Exploring 60+ Creative Satirical Essay Topics: Beyond Comedy

satirical essay topics

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  • November 8, 2023

Explore a world of wit and humor with our satirical essay topics. From societal absurdities to playful parodies, find inspiration for your next laughter-inducing masterpiece.

Imagine being able to express your opinions, critique the world, and entertain your audience, all while having a good laugh.

That’s the magic of satirical essays. These essays provide a unique platform where humor meets social commentary, and where you can make a powerful point with a touch of wit and sarcasm. However, the success of a satirical essay hinges on the topic you choose.

So, whether you’re aiming to tickle funny bones or provoke deep thoughts, this article is your guide to the world of satirical essay topics.

We’ll explore ideas that are not only hilarious but also thought-provoking. Get ready for a journey through the realm of satire as we uncover the perfect subjects to fuel your creativity and captivate your readers.

Table of Contents

The Art of Satire

Satire is like a secret doorway into the world of wit and wisdom, where humor becomes a tool for unveiling the absurdities of life.

It’s an art form that has been around for ages, tickling our funny bones while nudging us to think deeper. So, what’s the deal with satire, and how does it weave its magic?

At its core, satire is like a sly social commentator. It puts society, individuals, or even entire systems under a magnifying glass, exposing their quirks, flaws, and idiosyncrasies. But here’s the twist – it does all this while making us laugh, cringe, and nod in agreement.

Satire is a versatile beast, lurking in literature, theater, TV shows, and the wild world of the internet. You can stumble upon it in essays, short stories, cartoons, or even stand-up comedy.

No matter the form, satire’s mission remains constant: to challenge the norms and jolt us into questioning our reality.

What makes satire special is its talent for confronting the unmentionable. It deals with the tough stuff – the controversial, the uncomfortable, and the thought-provoking – all wrapped up in a hilarious package. It’s like delivering bitter medicine with a sweet coating.

Mastering the art of satire demands a sharp mind and a good grip on society’s quirks. It involves using humor as a Trojan horse, smuggling important messages behind the laughter.

Satirists are the word acrobats, using irony and sarcasm to create a gap between words and meanings, inviting us to read between the lines.

Satire isn’t just about teasing others; it’s also a way for creators to turn the humor microscope on themselves and their own society. It’s a bit like saying, “We’re all in this together, folks. Let’s laugh at our shared absurdities.”

In the end, satire is a waltz between laughter and contemplation. It’s a potent tool that can hold a mirror up to the truth, challenge the powerful, and kickstart change.

So, the next time you giggle at a satirical piece, remember, it’s not just humor; it’s an artful invitation to see the world from a different angle.

Finding the Perfect Satirical Essay Topic

So, you’re gearing up to dive into the world of satirical essays, armed with humor and a desire to make a point. But there’s one small challenge: what on earth should you satirize?

Finding the perfect satirical essay topic can feel like hunting for buried treasure in a vast sea of ideas. But don’t worry; we’re here to make the search more exciting than daunting.

Explore Life’s Quirky Side

Let’s start with the everyday oddities that often go unnoticed. Satire thrives on the absurdities of life. So, consider topics like “The Chronicles of Awkward Elevator Encounters” or “The Epic Saga of Misplacing Car Keys.”

Roast Society’s Foibles

Satire is a powerful tool for poking fun at societal flaws. Delve into topics like “The Unbelievable World of Clickbait Headlines” or “The Drama of Oversharing on Social Media.”

Mock Trends and Hypes

Trends and fads come and go, but their absurdity lingers. Satirical essays can take a hilarious spin on subjects like “The ‘Instant Celebrity’ Recipe” or “The Quest for the Ultimate Superfood.”

Expose Hypocrisy

Nothing’s quite as amusing as uncovering double standards. Consider topics like “The Eco-Warrior with a Private Jet” or “The ‘Healthy Living’ Guru Who Sneaks Midnight Snacks.”

Satirize Celebrity Culture

Celebrities and public figures are a satirist’s playground. Create essays like “A Day in the Life of a Paparazzo” or “The Politician’s Guide to Perfecting the Fake Smile.”

Twist Timeless Tales

Classic stories and fairytales can get a satirical makeover. Imagine “Snow White’s Reality TV Dilemma” or “The True Story Behind ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.'”

Tease Technology

Our tech-infused lives offer endless satirical material. Think about subjects like “The Smartphone Addiction Chronicles” or “The Comedy of Online Dating Fails.”

Skewer Schooling

Educational systems have quirks worth exploring. Consider topics like “The Art of Mastering Procrastination in College” or “The Confessions of a Self-Help Guru’s Ghostwriter.”

Roast Pop Culture

Pop culture is a goldmine for satire. Delve into topics like “The Art of Reality TV Editing” or “Decoding Celebrity Baby Names.”

Reflect on Human Quirks

Sometimes, the best satirical essays explore the oddities of human behavior. Think about subjects like “The Secret Language of Passive-Aggressiveness” or “The Science of Cringe-Worthy Moments.”

Remember, the key to a fantastic satirical essay is to mix humor, irony, and a dash of social critique. Seek out the absurd in the ordinary, and don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of creativity.

With the right topic in your sights, you’re on your way to crafting a satirical masterpiece that’s not only entertaining but also thought-provoking, leaving your readers chuckling and pondering the world around them. Happy satirizing!

Satirical Essay Topics

Check out satirical essay topics:

Social Issues

  • The “Selfie Olympics”: A Humorous Take on Self-Obsession
  • “Smart” Appliances: How Your Toaster Is Plotting Against You
  • The Art of Ghosting in Modern Dating: A Guide for Cowards
  • “Influencer” Starter Kits: A Satirical Look at Vanity in a Box
  • “Political Correctness” Gone Mad: The Absurdity of Language Policing
  • The Faux Philanthropist: Exposing Fake Social Activism
  • Instagram Filters: The Gateway Drug to Plastic Surgery
  • The Chronicles of “Healthy” Fast Food Chains
  • “Inspirational” Quote Overload: When Motivational Messages Lose Their Meaning
  • The Irony of “Cancel Culture”: Who’s Next in Line for Erasure?

Technology and Digital Age

  • The Amazon Echo: Is Your Virtual Stalker Also a Comedian?
  • The Satire of Social Media “Influencers” Selling the Impossible
  • The Comedy of Clickbait: When Everything Is “Mind-Blowing”
  • GPS Devices: Helping You Get Lost Like a Pro
  • The Hilarity of Internet Trolls: A Deep Dive into the Art of Anonymity
  • The True Cost of “Free” Apps: Selling Your Soul for Candy Crush
  • The Mystery of “Smart” Home Devices: Are They Plotting World Domination?
  • The Ridiculous World of Internet Challenges: From Cinnamon to Tide Pods
  • The Irony of Virtual Reality: Escaping the Real World to Do the Same Things
  • The Evolution of “Face Filters”: From Cute Animals to Unrecognizable Humans

Education and Learning

  • The Art of “Wikipedia Scholar” Degrees
  • Group Projects: Where Slackers Become the Best Magicians
  • The Science of Fake Homework Excuses: A Comprehensive Study
  • The Irony of “Learning Styles”: Are You a Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic Liar?
  • The Satire of “No Child Left Behind”: How We Left Them All Behind
  • The Comedy of “Participation Trophies”: Everyone’s a Winner (Except Not Really)
  • Teachers’ Lounge Conspiracy Theories: What Really Happens in There
  • The Mystery of Library “Silence” Zones: The Noisiest Places on Campus
  • The Chronicles of “Extra Credit” Hustlers: Masters of the Brown-Nosing Arts
  • “Back to School” Sales: How to Convince Kids That Pencils Are Fashion Statements

Pop Culture

  • Celebrity Fragrances: Smelling Like You Could Be Famous
  • The Comedy of Reality TV: Where Non-Celebrities Act Like Celebrities
  • The Hilarity of Award Show Speeches: From “Genuine” Tears to Thanking Your Dog
  • The Mystery of Viral Internet Challenges: Surviving the Stupidity
  • The Absurdity of Tabloid Headlines: Alien Babies and Celebrity Reincarnations
  • “Trendy” Diets: From the Cabbage Soup Cleanse to the Twinkie Diet
  • The Satirical Take on Superhero Films: When Spandex Saves the Day
  • The Comedy of “Real Housewives” Shows: Unreal Lives in Expensive Houses
  • Celebrity Social Media Feuds: The Battle for the Most Retweets
  • “Cool” Urban Legends: Bigfoot’s Hipster Cousin and the Loch Ness Hipster

Environmental Issues

  • The Comedy of Earth Day Parades: Marching for the Planet with Plastic Signs
  • The Irony of “Eco-Friendly” Disposable Diapers: Breaking Down in a Million Years
  • The Green Guilt Trip: How Your Neighbor’s Solar Panels Shame You
  • The Chronicles of the “Green” Car Owner: Driving a Gas Guzzler with a Green Sticker
  • “Zero-Waste” Instagram Accounts: How to Produce Tons of Trash for Likes
  • “Organic” Fast Food: Because Deep-Fried Organic Is Healthier, Right?
  • The Absurdity of “Recycling” Electronics: Sending Your Old Laptop to a Landfill
  • The Hilarity of “Farm-to-Table” Restaurants: How Far Is That Farm, Really?
  • “Eco-Friendly” Water Bottles: Saving the Earth, One Plastic Bottle at a Time
  • The Satire of “Vegan” Junk Food: Tofu Hot Dogs and Deep-Fried Kale Chips

Political Issues

  • Political Campaign Slogans: Promising Everything, Delivering Nothing
  • The Comedy of Political Debates: Where Civility Goes to Die
  • Political “Spin Doctors”: Turning Scandals into Inspirational Stories
  • The Absurdity of Political Ads: Making Promises You Know Won’t Be Kept
  • The Mystery of Bureaucratic Jargon: Translating “Government Speak” into English
  • Election Promises vs. Reality: A Satirical Look at Broken Pledges
  • The Irony of Campaign Fundraising: How the Poor Donate to the Rich
  • Presidential Twitter Wars: When World Leaders Act Like Teenagers
  • Political Conventions: Where Balloons Are the Highlight of the Evening
  • The Satire of Political Polls: Predicting the Future with a Magic 8-Ball

The Recipe for a Perfect Satirical Essay

Satirical essays are a unique and entertaining form of writing that allows you to explore and critique various aspects of society, culture, and human behavior with a humorous twist.

Crafting the perfect satirical essay requires a blend of wit, humor, and keen observation. Whether you’re an experienced satirist or just dipping your toes into this literary art form, here’s the recipe for creating a deliciously satirical essay:

Choose a Target

Start by identifying your target, which is the subject of your satire. It can be a social issue, a cultural phenomenon, a common behavior, or any aspect of society that you find intriguing or absurd.

Your target should be something you have strong opinions about, as satire involves commentary.

Understand Your Audience

Consider your audience’s sensibilities and preferences. Satire should be funny and thought-provoking, but it should also resonate with your readers. Know what will make them chuckle or nod in agreement.

Develop a Strong Thesis

Your satirical essay should have a clear thesis statement that conveys your central message or criticism. This statement will guide your entire essay and help your readers understand the purpose of your satire.

Embrace Exaggeration

Exaggeration is a key ingredient in satirical writing. Amplify the flaws, quirks, or absurdities of your target to an extreme degree. Push it to the limit to create humor and emphasize the point you’re making.

Employ Irony and Sarcasm

Irony and sarcasm are your trusty companions in satire. Use them to highlight the gap between appearances and reality, between what’s said and what’s meant. Witty one-liners and clever wordplay can add an extra layer of humor.

