type of music essay

Guide on How to Write a Music Essay: Topics and Examples

type of music essay

Let's Understand What is Music Essay

You know how some school assignments are fun to write by default, right? When students see them on the course syllabus, they feel less like a burden and more like a guaranteed pleasure. They are about our interests and hobbies and therefore feel innate and intuitive to write. They are easy to navigate, and interesting topic ideas just pop into your head without much trouble.


Music essays belong to the category of fun essay writing. What is music essay? Anything from in-depth analysis to personal thoughts put into words and then to paper can fall into a music essay category. An essay about music can cover a wide range of topics, including music history, theory, social impact, significance, and musical review. It can be an analytical essay about any music genre, musical instruments, or today's music industry.

Don't get us wrong, you will still need to do extensive research to connect your opinions to a broader context, and you can't step out of academic writing standards, but the essay writing process will be fun.

In this article, our custom essay writing service is going to guide you through every step of writing an excellent music essay. You can draw inspiration from the list of music essay topics that our team prepared, and later on, you will learn what an outstanding essay on music is by an example of a music review essay.

What are Some Music Topics to Write About

There are so many exciting music topics to write about. We would have trouble choosing one. You can write about various music genres, be it country music or classical music; you can research music therapy or how music production happens.

Okay, forgive us for getting carried away; music makes us enthusiastic. Below you will find a list of various music essay topics prepared from our thesis writing service . Choose one and write a memorable essay about everyone's favorite art form.

Music Argumentative Essay Topics

Music essays can be written about an infinite number of themes. You can even write about performance or media comparison.

Here is a list of music argumentative essay topics. These edge-cutting topics will challenge your readers and get you an easy A+.

  • Exploring the evolution of modern music styles of the 21st century
  • Is it ethical to own and play rare musical instruments?
  • Is music therapy an effective mental health treatment?
  • Exploring the Intersection of Technology and Creativity in electronic music
  • The Relevance of traditional music theory in modern music production
  • The Role of musical pieces in the Transmission of cultural identity
  • The value of historical analysis in understanding the significance of music in society
  • How does exposing listeners to different genres of music break down barriers
  • Exploring the cognitive effects of music on human brain development
  • The therapeutic potential of music in treating mental disorders

Why is Music Important Essay Topics

Do you know which essay thrills our team the most? The importance of music in life essay. We put our minds together and came up with a list of topics about why music is so central to human life. Start writing why is music important essay, and we guarantee you that you will be surprised by how much fun you had crafting it.  

  • Popular Music and its Role in shaping cultural trends
  • Music as a metaphorical language for expressing emotions and thoughts
  • How music changes and influences social and political movements
  • How the music of different countries translates their history to outsiders
  • The innate connection between music and human beings
  • How music helps us understand feelings we have never experienced
  • Does music affect our everyday life and the way we think?
  • Examining the cross-cultural significance of music in society
  • How rock music influenced 70's political ideologies
  • How rap music closes gaps between different racial groups in the US

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Why I Love Music Essay Topics

We want to know what is music to you, and the best way to tell us is to write a why I love music essay. Below you will find a list of music essay topics that will help you express your love for music.

  • I love how certain songs and artists evoke Memories and Emotions
  • I love the diversity of music genres and how different styles enrich my love for music
  • I love how music connects me with people of different backgrounds
  • How the music of Linkin Park helped me through life's toughest challenges
  • What does my love for popular music say about me?
  • How the unique sounds of string instruments fuel my love for music
  • How music provides a temporary Release from the stresses of daily life
  • How music motivates me to chase my dreams
  • How the raw energy of rock music gets me through my daily life
  • Why my favorite song is more than just music to me

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Music Therapy Essay Topics

One of the most interesting topics about music for an essay is music therapy. We are sure you have heard all the stories of how music cures not only mental but also physical pains. Below you can find a list of topics that will help you craft a compelling music therapy essay. And don't forget that you can always rely on our assistance for fulfilling your ' write my paper ' requests!

  • The effectiveness of music therapy in reducing stress and pain for cancer patients
  • Does pop music have the same effects on music therapy as classical music?
  • Exploring the benefits of music therapy with other genres beyond classical music
  • The potential of music therapy in aiding substance abuse treatment and recovery
  • The Role of music therapy in Addressing PTSD and Trauma in military veterans
  • The impact of music therapy on enhancing social interaction and emotional expression in individuals with developmental disabilities
  • The use of music therapy in managing chronic pain
  • Does musical therapy help depression?
  • Does music reduce anxiety levels?
  • Is music therapy better than traditional medicine?

History of Music Essay Topics

If you love analytical essays and prefer to see the bigger picture, you can always write a music description essay. Below you can find some of the most interesting topics for the history of music essay.

  • The Significance of natural instruments in music production and performance
  • Tracing the historical development of Western music theory
  • How electronic music traces its roots back to classical music
  • How the music industry evolved from sheet music to streaming services
  • How modern producers relate to classical composers
  • The Origins and Influence of Jazz Music
  • How folk music saved the Stories of unnamed heroes
  • Do we know what the music of ancient civilizations sounded like?
  • Where does your favorite bandstand in the line of music evolve?
  • The Influence of African American Music on modern pop culture

Benefits of Music Essay Topics

If you are someone who wonders what are some of the values that music brings to our daily life, you should write the benefits of music essay. The music essay titles below can inspire you to write a captivating essay:

  • How music can be used to promote cultural awareness and understanding
  • The benefits of music education in promoting creativity and innovation
  • The social benefits of participating in music groups
  • The Impact of Music on Memory and Learning
  • The cognitive benefits of music education in early childhood development
  • The effects of music on mood and behavior
  • How learning to play an instrument improves cognitive functions.
  • How music connects people distanced by thousands of miles
  • The benefits of listening to music while exercising
  • How music can express the feelings words fail to do so 

Music Analysis Essay Example

Reading other people's papers is a great way to scale yours. There are many music essay examples, but the one crafted by our expert writers stands out in every possible way. You can learn what a great thesis statement looks like, how to write an engaging introduction, and what comprehensive body paragraphs should look like. 

Click on the sample below to see the music analysis essay example. 

How to Write a Music Essay with Steps

Writing music essays is definitely not rocket science, so don't be afraid. It's just like writing any other paper, and a music essay outline looks like any other essay structure.

music steps

  • Start by choosing a music essay topic. You can use our list above to get inspired. Choose a topic about music that feels more relevant and less researched so you can add brand-new insights. As we discussed, your music essay can be just about anything; it can be a concert report or an analytical paper about the evolution of music.
  • Continue by researching the topic. Gather all the relevant materials and information for your essay on music and start taking notes. You can use these notes as building blocks for the paper. Be prepared; even for short essays, you may need to read books and long articles.
  • Once you have all the necessary information, the ideas in your head will start to take shape. The next step is to develop a thesis statement out of all the ideas you have in your head. A thesis statement is a must as it informs readers what the entire music essay is about. Don't be afraid to be bold in your statement; new outlooks are always appreciated.
  • Next, you'll need a music essay introduction. Here you introduce the readers to the context and background information about the research topic. It should be clear, brief, and engaging. You should set the tone of your essay from the very beginning. Don't forget the introduction is where the thesis statement goes.
  • One of the most important parts of essay writing is crafting a central body paragraph about music. This is where you elaborate on your thesis, make main points, and support them with the evidence you gathered beforehand. Remember, your music essay should be well structured and depict a clear picture of your ideas.
  • Next, you will need to come up with an ideal closing paragraph. Here you will need to once again revisit the main points in your music essay, restate them in a logical manner and give the readers your final thoughts.
  • Don't forget to proofread your college essay. Whether you write a long or short essay on music, there will be grammatical and factual errors. Revise and look through your writing with a critical mind. You may find that some parts need rewriting.

Key Takeaways

Music essays are a pleasure to write and read. There are so many topics and themes to choose from, and if you follow our How to Write a Music Essay guide, you are guaranteed to craft a top-notch essay every time.

Be bold when selecting a subject even when unsure what is research essay topic on music, take the writing process easy, follow the academic standards, and you are good to go. Use our music essay sample to challenge yourself and write a professional paper. 

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FAQs on Writing a Music Essay

Though music essay writing is not the hardest job on the planet, there are still some questions that often pop up. Now that you have a writing guide and a list of essay topics about music, it's time to address the remaining inquiries. Keep reading to find the answers to the frequently asked questions. 

Should Artists' Music be Used in Advertising?

What type of music is best for writing an essay, why do people love music.

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type of music essay

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632 Music Essay Topics & Samples

The scholarly analysis of musical history, theory, and cultural aspects of music is called musicology. If you are studying this subject, our team has prepared 507 amazing topics about music for your paper.

📑 Aspects to Cover in a Music Essay

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You can write about many different types of music, ranging from classical arrangements of Mozart and Beethoven to pop compositions made via computers. Look through our music essay examples to find the best idea!

Whether you understand the subtleties of terminology or are taking a course to begin your journey, writing a music essay requires more than the knowledge of various musical pieces.

Tackling different topics, ranging from contemporary to classical music, is possible if you can explain a few cornerstone moments to your readers. To begin your essay, make sure to:

  • Research your assigned piece in different ways, from listening to reading about it;
  • Immerse yourself in the material;
  • Search for additional insights by watching live performances when possible.

These actions ensure that you have a good grasp of your material from different sources. Creating an outline before beginning to write will also save you time, as you will gain a better understanding of the topic.

Finally, you can get music essay ideas from reading examples of other’s work.

Avoid plagiarism, as this will immediately disqualify your paper from academic merit, as music essay examples should inspire your writing, rather than become the basis for it.

After your initial research and the execution of the pre-writing stages, you can start focusing on the details of your assignment. Straightway, music appreciation becomes an essential prerequisite to your essay.

You should find what elements resonate with you in your task and focus on developing them into factual statements.

For example, if you like the sound, then elaborate this feeling into a coherent thought that explains why. Conversely, if you do not find any part enjoyable, then do the same, but remember to remain academic and respectful.

Another important aspect of your essay is the history of the assigned piece, which you can address after your introduction. Doing so will help your readers be on the same level of knowledge as you, the essay’s writer.

Without a historical backdrop, jazz becomes just another funky-sounding genre, not a monument to America’s 20th-century rebellious tendencies.

Thus, explain how a particular piece came into existence or why was it created to increase its importance in your audience’s eyes. Furthermore, you may even compare it against other sample music of its time.

Understand that music essay topics need to be technical and explain any occurring background processes, from composition to execution.

Therefore, your bibliography should include a variety of book and journal titles. These have to demonstrate the level of your research and support your ideas with credible references.

This advice may be especially relevant if you are writing a highly technical or instrumental essay, as it allows explaining complicated concepts with ease and trustworthiness.

After you have covered technical, perception-related, and historical aspects of your subject as per your initial outline, you can integrate information about its impact on future compositions.

The continuous flow of history from the past to the future should help you support your work and uphold its importance in the broader context. Additionally, doing so enables you to lead your essay to a well-rounded conclusion.

Finally, from music essay titles that have to grab your readers’ attention to grouping paragraphs with a single theme under one subheading, you can begin finalizing your essay.

Remember the importance of explaining the different sides to your problem and tie them all together in your conclusion.

This action makes your work a comprehensive study on your subject, educating your readers, and correctly presenting information in an easy-to-read format.

