Engineering Resume for 2024 [w/ Examples & Template]

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Whether you’re a mechanical, electrical, civil, software, or chemical engineer, you’re great at solving problems.

And yet, when it comes to writing a job-winning engineering resume, you experience the equivalent of writer’s block.

You know you have the right skills, education, and work experience to land your next dream engineering position, yet you can’t seem to express all that effectively in your engineering resume.

And, for better or worse, a strong engineering resume is a prerequisite to land an interview and, eventually, land your next job.

Well, you actually have no reason to worry! 

Writing a job-landing engineering resume that shows off your professional background is not hard and we’re here to guide you through the process.

So, in this article, we will cover:

Engineering Resume Example

  • How to Build Your Engineering Resume (Step-By-Step)
  • 40 Skills For Your Engineering Resume

Like the look of the template above? Create your own modern and professional engineering resume in minutes with these easy-to-update templates.

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Here are the elements that make this engineering resume example outstanding:

  • Reverse-chronological format. This resume format puts your engineering work experience in the spotlight AND is the most popular resume format around the globe.
  • Contact information. The engineering resume example above includes relevant contact information, such as the candidate’s email address, phone number, LinkedIn profile URL as well as Skype handle.
  • Resume summary. The engineering resume example above includes an engineering resume summary that briefly introduces the candidate and his areas of expertise.
  • Achievement-focused work experience section. This engineering resume example includes the candidate's professional achievements, making his engineering resume stand out among other candidates’ resumes.
  • Brief education section. In the engineering resume example above, the candidate only mentions his highest degree details, such as his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
  • Use of bullet points. The information in this engineering resume example is presented in bullet points to make the resume look well-organized and easy to skim through.
  • Relevant engineering skills. The engineering resume example above mentions only engineering-related skills, including computer-aided design and project management.
  • Use of additional sections. The candidate included relevant additional sections in the engineering resume example above, such as certificates and field-related interests. 

How to Build Your Engineering Resume (Step-By-Step) 

Now that you know exactly what makes an effective engineering resume, let’s put theory into practice and see how you can create a powerful engineering resume!

Here are the steps to building your engineering resume:

#1. Pick the Right Format For Your Engineering Resume 

Before you start filling in the contents, let’s address how you should format your engineering resume.

Now, there are 3 resume formats you can choose from:

  • Reverse-chronological
  • Combination  

You’re best off using the reverse-chronological resume format for your engineering resume. 

It’s the preferred resume format among recruiters worldwide, so it’s obviously the safest and most obvious choice for you!

And the best part? It starts off with your most recent - and relevant - engineering work experience, highlighting your achievements and skills first.

Here’s what it looks like:

reverse chronological resume format

Next, let’s talk about the resume layout . 

Here are the guidelines for making a great resume layout:

  • Pick a professional font style . Choose a font that’s easy to read on a PDF file and use it throughout the length of your engineering resume.
  • Choose the right font size. Use 11-12 pts for the body and 14-16 pts for headings in your engineering resume.
  • Bullet points. Whenever possible, use bullet points to present the information and make it easy for the recruiter to skim.
  • Mind the length. Recruiters shouldn’t go through a 3-page resume to see whether you’re the right candidate, so the optimal length of your engineering resume should be one page (unless you’re a professional with 10+ years on the job, that is).
  • Save your engineering resume in PDF format . Unless asked to do otherwise, your best bet is to save your resume as a PDF file to ensure it looks the same on every device and OS.

Use Our Tried & Tested Templates

As an engineer, you should use every opportunity to show the recruiter how innovative you are and your engineering resume is your first chance to do that.

Like most people, you probably tried creating a Word resume… admit it, using 30+-year-old software is the opposite of being innovative.

Think about it. You can spend hours on formatting alone, but in the end, your engineering resume will still look boring and outdated.

Well, what if we told you there is an easy way to save time AND stand out with your engineer resume?

Just use a resume template !

Our resume templates are created in collaboration with professional recruiters, so they don’t just look fresh and modern - they’re also well-organized and easy to scan.

Want to check for yourself?

Here’s how our resume templates compare to basic text-editors resumes:

resume examples

#2. Add Contact Information

Now that the formatting is out of the way, you can start filling in the contents of your engineering resume.

Let’s start with the basics - your contact information .

You don’t have to invent anything new here - just make sure to avoid making any mistakes (you don’t want the recruiter to think you aren’t capable of successfully providing your contact information - after all, attention to detail is key to being an engineer!).

So, simply include the following details:

  • First name and last name
  • Professional title
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Relevant social media profiles, such as LinkedIn 

Here’s an example of the contact information section:

Sam Edwards

Mechanical Engineer


[email protected]  

Sacramento, California

job search masterclass novoresume

#3. Write an Engineering Resume Summary or Objective

After including your contact details, you should add a 2-3 sentence resume summary or objective to your engineering resume to quickly decide that your engineering resume is worth taking a closer look at.

Here’s how to choose which one to use:

  • If you have lots of engineering experience , write a resume summary to highlight your skills and achievements.
  • If you lack engineering experience , use a resume objective to show your career aspirations and how you can benefit the company.

First impressions matter, so whether you’re writing a resume summary or objective, it must effectively show your professional background or how you can be an asset for the company you’re applying to. 

Otherwise, the recruiter might just move on to the next resume.

So, here’s what an impressive resume summary should include:

  • Your position and years of experience
  • Your most important engineering skills
  • Your top 1-2 professional achievements 

And here’s an example of an eye-catching engineering resume summary:

Driven and detail-oriented Electrical Engineer with 4+ years of experience with the design and fabrication of integrated circuits. Excellent troubleshooting, problem-solving, and analytical thinking skills. Solved a long-standing testing bug at Company X which increased the average testing time by 17%. 

Now, if you don’t have the relevant experience and opt for a resume objective, this is what you need to include to make it as memorable as possible:

  • Title of your engineering degree
  • Any engineering-related experience
  • Your motivation to work for the company

Specifically, it should look something like this:

Enthusiastic Software Engineering undergraduate student looking for an entry-level job at Company X. Experienced with Python, C++, and MATLAB programming languages. Looking to apply coding skills and creativity in educational game development.

#4. Make Your Engineering Work Experience Stand Out

Now, let’s move to the most important section of your engineering resume - your work experience .

First, let’s address the formatting.

Begin with your most recent/current job position and simply do this:

  • Start off with the job title. This shows the recruiter what role you had in the company.
  • Add company details. Include the name and location of the company you worked at. Optionally, you can briefly describe the company if it’s relatively unknown.
  • Include the date of employment. Use the mm/yyyy format to write down how long you worked in each company.
  • Add responsibilities and achievements. Use 5-6 bullet points for the most recent jobs, and 2-3 for older jobs.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about making the most out of your work experience section.

Of course, you want your engineering work experience to stand out among hundreds of other applications, so simply listing your responsibilities isn’t enough.

Luckily, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel!

Here are some tips to perfect your work experience section:

  • Tailor your work experience section to the job. If you’re an engineer, your work experience section should show exactly that, so skip the barista job you had in university and use the space for your achievements or to include additional sections instead.
  • Focus on achievements over responsibilities. Every civil, electrical, mechanical, or another type of engineer has the same responsibilities, more or less, but it’s your achievements that can really set you apart from the competition.
  • Use action verbs to describe your achievements. Power words (e. g. developed, organized, operated, redesigned, assisted…) will spice up your engineering resume.
  • Make your achievements quantifiable. Whenever possible, use numbers to drive the point home (e. g. “Led a team of 15 engineers” instead of “Led a team”).

And here’s an example of an effective work experience section:

02/2017 - 01/2022

  • Worked with a team of 14 to design, build, and install industrial air compressors.
  • Ensured compliance with safety rules and regulations.
  • Increased production efficiency by 9% by strategically minimizing production bottlenecks. 
  • Planned and redesigned equipment layout to optimize workflow, resulting in a 7% production capacity increase over the span of 3 years. 
  • Consistently met the company's needs at 12% under budget.

What if You Don’t Have Work Experience?

Now, if you’re a fresh engineering graduate or haven’t graduated just yet, you likely don’t have relevant work experience.

That’s totally okay - even Elon Musk didn’t have enough relevant work experience at one point in his life.

But the lack of work experience shouldn’t set you back from building a powerful engineering resume!

You probably have more engineering-related experience to choose from than you think - after all, engineering studies typically involve lots and lots of practice.

So, instead of your work experience, consider including your internships, assistantships, academic projects, and merits, or extracurricular activities.

Here’s an engineering experience example:

Electrical Engineering Experience

Teacher’s Assistant for Electromechanics II

University of Bristol, UK 

10/2019 - 03/2020

  • Led problem-solving tutorials for 80+ second-year students.
  • Created 10+ laboratory assignments for students using MATLAB Simulink and Adam Pluto transceivers.
  • Took attendance, made questionnaires, and helped with other administrative work.

#5. List Your Education the Right Way

Nikola Tesla is a role model to many engineers. 

As such, you probably already know he dropped out of university .

Of course, the lack of an engineering degree didn’t stop Nikola Tesla from becoming one of the greatest engineers, but today the situation is quite different.

Most engineering jobs ask for a Bachelor’s degree at the very least, because engineering is a highly technical field, where theoretical knowledge goes hand in hand with your practical skills.

But, even though your higher education is important to the recruiter, let’s face it - they don’t care which high school you went to.

So, instead of wasting space, make sure to only include relevant education details in your engineering resume.

To keep your education section short and snappy, start with your latest degree and include the following:

  • Degree title
  • University/college/other institution
  • Program location (optional)
  • Years attended

And here’s an example of the education section on an engineering resume:

MSc in Electrical Engineering

Eindhoven University of Technology

10/2017 - 05/2019

Of course, you can also include relevant education details, such as your academic achievements, the courses you’ve taken, your GPA, projects, etc. - if they add value to your resume, that is. 

#6. List Your Engineering Skills

Skills are an important part of your engineering resume. They testify to your professional abilities, so you should only include the skills which are relevant to engineering.

Now, although engineering is a technical job, you’re also expected to have a variety of soft skills .

After all, no engineer works in total isolation, so communication and teamwork skills are must-haves for most positions.

So, here are some tips to better organize the skills section on your engineering resume: 

  • Write your soft and hard skills separately. 
  • Your hard skills largely depend on the type of engineering you do (mechanical, electrical, software, etc.), so make sure to customize the skill section to fit your engineering resume.
  • If you're unsure which skills to include in your engineering resume, you can always check the job ad and see if you have the skills the company is looking for.

Need more ideas on which skills to add to your engineer resume? 

Check out our list of the 40 most in-demand soft and hard engineering skills!

Write down your hard skills as specifically as possible to give the recruiter a clear idea of your skills. For example, if you’re good at programming, make sure to include all programming languages (Python, C++, PHP, MATLAB, etc.) you know.

40 Engineering Skills to Put on Your Resume

25 soft engineering skills.

  • Attention to detail
  • Problem-solving 
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Analytical thinking
  • Active listening
  • Prioritization
  • Time management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Organizational skills
  • Adaptability
  • Brainstorming
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Reliability
  • Self-management
  • Flexibility

15 Hard Engineering Skills

  • Mechanical skills
  • Project management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Prototyping
  • Machine Learning
  • Workflow development
  • Web Development
  • Computer skills
  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes
  • Knowledge of applicable laws
  • Technical documentation
  • Data Structures

#7. Add Your Engineering Certifications & Licenses

Your university diploma is just one part of engineering training, so the next step is to include your engineering licenses and certifications .

This part is especially important if you want to work abroad because each country has different rules on what kind of education, licenses, and qualifications you need to work in engineering.

So, if you’re a certified or licensed engineer, list your licenses and certifications in your engineering resume in reverse-chronological order and include the following:

  • Certification/license name
  • Name of agency 
  • Year of obtainment
  • Location (optional)
  • Expiration date (if applicable)
  • In progress (if applicable, and add the expected date of obtainment)

Here’s an example:

Professional Certificates

Certified Chemical Engineer (2019)

National Certification Commission in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

#8. Make Use of Additional Resume Sections 

Do you still have some space on your engineering resume?

Consider adding any of these additional sections to make your engineering resume stand out and paint the full picture of your engineering experience:

  • Conferences , such as International Conference on Sustainable Energy Engineering, International Conference on Internet Technologies and Society, International Conference on Power Control and Embedded System, International Conference on Industrial Engineering, and others. 
  • Associations and organizations , such as engineering societies, including your role in them (if applicable).
  • Awards , no matter if they’re company-wide or nationwide.
  • Publications , such as studies, scientific articles, interviews, etc.
  • Personal projects , if any of them are related to engineering.
  • Languages , especially if you’re applying to a company overseas.
  • Hobbies and interests , especially if they’re related to engineering. 

And here’s what these extra sections should look like on your engineering resume:


  • Caspian Engineers Society (2018 - Present) - Board Member


  • Nanotech Eurasia 2021
  • Nanotech Eurasia 2019

#9. Attach a Cover Letter to Your Engineering Resume

If you got this far, you’re just a step away from writing an effective engineering resume for yourself!

But before you get to it, there’s one more important element to your resume we need to address - writing a compelling cover letter.

The point of a cover letter is to convince the recruiter that you are the engineer they’ve been looking for. 

Essentially, you need to prove you’re a competent engineer and a great match for the company, its values, vision, and goals.

So, your cover letter is a chance to give a detailed description of your engineering experience and include any important information that didn’t make it to your engineering resume.

But how exactly do you do that?

Actually, it’s quite simple with the right guidance! 

Here’s how to write a job-winning cover letter :

  • Include your contact details in the header.
  • Address the cover letter directly to the recruiter.
  • Grab the recruiter’s attention from the start by including your 1-2 top achievements in the first paragraph.
  • In the body of your cover letter, give a detailed picture of your engineering background and explain why you want to work for this particular company.
  • Lastly, end your cover letter with a call to action.