Employ Parody

Parody involves mimicking or imitating a particular style, genre, or individual to create humor. You can parody well-known personalities, famous works of literature, or iconic brands. This approach adds a layer of recognition for your readers.

Use Hyperbole

Hyperbole is an extravagant exaggeration used for emphasis. It’s an effective tool for satirists. Make the ordinary extraordinary, and the absurd even more ridiculous with the use of hyperbole.

Employ Ridicule

Ridicule is the act of mocking or making fun of your target. It’s a fundamental component of satire. Create amusing caricatures, funny situations, or absurd scenarios to ridicule your subject.

Craft a Catchy Title

Your essay’s title is your first chance to grab your readers’ attention. Make it catchy, clever, and relevant to your subject matter. A well-crafted title sets the tone for your satire.

Provide Real-World Examples

Support your satire with real-world examples, anecdotes, or observations. These give your essay authenticity and make your critique more relatable.

Maintain Consistency

Stay consistent in your satirical approach throughout the essay. Your humor, tone, and style should remain constant from start to finish.

Offer a Resolution or Alternative

A good satirical essay doesn’t just point out flaws; it suggests improvements or alternative solutions. Offer a thought-provoking resolution or present an absurd alternative to highlight the flaws in the existing system or behavior.

Revise and Edit

Like any other type of writing, satirical essays benefit from revision and editing. Review your work for clarity, coherence, and grammatical correctness. Ensure that your humor is sharp and your message is clear.

Seek Feedback:

Share your essay with friends or colleagues and ask for their feedback. A fresh perspective can help you refine your satire.

Don’t Cross Boundaries

While satire encourages humor and exaggeration, be mindful not to cross into offensive or hurtful territory. Your satire should be amusing and thought-provoking, not mean-spirited.

Incorporate these ingredients into your satirical essay recipe, and you’ll be on your way to creating a delicious, thought-provoking, and entertaining piece of satirical writing.

Remember, the goal is not just to make your readers laugh but also to make them think. Happy satirizing!

What is a good topic for satire?

When it comes to crafting a satirical essay, choosing the right topic is essential. A good satirical topic should be timely, relevant, and capable of shedding light on the hypocrisy, absurdity, or foolishness prevalent in a particular person, group, or institution.

Here, we present a handful of excellent topics ripe for satirical exploration:

The Social Media Obsession

Satire can delve into our incessant phone-checking habits and the constant updates on our lives. Explore the addictive nature of likes and followers in the digital age.

The Political Circus

Politics is a treasure trove of satirical material. Unveil the world of empty promises made by politicians or their peculiar fascination with fundraising over serving constituents.

The Cult of Celebrity

Delve into the worship of celebrities and society’s fixation on every move they make. Expose the extremes of idolizing famous figures.

Commercialized Holidays

Highlight the shift of holidays from meaningful family and friend gatherings to consumerist extravaganzas. Satirize the overwhelming emphasis on shopping.

The Wellness Mania

Poke fun at the relentless pursuit of healthy eating and exercise, sometimes taken to the point of neuroticism. Examine society’s obsession with wellness.

These topics serve as a starting point, and there are numerous other excellent options for satirical essays. The key lies in selecting a topic that seamlessly combines humor with thought-provoking insights, fostering essential conversations about pertinent issues.

In the realm of satire, humor is the vehicle, but reflection is the destination.

What is a satirical essay?

Satirical essays are a unique genre that employs humor, irony, exaggeration, and various literary devices to critique individuals, groups, or institutions.

Their purpose is to reveal hypocrisy, absurdity, or foolishness, all while prompting readers to view essential issues from a fresh perspective.

Let’s explore the defining features of a satirical essay:

Humor with a Purpose

Satirical essays are inherently humorous, but this humor serves a greater objective. It isn’t merely for laughter’s sake; it’s a powerful tool used to underscore the essay’s subject.

Masters of Irony and Sarcasm

Satire relies heavily on irony and sarcasm, two potent instruments. Irony involves using words in a way that contradicts their actual meaning, while sarcasm is a form of irony that expresses contempt or criticism.

Exaggeration for Effect

Satirical essays often amplify the flaws and shortcomings of their subjects. This amplification serves to sharpen the essay’s point and portray the subject in an even more ludicrous light.

Laser-Focused on Specifics

These essays are not vague musings. They pinpoint particular individuals, groups, or institutions, enhancing their effectiveness in conveying a message.

Clever and Witty Execution

A successful satirical essay should be clever and witty. Without these qualities, it risks losing its humor and impact.

In the world of satirical essays, humor is the vehicle, but enlightenment is the destination. These essays serve as a remarkable means to provoke reflection on crucial issues, all while bringing a smile to the reader’s face.

What is a good satire example?

In the world of literary satire, some timeless classics have managed to tickle our funny bones while offering profound insights.

These masterpieces don’t just amuse us; they make us ponder the follies of human nature and society. Here are a few of these gems:

1. Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift (1726)

Swift takes us on a whimsical journey with Lemuel Gulliver through lands like Lilliput, Brobdingnag, and more. But beneath the fantastical adventures lies a clever satire on the quirks of humanity, politics, and society.

2. Candide by Voltaire (1759)

Voltaire’s story follows the eternal optimist Candide, who explores the world and encounters a string of misfortunes. Through Candide’s misadventures, Voltaire uses satire to skewer the notion of unbridled optimism and reflect on the harsh realities of our world.

3. Animal Farm by George Orwell (1945)

Orwell’s allegorical tale is a biting critique of the Russian Revolution and the emergence of Stalinism. As a group of farm animals rebel against their human overlords to create their society, Orwell uncovers the corrupting influence of power.

4. Catch-22 by Joseph Heller (1961)

Heller’s novel hilariously underscores the absurdity of war and the bureaucratic maze of the military. Captain John Yossarian, a U.S. Air Force bombardier feigning insanity to avoid more bombing missions, embodies the dark comedy that ensues in wartime.

5. A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole (1980)

Toole paints a satirical portrait of Southern culture and the elusive American Dream through the comical misadventures of Ignatius J. Reilly. A lovable yet exasperating character, Ignatius dreams of becoming a writer while wrestling with his own eccentricities.

These works are just a sampling of the rich tapestry of satire in literature. They remind us that humor can be a powerful tool for reflecting on society and uncovering truths in the quirkiest and most unexpected ways.

In the enchanting world of satire, the boundaries are as limitless as your creativity. Satirical essay topics offer a stage where humor, irony, and cleverness intertwine, allowing us to dive headfirst into the quirks of human behavior, the baffling peculiarities of society, and the intricacies of our ever-evolving world.

These topics spark laughter, but they do much more – they beckon us to think. Satirical essays act as a mirror, reflecting back the contradictions, paradoxes, and absurdities we often overlook.

They prod us to question the norms, to challenge established norms, and to perceive the world from a fresh angle.

So, whether you’re composing a satirical essay to entertain, to shed light on social issues, or just for the sheer joy of wit, remember that satire transcends humor – it’s an art form that inspires contemplation.

It’s a delightful nudge that reminds us humor can be a powerful instrument for change, and that even the weightiest of subjects can benefit from a sprinkle of humor.

So, let your imagination soar and your pen dance merrily, because who knows, amid the chuckles, you might uncover profound truths that were hiding in plain sight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a satirical essay.

A satirical essay aims to criticize and ridicule societal issues, individuals, or institutions using humor, irony, and exaggeration. Its purpose is to entertain, make readers think, and shed light on the absurdities of our world.

Can I use satire to discuss serious topics?

Absolutely! Satire is a powerful tool to address serious issues indirectly. It allows you to critique and challenge the status quo while keeping your readers engaged through humor.

How do I maintain a balance between humor and critique in a satirical essay?

Balancing humor and critique in a satirical essay is key. Ensure that your humor supports your critique and doesn’t undermine the seriousness of the issue you’re addressing. Clever wit and well-crafted irony can help maintain this balance.

Is it essential to use real examples in a satirical essay?

While using real examples can enhance the impact of your satire, it’s not always necessary. You can create fictional scenarios and characters to highlight the absurdities

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A satire essay is a creative writing assignment where you use irony and humor to criticize people’s vices or follies. It’s especially prevalent in the context of current political and social events. A satirical essay contains facts on a particular topic but presents it in a comical way.

This task may be intimidating. Don’t worry: even the greatest masters of satire didn’t always succeed in their early efforts! Our custom writing experts are here to help you. In this article, you will find:

  • helpful info about satirical essays;
  • a list of 256 essay topics;
  • examples of satirical essays.
  • 🔝 Top 10 Satire Essay Topics
  • 😆 Satire Essay Definition
  • ✍️ Writing Tips
  • 😜 Essay Topics
  • 💡 Writing Prompts

📚 Satire Essay Examples

🔗 references, 🔝 top 10 satire essay topics .

  • The joy of scambaiting.
  • Who teaches politicians to lie?
  • How to build a cult successfully.
  • Reasons why the sky should be green.
  • How to fail your exams using Facebook.
  • How not to get bored at family dinners.
  • Let’s build walls around all countries.
  • How to eat a lot without gaining weight.
  • Ways to escape visits to the dentist.
  • What do soccer and impact factors have in common?

😆 What Is a Satirical Essay?

The picture shows the definition of a satirical essay.

A satirical essay is a composition written about a particular subject using irony or sarcasm. Usually, the topics are related to politics, society, or money. The primary goal of any satire is to use humor creatively to make fun of foolish human behavior and criticize topical issues. 

You can find examples of satire in numerous books, poems, and movies. If you enjoy dry humor based on exaggerations, you’ll surely have fun writing your satire essay.

✍️ How to Write a Satire Essay

Does the task of writing a satirical essay look daunting? No worries! Check out our expert advice: 

  • First off, sit down and relax. Do something inspiring. For example, get in a fight (preferably a literal one.) Satire needs to be written at the boiling point; that’s exactly where the best essay ideas come from.
  • Get inspiration from classic satire examples. Scan through the works of famous satirists when looking for ideas. It can be helpful to draw parallels with the situation in the modern world.
  • Another great way to get satirical essay ideas is life itself. This is where every masterpiece comes from. Ideas for a satire may pop into your head at any time. Maybe you got into a fight with a lady in the supermarket or argued about clothes with your sibling. Whatever noteworthy event happened to you recently, write it down!
  • The best satire paper ideas are those that reflect reality. If your readers can draw parallels with their life, then you’ve succeeded. Completely made-up stories are harder to pull off: you can end up not convincing your readers.
  • Think about your audience. Should you choose a formal or casual tone for your satirical piece? If a professor is going to read it, the first option is preferable.
  • Set your goals. Good satire only makes your readers laugh but also demonstrates to them your way of thinking. Use your satirical essay to show your attitude towards serious issues.
  • Add a personal touch to your satirical writing. Narrate in first-person perspective or make yourself the protagonist. Adding a unique spin and an interesting perspective will help your essay stand out. It’s also good to use hyperboles and metaphors to make your point.

If you’re struggling with picking good satire topics, check out the ideas below.

😜 Satire Essay Topics List

Topics for a satirical essay on social media & technology .

Many of us have a complicated relationship with social media. Despite their convenience, they use a lot of our time as well as storage space. A satirical discussion can sharpen a critical perspective on these topics.