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  • My Favorite Musical Instrument: The Guitar Inside the plate we have a series of braces which strengthen the plate and affect the vibrations of the top plate.
  • School Music Festival Concert The preliminary rounds will be designed to ensure that only the participants who measure up to the high standards of the competition are allowed to go on to the next stage of the competition while […]
  • Music and Its Impact on Our Lives With the development of the society the instruments and the whole music changed. The ability of music to influence human consciousness was known from the earliest stages of development of the society.
  • Maurice Ravel: Bolero Analysis of Music Piece – Research Paper Incidentally just like the minimalist composers of today, Ravel developed the Bolero piece in a controlled form of monotony but contained within its self the capacity to sedate and capture an audience, the Bolero piece […]
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  • Musical Usage of Ethos, Pathos and Logos Thievery Corporation show a character of an upright fellow who stands to condemn the indifference of the richest man in Babylon.
  • Music as a Weapon During the Vietnam War Music to the soldiers in Vietnam acted as a tool to remind all troops of the responsibility that they had taken by being on the battlefield.
  • The Social Impact of Reggae Music Many reggae artists criticize and oppose the prevalence of injustice and oppression in many parts of the world that arise from poor governance and unstable political systems. In addition, it is also known for the […]
  • “In the Mood for Love”: Music Analysis The director of In the Mood for Love uses music throughout the film to set the mood in the film and enhance the musical background that was typical of Hong Kong in the 1960s.
  • Different Types of Music One of the commonest types of music is Gospel music. It is a type of music where songs are written and played with the objective of praising or honoring God.
  • The Music Industry In the same vein, it is imperative for musicians to have a working knowledge of commercial aspects of the music industry to ensure that they get the most out of their work.
  • Impressionism in Music and Art The natural light appears in a variety of types which gives the impressionist artist much freedom to alter the details of the objects in the painting using the natural light in different types.
  • Music Genre Influence on the Heart Rate Jazz and Classical music genres diminish the heart rate because their rhythms have a slow pace that creates a peaceful ambiance for the body and heart to relax.
  • Lucky Dube as the Icon in the Reggae Music Industry In addition to this, the song talks about a contemporary issue which affected and still affects the lives of millions of people globally.
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven: Life, Music, & Influences Neefe was not a renowned musician; in fact, he was most influential to Beethoven in the shaping up of his ideals rather than in his music compositions. According to Beethoven’s accounts of his deafness, the […]
  • The Role of Music in the Film “Titanic” Also, it will discuss the content and themes of the movie and explain the role played by music in the movie.
  • Musical “Hamilton” by Lin-Manuel Miranda The character of Alexander Hamilton is central to the musical, as his narrative reveals some of the major historical events such as the battle of Yorktown, issuing Amendments to the US Constitution, and the evolvement […]
  • How Music Can Influence Our Behaviour In order to understand exactly how work productivity increases as a result of music, it is essential to know the difference between mood and arousal. As one listens to a piece of music, one is […]
  • The History of Mambo Music Despite the fact that mambo was brought to the general American public in a bright commercial wrapping, the original mambo sound and rhythms gradually won the hearts of the devoted audiences.
  • Comparison Between Music and Style in 1950’s and Music and Styles in 1970’s This has for example been one of the differences that are realized with respect to the music of the 1950s and the music that was realized in the 1970s.
  • Music Production: History and Changes The birth of the music industry happened about a century ago during the time technological innovations started to appear allowing to capture, store of music, and replay the sound tracks within a retrieval system.
  • Music in Films: “The Shawshank Redemption” The movie “The Shawshank Redemption” is an outstanding work of art that has influenced the lives, actions, and goals of many people in every corner of the world.
  • Racism in Music: “(What Did I Do to Be So) Black and Blue” The extreme popularity of the song among the black population can be explained with references to the fact that Armstrong changed the original lyrics to accentuate the social meaning of the composition and elaborated the […]
  • The Rent Broadway Musical’s Analysis This is a musical, and the type of performance is an ensemble since the majority of songs are performed by a group of actors, although there are several solo performances as well.
  • The Preservation of Our Cultural Heritage: Music for Entertainment and Communication Similar to how music plays a significant role in the lives of many people, it is an important aspect of history and culture.
  • Music in Saudi Arabia Music related to pearling and seafaring is part of the classical music in this region, and this is as a direct result of the sailing history of the people.
  • Classical Music: Merriam’s Tripartite Model of Music Classical music is characterized by the harmony that is full of chromaticism. Music is meant to provide a meaningful interaction of the body and soul.
  • Role of Music in Our Life It is of great importance to recognize a childs inclinations in order to develop them in a full manner in future.
  • Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Music Analysis The piece starts from the crescendo emphasizing the worries and fears of the dying person. The ascendant rhythm of this part also expresses the image of the sacral process of dying and connection with God.
  • History of Rock Music: The Influence and Importance of Bon Jovi Jon Bon Jovi is among such influencers and redefiners of the rock anthem, and the purpose of this paper is to study his career and find out why it is crucial to include Jovi in […]
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  • Music Industry & Technology: Benefits and Threats One of the advantages that technology introduced to the music industry is that it has enabled the distribution of music all over the world, thus increasing sales.
  • The Impact of Korean Popular Music From the paradigms of influences, the paper discusses the implications of the K-pop on the Korean social values and foreign influences.
  • Basic Elements of Music The rhythm defines the ratio of the duration of sounds to one another in a single composition. The first component is important from the standpoint of the formation of a particular component into a single […]
  • Music Video: ‘Anaconda’ by Nicki Minaj The main course for the controversy is that the film is decidedly raunchy, and this has resulted in its opposition by many people who feel it is both immoral and misleading, especially to younger generations.
  • Semiotic Analysis and Content Analysis to a Music Videos What are the female gender words used in the lyrics in the studied music videos? What are the themes of the lyrics and the music videos?
  • Music and the French Revolution They also wanted to do away with the Christianity as well as the old method of days of the week and naming the years from the birth of Christ.
  • Fela Kuti: Music Is the Weapon Shot in Lagos, Nigeria, at the peak of Kuti’s career, the film contains a series of heartfelt, sincere, and courageous interviews with the pioneer of the Afrobeat genre.
  • Music and Its Effects on Culture Therefore, it could be concluded that music can create some of the diversity issues such as culture, and it can directly impact a culture.
  • Music Effects on the Brain However, listening to music has the ability to inspire the hormones and raise the levels of these elements to equilibrium, making the brain to work optimally.
  • History of Jazz Music Due to the unification of different states, America enjoys a diverse culture, which is the basis for the growth of jazz in the world.
  • Music in Films: Composers, Soundtracks and Themes The genesis of Zimmer’s approach in many of his films to production is based on non-diegetic leitmotifs and the use of textures.
  • The Influence of the Cultural Current “Modernism” on the Conception of Music in the 20th Century Modernism movement provoked composers changed their music from any possible perspective, and one of the most frequent was the change of music language and the necessity “to turn a composition into a ‘text’ constructed of […]
  • Serialism as a Technique of Composing Pieces of Music The paper examines the meaning of serialism in music with reference to the classical writings of early music composers such as Adorno and Dahlhaus.
  • Music Education: Aesthetic and Paraxial Theories The change of manners and styles in the world of music provoked such changes in the sphere of education and its further adherence to the contemporary conditions of progressive society.
  • “Thank You for the Song” by Jennifer Rondeau and “Thank You for the Music” by Abba Comparison The poet expresses the feeling of the possibility that she may never get to see the person who sung to hear the song, but the song itself makes her believe the fact that both of […]
  • Woodstock Music Festival Even though the Woodstock Music Festival was intended to be a ticketed event, ultimately, the planners stopped collecting the tickets because the crowd started to cut away and to trample the fences which made even […]
  • Technology and Music Industry The impact of file sharing technology in the music industry has been a major obstacle to its advancement. In a clearer way, the future purchase and sale of music is anticipated to be easier.
  • McDonaldization in the Music Industry Generally speaking, McDonaldization is a term used to refer to “the process by which the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as of […]
  • Fallin’ by Alicia Keys: Music Reflection I particularly recall this song because my mother liked it and often tried to explain to me the meaning of the lyrics.
  • The Influence of Music on a Person On the contrary, in the morning, I turn on upbeat and rhythmic music that helps to wake up and energize me for the whole day.
  • Music From Around the World Music can be described as both traditional and modern where traditional music is seen as old and longstanding, while modern music is contemporary and present.
  • Hogaku: Traditional Japanese Music Music is often divided into Western and Non-Western; Japanese music belongs to Non-Western music and it has a number of peculiarities all of which should be discussed in order to present an ethnographic report on […]
  • Franz Schubert: His Life and Music 1809-1812: He composed several piano pieces and songs for his mother’s death and father’s birthday. 1819-1820: Franz’s compositions and styles matured.
  • Teaching a Musical Instrument in School The drive towards musical achievement is of great inherent value to both the learner and the society. The learners are the central point with the head teacher, the leader of music service, the class teacher, […]
  • Arab Music and Cinema Development: Western Culture Impact Thus the title of the project work is, “Arab Music and Arab Cinema: historical development and the role of Western culture ” The project scope is dedicated to peep into the historical background of how […]
  • Analysis of Music Pieces in Terms of Rhythm, Melody, and Texture The significance of the initial phrase is emphasized by the fact that it is repeated four times at the beginning of the piece, then in the middle of the piece, and then developed in a […]
  • French Revolution: Role of Propaganda and Music The history of propaganda is based on three interweaving fundamentals: first, the mounting need, with the growth of civilization and the rise of nation-state, to win the battle for people’s minds; second, the increasing sophistication […]
  • Nineteenth Century Music: Virtuoso Performances Four factors characterized early nineteenth-century music: the rise of public concerts, improvements in transportation, the Industrial Revolution, and the glorification of genius and personal expression in the Romantic Era. The style of the pianist in […]
  • YouTube Case: Copyright Infringement of Music and Films The aim of the current research is to assess YouTube’s copyright infringement of music and films. The DMCA is a copyright law in the United States, and it protects the company from copyright infringement among […]
  • The Role of Music in Cinematography Non-diegetic music is “background music” that communicates the psychological aspects of the story, coloring the actions that take place on the screen, showing the pace of on-screen events, and creating the atmosphere.
  • Spanish Gypsy Flamenco Music and Its History In the 1780s, all these explanations assume that the music of the indigenous Andalucians was combined with the music of the gypsies and came to be known as the flamenco music.
  • Influence of African-American Culture on Rock n Roll Music Rock and Roll were introduced to the mainstream in the 1950s by white musicians such as Elvis Presley. Rock and Roll was a distinct amalgamation of different genres of African-American music such as jazz, blues, […]
  • Film Musical History: From the Beginning to the Rise and Fall The cinema of attractions elicits a high level of awareness of the film image, piquing the audience’s interest, and renouncing narrative cinema’s storytelling role.
  • Aubrey Drake Graham’s Music Career Statement of Central Idea: To inform my audience about Aubrey Drake Graham’s, commonly known as Drake, background, how he became famous, and where he is right now in his career.
  • Music, Its Definition and Evolution It is in a romantic era when different types and functions of music were developed, followed by 20th-century music, where there was an increase in music listening and the emergence of new technology which made […]
  • Creative Arts and Music Lesson Plan and Activities The focus on the listed activities is essential not only for developing skills in music but also for improving students’ knowledge and abilities in different areas because music activities provide individuals with opportunities to enhance […]
