk to the large stuffed animals. Reaching level 10 will unlock the Charisma and Mischief adult skills. The child will be able to gain skill points in these areas before aging to teen.

A Child is angry over something that happened at school

This child is Hitting a Stuffed Animal out of Anger over something that happened at School

The Mental skill is gained by playing chess and using the science table. Children can also use the observatory to stargaze. Level 10 of this skill will unlock the adult skills of Logic, Video Games, and Fishing. Again, points for these skills may be gained by children before they age to teen.

A child playing chess learns the Mental Skill

Two Brothers Playing Chess to Learn Mental Skills

Creativity is gained by using the Activity Table and by playing with the dollhouse. As a child increases creativity, more kinds of drawings will be available on the Activity Table. Reaching level 10 in this skill will open the Piano and Violin skills.

Child learning creativity by using the Activity Table

Child Learning Creativity Using the Activity Table

The Motor skill can be built by using the monkey bars and jungle gym, and also by practicing typing on the computer. Adults can also have a bit of fun with the jungle gym by pretending to be a monster while children are playing. Reaching level 10 in this skill does not unlock an adult skill. It will, however, give an extra moodlet while playing on the monkey bars.

Learning the Motor Skill on Monkey Bars

Learning the Motor Skill on Monkey Bars

I found it very difficult to reach level 10 on any of the Child Skills while playing on the Normal lifespan and dealing with needs at the same time. To make this happen for my twins , I had to use cheats to keep their needs full and even had to make them skip the last day of school in a desperate push to get the last things completed in time. Playing on the Long lifespan setting will give you plenty of time to do everything you want.

Child Aspirations Children have their own Aspirations to work on before they tackle their adult Aspirations. The Child Aspirations are Artistic Prodigy, Rambunctious Scamp, Social Butterfly, and Whiz Kid. A child's Aspiration is chosen at the time a baby ages to child, at the same time the first trait is chosen. Some detail follows.

A Child Sim playing Violin

Playing Violin Increases the Creativity Skill
Artistic Prodigy Total Satisfaction Gained: 1,100 Reward Trait: Creatively Gifted Children who achieve this Aspiration will build adult Creative skills faster (Painting, Instruments, Writing, Cooking). Milestone Objectives: Have an Activity Table, and draw 2 pictures while Inspired. You must then level the Creativity skill to 5, and play with 3 toys. In the end you'll have to play instruments for 5 total hours, draw all 5 picture types on the activity table, and max the Creativity Skill.

how do you get your child to do homework sims 3

Rambunctious Scamp Total Satisfaction Gained: 925 Reward Trait: Physically Gifted Learn Adult Physical Skills faster (Fitness). Milestone Objectives: Play on a Jungle Gym while playful, and hit level 2 Motor Skill. The next stage requires you work on the Motor Skills (level 5) and Practice Typing for four hours. In the end you must master Motor Skills and make it across the monkey bars 3 times, while earning a high score on the Typing Game.

The Jungle Gym Teaches Children the Motor Skill

Learning Motor Skill on a Jungle Gym
Social Butterfly Total Satisfaction Gained: 975 Reward Trait: Socially Gifted Learn Adult Social Skills faster (Charisma, Mischief, Comedy Skill). Milestone Objectives: Make a Friend and meet 5 new Sims. Achieve level 5 in the Social Skill while also making a BFF. At last you must be friends with 3 other Children and 2 Adults, while also mastering the Social Skill.

Sim Children Becoming BFFs

Twin Sisters Becoming BFFs
Whiz Kid Total Satisfaction Gained: 1,175 Reward Trait: Mentally Gifted Lets the Whiz Kid learn adult Mental Skills faster (Rocket Science, Logic, Fishing, Video Gaming) Milestone Objectives: Be read to by an adult for 2 hours and play 3 games of Chess. Next, they will need to reach level 5 Mental Skill and Finish Homework 2 times while Focused. Your Child must ultimately achieve an A in School, craft 3 Emotional Potions and master the Mental Skill.

A mother Sim reading to her Child in The Sims 4

Mother is Reading to her Child

Managing Large Families Many players like to have large families. This is entirely possible in Sims 4. The parents simply need to keep Trying for Baby to have as many kids as they want. It does add a lot of complexity to the game and it's much more difficult with a lot of children. The best thing is to stay organized. Keep all of the kids on a schedule with sleep, meals, showers, and school. Be sure to send them to bed with all needs in the green. Otherwise, they will get up in the middle of the night for something and then will be tired for school the next morning because they won't go back to bed on their own. Sometimes it will be better to have showers in the morning so that the kids can get the moodlets they need for school. The same goes for mornings. Make sure the children have all needs met before leaving for school so they'll have a better day. A parent or other adult can make breakfast and dinner , and use the Call to Meal interaction to get everyone to the table. This will keep the entire household on a schedule and they'll be able to take care of school, homework, and tasks with little problem. If you find you're unable to make a new meal for breakfast and dinner, try making several meals at once and storing them in the refrigerator. That way, at least the kids can get leftovers and stay on schedule.

A Family Dinner in The Sims 4

Dining together keeps a Family on schedule and gives them time to visit with each other

I don't recommend a maid for helping around the house at this time. Things were getting backed up in the house with dirty showers, dirty sinks, and trash on the floor. I hired a maid for a single day's service at a price of $40 plus $20 per hour. I didn't even see her in the house, but when she left I was charged $120 and everything was still dirty. I honestly didn't see anything different at all. So, I suggest that the family members help out with chores around the house.

Keeping everyone organized and under control will become even harder if your mother keeps having kids. A family with 2 parents, a teen, and 3 children can be kept on track by feeding everyone with a good and social breakfast, getting showers as needed, then setting each Sim to a task on days when there is no school. The teen can be painting, one child playing a computer game, and twins playing chess together. They are busy and also working on important skills. It gives the parents a chance to garden together or have a nice work out in the home gym.

Parenting in The Sims 4

Babies, Adopting, and Pregnancy Toddlers and Learning to Walk, Talk, and Potty Childhood, School and Children's Aspirations

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how do you get your child to do homework sims 3

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If you wanted to JUST have kids, instead of an adult I think you can have a teen and a child instead of an adult and a child but idk


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  • Disable Fall Leaves
  • Disable Ground Snow

A Deeper Game

The past month, I've spent every day tinkering The Sims 4, making quality of life improvements, gameplay changes, and new difficulty settings for the game. If you'd like to learn more about my project, visit the post on Patreon where you can download it now.

Cottage living

The Sims 4 Cottage Living

You can also find handy Cottage Living Cheats

I have much more to come, since you can actually write a few guides about this pack!

Calling all Blender Users

Blender has been incredibly useful in video production, so I made my own Physics and Simulation Improvement Addon that lumps a ton of unique tools into one compact interface.

Sims 4 Snowy Escape

Snowy Escape Cheats Lifestyles in Snowy Escape Climb Mt. Komorebi Sentiments in Snowy Escape Rock Climbing Skiing Skill Snowboarding Skill

Sentiments & Platforms (Free Patch!)