  • Like, repost, and get married. It’s difficult to determine someone’s real intentions on the Internet. How does this impact people’s dating behavior?
  • How cute animals became the main driving force of Instagram advertising. Emotions play a significant role in marketing. Adorable cats and dogs wield much power in this regard. What do you think is their secret?
  • “I will just check a few posts and stories… Whoops, there goes my day.” If that sounds familiar to you, write about it in your satire essay on social media!
  • “I’m going to filter this anyway.” However unflattering your photo looks, Instagram’s got your back. Discuss how you can use this power to your advantage.
  • Let’s Zoom! Online classes are not everybody’s cup of tea. Will they become the new standard model of learning? Or will they disappear to where they came from?
  • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook : can you use all of them without losing your grip on reality?
  • The rise of knock-off products: will the Asian competition sweep Apple and others away?
  • What if your phone is hacked?
  • Providing a constant flow of content as a modern virtue.
  • Exchanging gossip as a currency on social media.
  • English will become an endangered language thanks to emojis.
  • The worst social media virus: “Have you seen this TikTok ?”
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to use hashtags to Twitter.
  • Tagging in Facebook posts as an invasion of personal space.
  • How to ruin your life with the help of only one social media account.
  • Equality on the media: why are we discriminating against positive news?
  • If you don’t watch my stories back, you don’t love me.
  • Is your life as perfect as the one you display on your Instagram?
  • Viral challenges are getting overly complicated.
  • Caution: fact-checking Tweets may cause severe fires on social media.
  • What if you were paid to scroll social media feeds?
  • Understanding the cloud: how did my files get all the way up in the sky?
  • Warning: downloading these apps may shorten your life.
  • Tweets are short for a good reason: an average person’s attention span is getting shorter.
  • Dumb ways to die: or, why you should never google how to save your life.
  • Imagine the Internet disappears tomorrow.
  • Can you make your coffee without a coffee machine?
  • What do hackers look like in real life?
  • An updated set of rules on how not to embarrass yourself on the Internet .
  • Modern life: did you get the newest human update?
  • TikTok should be banned in schools.
  • FOMO: does it make you have nightmares ?
  • There is nothing bad about having a date with someone from social media.
  • Social media jargon that we will never understand.
  • How to unsee all the disgusting stuff you have seen on social media.
  • A quick test to find out whether you’re smarter than your smartphone .
  • Hiding your flaws on social media for dummies.
  • Spotting an authentic lifestyle on Instagram is not that easy.
  • Learning how to make a relevant and adequate comment on social media.
  • Things from the Internet that could’ve been funny if they weren’t so real.
  • Feeling good about your body doesn’t mean you should post nudes.
  • How to stay at home forever: Let your parents see your photos from last night’s party on social media.
  • How to gain more followers on your Twitter.
  • Should we expect an apocalypse if social media shuts down?
  • Is social media the best way to make new friends ?
  • Do your Instagram followers really care what you had for breakfast?
  • It’s impossible to avoid Internet addiction.
  • Should robots have human rights?
  • 10 reasons not to use Google for your exam prep.
  • Should robots replace humans?
  • Why should everyone have Internet access?
  • Technology is not what devastated human communication .
  • Why are smartphones more important than desktop PCs?
  • 10 reasons for taking online classes only.
  • How do modern technologies affect the way we learn?

Satire Essay on School: Topic Ideas

In a satirical essay, you can criticize the social issues that concern you using irony and funny punchlines. You can express your ideas and worries about education with a little bit of humor. It sounds like a dream essay, doesn’t it? Writing about your problems in a satirical way might help you to look at them from a more optimistic perspective!

  • What is the point of a school uniform? Even office workers rarely have to follow strict dress code rules. All in all, your brain won’t solve calculus tasks better if you wear a uniform.
  • Why is studying online more productive than going to school? You don’t have to go anywhere to become more intelligent. All the existing knowledge is available on the Internet, and most of it is free.
  • Teachers enjoy giving a lot of homework to their students. Many students suspect that. Do you think there might be some truth behind it?
  • How can you defend yourself from older kids at school? Taking up boxing or karate ? Becoming a bully ? Or maybe you just need to be a good runner? Try to think about the most creative and outlandish options.
  • Reasons why you should write essays in the last minute. Nothing motivates a student more than an approaching deadline. Try to remember the time you finished your assignment the night before the due date. What was it like?
  • What’s wrong with the educational system in America? Find the flaws in your program or describe the problems that your peers face. For example, think about tuition fees in colleges, overcrowding, or lack of attention to students.
  • How social media help students in their studies. The educational content on social media can be helpful for your studies. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if your teachers interacted with you via TikTok or YouTube?
  • How do you survive your senior year at high school? Applying to college, preparing for SAT or ACT, and keeping up with deadlines seem like a lot of multitasking . Describe all the difficulties students have to face and offer your solutions.
  • Do we even need to go to school? At first, think about why you like and dislike school. Why do you think school helped you, and when was it useless? Provide your reasons why you keep going to school and what you aim to achieve.

Topics for a Satire Essay on Obesity

Healthy lifestyles keep gaining popularity. There are plenty of low-fat and vegan options in supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants. However, obesity is still a big problem for people’s health and self-esteem. Satirical topics below will help you look at it from a new perspective; just make sure to be respectful.

  • Are overweight people happier than the rest of us? Many fat people keep positive and simply don’t care about the way others see them. They can enjoy their favorite foods and don’t feel the need to work out after that.
  • Do overweight people want to lose weight? Some of them surely do. Others are happy the way they are and still face the constant pressure of the people surrounding them. Explain why it’s not necessary to lose weight just to fit the standards.
  • How to stop eating at night. Nothing seems like a better idea than grabbing a snack at 2 a.m. The following day you cannot even realize why your brain persuaded you to do it. Explain why this habit can be harmful and what possible solutions can help to get rid of it.
  • Crazy solutions for losing weight. You can find thousands of diets and fat-burning workouts on the Internet, but none of them work as well as promised. Find the funniest weight loss tips and describe them in your essay.
  • How to persuade children to choose healthy foods . When you force somebody to do something, it doesn’t work well. Maybe we should show kids educational cartoons on nutrition? Or perhaps we need to learn how to cook delicious and healthy foods ?
  • How do some skinny people eat so much and don’t gain weight? Probably everyone knows a person who eats all the time and is not even close to getting fat. It might be fast metabolism, an active lifestyle , or black magic.
  • What should you eat to lose weight? Everybody knows that you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. But people still want to find a perfect diet to reduce body fat . Can you come up with one?
  • Signs that you need to lose some weight. Maybe your favorite jeans became too tight, or you can’t walk up the stairs as quickly as you used to. Think of the indicators showing that you’ve gained some extra weight.
  • How does smoking affect weight loss? Many people believe that smoking reduces the feeling of hunger and makes you eat less. Ex-smokers also tend to gain weight when they give up smoking. Explore this issue in a satirical essay.

Environment & Global Warming Satire Essay Topics

Environmental issues are a big part of today’s debates. Satire can make your essay more prominent and draw more attention to the issues you discuss. Satirizing the current situation can be a powerful tool in motivating people to go green. If you’re looking for good satirical topics concerning the environment, this is your section.

  • Behold: anyone is now able to walk on water. You can do it, too—thanks to giant garbage islands. What other “wonders” has pollution made possible?
  • Our dependency on the environment is one-sided. Speculate what would happen if nature strikes back. Who will have the upper hand?
  • No one likes to wade through garbage. Yet, many people just throw their trash on the ground. What’s going on in their minds?
  • New technology: guilty until proven innocent. Can humans sustain technological progress at the cost of the environment?
  • We are ready to cut down the tree if we need a toothpick. Is this acceptable or outrageous? Ponder on it in your essay.
  • What if you could stop climate change? Imagine that you can control everything in the world. What would you do to stop global warming ? Offer your solutions to climate change having this kind of power.
  • Climate change is fake news . With this essay, you can satirize the point of view of climate change deniers. Winter is as cold as it used to be. Maybe global warming is a trick politicians use to deflect our attention from real problems.
  • Dirty water vs. polluted air: the irony of rich nations looking down on developing societies.
  • Is sustainability in big companies merely a fashionable way to make a profit?
  • How can we live comfortably without degrading the environment ?
  • Natural disasters vs. climate change denial: is there a correlation?
  • Can humans live in a symbiotic relationship with nature, as plants do?
  • Stop brushing your teeth if you have heard of global warming.
  • Why we should stop hating public transport .
  • Overpopulated cemeteries: an underrated issue.
  • Who cares about the environment when we need more housing ?
  • I hate recycling , so here is what I do instead of helping the environment.
  • Riding horses instead of driving cars can be fun!
  • Let’s be honest: do we really need that much ozone?
  • The best solution for global warming: using hover boards instead of cars.
  • Trashy waste disposal ways: can we do better?
  • If you’re convinced “there is plenty of fish in the sea,” think twice.
  • Humans sacrifice dozens of species to save one: themselves.
  • The latest research shows that people don’t care about the environment.
  • Should we consider reusable toilet paper to save our planet?
  • Can’t people just plant more trees to save the forests?
  • How to reduce pollution without recycling.
  • What’s wrong with the zero waste ideology?
  • How not making your bed can stop global warming.
  • Why should humanity move to Mars ?
  • 10 reasons why deforestation makes our planet cleaner.
  • Are gasoline cars better than electric ones?

The picture shows the examples of satire in various media.

Satirical Essay on Social Issues: Topics & Questions

In this section, you’ll find satirical writing ideas about society, culture, and other related things.

  • “I want to speak to the manager!” If you’re dying of shame every time someone says this sentence, welcome to the Karen phenomenon. What can you do to avoid becoming such a person?
  • Multinational corporations are masters of disguise. The variety of choices on grocery store shelves is deceiving. Almost all goods there belong to one of few transnational corporations.
  • You can achieve anything you set your mind to—unless you’re poor. Think of examples that support this statement, such as education not being accessible for everyone.
  • Hungry Google. How can promising tech start-ups prevent being devoured by a giant? The greediness of a big corporation such as Google is a great satirical topic to write about.
  • The dark side of the fashion industry. What’s your opinion on beautiful designs made by the hands of Asian children?
  • Trends, bans, and censorship: is free speech only for the elite?
  • How to keep up with slang as you get older.
  • Will Apple’s planned obsolescence ever backfire?
  • “I can paint like this”: the appeal of abstract art .
  • Spartans knew how to deal with overpopulation.
  • Who really deserves the title of the Greatest Generation?
  • ”Let’s make it simple!”: the dullness of modern pop culture.
  • Is it time to create a new currency in the US?
  • What should you answer to a time-traveler from the past asking about the worst event in the 21st century?
  • What if pharmaceutical companies merely want to keep us sick?
  • 10 reasons why breastfeeding in public should be illegal.
  • 7 reasons why women should not get pregnant .
  • Why should you avoid getting vaccinated?
  • Life hacks on how to get a cold in summer.
  • What’s so good about plastic surgery ?
  • What adverse effects can sports have on your life?

Other Satirical Essay Topics

Below you’ll find humorous topics related to politics and family life. You’re welcome to use them for your satirical writing assignment.

