1. Extra Credit Assignment Ideas that Support Student Learning

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    extra credit assignments in college

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    extra credit assignments in college

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    extra credit assignments in college

  5. Extra Credit Assignment Ideas that Support Student Learning

    extra credit assignments in college

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  1. Is There Extra Credit in College?

    In college, instructors may offer extra credit questions on exams or give students credit for work they do outside class. Common forms of extra credit include creative assignments related to the material, enrichment activities like attending lectures, and allowing students to redo wrong answers.

  2. A professor explains why she offers extra credit in her classes (opinion)

    Each extra credit assignment gives students the opportunity to earn five points, but if they do not write a strong enough paper, they cannot earn all five points. And yes, at times, I have even assigned no points. ... That is not simply because more college students are female than male. Even in my classes with the greatest gender balance, this ...

  3. Extra Credit in College Courses: Blessing or Curse? Weighing the Pros

    While opportunities for extra credit certainly have their virtues, to this day, I dread the inevitable requests that most frequently rear their heads around midterms and finals when students are reckoning with their grades. ... Extra Credit in College Courses: Blessing or Curse? Weighing the Pros and Cons. November 1, 2023; Dunja Trunk, PhD ...

  4. PDF Creating Extra Credit Assignments That Challenge, Inspire, and Empower

    Creating Extra Credit Assignments That Challenge, Inspire, and Empower Students. Anya Goldina, PhD, Peter Licona, PhD, Patricia Likos Ricci, PhD. Elizabethtown College, 1 Alpha Drive, Elizabethtown, PA 17022 [email protected], [email protected] , [email protected]. Abstract. Extra credit assignments are often viewed with disdain by educators ...

  5. Using Extra Credit Effectively

    Benefits. Well-designed extra credit assignments have the following benefits for students and the instructor. Students engage with the material beyond the assigned coursework, which helps reinforce their understanding of concepts taught in class. Students have more agency in working toward the final grade they want to achieve.

  6. 5 Extra Credit Activities That Promote Engaged Learning

    The assignment equates to 15% of the student's course grade. With this grade dynamic in mind, my students could receive up to 10 points extra credit on individual posts by completing the activity below. The language that follows is copied directly from my assignment sheet: Extra Credit: Up to 10 points total. Comment on a classmate's post.

  7. Extra Credit Assignment Ideas that Support Student Learning

    Extra credit assignments, when assigned to correlate with your curriculum requirements and course expectations, provide students with another opportunity to meet course standards. This is especially true if the extra credit is able to assess learning goals while catering to different learning styles.

  8. Extra Credit Assignments: An Innovative Approach

    Extra Credit Assignments: An Innovative Approach. February 3, 2010. Tena Long Golding, PhD. My students are always asking for opportunities to earn bonus points. I offer a variety of assignments during the semester, but they still want bonus points, which they seem to think are easier to obtain than the required points.

  9. Revisiting Extra Credit Assignments Perspectives

    Extra credit assignments, however, require some time and cognitive effort from students to ensure full credit. From the perspectives of college instructors, this paper briefly reviews previously published literature regarding why some students are motivated to complete extra credit work, while others are still unmotivated or simply miss the ...

  10. Revisiting extra credit assignments: Perspectives of college instructors

    Faculty often considers whether to offer extra credit opportunities to students at the college level. Simultaneously, college students often consider whether to successfully complete extra credit assignments in order to enhance their knowledge and skills, and to improve their grades at the completion of a course. Extra credit work can provide a valuable addition to assessment strategies.

  11. Weighting Grades, Giving Extra Credit, and Other Tips on Managing

    If you weight your grades with assignment groups, you will need to create an extra credit assignment group with a weight greater than 0% and an assignment with greater than 0 points in order for Canvas Gradebook to calculate the total score correctly. All the assignment groups in your course plus the extra credit assignment group should weigh ...

  12. Extra Credit: To Give or Not to Give

    Reasons for offering extra credit included the following: Reduces student anxiety and builds confidence. Extra credit can be a second opportunity to learn the content. Some need a second time to learn and engage with the content in order to master the material. Capitalize on the student's current degree of motivation.

  13. I need extra credit activity ideas. : r/Professors

    SpicyAbsinthe. ADMIN MOD. I need extra credit activity ideas. In normal semesters, I usually have an optional activity for my students to get some extra credit. Now, here's the thing: I usually have them do something that benefits them or the community (volunteering, running a 5k with a cause, attending a mental health talk, etc.).

  14. Extra Credit Assignments

    The answer is YES! There are several methods for adding extra credit in Canvas. To learn more about extra credit in Canvas and the best ways to add it to your course, see the guide below. Click here for a guide to Extra Credit Assignments in Canvas. Click here to view an example of an extra credit assignment in Canvas.

  15. Extra credit

    Extra credit is a way to gain points, particularly used in schools. Reasons for extra credit. Teachers employ extra credit for a variety of reasons. For example, it may be felt that students who are highly capable may benefit from an additional challenge that might not be suitable as required work for all students. Extra credit may also be used ...

  16. Personality and Cognitive Factors Related to Completing Extra Credit

    Moore, 2005). Much of the past research examining extra credit at the college level has focused on determining what types of student variables are related to doing extra credit assignments. The results of such studies indicate that females are more likely to complete extra credit (Harrison et al., 2011), as are those who

  17. Extra Credit Assignment Ideas that Support Student Learning

    Here are 10 extra credit assignment ideas that you can use for your classes: If you are looking for some extra credit assignment ideas, we have compiled a list of 10 extra credit assignment ideas that you can use in your classroom. Write a book report on a book of your choice. The book should be related to the topic of your course.

  18. Extra Credit: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Giving Students Bonus Points

    The Cons of Offering Students Extra Credit. Believing there will be a future opportunity to earn points back, students may knowingly skip or underperform on an assignment, or not prepare thoroughly enough for a test. Credit given for non-academic accomplishments, such as winning a game, may not offer all students a fair and equitable chance to ...

  19. Which students complete extra-credit work?

    Using a large sample of students ( N = 508) from several non-introductory psychology college courses, analyses revealed that those with existing higher grades are more likely to complete extra credit assignments than are those with lower grades. Further, female students were more likely than male students and those enrolled in larger, lecture ...

  20. Assessment Design: The Case Against Extra Credit

    Accuracy: There are many ways extra credit can obscure what information a grade includes. First, it can be used to incentivize certain behaviors, which obscures a grade by not assessing academic performance or learning. (For example, extra credit for turning things in on time.) Second, it can obscure whether a grade reflects what students know ...

  21. r/college on Reddit: Is there any point in doing extra credit if I

    The extra credit will give you a nice buffer in case you miss a future assignment. I'd do it if it's not too much work. Some colleges classify an A+ as 4.33 GPA, so if your professor gives out A+'s, that's another thing that could make the extra credit worth doing.

  22. How do I give extra credit in a course?

    Add extra points to an Assignment you've already created. Manually enter the extra points in the Gradebook. For example, this assignment is worth 40 points. Adding 5 extra points will bring the assignment total for this student to 45 points. The added points will increase total points calculated in the Gradebook's final grade.

  23. How to ask prof for extra credit (literally written by one w/template

    When you ask for extra credit, it is best to be as detailed as possible. You should outline your challenges, your goals and your requests clearly to your professor. Finally, be prepared to ask for additional ways to boost your grade like making up assignments or getting a redo opportunity. Extra credit isn't the only option here.

  24. AP Credit Policy Search

    AP Credit Policy Search Your AP scores could earn you college credit or advanced placement (meaning you could skip certain courses in college). Use this tool to find colleges that offer credit or placement for AP scores.