Want to make sure your cover letter is flawless? Check our cover letter writing tips and cover letter mistakes !

And here’s an example of a top-notch cover letter : 

cover letter example

Want your cover letter to catch recruiters’ attention? Match it to your engineering resume by picking one of our cover letter templates !

Key Takeaways

By now, you have all the tools and tips you need to write an outstanding engineering resume (and a cover letter, too!).

Before you go, let’s go over some of the main elements of an impactful engineering resume:

  • Choose the reverse-chronological format to focus your work experience and make your engineering resume easy to read.
  • Write an impressive resume summary if you have plenty of work experience, and an eye-catching resume objective if you lack engineering experience.
  • Make your work experience section stand out by quantifying your achievements.
  • Show off your unique engineering experience with licenses, certifications, associations, publications, and other additional information that fits your engineering resume.
  • Don’t forget to add a compelling cover letter to your engineering resume to prove you’re the perfect candidate and a great asset to the company.

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  • • Implemented a new automated assembly process, reducing assembly time by 25% and saving $100,000 annually.
  • • Led a project to redesign the factory layout, improving workflow and increasing productivity by 15%.
  • • Developed a new scheduling system, reducing project completion times by 10%.
  • • Designed and implemented a new quality control system, reducing defects by 20%.
  • • Managed a project to upgrade manufacturing equipment, increasing production capacity by 30%.
  • • Implemented Lean Manufacturing principles, reducing waste by 15% and saving $50,000 annually.
  • • Developed a new process for the assembly of electronic components, reducing assembly time by 20%.
  • • Implemented a new inventory management system, reducing stockouts by 30%.
  • • Led a project to upgrade manufacturing equipment, increasing production capacity by 25%.

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By Experience

Engineering resume example

Elon Musk once said that a true expert can solve a problem on several levels.

He was talking about your engineering resume.

To land you a dream engineering job, your resume has to pass several robotic checks, get approved by non-technical and technical recruiters, and, lastly, impress your department lead.

If you are tired of taking chances every time you send your engineering resume, then this guide is for you.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to land more engineering interviews with your engineering resume
  • What do recruiters want to see in your engineering resume the most
  • Expert resume tips for specific engineering jobs and industries
  • How to properly structure your resume to emphasize your winning qualities
  • 12 engineering resume examples and why they work

I don’t spend my time pontificating about high-concept things; I spend my time solving engineering and manufacturing problems.

  • Show complete project experience.

If you want to get a dream engineering job, listing your projects and inserting buzzwords is not enough. Explain how your role was critical to these projects. Be specific about your results.

Bad example: Reviewed company SOPs

Good example: Reviewed company SOPs to reduce non-productive time by 15% by conducting senior personnel surveys and troubleshooting operational glitches.

  • Show your ability to work within a modern engineering environment

The modern engineering environment is about multidisciplinary distributed teams, open-source tools, and agile frameworks. Show recruiters that you don’t just bear within it. You prosper.

Bad example: Led a team of engineers to develop a new distillation process.

Good example: Led a cross-functional team of engineers, analysts, and contractors to design and implement a new distillation system that is currently operational on 80% of facilities with 58% improved cost efficiency.

  • Guide recruiter’s attention where you want it to be with a smart resume format.

Use bold text to emphasize your results in a sentence. Use custom sections and headers to improve the scannability of your resume. Use a custom resume layout to guide the recruiter’s attention.

Make sure your resume can be easily printed and exported in PDF format so that recruiters can study it even during their lunch break.

Scroll back to the header for a resume example that combines the most effective resume formatting practices to get an engineering interview more often.

Engineering resume format: Which one should you choose

No single engineering resume template or format will suit every scenario. But keep in mind the following tips:

  • Each engineer is different. Mechanical engineering and civil engineering are two totally different disciplines, so one design cannot fit both. We’ll share more advice in the later sections.
  • Don’t get too creative. You want to find that perfect balance of professionalism and uniqueness without being boring or average.
  • Be sure that your engineering degree is featured at the top of your engineering resume template - relevant education is extremely important in this field.
  • Your engineering skills, projects, and achievements should be visible. Don’t just write them down, focus on getting the numbers behind them.
  • Leave enough room for a solid resume summary. Most engineers don’t focus on writing a summary, so making yours a little longer can help you really stand out.

If you feel that you don’t have the right amount of engineering experience, then you can still consider using a creative layout . Even though your experience section might be short, a unique engineering resume format might help you get noticed and chosen for an interview.

Your engineering resume header is the first thing a recruiter or HR department will see on your resume.

Remember they're looking at hundreds of engineering resumes a day, so you need to be sure you’re conveying all the right details, especially at a quick glance.

So let’s make sure you’ve got it in good shape!

An engineering resume header should have:

  • Your name - include next to it if you have the following certificates - B.Eng, M.Eng, etc. This way the HRs can see in the first seconds that you’re qualified.
  • Your engineering resume title - What kind of engineer are you? How many years have you been at it? Do you have a masters? Here’s where you highlight that.
  • Phone number and email address - make sure your voicemail is professional sounding and that your email address is easy to type. Contact information is the most important thing in the header, at least from your point of view. Check twice, if you are giving the correct phone and email with no typos!
  • Your LinkedIn profile - you might have several social media accounts but LinkedIn is likely the only one you want to put on your engineering resume.

Put yourself in the shoes of the person reading your resume and consider the message your header is giving

Some companies, states, and countries have policies about identifying information like photos on your resume . Be sure to check all the relevant rules before submitting yours. If you’re in doubt, you can always try contacting the company’s HR department to ask for their policy.

In short, yes.

This is one of the most underrated and impactful sections an engineering resume can have. It shows that you can write effectively (by including plenty of valuable information in a short format), and gives the reader a quick and valuable snapshot of who you are.

Let’s see how you should be creating and using a resume objective and summary.

4 great tips on writing your engineering resume objective

  • First, You need to make sure the person reading your resume knows who you are and what you want as efficiently as possible.
  • Include just a short personal description in your resume header. This could be something like “An electrical engineering graduate looking for an internship” or “A senior civil engineer looking to manage larger projects”. This gets the basics across very efficiently.
  • Add a short paragraph (emphasis on short) which includes the basic information the person reading your resume needs about who you are and what your goals are
  • Finally, tell them something personal from your experience - make it sound that it’s not copy pasted from the thousands of engineering resume examples around the web

So now that you have them looking at your resume, what they read in your resume objective is going to either make them read on or put your resume in the “no” pile.

This is why the resume objective or summary is so important.

The problem? It doesn’t tell the reader anything very useful. It’s also not specific to the position, which makes it read as generic.

Or, for an entry level engineering resume:

In both “right” examples the reader knows who you are, what you’ve done and what your career is focused on.

If you’d also like to add more context on your engineering background or objective, this can be included in a cover letter. If you won’t be using a cover letter and still want to add more detail you can include a summary.

An engineering resume objective should

  • Be specific
  • Express your short and long-term career goals
  • Say something about who you are and what you’re good at
  • Be addressed to the specific job you’re applying for

For more tips on crafting an attention-grabbing resume summary, check out our guide Resume Summary: How-To Guide (30+ Examples You Need To See)

Let’s say you’re up against one other person for a job.

You’ve got the better experience, but they know how to present it better than you do.

Guess who’s getting hired?

Probably not you.

That’s because, for better or worse, the way you present your engineering experience is tremendously important.

Have a look at these examples to see what we mean.

  • • Created and developed 2D/3D preliminary drawings and designs setting the framework for manufacturing projects,
  • • Provided expert judgment and analysis for the design, development, and implementation of technical products and systems.
  • • Recommended key alterations to the development and design to improve the quality of products and procedures
  • • Responsible for designing new products using computer-aided design software applications such as AutoCAD, Pro/ENGINEER, Solid Works, Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop.

By using action words such as created, provided and recommended you give the impression that you were involved in your past work. This is the kind of engineer companies are looking for.

  • • Adhered to product design and manufacturing standards
  • • Worked as a part of $12 million of CAPEX projects
  • • Part of a team consisting of 2 engineers and 3 workmen for production modelling, drafting and execution

Notice how lifeless and generic that second example is? Hiring managers certainly will notice.

Beyond telling them what type of work you did, it gives them no real sense of whether you were successful or what you accomplished.

You could have done a terrible job or an excellent job and this experience section could look identical.

So, if someone reads that section, they feel like you just wasted their time making them read something that gave them almost no new information.

The person reading your resume will be busy, so make sure you write your engineering resume in a way that is not only informative but interesting too!

How many engineers do you know who didn’t go to school?

So while the answer to that question is obvious, what isn’t obvious is how important it is to make your education on an engineering resume stand out.

Every engineer that is applying for your job has a degree or certification in engineering.

So you need to make your education stand out, especially if you’re looking for an entry level engineering position with no experience .

While senior engineers with years of experience shouldn’t devote as much space to their education (just a listing of where you went, your degrees, etc. should be sufficient), younger engineers need this section to make an impression.

Here’s what you can add to your education section :

  • Relevant courses (here you can mention projects, skills acquired, lessons learned, etc.)
  • Your GPA (if you think it’s relevant)
  • All of the regular information mentioned above

Here’s an example of a senior engineer’s engineering education on a resume:

This person graduated 10 years ago, so it’s not necessary to include many details about their education.

Here how to put education on an entry level engineering resume with no experience:

  • • Successfully completed studies in a broad spectrum of engineering including civil, mechanical and industrial engineering
  • • Two summer internships at Chicago Public Works assisting a 10 person team on municipal construction projects
  • • Made the Dean’s List for 6/8 semesters with a final GPA of 3.87
  • • Served as Vice President and Secretary of the Engineers of Tomorrow undergraduate organization

You can see how your years at school created a wealth of experience that is going to be valuable and interesting to your potential employers.

So don’t take for granted how including engineering education on a resume matters.

It could be the reason your engineering resume gets picked for the job!

For most engineering resumes you will want to focus on technical skills for engineers.

Below we’re going to break down the difference between technical and soft skills on engineering resumes.

How to include technical skills on an engineering resume

Displaying engineering skills this way is excellent for technical skills like software and programming languages.

This kind of a skills section is important because many ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) will screen your resume for certain keywords before a human ever sees it). A simple list of relevant technical skills required in the job description does the job perfectly.

The technical skills for an engineering resume

  • Unigraphics
  • Visual Basic
  • MechDesigner
  • Geomagic Design
  • COMSOL Multiphysics

How to include soft skills on an engineering resume

Too many engineers think soft skills just aren’t important in their field.

But that’s just plain wrong.

In fact, soft skills are often what can distinguish an engineer, especially for someone with no formal work experience.

Below, you can see an example of valuable engineering soft skills and examples to show that you actually possess them.

You can see that someone scanning your resume can quickly see which soft skills you possess and that you’re serious about backing them up. Right away, this is going to distinguish you from most of the other engineering resumes they’ve seen.

The top soft skills for engineering resumes

  • The ability to work under pressure
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Commercial awareness
  • assessing project requirements
  • measuring the performance of mechanical components, devices and engines
  • Budgeting with clients and managers
  • Liaising with suppliers
  • Implementing designs and test procedures
  • Presenting to managers and clients
  • Writing reports and documentation
  • Technical advisement
  • Analysing and interpreting data

Are you still not sure what skills will win recruiters over? Check out our guide on How to Create A Resume Skills Section To Impress Recruiters (+10 Examples You Need to See)

Choosing the right technical and soft skills

Always remember, your resume doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it’s an answer to a specific job.

So, you should tailor it to that job.

Let’s take some text from a Mechanical Engineer job offered by the SGB Enterprises:

The qualified candidate will possess the following:

  • Must be customer focused
  • Must be deadline driven
  • Must be resourceful and unrelenting
  • Must be capable of multi-tasking and have the self-drive to get things done on schedule
  • Must be well organized and detail oriented!
  • Good communication skills , both verbal and written
  • Must have at least 5 years of experience in a design/engineering work environment
  • A BSME/Industrial Design degree or higher is preferred
  • Must have strong CAD skills - experience with Solidworks is required
  • Good concept sketching and rendering skills are a plus
  • Knowledge of ASME Y14.5 is a plus.
  • Industrial design experience is a plus

Now let’s pick out the keywords and skills that someone applying to this job should mention:

customer focused, deadline driven, resourceful, multi-tasking, self-drive, detail oriented, communication skills (all of these should be backed up with examples)

BSME/Industrial Design degree, strong CAD skills, ASME Y14.5,Industrial design experience (these can put in both technical skills and emphasized in your experience section of your engineering resume)

This is only a portion of the requirements, but it’s already clear that you’ll have a lot of soft skills to demonstrate. When this happens, you can go beyond simply listing them in their own section and try to ensure they are mentioned and backed up in your experience, education, or other resume sections.

There are so many different types of engineering that it’s important to be clear on what engineering certifications you have on your resume . This can be done similar to your technical skills section, or you can add B.Eng or MCSE after your name at the top if that’s your only relevant certification. Just be sure to mention any and all engineering certifications the job offer specifically asks for or mentions.

From degrees to software certifications for engineering has the widest variety of accreditations for your resume.

The top 16 engineering certifications for your resume

  • Bachelors of Engineering (B.Eng)
  • Masters of Engineering (M.Eng)
  • Bachelors of Civil Engineering (B.C.Eng)
  • Bachelors of Electrical Engineering (BEEng)
  • Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering (BMEng)
  • Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE)
  • Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE)
  • Certified HVAC Designer (CHD)
  • Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP)
  • Certified Software Development Associate (CSDA)
  • Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP)
  • Certified Plant Maintenance Manager (CPMM)
  • Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP)
  • Certified Automation Professional
  • APMO Mechanical Plans Examiner
  • Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional

There’s definitely a perception amongst engineers that “it’s not okay to have some personality on your resume.”

The reality is: it’s all about who you are and where you are applying.

Your resume is going to be read by a human with their own preferences and biases. As much as possible, you have to craft your resume to match that person.