Satire Topics on Politics

It’s hard to face reality without a bit of humor. With everything that’s happening in the world, politics is perfect joke material. This is especially relevant for Juvenalian satire. To help you limit your choices, here are some prompts:

  • Do men in power actually plan to destroy the world one day? Or is hoarding atomic weapons the politicians’ version of collecting stamps?
  • “The internet is new territory for all of us.” At least it was, according to the German chancellor Angela Merkel in 2013. Sounds accurate? Unpack this quote in your essay.
  • Democracies have one big problem: everyone is allowed to vote. Should democratic governments introduce some kind of an IQ test before authorizing people to participate in voting?
  • Is Donald Trump a lizard person? How would this comical theory fit with his politics? Discuss this satire topic in your essay.
  • North Korea’s role in the global playing field. Is the country a serious threat or a minor disturbance?
  • How much influence do celebrities have in international politics?
  • Politicians in Hungary and Poland use excessive anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric. What are they afraid of?
  • Are rich people and Twitter enthusiasts such as Elon Musk secretly governing the world?
  • Manufacturing conspiracy theories for fun and profit.
  • Would life in Russia be any different if Putin crowned himself tsar?
  • Why would shopping malls make perfect prisons ?
  • Analyze the dictionary meaning of the word “trump.”
  • Romantic relationship between Hillary Clinton and the media.
  • Do all presidents just follow their basic primitive instincts?
  • If someone believes politicians , they might as well believe in aliens.
  • 13 reasons why teenagers should create laws.
  • The most effective method to treat your post-election stress.
  • Every year’s slogan: Let’s make politics work again!
  • A team of professionals working on upgrading Donald Trump’s lies.
  • A practical dictionary to help you translate the Trump language.
  • How would the deep state save us from the climate catastrophe?
  • Winning as the ultimate goal of all elections for political figures.
  • Why do presidents always appear to be right?
  • Following the success of Germany , we have to unite the US, too!
  • If you have these symptoms, you should see a doctor to treat your Political Correctness Syndrome immediately!
  • Donald Trump’s best solution for wildfires, or “Rake, people, rake!”
  • Family planning gone wrong: Alabama’s law on abortion.
  • What do Canadians say about America’s struggles with immigrants?
  • Making parallels between Humpty Dumpty and the issues with the US wall.
  • Why everyone should own a gun.
  • Why doesn’t freedom of speech make you free?
  • Beware: the new virus of civil disobedience is coming.
  • Why do we keep thanking the wrong heroes?
  • A white American man: the most terrorized person in the world nowadays.
  • Shouldn’t we treat China as America’s best friend?
  • Communism is capitalism’s evil twin.
  • Why didn’t the government invoke the 25 th amendment during Trump’s presidency?
  • How to build hype: tips from the man who told everyone to drink bleach.
  • Donald Trump as the next candidate for winning a Nobel Prize in medicine.
  • Sending hippie-like peace text messages to the terrorists.

The picture shows the 3 main types of satire.

  • Why won’t anyone believe what politicians say?
  • What makes Donald Trump so unique?
  • Trust me, the Great Wall of China will still stand after the alien invasion.
  • Let’s see if Captain America would make a good president.
  • Can we use ideas from comic books to confront terrorists?
  • 10 reasons why you should watch CNN news twice a day before a meal.
  • The gun control issue couldn’t be more overrated.
  • People are dying: legalize marijuana to save lives!
  • A collection of Donald Trump’s best advice.
  • 10 reasons why Tony Stark should become the next president of the United States.
  • Is Russia America’s top enemy?
  • Should the Communist party be the world’s leading social organization ?
  • 15 reasons why all countries should liberalize visa regimes.
  • How much should countries spend on military expenses?
  • Why is political satire important?

Satirical Essay Topics: Marriage and Family

Family life can be a blessing as well as a challenge. Humor is a big help. Looking through this section, you’ll definitely find a relatable satire essay topic. Be sure to have a witty solution for the next time!

  • You’re a cat person; your partner loves dogs . And your child begs you to buy a snake. What’s the best way to choose a pet for the whole family? Explore this funny satire topic in your essay!
  • “I have a great business idea . ” Have you come to fear hearing these words? Write about how to discourage your loved ones from investing in bad ideas.
  • Just married! And the routine already sets in. How can a couple keep the spark?
  • Marrying is easy; it is difficult to be married . If this hits close to home, consider it as the topic for your essay.
  • Grandma Online. Many people underestimate their grandparents’ abilities to use the Internet. How can said grandparents use this to their advantage?
  • What’s the best way to deal with ex-partners after marrying someone else?
  • Marrying a Catholic priest: how to handle celibacy.
  • “Blood is thicker than water”: when is this statement not valid?
  • Love at first sight: truth or myth?
  • Cool parents for all Millennials : a practical guidebook.
  • Why do people who have failed relationships keep advising others?
  • What are your grandpa’s best retirement ideas for young people?
  • Paying back: what can you ask your grandparents at the end of the day?
  • Family discussions are like puzzles that one has to piece together.
  • Why does nobody tell you how overrated a married life is?
  • The turning point of my life: before and after marriage.
  • What if same-sex marriage becomes legal everywhere?
  • Why some men don’t wear engagement rings.
  • Why would anyone save for their kids’ college or wedding?
  • The secret behind high divorce rates in the US.
  • Don’t rush to say “I do,” check these things first.
  • Living in communities as a substitute for marriage in the future.
  • The reasons why my kids won’t get married in a church .
  • If love is blind, why are we still so self-conscious?
  • The most misused pickup line of the decade.
  • Guidebook of the year: places where you can find love .
  • When being yourself on a date doesn’t help, just be weird.
  • The real struggle behind “ happily ever after .”
  • The most obvious signs you have a nosy partner.
  • How can paternity leave save the whole world?
  • Top useful tricks on how to win a fight with your partner.
  • Things you should do on the first date if you need to escape.
  • At what age should teens enter romantic relationships?
  • Social media comes to rescue you: why is it the best way to break up?
  • Breaking up for introverts: how to do it without words.
  • Not awkward, not cute: conversation starters for the first date.
  • How to find out what your partner actually thinks about that dress.
  • Get ready: questions your partner will definitely ask you at some point.
  • How many times do I have to say “I love you” before my partner believes me?
  • Family getaway planning on a budget (spoiler: stay home!)
  • More money spent on weddings equals a higher chance of divorce .
  • Being a housewife and a mom is so much easier than working! Right?
  • Make your husband clean after himself: a step-by-step guide.
  • Learning to love your parents who tag you in every post on Facebook.
  • Who needs a babysitter when you have a tablet and a TV?
  • Dressing your toddler: are there only pink and blue clothes?
  • Enjoy your time as a kid of a divorced couple ; you live in two places!
  • The top 10 passive-aggressive comments to make to your “favorite” relative.
  • How do you detect a typical mansplaining answer from a woman?
  • The middle child : why do people often seem to forget about them?
  • The reasons why your mother-in-law is not the greatest evil .
  • Create a 100% stress-free family life by divorcing.
  • How to make a bathroom your private space in 5 steps.
  • Fixing racism issues by promoting interracial marriages.
  • Your evolution into everything you hate about your parents.
  • Are divorces more expensive than weddings?
  • Why all fathers should be taking paternity leave .
  • What to do on a date to never be asked out by that person again.
  • How to lie to your spouse and get away with it.
  • The most effective tricks never to have dishwashing duty.
  • How to tell your partner that they’ve gained weight .
  • How to please your mom without actually following her advice.
  • 10 life hacks to break up with your partner without doing anything.
  • Getting a haircut is the best method to deal with a breakup.
  • 15 reasons why you should always be late for dates.

If you haven’t found a suitable topic, you can use our topic generator for inspiration.

💡 Prompts for a Satirical Essay: Examples

Need some additional inspiration? The following prompts will instantly provide you with writing ideas.

Satirical Essay on Drugs: Writing Prompt

Illegal drug use is a grave problem in our society. You can draw attention to this issue by writing a satirical proposal. Here are some options:

  • Try to imagine what would happen if illegal drugs were free. What adverse “benefits” would this solution have? To drive the point home, use facts and statistics to show how easily addictions form.
  • You may use the same approach to write about smoking or alcohol abuse. It’s a great idea to draw inspiration from old advertisements and taglines glamorizing the “benefits” of these addictions.

Feminist Satire Essay: Writing Prompt

Describing female oppression ironically as something positive allows you to demonstrate the absurdity of sexism. Think about the following:

  • Many antifeminists see equal rights as a threat to patriarchy. For your essay, think about the examples of traditional misogynistic values, such as reducing women’s roles to housework. Then, present them in an ironic way to show how absurd they are.
  • Another point worth satirizing is the idea that women are tired of equal rights. Do they want to go back to doing simple tasks in the kitchen and being banned from having a fulfilling job?
  • Finally, you may want to explore if feminism hurts men. Is it true, or do some men just miss being in the spotlight?

Satirical Essay on Drinking and Driving: Writing Prompt

Drunk driving is among the primary reasons for road accidents in the US. It’s also an interesting topic to explore in a satirical essay. You can research ways of reducing impaired driving and turn them upside down:

  • What if we start encouraging drunk driving by making alcohol more accessible? Think what would happen if the government lowers alcohol prices or makes it legal to drink everywhere.
  • You may also want to ponder the consequences of lowering the legal drinking age. What would happen if kids start thinking that drunk driving is acceptable or even cool?
  • You can go even further and ironically suggest making sober driving illegal.

Satirical Essay on Texting: Writing Prompt

Texting is fun—but it also comes with plenty of downsides. Below are some points you can satirize in your essay:

  • One of the major drawbacks of texting is the lack of nuance compared to real-life communication. But what if it was actually an advantage? Try to describe the “benefits” of not being able to convey irony via texting.
  • You may take a more serious stance and write a satirical essay on texting and driving. Why should texting be more important than watching the road? Show why this activity is pointless and highly dangerous.

Now let’s have a look at an essay example before you start writing. You can use this sample as inspiration or help you set a tone for a satire essay. Feel free to download the PDF file below:

Sometimes I dread graduating from high school just because I won’t have to wear a uniform anymore. It’s so wonderful to me because everything else I wear is either “too short” or “too bright.” In my opinion, school uniform relieves pressure and reduces unnecessary creativity and freedom of choice.

Satire Essay Examples from World Literature

If you are used to serious writing, it’s time to give it a break. Satire essays are all about fun. Some people even consider it to be one of the most entertaining types of essays.

Not only does satire show us reality as it is: it also entertains us. Let’s look at some satire writing examples from literary masters.

  • The Cop and the Anthem by O. Henry The irony is already noticeable from the very beginning of O. Henry’s short story. Whatever main character Soapy intends to do, it results in the opposite. O. Henry perfectly plays around with Soapy’s sophisticated language use: it shows that despite being homeless, the character tries to appear as if he is of high status.
  • Advice to Youth by M. Twain This satirical essay by Mark Twain aims to give a piece of advice to younger readers. They would expect it to be thoughtful as it comes from a respectable author. Instead of passing down his ideas about morality and values, Twain teaches youth how to act nicely. Long story short, it’s a convenient guide on how to pretend to be well-behaved. Twain’s use of sarcastic humor flips the theme of morality upside down.
  • At the Funeral by M. Twain After reading this masterpiece, most adults and parents probably wouldn’t find Mark Twain so respectable anymore. In this essay, he mocks a set of social norms related to funerals. You can see how the writer plays around with this seemingly depressing topic. However, this satirical piece comes out to be quite entertaining. The reader can’t even sense the depressing mood surrounding the funeral processions. Twain also avoids using any terms related to it. He underlines that there is no value in such a custom anymore. All in all, he conveys his ideas very naturally and humorously.
  • When I Was a Witch by Charlotte Perkins Gilman This short story created by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is considered one of the best satirical writing examples. It’s a story about a woman who discovers that all her wishes come true. She starts wishing for her surroundings and society at large to change. Though her wishes might seem strange, they are related to Gilman’s real-life circumstances. Ironically, only her wishes that are caused by negative emotions come true.
  • A Modest Proposal by J. Swift This satirical essay by an English writer Jonathan Swift is about Ireland’s social and political problems. At the time, there was a famine in the country. Unfortunately, the government didn’t seem to find a solution to that issue. Swift decided to make a suggestion. He proposes to breed humans like cattle, resolving overpopulation and hunger at the same time. Such a horrible suggestion is nothing but an impossible idea with a hint of sarcasm. The main point of this essay is to make fun of the Irish government’s incapability to deal with social issues.