I've released a guide to Sentiments in The Sims 4 & Snowy Escape .

There is a new platform tool in The Sims 4 . There's also a new Sentiments system, but it'll take some time to create a guide to that. Players can also use rental lots in any world now by changing lot types of builds in manage worlds.

Best Mods in Sims 4

I've created a massive List of The Best Mods in The Sims 4 that should be very helpful to new players and those who have not yet explored modding and how much it can do for your gameplay.

Secrets and Other New Stuff

New - Secrets I have a new guide to secrets in the game . If you prefer, you can also watch a video about secrets in Sims 4 .

Nifty Knitting is now available. Learn all about the stuff pack on my guide page here .

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Updated Trait Cheats Updated Traits List Updated Aspirations List Updated

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This is inspired by a new series in which I start at toddler and gradually take on the major bonuses. Here's a link to the full playlist!

I now have a guide page to Tiny Living Stuff where you can learn about Murphy Beds, the new death, as well as the lot bonuses you'll receive if you manage to keep the size of your lot down with this new pack's Tiny Home Lot Type.

Let's Play Playlist

Super Sim Gameplay in The Sims 4

New I now have a guide to Making Super Sims in The Sims 4 . Look for a text version within the next 72h. It won't have THAT much more info but it will help out as a checklist.

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The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack

The Sims 4 Discover University has been announced for November 15 for PC/Mac and December 17 for Xbox and Playstation 4 consoles. Click to learn more about the pack, see my summary of the livestream or read our FAQs below.

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Other Guides to Discover University: New Lot Traits : Study Spot and University Student Hang Out New: Discover University FAQ: Gameplay Features

The Sims 4 Discover University Gameplay Review and Tips

More videos coming soon!

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How to Do Homework in The Sims 4 – how to complete homework for child, teen, and university student Sims

How to Do Homework in The Sims 4 – how to complete homework for child, teen, and university student Sims

Posted in Guides

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Need to know how to do homework in The Sims 4? Getting good grades and keeping out of trouble is a great start for any Sim, but it can be difficult if you don’t know how to get homework done.

The Sims 4 lets players take control of every aspect of a Sim’s life, from waking up in the morning to completing aspiration goals. Whether you’re playing it on a gaming pc or the best laptop for Sims 4 , this is all possible with just the base game, and doesn’t even include mods or custom content . Completing homework is just one way you can take control. If you need help getting your Sims to do homework in The Sims 4, we’re here to show you how.

Step-By-Step Guide to Doing Homework in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 How to Do Homework

How you perform homework depends on which stage your Sim is in their education. Here’s a detailed guide for doing homework across all ages in Sims 4.

Children – How to Do Homework in The Sims 4

To get your child to do homework, follow these steps:

  • Send your child to school.
  • When they return home, select the child and check their inventory . There should be an orange book – this is their homework book.
  • Click on the book and select Do homework . The child will sit down and begin completing the task.
  • If needed, an adult Sim can assist with their child’s homework, which will speed the process up.

Make sure your character completes their homework before the next school day for optimum performance at school.

Teens – How to Do Homework in The Sims 4

If you’re struggling to get your teen Sim to do homework in The Sims 4, follow these steps:

  • Send your teen to school.
  • When they return home, check their inventory . Your teenage Sims should have a blue book, which is their homework book.
  • Complete steps 3 and 4 as above.

Getting a teen Sim to do homework is largely the same as having a child Sim complete it. The only difference is that a teen Sim’s homework book will be blue, not orange.

University Student – How to Do Homework in The Sims 4

If you have the Discover University expansion pack installed, here’s how you can get your Sim to do their homework:

  • Have your Sim go to class.
  • When they return, open the character’s inventory . There should be a homework book.
  • Click on the homework book and choose Do homework . If your Sim takes multiple classes, you’ll have to choose which homework to do. 
  • Repeat until all homework is done.

Sims who have enrolled at university will have much more homework than other Sims because they will attend multiple classes. It’s a good idea to get each piece of homework done before the next class, as this will lead to bigger XP rewards and better progress at university. 

To speed up the time it takes for your character to complete their university homework, try leveling up their Research and Debate skills. This will reduce the time taken to complete homework considerably. 

Why Is Doing Homework Important in The Sims 4?

By doing homework, your Sim will perform better at school, leading to better school grades . This will ultimately result in better job opportunities and higher wages. Additionally, you’ll be able to unlock several achievements by performing well at school.

There’s everything that you need to know about doing homework in The Sims 4. Be sure to check out how to move items freely in The Sims 4 and how to edit sims in CAS if you need more help navigating the life simulator.

Sims 4 Homework FAQs

How do you complete homework in The Sims 4?

All you need to do is open the inventory of the students and find the homework they brought home from attending class. You can click on it, and then choose to complete it.

Is homework the same for children and teens?

Yes, the method for completing homework is the same for child and teen Sims. The only difference for university students is that they need to complete homework for each class they attend that day.

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Jo, harder grades requires a good mood as well, or is that harder harder grades. Maybe that explains it? Or maybe, in spite of the fact he ought to be average, he really isn't. (Like my Tybalt Capp cannot get a good grade no matter what. I decided he has some undiagnosed learning disability.)

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Jo, I went and looked it up on MATY: it's based on interests. His interests must be related to his body points. Also, if he's active, the contribution from body points is doubled.

Here's the thread for those of you who are wondering what we're talking about :

I use BoilingOil's version of no social worker these days, so an f is not going to cause any social worker visits. Some of my sim parents are simply lousy individuals. If I feel that someone likely to report has observed a child being neglected/mistreated, then I move the child to the orphanage. It's not a perfect system--I'd like to have the kid was taken away and kid was adopted memories--but I really don't want the kids mindwiped.

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Editorials / How To Do Homework in Sims 4 and Improve Grades: Tips and Tricks

How To Do Homework in Sims 4 and Improve Grades: Tips and Tricks

  • 1.1 Kids Must Go to School
  • 1.2 Adults Can Choose To Attend University
  • 1.3 You Don’t Need to Worry About School Transportation
  • 1.4 Locating Homework Gets Complicated
  • 2.1 Completing Homework for Sims 4 Kids
  • 2.2 Helping Sim Teens Dominate Homework
  • 2.3 Completing School Projects
  • 2.4 Completing Adult Sim University Work
  • 2.5 Tips for Finishing Homework Faster
  • 3 That VideoGame Blog: Helping You Have a Blast While Playing Sims 4

This post was last updated on June 1, 2024

If you’re wondering how to do homework, Sims 4 is way easier and more fun than real life! One of the unique aspects of Sims 4 is how it mimics real-world experiences, including raising Sim children and boosting your Sim’s school performance. Understanding how to help with homework is challenging, especially with the complex updates since previous Sims games.

At That VideoGame Blog, we provide tips, tricks, and cheat codes for all the hottest games so you’ll never get stuck. For example, you can learn about the must-have traits for Sims 4 to better define how your Sims act.

Below, we discuss everything you need to know about homework in the Sims 4 universe!