If you know the company you’re applying to is very traditional, then keep your resume that way. If the company pushes culture and personality a lot on its website and in the way it presents itself, it makes sense to reflect this on your own resume.

One way to approach it is to consider culture fit. Emphasize elements of your personality that match with the company. Just like with the experience above, you want the person reading your resume to get the feeling “This person seems perfect for us.”

For example, if you see the company likes to participate in local charities, mention similar volunteering you’ve done. Small details like this can help make you feel like the perfect candidate.

Or, if there were specific books which had a major impact on how you approach engineering, listing them is a great way to combine a bit of personality and some insights into what kind of engineer you are.

  • Choose a resume layout that sends the message you want and fits your engineering experience level.
  • Make sure your header tells the reader who you are and what certifications you have.
  • Use an objective or summary to showcase your writing skills and explain what you have to offer.
  • Be as detailed as possible throughout, using exact examples and metrics to showcase the impact you’ve had and the skills you possess.
  • Check that the skills you list match the skills asked for in the job description as closely as possible
  • Include a bit of personality to show culture fit and to stand out from the typical engineering resume

Engineering resume examples

Explore additional engineering resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

Engineering Student Resume Example

  • Learn more about your target company workflows and tools. Chances are, your target company uses a unique set of tools for its projects: open-sources tools, or niche platforms. Study company’s LinkedIn and blogs to learn more. If you have relevant experience with the same or similar tools, make sure to include it in your resume. While a non-technical hiring manager will probably ignore this information, you might get bonus points with a technical recruiter or a tech lead when your electrical engineer resume moves further down the funnel.
  • Use a targeted resume. When a company searches for an electrical engineer, they have a very clear idea of what their ideal candidate looks like. There are serious budgets at stake, and no one would trust someone who has not proven themselves before. So when a company writes: “We are looking for individuals who are very innovative with a proven track record both in development and volume manufacturing,” they mean it. Study job requirements. Study company blogs. Make sure to target your electrical engineering resume to the company’s needs. Put the most relevant experience first, and frame the rest accordingly to maximize your chances.

engineering resume example

Looking to build your own Engineering resume?

Author image

  • Resume Examples

Top Questions You’ll Be Asked in a Chief Marketing Officer Interview

Is a short interview a red flag or just efficient, how to write a great resume for a job in 2024, unlocking your career potential: the importance of personality tests in job selection, 5 essential notes to take before your next interview (with tips to succeed), google docs resume templates.

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  • Resume Examples

50+ Engineering Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Engineers are in demand in every industry as technology evolves and companies prioritize innovation. we've provided word and pdf templates for every kind of engineering role, whether that's a software or mechanical engineering role. use them as inspiration as you write your engineering resume..

Software engineers are going to want to use relevant keywords and list results-based experience to get their resumes beyond ATS.

Choose a category to browse Engineering resumes

We've put together a number of free Engineering resume templates that you can use. Choose a category depending on your field, or just scroll down to see all templates.

Software Engineer Resumes

Software engineers need to be equipped for a field of ever-changing technology. Showing your adaptability in your work is essential for any software engineer’s resume. Today we’ll be helping you by providing five software engineer resume templates to help you do just that: display your technical versatility, prove your results, and demonstrate necessary skills in 2023.

Entry Level Software Engineer

Entry-level software engineers may not have much work experience, but they can use their education to highlight their capabilities.

Senior Software Engineer

Demonstrate your senior-level capabilities by showing how you lead a team to success and positive results.

Software Test Engineer

Software test engineers work to find areas of software improvement. Demonstrating that you can boost efficiency is key.

Software Engineering Lead

A software engineering lead can use a resume like this to emphasize their work experience.

Software Engineer Intern

A software engineer intern resume sample that highlights the applicant’s range of capabilities and expanding toolset.

Experienced Software Engineer

An experienced software engineer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s current tools section and managerial skills.

Junior Software Engineer

A junior software engineer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s thorough skills list and career growth.

Principal Software Engineer

A principal software engineer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s leadership and communication skills.

Mid-Level Software Engineer

A mid-level software engineer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s value addition and education.

Software QA Engineer

A software QA engineer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s value addition and awards.

Lead Software Engineer

A lead software engineer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s leadership experience and software keywords.

Software Developer Resumes

Software developers are the magicians behind the applications we use daily on our mobiles or computers. They design, develop, and maintain programs by using programming languages. Most software developers are problem-solvers, logical thinkers, and lifelong learners, as this industry is always evolving. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developers are highly in-demand. Their job outlook is expected to increase by up to 25 percent, which is significantly high compared to other occupations. Yet, a good resume can elevate even more those expectations. This guide will help you create the best software developer resume.

Senior Software Developer

A senior software developer resume example that uses bullet points and strong action verbs

Junior Software Developer

A junior software developer resume template that uses metrics to illustrate achievements

Entry Level Software Developer

An entry-level software developer resume template that highlights volunteering experience and personal projects

React Developer

A react developer resume template that is tailored to the software development industry

Backend Developer

A backend developer resume template that prioritizes backend development experience

Node JS Developer

A Node JS developer resume example including a brief description, work history, and contact info

AngularJS Developer

A AngularJS developer resume example including industry-related keywords

Web Developer Resumes

With an increasingly digital world, web development is one of the fastest growing fields to get into - and a finely-crafted resume is a key tool for opening the door. Learn how to make your skillset stand out with five examples of web developer resumes and industry-based best practices in this guide.

Front End Web Developer

Know what the hiring manager is looking for in front end web developers (including essential accomplishments and added value skills) and make it easy to find on your resume.

Entry Level Web Developer

Entry level web developers can demonstrate their proficiency with relevant technical skills by including examples of how those skills were put to use for a variety of purposes.

Freelance Web Developer

Freelance web developers should demonstrate their past experiences with applying their skills in ways that result in client satisfaction.

Senior Web Developer

Senior web developers should emphasize their leadership ability through their experience while including their indicated proficiency at a variety of technical skills.

Junior Web Developer

A junior web developer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s certifications and skill set.

Full Stack Web Developer

A full-stack web developer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s front-end and back-end qualifications.

Programmer Resumes

A programmer is a crucial computer science professional in the process of app development. They write code, maintain, and debug applications. They work with other IT specialists like UX designers, engineers, cyber security professionals, etc., to ensure the software works efficiently. If you’re a programmer and want to know how to create your resume, read on. In this guide, you’ll learn how to showcase your experience, highlight your achievements, and demonstrate your skills even if you don’t have programming experience. We’ll also provide you with ten programmer resume examples you can use as inspiration.

Computer Programmer

A cronological computer programmer resume template that includes education and skills

Entry-Level Programmer

An Entry-Level Programmer that highlights education, projeccs, and academic activities

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) Programmer

A SAS (Statistical Analysis System) Programmer template that emphasizes work experience

CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Programmer

A CNC Programmer resume template that prioritizes work experience

Software Programmer

A software programmer resume that includes work experience, education, and additional information

Java Programmer

A resume template that highlights previous professional experience as a Java Programmer

Game Programmer

A game development resume that includes contact information and showcases relevant experience

PLC Programmer

A PLC Programmer resume template that emphasizes work experience and includes an education and skills section

Programmer Analyst

A Programmer Analyst resume template including education, work history, and additional information

Front End Developer Resumes

Front end developers play a crucial role in crafting websites or apps that are functional, beautiful, and accessible. Showing that you have the relevant skills and experience is important for any front end developer’s resume. Below, we’ve compiled five resume templates with the most important qualities to have in 2023. (Google Docs and PDFs attached).

iOS Developer

iOS Developers should include specific examples of their experience in mobile app development.

Entry Level Front End Developer

Entry-level front end developers may not have much work experience, but they can use their education to highlight their capabilities.

JavaScript Developer (Front-End)

Make sure to detail specific experience that you have with JavaScript development when applying for such a role.

React Front End Developer

When applying for a React Front End Developer role, use this template to display your extensive experience.

Junior Front End Developer

A junior front-end developer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s specializations and successful experience.

DevOps Resumes

DevOps engineers are basically the bridge between software developers and IT operations. It’s a role that not only requires teamwork and communication but also requires important technical skills like benchmarking and automation. Below are four DevOps resume examples you can gain inspiration from. They’ll give you an idea of what a job-winning resume looks like.

DevOps Manager

DevOps Manager resumes should show how well you can use key software tools to automate programs. They also want to see how good you are at leading others to use it as well. Describe in your resume experience how you’ve led a team to success using these tools.

AWS DevOps Engineer

An AWS DevOps engineer does a lot of work to boost the performance of AWS production systems. So your resume will need strong action verbs to convey that. Don’t be afraid to highlight achievements, whether for the company or yourself via promotions.

Kubernetes DevOps Engineer

Recruiters are looking for those who are skilled with Kubernetes. Talk about key skills you’ve used in your experience that also appear in the job description so you can pass ATS.

Azure DevOps Engineer

An Azure DevOps engineer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s Azure qualifications and impressive metrics.

Senior DevOps Engineer

A senior DevOps engineer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s strong skills section and career progression.

Docker/DevOps Engineer

A docker/DevOps eningeer resume with a degree in computer science and experience as a systems analyst and JDE developer.

Elasticsearch / Elastic search DevOps Engineer

A resume for a elasticsearch DevOps engineer with a dgeree in electronics and communication engineering and experience as a DevOps engineer.

Kubernetes Engineer

A resume for a Kubernetes engineer with a degree in computer science and experience as a AWS architect and software tester.

AWS Lambda Engineer

AWS Lambda Engineer resume showcasing AWS ecosystem proficiency and problem-solving skills.

Full Stack Developer Resumes

In today’s job market, companies are in a hiring frenzy for qualified software engineers to create efficient and appealing websites and mobile applications. As a full stack developer, you’ll want to emphasize your fluency in both front end and back end development. Let’s go over six full stack developer resume templates to get you started in 2023.

A full stack web developer resume that focuses on website developer experience, relevant education in computer engineering, and technical skills.

Junior Full Stack Developer

A junior full stack developer resume that highlights relevantIT experience, a related computer science education, and certifications.

.NET Full Stack Developer

A .NET full stack developer resume that highlights relevant work experience with .NET frameworks, supplemented by hard skills, education, and projects.

Entry Level Full Stack Developer

An entry level full stack developer resume that primarily focuses on education, internship experience, supplemented by university projects and skills.

Java Full Stack Developer

A Java full stack developer resume with work experience tailored to Java,  computer science degree, and relevant skills and certifications.

Senior Full Stack Developer

A senior full-stack developer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s qualifications and strong software developer background.

Java Developer Resumes

Java developers are the cornerstone of the industry. While most developers will know and use several programming languages over the course of their careers, getting a job as a Java developer will give you longevity and security. In short, Java developer jobs are perennially in demand. In this article, we’ll look at some example resumes to help you demonstrate your skill as a Java developer to employers.

Java full stack developer resume which has strong work experience and skills sections.

J2EE Developer

J2EE developer resume example which highlights specific examples relating to the J2EE platform

Senior Java Developer

Senior Java developer resume example which uses strong action verbs relating to Java engineering

Java Software Engineer

Java software engineering resume example which highlights Java software development experience

Junior Java Developer

A junior java developer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s key achievements and Java qualifications.

Java Backend Developer

A Java backend developer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s career progression and quantifiable impact.

Entry-Level Java Developer

An entry-level Java developer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s developer qualifications and educational background.

Python Developer Resumes

Python is one of the key elements in the backend of common applications you use today. A Python developer’s tasks will vary. But generally, they’re used in big data centers acting as the glue between other programs. As a Python developer, you’ll need to know how to use Python to capture data, integrate systems, and help create machine-learning applications. This guide will give you industry-related tips to help you craft the perfect Python developer resume.

Junior Python Developer

When you don’t have much experience, it’s important to tailor your resume to a Python developer role. Do so by talking about how you’ve used relevant skills on the job.

Senior Python Developer

Senior Python developer resumes need to demonstrate company growth, superior Python skills, leadership, and management

IT Manager Resumes

Want to be an information technology manager in 2023? Your resume is a key part of your application. Below, we’ve compiled three resume templates that will help you land your dream IT Manager role, along with other knowledge you’ll need to gain that extra edge against the competition. (Google Docs and PDFs attached).

IT Infrastructure Manager

When applying for an IT Infrastructure Manager role, emphasize relevant technical skills and experience.

IT Security Manager

IT Security Managers should emphasize their past skills and experience in cybersecurity.

Senior IT Manager

A senior IT manager resume sample that highlights the applicant’s strong IT background and managerial experience.

IT Asset Manager

An IT asset manager resume sample that highlights the applicant’s wide skills range and relevant certifications.

Cyber Security Resumes

It’s certainly become increasingly clear that cyber security professionals are essential in 2023. The news has been littered with headlines of major security breaches at companies both large and small with the associated damage measured in dollars. Cyber security professionals are in demand and will be for the foreseeable future. Here are some ways to target your resume, complete with examples and tips specific to this growing industry.

Cyber Security Engineer

Cyber security engineering resume has specific keywords to get past ATS

Cyber Security Consultant

Cyber security consultants resume who has consulted on different cyber projects

Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber security specialist resume which prioritizes recent jobs and includes a job title

Entry Level Cyber Security Analyst

Entry level cyber security analyst resume which prioritizes education and is tailored to security roles

Junior Cyber Security Analyst

A junior cyber security analyst resume that features past experience in information security admin and systems engineering.

Cyber Security Intern

A cyber security intern resume sample that highlights the applicant’s certifications and related experience.

Salesforce Resumes

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM platforms that streamline the entire sales life cycle. It orchestrates multiple functions, including customer service, analytics, IoT, communication channels, etc. Since Salesforce is a cloud-based application, users have their information available anywhere at any time. If you’re familiar with this interface and want to get a job in the Salesforce field, look at this guide. We’ll share six Salesforce resume templates that will serve as inspiration. Additionally, we’ll give you some interesting tips you can use to enhance your resume.