These texts will surely inspire you to write an outstanding essay.

We wish you good luck and hope this article was helpful! Don’t hesitate to share it with your friends.

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✏️ Satirical Essay FAQ

In the modern world, there are way too many serious issues. Sensational media portrayal doesn’t make dealing with them easier. Satire helps to digest some ideas more effectively. Essays and articles often use satirical writing.

If you already have a topic, analyze the issue. You should come up with a good list of ideas first. Then, choose the most relevant points. Describe these in a satirical style. Add an introduction and a conclusion.

Students often have tasks with exact topics for their satire essays. If you need to develop an idea yourself, think about a topical issue you’ve heard about recently. Your subject might be related to your community or society as a whole.

First, read some examples of how other authors start their essays. This might vary from a quote or an anecdote to a rhetorical question. Sometimes the best way is to create an outline for the essay before writing an introduction.

  • Essay Structure: Elizabeth Abrams, for the Writing Center at Harvard University
  • What Is Satire? How to Use Satire in Literature, Pop Culture, and Politics: MasterClass
  • Choosing a Topic: Purdue Writing Lab
  • Satire Essays: Bartleby
  • Origin of the Roman Satire Genre: NS. Gill, ThoughtCo
  • Juvenalian Satire: Encyclopedia Britannica
  • The Power of Political Satire: The New Yorker
  • Political Satire: Huff Post
  • Political Issues of 2024: I Side With
  • Political Issues Students Care About in 2020: Best Colleges
  • These Satirical Nat Geo Headlines Aren’t Too Far Off: National Geographic
  • Laughing in the Face of Climate Change? Satire as a Device for Engaging Audiences in Public Debate: University of Colorado Boulder
  • Technology Addiction: How Should It Be Treated?: Medical News Today
  • Concerns Regarding Concerns Regarding Social Media and Health Issues in Adolescents and Young Adults: ACOG.org
  • Social/Family Issues: Medline Plus
  • Trump’s Biggest Accomplishments and Failures from His 1-Term Presidency: Business Insider
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Hello, thanks for useful and effective ideas for satirical essay writing! They are like a miles stone to me! Wish you good luck!!!

Prominent ideas for satirical essays. These are what I need for my writing process) Actually, for its starting. Thanks a lot!

Actually, it’s a very fantastic article. I liked these topics and will try them. Many thanks for sharing!


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116 Satire Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Inside This Article

Satire is a form of humor that uses irony, sarcasm, and ridicule to criticize or mock something or someone. It is often used in literature, film, and television to highlight social issues, political corruption, or human behavior in a humorous way. If you are looking for some inspiration for your next satire essay, here are 116 topic ideas and examples to get you started:

  • The absurdity of beauty standards in the fashion industry
  • The ridiculousness of reality TV shows
  • The hypocrisy of politicians
  • The silliness of celebrity culture
  • The irony of social media influencers
  • The farce of online dating
  • The stupidity of conspiracy theories
  • The absurdity of fad diets
  • The hilarity of parenting memes
  • The ridiculousness of gender reveal parties
  • The satire of self-help books
  • The irony of motivational speakers
  • The absurdity of corporate culture
  • The silliness of office politics
  • The farce of team-building exercises
  • The stupidity of corporate jargon
  • The hilarity of customer service
  • The ridiculousness of fast food culture
  • The irony of diet culture
  • The absurdity of fitness trends
  • The satire of health and wellness influencers
  • The ridiculousness of beauty gurus
  • The silliness of lifestyle bloggers
  • The farce of travel influencers
  • The stupidity of influencer marketing
  • The hilarity of Instagram filters
  • The ridiculousness of TikTok challenges
  • The irony of YouTube drama
  • The absurdity of social media addiction
  • The satire of internet trolls
  • The ridiculousness of online shopping
  • The silliness of subscription boxes
  • The farce of product reviews
  • The stupidity of sponsored content
  • The hilarity of online dating profiles
  • The ridiculousness of dating apps
  • The irony of hookup culture
  • The absurdity of wedding planning
  • The satire of bridezilla behavior
  • The ridiculousness of bachelor parties
  • The silliness of gender reveal parties
  • The farce of baby showers
  • The stupidity of parenting advice
  • The hilarity of mom bloggers
  • The ridiculousness of dad jokes
  • The irony of helicopter parenting
  • The absurdity of tiger moms
  • The satire of soccer moms
  • The ridiculousness of stage moms
  • The silliness of dance moms
  • The farce of beauty pageants
  • The stupidity of child beauty contests
  • The hilarity of school fundraisers
  • The ridiculousness of PTA meetings
  • The irony of school lunches
  • The absurdity of school dress codes
  • The satire of standardized testing
  • The ridiculousness of college admissions
  • The silliness of fraternity culture
  • The farce of sorority recruitment
  • The stupidity of student loans
  • The hilarity of dorm life
  • The ridiculousness of college parties
  • The irony of campus protests
  • The absurdity of student activism
  • The satire of campus politics
  • The ridiculousness of academic conferences
  • The silliness of academic journals
  • The farce of peer-reviewed research
  • The stupidity of academic tenure
  • The hilarity of department meetings
  • The ridiculousness of faculty retreats
  • The irony of student evaluations
  • The absurdity of graduation ceremonies
  • The satire of commencement speeches
  • The ridiculousness of alumni newsletters
  • The silliness of class reunions
  • The farce of homecoming events
  • The stupidity of school mascots
  • The hilarity of sports rivalries
  • The ridiculousness of cheerleading competitions
  • The irony of sports scholarships
  • The absurdity of athletic endorsements
  • The satire of sports betting
  • The ridiculousness of fantasy football
  • The silliness of sports talk radio
  • The farce of sports documentaries
  • The stupidity of sports scandals
  • The hilarity of sports movies
  • The ridiculousness of sports biographies
  • The irony of sports memoirs
  • The absurdity of sports autobiographies
  • The satire of sports journalism
  • The ridiculousness of sports commentary
  • The silliness of sports podcasts
  • The farce of sports radio
  • The stupidity of sports websites
  • The hilarity of sports blogs
  • The ridiculousness of sports fans
  • The irony of sports fandom
  • The absurdity of sports memorabilia
  • The satire of sports collectibles
  • The ridiculousness of sports merchandise
  • The silliness of sports apparel
  • The farce of sports equipment
  • The stupidity of sports nutrition
  • The hilarity of sports medicine
  • The ridiculousness of sports psychology
  • The irony of sports sociology
  • The absurdity of sports management
  • The satire of sports marketing
  • The ridiculousness of sports sponsorship
  • The silliness of sports branding
  • The farce of sports advertising
  • The stupidity of sports endorsements
  • The hilarity of sports promotions

These are just a few examples of satire essay topics that you could explore in your writing. Remember, satire is meant to be funny and thought-provoking, so feel free to be creative and push the boundaries of conventional humor. Good luck with your writing!

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Crafting Wit and Wisdom: A Guide to Satire Essay, Topics and Examples


Table of contents

  • 1 Definition of satire and its historical background
  • 2 Elements of a Satirical Essay
  • 3 Choosing a Topic
  • 4 Analyzing the Subject Matter for Potential Angles of Satire
  • 5 Writing the Essay
  • 6 What is a Satirical Essay: Examples of Satirical Essays
  • 7 Fine Line Between Satire and Offensiveness
  • 8 Concluding Thoughts: The Art of Writing the Satire Essay

In this insightful article, we delve into the realm of satire essays, a unique form of writing that blends criticism with humor.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Unveiling the essence of satire essay, its history, and types like Horatian and Juvenalian.
  • Exploring the vital elements of a satirical essay, emphasizing a robust thesis, and the use of irony and sarcasm.
  • Navigating the process of choosing engaging topics, including 50 hand-picked suggestions.
  • Detailed guidance on structuring your satirical essay for maximum impact.
  • Learning from examples of renowned satirical essays.
  • Understanding the delicate balance between satire and sensitivity.

Join us as we explore these facets of satire essay writing, equipping you with the knowledge to create compelling, thought-provoking academic essays .

Definition of satire and its historical background


Satire, a literary genre known for its clever blend of humor and critique, has a rich history and diverse forms. Originating in ancient times, satire has been used to expose follies and vices in society, individuals, and institutions. The two main types of satire are Horatian and Juvenalian. Horatian satire, named after the Roman poet Horace, is characterized by a light-hearted and humorous tone, aiming more to amuse than to condemn. In contrast, Juvenalian satire, inspired by the Roman poet Juvenal, is more severe and abrasive, often expressing indignation and moral outrage.

The role of humor, irony, and exaggeration in satire cannot be overstated. These elements are tools for satirists to entertain, provoke thought, and challenge the status quo. For instance, exaggeration can highlight the absurdity of a situation, while irony can reveal contradictions and hypocrisies.

When considering topics for satire, it’s important to choose ones that resonate with the audience and remain relevant. Satire essay topics can range from light-hearted social commentary to more biting political criticism. The key is to select a subject that offers ample scope for humor and insightful critique. A satirical essay becomes an impactful tool for social commentary and change by selecting and handling these topics.

Elements of a Satirical Essay

A satirical essay is a unique fusion of humor and criticism woven to convey a thought-provoking message. Central to its success is a robust, clear thesis statement. This serves as the essay’s cornerstone, encapsulating the satirical argument. The thesis should be forthright and reflect the writer’s stance on the subject matter, whether it’s tinged with mockery, a critical edge, or a humorous slant.

The employment of rhetorical devices like irony, sarcasm, and parody is integral to the essence of a satirical essay. Irony stands out as a potent tool. It enables writers to express one thing while implying something else, often the opposite. This juxtaposition of the literal and the intended meaning adds layers to the satire, enriching its impact. Sarcasm, a variant of verbal irony, is adept at mocking or expressing disdain. On the other hand, parody involves imitating a subject or style to expose its flaws and absurdities.

A satirical essay is a clever blend of humor and critique, anchored by a clear, strong thesis and brought to life with the strategic use of rhetorical devices like irony, sarcasm, and parody. The choice of topic is crucial, as it needs to lend itself to satirical treatment, allowing the writer to lampoon the subject while engaging and enlightening the reader.

Choosing a Topic

The best topics for a satirical essay are those that resonate with your audience and remain relevant over time. Current events, social behaviors, and cultural phenomena are fertile grounds for satire. While choosing, consider what things to write a satire about that would engage and provoke thought in your readers. The effectiveness of your satire will depend on the relevance and universality of the topic selected.

When considering satire ideas, the topics should be chosen for their potential to be viewed through a satirical lens. This could involve turning a critical eye on societal norms, political policies, or even everyday absurdities. Funny satire topics revolve around current events, popular culture, or universal human behaviors, offering a wealth of material for insightful yet humorous critique.

Satirical essay ideas should aim to entertain, provoke thought, and encourage reflection. Topics to satirize can range from the mundane to the controversial, each offering a unique opportunity to highlight inconsistencies, hypocrisies, or the humorous side of life.

Here are some current and timeless topics that work well for satirical essays.