What You Need To Know About Homework in the Sims Universe

Homework is nothing new to the Sims franchise. The game capitalizes on real-world chores, like doing the dishes, parenting children, paying bills, going to work, and juggling each life stage. The homework system evolved throughout Sims 2 and 3 to reach the level it’s at now, which we discuss in more detail below.

Kids Must Go to School

The game requires all child Sims to attend school. In previous games, you could choose the type of grade school your children and teens attended, though now public school is your only option. Fortunately, you can influence their mood and social life during the school day by helping them make decisions about social dilemmas.

For example, you might receive a notification about another child Sim cheating on a test or bullying the younger Sims. Parenting your Sim through these scenarios directly impacts their personality.

Adults Can Choose To Attend University

Young adult Sims can choose to further their education by attending a university. You can pick between two schools with the Discover University Expansion pack. Before attending, your Sims must apply, as real university students would.

The two university options, the University of Britechester or the Foxbury Institute of Technology, will analyze your Sim’s skills and grades before offering an acceptance or denial letter. You can also apply for scholarships and loans to help finance your Sim’s education. Once they attend school, they can choose a different degree like literature, electronic arts, science, technology, etc.

Every adult Sim attending a university must complete homework, just like the child Sims do, though they usually spend less time each day in class. University students must balance term papers, daily homework, extra credit, and exams while attending classes. Helping your older Sim stay on track with their university homework prevents them from failing the semester.

You Don’t Need to Worry About School Transportation

You’ll notice that Sims 4 doesn’t have a school bus or any other transportation system to get your child or teen Sims to school. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about walking them or watching them arrive. In Sims 4, all students automatically teleport to the necessary classroom at the appropriate times.

Locating Homework Gets Complicated

Keeping track of all the homework in the Sims 4 universe isn’t easy. Each student’s age group receives different homework books, so it’s important to keep them organized. The following key outlines each Sim’s homework book color by age:

  • Children: Yellow Grade School Handbook and orange homework book
  • Teen’s homework: Blue homework book
  • Adults: Black and white book (found in the Sims inventory)

You can purchase books and copies if your Sim loses the original version. We also recommend getting a bookcase to organize all homework books in your house. Adult students can purchase books and homework from the University Kiosk.

How To Do Homework: Sims 4

Now that you understand how homework functions, let’s discuss how to help your Sims family dominate homework. School work is a necessary evil in the game because Sims’ grades suffer when they skip homework or turn in incomplete homework.

Completing Homework for Sims 4 Kids

When your child Sim comes home from school, they’ll bring an orange book in their backpack with all their homework. You must have them complete homework before the next school day. Follow these instructions:

  • Open the Sim’s inventory for your younger Sims.
  • Click “Do homework.”
  • Aid them with any needs as they work.
  • Send an adult Sim to help with the child’s homework.
  • Click “help with homework” from the adult Sim’s inventory.
  • Increase child “skills” levels to complete homework faster (like the research and debate skill).
  • Once finished, have the Sim complete extra credit to boost homework grades.

Note that whenever you leave a Sim to do homework, they will continue working until finished unless they need something. Keep an eye on event triggers and low needs to ensure that your Sim child or teen continues working hard.

Helping Sim Teens Dominate Homework

Teenaged Sims complete regular homework just like the younger Sims. Once they’re home from school, open up the inventory menu and select the option to work on class homework. You can make one of your other Sims offer homework help to complete the process more quickly by following the same instructions above.

If your teen Sim has a B in the class, they can choose to do extra credit as well to boost their grades. Helping your teen Sim get an A improves their odds of getting accepted into a university.

We also recommend getting earbuds from the Fitness Stuff Pack to let your teens listen to music while they do homework. Sometimes grueling school hours can decrease fun levels, but music helps keep energy high.

Completing School Projects

Aside from regular homework, sometimes your family members bring home school projects. In Sims 4: Parenthood, you’ll likely see a school project at least once weekly.

Unlike homework, projects are semi-optional. If your Sim completes the work, their grade goes up, but if they don’t finish it in a few days, their grade will only go down a small amount.

You can have your Sims complete projects just as they do homework. The new homework project appears in the inventory, where you can prompt your Sim to begin working on it. You have two options to choose from when they do homework for a school project:

  • Sloppy : Letting your Sim do homework sloppily completes the project faster, though it offers smaller grade increases.
  • Careful : When Sims work carefully on a project, they boost their grades more and gain certain skills, depending on the project type. Child Sims might gain creativity or building skills while teens can acquire more specific ones like painting or rocket science skills.

To make the homework project fly by, you can have up to three Sims work on it together, including adults. We recommend assigning an adult with more advanced skills to help move things along. Once completed, any child Sims will receive improved responsibility character value scores.

Completing Adult Sim University Work

If you sign up for the University Expansion, you have the fun opportunity of sending your adult Sims to college. University homework is more advanced since it requires your Sims to do homework for multiple classes at once. Rather than doing one homework assignment daily, each Sim might need to complete two or three to prepare for classes the next day.

When you’re ready to have your Sim do homework, click on the specific homework book for the class you want them to work on. Remember, university books are black and white. After selecting the appropriate class, your Sim can work on their homework for as long as you choose.

Adult Sims with strong research and debate skill levels enjoy rapid homework completion rates. We recommend helping your Sims improve their debate skills to finish homework quickly.

Tips for Finishing Homework Faster

Balancing homework with other life stresses is challenging in Sims 4. If you want to help your Sims finish their homework quickly and easily, use these tips:

  • Help your Sims increase their logic skill level.
  • Work on skills related to their major or classes.
  • Dedicate a space in the house for homework with calming decorations.
  • Keep your dorm room locked from others while your Sims study.
  • Increase your Sims’ research and debate skills.
  • Take your Sim to the library if their roommate throws a party.
  • Apply for Study Spot lot traits.
  • Boost child skill levels so they can finish homework quickly.
  • Consider downloading mods to help you fly through homework smoothly.

That VideoGame Blog: Helping You Have a Blast While Playing Sims 4

Doing homework in Sims 4 might sound like a chore, though it’s a critical game component. Helping your Sims score excellent grades improves their odds of getting into a university, landing a great job, and expanding the family. Luckily, our tips can help your Sims soar through homework while having fun.

At That VideoGame Blog, we create exclusive content for Sims fanatics so you can learn the best tips, tricks, cheats, and ideas for building your universe. Now that you know how to do homework, Sims 4 has much more to offer! Next, learn about skill cheats in Sims 4 , so you can help your family finish tasks rapidly!

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Sims 4: How to Do Homework

Image of Yamilia Avendano

How to Do Homework in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 will have you living out your sim family’s life any which way you’d like. When your family expands and you get some children or teens, though, it’s time to start worrying about grades at school! The best way to ensure their education is top notch is to make sure they do their homework each and every school day (Mondays-Fridays). Let’s go over how to do this.