  • Music in the “Pearl Harbor” Film by Michael Bay The United States of America sent the marine and aviation troops to repulse the attack of the Japanese army on the “Pearl Harbor”, the American military base on the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Korean Pop Music and Youth Identity Korean pop music has become a powerful genre that connects many youths to their counterparts in different parts of the world.
  • Cuba Music: Its Styles and Instruments Contributions of Cuban music This music from Cuba has a role in the making and the composition of the different music in the world, for example, the salsa, the jazz, other music in Argentina, Ghana, […]
  • Mozart: Requiem in D Minor, K. 626 This paper offers an overview of the Requiem in D minor, analyzing the musical composition, examining the orchestration’s expressive devices, and providing a historical frame.
  • Music Role in Memory and Learning Processes As such, the study purposed to test the differences in visuospatial abilities between men and women bearing in mind that the former is perceived to demonstrate greater memory capabilities compared to the latter As such, […]
  • Music Role in Personal and Social Identities Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to answer the question ‘How does music contribute to personal and social identities?’ In answering this question, the paper will develop a comprehensive analysis of a number of […]
  • Internet Marketing: Use of Social Media by Artists to Market Their Music Today, the success of an artist is not directly related to the number of albums they have sold but rather to a number of combined factors including: ticket sales, Internet hits and the amount of […]
  • Classical and Rock Music Genres As for the differences between rock and classical, the first thing that comes to mind is the length of the songs.
  • Important Role of Music in Advertising Consumer response can affect the effectiveness of music in advertising based on a person’s attitude towards music in general, the situation in which the advertisement is perceived, and its context.
  • The Use of Music in the Modern World Therefore, research needs to be done to analyze the use of music in different cultures to see what it brings to society.
  • Robert Schumann: His Life and Music Schumann was no different in taking this approach from the other composers of his time, but his subjectivity enabled him to express it in unique ways.
  • Jazz Musician Miles Davis: His Life and Music In his 50 years of career in jazz, he played the trumpet in a lyrical and melodic style and made his sound more intimate and personal.
  • Gustav Theodore Holst and His Music His art is ill-suited to the sort of subjects that appealed to Verdi, but he is more often mysterious than mystical; and the more forbidding or abstract his theme the stronger his brush.’Saturn, the Bringer […]
  • Antonio Vivaldi: The Study of Music Studying the life and work of Vivaldi can help to place this and other famous concertos in context and to learn more about the influences that affected Vivaldi’s music throughout his life.
  • Music Streaming Industry and Trend Analysis Also, the tendency to consume new music of less popular artists by the users emphasizes the need for the increase in the industry and the development of new labels, as well as new streaming platforms. […]
  • Music in Jean-Jacques Beneix’s Film “Diva” The scene begins with Jules and Alba sitting on a moped as the elevator takes the characters to Jules’ loft. As the song begins, the camera starts to rotate slowly around the characters, closing in […]
  • Economic and Music Industry’ Relationship in South Africa One of the main challenges, faced by the representatives of this industry is the low level of awareness about local composers and performers.
  • Louis Armstrong’s and Bix Beiderbecke’s Jazz Music When examining the reason behind Armstrong’s worldwide popularity in comparison to the relative obscurity of Beiderbecke, it is immediately obvious that the main reason behind this was due to the fact that Armstrong was willing […]
  • Choral Music History The origin of this form of music is the traditional music that people sung in groups across multiple traditional cultures. To enhance the outcome of the voices, choral music could be sung with or without […]
  • The Development of Twentieth-Century Music: Schoenberg vs. Stravinsky Walter notes “Schoenberg was linked to the expressionist movement in German poetry and art and he was also a leader of the Second Viennese School”.[2] Schoenberg’s major milestone in the musical scene of the 20th […]
  • Reggae, Disco, and Funk Musical Styles Reggae, funk, and disco, despite the difference in rhythm, message, and sound, were intended to unite the art of music into a global musical movement.
  • The Rhetoric of Bob Fosse: Eroticism and Humor in a Musical This was originally a musical produced by Fosse in 1966 and he translated it into the big screen. However, the credit for creating a new style in musical belongs to Fosse.
  • History of Pop Music in the World: Cultural and Social Changes Later, following the evolvement of industries and development of urban centers, also the lifestyle of poor people improved considerably and this lead to the improvement of music among the poor and the rich.
  • Enigma’s “Return to Innocence” Music Video Using this approach, the authors of the video were able to transform the narrative structure and bring to the forefront the meaning of the song.
  • Ludovico Einaudi’s Music Analysis Ludovico Einaudi is a rebel from the world of academic music, a fan of pop music of the 60s. The choice of the composition “Fly” is determined by the fact that this kind of music […]
  • The Effect of Music Videos on College Students’ Perceptions of Rape The primary purpose of the article is to examine “the effect of sexualized portrayals of female artists in music videos on college students’ perceptions of date rape.”
  • Musical Exposure and Its Effect on Biochemical Changes Last, to policymakers and nursing practitioners, the effect of specific music types on various biochemical messengers lays solid ground for understanding music’s function in physiological mechanisms.
  • The Salsa: Music and Dance Review In the dance perspective, it refers to a dance that tries to communicate the beats found in the salsa music. All these are in an effort to spice up the salsa dance and music.
  • The Evolution of Music: Brief Review After the Classical Music era , music evolved into the Early Romantic Music era , the Late Romantic Music era , the Modern Music era and the Contemporary Music era .
  • Tupac and Gender: Sexuality in His Music He is the perfect Tupac who adores and supports women going through a crisis.”Keep yah Head Up” is another inspirational song to black women, it is a call for black women to stand firm and […]
  • Music Styles and Their Differences The Classical and the Romantic styles of music are characterized by several significant differences in terms of treatment of forms, genres, and the general content of the music.
  • Fashion in Clothing, Music, and Moods Often, the word “fashion” is used in relation to clothing, but this encompasses only one part of fashion. It is a combination of melancholy and fear that makes them appealing to the cyberpunk fashion.
  • Music Technology in Michael Jackson and Pink Floyd’ Songs When it comes to identifying the instrumental elements that make Thriller unique as not only as one of the pop songs of the 80s, but also pop songs in general, the variety of the instruments […]
  • Javanese Music, Its History and Aspects Specifically, the gamelan music style uses metallic idiophones and drums, which are the unique features of Javanese music. Two tuning systems are used in the Javanese music, viz.the Sandro and pelog.
  • Personality and Music Preferences Kopacz’s article is relevant to the current study because it helps the readers in the evaluation of music structure with respect to the set rules, which are known to composers and listeners.
  • Music Talent Shows and the American Dream Talent search shows, like American Idol and The Voice, have suffered a lot of criticism for different reasons. Stanley says the main reason for this cynicism is the failure of such shows to focus on […]
  • The Instrumental Music of Baroque: Forms and Evolution Outstanding composers of the early Baroque period includes; Giovanni Gabriel, Johann Hermann Schein, Claudio Monteverdi and others The middle Baroque consisted the period of consolidation and happened around 1640 to 1690.
  • Taylor Swift’s New Music Video “Blank Space” By mans of using images, colors, rhetorical devices, music, traditional stereotypes about women and her own social background and history Taylor Swift presents the viewers with what they have been waiting to see, the well […]
  • Classical Music: Influence on Brain and Mood Considering the potential positive effects of classical music on the mood and the brain, the music can be adapted to influence people to behave in certain ways.
  • Themes, Content and the Power of Music in Iron Man: When the World Is Crumbling There is no secret that taking the original story of the Iron Man without changing a few elements to add more credibility to it would have meant to shrink the range of the movie audience […]
  • The Impact of Western Society on the Music Cultures of Other Societies in the World The following segments explain the components of Australian music culture, including musical instruments, songs and some of the functions in which music plays a fundamental role.
  • Music of the Civil Wars, Civil Rights & Freedom Movements of Europe, Africa, North & South America During the 20th Century The aim of Giovinezza was to reinforce the position of Mussolini as the leader of the Fascist Movement and of Italy.
  • The Film “Walk the Line” and the Role of Music in It The “Walk the Line” comprises of Johnny Cash and June Carter as the main characters. The Carter family was renowned in the country music genre, and June started singing with their family at the age […]
  • Strange Fruit’ Music and Social Consciousness The movie under consideration is the Strange Fruit directed by Kyle Schickner which aims to show people the social problems and their arousal by means of the appearance of one song, from the day of […]
  • Music Analysis: Drug Abuse in Music So in this song the artist is also lamenting the dangers of drugs and the theme of the music is one that advocates against tackling the problem with issues of drug abuse by arguing the […]
  • Chinese Music and Its Types Like any other music, the Chinese music dates back to the era of Chinese civilization. In addition, the composers of Chinese music highlight proper articulation and inflection as the main factors of building a music […]
  • The Life and Music of Frederic Chopin Called “The boldest and the proudest poetic spirit of the age” by his musical contemporary Robert Schumann[1], Chopin embodied the essential ideas of the romantic period with his tragedy of losing his native land and […]
  • The Influence of Patronage on the History of Music The end of the sixteenth century became one of the most critical moments in history due to the expansion of the sources of income of composers from churches and courts, as well as wealthy lovers […]
  • Music Listening: Millennium Stage by Apollo Orchestra The musical compositions of these authors formed the basis for a concert that touched the heart and soul of every listener in the hall.
  • The Art Integration of Music Art Form In addition, it is important to note that music as an art form is comprised of improvisation, notation, and composition, where the latter is a process of song and music creation, a notation is the […]
  • Shaped by Politics: Charles Ives’s Music Ives’s music reflected his idea of political past, connected to his deep sense of responsibility within the societal political arrangements- the kind of responsibility associated with republicanism and colonial revival as the two 19th century […]
  • Nationalism and 19th Century Music It was in the wake of the nationalist revolts that rose out of 1848: the intention to demand freedom from the shackles of the Austrian Empire.
  • Music Therapy as a Social Work Intervention One of such interventions is music therapy which is aimed at helping people in a sensitive way accurately adjusting the possibilities this therapy may offer to the requirements of a particular client of a group […]
  • Music Influence on Feeling Movie Scenes It is the culmination of the movie, as it sets the foundation for further developments and the conflict resolution between the antagonist and protagonist.
  • The Importance of Film Music The musical accompaniment significantly affects the scene’s atmosphere and how the audience will perceive it. This scene reveals the development of the protagonist’s madness, the Joker takes control of Arthur for the first time.
  • Salsa, Reggaeton, and Merengue: The Spanish Music Genres The genre itself originated at the very end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. This genre is one of the most widespread and incendiary dances in the world.
  • The Television Impact on the Music Industry Some bands, such as the Monkees, the American response to the Beatles, were created with the purpose of television performance as their acting and on-camera comfort as a group were initially prioritized over music.
  • History of Rock Music: Aerosmith The band drew their inspiration from the British blues rock that dominated the rock scene in the late 1960s and early 1970s, such as Cream, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck Group, and the Rolling Stones.
  • Specifics of Jazz Music Analysis This essay gives the most distinct characteristics and elements of Jazz that distinguish it from other forms of art, in addition to the differences between Jazz and the other musical arts.
  • Traditional Korean Music and Culture The most ancient type of this kind of music came up in the course of the invasion of the Japanese and it was called teuroteu. Today it is made of three holes in the front […]
  • 19th Century Music and the Cult of Virtuoso Performers Modulation of rarely used keys became a common style for the composers, and unlike the classical structure of music, listeners were less predictive of the rise and fall of the tone and volume.
  • Music Appreciation: Reggae Music and Classical Music At the end of the paper, the relationships between reggae and classical music will be considered with the emphasis made on the similarities between the genres.
  • Music in “Mrs. Doubtfire” the Film by Chris Columbus Shore focused on the utilization of flute, clarinet, and vibraphone in this piece to emphasize a kind of mystery and uncertainty.
  • Plant Growth and Development With Music The study by Kroeze is focused on the ability of plants to listen to music. The article by Landhuis is dedicated to the ability of plants to hear danger that comes in the form of […]