  • The Perpetual Pursuit of the Perfect Body Image
  • The Digital Detox: Escaping Social Media’s Grip
  • The Billionaire Space Race: A New Playground for the Rich
  • Fast Fashion Frenzy: The Race to the Bottom of Your Closet
  • The Automation of Everything: When Robots Take Over Daily Tasks
  • The Evolution of the Coffee Culture: From Bean to Obsession
  • The “Influencer” Lifestyle: Reality vs. Instagram
  • The Political Tug-of-War: A Satirical Look at Partisan Politics
  • The Self-Help Paradox: More Books, Less Clarity
  • The Tech Disconnect: Smartphones and the Illusion of Connection
  • The Art of Procrastination in the Digital Age
  • The College Admissions Arms Race: A Game of Prestige and Pressure
  • The Corporate Buzzword Bingo: Synergy, Leverage, and Disruption
  • The Quest for Immortality: Silicon Valley and the Fountain of Youth
  • The Satire of Surveillance: Living in a Panopticon
  • The Cult of Productivity: Doing More, Enjoying Less
  • The Modern Dating Scene: Swiping Left on Romance
  • The Vegan Revolution: Meatless Mondays and Beyond
  • The Age of Misinformation: Navigating a Post-Truth World
  • The Gig Economy Grind: Freedom or Freelance Frenzy?
  • The Generation Gap: Baby Boomers vs. Millennials vs. Gen Z
  • The Reality TV Paradox: Fame, Fortune, and Fabrication
  • The Luxury of Minimalism: Spending More to Have Less
  • The Endless Streaming Cycle: From Binge-Watching to Burnout
  • The Battle Against Aging: Creams, Serums, and Unrealistic Expectations
  • The Festival of Fads: Detoxes, Cleanses, and Other Health Mysteries
  • The Tyranny of the Tidy: Marie Kondo and the Quest to Declutter
  • The Irony of Connectivity: Lonelier in a More Connected World
  • The Mirage of the “Perfect” Family on Social Media
  • The Paradox of Choice in the Modern Consumer Society
  • The DIY Disaster: When Pinterest Dreams Face Reality
  • The Pursuit of Happiness Through Retail Therapy
  • The Sacred Rituals of the Morning Routine YouTube Gurus
  • The Mock Election: Satirizing Political Campaign Promises
  • The Superhero Syndrome: The Oversaturation of Comic Book Movies
  • The Great Organic Odyssey: Is It Really Better?
  • The Exotic Pet Epidemic: From Tigers to Tarantulas
  • The High Seas of Hobby Collecting: From Stamps to Sneakers
  • The Dystopia of Driverless Cars: Are We There Yet?
  • The Parable of the Paperless Office: More Paper Than Ever

Analyzing the Subject Matter for Potential Angles of Satire

Once you’ve selected a topic, the next step is to analyze it for satirical potential. Begin by identifying the subject’s inherent absurdities, hypocrisies, or contradictions. This critical examination allows you to uncover potential angles for satirical commentary. For example, in political satire, you might focus on discrepancies between a politician’s words and actions. In cultural satire, you could highlight the extremes of societal trends. This stage is vital as it sets the foundation for your satirical approach, shaping the direction and tone of your essay.

Remember, the goal is to provoke thought and discussion by presenting familiar issues in a new, humorous light. Your analysis should strike a balance between humor and insight, ensuring that your satire resonates with the audience while offering a fresh perspective on the topic.

Writing the Essay

Writing a satirical essay involves a strategic combination of humor, criticism, and a well-structured satirical essay outline . Begin with an engaging introduction that captures the essence of your satire. This could include an anecdote, a surprising fact, or a bold statement setting your essay’s tone. The introduction should culminate in a clear, concise thesis statement that encapsulates your satirical stance.

As you move into the body of your essay, each paragraph should focus on a specific aspect or example of your topic. This is where you can showcase different types of satire, such as irony, exaggeration, or parody, to strengthen your argument. Use vivid and descriptive language to paint a clear picture for your readers. Incorporating real-life examples or referencing satirical essay examples can illustrate your points. Balancing humor with factual information is important, ensuring your essay is entertaining and informative.

Consider using various rhetorical strategies to enhance your satire when developing your argument. Techniques like hyperbole can exaggerate your topic’s absurdities, while irony can highlight contradictions and inconsistencies. Sarcasm can add a sharp edge to your critique. Remember, the goal is to provoke thought and encourage a deeper understanding of the subject matter through humor.

In the concluding paragraph, summarize the main points of your essay, reinforcing your satirical message. The conclusion should echo your thesis and leave a lasting impression on the reader. A well-crafted conclusion will tie all your ideas together, emphasizing the significance of your satire and its impact on the reader’s perception of the topic.

Throughout your essay, maintain a consistent tone and style. The best satire essays are those that blend wit with wisdom, using humor as a tool to shed light on serious topics.

What is a Satirical Essay: Examples of Satirical Essays


The satirical essay genre blends humor with incisive social commentary. This essay leverages wit to critique everything from political policies to societal norms, often revealing underlying truths in an entertaining and thought-provoking way.

A classic satire essay example is Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal ,” a pinnacle of Juvenalian satire. Swift’s essay, known for its biting and ironic tone, suggests that the impoverished Irish could alleviate their financial woes by selling their children as delicacies to the wealthy. This preposterous idea is not a whimsical musing but a sharp indictment of the brutal British policies towards the Irish and a comment on the apathy of the Irish people to their own plight.

This essay is a prime illustration of how to start a satire essay. Swift adopts a grave and sincere tone to advance an absurd proposition. This stark contrast between his tone and the ludicrousness of his proposal accentuates the absurdity of the situation he critiques. This strategic use of irony, where the true intent is veiled behind an opposite statement, is common in satirical essays. It allows writers to deliver powerful critiques in an engaging and impactful manner.

Another form of satire is Horatian satire, deriving its name from the Roman poet Horace. This type of satire differs from the abrasive Juvenalian style. A more playful, lighthearted approach characterizes Horatian satire. It tends to poke fun at human foibles and follies without aiming to cause distress or provoke significant change. It’s a more subdued and humorous satire, intending more to amuse than agitate.

For authors drafting a satirical essay, the choice of satire type is vital. It should align with both the subject matter and the intended message.

By analyzing seminal works like Swift’s “A Modest Proposal,” writers can learn to employ satire, creating works that are not just humorous but also insightful and thought-provoking. Effective satire has the power to be an influential tool for social commentary and change, making it a valuable and enduring form of literary expression.

Fine Line Between Satire and Offensiveness

Navigating the delicate boundary separating satire from offensiveness is paramount. While satire wields the potential for profound impact, it teeters on the edge of insensitivity. Responsible satirists know their audience and the broader context, ensuring their work critiques without inflicting harm. When addressing sensitive subjects, a delicate equilibrium is required. Satire becomes a tool for enlightenment rather than alienation or offense, using humor to shed light on societal issues without causing undue distress.

Concluding Thoughts: The Art of Writing the Satire Essay

In summary, the art of satire is a powerful yet intricate tool, merging humor with sharp social observation. Its core objective is to question established norms and provoke self-reflection. To write an effective satire essay, one must balance insightful critique with an approach that avoids offending. This genre requires a delicate touch, using wit and irony to make a point. An essential aspect of crafting a satirical piece involves creating a well-structured outline that supports the satirical thesis while engaging the reader. The creators and consumers of satire need to appreciate its significant potential to influence and its inherent responsibility towards society. Satire is not a literary device but a call to use its capabilities with wisdom and consideration.

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The Satire Essay Explained (+101 Satire Topics)

ideas for satirical essays

Table of Contents

The easy-to-understand satire definition, best satirical techniques to use, why satirical essay topics really matter, your can learn a lot from satire examples, 101 satire topics (updated for 2023).

What is a hyperbole? How do you make effective us of satirical humor? These are things you need to learn before you even think about starting to write a satire essay. The good news is that we will cover all these things in this blog post. We will then give you a list of the best 101 satirical essay examples. All the topics are original and you can use any of them in your next paper.

Before you start looking for topics to satire (or read our excellent list of 101 topics), you need to understand what a satire really is and what it is intended to do. The satire is a genre of literature that uses humor, ridicule, irony and exaggeration to criticize people, corporations, government, or even society. The purpose of the satire essay is to make the reader laugh. Even though the paper is humorous and sarcastic, remember that you must all stick to facts (and most often provide references for said facts at the end of the essay). The good news is that you can put your own spin on the issue being discussed. In other words, the satire essay is quite opinionated in its format. If all this sounds too puzzing, we advise you to contact literature assignment helper .

Now that you know what is satire and what is not – and how satire works – let’s talk about some satirical techniques. Even a satirical essay on obesity will make people laugh if you use the right techniques. Or you can write a satire in a sentence, if you have a brilliant idea and know how to use these techniques right:

  • Hyperbole (works with almost all satire subjects) – Basically, the hyperbole is the technique you use to exaggerate something and emphasize it in a way that is not meant to be taken literally. For example, “I’ve told you a million times” and “This weighs a ton” are both hyperboles people use all the time. Here is another, funnier example: “That joke is so old, the last time I heard it I was riding a dinosaur.”
  • Irony – You can’t learn how to write a satirical essay without learning how to use irony effectively. Irony is a figure of speech that you use to convey the correct meaning using a construct that usually means the opposite. In other words, you’ll use irony to reveal an outcome that is not what your audience was expecting. Remember that irony is often subjective and that its effectiveness depends on the expectations of your audience. Here are two simple examples of irony: “The police station got robbed yesterday” and “The pilot had a fear of heights.”
  • Parody – this is a literary construct that imitates an original work or a quote (it can be a speech or a press release, of course) with the clear intention of making fun on it. You can make fun of anything in the text, from its author to its subject.

You are slowly becoming a master of satire. Congratulations! Now it’s time to talk about the importance of satirical essay topics. As you can imagine, the subject of your essay is very important. You need to choose a subject that you can make fun of. This is why you see so many political satires everywhere. But politics is not the only thing you can write a satire about. There are dozens of other satire topics. And truth be told, you can get dozens of satire ideas simply by reading the news every day. But what do funny satire topics mean for you? Well, they are extremely important because they have the potential to earn you bonus points. Come up with an amazing topic and your professor will be impressed as soon as he or she reads the title. Here is a tip: write a satirical essay on texting.

Don’t worry about satire topics too much though, because you will find 101 original ones after this section. Focus on improving your writing instead. And what better way to do so than reading some good examples of satire? Before you start on your satire project ideas, spend a couple hours reading satirical works by renowned authors. There are even online satirical publications like The Onion and The Daily Mash that are chock full of excellent examples. Read as many sarcastic examples as possible and analyze the way the author uses hyperboles, irony and even parody to make fun of the target. Now it’s time to show you our ultimate list of topics to write satire about.

We’ve split the 101 topics across 10 categories. Keep in mind that these topics are absolutely free to use. You can change them to suit your needs of use them as they are.

Best Political Satire Examples

  • What is this Brexit everyone is talking about?
  • Please, lower the voting age and see what happens!
  • Everyone in the US should listen to politicians. (one of the very funny satire subjects)
  • Donald Trump really stands out from the previous US presidents.
  • Russia is perhaps American’s most loyal ally.
  • Solving the problem of illegal immigration in the United States.
  • Freedom of speech is clearly overrated.
  • Here are the fun ways to exercise your constitutionally-protected voting rights.
  • Trump’s government didn’t really Make America Great Again!
  • The 5 reasons people still have faith in politicians today.