Salesforce Developer

A Salesforce Developer resume template that includes education, work expeirence, skills, and contact information

Salesforce Consultant

A Salesforce Consultant resume template that organizes work experience chronologically

Salesforce Business Analyst

A Salesforce Business Analyst  resume example that includes education, skills, work experience, and additional information

Junior Salesforce Administrator

A Junior Salesforce Administrator resume example that includes relevant work history, education, and skills

Salesforce QA / Testing

A two column Salesforce QA resume template that includes relevant work experience, education, and contact information

Salesforce Marketing (Cloud)

A Salesforce marketing cloud resume with work experience in Salesforce adminstration and business analytics, and a business degree.

Salesforce Product Manager

A Salesforce project manager resume with a MS in management and experience in Salesforce adminstration.

Quality Assurance Resumes

If the tech industry were the publishing industry, Quality Assurance professionals would be the proofreaders. So much of our world runs on extensive lines of code these days, and it’s mathematically impossible for it all to be perfect. This article will show you how QA professionals are integral to the tech industry and give you resume examples to target these roles.

QA (Quality Assurance) Automation Engineer

A sample QA Automation Engineer resume, which focuses on system-wide strategies for identifying bugs.

QA (Quality Assurance) Engineer

A sample QA Engineer resume which demonstrates the ways that QA Engineers work in both customer-facing and internal roles.

QA (Quality Assurance) Manager

A sample QA manager resume which shows the career shift from engineer to a specialized employee who balances the human and computer-driven solutions for QA processes.

QA (Quality Assurance) Software Tester

A sample QA Tester resume for those who want a role that works through the lifecycle of software development, eliminating software bugs along the way.

Entry Level QA (Quality Assurance) Tester

A sample entry-level QA Tester resume that shows the basic skills necessary to enter the QA field.

QA (Quality Assurance) Analyst/Specialist

A sample QA Specialist resume that shows the way to tailor your intermediate-level QA skill set into a general and managerial path, as opposed to specializing as a QA tester.

Medical Quality Assurance Inspector

A resume for a medical quality assurance inspector with a BSN in quality assurance and previous experience as a test operator.

QA Engineer

A resume for a QA engineer with a master's degree in computer engineering and prior experience as a lead QA engineer.

Quality Engineer Resumes

As technology pervades every area of life, Quality Engineers are necessary, in high demand, and with the right education, experience, and skills, you can quickly move up. This guide will cover how to compile your Quality Engineer resume, with templates and examples that you can replicate yourself, as well as needed skills in the industry.

QA (Quality Assurance) Engineer resume template for job seekers in 2023

Senior Quality Engineer

Senior Quality Engineer resume example for 2023 job hunters

Supplier Quality Engineer

Supplier Quality Engineer resume example in 2023 and tips and trends for job hunters

Electrical Engineer Resumes

Electrical engineering is a complex and multifaceted field with many potential areas of specialization. Our resume samples will show you what recruiters are looking for in 2023 (Google Docs and PDFs included).

Entry Level Electrical Engineer

Entry level electrical engineer resume with educational history, internships, and volunteer projects

Electrical Site Engineer

Electrical site engineer resume with relevant work experience, leadership skills, and strong action verbs

Electrical Design Engineer

Electrical design engineer resume with hard skills section and relevant educational background

Senior / Experienced Engineer

Senior electrical engineer resume with past promotions and management action verbs


Alt text: Screenshot of an electrician's resume showcasing specific skills and recognized certifications.

Electrician Apprentice

An Electrician Apprentice resume detailing relevant coursework and practical skills.

System Administrator Resumes

With steady growth in the field, now is a great time to start a career as a System Administrator, especially for those who are able to specialize. This guide will show you how to set up your System Administrator resume, with specialized System Administrator templates that you can use. You’ll also learn important skills for this field.

IT System Administrator

IT System Administrator example in 2023 and tips and trends for job hunters

Junior System Administrator

Junior System Administrator resume example for 2023 job hunters, and how to break into the sysadmin field

Linux System Administrator

Linux System Administrator example in 2023 and tips and trends for job hunters

Senior System Administrator

Senior System Administrator resume example for job hunters in 2023

Entry-Level System Administrator

An entry-level system administrator resume sample that highlights the applicant’s qualifications and related experience.

Experienced System Administrator

An experienced system administrator resume sample that highlights the applicant’s extensive experience and qualifications.

Windows System Administrator

A Windows system administrator resume sample that highlights the applicant's certifications and experience.

Scrum Master Resumes

Your resume is a neat summary of who you are and what you bring to the table. Here are five templates of sample resumes for a scrum master that will do the job and more to land you the role in 2023.

Agile Scrum Master

An agile scrum master resume with a brief summary, three most recent and relevant work experiences, education, skills, and other.

Entry Level Scrum Master

An entry level scrum master resume that highlights education, internship experience, volunteer and project management experience, activities, and technical skills.

Agile Coach

An agile coach resume with extremely detailed bullet points about previous work experience, completed projects, education, and hard skills.

Junior Scrum Master

A junior scrum master resume sample highlighting the applicant’s technical experience and tools list.

Program Manager Scrum Master

A program manager Scrum Master resume sample that highlights the applicant's Agile qualifications and management experience.

Project Manager/Scrum Master

A project manager/scrum master resume sample that highlights the applicant’s Agile certifications and career progression.

Senior Scrum Master

A resume for a senior scrum master with a masters degree in data science and experience as an agile business analyst and scrum master.

Civil Engineer Resumes

Civil engineering is an in-demand career with high salary expectations and plenty of room for growth. In this guide, we’ve included everything you need to write a great civil engineer resume and land the perfect job, including essential skills and keywords, industry-specific tips, and resume template samples you can use to get started.

Entry Level Civil Engineer

Entry level civil engineer resume sample template listing volunteer experience and university projects

Entry-Level Civil Engineer

An entry-level civil engineer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s licenses and early engineering projects.

Design Engineer

Design engineer resume sample template featuring strong action verbs and highlighting career growth

Architect / Architecture

Architect resume sample template using bullet points to highlight soft skills and accomplishments

Structural Engineer

Structural engineer resume sample template using a resume title and skills list with subsections

Senior Civil Engineer

A senior civil engineer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s career progression and  years of experience.

Civil Engineer Project Manager

A civil engineer project manager resume sample that highlights the applicant's career progression and quantifiable success.

Network Administrator Resumes

Network administrators are an essential part of any organization’s IT team. When crafting your application, showing that you have the requisite skills and experience is important to ensure that your resume will stand out from the crowd. Below, we’ve compiled four resume templates with the most important qualities to have in 2023. (Google Docs and PDFs attached).

IT Network Administrator

When crafting your IT network administrator resume, include concrete examples of your past accomplishments.

Junior Network Administrator

Junior network administrators should consider including a concise elevator pitch and using strong action verbs in their work experience section.

Entry Level Network Administrator

Entry-level network administrators may not have much work experience, but they can use their education to highlight their capabilities.

Mechanical Engineer Resumes

Mechanical engineering is a diverse field with a multitude of applications. Read these resume samples to learn what hiring managers want to see in 2023 (Google Docs and PDFs attached).

Junior Mechanical Engineer

Junior mechanical engineer resume with relevant internships, extracurricular activities, and educational history

Mechanical Design Engineer

Mechanical design engineer resume with strong action verbs and skills section

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Senior mechanical engineer resume with quantified achievements and previous promotions

Entry-Level Mechanical Engineer

Entry level mehanical engineer resume with a degree in mechanical engineering, skills in engineering design, and internship experience.

Experienced Mechanical Engineer

Experienced mechanical engineer's resume featuring a degree in mechanical engineering, experience as a system and industrial engineer.

Manufacturing Engineer Resumes

Manufacturing engineers are one of the most in-demand experts due to the rapid changes the field undergoes as new materials and processes are developed. If you have an analytical mind and enjoy planning a product’s production from start to finish, this guide will help you build an eye-catching manufacturing engineer resume by reviewing five templates and key skills.

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Senior manufacturing engineers should emphasize their leadership positions and focus on using strong action verbs.

Manufacturing Quality Engineer

As a manufacturing quality engineer, reference your speciality skills and techniques whenever possible.

Entry Level Manufacturing Engineer

Entry level manufacturing engineers should include their program, coursework, and special activities to indicate their understanding of the role.

Network Engineer Resumes

Network engineers are highly sought-after professionals in today’s tech-driven world. Our resume samples can help you find a job in this dynamic field (Google Docs and PDFs attached).

Senior Network Engineer

Senior network engineer resume with past promotions and effective action verbs

Wireless Network Engineer

Wireless network engineer resume with continuing education, skills section, and relevant work experience

Entry Level Network Engineer

how to make an engineering resume

IT Network Engineer

IT network engineer resume with strong action verbs and measurable achievements

Cisco Network Engineer (CCNA)

Cisco network engineer resume with CCNA credential and relevant experience

Telecom Network Engineer

A resume for a telecom network engineer with past experience in network support and a bachelor's degree in computer science.

Network Security Engineer

A network security engineer resume with experience as a technical support supervisor, security anaylst, and network analyst.

Node.js Resumes

Node.js developers play a crucial part in designing real-time interactive web applications. Read on to learn how to create a Node.js resume that’ll get you interviews in 2023 (Google Docs and PDFs attached).

Node.js Software Developer

Node.js software developer resume with quantified achievements, relevant education, and Node.js certification

Senior Node.js Developer

how to make an engineering resume

SQL Developer Resumes

SQL developers are constantly in demand given that SQL is the foundation of most databases used across enterprises. Therefore, there’s no better time than now to apply for roles in this field. Here is a guide to writing a standout SQL developer resume, which includes useful resume templates and industry-specific tips.

Junior SQL Developer

This Junior SQL Developer resume template highlights one's experience developing an application that helped the client with their business.

PL/SQL Developer

This PL/SQL Developer resume helps in proving one's ability to manage multiple projects and be highly organized with data.

SQL Analyst

This SQL Analyst resume template demonstrates one's skills and abilities with managing projects involving a great amount of scripts.

SQL Data Analyst

This SQL Data Analyst resume template can help you design a resume that puts emphasis on the right skills and achievements.

SQL Database Administrator

An SQL Database Administrator resume template that shows experience with database admin, SQL and database systems.

Oracle SQL Developer

An Oracle SQL developer resume with a degree in computer science, Oralce database SQL certification, and past experience as a data analyst.

SQL Server Developer

A SQL server developer resume with a degree in computer science and previous experience in software engineering and NET development.

Entry-Level SQL Developer

An entry-level SQL developer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s certifications and key achievements.

Integration Architect Resumes

Modern business processes require that information moves fast and efficiently between different applications, tasks, and software. Most of the time, these applications and software systems cannot work with each other unless an Integration Architect allows them to. Read on to learn how to target your resume to boost your chances of getting a job as an Integration Architect.

Enterprise Integration Architect

A resume template showing the experience and skills of an Enterprise Integration Architect with 10+years in the industry

Integration Solution Architect

A resume template showing the experience and skillset of an Integration Solution Architect with 10+ years in the industry

Engineering Manager Resumes

An engineering manager’s main job is to solve any engineering problem during a project. They also respond to technical questions, propose budgets for projects, train new staff members, and work with other departments. Engineers also prepare reports of the projects they’re working on. Here are a few tips, skills, action verbs, and recommendations to help point you in the right direction as you prepare your resume.

Software Engineering Manager

This is a resume of a software engineering maanger highlighting experience at different companies.

Data Engineering Manager

This is the resume of a data engineering manager that highlights experience at diffeent companies.

Senior Engineering Manager

This is the resume of a senior engineeering manager that highlights experience at diffeent companies.

IoT Engineering Manager

This is the resume of an IoT engineeering manager that highlights experience at diffeent companies.

Software Tester Resumes

The technology industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries for over a decade. The Covid pandemic accelerated that growth as the entire globe transferred its workforce, learning industry, and socializing online almost instantaneously. The technology industry has had to rapidly build different online platforms and tools to provide for this new online normal. Software testers ensure that the programs and platforms that we now use every day, run as smoothly as possible, do what they say they are going to do, and are easy to use. This guide will take you through different software tester positions, show you some successful resumes, and give you tips to create your own strong and attractive resume.

Automation Tester

An automation tester sample resume that highlights the quantifiable success of applicant's testing capabilities and software certification

Test Engineer

Test engineer sample resume that highlights applicant's technical skills and relevant developer experience

Test Analyst

Test analust sample resume that highlights the applicant's value addition and management experience

Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)

Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) sample resume that highlights the applicant's creativity, and developer and tester experience.

Validation Specialist

A resume for a validation specialist with a degree in business analytics and experience as a test analyst and test engineer.

Service Technician Resumes

The service technician job space is vibrant at the moment. It's an ideal space to work in due to the diversity of jobs and industries. It is a fair assessment to contend that service technicians are needed in almost every industry. At the elementary level, these professionals handle the technical aspects of the equipment in their domain of work, be it in engineering, IT, agriculture, etc. So, how do you make your service technician resume stand out? Here's how.

Field Service Technician

A Field Service Technician resume example highlighting robust educational background and professional experience.

Environmental Service Technician

An Environmenal Service Technician resume sample showing career growth and acquired professional experience.

HVAC Service Technician

An HVAC resume template highlighting the applicant's HVAC-targeted skill set.

Platform Engineer Resumes

With all the fast-paced start-ups surrounding us today, one of the most sought-after jobs is a platform engineer. Technology is booming everywhere and software applications need constant upgrading and patching to stay relevant. It's a well-paid job that will stick around for some time. In this guide, we will help you prepare your resume for platform engineering jobs. We will also throw in a couple of hacks that will make your resume stand out.

DevOps Platform Engineer

A DevOps engineer resume that highlights the ability to use different tools to improve software environment in a company.