Every weekday, your child or teen sim will come home from school with homework. It can be found in their inventory, and you’ll be able to do it by clicking on it from there and selecting to do it. You can also have an adult help them out while they’re doing it by selecting the adult and then clicking on the child/teen and choosing the Help With Homework option.

Complete this and you’ll make sure your grades don’t drop! If you want to get a bit of boost in school performance, you can “Do Extra Credit” by clicking on the homework again when it’s all done the first time. This will lead to a small increase in performance the next morning that you head back to school.

That’s all there is to it! If you need any more help with the game, leave a comment down below and we’ll do our best to help you out!

Are there any Skateboard Obby codes - Roblox players skating in Skateboard Obby

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How to Mentor in Sims 4

  • Latest Posts

how do you get your child to do homework sims 3

  • Sims 4 Guide to Gnomes – Ultimate Guide to Appeasing Gnomes - December 22, 2021
  • How to Mentor in Sims 4 - December 8, 2021
  • Sims 4 Beekeeping Guide - November 20, 2021

I have always loved the Sims franchise because you can influence future generations and shape their lives. From getting your child into a private school in Sims 2 to teaching teens how to drive in Sims 3: Generations, raising sims for a bright future has always been a feature. But one of the most forgotten features of Sims 4 is knowing how to mentor from kids to adults– which can make a big difference in the way you play. 

So much of the marketing about Sims 4 now is about expressing yourself, which is more than ever with the past 2021 Season of Selves campaign and subsequent creator and celebrity spotlights. 

But in Sims 4’s earliest days, it was all about social life and impacting other sims. One of my favorite expansions to date, Sims 4: Get Together , very much embraced this, with its nuanced club’s system. The pack allows you to create your custom clubs, as well as enjoy cafes and some nightlife. Beautiful world and nightlife aside, though, it was the ability to influence other sims’ leisure time with curated and custom clubs that made a difference in gameplay.

Even if you’re playing one of the popular challenges in Sims 4, the truth is that your experience always is more or less about coming across other sims and interacting. But you may not be aware that one of the best ways to influence other sims has nothing to do with expansion pack content and is already in the base game.

In this article, I’ll explain the role of mentoring in Sims 4, why it matters for completing the Successful Lineage Aspiration, and my recommendations for how to mentor sims of any age. I’ll also guide you to some custom mods for PC and Mac players to enrich your mentoring experience.  

How Do You Get Aspirations in Sims 4?

Aspirations in Sims 4

Before I discuss mentoring in Sims 4, it’s important to discuss both aspirations and skills- because both are intrinsically tied to why you’d want to pursue mentoring in the first place. In case you’re new to Sims 4, aspirations are the longer-term goals or dreams your Sim wishes to pursue. Every aspiration can be completed, and you can change aspirations in Sims 4, unlike the lifetime goals of past games. Full aspirations have 10 levels you progress through by accomplishing different tasks and goals, though there are shorter aspirations as well. In many ways, aspirations drive what your Sim does (if you so choose) and are a way to craft a storyline, challenge, and just distinguish your sims’ life from another sim.

You select your aspiration by navigating through Create A Sim. When you load up your game, you’ll see an option to start a new game. Once you select “New Game,” you’ll be directed to create a new sim or sims. The interface is intuitive even for those new to the sims. 

On the left side of your Sim, you’ll see a series of five question marks. This is where you select traits and aspirations. Aspirations are selected by clicking on the largest empty spot, and the subsequent spaces are where you select your traits. 

You’ll see a drop-down menu of all possible aspirations, organized by general category. Hover over each aspiration to read its description and understand the general concept. The base game comes with several aspirations– each of which have bonus traits. You can get more aspirations in Sims 4 either by buying expansion and game packs or by downloading Sims 4 mods for custom aspirations. 

Is it Possible to Complete Every Aspiration in Sims 4?

Aspirations in Sims 4 nature

One feature that a lot of simmers like in Sims 4 is that it’s flexible. You can complete and change aspirations (to change aspirations, edit your Sim in Create A Sim). It is possible to complete all aspirations, especially if you have the base game, but it’s increasingly more challenging as you acquire more aspirations through DLC. Once you complete all levels of aspiration, you’ll receive a reward trait, which is a perk that the Sim will have for life. This is true for all full aspirations you complete. 

Which Aspiration Should I Pick Sims 4?

Selecting your aspiration is up to you, and all swimmers have different theories. Some simmers select aspirations based upon a challenge they want to follow. I like to select aspirations based upon the type of story I want to tell. I make my decisions based upon thinking about what traits complement an aspiration– or make it fun by going against the expected. For instance, I might challenge norms by making a sim pursue a family-based aspiration but have them also be a snob and a bro. 

What are Skills in Sims 4?

cooking Skills

Skills are also connected to mentoring. Skills, which have been a mainstay of all Sims games, work more or less the same in Sims 4 as they did in previous games. While I’m not going to discuss all skills, think about skills as building blocks towards your goals. Certain skills are required for promotion in careers, and some skills impact how your Sim interacts with others, and can also be helpful for everyday living, from cooking to fixing broken appliances. 

What are the Hidden Skills in Sims 4?

Juice Pong Discover University Improves Juice Pong 
Ping Pong Discover University Improves Ping Pong/ Wins
Rock Climbing Fitness Stuff, Snowy Escape Improves Success of Expenditures in Snowy Escape/ New Things to Do on Rock Climbing Wall
Maintenance Get to Work More Efficient and Cleaning and Stocking in a Shop
Sales  Get to Work Improves Customer Service 
Work Ethic  Get to Work Improves Focus 
Skating Seasons  Can Perform Routines & Tricks After 3rd Level

Hidden skills, sometimes referred to as secret skills, won’t be immediately viewable on your Sim’s profile in-game. You won’t have hidden skills unless you have one or more of the following packs: Sims 4: Snowy Escape; Sims 4: Seasons; Sims 4: Fitness Stuff;  and Sims 4 Discover University. Hidden skills cannot be directly mentored, but must be gained through experience. See the chart above for hidden skills in Sims 4. 

How Do You Improve Skills in Sims 4?

There are several ways you improve your skills in Sims 4. You can often read a book about the topic, though I advise mixing it up. Most skills can be built with objects– for instance, using a treadmill or weightlifting machine will build your fitness skill, while playing chess and looking through a telescope build a logic skill. Certain activities may also improve your skills, such as social interactions, going on a run, and more. And there is one other way to improve your skills more effectively: through mentoring. 

What are Family Aspirations in Sims 4? 

Family Aspirations in Sims 4

Family-based aspirations have always been among my favorites, from The Sims 2 through the Sims 4. With a family aspiration, you’re pursuing goals that relate to family life. The base game comes with two family aspirations: Successful Lineage and Big Happy Family. If you have Parenthood, there’s also the Super Parent aspiration, while the Vampire Family aspiration comes from the Vampires game pack. Each is, of course, different, but all center around some aspects of family gameplay. 

What are the Best Traits in Sims 4 for Family Aspirations?

The type of family aspiration may slightly change what traits you select for your sims. An obvious choice is Family-Oriented, which provides happiness buffs for hanging out with family members. From there, you have to decide what your goals are. Cheerful and Good sims may make interactions more pleasant. 