  • Music as a Relaxation Technique In this paper, I outline the effect of music as a natural laxative and explore studies that have been done to examine the effect of music on our health.
  • Kirk Franklin and Gospel Music One of the most popular gospel artists of the new millennium is Kirk Franklin and his contribution to contemporary gospel music is unparalleled.
  • Music Industry and Technology The paper further describes some of the technological innovations and analyses how the innovations have contributed to the positive growth of the music industry.
  • Classical Music: Composer Philip Glass Classic music emerged in the beginning of the 11th century in the West. Conclusion Philip Glass is a great composer who has helped conserve the unique nature of classical music.
  • Sound, Harmony, Melody, Rhythm and Growth in Music The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the idea of categories that assist people in listening to music. It is interesting to see how these SHMRG elements affect my perception of music and […]
  • Quincy Jones’ Biography and Career in Music He has worked with artists from Africa, Europe, and South America and has been a pivotal figure in the growth of world music. His contributions to the music world will continue to be a source […]
  • The Invention and the Power of Music This moment was the beginning of a practical study of the benefits of music therapy for the mental and physical condition of a person.
  • Classical Symphonies: Investigating Style Evolution of Western Classical Music The formative period of classical music was between the 18th and 19th centuries. Beethoven wrote music slowly and purposely with the romantics’ guidance.
  • Modernist Movement in Music: Investigating Style Evolution of Western Classical Music The modernist movement in music seems appropriate for this paper because of the unique and exciting styles of composing modern-era music, such as jazz, pop, and rock.
  • Music and Consumption: The Effects of Background Music The deconstruction of distinctive elements of music and consumption steers the proficient justification of the interdependent relationship between music and people’s well-being.
  • Expressionist Movement Art and Schoenberg Music The painting presents harmony and the presentation of the changes happening in the world in a similar way that the music does.
  • Race Represented in American and Chinese Music In order to achieve the objective, the author defines and put into practice the idea of “Blacksound” the audible and physical heritage of blackface performances as the source of all popular music, art, and culture […]
  • The Impact of Hip-Hop Music Education in Elementary School The theoretical justification of the article is the importance of music, in particular the style of hip-hop, in the formation of the system of interests and career goals of schoolchildren.
  • Race and Development of Music in America The author’s justification for the essay is the role of social history in determining the creation and evolution of music genres by African Americans.
  • The Concepts of Beauty Applied to the Music In addition to beauty, the content of each piece reflects the importance of communication, knowledge, and the underlying nature of the individual.
  • Ellison’s Living with Music: Narrative Argument Moreover, he returns to the topic of jazz, showing that this music style is particularly efficient in conveying one’s emotions through notes.
  • Public Relations Issues in the Music Industry TikTok is at the top of the funnel, and the issue with content-based marketing is that it diverts attention from the artists and interaction with their profiles.
  • Eminem’s and Kendrick Lamar’s Music Compared In essence, the audience is drawn to actively participate in the song through narration and dance as the artists have mastered the art of combining their lyrics and style in different ways to keep their […]
  • The Bulgarian Music Tradition Folk music from Bulgaria is the country’s defining trait everywhere, from the boundless planet to the rest of the universe. Bulgarian folk music is part of the Balkan musical tradition, which has its specific features.
  • Music: Genres, Instruments, and Elements The genre of music contributes to the identity of the music. Saxophones and trumpets, members of the brass family, are the primary instruments in blues music.
  • Effects of Different Music on Psychological State Therefore, it would be fascinating to delve into the historical aspects of the development and digitalization of the music industry. This is a topic where the conclusions of the existing literature are ambiguous and contradictory […]
  • Understanding The Doors’ Music: Listening Journal At the moment, researchers have the opportunity to widely apply the concept of authenticity, placing it in the context of the artist and their cultural background.
  • Roots of Contemporary Popular Music In conclusion, the popularity of R&B music is attributed to the fact that many young white listeners preferred this type of music over country music because it was more colorful and rhythmic than country music.
  • Editing and Music as Tools for Guiding the Narrative Thus, time moves in the movie as the man’s engagement with the memory expands, furthering the plot and intensifying his connection to the past.
  • Survival and Memory in Music of the Ghosts by Ratner When it comes to individual memory of Teera’s childhood, the author explains the connection between her memories of her father and musical instruments: “Perhaps it’s because as a child she grew up listening to her […]
  • The Evolution of Popular Music The economic evolution of consumerism in the late 19th century and the early 20th century was marked by the advent of credit and the growing popularity of consumer goods.
  • Music Therapy as Experiential Activity For this reason, a technique was applied to the 10-year-old child with developmental delays to transform the lyrics of the favorite sad melody into a more positively inspiring and uplifting one.
  • Music Performance Anxiety Alleviation
  • Philosophizing About Music and Its Evolution
  • The Importance of Music Universality
  • Jazz Music in New Orleans and Its Early Roots
  • “Bodies of Evidence… in Electrovocal Music” Article by Bosma
  • Stravinsky’s and Schoenberg’s Music Comparison
  • Professional Development in the Music Industry
  • “Riot Grrrl” as a Phenomenon in Protest Music
  • Comparison of Music Examples of Rhythm
  • Gender Neutrality in a Music Video: “Beneath” by Happy Little Clouds
  • The Role of Music in Personal Growth
  • Researching of Musical Romanticism
  • Music Appreciation: Marriage of Figaro
  • Rock Music and Led Zeppelin’s Impact on It
  • Music Therapy for Schizophrenic Patients’ Quality of Life
  • The Late Baroque Style in Music
  • Plato’s Theory of Musical Education
  • Mozart’s Music and Its Impact on Children
  • Sex-Specific Effects of Music Listening on Couples’ Stress in Everyday Life
  • Art and Music Therapy Coverage by Health Insurance
  • Discussion of Jay Z Uniting Art and Music
  • The Mowtown Music Entertainment
  • “By the Beautiful Blue Danube” Music in Squid Game
  • Key Terms of the Sampling in Music
  • Eminem’s Life and Music Career
  • Effects of Lullaby Music on Quality of Sleep in Adults With Insomnia
  • Music Used to Raise MegaEvents
  • The Role of Music in My Life Story: Little Words With More Meaning
  • Musical Museums: Traditional Canons
  • The Term of Aleatoric Music and Its Meaning
  • Musical Style of African America Gospel
  • “Making Sense of Music. Foundations for Music Education” by Durrani and Welch
  • Aesthetic Philosophy: The Ambivalence of Music
  • Analysis of “The Crimson Grail” Musical Piece
  • Michelangelo’s Sculpture and Webber’s Music Analysis
  • Variety Issues of Music Forms and Instruments
  • Media Role in Black Music
  • Music and Musicians in the Service of Social Movements
  • The Midnight Special Prison Music
  • “Hippie Aesthetic” in Relation to Musical Elements
  • Identity, Drugs and Music in Literature
  • Methods of Elementary School Music Teaching
  • Analysis of Country Break-Up Music
  • History and True Meaning of African American Slave Music
  • Music in the Service of Social Movements
  • The “Bang Bang Baby” Science Fiction Musical
  • History and Influence of Folk Music
  • James Brown’s Career in Soul Music
  • The Musical Instrument Selection in the Baroque Period
  • The Influence of Radio on American Culture and Popular Music
  • Charles Bolden’s Influence on Jazz Music
  • The Rhythm Section in Creating Rock Music
  • Contemporary Music and Its Influence on People
  • Women and Music: In the Past and in Modern Times
  • Music Therapy in Healthcare
  • Interpretive Dance and Costume Design in Enhancing Music and Plays
  • How Wagner’s Preludes Transformed Opera Music
  • Jazz Music: Characteristics of an F7 Chord
  • The “Legally Blonde” Musical by O’Keefe and Benjamin
  • Romantic Music: French, Italian, and German Operas
  • “Peter Pan”: The Broadway Musical
  • Hillbilly vs. Race Music Impact on American Radio
  • Kenny Rodgers: Country Music Icon
  • Bach and Stravinsky: The Pioneers of Musical Composition
  • Caribbean or Latin Music vs. Norteno, Conjunto, Tejano, and Banda
  • Music Perception and Its Three Planes
  • Placebo: Black Market Music or Music of the Yellow Press
  • African-American Music From the 1920s to 1990s
  • Social Commentary in Pop Music Industry
  • Technologies & Music: “Infernal Machines” by Alex Ross
  • Patriotism in Music of Lee Greenwood, Jean Sibelius, John Legend and Others
  • Luke Combs’ Country Music Concert in 2020
  • Music and the Civil Rights Movement
  • Patriotism in Music and Songs of America
  • “Cosi Fan Tutte” Opera and “Legally Blond” Musical
  • Music and Advertising in Television
  • “Sugar” and “The Moten Swing” Musical Compositions Analysis
  • Popular Music at the Times of Racism and Segregation
  • Popular Music: Curtis Mayfield’s and Bob Marley’s Songs
  • Objective Approach to Music by Aaron Copeland
  • How We Listen to Music by Aaron Copeland
  • Aztec Music. The Aztec World Culture
  • Western Musical Timeline & Historical Development
  • Fugue: The Musical Compositional Technique
  • Medieval and Early Modern Music
  • Music and Cultural Appropriation
  • Lesson Planning for Music Class
  • Music Museums: Role and Success
  • Timeless Art of Jazz Music
  • Distance Learning Experiences of In-Service Music Teachers From Puerto Rico
  • Music & Education During the Pandemic of Covid-19
  • The Instrumental Music Teaching: Educational Resources
  • Age-Relatedness in Teaching Music
  • Hip-Hop Music and Its History in the 80s-90s
  • Music and Film Industries as Hallmarks of Africa’s Identity
  • Rock and Roll as a Musical Phenomenon
  • Education Through Music in the Movie “Mr. Holland’s Opus”
  • Henry Cowell: The Genius of Musical Innovations
  • The Sources of Music and Tracing Indian Music Information
  • Latino-American Music:Then and Now
  • Listening to Good Music
  • Evolving Safety and Music Venue Protocols
  • American Popular Music and Its Evolution
  • Music Therapy for Children With Learning Disabilities
  • Music’s Universal Patterns: Urban Soundscapes
  • Works of Literature, Painting, and Music United by the Idea of Arabesque
  • Listening to Classical Music
  • On the Evolution of MTV and Music Videos
  • Opera as a Popular Musical Form
  • The Hippy Music as a Universal Language
  • Online Music Streaming Services in the UK
  • Music Assignment: Associative Soundtrack
  • Music Review: 20 Century Musicians
  • The Effect of Music on People With Alzheimer’s Disease
  • American National Style and Identity in Music
  • Music, Cosmology and Architecture in the Renaissance
  • Food, Music and Verbal Communication in China
  • The National Center for Popular Music
  • The National Centre for Popular Music in Sheffield
  • Music and Young Generation
  • Dementia: Relaxing Music at Mealtime in Nursing Homes Agitated Patients
  • This Is Your Brain on Music by Daniel J. Levitin
  • Music Effect on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
  • Effects of Music on Muscle Performance
  • Music in Parental Participation in Pediatric Laceration
  • Jazz Music: Methodological Issues
  • The Comparison of Prokofiev and Giovanni Music
  • Music and Extra-Musical Forces
  • Discovery of the American Music
  • Music and Memory: Discussion
  • Music in China and Some East Asian Countries
  • Music and Art Critique: Recordings and Prints
  • Popular American Music in the Mid-19th Century
  • Music and Its Political Nature
  • Flamenco Music and Dance History: Spanish Carte-De-Visite Born in Andalusia
  • Music: Orchestras Nowadays
  • The Diversity of the Baroque Music
  • Debussy’s Influence on Symphonic Music
  • The Importance of Developing Musical Skills
  • Music Styles: Difference and Similarity of Styles
  • Music as Concept Analysis
  • Music and Art As Tools to Understand Our World
  • Richness of Musical Art
  • Music of Hong Kong After 1945
  • Seattle Hip Hop From an Underground Genre Into Mainstream Music: Songs Examples
  • Music and Its Basic Features
  • Female Body Objectification in the Music Industry
  • Rock and Roll`s Influence on Modern Music
  • Sociology of Female Music
  • Elements Of Music: Different Tones and Rhythms
  • Music in Controversial Modern Culture
  • The History of the Music Industry and the Impact of the Advancement of Technology and Globalization
  • Music Industry in Canada
  • Canadian Women and Music Industry
  • Canadian Music and Its Spread
  • In and Around Canadian Music
  • Canadian Music Production Industry
  • George Gershwin’s Life and Jazz Music
  • African Influence in Music of Puerto Rico
  • Quebecois Music Distinctives from English Canada Music
  • Woodstock Music and Art Fair
  • Nat King Cole’s Life and Impact on Jazz Music
  • Music: Studio-Based Surround Systems
  • Music Education and Rock Music
  • Aliens’ Point of View on Music
  • How Sources Inform People’s Understanding of Music
  • Charles Ives and His Music
  • Charles Ives in American Music
  • Music Education: Historical Research
  • Different Styles in World Music
  • Music Teaching Style: The Effects of Choral Music Teacher Experience and Background
  • Hip Hop Culture and Music
  • Origins of Popular Music: Discussion
  • Avant-Garde as a Movement in Jazz Music
  • Music and Art in Paris in 1830-50: Frederic Chopin
  • Rap Culture and Music: Critical Thinking
  • Musical and Artistic Life in Paris in 1830-1850
  • Nineteenth Century Musical Nationalism: Important Milestones
  • The Relation of Music to Nationalism in the Work of Bedrich Smetana Composer
  • Music: Evolution Factors of Technology and Drugs
  • Why We Shouldn’t (Don’t) Pay for Online Music