Automation Engineer Resumes

As technology continues to develop and evolve at accelerated speeds, many industries are using new technology to shift from manual processes to more efficient and cost-effective automated processes. And when a company is looking to find points of automation, automation engineers are who they call to make it happen. This guide will take you through some of the automation engineer titles out there, show you what a strong resume looks like for each title, and give you tips to create your own to nab yourself a job.

QA Automation Engineer

QA automation engineer resume sample that quantifies the applicant's success and updated skills set

Robotic Process Automation Engineer

Robot Process Automation Engineer resume sample that highlights applicant's experience and tools section.

Test Automation Engineer

A comprehensive Test Automation Engineer resume showcasing technical and transferable skills.

C, C++, and C# Developer Resumes

C, C++, and C# are highly in-demand backend programming languages. These object-oriented and procedural coding languages will help you develop efficient and scalable applications. That’s why you can have a very profitable career if you have these skills. Yet, you still need an effective resume to land a good job. Today, we’ll help you create one from scratch by giving you some C, C++, and C# resume examples. This way, you can have some inspiration. We’ll also provide a couple of tips you can use to enhance your resume.

Junior C# Developer

Junior C# developer resume example

Senior C# Developer

Senior C# developer resume examples

C Net Developer

C  Net Developer resume template

C# Developer

C# Developer resume example

Technical Support Resumes

Since the entire world is thriving in an IT environment, there is a greater demand than ever for technical support. Giving technical support includes managing, maintaining, and handling IT systems as needed. Our technical support resume guide can be useful if you are a tech-savvy job seeker in the field. Filled with tips and downloadable templates, make yourself an impressive resume!

Software Product Support Analyst

A resume example template shows how to create a good software product support analyst's resume that will help you land a job.

Technical Support Specialist

This technical support specialist resume shows all elements required to make a great resume that gets you your dream job.

Technical Support Engineer

A successful resume example template for the title of technical support engineer displays how to create a good resume.

Application Support Engineer

This template shows an example of a application support engineer resume that can help you prepare a great resume.

Project Engineer Resumes

Project engineers are responsible for controlling and overseeing the entire lifecycle of a particular venture. They work with project managers to develop budgeting and human resources strategies needed to complete a project. Considering this is such a demanding job, project engineers must be logical thinkers, resilient, and diligent. Today, we’ll show you four project engineer resume templates and tips to help you land a job in this field.

Construction Project Engineer

Construction Project Engineer resume template

Electrical Project Engineer

Electrical Project Engineer resume template

Civil Project Engineer

Civil Project Engineer resume template

Process Engineer

A process engineer's resume showcasing projects and data analysis skills.

Security Manager Resumes

Being a security manager in 2023 means having a resume that shows you can protect a company’s assets. If you’re struggling to create a resume, we compiled 5 security manager resume templates in this guide. Download the PDF and Google Doc versions to create your resume and land jobs now!

Cyber Security Manager

A template example resume regarding cyber security manager shows how to create a good resume

Security Project Manager

An example template of a security project manager resume shows how you can create a good resume to land a job now.

Information Security Manager

Here's a resume template to take inspiration from if you want to land a job as an information security manager.

Chief Security Officer

If you want to be a chief security officer, use our downloadable resume template that shows how to create a successful resume.

Electronic Technician Resumes

Everybody has an array of electronics that they use daily. And when there is an issue with our electronic devices, electronic technicians are the people we call. This is a steadily growing career with ever-increasing opportunities. This guide will outline 3 electronic technician positions, detail what recruiters are looking for in each, and show you some sample resumes to get you started on creating your own successful resume.

Electronic Assembler

An electronic assembler resume sample that highlights the applicant's skill set and extensive experience.

Electronic Engineering

An electronic engineering resume sample that highlights the applicant's extensive experience and quantifiable success.

System Engineer Resumes

Systems engineers are responsible for organizing the product development lifecycle. They create systems that will make the process more smooth. They work with other departments such as IT, marketing, and logistics to ensure each team contributes to the organization’s production goals. Considering they have such a huge impact on the company’s success, these professionals are highly in-demand. If you’re one of them and you’d like to build your system engineer resume, take a look at this guide. We’ll show you five system engineer resume examples and give you handy tips to make a better impression.

Senior System Engineer

A resume template that includes relevant work experience, education, and additional information

Embedded System Engineer

A Embedded System Engineer resume template that chronologically mentions relevant work experience

Control System Engineer

A Control System Engineer  resume template that highlights work experience and includes skills and education

IT System Engineer

An  IT System Engineer resume template that showcases professional work experience, skills, and education

IT Specialist Resumes

Our world is increasingly held together and brought together by technology and IT systems. Few processes can be completed without interaction with technology. IT specialists are the maintainers and operators of these technologies. This guide will help IT specialists create powerful resumes that will secure them their dream IT jobs.

IT Support Specialist

An IT Support Specialist resume sample highlighitng the applicant's technical skill and their customer support skills.

Entry-Level IT Support Specialist

An entry level IT support specialist resume sample that highlights the applicant's certifications and quantifiable value addition.

Packaging Engineer Resumes

A packaging engineer is responsible for developing packaging designs for a wide variety of products. This profession is crucial for keeping us safe while consuming products, such as food, cosmetics, or medicine. Their role is to ensure that the product is preserved over time and that packaging is functional and aesthetic. If this sounds like you and you’d like to break into the manufacturing industry, read on. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create your own packaging engineer resume by giving you tips and resume examples.

Packaging Sales Engineer

A packaging sales engineer resume template that includes contact information followed by a brief description and work experience.

Oracle Resumes

Oracle is a highly scalable database solution companies use for storing, retrieving, and organizing data. It is compatible with PL/SQL and improves accessibility regardless of team members’ locations. Oracle careers such as development or database administration are highly in-demand. Companies need to organize and protect their data to prevent financial losses. If you are an Oracle developer or database administrator, check this guide. We’ll show you how you can write your Oracle resume and share some tips to keep your resume up the stacks. Let’s get started.

Oracle Database Administrator

An Oracle database administrator resume example that prioritizes work experience

Oracle PL/SQL Developer

An Oracle PL/SQL developer resume template that includes contact info, a brief description, and work history

Planning Engineer Resumes

Planning engineers play a huge role in the construction industry. They are responsible for developing strategies to meet deadlines and budgetary goals. This is a managerial role in which they must oversee the engineering team to make sure they follow the projects’ standards. If you have experience with team management and an engineering career, you may qualify for this role. Learn how you can create your own planning engineering resume with this guide. We have compiled four resume templates that will serve as inspiration for your job-seeking journey.

Development and Planning Engineer

A development and planning engineer resume template that includes a brief professional description and contact information

Transmission Planning Engineer

A transmission planning engineer resume template that has a professional description and chronologically organized work history.

System Planning Engineer

A system planning engineer resume example that highlights the most relevant work experience, followed by skills and education.

Blockchain Resumes

Blockchain is an innovative method that offers clear and secure transactions. Currently is used in cryptocurrencies because it’s a decentralized system that is not monitored by banks or any other platform. However, the blockchain economy goes beyond financial transfers. Blockchain promises to improve the contractural processes, the internet of things, etc. Today, we’ll help you on your journey to break into blockchain technology by showing you two resume templates and some tips you can implement to enhance your performance. Let’s get started.

Ethereum Developer

An Ethereum developer resume template that includes work history, skills, and additional information.

Cloud Developer Resumes

Almost every company and individual operates in the cloud to some extent nowadays. Cloud developers are the professionals tasked with building this cloud infrastructure and developing applications that make cloud use easier and more dynamic. This resume guide will explore three cloud developer titles with 3 resume samples.

Cloud Services Developer

A cloud services developer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s career progression and certifications.

Azure Developer

An Azure developer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s Azure qualifications and software development experience.

ETL Developer Resumes

Andrew McAfee, a well-renowned researcher, once said: “the world is one big data problem”. There is an incredible volume of data worldwide produced by companies and users. We could think that this amount of data is going to collapse the system, but it can actually become a powerful tool when used wisely. Companies can leverage those large datasets to make data-backed business decisions that drive them to success. Yet, data is not of much use in its raw form, we need to Extract, Transform, and Load it to make it consumable. This is precisely the role of an ETL developer. The ETL process is a highly technical method that helps companies with their business intelligence efforts. Today, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this occupation and how to create an ATS-friendly ETL developer resume.

Junior ETL Developer

A Junior ETL developer resume template that uses strong action verbs

SharePoint Developer Resumes

SharePoint developers create SharePoint-based solutions for a variety of purposes within an organization. However, they are mostly known for building SharePoint websites and mobile applications. This is a role that requires a deep understanding of the SharePoint interface and programming skills. If you have those two requirements and are ready to create your SharePoint developer resume, read on. We’re about to show you how you can develop an industry-relevant resume. We’ll also share three resume examples that will help you get a better idea of what you need to do.

Junior Sharepoint Developer

A junior SharePoint developer resume template that includes metrics to highlight achievements

Senior Sharepoint Developer

A senior SharePoint developer resume template that includes skills, education, and relevant experience.

Kafka Resumes

Kafka is an open-source application that provides a solution for storing, analyzing, and processing stream data. This software enables your system to handle a high volume of data without affecting servers’ storage capacity and performance. Since this software has provided a highly scalable solution for data processing, Kafka developers have become highly in demand. If you are familiar with this tool and you’d like to start a career as a Kafka developer, this guide is for you. We’ll teach you how to create your own Kafka resume.

Kafka Java Developer

A Kafka Java developer resume template that’s tailored to the software development industry

Audio Engineer Resumes

From Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ to the Tom and Jerry theme song, audio engineers work to transform raw sound into the engineered classics we hear today. This guide has been created to help audio engineers build impressive resumes and secure themselves their next audio engineering job.

Entry Level Audio Engineer

An entry-level audio engineer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s certifications and related experience.

Freelance Audio Engineer

A freelance audio engineer resume sample that highlights the applicant’s impressive quantifiable experience.

HVAC Resumes

HVAC technicians have a steady job outlook and great career opportunities. This is a profession that allows you to work in almost every corner of the world because you can either work with a contractor or independently. Also, almost everybody owns an HVAC system, whether it’s for residential or commercial use, so you’ll surely have job opportunities. This guide is here to help you if you have HVAC skills and you’d like to enter this field. We’ll give you interesting insights about each technician role and show you how to optimize your HVAC resume.

HVAC Installer

A HVAC installer that prioritizes work experience

HVAC Engineer

A HVAC engineer resume template that uses strong action verbs

Industrial Engineer Resumes

Industrial engineers work in most industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, computer science, robotics, and retail. Their role is to optimize business and engineering processes to reduce costs and improve efficiency, security, and quality. This is a crucial position in many organizations as it directly impacts the company’s bottom line in terms of production. Generally, industrial engineers have a bachelor’s degree in an engineering field and are familiar with industry regulations. If you are one of them and would like to enhance your resume, read on. This guide will give you interesting tips to create your industrial engineering resume.

Entry Level Industrial Engineer

An entry-level industrial engineer resume template that includes volunteering experience

Industrial Sales Engineer

An industrial sales engineer resume template that prioritizes work experience

Maintenance Technician Resumes

Maintenance technicians keep everything up and running in a building, including HVAC systems, structures, and equipment units. These professionals evaluate the conditions in the building to identify issues and troubleshoot them. In addition, they schedule maintenance operations and repairs. This is a profession that requires manual dexterity and technical knowledge of building maintenance. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree for this occupation, but technical training is surely important. If this sounds like your cup of tea read on. We’re about to show you how to create your maintenance technician resume.

Industrial Maintenance Technician

A industrial maintenance technician resume template that organizes experience chronologically

Maintenance Supervisor

A maintenance supervisor resume template that prioritizes work experience

Maintenance Manager

A maintenance manager resume template that uses strong action verbs.

Solutions Architect Resumes

A solution architect designs and implements IT solutions for improving an organization’s operations. Their role is to evaluate business needs and develop solutions to solve issues in the company. They work with computer systems, networks, hardware, and software. This is a highly technical occupation that requires extensive knowledge of IT infrastructure. If you have a computer science background and project management skills, this might be an excellent career move for you. Find out how you can escalate to this position with our resume guide. We’ll give you interesting tips to tailor your resume for a solutions architect role.

AWS Solutions Architect

An AWS Solutions Architect resume template that highlights technical skills

Cloud Architect

A cloud architect resume template that prioritizes work experience

Enterprise Architect

An enterprise architect resume template that’s tailored to the IT industry

Data Architect

A data architect resume template that highlights relevant work experience

Azure Architect

An azure architect resume template with a simplified structure

Technical Architect

A technical architect resume template including a brief professional description, work experience, and skills section

Cloud Solutions Architect

A cloud solutions architect resume template including strong metrics to illustrate achievements

Implementation Specialist Resumes

An implementation specialist is the bridge between a company’s clientele and the software development team. They promote the adaptation of digital products and software that the company sells. This includes offering consultation services for customers, collecting data from the clientele, and using it to improve the software and its features. Implementation specialists play a huge role in the IT team. They improve customer engagement and help generate more sales. If you have software engineering and customer service skills, this job might be for you. Learn how to develop an implementation specialist resume with our guide.

Implementation Manager

An implementation manager resume template using metrics to quantify achievements

Implementation Consultant

An implementation consultant resume template that highlights technical skills

Implementation Project Manager

Implementation Project Manager including relevant certifications

Software Architect Resumes

Software architects are responsible for determining project standards, tools, and architecture. They also design the type of system they’ll use for the project. This is a highly demanding but rewarding role in the development team. This role requires you to have extensive experience in the development team and high-performing software engineering skills. If you think this could be a good fit for you, read on. This guide will show you how to optimize your resume for a software architect role.

Senior Software Architect

A senior software architect resume template that uses strong action verbs.

