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  • 10 Circle Diagram Templates for Word, Excel, PPT

A circle diagram template can help you learn quickly and efficiently. Keeping that in mind, we have gathered the 10 best templates from the templates community of EdrawMax. These example diagrams are easy to understand, edit, customize, and export accordi


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A segmented diagram can get pretty messy with a boring structure and many values. That is where a circular diagram comes in. It depicts the value of different items by allotting each in a dedicated section.

Regardless of its name, a circular diagram has many real-life applications. It is used in business and economic sectors to categorize resources evenly with their percentages. So, how can you draw it? The easiest and most effective way is via a circle diagram template . That’s why this guide will provide you with 10 typical examples from the templates community of EdrawMax and how to use them.

In this article

  • 10 Free Editable Circular Diagram Templates
  • How to Make Such a Circular Diagram within Minutes?
  • Why Choose EdrawMax for Making Circular Diagrams?

Part 1. 10 Free Editable Circular Diagram Templates

An editable circular diagram template in EdrawMax can make things quicker and simpler. It takes the burden of drawing from scratch. All you need now is to make the modifications according to your requirements. Then, you can save the file as your own!

Here are the 10 best free circle diagram templates in EdrawMax you should know:

1. Circular Framework for Decision-Making Process

Circular Framework for Decision-Making Process

Struggling to make tough decisions? Here is the template that will help you by providing a complete decision-making framework. You can even implement it in your business to make informed decisions.

This diagram has everything from identifying the problem and gathering information to weighing evidence and taking action. Thus, it is a complete solution for your personal and professional decisions.

Another benefit of this free circular diagram template is that it has graphical elements and different colors. As a result, it looks engaging and visually-appealing.

2. Circular Organizational Chart

Circular Organizational Chart

An organizational chart, or org chart, represents the employees’ roles, responsibilities, and relationships in a single entity. It showcases the avatars, names, and roles of each individual. The bigger circles represent a major role, while the smaller ones show junior employees.

Creating org charts is a no-brainer, but this circular template further eases if you are a newbie. It is completely editable, so you can easily edit it according to your organization requirements.

3. Holistically Developed Learners

Holistically Developed Learners

This circular flow diagram template claims that all the developed learners are interconnected. The best part about it is the variety of colors. Each segment is categorized with a different shade. This template can be useful for academics and learners with a few quick edits.

4. Product Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle

Thanks to this circle flow chart template, highlighting a product’s life cycle has never been this easier. It highlights everything from the beginning to the decline of a product’s lifespan. As you may expect, each section has a different color. You can use this diagram for other applications by changing the text in the middle and editing the template according to your needs.

5. Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Do you want to create the perfect brand strategy to increase its revenue and popularity? This template can help you with its insights. The template covers crucial points, such as market analysis, brand value, management, communication, and product positioning. As a result, you can craft the ideal plan to uplift your business and its operations.

6. Circular Organizational Chart for Business

Circular Organizational Chart for Business

A business’ organizational chart can be complex, considering its large workforce. This template can come in handy with its colorful and wisely-crafted segments. The best part is that each shade represents a different department. Along with the circle, the template also defines the levels of its employees.

7. Content Marketing Cycle

Content Marketing Cycle

Every company has a marketing section, regardless of its category. Thus, this editable circular diagram template is suitable for all businesses. It includes the integral marketing phases, like promotion, content creation, and evaluation.

8. Brand Communication

Brand Communication

Good communication can lead to success in business. This diagram template emphasizes this point with its brand communication theme. It contains heavy topics, like brand awareness, presentation, innovation, and development, in neutral color segments.

9. Circular Process Flow Diagram

Circular Process Flow Diagram

A process flow diagram can be good for tracking the performance of a project. Similarly, this template divides the circles into time portions. Each segment’s size is allotted based on its hours. You can easily customize this template with a few changes to fit your needs.

10. Government Circular Flow Diagram

Government Circular Flow Diagram

Last but not least, this template represents the framework of government. It also creates relationships of the main topic with households, businesses, and the resource market. From net taxes to expenditures, this diagram covers all essential points.

Part 2. How to Make Such a Circular Diagram within Minutes?

Now if you also want to make such an informative diagram like those above or further customize them, you will need a diagram maker like EdrawMax , which offers a wide range of templates for all types of diagrams. You can easily get started by editing these free examples.

First, download and install EdrawMax. It is available across major platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. After installing, sign in with your social credentials or create a new Wondershare account for free.

Once done, here’s how to edit and customize a circle diagram template in EdrawMax:

Click Basic to expand the section. Once inside, select Basic Diagrams and Circular Diagram from the main screen.


Now, click More Templates under the Circular Diagram section.


Scroll down to find a suitable template. For this guide, let’s work with the Evolution Circular Diagram , presented as the first option. Click Use Immediately on the proposed template to open it.


Next, double-click the title to change it. Let’s edit this template to make it a problem-solving diagram. We can also change its font, style, color, and size.


Similarly, edit the center text. Change the text for each section by double-clicking it. You can also change the color and spacing of each segment.