 Clean sims feel happy keeping your house tidy. If your Sim is not married yet, a flirty or romantic sim may help them find a spouse but could also pose challenges later on. Outgoing is another trait to consider. 

 Sometimes, I like to make things purposefully ironic and pick opposite traits– like Hates Children or Mean or Noncommittal– which is going to provide a contrast and make the aspiration more difficult to complete. 

What Does Successful Lineage Mean?

Successful lineage is one of the base game family aspirations in Sims 4. The goal of the Successful Lineage aspiration is to raise your children to have success in school and build up their skills. Essentially you’re trying to set your sims’ kids up for success in life. 

How Do You Complete a Successful Lineage in Sims 4?

The successful lineage aspiration is the one most directly related to mentoring in Sims 4. This aspiration has just four main stages, and each has its requirements. See the table below for each aspiration level and step– you’ll notice that you’ll need to know how to mentor a sim to complete the aspiration.

1 Age Up to Adult


Spend $1,000 on Kid’s Products 

2 Adopt or Have a Kid


Socialize With Kid

Read for 2 Hours to Kid

3 Get Child to Max One Skill


Get Child to Earn an A

Help with Homework (3x)

4 Get Child to Complete an Aspiration


Have Child (or Grandkid) To Reach Highest Career Level

Mentor Child 3 Times 

As you can see, the aspiration becomes increasingly more challenging as you progress, as while there are just four levels, it’s going to take you a long time to complete. First, you need to become a parent, then you need to raise that kid through elementary school and high school, and finally top their career. What I like about this aspiration is that unexpected challenges like mentoring can make this a longer-term aspiration vs some newer Sims 4 aspirations. Likewise, it makes for excellent family gameplay and storytelling. 

How Do You Mentor in Sims 4?

Mentor in Sims 4

Keep in mind that mentoring is essential to complete the Successful Lineage aspiration–but it can be useful for other reasons as well. The point of mentoring is to gain skills through another sim– and you also get to spend some quality time with that Sim, too. However, there is a limit to the benefit: in my experience, it doesn’t make the other Sim learn skills faster. While this may be a glitch, one benefit is that mentoring another sim can be a way for them to be more social and makes for great storytelling. 

The number one thing you need to do: get a sim to a skill level of 10 and buy the Mentor Trait from the rewards store . 

How Do You Get Reward Traits in Sims 4?

Since the ability to mentor comes from the rewards store, you need to know how to get reward traits. By playing and achieving goals, you’ll earn satisfaction points. Completing steps of aspiration and following your Sim’s whims (enable them in your game menu) can both earn satisfaction points. You access the rewards store by selecting the aspirations section of your Sim’s profile. You’ll see a gift icon, which will take you to the store.

Enable Sims 4 Cheats PC, Mac, and Console

Note that you can also cheat for satisfaction points– though I find earning them more rewarding. After enabling cheats in your Sims 4 game (“Command + Shift + C” for Mac then testing cheats on,” then press ”Enter “or “CTRL + Shift + C for PC or hold down all four trigger buttons for console), see below for cheats. 

Cheat Sequence for Adding Satisfaction Points

After cheats are enabled, enter, “ Sims. Give_Satisfaction_Points X. X represents how many satisfaction points you want to cheat for. 

Where Do You Find Mentors in Sims 4?

Find Mentors in Sims 4

If you’ve searched for mentors to hire and come up with nothing, that’s because it works a little differently than hiring a typical service. There is no one place to find a mentor– though they often show up at the gym for exercise mentorships. The key is to find a sim who’s maxed out their skill in one of several areas. At a skill level 10, a sim gains the ability to mentor other sims in that skill. For instance, a sim with a fitness level 10 can mentor another sim at the gym to work out more efficiently. 

How Do You Mentor a Child in Sims 4?

The good news is that you can mentor a child, teen, and even another adult. The way how to mentor a child is the same way to mentor a sim of any age. Once a sim has maxed out in skill, enter their household and play as them. That Sim will now have the option to mentor another sim when you select an item that is related to that skill. For example, a sim with a logic skill level of 10 should have a musical instrument placed nearby. 

If another sim is nearby, you should see an option to mentor that Sim when you click on the item. To summarize, to mentor another sim, you must:

  • Have a Sim with a Skill Level 10 
  • Must be a Skill You Can Mentor
  • Buy the Mentor Trait from the Rewards Store
  • Be Near an Object Related to that Skill Level
  • Be Near another Sim

What Skills Can You Mentor a Sim in?

Mentor a Sim

The main skills you can mentor another sim in include: fitness, gardening,  gym/ fitness, guitar, handiness, logic (chess), painting, piano, violin, and writing.  

Can You Mentor Cooking in Sims 4?

Unfortunately, they haven’t expanded the mentoring to all skills. Cooking isn’t a skill you can directly mentor another sim in. 

How Do I Make My Sims 4 Mentor Fitness?

To mentor fitness, visit a gym (or your home gym). Play as a sim with a max fitness level and click on any piece of equipment. You should be able to select a mentor.. and then a nearby sim. Keep in mind that you may have trouble mentoring a sim who isn’t in a good enough mood and/or doesn’t have sufficient needs met to do a workout. Alternatively, sometimes you can have a sim visit a gym, and another sim will offer to mentor them. This is not guaranteed, but it certainly does happen, especially if you visit a gym with a known fitness trainer like Marcus Flex. 

How Do You Mentor Other Sims in a Painting?

If you wish to mentor another sim in the painting skill, simply have a sim with a max painting skill level and place them near an easel. Click on the easel, and you should be able to mentor a nearby sim. 

How Do You Mentor Successful Lineage Sims 4?

Successful lineage simply requires your parent sim to mentor their teen or adult child sim three times. It doesn’t matter what skill it’s in for completing the aspiration– so you’ll need to max out a skill (fitness, gardening,  gym/ fitness, guitar, handiness, logic (chess), painting, piano, violin, and writing) and mentor your child in that skill. Simply find an item that’s linked to that skill for the mentor interaction. Invite your child over if they no longer live in the house or meet at a community lot where there’s an item you can use. 

Best Sims 4 Mentor and Skill Mods

Mods are by no means required for mentoring in Sims 4 but they can be helpful or change up your gameplay. I selected these mods based upon them supporting your gameplay for gaining relevant skills. All are from reputable creators and are fairly small, simple mods that shouldn’t load games down. Keep in mind that mods are only available for PC and Mac players, not for consoles. Mods are safe for Sims 4, so long as you’re downloading from a secure website. You put mods in your game by placing the downloaded file under your Mods folder under EA- Sims 4 on your computer documents. My disclaimer is that mods can break with updates. Make sure when you enter your game you go to the main menu and select “Enable Mods.” It’s recommended you then restart your game. 

Mentor Fitness on Max Fitness Sims

Mentor Fitness

When your Sim hits the max fitness level, they can no longer be mentored. That means, with a visit to the gym, trainers will always ignore your Sim. But if you want to be trained on a certain gym equipment piece, like the treadmill, this mod allows you to do just that, no matter what your skill level is. No longer will trainers ignore you. Download Here . 