Best Technology and Science Topics

  • Robots are already conquering our planet and enslaving us.
  • Electric vehicles are definitely not better than petrol cars.
  • Here’s how Facebook helped me learn new things.
  • Best apps to embarrass yourself with in front of your classmates.
  • The art of arriving late at an interview (with examples).
  • Let’s face it: robots are hard-working, unlike humans. (one of the best satire essay topics)
  • Trust me, Google can save your life one day!
  • A computer hacker can be your best friend.
  • 5 apps that are ruining your social life right now.
  • Use public Wi-Fi networks, they’re completely safe!

Best Satire Example in Literature

  • Roman and Greek forms of literature are basically the same.
  • What have I learned from Romeo and Juliet?
  • Let’s be honest: religion changes literature.
  • Why I can’t understand any of the works of Shakespeare. (one of the best satirical topics)
  • Discussing the modern methods of language: any changes?
  • Which is worse nowadays, crappy music or crappy literature?
  • I’d rather read the Washington Post than read another work by Shakespeare.
  • Reading a good book beats listening to the latest tunes.
  • We definitely need to censor some of the current literary masterpieces.
  • Television versus literature: who’s the winner?

Topics for a Satire Essay for College Students

  • Every school has its social pyramid, which you need to learn to navigate to survive.
  • Who uses chalkboards nowadays?
  • 5 ways to better use your time instead of going to school.
  • 7 things school will never teach you. (one of the best satire speech topics)
  • Don’t be afraid of dropping out of school!
  • Here is what I learned from flunking my exams.
  • My least favorite subjects in school (with explanations).
  • Why you should never connect with your parents on Facebook.
  • Why teachers should quit giving their students homework.
  • High school proms should be banned in the entire United States.

Social Issues Topics

  • The teen mom phenomenon is on the rise; here is why!
  • Why people lie all the time and why it’s a good skill to master.
  • The 5 reasons why you want to be as annoying as possible.
  • Being a vegan versus eating meat: a sincere approach.
  • Let’s legalize and deregulate marijuana and see what happens.
  • Poverty is everywhere around us, not just in third world countries.
  • Why gun control will never work in the United States.
  • Make healthcare free for everyone, but don’t expect me to pay for it!
  • Sustaining a healthy relationship is like taking a second job.
  • How to get away with criticizing your boss (tips included).

Satire Ideas on Sports

  • Tiger Woods won’t win another Major, and here is why!
  • This is the hardest record to break in sports, but you won’t guess why!
  • Real Madrid is the best football club in the world, but not for long.
  • Let’s make a hall of fame for steroid users.
  • Soccer games should be closed events because of all the fighting.
  • Women are better athletes than men – and there is scientific evidence.
  • College athletes deserve to get paid for their efforts.
  • Why you can’t call playing a video game sport.
  • All jerseys of all sportspeople should have ads on them.
  • Athletes make for very poor role models, that’s for sure!

Love Topics

  • Love really exists, and there is proof to this claim!
  • When not to use your most popular pickup line. (one of the best topics for satires)
  • The 3 conversation starters that work every time.
  • You never know when you’re in love, until it’s too late.
  • There should be an age limit on love: pros and cons.
  • I love more than one person. Is this even possible?
  • How to break up with somebody over text messages.
  • Here is how you win an argument with your wife every time.
  • All men should become stay at home dads.
  • Why do you care? After all, love is blind!
  • How much does an average wedding cost? You’ll be surprised!

Satire Topics About the Environment

  • Global warming is not real.
  • Alternative energy is overrated, and here is why!
  • It’s fun living on a planet without an ozone layer.
  • The 3 best water conservation methods you can use in a desert.
  • Housing projects or environmental conservation?
  • Don’t brush your teeth! You’ll prevent global warming.
  • 3 endangered species you don’t even know exist.
  • Soon, we will need oil more than we need water.
  • Let’s cut all the trees and see if the ozone layer really disappears.
  • Recycling does nothing to protect the environment in real life.

Satirical Topics About School

  • Facebook is the best place to make friends in school.
  • Dropping out of school may not be such a bad idea after all.
  • Let’s face it: getting a college education is no longer important.
  • How to avoid doing your homework and not get a bad grade (with tricks).
  • I don’t know why, but Physics is my favorite class.
  • Do we really need to graduate school?
  • Here is why I absolutely hate school uniforms.
  • Why good grades don’t really matter nowadays.
  • Standardized tests don’t reflect the intelligence of students.
  • Teachers need to stop with all the homework!

Business Topics

  • Money doesn’t make you happy, but it’s good to have it!
  • My role model in business (and why).
  • Get a virtual assistant so you don’t have to do the boring stuff.
  • Selling a used car is trickier than you think!
  • 3 ways to grow your company without much effort.
  • Every business has its risks.
  • Every business should have a pet as a mascot. (the best of all the satire topic ideas)
  • I want to have my own bank.
  • Is religion a business these days?
  • Children will give you the best financial advice, always!

We lave hundreds of ideas for any kind of essay. If you happen to write a paper based on an argument, feel free to use our argumentative essay topics .

Stuck with your homework? Good news! Enter promo “ homework20 ” and grab your unique satire writing assignment with 20% discount!

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60 Satire Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best satire topic ideas & essay examples, 📌 most interesting satire topics to write about, 👍 good research topics about satire.

  • Satire in Parts 3-4 of Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels” The present paper argues that in Part 3, the author displays satire through the characters of Laputa’s desperate rulers and Lagado’s gifted scientists, who waste their time for useless experiments, and senile, envious immortals, whereas […]
  • Why is Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby a Satire? Another aspect of satire in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is the wealth associated with Gatsby, as the reader observes in chapter two.
  • Satire in “Breakfast of Champions” by Kurt Vonnegut These would lead to destruction of the environment and consequently to the death of humanity. This shows that everyone is to be blamed for the destruction and the existing conflict in America and the world […]
  • Perception of Satire in Gulliver’s Travels, The Tempest, and Diderot’s One of the most effective methods to ensure the satirical sounding of a particular episode in the work of literature, is to overplay the idea that people are actually quite capable of not even noticing […]
  • Satire in “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift Just like successful manipulative politicians, Swift carefully selects and presents facts to shift society’s attention from the proposed measure’s ethical inappropriateness to the practical benefits that it can promote.
  • Jonathan Swift’s a Modest Proposal: Swift’s Satire Approach Concerning the Social Problem of Dublin’s Starving Children Instead of suggesting the obvious limiting the number of children each female “breeder” should have he encourages the “breeders” to get pregnant, enjoy motherhood and nursing of their suckling infants for one year, and then […]
  • The Satire Relevance of “The Simpsons” and Politics The paper covers the discussion about political satire relating to the Simpsons show and its relevance in the current political issues.
  • Jonathan Swift Satire Analysis A similar point was made in Swift’s work, in the part where the author tries to reassure the reader that children under the age of 12 are not a saleable commodity to eat.
  • Satire in Voltaire’s Candide In this story, Voltaire wanted his audience to question the church’s monopoly over moral issues in the face of her hypocrisy, critique the system of giving objects like jewels monetary value, assess the usefulness of […]
  • Satire and Social Commentary The Life of George Cruikshank George Cruikshank was a famous English book illustrator and caricaturist, known as the “modern Hogarth” during his lifetime. Cruikshank was born in London in the family of Isaac Cruikshank who was a popular caricaturist and […]
  • Satire as a Literary Work: Road Trip With Kids When voted in, politicians seem to forget all the promises they gave to the electorate. For instance, politicians promise to change lives of citizens within a twinkle of an eye yet after elections, they forget […]
  • Satire and the Anti-war Movement In “Slaughterhouse-five”, his the most famous and popular work, Vonnegut resorts to the use of the sharpest satire in order to criticize all the sad consequences that war might have for the civilians along with […]
  • Failed Leadership Can Only Be Whipped by Satire In what is a parallel to Marx’s philosophy and attack on the exploitation of the workers by the capitalists; and therefore a call for a revolution, the farm animals are inspired by the counsel of […]
  • Optimal Philosophy and Satire in Voltaire’s Candide One of the first examples of satire as the possibility to introduce some philosophical ideas was the description of the professor’s activities.
  • Satire in “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift Moreover, it is known that he published it anonymously to ensure that the reader is not aware of what to expect from this proposal.
  • Political Satire in American Literature Scott Fitzgerald was one of the more famous satirists of the time, particularly in his production of the work The Great Gatsby.
  • How Fake News Use Satire as a Medium to Address Issues on Racism? The show offers a critique of authority by challenging the decision that was made by the jury. The decision that was finally made by the jury in itself is also a mockery of justice, and […]
  • Satire as a Tool for Fighting Political Impunity This seems to be the biggest challenge for satirists since the audience is the most powerful person in their work. It is this power of the media that has taken these shows to facebook, twitter, […]
  • Satire in Mikhail Bulgakov’s Works With time, Bulgakov’s satire turned out to be more and more dramatic, pointing out the shortages of technology and society development.”The first of the various levels on which the novel’s satire functions is that of […]
  • The Role of Satire in El Buscon The paper shows how satire is used in the novel and how it helps in the development of the plot of the story.
  • The Role of Social Satire in Huckleberry Finn as Illustrated in Three Blind Vices
  • Using Satire to Create Awareness of Gender Roles: Egalia’s Daughters
  • The Great Use of Satire in the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer
  • The Satire Of The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain
  • Use of Satire in Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
  • Use of Satire to Target Religion, Military, and Optimism in Voltaire’s Candide
  • The Stairway To Surinam Voltaire Use Of Satire Candide And Pangloss
  • The Use of Satire to Criticize Society in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
  • The Dominant Tone of Satire in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
  • The Society’s Satire in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels
  • The Use of Satire and Its Effect on Literary Works
  • The Importance of Satire at the French Newspaper Charlie Hebdo
  • Use of Satire in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels
  • The Use of Satire and Irony in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
  • The Use of Satire in the Futuristic World of Aldous Huxley in Brave New World
  • Seriousness and Satire in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
  • The Rape Of The Lock As A Satire Of Society Analysis
  • The Satire and Humor in the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer
  • The Meaning of Satire, Satirical Elements and Their Use in Literature
  • Sinclair Lewis’s Babbitt and Use of Satire
  • The Evolution of Satire: Where The Daily Show is Taking America
  • The Canterbury Tales Was Geoffrey Chaucer’s Satire Towards The Catholic Church
  • The Satire of the Modern American Society in Horace Miner’s Essay Body Ritual among the Nacirema
  • The Political Satire Described in George Orwell’s the Animal Farm
  • The Spectacles’ by Edgar Allan Poe and His Use of Satire
  • Social Satire in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  • The Great Dictator Movie and The Means of Satire Against Nazis
  • The Miller’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer and Satire
  • What is Satire and In What Literary Pieces Did Writers Used It
  • The Satire on Travel Guides and the Cultural Context
  • Tragedy And Satire Of Irish Life As Depicted By J.M. Syng
  • Voltaire’s Use Of Satire To Compare Europe And El Dorado
  • The Comedy of Manners Brand of Satire in The Importance of Being Earnest, a Play by Oscar Wilde
  • The Satire Of Comedians Don ‘t Take A Good Look At Social
  • The Satire And Labelling Of The Cartoon, By Michael Ramirez
  • The Use of Satire in Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels”
  • The Satire of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale
  • The Symbolic Political Satire in the Novel Animal Farm
  • Renaissance Essay Titles
  • Dystopia Research Topics
  • Literary Criticism Research Ideas
  • Animal Farm Research Topics
  • Romanticism Titles
  • Language Arts Research Topics
  • Contemporary Art Questions
  • Postmodernism Essay Topics
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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IvyPanda . "60 Satire Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." February 29, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/satire-essay-examples/.