PHP Developer Resumes

PHP developers are a specialized form of software developers. They create, test, and launch websites and web applications with PHP programming language. It is their responsibility to write clean and efficient code. PHP developers don’t need a bachelor’s degree. However, they do need to have technical skills in PHP, databases, and server-side techniques. If you think you’re a good fit for this position, take a look at our guide. We’ll show you how to develop your own PHP developer resume.

Experienced PHP Developer

A experienced PHP developer resume template that prioritizes relevant work experience.

Biomedical Engineer Resumes

Biomedical engineering is a rewarding discipline that integrates medicine, biology, engineering, and even computer science to create biotechnology solutions. Biomedical engineers help patients improve their health and quality of life by developing biomedical devices such as prostheses and pacemakers. If you have an engineering background and an interest in physics, computer science, and medicine, this career is for you. This guide teaches how to create your resume for a biomedical engineering role.

Entry Level Biomedical Engineer

An entry-level biomedical engineer resume template that includes internship experience.

Technical Biomedical Engineer

Technical Biomedical Engineer resume showcasing key projects and software proficiency.

Robotics Resumes

Robotics engineers are responsible for designing, crafting, and maintaining robot devices. They create innovative devices to provide solutions to daily and complex problems. Robotics engineers can work in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace, and automobile. This is an in-demand profession that opens opportunities for you in the tech field. Do you want to be part of the robotics revolution? Learn how to enter the robotics workforce with our resume guide.

Robotic Process Automation Analyst

A robotic process automation analyst resume template that highlights technical competencies.

Chief Digital Officer Resumes

Digitalization has taken over, and it’s more important than ever that companies migrate from analog operations to data-centric business models. This is precisely the role of a chief digital officer. They help organizations transition from traditional structures to the digital arena, by implementing systems that improve customer service, IT operations, or finances. If you have a passion for innovation and an experience with digitalization, learn how you can optimize your resume with our guide.

Chief Transformation Officer

A chief transformation officer resume template including contact information and relevant work experience.

Innovation Resumes

Innovation teams, and roles like innovation managers or Chief Innovation Officers, are the brains behind successful products. They source and develop innovative business ideas that generate revenue. Hence, they play a huge role in large corporations because they target visionary business models that drive success to the company. To become an innovation manager or chief innovation officer, you should have a background in product management or marketing. If this resonates with you, read on. Let’s explore some expert advice and resume templates for your innovation management career.

Innovation Manager

A innovation manager resume template that prioritizes technical skills.

Security Analyst Resumes

Cybersecurity has become more and more relevant over the last decade due to the constant risk of cyber attacks. That’s why the role of a security analyst is so relevant nowadays in any organization. Companies can have millionaire losses caused by data breaches or any other type of cybercrime. If you have a background in computer science or information technology this might be your career path. Learn how you can craft your security analyst resume with our guide. We have included insightful tips and customizable templates.

Information Security Analyst

An information security analyst resume template that uses strong action verbs.

IT Security Analyst

An IT security analyst resume template prioritizing work experience.

IT Auditor Resumes

An IT auditor is in charge of auditing operations to improve efficiency and security levels. This is why it is a highly technical career that requires you to have extensive knowledge of computer networks and IT infrastructure. Despite the huge demand for IT auditors, you still need to optimize your resume to make it past the ATS screening process. That’s why today, we’ll show you how you can do this by giving you the resources and expert advice you need.

Senior IT Auditor

A senior IT auditor resume template that prioritizes relevant work experience.

Entry Level IT Auditor

An entry-level IT auditor resume template, including extracurricular activities

Director of Software Engineering Resumes

A director of software engineering is responsible for overseeing and managing the development team. They coordinate with team members and managers to achieve technical goals. This is a job that requires a vast experience in programming and managerial roles. To become a director of software engineering it is recommended to have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (CS) or Information technology (IT). However, some employers can hire you if you have equivalent work experience. Today, we’ll show you how to take your director of software engineering resume to the next level.

Software Engineering Director

A software engineering director resume template including relevant work experience and skills.

Environmental Engineer Resumes

An environmental engineer is prepared to help companies reduce waste and maximize their resources. They conduct research to evaluate the current and future environmental hazards to develop eco-friendly solutions. This career requires you to have a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, or a similar field, according to BLS. If this is your case, and you’d like to optimize your resume, you’re in the right place. Today we’ll give you some tips that could help you boost your environmental engineering resume.

Senior Environmental Engineer

A senior environmental engineer resume template using metrics in the work history.

Entry Level Environmental Engineer

An entry-level environmental engineer resume template including volunteering experience.

Technology Director Resumes

A technology director often called a director of technology, is the leader of the information technology (IT) team. They coordinate operations to ensure the IT team works seamlessly with minimal downtime. That’s why the role of a director of technology is so important in any organization. If you want to make a good impression on your potential employer, you may want to read this guide. We’ll show you how to optimize your technology director resume.

Director of Technology

A director of technology resume template including relevant keywords

Senior Director of Technology

A senior director of technology resume template using strong action verbs

Director of Information Technology Resumes

The director of information technology is the leader of the IT team. They determine the technology needs of the organization and estimate the implementation costs. Since this is a managerial role, you will be in charge of team members, so you must delegate tasks and monitor their performance. If you have advanced computer science training and experience as an IT manager, this might be your career path. Today, you can learn how to craft your director of information resume with our guide.

Director of IT

A director of IT resume template prioritizing technical skills

IT Director

 An IT director resume template separating the skills section by tools, techniques, languages, and hard skills.

IT Program Director

A IT Program Director resume template including contact information and relevant work experience.

AWS Resumes

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an Infrastructure-As-A-Service platform that allows users to develop a fault-tolerant and scalable cloud infrastructure. However, this isn’t the only AWS use. This platform offers numerous options for software development, database management, storage, and computing services. Considering the numerous AWS uses, there are also different types of roles for this skill. Today, we’ll explore four AWS occupations and provide you with personalized tips to improve your resume. We’ve also included four resume templates, one for each role.

AWS Architect

An AWS architect resume template highlighting academic background.

AWS Cloud Practitioner

An AWS cloud practitioner resume template using strong action verbs.

Director of Engineering Resumes

A director of engineering is responsible for managing the engineering department. They oversee the production cycle and implement strategies to improve scalability and operations. That’s why they will determine, prioritize, and assign tasks. Ideally, a director of engineering should have advanced training in engineering and extensive industry experience. If you are a director of engineering in the job hunt, check this guide. We’ll cover essential tips to take your director of engineering resume to the next level.

Engineering Director

A engineering director resume template that prioritizes technical skills.

Senior Director of Engineering

A senior director of engineering resume template showcasing seniority.

Data Engineering Director

A data engineering director resume template focused on the data science field.

Materials Engineer Resumes

Materials engineers contribute to the process of product manufacturing. They design, test, and process materials to improve the structure or functionality of a particular product. That’s why they will evaluate the properties of materials, like ceramics, plastic, and metals. If you’re a materials engineer trying to land a job in manufacturing or science, this guide might help you. We’ll give you some tips to enhance your resume and two customizable templates for you.

Materials Science Engineer

A materials science engineer resume template organizing experience chronologically.

UAT Tester Resumes

User acceptance testing is the last stage of the software development cycle. It consists of performing a final test on end users to determine whether it is ready for market release. It is a crucial step that minimizes risks and improves user experience. If you’re a UAT tester that wants to improve your resume, you’re in the right place. Read on to discover some technical tips to enhance your performance. Also, feel free to download our customizable templates.

UAT Test Lead

An UAT Test Lead resume template incorporating strong action verbs.

Action Verbs For Engineering Resumes

  • Conceptualized
  • Architected
  • Restructured
  • Troubleshooted

How to use these action verbs?

Resume bullet points should always start with strong action verbs which highlight your role in a specific accomplishment. If you’re not sure which action verbs to use, here’s a list of action verbs that are useful for engineers. Remember that each job is different, so you might want to tailor your bullet points to the specific job you apply to. If it's a software engineering job, use action verbs like "Developed" or "Coded", while if it's an operational engineering job, use verbs linked to process efficiency, like "Systemized".

Engineering Resume Guide

  • Software Engineer Resume Templates
  • Software Developer Resume Templates
  • Web Developer Resume Templates
  • Programmer Resume Templates
  • Front End Developer Resume Templates
  • DevOps Resume Templates
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  • Java Developer Resume Templates
  • Python Developer Resume Templates
  • IT Manager Resume Templates
  • Cyber Security Resume Templates
  • Salesforce Resume Templates
  • Quality Assurance Resume Templates
  • Quality Engineer Resume Templates
  • Electrical Engineer Resume Templates
  • System Administrator Resume Templates
  • Scrum Master Resume Templates
  • Civil Engineer Resume Templates
  • Network Administrator Resume Templates
  • Mechanical Engineer Resume Templates
  • Manufacturing Engineer Resume Templates
  • Network Engineer Resume Templates
  • Node.js Resume Templates
  • SQL Developer Resume Templates
  • Integration Architect Resume Templates
  • Engineering Manager Resume Templates
  • Software Tester Resume Templates
  • Service Technician Resume Templates
  • Platform Engineer Resume Templates
  • Automation Engineer Resume Templates
  • C, C++, and C# Developer Resume Templates
  • Technical Support Resume Templates
  • Project Engineer Resume Templates
  • Security Manager Resume Templates
  • Electronic Technician Resume Templates
  • System Engineer Resume Templates
  • IT Specialist Resume Templates
  • Packaging Engineer Resume Templates
  • Oracle Resume Templates
  • Planning Engineer Resume Templates
  • Blockchain Resume Templates
  • Cloud Developer Resume Templates
  • ETL Developer Resume Templates
  • SharePoint Developer Resume Templates
  • Kafka Resume Templates
  • Audio Engineer Resume Templates
  • HVAC Resume Templates
  • Industrial Engineer Resume Templates
  • Maintenance Technician Resume Templates
  • Solutions Architect Resume Templates
  • Implementation Specialist Resume Templates
  • Software Architect Resume Templates
  • PHP Developer Resume Templates
  • Biomedical Engineer Resume Templates
  • Robotics Resume Templates
  • Chief Digital Officer Resume Templates
  • Innovation Resume Templates
  • Security Analyst Resume Templates
  • IT Auditor Resume Templates
  • Director of Software Engineering Resume Templates
  • Environmental Engineer Resume Templates
  • Technology Director Resume Templates
  • Director of Information Technology Resume Templates
  • AWS Resume Templates
  • Director of Engineering Resume Templates
  • Materials Engineer Resume Templates
  • UAT Tester Resume Templates
  • Engineering Action Verbs
  • All Resume Examples

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how to make an engineering resume

As an engineer, finding the perfect job can be a tedious task. It requires a lot of effort and preparation, including crafting a well-designed engineering resume. An engineering resume showcases your qualifications, skills, and experiences to potential employers.

A. Explanation of engineering resumes

Engineering resumes are technical documents that market your skills and abilities as an engineer. They should include relevant information such as educational background, work experience, technical skills, and achievements. Your resume should be tailored to the specific job you are applying for and highlight your strengths that match the job requirements.

B. Importance of engineering resumes

Your engineering resume is your first impression to potential employers. It must be clean, concise, and easy to read. Recruiters and hiring managers are inundated with resumes, and you need yours to stand out from the pile. Your resume can make all the difference in getting an interview and landing the job of your dreams.

C. Overview of engineering resume templates

To help make the process easier, we’ve compiled the top 40 engineering resume templates. These templates are designed to make your resume look professional and tailored to your exact needs. They include sections that highlight your skills, education, experience, and accomplishments. The templates come with various designs and formats, so you can choose one that suits your preferences.

Crafting a powerful resume requires time and effort. By taking the time to tailor your resume to the job you are applying for using a template, you can increase your chances of landing an interview and achieving your dream job.

Key Components of an Engineering Resume

When applying for an engineering job, your resume is your initial point of contact with the recruiter or hiring manager. It is important to ensure that your resume highlights your skills, education, and experience in the best possible manner.

To create an effective engineering resume, there are key components that should not be missed. In the following sections, we discuss these components in detail.

A. Contact Information

Your contact information is the first thing that should appear on your engineering resume. Ensure that it includes your full name, professional email address, and phone number.

It is also important to add your LinkedIn profile or website, if applicable, so that the recruiter or hiring manager can learn more about your professional background.

B. Professional Summary

Your professional summary should be a brief introduction to who you are as an engineering professional. This section should highlight your experience, skills, and achievements, showing that you’re the right fit for the position.

Keep in mind that the professional summary should not be too lengthy. Try to keep it concise and avoid fluff.

C. Core Competencies

Under your professional summary, you should list your core competencies or skills. These are the skills that make you stand out from other engineering candidates.

Some examples of core competencies for an engineering resume include project management, problem-solving, analytical skills, and attention to detail.

D. Education

The education section of your engineering resume should highlight your academic qualifications. This includes the name of the institution where you received your degree(s), the degree(s) earned, and the graduation year.

If you’ve earned any honors or awards during your time in school, be sure to mention them.

E. Work Experience

Your work experience is the most important section of your engineering resume. It should include your previous job titles, the company names, and the dates of your employment.

It is important to focus on your accomplishments in your previous roles, showing how you contributed to the success of the company.

F. Certifications and Licenses

If you have any certifications or licenses relevant to the engineering field, include them in this section. These will show that you have specialized knowledge and expertise in your field.

G. Technical Skills

In addition to your core competencies, it is also important to list your technical skills. These are the software programs or tools you’re proficient in.

If you’re proficient in software or tools that are relevant to the job you’re applying to, be sure to highlight them in this section.

H. Professional Memberships and Affiliations

If you’re a member of any professional organizations or affiliations related to the engineering industry, mention them in this section. This shows that you’re invested in your profession and committed to staying up-to-date with the latest developments.

I. Achievements and Awards

If you’ve received any achievements or awards in your engineering career, be sure to include them in your resume.

Engineering Resume Formats

When it comes to crafting an engineering resume, the chosen format can make a significant difference in getting that dream job. Here are the top four resume formats that are bound to get you noticed by employers.