Faster Skills Mod

Faster Skills Mod

This mod more or less does what you’d expect. The Faster Skills Mod comes in 6 options, depending on how much more quickly you want your Sim to acquire skills. Sims will acquire skills twice as fast, 4 times faster, 8 times faster, 16 times faster, 32 times faster, or 64 times faster. While I prefer to progress in skills at a normal rate, some may find this helpful if they’re trying to set up for a certain challenge or story. Make sure you only select and download one file so there aren’t conflicts. Download Here . 

Lock Skill Gain Progress Mod

Lock Skill Gain

On the other hand, there’s a mod that pretty much does the opposite: locks skills so that your Sim won’t inadvertently progress with you purposefully trying. Sims gain skills through everyday living. Every time they cook because they’re hungry, for example, they’re progressing in their cooking skills. This mod allows you to select any skills you want to lock so they will stay at their current level. Some like this as they feel it makes for a realistic sim. It may also be useful for a Sims 4 challenge. Download Here . 

Talents and Weaknesses Mod

Talents and Weaknesses Mod

I was really happy to see the Sims team add likes and dislikes to Sims 4, but as of now, no system truly impacts how easy or difficult it is for a sim to pick up certain skills. This mod allows you to toggle off skill gain for certain types of skills and enhance others. This allows your Sim to have a predisposition towards certain skills and feel challenged with others. You can select your own, though the gain will automatically generate two talents and two weaknesses. It’s a nice custom touch towards making your game and your sims more realistic. Download Here . 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: what happens when you complete all child aspirations sims 4.

Answer: The child aspirations in Sims 4 include Artistic Prodigy, Rambunctious Scamp, Social Butterfly, and Whiz Kid. As is the case with other aspirations, you’ll be given satisfaction points as well as reward traits for every aspiration completed. The bonus traits aim to help your Sim continue to increase their skill level in that area and are a nice perk. 

Question: Do Sims Inherit Traits?

Answer: In past games, sims might inherit a trait from their parents. In Sims 4, you can either select traits or randomize traits independent of your parent’s traits. 

Question: How Do You Do the Aspiration Cheat on Sims 4?

Answer: The most popular cheat for aspirations in Sims 4 is aspirations.complete_current_milestone . This command allows you to accomplish whatever stage you’re at. 

Question: How Do You Max Out Your Fitness Skill in Sims 4?

Answer: Max out your fitness skill as you’d imagine: by getting active. You can use a treadmill, punching bag, and weight lifting machine by buying one or heading to a community gym. You can also simply take jogs or swim laps in a pool. If you have Fitness Stuff, you can use the rock climbing wall. Dancing also helps with fitness. Just make sure your Sim is in a good enough mood and their needs are sufficiently met– otherwise they may not do their workout. You could even form a club dedicated to fitness if you own the Sims 4: Get Together expansion pack . 

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to mentor in Sims 4 is useful for completing the Successful Lineage aspiration, but it’s certainly not a must for everyday gameplay. I see mentoring as a fun activity in Sims 4, and it can make for realistic gameplay. 

Final Buying Recommendation

Final Buying Recommendation

You can mentor in Sims 4 without buying any Sims 4 packs. But if you do love aspirations like the Successful Lineage, you likely love family gameplay. Your best bet is my favorite game pack– Sims 4: Parenthood . This game pack adds new family activities, a parenting skills system, and the ability to impact your child’s upbringing with character values and more. It also comes with versatile build/ buy items I use all the time, and, of course, CAS (create a sim) items for all ages. 

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How To Do Homework in Sims 4 in 3 Easy Steps

How To Do Homework in Sims 4 in 3 Easy Steps

Shaun M Jooste

  • April 9, 2021
  • Updated: April 3, 2024 3:01 AM

Whether you play Sims 4 on Windows or Mac , the last thing you want as a parent is your child missing homework. You’ll want them to progress with school, so it’s essential that you instruct them to do homework on a daily basis. We’ll quickly show you how so that you can simulate the adulting experience.

How To Do Homework in Sims 4

While none of us enjoyed completing homework in school, you can at least have fun torturing your children in Sims 4. Of course, we don’t mean physical torture but making them mentally suffer as we did as teens. We do understand if you’re a Hermione Granger that loved it; we’ll forgive you.

Step 1: Access the child’s inventory

First up, you’ll need to access the child sim’s inventory. Don’t worry; it’s not an invasion of privacy. You’re merely performing your duties as a parent to ensure that they complete their homework.

how do you get your child to do homework sims 3

Step 2: Find the homework

Now that you’re scratching around in their bags, you can ignore all the other paraphernalia. Look for a school book that has the label ‘HOMEWORK’ appear when you hover over it. This item is the one that activates the task for your child to start the assignments.

how do you get your child to do homework sims 3

Step 3: Select ‘Do Homework’

With the book highlighted, you can click on it and select ‘Do Homework’ for your child to get started. The task will appear in the list, and he/she will move to the closest table or surface to begin the lessons. A progress bar will also appear to show how well it’s proceeding.

If the homework is taking too long, you can lend a helping hand. With the parent selected, click on the child and select ‘Help with Homework.’

how do you get your child to do homework sims 3

Adulting can be fun!

Even in a simulated world, being a responsible parent is essential. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have children in real life; you can experience the joys and tribulations of getting them to do homework in Sims 4.

how do you get your child to do homework sims 3

How to Download Custom Content for Sims 4

Link Copied!

I live in South Africa, Cape town, as a father of two children. I've been gaming almost all my life, with plenty of experience writing reviews and articles on the latest titles. With 15 years of experience in local government performing Facilities Management functions, I moved towards becoming CEO of my own company, Celenic Earth Publications, which serves to publish author's books, including my own. I'm a published author of horror and fantasy novels, while I also dabble in game and movie scriptwriting.

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Batman vs. the Yakuza? The trailer for the craziest movie of the Dark Knight arrives

Batman vs. the Yakuza? The trailer for the craziest movie of the Dark Knight arrives

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Ultimate Sims Guides

The Sims 4 Children: Raising Kids and Going to School

Children are one of the most fun and magical life stages to raise in The Sims 4 and are probably the most interesting children that we’ve ever had. They have their own set of skills, interesting aspirations, and adorable interactions to complete with their family members.

In the original base game, babies would grow straight into children and there were no toddlers so it was an even more important life stage since you didn’t have as much time with your children to really make a difference in their lives.

Your sim children will be alive for 14 days on a normal lifespan, only 7 days on a short lifespan, and 52 days on a long lifespan.

Children’s Skills

Unlike previous games, in The Sims 4 Children are given their own set of skills to master and learn. This means that you probably wont be starting your child’s life as a teen with any real skills but that adds another level of difficulty to the game.

If you can get your child sim to max out any of these skills they will have adult skills unlocked so you can start skill building for the future!

