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  1. Key Lessons: What Research Says About the Value of Homework

    Too much homework may diminish its effectiveness. While research on the optimum amount of time students should spend on homework is limited, there are indications that for high school students, 1½ to 2½ hours per night is optimum. Middle school students appear to benefit from smaller amounts (less than 1 hour per night).

  2. What does the research say about homework policies and practices?

    Homework, when designed and implemented properly, is a valuable tool for reinforcing learning. This essay provides a summary of educational research on homework, discusses the elements of effective homework, and suggests practical classroom applications for teachers. The synthesis of these three areas is intended to supplement the literature on ...

  3. The four planks of an effective homework policy

    Over time, we've come to the opinion that there are four overarching concepts that need to be considered when setting homework. We call these the "four planks" of an effective homework policy, and below we've outlined each one, why it's important, and how you can take it into account when planning homework. Access.

  4. PDF What the research says about HOMEWORK

    Yet, local school homework policies have been persistently criticized in popular books such as The Myth of Homework: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing, (Kohn, 2006). While popular, Kohn's work and that of others, does not cite empirical research to legitimate these claims. LeTendre, professor of

  5. Creating a Homework Policy With Meaning and Purpose

    Assigning homework with a purpose means that through completing the assignment, the student will be able to obtain new knowledge, a new skill, or have a new experience that they may not otherwise have. Homework should not consist of a rudimentary task that is being assigned simply for the sake of assigning something. Homework should be meaningful.

  6. Homework and Higher Standards

    Homework and Higher Standards How Homework Stacks Up to the Common Core. CAP analysis found that homework is generally aligned to Common Core State Standards, but additional policy changes would ...

  7. PDF Assigning Effective Homework

    homework effort. Do not assign homework that is so difficult and unfamiliar to students that their parents are tempted to: Do the work for them; Accuse their children of being inattentive in class; or Accuse their children of failing. 8. Do consider reasonable time frames for homework assign-ments, based on the intent of the lesson.

  8. PDF Homework Policy Guidelines

    The school's Homework Policy should be made available to the school community, particularly at the time of enrolment. Parents/caregivers of students experiencing difficulties completing homework need to be confident that these concerns can be discussed with the teacher, and that guidance and assistance will be provided. ...

  9. Advice on Creating Homework Policies

    Creating homework policies is part of educational leadership in the classroom. Although homework must focus on helping students achieve, it also needs to clearly state the expectations and give details about the benefits and consequences of different actions. By giving a clear policy from the first day of school, the students will know what to ...

  10. Does Homework Work?

    The district, which includes three elementary schools and a middle school, worked with teachers and convened panels of parents in order to come up with a homework policy that would allow students ...

  11. How to Write the Perfect Homework Policy

    3‭. ‬The purpose of homework‭ ‬. The school regards the purpose of homework as being to‭:‬. As a school‭, ‬we encourage children to pursue out-of-school activities‭. ‬Homework should be used to effectively reinforce and/or extend what is learned in school‭. ‬We hope that children will feel a sense of personal ...

  12. PDF Remaking the Grade: A District 's Quest for Equitable Homework Policy

    In November of 2021, the working group released its draft policy to the schools. Among the key recommendations for grades 6-12: no grading of homework, no late penalties for homework, no extra credit assignments, and unlimited redos and retakes.3. firestorm quickly followed.

  13. NAIS

    Go Deeper In "The Homework Debate: What It Means for Lower Schools," a July 22, 2019 Independent Ideas blog post, author Kelly King asks, "Does homework prepare students for middle school and beyond?" and shares how her school sought to answer that question. "To create a better policy that centers on student needs, faculty members and I decided to investigate the value of homework.

  14. Remaking the Grade: A District's Quest for Equitable Homework Policy

    This case study describes efforts by the Arlington, Virginia public school district to address homework inequalities by proposing that for grades 6-12, there would be no grading of homework, no late penalties for homework, no extra credit assignments, and unlimited redos and retakes. Within days, several teachers at one of the local high ...

  15. The Case for (Quality) Homework

    Harris M. Cooper of Duke University, the leading researcher on homework, has examined decades of study on what we know about the relationship between homework and scholastic achievement. He has proposed the "10-minute rule," suggesting that daily homework be limited to 10 minutes per grade level.

  16. Homework policy: examples

    Primary school. Shadwell Primary School in Leeds has a homework policy that covers: When pupils take books home for reading. How long they should spend reading at home. English and maths homework. Spelling and times tables expectations. Additional half-termly homework tasks, such as a learning log and key instant recall facts.

  17. PDF Homework Policy Summary

    Homework Policy Summary This policy summary is written to ensure a consistent approach is taken by all members of staff. The complete homework policy can be found on Teachershare and should be referred to where more detail is needed. We define homework as any learning which takes place outside the normal school day, which

  18. Homework Pros and Cons

    From dioramas to book reports, from algebraic word problems to research projects, whether students should be given homework, as well as the type and amount of homework, has been debated for over a century. []While we are unsure who invented homework, we do know that the word "homework" dates back to ancient Rome. Pliny the Younger asked his followers to practice their speeches at home.

  19. Homework is pointless. Here's what you should do instead

    Next door, the kids have homework. This involves 30 minutes of child-wrangling and patience-testing five days a week, pressure-cooking the little downtime they have together as a family. Meanwhile ...

  20. PDF SUBJECT SUMMARY this bill

    SUMMARY: Requires each local educational agency (LEA) to develop, adopt, and update at least once every five years, a homework policy to create guidelines for clearer practices on assigning homework in transitional kindergarten (TK) through 12th grade. Specifically, this bill: Requires, on or before August 1, 2026, each LEA to develop, adopt ...

  21. PDF Homework Policy

    To provide parents with a clear policy regarding homework. To ensure this policy is fully and consistently followed. To provide support for parents with information about homework. To provide support for children with the running of a homework club. What is the role of the teacher? To plan and set a programme of homework that is appropriate to ...

  22. Homework Policy

    E40 Homework Policy. Summary. There will be approximately one homework assignment per week, typically handed out on Wednesdays and due before 4:30 the following Wednesday in the wooden box outside Packard 103. You will be allowed one late homework for the quarter without loss of credit. The one late homework that you are allowed will be accepted until 4:30 pm the day after the homework is due ...

  23. Homework: Policy

    Summary. Victorian government schools are required to have a homework policy and communicate it to staff, parents/carers and students. The content of this policy is not prescribed, but should be evidence-informed and comprehensive, and must be developed in consultation with the school community. School council approval of a school's homework ...