Finalize the circle diagram template by making necessary edits.


Go to the File button at the top-left corner. Click Save As or Export to save the file on your device.

Part 3. Why Choose EdrawMax for Making Circular Diagrams?

EdrawMax is an all-in-solution for circular diagramming. With an intuitive interface and tons of ready-made templates, it is user-friendly to both beginners and pros. What’s best? You could try it online for free, you can start working today. If that does not sound good enough, here are more reasons to give it a shot:

1. Library of Templates

EdrawMax’s templates community offers 15,000 templates in total. The best part is that every free circular diagram template provides value to the user. That means you will find personal and business-centric templates for different purposes.

2. Ease of Use

EdrawMax is one of the most user-friendly drawing applications. It can suit beginners and experienced users alike. That’s due to the app’s straightforward drag-and-drop framework and easy UI.

3. Graphical Elements

EdrawMax makes visualization easier with its 26,000+ symbols. These elements can seamlessly be added to your diagrams. As a result, they help create more engaging and visually-attractive illustrations.

4. AI Features

From one-click diagram generation to diagram analysis and the chatbot, Edraw AI is here to help boost your diagramming efficiency.

5. Import/Export Support

EdrawMax supports a wide range of formats for both import and export options. You can easily integrate a circular diagram PowerPoint template or other formats into your creations. Similarly, you can choose the desired file extension when saving your work.

6. Collaboration and Teamwork

Do you want to work with your team members on a single project? You can do so with EdrawMax’s collaboration features that allow users to invite people in a project. You can also directly share your project with others via email and social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

7. Colorful and Vibrant

A circular diagram with no or fewer colors will not be engaging. EdrawMax enables users to create vibrant and eye-catching illustrations. The app has various color themes, styles, and customization options.

More often than not, a circle diagram template can be a quick way to get started for you to diagram, saving you from the confusion of drawing from scratch. It is also a great method to find inspiration. With a few modifications here and there, you can make that template your own circular diagram. Follow the steps introduced in the article to make one with EdrawMax or customize the templates to better suit your needs.

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The Round Robin brainstorming technique in 2 steps & template

Round robin brainstorming

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Round Robin brainstorming is a collective approach to brainstorming. It’s a two-step process, first using the How Might We concept of divergent problem-solving , before converging to refine the idea. It employs an iterative circular process to build on previous contributions from each participant. In that way, it’s a more balanced approach to ideation, making it similar to Brainwriting .

The method has gained popularity in recent years as people look to improve the way teams come together to solve problems. On top of that, as the workforce shifts to remote work, this technique is easy to replicate visually on an online whiteboard. If you’d like to explore alternative brainstorming techniques, we’ve rounded up 15 brainstorming techniques and templates you can use collaboratively with your team. 

So let’s take a look at how to run a Round Robin brainstorming session on Conceptboard.

Advantages of Round Robin brainstorming

Like most brainstorming sessions, the major benefit of Round Robin brainstorming is harnessing multiple ideas to solve problems. However, where it differs is that its collaborative structure allows all voices to be heard. We’ve all been in regular brainstorming sessions that have gone nowhere as one person dominates the discussion. With Round Robin, not only do all participants visualise their ideas using text and sketches (instead of verbally), it also gives everyone’s ideas equal weight.

The second major benefit of Round Robin brainstorming is that within the session you already identify and solve potential roadblocks, before the idea has even left the paper. This is a great way to consider the true value of the idea before investing too much work.

With collaborative whiteboard tools such as Conceptboard, you don’t need to worry about all being in the same room. So whether your team is remote or co-located, make the switch to online whiteboards and collaborate anywhere with ease. Plus, the limitless board space means you never run out of space for your ideas.

How to do Round Robin brainstorming

We’ve created a simple template you can use for your Round Robin brainstorming. There’s space for up to five participants, but you can easily adapt it to large groups by selecting a block and Copy+Pasting. However, for very large groups, we recommend you split into smaller groups of six to keep the activity moving quickly.

Use template

  •  Invite all participants to join Conceptboard, with a Round Robin template loaded.
  • Start by first defining the problem statement you are trying to solve. You can use the How Might We template to help you with this first step.
  • Then, give each participant time to sketch out a possible solution to the problem. The sketches don’t have to be highly artistic, but it can help to add a few notes in the box to further explain your idea.
  • After 8 minutes, everyone moves along one block in a clockwise direction. They then set about identifying possible risks or roadblocks with the idea presented above. Sketch these out in the box.
  • Once more, everyone moves along one spot. Now, the final step is to identify how you could mitigate the risks mapped out above. And then, further expand on the idea to make it even stronger.
  • By the end, the bottom row should contain a very strong and well-thought-out idea. This can be presented back to the group by the person who just completed the final box.
  • To conclude, everyone should vote to get a group consensus on the winning idea.

As you can see, Round Robin is a great way to get everyone involved in the problem-solving process. Not only that, initial ideas can be further expanded and risks identified before moving too far along the development process.

If you want to see some more techniques to improve your brainstorming sessions, check out our recent article on 5 top brainstorming techniques for teams .

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