  • The Music of the 60s and How It Became So Big
  • French Revolution and the European Music
  • New Approaches to Music Marketing
  • Music Appreciation. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Why Mozart’s Music Is So Valuable Through the Time
  • Music in Different Eras Analysis
  • Music: Jazz History Since 1946 – The Change of Jazz Music to Art
  • History of Pop Music in the Early 20th Century
  • George Straight: Music Legend
  • Instrumental Scottish Music: Scottish Fiddling
  • Rock as a Part of Music Art
  • Afro-Latin Music and Dancing: Rumba, Chamame Genre, Salsa
  • Chopin: Musician Who Had Effect Romanticism Music
  • B.Britten’s Music Impact on Composers Political Beliefs
  • Western Music: Bela Bartok, a Hungarian Composer
  • Bluegrass Music in US Immigrants
  • Freedom of Speech and Expression in Music
  • Music Censorship in the United States
  • Musical Expression and Sexual Selection
  • Music: A Few Canonic Variations by Joseph Kerman
  • 18th Century Music Comparative Analysis
  • Meaning of Musical Ekphrasis
  • Country Music in the Southern United States
  • Vivaldi’s Venice: Music and Theatre in 18th Century
  • Social Aspect of Music: The Flairs Band
  • Electroacoustic: Populari Music Among New-age Listeners
  • Is There Such a Thing as Impressionism in Music?
  • Art and Music: Benefits to Society
  • City Music Reflected in Urban Processes & Places
  • Music Industry-Related Issues in Economics
  • How Pop Radio Programming Defines the Music
  • Music: Motet’s Inception Through Josquin’s Works
  • The Art of Electronic Music: Live Performances
  • Film Music Evolution in the United States
  • The Effect of Music on UAEU Female Students
  • Women and the Industry of the Trap Music: Empowering or Succumbing to the Stereotype?
  • Classical Symphony and Classical Chamber Music
  • The Failure of a Large Swedish Music Event, Peace & Love
  • A Brief History of the Music Industry
  • Jazz Music Development Since 1945
  • Romantic Music: Frédéric Chopin and Robert Schumann
  • Russian Music by Glazunov, Rimsky-Korsakov, Glière
  • Jazz Music Concert and Theatrical Performance
  • MTV Channel and Music Video Genre
  • Film Music and Its Role in Perception
  • Classical Music: Cultural Consumption and Cultural Diversity
  • Women’s Contribution to Rock Music Development
  • Music in “Lady Windermere’s Fan” and “Atonement” Films
  • Psychology: Music’s Role in Life
  • Spotify Music Service and Its Suggestions
  • Sex in Music Compositions and Videos
  • Online Music Store’s Website Development Planning
  • Anglo-American Folk Music Revival
  • “Music and Other Provinces” Class
  • Parmalee Music Band’s Marketing in Social Networks
  • Music Intervention’s Effect on Falls in a Dementia Unit
  • Gogoyoko Music Selling Company’s Marketing Plan
  • Francois Couperin’s Baroque Music
  • Music Festivals and Chinese Students’ Attendance
  • “Baroque Music of Bologna” Compositions
  • Music Business Websites Research
  • Music and Brain Functioning
  • Music Distribution Revolution
  • Commercial Music for Listeners: Poster Discussion
  • The Studio and Pre-Recorded Music Usage
  • Classical Music Concerts: Video Report
  • Free Improvisation and Experimental Music
  • Music Concrete and Post-War Technology Development
  • American Popular Music History
  • Social Constructions and Hip Hop Music
  • Gustav Holst’s Music “The Planets”
  • Artists in Jazz Music and Dance Development
  • Music Perception and Cognition
  • Pomona College Choir Classical Music Concert
  • History of Jamaican Music
  • Music of 17th/18th Century
  • Musical Compositions: Sounds and Aural Experiences
  • Mystery Compositions in Church Music
  • Managerial Decisions: iTunes Music Pricing
  • Special and Inclusive Music Education
  • Afro-American Influence on Western Music Development
  • Music in the Mathematics, Finance and Economics
  • The Role of Music in the Film “Lolita”
  • Music Industry: History of Technological Developments in Storage Devices
  • The Changing Nature of the Music Industry
  • Rock’n’Roll: Musical Genre of the Twentieth Century
  • Music’s Role in Culture
  • Country Music Legend: George Strait
  • Qirong Xu on Music, Culture, Musicians’ Problems
  • Music and Human Memory Connection
  • Music Concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall
  • Old School Hip Hop Versus New Hip Hop Music
  • The Dynamic Between the Popular Music’ Sound and Look
  • Popular Music and Accompanying Visual Representation
  • Global Music: Mass Communication
  • Piano Music, Baroque and Nationalism Influences
  • Music in “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”
  • Achille-Claude Debussy’s Music as the Best Present
  • Renaissance Music Shift From Sacred to Secular
  • Socialist Realism Limitations in Soviet Music
  • Classical and Contemporary Music Comparison
  • Music Programs and Monetary Barriers in Schools
  • MTV’s Revolution in the Music Industry
  • Music Curriculum, Its Elements and Difficulties
  • Duke Ellington: Life and Music Principles
  • Jazz Music Popularization in Chinese Culture
  • ITunes Music Pricing: Apple’s Managerial Decisions
  • Sight Singing: Learning Approaches and Music
  • How Music Affects the Brain?
  • BBC Radio 6 Music Company Analysis
  • Auto-Tune Technology in Music: Physics and Ethics
  • Castrato in Music: History and Famous Singers
  • Personality and Music Preference
  • Lalo Guerrero: the Father of Chicano Music
  • Music Sampling: Concept and History
  • The Role of Music Therapy as Alternative Treatment
  • The Role of Music in Films
  • Psychology: Music Role in Family Engagement
  • Music Band “Mahotella Queens”
  • Frank Zappa’s Life and Music
  • Paul Simon’s Music Style
  • Musical Compositions’ Stylistics & Social Context
  • Ableton Live Software Application in Music Performance
  • Frank Zappa and His Contribution to the Music Industry
  • Music and Society: “Eminem Is Right” by Mary Eberstadt
  • American Music Bands: Dixie Chicks and The Weavers
  • Music Video “Mockingbird” by Eminem
  • Baroque Mark in Today’s Music
  • Modern Music Development in the USA
  • Disco, Rock, Jazz and Popular Music: Comparison
  • Los Angeles and Seattle’ Music in 80-90s
  • The Ars Antiqua Music Concept
  • The Effectiveness of Music for Cancer Patients
  • Louis Armstrong’s Contribution to Jazz Music
  • Music Special Innovation for the Physical Exercise
  • Bundling and Distribution of Digitized Music Over the Internet
  • Jazz Live Music Concert in Catalina Jazz Club
  • The Wollongong Music Festival Arranging
  • The Culture of Electronic Dance Music
  • The Music Recording Industry in Canada
  • History of the Science and Art of Music
  • Rock Music as an Unique Cultural Phenomenon
  • Indigenous Celtic Music: Preservation and Revival
  • Baroque Music Concert – Haendel: La Resurrection
  • Radiohead’s Music Influences
  • Music Industry: Apple’s iTunes and Profitability
  • The History of Modern Chinese Music
  • Bossa Nova’ and Smooth Jazz’ Music Comparison
  • Music: The London Symphonies by Joseph Haydn
  • Hip Hop Music as Media Influence on the Youth
  • Music, Media and Culture’ Effects on Aggressive Behavior
  • Music Value and Impact
  • Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke Music Comparison
  • Rock Music of the 1970s
  • How Baroque Era Influenced the Music World?
  • Chicano Music in American-Mexican Culture
  • Music Comparison: Posse on Broadway by Sir Mix-a-Lot, Joe Metro by Blue Scholars, and The Town by Macklemore
  • Hip-Hop Music and the Role of Women in It: Fight for Women’s Rights in Society
  • Women in Hip-Hop Music: A Provocative and Objectified Gender Roles
  • Music Art: “La Cathédrale Engloutie” by Claude Debussy
  • Music in “The Oral and Written Tradition” by Edward D. Ives
  • Music and Rebellion in the Era of Commercialization
  • The Music Band’s Parmalee Promotion
  • Music Event: Eurovision Song Contest 2014
  • Music: Cape Breton Fiddling
  • Music Types in the United States
  • “Balkan Fascination: Creating an Alternative Music Culture in America” by Mirjana Lausevic
  • Diving Into the Secrets of the Korean Music
  • The Cattle Drivers’ Music
  • Benny Carter, a Life in American Music
  • Musical Education and The Laws by Plato
  • “Pop Music, Pop Culture” by Chris Rojek
  • Takeaway Listening Test: The Sounds of Music
  • Music and Dance as a Part of Our Culture
  • Classic Rocks and Gangsta Rap. Music Analysis
  • An Analysis of Music Theory
  • Youth Popular Cultures and Music
  • College Students’ Satisfaction of Music Festival in China
  • Review of Peter Kivy’s Introduction to a Philosophy of Music
  • Classical and Modern Music
  • Apple Computer, Inc.: Maintaining the Music Business
  • Digital Music Increasing Trend
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Relation to Music in the Workplace
  • Miles Davis Contribution to African American Music
  • Music and the Construction of Personal and Social Identities
  • Gangsta Rap Music as Social Culture in the Journal of Youth Studies by Alexander Riley
  • How Does Jazz the Music and Its Story Reflect the American Experience?
  • R&B and Hip-Hop Effect Western Music
  • Introducing Children to Music
  • Kiwi Music Cultural Event in New Zealand
  • Effects of Music in Advertising
  • Popular Music: Meaningful Contributions to Social and Political Change
  • Electronic Music (Within the 20th Century Art Music Tradition)
  • Listening Log: Music in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
  • E-Commerce Website for Music Videos
  • Chicano Music and Lyrics
  • Arts Education: Music, Dance and Theatre
  • Music Industry: Michael Jackson and 50 Cent Careers
  • Canuck Rock: A History of Canadian Popular Music
  • Guitar in a Non-Western Musical Genre
  • Music Videos Effect on the Self Growth
  • Influence of Heavy Metal Music on Adolescence (Behavior, Identity, Mood, Regulation, Psychology)
  • Piracy: Marketing Strategies Encouraging Consumers to Purchase Music Legally
  • Compare and Contrast: “Popular Music From Vittula” and “Naïve, Super”
  • Choral Music Review
  • Leading Cultural and Organizational Change at the Royal Conservatory of Music
  • Popular Music in Uzbekistan
  • Music Therapy Effectiveness
  • Leading Culture and Organizational Change at the Royal Conservatory of the Music
  • Verismo in Classical Music
  • “Hip Hop“ Subculture: Music, Vocabulary, and Roots
  • Music Impact on Human Mind and Body
  • The Effects of Music in Advertising and Choice Behavior
  • Music in the Movie “On the Beach” by Stanley Kramer
  • The Role of Music in the Sea Hawk
  • The Relationship Between Poetry and Music in Whitman’s Life and Work
  • Music of “Song of Myself” or New Type of Diary Entry
  • Does Speeding up the Music Tempo Increase Task Performance
  • Music Downloads and the Ethics of Piracy
  • Digitization and Convergence of Music Industry
  • Latin America Cultural Abundance: Art and Music
  • Music in Opera: Susan McClary’s “Carmen”
  • Arab Music and Arab Cinema: Historical Development and the Role of Western Culture
  • Sony BMG Music Entertainment
  • Music Harmony Studying
  • Music in Times of Conflict
  • Technology Advances and Music
  • Constructions of Authenticity in Canadian Music
  • Pieces From Early and Baroque Music E-Concert
  • Pieces From Classical and Romantic Music E-Concert
  • 20th Century Music: Prokofiev, Respighi, and Orff
  • Baroque Epoch Music: Bach and Vivaldi
  • Baroque Music: Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 by J.S. Bach and The Four Seasons by A.Vivaldi
  • Music in the United States Culture
  • Music as an Independent Art
  • Hip Hop Infiltrates Asian Music Industry
  • The Steel Pan Music History
  • Music Industry as a Cultural Industry
  • The Music Industry Versus the Internet: MP3 and Other CyberMmusic Wars
  • “Far From Here” by The Lonesome Ones: Image and Music Quintessence
  • Folk Music: A Tool for Culture Transmission
  • Reading Between the Lines, Interpreting Music
  • Revisiting New Jazz Music Concert
  • The Effects of Mozart’s Music on Middle School Age Learning
  • Music in the Ancient Greece
  • Genesis Gospel Choir at the Lehman Center Recital Hall: Pushing the Envelope of Gospel Music
  • “The Hurt Locker”: Music in the Movie
  • Frank Zappa: Music Industry and American Culture
  • World Peace in Music
  • Irving Berlin: Personification of American Music of the Twentieth Century
  • Pop Music Nature and History
  • Music Styles: Indie Rock
  • The Place of Folk Music in Contemporary Society
  • Concepts of How the Blues Music Started In America
  • The Artistic Realm of Music Video
  • Music Education in Public Schools: For and Against
  • Classical Music Concert “Toyota Symphonies for Youths”
  • Black Expression: African American Music
  • Science and Art: The Math in Music
  • Jazz Music in American Culture
  • Sound as an Element of Music Therapy
  • Can Music Control Teens?
  • Are Mathematics, Logic, and Music Languages?
  • Can Music Bridge the Economic Gap Education?
  • Are the Measures Taken Against Illegal Music Downloading Effective?
  • Who Manipulates the Music Industry?
  • Are Societies Ill’s the Fault of Rock Music?
  • Can the Music Industry Adapt to the Digital Future?
  • Can Music Help Recover Sick Patients Through Psychotherapy?
  • What Did Music From Late Period Influence Composers?
  • What Are Music and Music Therapy?
  • Can Music Foster Learning?
  • Are Television, Movies, and Music Responsible for Teen Violence?
  • Can Music Therapy Improve Stress Anxiety?
  • What Is Digital Music Distribution, and Why Is It Significant?
  • What Are the Characteristics of Baroque Music?
  • What Role Does Cinematic Music Play in Creating Tension?
  • Can the Music Industry Survive Despite Piracy?
  • What Better Way Spread Music Around the World?
  • Can Music Influence the World?
  • Are Electro-Acoustics and the Vernacular the Largest Developments in 20TH Century Music?
  • Why Does Bach’s Music Still Holds Its Popularity?
  • Can Preference for Background Music Mediate the Irrelevant?
  • Why Music Matters and the History of Slavery?
  • Are Current Actions Taken Effective in Reducing Online Music Piracy?
  • Are Popular and Classical Music Listeners the Same People?
  • Can Music Affect the Way We Speak?
  • What Does Modern Day Music?
  • Why the Beatles Revolutionized Music and Pop Culture?
  • Are Streaming Services Affecting the Music Industry?
  • Why Can Music Make Us Feel Happy or Sad?
  • Mozart Essay Ideas
  • Entertainment Ideas
  • Hollywood Questions
  • Artists Research Ideas
  • Festival Essay Ideas
  • Dance Essay Ideas
  • Piano Essay Topics
  • Contemporary Art Questions
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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IvyPanda . (2024) '632 Music Essay Topics & Samples'. 2 March.