  • Max Mental unlocks: Logic, Video Gaming, Fishing
  • Max Social unlocks: Charisma, Mischief,
  • Max Creativity unlocks: Piano, Violin
  • Max Motor unlocks: None

There are 4 skills for children to learn in game and they are as follows:

The mental skill is related to all things brainiac. Your sim can gain the mental skill by playing chess alone or with another sim, using the science table to craft potions, or stargazing in the observatory.

Here's The Sims 4 Children playing with the science table to gain the mental skill

To grow the motor skill, your sim can use the monkey bars or jungle gym, so essentially they just get to play. They can also earn the skill by practicing typing on the computer.

A photo of The Sims 4 Children trying to get across the monkey bars

Your sim can gain the creativity skill by playing with dolls or drawing pictures on the activity table. Your sim can also play the child sized violin to gain the activity skill rather quickly.

The sims 4 children playing the violin with music notes in front of her face

Children can gain the social skill by talking to a stuffed animal (i.e., Blarffy) or performing puppet shows. They can also gain social skill by just socializing with their friends and family.

Children’s Aspirations

When your sim ages up from a toddler to a children in the game, you’ll be given the opportunity to choose a child-specific aspiration for them to complete.

You’ll also get to choose a trait to go right along with it, and I’ve always been a big fan of choosing a trait that goes along with the aspiration. For example, if you were to choose the Whiz Kid aspiration , you may want to make your sim a genius so they can feel focused often and gain the mental skill a bit faster.

There are 4 aspirations for your child sims to choose from:

The whiz kid aspiration focuses entirely on building your child’s mental skill and will give your sim the mentally gifted reward trait which will help them gain all adult mental skills faster (rocket science, logic, fishing).

  • Be Read to By an Adult For 2 Hours
  • Play 3 Games of Chess
  • Reach Level 5 of the Mental Skill
  • Finish Homework 2 Times

Level Three

  • Receive an A in School
  • Craft 3 Emotional Potions
  • Reach Level 10 of the Mental Skill

Social Butterfly

The social butterfly aspiration will focus on building your sim’s social skill and when you finish it your sim will be given the socially gifted trait which can help them learn social skills faster (comedy, mischief, charisma).

  • Make A Friend
  • Meet 5 New Sims
  • Achieve Level 5 of Social Skill
  • Be Friends with 3 Children
  • Be Friends with 2 Adults
  • Achieve Level 10 of the Social Skill

Rambunctious Scamp

The rambunctious scamp aspiration focuses on building your sim’s motor skill and when completed it will give your child sim the physically gifted trait which will help them build their fitness skill faster as a teen or older.

  • Play on Jungle Gym While Playful
  • Hit Level 2 of the Motor Skill
  • Reach Motor Skill Level 5
  • Practice Typing for Four Hours
  • Reach Level 10 of the Motor Skill
  • Make it Across The Monkey Bars 3 Times
  • Earn a High Score on the Typing Game

Artistic Prodigy

The artistic prodigy aspiration is focused on building your sim’s creativity skill and if completed will give your child the trait creatively gifted which will help them build creative skills faster as a teen or older (painting, writing, instruments).

  • Have an Activity Table
  • Draw 2 Pictures While Inspired
  • Reach Creativity Level 5
  • Play With 3 Toys
  • Play Instruments for 5 Hours
  • Draw all 5 Picture Types on the Activity Table
  • Reach Level 10 of the Creativity Skill

Going to School

When your sim ages up from a toddler to a child they will now have a bit more responsibility and will need to go to school each day. They’ll be there everyday from 8 am to 3 pm and if you don’t attend your principal will call and not be too happy with your sim.

When your sim first starts school, they have a C grade and in order for them to get a B they must complete their homework each day and also get a skill to level 2 ( it doesn’t matter which skill, so it goes nicely with an aspiration) .

To get your sim from a B to an A they will need to complete their homework each day, and also get a skill to level 4 ( also doesn’t matter which skill!).

While at school your sim has a few options to choose from Normal, Make Friends, Study Hard, Leave School Early, or Slack Off. If you want to get your sim to get an A faster, you’ll want to have them study hard.

Doing Homework

When your sim ages from a toddler to a child their homework will automatically spawn into their inventory. This means that you don’t need to wait until your first day of school to get a jump start on your education.

If you want your sim to finish their homework quicker, you can get an adult sim to come click on the child and choose the “Help With Homework” interaction.

If you want your child sim to get a better grade, they can also do extra credit but that is only available after they have already completed their regular homework. This will give them a boost in performance for the next time they go to school. * Note: This is only an available option for a sim that has at least a B.

If your sim can get all of their child level skills to at least level 3, their homework interaction will change to breeze through homework and they will be able to get it done a lot faster. If you can get all of your child’s skills to level 7, your sim will now be able to dominate homework meaning they will get it done incredibly fast.

School Projects

School projects were a new addition to children and teen sims when The Sims 4: Parenthood was released. These projects are a nice addition to the life stage because it makes it seem a bit more real, because kids DO often come home with projects and need their parents help to get them done.

This image shows The Sims 4 children doing their school project holding a wrench

You will get a notification in the top right corner that says “ sims name has come home with a school project. Completing the project will grant school process. Additional progress will be awarded if the project is completed quickly”.

Working on a school project helps build skills for your child, which is a nice bonus as opposed to just doing homework. You can even buy a school project in build mode and do them just to gain skills without having to do them for school.

This image shows a child in the sims 4 doing a school project with her mom

Your adult sims can also help their kids with school projects by clicking on the project when a sim is already working on it and clicking “Assist with Project”. This will make the school project be completed in half the time.

There are 7 available school projects for your children to complete:

  • Chemical Reaction Volcano (Mental Skill)
  • Construct-a-Bridge (Mental Skill)
  • Air Pressure Rocketry (Mental Skill)
  • Electricity Experiments (Mental Skill)
  • Robotics (Mental Skill)
  • Solar System (Mental Skill)
  • Medieval Castle Diorama (Creativity Skill)

Skipping School

As with all other sims games, your children don’t have to go to school if you don’t want them to. All you need to do is cancel their action to go to school when it pops up at 8 am and they won’t attend. If you so choose, you can also get your child to Leave School Early if you forget to do so.

Not going to school makes it so your sim’s grade will decrease from a C to a D and eventually down to an F. Unlike past sims games, there is no military school for kids who didn’t go to school (was this just the sims 1?).

Your sim’s principal will be calling you twice during the day when you skip school. There is no real downfall to skipping as all children will start high school with a C when they age up to a teen.

Character Values

If you have The Sims 4: Parenthood, your children will have character values that are going to influence their personalities as they grow up. You’ll be able to see these inside the personality panel right above where you find your sim’s traits.

When your sim gets high enough character values they will be given entirely new traits when they become an adult (i.e., a responsible trait). There are 5 character values that your children can grow, let’s go over each a little bit.

1. Responsibility

Your children will gain responsibility through doing things like homework, school projects, extra credit, and going to school each day. If they ignore their homework, they will see a decrease in their responsibility.

