1. 12 Best Java Books for Beginners & Advanced Programmers

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  2. CSE53D : Advanced Java Programming Mid term exam question paper 50

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  3. Introduction to Java Programming and Data Structures, Comprehensive

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  4. Best Great Ideas on Java Research Papers

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  5. Introduction to Java Programming, Brief Version, 11th Edition

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  6. Programming in Java 1 2013-2014 B.Sc Computer Science Semester 5 (TYBSc

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  1. Design2Code (Frontend Development With LLM)

  2. JavaDay UA 2017: JUnit, RESTDocs, Asciidoctor and Maven to document your APIs (Petar Tahchiev)

  3. Deepfake Videos Just With One Photo and This is Better Than Real (Microsoft Vasa-1)

  4. Turnpike Sports® Spotlight

  5. Is a Deeper squat always better?

  6. The Challenges of Introducing Virtual Threads to the Java Platform


  1. java programming Latest Research Papers

    Object Relational . Communication Methods. The research subject of this paper was the comparative analysis of efficiency of connections with databases using different communication methods based on Java programming language. The tools investigated included JDBC drivers and Object-relational mapping (ORM) frameworks.

  2. (PDF) A Review on Java Programming Language

    Java is a general-purpose programming language designed to enable programmers. to write code that is universally compatible and can be executed on multiple platforms without. requiring any ...

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    Java programming and java programmers | Explore the latest full-text research PDFs, articles, conference papers, preprints and more on JAVA PROGRAMMING. Find methods information, sources ...

  4. Secure Coding Practices in Java: Challenges and Vulnerabilities

    For this paper, we conducted tion on the common concerns, programming challenges, and security vulnerabilities in developers' secure coding practices by manually in-specting 497 StackOverflow posts related to Java security. We chose StackOverflow [62] because (1) developers usually share and dis-cuss programming issues and solutions on this ...

  5. Java in real-time applications

    This paper addresses the use of the Java programming language for real-time applications, giving an overview of its main advantages and current limitations. Java can implement at language level several of the constructs defined by the POSIX1.b standard for real-time applications. However, if Java is to realise its potential in this field, appropriate additions to the language will need to be ...

  6. A large-scale study on the usage of Java's concurrent programming

    An analysis of 2227 Java projects, comprising more than 650 million lines of code. ... More than 75% of the latest versions of the projects either explicitly create threads or employ some concurrency control mechanism. ... This section discusses related research. Conclusion. This paper presents an empirical study into a large-scale Java open ...

  7. The best of 2021: The 10 most popular Java Magazine articles

    This is clear when you peruse the most popular articles published in 2021. Thanks to state-of-the-art metrics, it became obvious that people really want to read about cutting-edge Java features, such as the JEPs in JDK 16 and JDK 17, as well as broad initiatives such as Project Loom. Congratulations to Ben Evans, who scored three out of the top ...

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    Explore the latest full-text research PDFs, articles, conference papers, preprints and more on JAVA LANGUAGE. Find methods information, sources, references or conduct a literature review on JAVA ...

  9. Java in the High Performance Computing arena: Research, practice and

    2. Java for High Performance Computing This section analyzes the existing programming options in Java for HPC, which can be classified into: (1) shared memory programming; (2) Java sockets; (3) Remote Method Invocation (RMI); and (4) message-passing in Java. These programming options allow the development of both high-level libraries and Java ...

  10. Developing Complex Full Stack Java-Based Spring Cloud Applications

    Abstract: With all the scripting languages on the rise, Java is still a very popular choice for creating industrial enterprise applications. This paper discusses the complex implantation of the Full Stack Java-Based Spring Cloud Application project. This is particularly more challenging because seeing the effects of the updates and changes made to the application is harder, It is more command ...

  11. Java InfoQ Trends Report—December 2021

    This article provides a summary of how the InfoQ Java editorial team and various Java Champions currently see the adoption of technology and emerging trends within the Java and JVM space in 2021.

  12. Memory management in JAVA

    This is evidenced in student assignments and in textbooks written for the first three courses of the ACM Computer Science curriculum. This paper tries to bring memory management to the front of computer science education by first presenting the concept of object loitering and then introducing Java's three different types of references (soft ...