A. Chronological Resume

The chronological resume is perhaps the most popular resume format available. It works best for those who have a consistent work history and have been steadily gaining experience in their field. This format highlights a candidate’s work experience in reverse chronological order, from the most recent to the earliest. A chronological resume is easy to read and shows potential employers a candidate’s career progression. It also allows recruiters to quickly identify relevant skills and experience that match the job advertised.

B. Functional Resume

The functional resume format focuses on a candidate’s skills and achievements instead of their work history. This format is ideal for those who may have gaps in their employment or are changing careers. In a functional resume, skills and abilities are highlighted in a separate section allowing candidates to list their skills and achievements first. This format provides context at a glance, shows recruiters what the candidate can do, and may compensate for a lack of experience in a particular area.

C. Combination Resume

The combination resume format combines the best of both worlds- the work history of a chronological resume and the skills of a functional resume. It highlights a candidate’s skills and achievements at the top, followed by their work history. This format is ideal for mid-career professionals who have experience and skills that align with the job advertised.

D. Targeted Resume

Targeted resumes are tailored to fit specific job postings or companies. They are designed to emphasize the skills and experiences that are relevant to the advertised job. Targeted resumes are often used by candidates who wish to apply for multiple jobs or who are looking to switch careers. They showcase relevant skills while minimizing or eliminating information that is not pertinent to the job posting. A targeted resume can improve a candidate’s chances of getting an interview as it shows the employer why the candidate is a great fit for the position.

Choosing the right resume format can improve a candidate’s chances of getting an interview and, ultimately, securing their dream job. Employers look for candidates who can demonstrate their skills and relevant work history, having each resume format distinguished offers a range of ways to do so. It’s essential to tailor your resume to the job and company you are interested in and remember to highlight relevant experience and skills to stand out to employers.

Engineering Resume Writing Tips

As a skilled engineer, crafting a resume that highlights your abilities and experience can often be a challenging task. However, there are several tips that can help you create a winning engineering resume that catches the attention of potential employers.

A. Tailor the Resume to the Job Description

One of the most effective ways to make your engineering resume stand out is to tailor it to the job description. This means that you should review the job posting and identify the specific skills and qualifications that the employer is seeking. Then, incorporate these qualifications into your resume in a way that demonstrates your expertise and experience. This not only shows that you are a good fit for the position, but also that you have taken the time to understand the needs of the employer.

B. Quantify Accomplishments

When it comes to showcasing your track record of success, quantifying your accomplishments can be an effective way to demonstrate your past performance. Numbers and statistics can be used to quantify your achievements, such as the number of projects you have completed, the amount of revenue you generated, or the amount of time you saved for your company. This not only makes your resume more impactful, but also provides concrete evidence of your skills and experience.

C. Use Action Words

Using action words in your resume can help to make it more dynamic and compelling. Employers are often drawn to job applicants who can showcase their accomplishments in an engaging and active way. Action words such as “developed,” “created,” “improved,” and “implemented” help to demonstrate your ability to take charge and make things happen.

D. Highlight Relevant Skills

Another important aspect of crafting an effective engineering resume is to highlight relevant skills that are specific to the job you are applying for. This means identifying the skills that are most important for the position and shaping your resume to reflect those skills. For example, if the job requires experience with a specific type of software or programming language, be sure to highlight your experience with those tools in your resume.

E. Use Industry Buzzwords

Using industry buzzwords in your engineering resume can help to establish your credibility as a seasoned professional. Buzzwords such as “agile development,” “LEAN methodology,” and “six sigma” can demonstrate your expertise in the field, and help to showcase your ability to stay current with industry trends and best practices. Just be careful not to overuse these keywords, as it can come across as contrived.

F. Keep it Concise and Clear

Employers are often inundated with resumes, so it’s important to keep your engineering resume concise and clear. Use bullet points and concise language to highlight your key achievements and qualifications. Employers appreciate resumes that are easy to read and quickly communicate important information.

G. Use Proper Formatting

Another way to make your engineering resume stand out is to use proper formatting.

Engineering Resume Examples

As an aspiring engineer seeking to land your dream job, the quality of your resume can play a significant role in determining whether or not you break into the field. Fortunately, with the right guidance and access to topnotch templates, you can create a persuasive showcase of your skills and competencies.

Here are five impressive engineering resume examples that you can use as a guide:

A. Sample Entry Level Engineering Resume

If you’re just starting out in your engineering career, this entry-level engineering resume template is an excellent starting point. It’s structured to highlight your abilities, qualifications, and skills, and to introduce you to potential employers in the best light possible.

Starting with a solid headline that grabs the reader’s attention, this template features sections for education, relevant coursework, skills, and professional experience. You can customize it with your own information to create a compelling, attention-grabbing summary of your skills and experience.

B. Example Electrical Engineering Resume

Electrical Engineers play a critical role in developing, designing, and testing electrical and electronic devices and systems. If you are an electrical engineering professional, this sample resume will serve as an excellent point of reference when crafting your own resume.

This eye-catching resume has a clean and modern design with clear sections that cover your core competencies, experience, and education. It features a profile section where you can introduce yourself, highlight your achievements, and showcase your strengths to prospective employers.

C. Mechanical Engineering Example Resume

For those who are looking to take their career in mechanical engineering to the next level, this resume template is a must-have. It is designed to showcase your technical expertise, project management skills, and leadership abilities in the field.

This template includes sections for education, experience, skills, and professional development, making it easy to showcase your accomplishments and credentials. With a sleek and professional look, this template is sure to make a great impression on potential employers.

D. Chemical Engineering Resume Example

If you are a chemical engineer looking to get your career off the ground, this professionally-crafted resume template is worth considering. It provides an excellent framework for highlighting your key competencies, experience, and qualifications.

With sections dedicated to education, experience, skills, and professional development, this template is perfect for showcasing your expertise and achievements. It also includes a summary statement that can help you make a great first impression and stand out in a competitive job market.

E. Civil Engineering Resume Example

Civil engineers are responsible for creating, designing, and building the infrastructure on which we all depend. If you are a civil engineer seeking a new opportunity, this resume template will help you demonstrate your skills and experience to prospective employers.

This template features an eye-catching design with clear sections for education, experience, skills, and professional development. It also includes a summary statement that highlights your strengths and accomplishments, making it an ideal tool for showcasing your skills and building your career.

Engineering Resume Templates

When it comes to creating your engineering resume, having a template to work from can make the process much easier. Here are five engineering resume templates to help you craft a winning resume:

A. Engineering Manager Resume Template

An engineering manager is responsible for leading and overseeing a team of engineers. This resume template is designed to highlight your leadership and management skills, while also showcasing your technical expertise. The template includes sections for a professional summary, work experience, education, skills, and certifications.

B. Aerospace Engineer Resume Template

If you’re looking to work in the aerospace industry, this resume template is a great option. It includes sections for a professional summary, work experience, education, technical skills, and projects. Use this template to showcase your knowledge of aerospace technology and your ability to apply that knowledge to real-world projects.

C. Industrial Engineer Resume Template

Industrial engineers work to optimize processes and systems in order to increase efficiency and productivity. This resume template is designed to showcase your analytical skills, project management abilities, and knowledge of manufacturing processes. It includes sections for a professional summary, work experience, education, skills, and certifications.

D. Environmental Engineer Resume Template

Environmental engineers are responsible for designing solutions to environmental problems, such as pollution and waste management. This resume template is designed to showcase your environmental expertise, project management and leadership skills, and technical knowledge. It includes sections for a professional summary, work experience, education, skills, and certifications.

E. Software Engineer Resume Template

Software engineers play a crucial role in developing and maintaining software systems. This resume template is designed to highlight your programming skills, knowledge of software development methodologies, and ability to work collaboratively on complex projects. It includes sections for a professional summary, work experience, education, technical skills, and projects.

No matter which type of engineering you’re interested in, there’s a resume template to help you land your dream job. Use these templates as a starting point, and customize them to highlight your unique skills, experience, and qualifications. With a well-crafted engineering resume, you’ll be one step closer to landing your perfect job.

Cover Letter Writing Tips for Engineering Resumes

As an engineer, your resume showcases your technical skills, qualifications, and experience. However, your cover letter can make all the difference in getting an interview. Here are some tips for writing an effective cover letter for engineering resumes:

A. Addressing the Hiring Manager

Ensure that you address the hiring manager by their name, rather than using generic terms such as “To Whom It May Concern.” You can do this by researching the company website, LinkedIn, or other professional networking platforms. This shows that you have made an effort to personalize your application and that you have a genuine interest in the position.

B. Customizing the Cover Letter

Tailor your cover letter to the job description and requirements specified by the employer. Highlight your relevant skills and experiences that meet the needs of the company. This can include technical skills, teamwork, problem-solving abilities and relevant education.

C. Highlighting Key Accomplishments

Your cover letter should not merely repeat the content of your resume. Rather, it should expand on your accomplishments and how they make you an ideal candidate for the job. Any awards or recognitions, successful projects or contributions made during your previous roles will make a good impression on potential employers.

D. Following a Professional Tone

Your cover letter should be written using a professional tone. Use formal language and avoid slang or jargon that may be difficult for the hiring manager to understand. Proofread the cover letter to minimize any grammar errors and ensure that your writing is concise and clear.

A well-written cover letter for engineering resumes can help you secure your dream job. Addressing the hiring manager by their name, customizing the cover letter, highlighting your key accomplishments and following a professional tone are all essential tips to follow when writing a cover letter. These tips can help you stand out from other applicants and increase your chances of getting an interview.

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Click here to directly go to the complete Engineering Resume Sample

How to write an engineering resume?

Drafting your engineering resume can be simple if you know what details to add and how to add them.

With section-wise engineering resume examples, you will be able to make an impeccable resume from scratch in no time.

All we ask is a little patience and to read on!

You can also get an insight into the following FAQs:

  • What is an engineering resume?
  • How to choose the perfect engineering resume format?
  • What should be included in an engineering resume?
  • How do you describe engineering experience?
  • What skills are needed to be an engineer?
  • How do I write an engineering internship resume?

What Is an Engineering Resume & Why Do You Need It?

The work responsibilities of an engineer include things like evaluating different designs closely to zero in on the one that is most suitable according to their needs and requirements.

Engineer's professional tasks also require them to analyze testing and production that is taking place within the company. Apart from this, their duties also involve estimating the cost and time which will be required to complete the projects.

An engineer should be able to measure the performance of mechanical devices, components, and engines, as well as be able to maintain the same.

So, since engineers do such a vast level of work as well as possess such a wide range of skills, they need an engineering resume that can correctly demonstrate these duties and skills to the recruiters.

And to do that, all you need is to make a 1 or 2-page-long engineer resume.

Freshers and engineers with less than 10 years of experience should make an engineering resume of one page, whereas engineers with 10 years and above of experience should opt for a two-page engineer resume.

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How to Write an Engineering Resume?

Making an engineering resume is not quantum physics!

And to further simplify the process for you, we've divided the process into multiple stages and those multiple stages into small and easy-to-follow steps.

The only thing that is going to get you that precious interview is the content of your engineering resume.

The design of your engineer resume will not play a major role as compared to a graphic designer resume or an interior designer resume.

However, this does not mean that you can use a blank word page as your engineering resume template.

You need to use a professional engineer resume template that has a decent amount of design in it and that isn't overpowering your content.

Engineering Resume Format

There are three types of formats in which you can write your engineer resume. They are:

Functional Resume Format : Functional Resume helps in highlighting your qualifications and accomplishments instead of jobs & skills. This engineering resume format works best in favor of those people who have gaps in their work history.

As it focuses more on accomplishments and qualifications instead of skills & jobs, it doesn't highlight the gap in your work history that other resume formats will. So, if you have any career gaps in your work history, then opt for this resume format for engineer as it will put all those shortcomings at the back.

Reverse Chronological Resume Format : This engineering resume format is a boon for those people who have a long history of work experience and don't have any gaps in their professional work trajectory.

In this format, the most recent information in terms of dates is written first dating back to the oldest one. This approach is followed throughout the professional experience, internships, education, and other additional sections.

Combination Resume Format : The combination resume format for engineers is named so because both the functional and reverse chronological resume format for engineer are used in this format.

The functional resume format for engineers is used to make the first half of the resume which helps in highlighting the accomplishments and skills of the person at the starting of the resume.

The second half of the resume is written using the reverse chronological engineering resume format which includes the professional experience and education section along with any additional sections.

This resume format for engineer can be used by any person, no matter if you have career gaps in your professional experience history or not.

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Engineering Resume Sections

Follow the below-given order to arrange your engineer resume sections correctly:

  • Personal Information
  • Summary/Objective
  • Technical Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Internships (if any)
  • Certifications (if any)
  • Awards & Recognition (if any)

Engineering Resume: Professional Experience

For professionals who have over 10 years of work experience, the professional experience section plays a major role in their engineering resume.

To provide you with a better understanding of how to frame the points of the professional experience section, we will take an example of a mechanical engineers profile and frame points according to it.

Framing Points in Your Mechanical Engineer Resume Professional Experience Section

There is a specific method used for writing the points in the professional experience section, and this method is known as the cause-effect method of writing points. Cause-effect points help in bringing out the impact that one's work had on the business. See the below-given mechanical engineering resume examples to understand how to frame these cause-effect points.

Engineering Resume Example 1:

  • Drafting detailed proposals for design engineering projects
  • Performing full product development life-cycle
  • Preparing technical offers
  • Ensuring system quality while confirming assembly and installation processes
  • Overseeing procurement and commissioning performance testing
  • Generating reports

The points in the above-given example are written without using the cause-effect method and so they are unable to provide complete information about the impact that one's contribution has on the business.