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IvyPanda . "632 Music Essay Topics & Samples." March 2, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/music-essay-examples/.

Essay on Music for Students and Children

500+ words essay on music.

Music is a vital part of different moments of human life. It spreads happiness and joy in a person’s life. Music is the soul of life and gives immense peace to us. In the words of William Shakespeare, “If music is the food of love, play on, Give me excess of it; that surfeiting, The appetite may sicken, and so die.” Thus, Music helps us in connecting with our souls or real self.

Essay on Music

What is Music?

Music is a pleasant sound which is a combination of melodies and harmony and which soothes you. Music may also refer to the art of composing such pleasant sounds with the help of the various musical instruments. A person who knows music is a Musician.

The music consists of Sargam, Ragas, Taals, etc. Music is not only what is composed of men but also which exists in nature. Have you ever heard the sound of a waterfall or a flowing river ? Could you hear music there? Thus, everything in harmony has music. Here, I would like to quote a line by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the greatest musicians, “The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.”

Importance of Music:

Music has great qualities of healing a person emotionally and mentally. Music is a form of meditation. While composing or listening music ones tends to forget all his worries, sorrows and pains. But, in order to appreciate good music, we need to cultivate our musical taste. It can be cited that in the Dwapar Yug, the Gopis would get mesmerized with the music that flowed from Lord Krishna’s flute. They would surrender themselves to Him. Also, the research has proved that the plants which hear the Music grow at a faster rate in comparison to the others.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Magical Powers of Music:

It has the power to cure diseases such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. The power of Music can be testified by the legends about Tansen of his bringing the rains by singing Raag Megh Malhar and lighting lamps by Raga Deepak. It also helps in improving the concentration and is thus of great help to the students.


Music is the essence of life. Everything that has rhythm has music. Our breathing also has a rhythm. Thus, we can say that there is music in every human being or a living creature. Music has the ability to convey all sorts of emotions to people. Music is also a very powerful means to connect with God. We can conclude that Music is the purest form of worship of God and to connect with our soul.

FAQs on Essay on Music:

Q.1. Why is Music known as the Universal Language?

Ans.1. Music is known as the Universal language because it knows no boundaries. It flows freely beyond the barriers of language, religion, country, etc. Anybody can enjoy music irrespective of his age.

Q.2. What are the various styles of Music in India?

Ans.2. India is a country of diversities. Thus, it has numerous styles of music. Some of them are Classical, Pop, Ghazals, Bhajans, Carnatic, Folk, Khyal, Thumri, Qawwali, Bhangra, Drupad, Dadra, Dhamar, Bandish, Baithak Gana, Sufi, Indo Jazz, Odissi, Tarana, Sugama Sangeet, Bhavageet, etc.

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  • Picnic Essay
  • Our Country Essay
  • My Parents Essay
  • Essay on Favourite Personality
  • Essay on Memorable Day of My Life
  • Essay on Knowledge is Power
  • Essay on Gurpurab
  • Essay on My Favourite Season
  • Essay on Types of Sports

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Blog > Essay Advice , Personal Statement > How to Write a Great College Essay About Music (with examples)

How to Write a Great College Essay About Music (with examples)

Admissions officer reviewed by Ben Bousquet, M.Ed Former Vanderbilt University

Written by Alex McNeil, MA Admissions Consultant

Key Takeaway

Ask any admissions officer if they’ve read a college essay about music, and they’ll definitely say yes. Between music extracurriculars and academic interests in music, it’s is one of the most common college essay topics.

So does that mean that you shouldn’t write your college essay about music?

Not necessarily. But as with any common college essay topic, some approaches are better than others.

Let’s get into it.

Why you should (and shouldn’t) write your Common App essay about music

As we explained in our Stanford Items exercise , writing your college essay on a common topic isn’t off-limits. In fact, most college essays share common topics and themes. Trying to find a completely unique, never-been-done-before topic is almost impossible. And writing about a quirky topic in hopes of coming across as unique usually backfires.

In other words, it’s likely that you’ll write about the same topic as someone else.

The problem arises, however, when you write about a common topic in a cliche way . Cliches are always a danger in college essays, but in especially college essay topics that tend to surface again and again.

To avoid cliches, your college essay about music needs to be deeply personal, specific, and meaningful. You’ll want to let go of any over-generalizations or truisms and focus on the details of your own story.

Because you’ll need to write meaningfully and vulnerably, you should only write your college essay about music if you have something genuine and significant to say.

The Best Ways to Approach Your College Essay about Music

College essays about music aren’t off the table, but you should be thoughtful in how you write about them. The following two approaches will help you avoid cliches and find an authentic, meaningful story that fulfills all the requirements of a personal statement .

Writing about music as an academic interest

If you’re interested in studying music in college, then you can consider writing your college essay about music as an academic interest. A college essay about your academic interest in music can show fantastic intellectual fit with a school.

Let’s say you want to study music theory or composition. You might write about a topic you find compelling, a problem you’ve solved, or even a recounting of your journey becoming interested in the subject.

Or maybe you’re an aspiring performer planning on studying music performance. As an admissions officer, I read outstanding essays about students performing their favorite pieces, creating emotional music projects, and teaching lessons to young children.

No matter your topic, your goal with this approach is to show an intellectual spark, a curiosity and passion that will demonstrate to your admissions officers that you’ll be a great addition to the music community on their campuses.

Writing poignantly about a deeply meaningful extracurricular

The previous approach is great if you want to study music, but what if music is just an extracurricular passion of yours? Don’t worry—you can still write about it.

In that case, the best way is to focus on meaning. Remember: personal statements should be deeply-meaningful reflections on your personal strengths.

To start, reflect on your music extracurricular. Is it playing guitar in a band? Playing trombone in your school’s symphony? Learning piano from your grandma? How your love of poetry turned into a love of songwriting?

Next, think about what strengths you have to showcase. If you play guitar in a band, maybe you want to highlight your collaborative spirit. If you love poetry and songwriting, perhaps you focus on your creativity.

Writing about your love of music in a way that draws upon your strengths will make sure that your Common App essay avoids the following two approaches and gives admissions officers a reason to admit you.

Approaches to Avoid

While the following two approaches aren’t necessarily bad, they are the most cliche ways of approaching a college essay about music. You might want to consider avoiding them.

An inauthentic tale of triumph

Let me tell you a cliche story.

When I was in fourth grade, I decided to join the school orchestra. I found it exceedingly difficult at first. No matter how hard I tried, I never could seem to place my fingers correctly on the fingerboard. Every sound I made mimicked a screeching cat. But I decided not to give up. I practiced every day after school and on the weekends. By the time I was in ninth grade, I had made it into my high school’s top orchestra.

Is that a lovely story? Yes, absolutely. Is it hearty enough for a college essay? No. While it tells a good narrative of growth and progress, it remains on the surface of the writer’s life. It comes across as a convenient way to brag about your strengths instead of exploring them in a genuine way. In this example, the story also focuses on events that happened way too far in the past.

A song that changed your life

This approach is by far the most common cliche in college essays about music. We’ve all been there: a favorite song that transports you to a moment in your life whenever you hear it. It makes sense that you’d want to write about yours.

But there’s a problem with this approach. Too often, it reads as trite or unoriginal, and the end result usually doesn’t say much about the writer. And when it does, the message an admissions officer gets doesn’t typically give them any more reason to admit you. Since you want your college essay to be meaningful, even vulnerable, and strengths-based, you’re better off choosing another topic that better speaks to who you are.

Key Takeaways + Examples

College essays about music aren’t for everyone. But when you get it right, you can strike the perfect chord with admissions officers (you’re welcome for the pun).

As you go, dig deep, find something genuinely personal, and try to avoid the most common and cliche ways of approaching the topic.

Want to see some examples of college essays about music before you get started? Check out our examples, The Time Machine and The Band .

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Music Essay - 100, 200, 500 Words

“Where words fail, music speaks” - Hans Christian Andersen . Music is an art form, one of the best creations of humanity. It is the most pleasant form of communication and the vehicle of spirit and soul. Here are some sample essays on Music .

  • 100-Word Music Essay

Music is a form of art crafted by mankind thousands of years ago. It has been the way to express emotions since prehistoric times. Our ancestors used music and dance to celebrate occasions such as a big hunt. Hence, music has been integral to human life since its origin.

Music can be defined as the soothing combination of vocals and instruments that provokes a wide range of emotions in the listeners. Music in the modern world is classified into many different types. Some of the most popular music genre of the modern world are -

Country Music

Blues Music

200-Word Music Essay

500-word music essay.

Music Essay - 100, 200, 500 Words

Music is the universal language of humankind. It has the power to unite humanity as it flows beyond the barriers of country, language or religion. People from all sections of society can enjoy the same music.

Music is the pleasant sound from a combination of melodies, harmony, instruments and vocals that soothes you. It is a form of art and has existed since the dawn of human civilisation. In India, music has been an essential part of our society. Our land had legendary musicians such as Tansen from the time of Akbar in the mediaeval era. Even in ancient times, our mythologies, such as Ramayana and Mahabharata, were written in prose and sung to the listener. Hence, it can be said that music has played a massive role in elevating the culture of India.