  13. [PDF] The Latest Trends and Challenges in Enterprise Application

    The latest trends and challenges of Java in enterprise application development are investigated to assist enterprises in making better choices regarding technology stacks, optimizing development processes, and meeting the evolving market demands. : This paper investigates the latest trends and challenges of Java in enterprise application development. Through in-depth analysis of current ...

  14. PDF 6 Java as a systems programming language: three case studies

    developers of new systems, and those needing to give old systems a face-lift in the Web age (JavaSoft, 1997). It is also clear that teaching institutions are switching over to Java in large numbers, or considering doing so (Schaller, 1997). The focus of this paper, however, is to look at Java in the research arena. By examining three

  15. The case for Java as a programming language

    Java code is organised around objects and classes rather than just functions, which enables the reuse of code in a very structured manner. Although Java syntax is similar to C++, it has not suffered from feature overload and is much less complex. In addition, some Java features, like garbage collection, are not entirely new but were pioneered by languages such as Lisp and Smalltalk. The paper ...

  16. Articles

    1.711 - SNIP (Source Normalized Impact per Paper) 0.976 - SJR (SCImago Journal Rank) 2023 Speed 10 days submission to first editorial decision for all manuscripts (Median) 116 days submission to accept (Median) 2023 Usage 733,672 downloads 49 Altmetric mentions

  17. research-paper · GitHub Topics · GitHub

    This is an android app through which you can access most research papers related to covid-19. The app can be directly downloaded and installed from the apk folder. java research android-application android-studio research-data-repository research-paper research-data covid-19 covid covid19 covid-2019 covid19-data

  18. JAMA

    JAMA - The Latest Medical Research, Reviews, and Guidelines. Home New Online Issues For Authors. Editor's Choice: New CDC Survey on H5N1 Preparedness. ATS International Conference: New Trials in Pulmonary and Critical CareMay 19, 2024Original Investigation Pamrevlumab for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: The ZEPHYRUS-1 Randomized Clinical Trial ...

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  20. Here's what's really going on inside an LLM's neural network

    Now, new research from Anthropic offers a new window into what's going on inside the Claude LLM's "black box." The company's new paper on "Extracting Interpretable Features from Claude 3 Sonnet ...

  21. Chameleon: Mixed-Modal Early-Fusion Foundation Models

    We present Chameleon, a family of early-fusion token-based mixed-modal models capable of understanding and generating images and text in any arbitrary sequence. We outline a stable training approach from inception, an alignment recipe, and an architectural parameterization tailored for the early-fusion, token-based, mixed-modal setting. The models are evaluated on a comprehensive range of ...

  22. Study explains why the brain can robustly recognize images, even

    New MIT research offers a possible explanation for how the brain learns to identify both color and black-and-white images. The researchers found evidence that early in life, when the retina is unable to process color information, the brain learns to distinguish objects based on luminance, rather than color.

  23. Old Moats for New Models: Openness, Control, and Competition in

    Pierre Azoulay, Joshua L. Krieger & Abhishek Nagaraj. Working Paper 32474. DOI 10.3386/w32474. Issue Date May 2024. Drawing insights from the field of innovation economics, we discuss the likely competitive environment shaping generative AI advances. Central to our analysis are the concepts of appropriability—whether firms in the industry are ...

  24. Anthropic scientists map a language model's brain

    The new work from Anthropic raises the prospect that generative AI programs like ChatGPT might some day be much easier to understand and control — making them both more useful and, with luck, less dangerous. ... ," the research paper says — and "getting all of them" might require even more computing power than training the model in the ...

  25. When Protectionism Kills Talent

    DOI 10.3386/w32466. Issue Date May 2024. We examine the repercussions of protectionist policies implemented in the United States since 2018 on the composition of workforce and career choices within the semiconductor industry. We find that the shift towards protectionism, aimed at reviving domestic manufacturing and employment, paradoxically ...

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  27. 2023 summer warmth unparalleled over the past 2,000 years

    Here, we combine observed and reconstructed June-August (JJA) surface air temperatures to show that 2023 was the warmest NH extra-tropical summer over the past 2000 years exceeding the 95% ...

  28. AI poised to usher in new level of concierge services to the public

    Ohio State University. "AI poised to usher in new level of concierge services to the public." ScienceDaily. / releases / 2024 / 05 / 240523153643.htm (accessed May 24, 2024 ...