Your sim can increase their manners by doing things like cleaning up dirty dishes after they eat or setting the dinner table. You can also increase your child’s manners by getting an adult sim to teach them how to say please and thank you. If your sim burps a ton or is rude to strangers they will see a strong decrease in their manners.

3. Conflict Resolution

To increase your children’s conflict resolution they can do things like apologizing when they upset another sim, or helping other sims fix their negative relationships. If they start to argue with their family members or friends their conflict resolution will decrease.

4. Emotional Control

Your sim can increase their emotional control if they deal with their positive emotions in a healthy way. For example, if your child has a bad day at school and come home with an angry moodlet, they can go take an angry poop to deal with it and they will gain emotional control.

I find that empathy is the hardest one to increase as a child, but it can be done! You can purchase a doctor’s toy kit from build mode and get your child to play with it to increase their empathy. Doing mean interactions with other sims will quickly decrease their empathy.

Teaching Moments

A teaching moment is a pop-up that will appear in game and let you choose an answer to a peculiar situation that your child is going through. These teaching moments can increase their character values and make them a well-rounded sim.

These teaching moments will be decided by the parents and can either increase or decrease their values based on the answers you choose. They can really influence how a child ages up and the traits they get as they go into adulthood.

Children’s Death in The Sims 4

In the sims 4, your children can actually pass away for a number of different reasons and can be a really sad moment if it happens to your family. There are 5 ways that your children can pass away:

  • Death by Drowning
  • Death by Fire
  • Death by Pufferfish Nigiri ( City Living )
  • Death by Freezing ( Seasons )
  • Death by Overheating ( Seasons )

Your children will not be able to die of starvation because they will be taken away before they are able to do this, they also can’t die emotional deaths like a cardiac explosion.

Aging Up Children

When aging up any sim you have two options, either wait until they age up on their own, or bake them a cake if you want them to age up early or if you throw them a birthday party. I’m a big fan of playing The Sims 4 on a long lifespan and baking my child a cake to age them up when they have completed at least one aspiration.

Final Thoughts

Raising a child in The Sims 4 can be really fun and genuinely rewarding, even though they are just virtual children. You can teach your children so much and really get to know your children’s personalities! Do you often play with children in The Sims 4? What’s your favourite children aspiration? Let me know in the comments!

' src=

I've been playing the Sims since the first game was released when I was only 5 years old. It's been a huge passion of mine for two decades and I've loved every single minute of it. I also love dogs. And grilled cheese sandwiches. And I think me and Bob Pancakes could be friends.

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    Welcome to the #1 subreddit for The Sims franchise and community! Be sure to read the rules before posting or commenting, utilize the search feature, and check the wiki for useful information.

  8. How do you do homework on the Sims 3?

    How do you do homework on the Sims 3?Jul 2, 2019To help, click the child's homework in their inventory. You'll then select which Sim will help them with the ...

  9. The Sims 4: How to do Homework

    To get them to work on their homework you'll get them to go into their inventory and click on it and choose do homework and they will start working on it. They too have the option to have an adult sim to help with homework by getting that sim to click on them when they've started their homework and getting them to assist to make it go more ...

  10. The Sims 4 guide: How to do homework

    The homework your teen Sim has to do will be in their personal inventory, as a little blue book. You can select it and click "do homework" and your teen Sim will move to a nearby table to do ...

  11. The Sims 4 Children and School Guide

    For example, Art Lover is a good trait to pair with Artistic Prodigy. A Sim will be a Child for 7 days on the Short lifespan, 14 days on Normal lifespan, and 52 days on Long lifespan. School and Homework. Children will start Grade School on the first weekday after aging up to Child. Class is from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

  12. The Best Sims 4 Mods That Improve Child Gameplay

    Children are a core part of The Sims 4, yet the things that the player can do with them aren't as varied as one could think.The game has many strong points, but its long-time players have ...

  13. How to Do Homework in The Sims 4

    If you're struggling to get your teen Sim to do homework in The Sims 4, follow these steps: Send your teen to school. When they return home, check their inventory .

  14. How do you handle sims teens not wanting to do homework or get good grades?

    Kids and teens will put their homework book on the other side of the desk if there is no lamp or deco to stop them, and no they cannot do it there. You cave to grab it with the hand tool and move it to a table or to the floor. Click on the book and tell them to either do homework or ask for help.

  15. Sims 4: How to Do Homework Faster and Get Higher Grades

    Open the Sim's inventory for your younger Sims. Click "Do homework.". Aid them with any needs as they work. Send an adult Sim to help with the child's homework. Click "help with homework" from the adult Sim's inventory. Increase child "skills" levels to complete homework faster (like the research and debate skill).

  16. Sims 4 How to do Homework Guide: All You Need To Know

    Homework is a part of the university experience in Sims 4, and doing it will help your Sims' performance. Homework appears in their inventory (as a black and white book) and is meant to be completed before every class. You can also purchase homework from a bookshelf or the college's kiosk (found out on the quad).

  17. Sims 4: How to Do Homework

    Every weekday, your child or teen sim will come home from school with homework. It can be found in their inventory, and you'll be able to do it by clicking on it from there and selecting to do ...

  18. My kids can't go to school or do homework... HELP! : r/Sims4

    NakedaB. My kids can't go to school or do homework... HELP! Help! I did the 50/50 yesterday and cleaned up what wasn't working. Updated all the script mods (I think). This was happening before the update as well, but I can't figure out what's causing it. When I click on a homework book, no options come up except to put it in inventory or make ...

  19. How to Mentor in Sims 4

    Note that you can also cheat for satisfaction points- though I find earning them more rewarding. After enabling cheats in your Sims 4 game ("Command + Shift + C" for Mac then testing cheats on," then press "Enter "or "CTRL + Shift + C for PC or hold down all four trigger buttons for console), see below for cheats.

  20. How To Do Homework in Sims 4 in 3 Easy Steps

    Step 3: Select 'Do Homework'. With the book highlighted, you can click on it and select 'Do Homework' for your child to get started. The task will appear in the list, and he/she will move to the closest table or surface to begin the lessons. A progress bar will also appear to show how well it's proceeding. If the homework is taking ...

  21. How to get kids to do their f****** homework : r/sims2

    So if you get an adult to help your kids via "help with homework" it will make the kids homework time go faster. If your child sim completes their homework with said adult, your child sim should get a memory called "Learned to study from [sim name]". Every time after the child sim does their homework after having gotten that memory ...

  22. The Sims 4 Children: Raising Kids and Going to School

    Emotional Control. Your sim can increase their emotional control if they deal with their positive emotions in a healthy way. For example, if your child has a bad day at school and come home with an angry moodlet, they can go take an angry poop to deal with it and they will gain emotional control. 5. Empathy.

  23. how do i get my sim to do homework? : r/Sims4

    If the book isnt in the sims inventory you can purchase another in the bookshelf. Or It may be on a desk or floor around the house. Homework books are in the inventory. Click that and select do homework. If its been lost or sold you an buy a new one by clicking on a bookcase and purchase books.