In India, owing to its vast diversity, there are numerous styles of music. Some of them are -

Music is the beauty of Life. Human beings are formed by music in a philosophical sense. Our heartbeat, breathing, pulse - everything has a rhythm and music. There is music in every living creature. The powers of music are vast; it can strengthen our emotions and even aid as a way to convey our feelings.

“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.” — Kahlil Gibran.

It is rightly said in the above lines, capturing the true essence of music. Music is the language of the spirit - the human soul. It is the key to peace. In the past, music has often been seen as a way to unite nations. People from different classes and sections enjoy the same music even if they don’t understand the lyrics.

What Is Music?

Music is the simple and soothing combination of different instruments, sometimes aided by singers' vocals. It is one of the earliest art forms used by humans to display their emotions. Music has often been associated with happiness and joy in ancient times, but in the present-day - music is used to convey all kinds of emotions - joy, rage, sadness, anger and has been successful in doing so.

Power of Music

Music is often attributed to having the power to heal people mentally and physically. While listening to music, a person gets into his comfort zone and forgets his worries and problems for some time. It has also been proven that even plants grow faster when they are in the presence of music. Music has the power to change human emotions.

Different Kinds Of Music

Over time, we have developed many kinds of music according to different cultures and societal norms. Yet there are many kinds of music, but no one kind is restrained to just a particular group of people. From time to time, different types of music forms have transcended man-made boundaries and become a global phenomenon. India has been a culturally rich country. Music is an essential part of Indian history. Since ancient times different tribal groups in India have had their specific type of music. The literature composed at that time was also meant to be sung.

Music As A Career -

Music has a lot of potential for those who are talented at it. True talent is always acknowledged; thus, if someone is a skilled musician, he or she may use it as a fantastic job chance. If one has an interest in pursuing music as a career, he can get admission himself to music academies and train himself in any genre of music.

He can also start his own Youtube channel or Instagram page to showcase his talent in music. Successful musicians such as Arijit Singh or A.R Rehman generate considerable money and fame. Thus, music is an excellent career choice, though the scope to reach the topmost is less competitive. If one has full confidence in his skills, he should try his best.

My Favourite Music

My favourite songs are the ones composed by Lata Mangeshkar. She was a classical musician and one of the prominent playback singers and composers of modern Indian history. She is known as the Nightingale of India. Whenever I am stressed, I listen to the classical playlist of Lata Mangeshkar. It calms me down and has a very soothing effect on me. I also love the patriotic songs sung by her. She is a true inspiration and idol to me.

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Music Essay: Topics, How-to Guide, & Examples

Music is a very personal experience; an essay on music aims to describe and analyze it.

How significant is music to our lives? Is it merely background noise for our great deeds? Or is it something that sets the tune of our whole existence? Whatever the answer is, one thing is sure: writing a music essay can be pretty tricky at times. After all, It’s a vast topic with a considerable history behind it.

Here, you will find some tips for going around this trickiness, along with 143 music essay topics for your piece, and 2 music essay examples . But first, we need to decide what exactly we are writing about.

  • 🎵 The Basics
  • 🎼 Music Essay: Writing Steps
  • 🎸 143 Essay Topics
  • 📻 2 Examples

🎵 Music Essay: What Is It about?

The idea of writing anything about music looks daunting at first glance. Thanks to the number of things you seemingly have to perform to write a good piece: using huge music theory words, analyzing all of the musical constituents, understanding the profound meaning behind every melody, and much other complicated stuff.

We’re delighted to inform you that none of that is essential to achieve the summit of a well-written music essay. It’s mostly about what response music invokes in you . Just tell people how it makes you feel. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that music is a very personal experience and talking about the subjective experience is something anyone can do. This can be done in several forms.

Here are some of them:

  • Descriptive music essay . One of the simplest ways to describe something is to, well, describe it . It’s like painting but with a keyboard and a text editor. Here, you can connect to the reader through deep imagery of some musical pieces that you think are worth writing an essay about. Like describing a grimdark future inspired by some depressing lyrics you heard recently. Or you can simply go with picturing a classical music concert essay. Tell everyone how awesome classical music is and why they should spend their next weekend on an orchestra performance.
  • Narrative music essay. Here you want to tell a story and use it to support your point of view. Create a tale about a young musician struggling to attain success to show how harsh and unforgiving the music industry can be. Or do the opposite and tell a story of a great artistic triumph to inspire others to never give up on their dreams. Keep in mind that you are writing a story, and every story has a character. And the characters communicate with each other. So don’t forget to include characters and dialogs.
  • Persuasive music essay. This one is all about making the reader accept your point of view. This type of essay probably would be great for writing a work on the topic of “Why I love Linkin Park” or “My favorite jazz band of all times” since it probably involves a lot of emotional attachment. And emotions are something you definitely want to push in a persuasive music essay. You may also want to include some logical justification and checked facts. Statistics or sources you find reliable also can be cited.
  • Compare & contrast music essay. The name of the genre speaks for itself.If you have difficulties choosing between two things you want to write about, you can compare them . And there are a lot of things to compare in music. Including but not limited to genres, singers, composers, music eras, the list is nearly infinite if you brainstorm hard enough. The structure here is plain and simple: Describe thing 1. Describe thing 2. Compare them.

🎼 Essay on Music: How to Write

Writing a music essay is no different from writing a piece on any other topic in the big picture. You will always need the argumentation, the overall structure, and exciting ideas.

The picture contains the five steps necessary to write a music essay.

But for music, in particular, you will also need to listen and set the listened things out the way that will set the reader on the same wavelength.

Here are some tips to help you with accomplishing that.

Music Essay: 5 Writing Steps

  • Do the analysis. Before your fingers even touch the keyboard, just sitting back and reflecting on the things you’ll write about can be highly beneficial. This step can be applied to any music essay topic. If you make a statement about some lyrics you find beauteous, for instance, you can listen to the song again. And while relistening, try to observe details you haven’t noticed before. How does the melody frame the lyrics? What makes it sound so lyrical? Why does the music sound like it does when certain words are sung? The more questions you make and answer, the better.
  • Thesis – A thesis statement is a part of introduction you will try to prove, disapprove or discuss in the body of your writing.
  • Body – The biggest and the most informative part. In a regular 5-paragraph it consists of 2-3 paragraphs with all argumentation necessary to support your thesis statement.
  • Conclusion – The final part. Nothing new needs to be told here. Just restate your thesis collect your body information in a couple of brief sentences. Plan on the details as well. And try to think of as many as you can. If you’re using a narrative style, what chronological order will there be? What characters will you insert into your narrative? Maybe you should let go of chronology and arrange the story’s events in order of significance? Or in the persuasive piece, you ought to think about the argumentation you’re going to provide. Check the viability of your sources and make sure the statistics you cite are not outdated. Do your research, simply put.
  • Make a strong thesis statement. The thesis is the essential part of your essay. It’s not an argument, and thus you shouldn’t be trying to impose your point of view right from the get-go. If your thesis statement goes, “Rock music is undoubtedly the best genre out there with no considerable competition and here’s why.” you probably want to consider the possibility of a counterargument to your point. “The energy rock music gives and the majestic mood it can get you into makes it one of the best genres presented in today’s music industry” would be a better choice. If you have any difficulties formulating your thesis statement, you might want to use our free thesis-generating tool . Note that it is able to make various theses depending on the essay type.
  • Don’t be scared of big music words. While it’s not obligatory to know every term out there, some of them can help express seemingly complicated ideas in a laconic way. It’s not wrong to say that you find the speed and rhythm of the music to be just suitable for the time it takes. But you can also phrase it into “I like the tempo” and be done with it. Although tempo might not be the most complex music word, it shows the point.
  • Go sentimental. Music in itself is one enormous sentiment. Therefore, if you think you’re being too sensual with your essay, you’re probably not. Use metaphorical language and compare your favorite song to a trip to the stars. Or express your feeling towards a band you adore by putting it on par with antique gods. There’re no limits to your feelings, so don’t be scared to exceed them.

🎸 143 Music Essay Topics

If the topic of your work is not assigned, it can be challenging to either come up with one or choose one of the many ideas you have. Here are some possible options for you to go with:

  • The best ways to enjoy your favorite band’s new album.
  • Classical music as a way of energy for the whole day.
  • What Is Hip-Hop Subculture?
  • Rap music and its characteristics.
  • What makes music challenging to listen to?
  • Social Commentary in Pop Music Industry.
  • How does low-fi music chill you out.
  • A perfect playlist for working out.
  • Music Paper: The Type of Music Jazz.
  • Motivational music and its effect on you.
  • Music Education: The Descriptive Research Methods.
  • Is there such thing as “Cooking music”?
  • Effects of Music in Advertising.
  • Choosing a song for your alarm clock.
  • Social Use of Music in Contemporary American Society.
  • Can your music taste define your character?
  • Woodstock The Music Event and Festival.
  • What is the best music to relieve your stress?
  • Ethnomusicology in Analyzing Society’ Music.
  • What is “Alternative” music?
  • How can jazz music make you feel?
  • Dance style: Capoeira.
  • Why does music make us dance?
  • The National Centre of Popular Music.
  • Good and bad music. How to define?
  • Hip-hop in Japan and cultural globalization.
  • Defining features of The Beatles music.
  • Popular music in the modern culture.
  • What were the first rappers in history, and how were they different?
  • Chamber Music in the Early Twentieth Century.
  • What meaning can a song without lyrics have?
  • The effect of music on culture.
  • The future of electronic music.
  • Choir Director & Participants in Music Making.
  • Live music and the wonders it can do.
  • Popular music in America.
  • The mix of traditional and modern music and its specifics.
  • Folk Music: Evolution of the Term and Scholars’ Works.
  • How important is appearance for a musician?
  • Feminism in the hip-hop culture.
  • Musical instruments and the mood they bring.
  • Sound analysis and aural experiences from music.
  • Defining qualities of Elvis Pressley’s music.
  • The Use of Violin in the Baroque Concerto.
  • Ambient music is not a background.
  • Descriptive Qualitative Research in Music Education.
  • My first time seeing an orchestra concert.
  • Hip-Hop Culture: What Philosophy to Choose?
  • The struggles of an amateur musician in modern days.
  • Teachers Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Music Education.
  • The story of Queen’s success.
  • Use of Music in Classrooms of in-Service Teachers.
  • The day I fell in love with underground music.
  • The first date and how the choice of music can affect it.
  • The Effects of Hip-Hop, Rap Music on Young Women in Academia.
  • My music taste progression.
  • When did the music I love become old?
  • Presentation for the Russian Musical Society.
  • The two-faced reality of the music industry.
  • Frank Zappa: composer & social critic.
  • Why do I feel threatened at a punk-rock concert?
  • The great triumph of 80’s rock music.
  • E-concert report: Pieces by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
  • The role of music in fighting prejudice.
  • The origins of hip-hop culture.
  • The most fantastic song I’ve ever heard.
  • The magic of Christmas music.
  • The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – the touring years.
  • The origin story of Coldplay.
  • My appreciation of heavy-metal bands.
  • History of jazz music.
  • Music effects on unborn children.
  • American Popular Music and Its Styles.
  • The effectiveness of music therapy.
  • Hip-Hop and Theatre, Hip-Hop in Theatre or Hip-Hop Theatre.
  • Heavy music and aggressive behavior.
  • Teaching and Learning Music Technologically.
  • Rap music and its influence on crime rates.
  • Minimalism in Music and Its Development.
  • The coexistence of traditional and modern music.
  • How effective is music in pushing propaganda?
  • Popular Music and Its Impact on the Economy and Politics.
  • The importance of a national anthem.
  • The Illegal Downloading of Music.
  • The most ear-pleasing instrument.
  • Music industry: the downfall caused by technology.
  • The psychological and physiological impact of music.
  • The problems of music piracy.
  • DMCA pros and cons.
  • Personality traits and musical elements preferences.
  • The music and the freedom of speech.
  • Is the music industry accessible?
  • Music, media and culture influence on behavior.
  • Can drugs help you to write lyrics?
  • Manufactured bands. Good or bad?
  • African music’s contribution to contemporary genres.
  • Why is pop music popular?
  • Visual Music: The Concept of ‘Visual Music’ and Historical Excurse.
  • Should we listen to less music?
  • Do physical copies of music still make sense?
  • Heavy metal music gender trends.
  • The importance of background music in movies?
  • The world without music. Better or worse?
  • Studying Music Evolution.
  • The extreme difference between jazz and acid jazz.
  • Historic Violin Pedagogical Treatises and Teaching.
  • How different can the tastes of people from various countries be?
  • Sociology of Music: What Music Means in Our Life.
  • Comparing rap: old vs. new.
  • Your today’s music taste. Better or worse?
  • The History and Concept of Rock Music.
  • Professional and amateur music.
  • Presentation on Articulation Related to the Violin.
  • The idea of depression in different songs.
  • Gender and Sexuality in Popular Media.
  • The 80s and 2000’s rock: compare and contrast.
  • Debussy’s String Quartet and Influence on Symphonic Music.
  • Office with background music vs. office without it.
  • Performing Forces Related to Violin in the 19th Century.
  • The difference between rap and hip-hop.
  • Music Education Pre-Service and Beginning Teachers’ Learning.
  • The visions of the future in various music genres.
  • Philosophy Scenario in Music Education.
  • Listening to music or listening to lyrics?
  • Debussy’s String Quartet and His Influence on Symphonic Music.
  • Does it matter to listen to music outdoor or indoors?
  • French Romanticism Features in Camille Saint-Saens’s Music.
  • Western and eastern traditional music.
  • History of Community Jazz Bands in Floridoniaville City.
  • Baroque and renaissance classical music comparison.
  • Folk Music Definition and Development.
  • The usage of acoustic guitar in happy and depressive songs.
  • The Mind of Music: Psychology of Musicians.
  • Calm or energetic music for driving. What’s better?
  • Rave parties vs. country festivals.
  • Is there a difference in men’s and women’s music tastes?
  • The Violin Trio Music in the Early Twentieth Century: Specific Features of Aram Khachaturian’s and Bela Bartok’s Contrast.
  • How do your high school and college music differ? And why?
  • Mozart’s Third Violin Concert Performance Skills.
  • Music therapy. Active or receptive?
  • Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in D Major: A Western Form of the Russian Music.
  • Importance of a Choir Director in Music Making.