Engineering Resume Example 2:

  • Drafting detailed proposals for design engineering projects like Buildings, Industrial Corridors, Smart Cities, etc.
  • Performing full product development life-cycle while designing systems and components according to the requirements
  • Preparing technical offers and rendering assistance for cost estimation
  • Ensuring system quality by designing testing methods while confirming assembly and installation processes
  • Overseeing procurement and commissioning performance testing at the site
  • Generating reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends

In the above-given example, the points are written using the cause-effect methodology, and hence, they can provide complete information that the person's work had on the business.

Grouping & Highlighting the Points in Your Mechanical Engineering Resume Professional Experience Section

Grouping and highlighting are the two elements in a mechanical engineer resume that help in increasing the readability.

By grouping the contents and highlighting important words, phrases, and numbers throughout your mechanical engineering resume, you help the recruiters to read more information in just 6-10 seconds.

Let us see with the help of mechanical engineering resume examples how grouping and highlighting increase the readability of your mechanical engineer resume.

The points that are written in example 1 have low readability and since the recruiters scan a resume for just 6-10 seconds, they won't be able to read much.

Proposal Creation & System Designing

Testing, Installation & Report Generation

In example 2, we've created groups by listing the points in which the same skills are being used to do the work.

These groups are Proposal Creation & System Designing and Testing, Installation & Report Generation

Also, the important words and phrases throughout the professional experience section, on which the recruiters will have just one glance and will understand what you did. There will be no for them to read all the points.

Look at the below-given example to get more clarity about what a professional experience section comprising all these variables should look like:


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Engineering Resume: Key Skills

The third last section to make while making your engineer resume is the key skills section. It is best to make your key skills section towards the end of the engineering resume-making process as at this point you can scan your engineering resume for the skills which you possess.

When making the key skills section, make sure you include a bullet before each key skill, for example:

  • System Designing
  • Mechanical Drawing

After you're done making the key skills section, mark the key skills section in bold. Doing this will ensure that it is the first section that the recruiter reads.

To get more clarity around how this section should ideally be written, notice the sample engineering resume skills section given below:

Engineering-Resume-Key Skills-Section

Engineering Resume: Technical Skills

Add your knowledge of technical skills like languages, frameworks, and packages in this section.

Make broad level sub-headings like languages & frameworks, and packages, and then write the names of all the languages and frameworks which you know in front of these sub-headings.

After you've finished making this section, bold all the sub-headers which you made under this section.

To have a better understanding of how to make this section, observe the below-given example of the technical skills section:

Engineering-Resume-Technical Skills-Section

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Engineering Resume: Summary

After you've finished making all the sections mentioned in the article above, the very last section to make is the summary section.

When making the summary section, make sure you explain briefly in just 3-4 line paragraphs how you used your skillset to benefit the previous organization in which you've worked. As we mentioned at the starting of the article, opt for a summary section only if you have over 3 years of work experience.

Look at the sample engineering resume given below to see how to customize your summary section according to your work experience:


Engineering Resume: Objective

In case you are a fresher or are applying for an internship, then go for an objective section.

An objective section only serves the purpose of freshers or people who are looking for an internship. While making your objective section, do not write what you expect the company to provide you with, rather, write what you can provide the company with.

Also, try to provide the quantifiable impact which you can provide the company with.

Look at the below-given sample engineering resume to get a better understanding of how to write an objective section:


Engineering Resume for Internship & Freshers

Now, you must be thinking: Which section should a fresher in this field make or a person applying for an internship should make?

Well, as a fresher, the max experience which one has is that of 2-3 internships which one has done during their graduation. So, in a freshers engineering resume, an internship section holds a lot of significance. In place of a 'Professional Experience' section, you will make an 'Internships' section if you are a fresher.

As a fresher, adding an internship section will give you the upper hand over other freshers who have done no internships during their graduation. The internship section in an engineer resume conveys to the recruiter that you have a basic level of practical knowledge in your field.

Follow the same process of writing points for your internships section which is explained above to write the points for the professional experience section.

If you are applying for your 2nd or 3rd internship, then make an internship section in place of a professional experience section consisting of your previous internships.

And in case you are applying for your first internship, then include the engineering resume sections which we will talk about ahead.

Have a glimpse at the below-given example to have a better understanding of how to make an internship section:


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Engineering Resume: Header

The name which you write at the top of your engineer resume is known as a header.

A header is what helps in differentiating various engineering resumes from each other on a broad level.

Making an engineer resume header in the correct resume format for engineer is very important. If you're not able to write your name correctly as the very first thing, it will leave a negative impact on the recruiter's mind making him think if you're not able to write your name correctly, how will you be able to do other important duties in the company?

While writing your name, give a single space between your first name and last name. Spacing inconsistencies like that of no space or multiple spaces will leave a negative impact on the recruiters as we've told you earlier.

And if you have a middle name, then do not write your complete middle name. Just write the first initial of your middle name followed by a full stop. For example: 'Walter B. Willis'.

Also, only write your original name on an engineering resume, and don't even think of writing any kind of pet name just because you think it sounds cooler than your original name.

Have a glance at the below-given example to get more clarity on what a perfect header should look like:


Engineering Resume: Personal Information

There are three things that you need to write in the personal information section. They are:

  • Phone Number : Provide a number on which you are available 24x7.

Also, don't just go and write down those 10 digits. There is a proper resume format for engineers in which you need to write your phone number.

First, write the ISD code of your country with a plus sign (+) before it. Then give a single space and write the first five digits of your mobile number, then add another single space and after that write the last five digits of your mobile number.

Only provide one phone number which you use primarily and do not write more than one phone number as it will unnecessarily create confusion for the recruiter.

  • Official Email Address : The same applies to email addresses, do not write more than one email address in your information section. In case you have multiple email IDs then just write the one which you use almost daily.

Along with the email address, you can also provide hyperlinks to your various social media handles such as LinkedIn and Facebook as well as to any personal portfolio or websites which you have if they support your proficiency as an engineer in any way.

Hiration Pro Tip : If you decide on providing links to any of the social media handles then make sure the information on those handles is up-to-date and in sync with each other.

Do not forget to write an email address in your information section as the email address will serve as the second means through which a recruiter might contact you, with the phone number being the first medium.

  • Current Location : When writing the location, make sure you write the location at which you are residing currently.

Also, writing only the city name followed by the ISO code of the country is sufficient. No extra information is required.

Have a brief look at the below-given sample engineering resume personal information section to get a clear idea of how to make your personal information section:


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Engineering Resume: Profile Title

The third thing from the top which comes in an engineering resume is the profile title.

Every field has multiple profiles within it which demonstrate the level at which a person is proficient. That is why it is important to write a profile title to let the recruiter know what is your proficiency level.

The profile title is supposed to be the second-largest text in your engineer resume with the header being the first largest text. To write your profile title, use the font size of either 12 or 14 points.

Many engineering resumes don't even have a profile title which is the most rookie mistake that one can make. If you don't include a profile title, and with recruiters only spending 6-10 seconds per resume, won't even make an effort to go through your professional experience section to gauge the position which you have applied for.

Look at the sample engineering resume given below to get a better understanding of what a profile title is supposed to be written:


Engineering Resume: Education

The second most important thing in an engineering resume after the professional experience or internships section is the education section.

Based on this section only the recruiters will decide whether you are qualified enough to get the position which you have applied for.

The sample engineering resume given below will give you a clear idea of how to make your education the right way:


Engineering Resume: Certifications

The section which will go at the very end of the engineer resume is the certifications section.

In this section, you can add any and every certification which you ever did related to engineering as it will add value to your engineering resume.

Use the below-given resume format for engineer to write your certifications section:

{Name of Certification} | {Affiliating Institution} | {Location} | {Date} (in month & year)

Look briefly at the below-given sample engineering resume to get a better idea of how to make a certifications section:


Engineering Resume Sample

To get a better idea of what an engineer resume should look like when it's completed, have a glance at the below-given sample engineering resume:

  • Languages : C, Python, MATLAB, VBA
  • Tools : Mathcad, CAD, FEA, MS Excel, MechaniCalc
  • Drafting detailed proposals for design engineering projects like buildings, industrial corridors, smart cities, etc.
  • Preparing technical offers and rendering critical assistance in cost estimation
  • Overseeing procurement and commissioning performance testing at site
  • Creating specifications for AC Ventilation systems , reviewing vendor proposals and conducting bid evaluation
  • Collaborating with other departments for false ceiling layouts and examine mechanical drawings for Chilled Water Plants
  • Preparing Heat load calculation for ACV systems
  • Directing end-to-end product development life-cycle while designing systems & components according to the requirements
  • Ensuring system quality by designing testing methods while validating and streamlining assembly and installation processes
  • Performed testing of HVAC system s and components
  • Oversaw project schedules while presenting the project outcomes to the Senior Leadership
  • Created system specifications in accordance with technical requirements of the project and needs of the end-user
  • Preparing prototype vehicles for testing, removal & installation of components and instrumentation
  • Liaising with other departments, vendors, and manufacturing team for end-to-end project management

Key Takeaways

  • Add relevant sections to add details of awards & recognition, training, extracurricular activities, and languages.
  • Add achievement figures in your engineering resume points where you have liaised with vendors, contractors, or have led teams, mention how many vendors, contractors, or people you have led.
  • Revise your engineer resume multiple times for grammatical errors before sending it to any recruiter or posting it on some job portal.
  • Do not write anything except for the summary/objective in paragraph form.
  • Add details of what you did and why you did it while framing the professional experience or internships section.
  • Use bullets points to write every point in your engineer resume.
  • Do not use any kind of abbreviations as there always is a possibility that the recruiter might not know them.

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You can also write to us at [email protected] for professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

how to make an engineering resume

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how to make an engineering resume

how to make an engineering resume

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how to make an engineering resume

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9 Mechanical Engineer Resume Examples Built for 2024

Stephen Greet

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A mechanical engineer’s job is to take a product from an idea to the marketplace. Mechanical engineering is the mother of all engineering because it produces all the mechanics that help the world work seamlessly.

You’re considered the jack-of-all-trades in engineering circles because of your working knowledge of everything from computer applications to structures to electricity, mathematics, and physics. You shouldn’t have to add “cover letter and resume-writing  wizardry” to your accomplishments.

Just use these nine mechanical engineer resume samples to highlight your talents and  build a resume  before writing a great cover letter for the mechanical engineering job of your dreams in 2024 .

Mechanical Engineer Resume

or download as PDF

Mechanical engineer resume example with 18 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Unless you’re going to customize your objective for each role you apply to, it’s better to leave it off your resume. Save that space for your shining achievements as a mechanical engineer.
  • Look at the job description and responsibilities required and match your metrics to what the hiring manager is seeking. If this sounds about as clear as mud, consider our  AI for resume writing  your new best friend and resume coach.
  • Consider adding the number of people on your team, the positive, quantifiable results for the clients, and company leadership. Seeing you not only as an accomplished engineer but also as a team player can elevate your resume.

Mechanical Engineer Internship Resume

Mechanical engineer internship resume example with 14 years of experience

  • The key is to show you stood out in your non-engineering roles. Did you innovate by creating new processes or improving efficiency? These skills surely appeal to hiring managers for mechanical engineering internships.
  • You can do this in four places: your  cover letter , your  resume objective , the skills section, and your work experience.
  • If the internship you’re applying to is looking for someone who can work independently, you can mention that in all four places to increase your chances of landing an interview.

Entry-Level Mechanical Engineer Resume

Entry-level mechanical engineer resume example with 3 years of experience

  • If this is your first mechanical engineering position, show things you’ve learned, like the ability to work with a team, the times you took a lead role or accomplishments in your last position.
  • Metrics show accomplishments effectively, make an impact, and transcend language. By working with our  resume checker , you can see how numbers solidly shape a resume.
  • And hey, for an entry-level position, don’t hesitate to include soft skills like time management or communication (as opposed to hard skills you might not yet possess, like AutoCAD or Autodesk) on your resume and mechanical engineer cover letter .

Senior Mechanical Engineer Resume

how to make an engineering resume

  • You can also add your strict adherence to quality designs and products by leveraging tools such as Intellect QMS.

Experienced Mechanical Engineer Resume

Experienced mechanical engineer resume example with 13 years of experience

  • Above everything else, you should prove your leadership potential by showing how you led teams to complete projects while satisfying clients’ needs.

Mechanical Design Engineer Resume

how to make an engineering resume

  • Demonstrate skills in action like collaboration, innovation, prototyping, and constructing.
  • If you’ve got any of these certs, be sure they’re current before proudly listing them. Nothing says “outdated resume” like a certification that’s expired but still there!
  • In other words, your most recent experience should go at the top of your resume, with your oldest experience at the bottom.

Mechanical Project Engineer Resume

how to make an engineering resume

  • Reinforces to the hiring manager that you’re only including skills in which you’re strong.
  • Provides more context around  how  you used your skills, therefore, making your resume persuasive.
  • Your  resume should be formatted  to just one page, so real estate is gold. Don’t waste your space! 
  • We suggest opting for a  resume summary  only if you can tailor it to the job and have some specializations with a “wow” factor.
  • Discern between what you’d like to include, being proud of your accomplishments, and what is more  truly relevant to the job . Relevance is key with a career objective or summary.

Mechanical Service Engineer Resume

how to make an engineering resume

  • When you provide impressive metrics of your success, show how you got there with specific software names like Oracle ERP or a quick mention of how you generated 3D models. 
  • Licenses and official certifications such as CSEP and CMfgE are invaluable selling points, so don’t leave them out!

Associate Mechanical Engineer Resume

Associate mechanical engineer resume example with 2 years of experience

  • Use quantifiable metrics instead of leaving things vague: Are there some eye-catching accomplishments or projects you’ve racked up and can include in your associate mechanical engineer resume? 
  • When you’re light on experience, list your most well-rounded and transferrable strengths in the skills section; certs can also go a long way to supplement a limited work history.
  • Quality can stand out over quantity when you’re new to the field, so keep everything laser-relevant to the  job description  while providing your personal highlights.

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how to make an engineering resume

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how to make an engineering resume

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