Haven’t found anything suitable in the lists above? Feel free to use our essay topic generator for more ideas.

📻 Music Essay Examples

Here we will look at two simple examples of a written music essay with a brief parsing of principal components for each.

Classical Music Concert Essay

If we’re going to write something about a classical concert, the narrative essay would be one of the best ways to do that. Remember that introduction and thesis are in the same paragraph. Pay attention to the absence of thesis. It’s a common thing in a narrative style essay.

Essay on Music Therapy

Going with a persuasive style for this topic might be a decent idea. Many people are doubtful about music being somehow related to health, and an essay on music therapy is a proper tool to convince them.

Overall, you need to bear in mind that a music essay is no different from any other type. Make sure to keep the structure, logic, and coherence together, and you’ll be good to go. Make sure to let us know if the article was any use for you, good luck with your assignment, and thank you for your time!

🔗 References

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  • Music Essay


Essay on Music

Music is like a universal language of life. It is basically the sound that is brought together through the harmony of various instruments. Our life would have been totally empty and different without music. It is something that every human being enjoys. It is a very powerful thing. Music helps to destress, heal, and motivate.

If you are looking for a short essay on music, then take a look at the short essay given in the following. This is created by the in-house exports of Vedantu keeping the understanding ability of the students. Those who are looking for references can look up to this following essay. It will be easy to figure out the pattern of how to write an essay on music. One can also download the Vedantu app to get access to the same file.

Music Essay for Students

“Without music, life will be a mistake” the statement of Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher, simplified the importance of music in one’s life so easily. Music has a magical impact on humans. It's the best form of magic. 

The origin of the word ‘music’ is the Greek word ‘mousike’ which means ‘art of muses’. Music is a form of art and artists decorate it. The music consists of lesser words with deeper meanings. Frequently people use music as a painkiller to escape from the pain of life.  ‘Musical Notations’ is the leading form to write music. This provides a reference to an artist so he can share with others if necessary. Music is a mood freshener and accompanies us in our pocket devices, on televisions, movies, and the most effective in live concerts.

Different forms of music have different effects on human nature. Music is the greatest creation of mankind in the course of history. A combination of deem lights and calm music encourages the listener to eat less and enjoy the food more. Listening to music positively in a car influences one’s mood leads to safer behaviour and fewer road rages ultimately minimising accidental destructions.

If the students love the music, it helps them in recalling the information more significantly along with improvement in verbal intelligence. The studies have found that listening to favourite songs helps fibromyalgia patients to experience less chronic pain. Music has a direct effect on our hormonal levels. Listening to music decreases the level of the hormone cortisol in our body and counteracts the effect of chronic stress.

The heart-touching music is nothing but creativity with the purest and undiluted form. The combination of vocal or instrumental sounds in such a way that it produces beauty and expresses emotions. Anyone can make their day by enjoying music by listening or by composting or by playing. The global facts say parents intensively use music to soothe children even to interact.

Music touches the heart through the ears. It has divine power to act as an energy booster. Some music assists in motivation while some play the best role in sympathy. Music helps us to fight insomnia. Listening to classical or relaxing music, just before going to bed, improves one’s sleep.

Though music helps to counteract depression and loneliness, people underestimate the impact of music on the human mindset in the age of irony age. On the other side of the coin, there are some types of music that can result in deleterious effects on the human mind and body. Listening to music with high decibels can damage neurons. The effect on the brain subjected to continuous exposure to electronic amplification of rhythmic music is similar to that of drugs.

Genres of Music

While talking about a wide variety of music that ranges from ages belonging to different places, cultures, and types, the list of genres is endless. However, some of the major genres of music are stated as below:

Folk & Traditional Music

Traditional music holds an impression of the culture that it represents. It is usually illustrated and sung with folk music. Folk music is taught by one generation to another vocally through singing it and by listening to it. Various dance performances are in order to make it stay intact through ages. In India, the state of Rajasthan is well known for its Traditional-folk music with its dance. Several other regions are also popular.

Art music describes the characteristics of both classical and contemporary art forms. It is usually sung by just one person and demands a high level of attention from its listeners. It is quite well known in Europe.

Religious Music

The type of music that is affiliated to the worshipping of God by singing it, is known as Religious Music. Every religion has its own style and way of singing it. Christian music is one of the most famous religious music known all over the world.

Popular Music

As the name suggests, the type of music that is popular and accessible to everyone and everywhere is known as Popular Music. Such music is composed mostly by the entertainment industry for the purpose of monetary income. As compared to other types of music, Popular Music attracts a notable audience through different concerts or Live shows.

It has gained immense popularity over a period of time and varies from country to country and from culture to culture. One can listen to it on public platforms, digital platforms, television commercials, radio, and even at shopping centres.

Popular music can be subcategorized into numerous types such as Hip Hop Music, Rock Music, Polka Music Music, Jazz Music, Pop Music Latin Music, Electronic Music, Punk Music, and many more. Among different types of Popular Music, Hip Hop Music is vividly famous, especially among the youth population. The culture of Hip Hop music originally started in New York City and now has taken over its place everywhere. The culture of Hip Hop dance has also emerged because of the same. With passing time, a lot of changes are happening in the field of Music but it will never go out of style.

Music is a healer to all human emotions from sadness to depression. It is a cause of happiness. Music content has many genres to play. Emotional expressions have been regarded as the most important criteria for the aesthetic value of music. Sometimes, some crises of life are impossible to express in proper sentences and their music plays its best part. Log on to Vedantu to find exciting essays on other topics and learn how to frame one perfectly from experts.


FAQs on Music Essay

1. What Role Does Music Play in Our Life?

Music is a very important part of our life as it is a way to express our feelings as well as emotions. For some people, music is a way to escape from all the pain. It gives you relief and allows you to destress yourself. Music plays a crucial role in our life rather than just being a source of entertainment. More importantly, music is something that can be enjoyed by everyone irrespective of their caste, creed, age, or gender.

2. Why is Music So Powerful?

Music is a language of emotion in that it can represent different feelings of a soul without any boundaries or limitations. When people feel really low and think that no one understands them, they listen to music. It is a good weapon to imitate emotions and reduce them. Music is something that can be felt from within our soul. Music is connected with Nature. There are numerous incidents of various singers where singing had led towards the showering of rains. 

3. How Can I Write an Essay on Music?

Get to know the topic. You can't start writing about music until you've familiarised yourself with the concept. Do research thoroughly. Understand the important points and jot them down. Then draw a structure and start writing an essay. A student needs to realise the importance of music and the belonging of its culture for a better understanding and ease of writing. Talking to different artists from this field may also help in writing the essay. Refer to this essay framed by the experts of Vedantu and compile on your own.

4. Is Music a Means of Therapy?

In this modern era where everyone is busy living their hectic life, music plays an important role in soothing one’s mental health. Over a course of time, it has been scientifically proven that music acts as a therapy for a person suffering from depression or anxiety. Even the sound of waves in the ocean helps to heal a person mentally. Thus, psychologists suggest hearing calm and soothing to gain relief from worldly distress.


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  1. Different types of music - 548 Words | Essay Example - IvyPanda

    With this, it is clear that music is inseparable from the lives of human beings since without music, people will have a hard time finding a way to relax and be entertained. This paper is an exploration of the different types of music played world over. We will write a custom essay on your topic. One of the commonest types of music is Gospel music.

  2. How to Write a Music Essay: Topics and Examples

    The music essay titles below can inspire you to write a captivating essay: How music can be used to promote cultural awareness and understanding. The benefits of music education in promoting creativity and innovation. The social benefits of participating in music groups. The Impact of Music on Memory and Learning.

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    632 Music Essay Topics & Samples. Updated: Mar 2nd, 2024. 35 min. The scholarly analysis of musical history, theory, and cultural aspects of music is called musicology. If you are studying this subject, our team has prepared 507 amazing topics about music for your paper. We will write.

  4. Essay on Music for Students and Children | 500+ Words Essay

    500+ Words Essay on Music. Music is a vital part of different moments of human life. It spreads happiness and joy in a person’s life. Music is the soul of life and gives immense peace to us. In the words of William Shakespeare, “If music is the food of love, play on, Give me excess of it; that surfeiting, The appetite may sicken, and so die

  5. 35 Types of Music Genres and Styles (With Examples)

    1. Pop. Pop music is an eclectic genre that features catchy melodies, and simple chord progressions, and usually deals with themes of love and relationships. This genre is defined by its accessibility and broad appeal. Its production often involves a glossy, high-fidelity sound that is both polished and meticulously crafted.

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    Key Takeaway. When writing a college essay about music, it's important to avoid cliches and approach the topic in a deeply personal and meaningful way. Whether you focus on music as an academic interest or a significant extracurricular, you should show off your intellectual spark or personal strengths. Ask any admissions officer if they’ve ...

  7. Music Essay - 100, 200, 500 Words - Schools

    500-Word Music Essay. “Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”. — Kahlil Gibran. It is rightly said in the above lines, capturing the true essence of music. Music is the language of the spirit - the human soul. It is the key to peace.

  8. Music Essay: Topics, How-to Guide, & Examples of Essays about ...

    This type of essay probably would be great for writing a work on the topic of “Why I love Linkin Park” or “My favorite jazz band of all times” since it probably involves a lot of emotional attachment. And emotions are something you definitely want to push in a persuasive music essay.

  9. Music for Writing: 8 Styles to Listen to - The Write Life

    Here are more mood-setting music for writers recommended by the community: Zaki Ibrahim (especially the album “Eclectica”) “Sunshine” by Floetry. Dave Matthews Band. Beck. “A Serbian Film” soundtrack. “Watch Me” by Labi Siffre. 3. Folk, Americana and folky pop music.

  10. Music Essay for Students in English - Vedantu">Music Essay for Students in English - Vedantu

    Music Essay for Students. “Without music, life will be a mistake” the statement of Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher, simplified the importance of music in one’s life so easily. Music has a magical impact on humans. It's the best form of magic. The origin of the word ‘music’ is the Greek word ‘mousike’ which means ‘art ...