594 Satire Essay Topics & Good Ideas

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Satire essay topics are often a vibrant blend of humor, wit, and critical analysis. Some themes delve into various societal, political, or cultural issues, with the aim of spotlighting these subjects in a comedic yet insightful manner. The intent is to provoke a response and initiate change through laughter and exaggeration. Such topics may range from many fields and subjects of human life. Moreover, diverse topics, while designed to elicit giggles, also invite readers to view the world from a different, ironic perspective. As a result, satire essay topics can reveal hidden truths, highlight flaws, and ultimately prompt readers to reassess their beliefs or attitudes, proving that, sometimes, laughter can indeed be the best catalyst for change.

Good Satire Topics

  • Consequences of Alien Abductions: A Satirical Perspective
  • Humor in Artificial Intelligence: Why Robots Can’t Laugh?
  • Overuse of Social Media: The Downfall of Human Interaction
  • Dieting Dilemma: The Salad Overdose Epidemic
  • Fitness Fanatics and the Treadmill to Nowhere
  • Ignoring Global Warming: Penguins Taking Over Miami
  • Political Correctness: When Tiptoeing Around Feelings Becomes an Olympic Sport?
  • Modern Art Madness: When a Blank Canvas Becomes a Masterpiece
  • Capitalizing on Cryptocurrencies: The Rise of Digital Tulip Bulbs
  • Celebrities for Presidents: Governing by Tabloid Headlines
  • Love in the Time of Algorithms: Online Dating Misadventures
  • Parenting Perfection: How to Raise a Robot, not a Child?
  • Fashion Faux Pas: The Invisible Clothes Trend
  • Cat Culture: Our Furry Overlords and Their World Domination Plans
  • Proliferation of Pseudoscience: Astrology as a Career Guide
  • Vaccination Vagaries: Conspiracy Theories Unmasked
  • Superheroes in Real Life: The Dangers of Wearing Capes
  • Teaching Tactfulness: How Not to Offend Anyone, Ever?
  • Influencer Influx: The Dilemma of Fake Followers and Real Impact
  • The Quintessential Quest for Eternal Youth: Unwrapping the Mummy’s Secret
  • Space Tourism: Lunar Littering and Interstellar Instagramming

Satire Essay Topics & Good Ideas

Easy Satire Topics

  • Fast Food Fantasies: Why a Big Mac Is the New Health Food?
  • Pet Psychics: Unraveling Fido’s Deepest Desires
  • Self-Help Silliness: Becoming a Billionaire by Tomorrow
  • Biohacking Blunders: Do-It-Yourself Genetics
  • Alienating Audiences: Why Modern Movies All Look the Same?
  • Ridiculous Routines: The Tyranny of Daily Planners
  • Competitive Complaining: The Fine Art of Whining
  • Great Grammar Gripes: Apostrophe Catastrophes and Comma Dramas
  • Plant Parenting: A Deep Dive Into the World of Indoor Jungles
  • Upcycling Ubiquity: The Treasure Trove of Trash
  • Discerning Decaf: The Oxymoron of Caffeine-Free Coffee
  • Futile Fad Diets: Chasing the Weight Loss Unicorn
  • Gargantuan Gadgets: The Myth of the 100-Inch Phone
  • Manifesting Magic: A Closer Look at the Law of Attraction
  • Cloning Conundrums: Creating an Army of Duplicates
  • Hilarious Hoaxes: The Power of Fake News
  • Virtual Vanity: The Rise of Online Persona Over Actual Personality
  • Preposterous Procrastination: The Art of Never Getting Anything Done
  • Queuing Quirks: A Sociological Study of the British Love for Lines
  • Overrated Organics: The Fable of $10 Avocados

Interesting Satire Essay Topics

  • Vanity in Veganism: The Pursuit of Moral Superiority
  • Time Travel Tribulations: Paradoxical Problems With Past and Future
  • Monotonous Monogamy: The Romanticization of Polygamy
  • Elusive Enlightenment: The Commercialization of Spirituality
  • Predicting Prophets: The Business of Doomsday Forecasts
  • Unholy UFOs: Extraterrestrial Evangelists and Their Cosmic Crusades
  • Frantic Fan Fiction: The Insatiable Demand for More Hogwarts
  • Marketing Misconceptions: How Ads Persuade Us to Buy Useless Items
  • Egotistic Empathy: The Trend of Turning Compassion into Competition
  • Greenwashing Guilt: The Illusion of Eco-Friendly Consumerism
  • Pompous Podcasts: The Epidemic of Unwanted Opinions
  • Perplexing Popularity of Pickles: A Gherkin’s Grip on Global Gastronomy
  • Absurdities in Astronomy: How Astrology Taints the Science of Stars?
  • Extravagant Extinction: The Fashionable Fad of Endangered Species Pets
  • Utopian Unemployment: Celebrating the Rise of Joblessness
  • Sensationalized Spelling Bees: The High-Stakes World of Alphabet Athletes
  • Virtuous Vampires: The Bloodsucker’s Guide to Ethical Feeding
  • Trending Tattoos: The Cultural Impact of Temporary Tribal Marks
  • Haunting Hipsters: The Ghostly Grip of Vintage Vogue
  • Environmental Evasion: Enjoying Life While Ignoring the Planet’s Plight
  • Singularity Silliness: The Promise of Merging With Machines

Satirical Essay Topics for College Students

  • Robots Outsmarting Professors: An Inevitable Future?
  • March of the Mutant Genetically Modified Houseplants
  • Teleportation: Solving the College Student’s Commute Problem
  • Instant Knowledge Implants: The End of Education?
  • Napping as a Core Curriculum Requirement
  • Artificial Intelligence Becoming University Professors
  • Dorm Rooms Replaced by Luxury Apartments
  • Olympic Events for Procrastination Techniques
  • Aliens Enrolling in Humanities: A Cultural Exchange
  • Exam Anxiety: Why We Should Fear Our Own Brains?
  • Paying Tuition With Likes, Shares, and Retweets
  • Textbooks Transform Into Graphic Novels
  • Space Tourism: The Ultimate Study Abroad Program
  • Vegan Vampires Take Over Nutrition Courses
  • Emoji-Only Communication for a Modern Curriculum
  • Holographic Pets: The New Dorm Companions
  • Ghostwriting: A Job Market Boom in Universities
  • Extraterrestrial Language: The Most Difficult Foreign Language Course
  • Future Fashion Trends: Wearing Virtual Reality Headsets to Class
  • Time Travel for Deadline Extension Excuses

Satirical Essay Topics for University

  • Mind Reading Devices: The Solution to Group Project Disputes
  • Zero-Gravity Sports: A New Collegiate Athletic Division
  • Crowd-Sourcing Homework on Social Media Platforms
  • Zombie Invasion: An Unexpected Campus Safety Drill
  • Edible Laptops: The Future of Tech and Nutrition?
  • Video Game Achievements as Valid Extracurriculars
  • Hypnosis as an Effective Study Method
  • Debating With Aliens: Intergalactic Model United Nations
  • Dating Robots: Navigating Love in the AI Era
  • Self-Driving Bicycles: The Campus Transportation Revolution
  • World Domination 101: A New Elective
  • Bigfoot Studies: A Controversial New Minor
  • Wearing Pajamas to Formal Interviews: A Millennial Trend
  • Mobile Phones Morphing into Personal Tutors
  • Invading Martians: The New International Students
  • Quantum Computers as Roommates
  • Climate-Controlled Bubble: An Innovative Campus Solution
  • Virtual Cafeterias: Solving Student Diet Problems
  • Universal Translator Devices: End of Language Barriers?
  • Flying Cars: A Campus Parking Solution
  • Cyborg Professors: The Intersection of Man and Machine

Business Satire Essay Topics

  • Corporate Ladders and Slippery Slopes: A Satirical Look at Career Progression
  • Bureaucracy Boogie: Satirizing the Dance of Red Tape
  • Surviving Office Politics: A Mockingly Practical Guide
  • Dissecting the Labyrinth of Corporate Jargon
  • Business Ethics: Balancing Profits and Principles With a Smile
  • Perks and Quirks: The Irony of Employee Benefits
  • Endless Meetings: A Sardonic Look at Time Management
  • Marketing Miracles: Exposing the Hocus Pocus of Advertising
  • The Paradox of Customer Service: Pleasing the Unpleasable
  • Dress Code Dilemmas: The Business Casual Conundrum
  • Executive Egos: A Satirical Take on Leadership
  • The Absurdities of Agile: Satire in the Software Sector
  • Productivity Paradox: Juggling Tasks Like a Circus Clown
  • Sales Strategies: The Comedy of Convincing
  • Startup Syndrome: Parodying the Culture of Innovation
  • Elusive Equity: The Ridiculous Reality of the Wage Gap
  • Hypnotic Hierarchy: Demystifying the Corporate Pyramid
  • Branding Blunders: Laughing at Logo Lunacy
  • Decoding the Drama of Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Outsourcing Oddities: The Punchline of Globalization

Funny Satirical Essay Topics

  • Unmasking the Conspiracy: Aliens and Their Love for Earth’s Pizza
  • The Invigorating Allure of Socks: An In-Depth Analysis
  • Illuminating the Hidden Agendas of Houseplants
  • When Goldfish Rule: A Peep Into Aquatic Autocracy
  • Reality TV Shows: Uncovering the Underlying Battle for Remote Control
  • Dr. Robotnik’s Guide to Mustache Maintenance
  • Zombies and Fashion: The Apocalypse Chic Trend
  • Deciphering the Secret Language of Traffic Jams
  • The Unexpected Virtues of Procrastination
  • How Santa Claus Masters Time Management Skills?
  • Garden Gnomes’ Silent Takeover: A Suburban Conspiracy
  • The Fascinating Intersection of Quantum Physics and Laundry
  • Unveiling the Mysteries of Tupperware: The Bermuda Triangle of the Kitchen
  • Monsters Under the Bed: An Occupational Health and Safety Concern
  • The Surprising Rise of Artisanal Toast: A Crust-Worthy Trend
  • Alien Abductions: Are Extraterrestrials Really Into Cow Tipping?
  • Undeniable Benefits of Being a Couch Potato
  • A Humorous Exploration of Dad Jokes: Why We Groan but Still Laugh?
  • The Global Plague of Leftover Tidbits: When Refrigerators Become Museums?
  • Bigfoot’s Guide to Living Off the Grid: A Survivalist’s Chronicle
  • The Real Estate Market in Fairytales: Living Large in Gingerbread Houses

Historical Satire Essay Topics & Ideas

  • Napoleon’s Love for Exotic Pets: An Unseen Aspect of His Rule
  • The Boston Tea Party: How Tea Brewing Changed the Course of History?
  • Vikings and their Diet: A Close Look at Gluten Intolerance
  • Henry VIII’s Diet Plan: The Secret to Health in the 1500s
  • The Great Wall of China: An Early Attempt at Border Control
  • The Titanic’s Unplanned Ice-Cube Collection Expedition
  • The Knights of Round Table: Misadventures in Interior Decoration
  • Cleopatra’s Beauty Routine: A Safer Alternative to Modern Cosmetics
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa: A Pioneering Effort in Abstract Architecture
  • Pompeii: A Volcanic Approach to Urban Renewal
  • The Colosseum: An Ancient Precursor to Reality TV Shows
  • Invasions of Genghis Khan: An Overzealous Approach to Networking
  • Industrial Revolution: Smog and Style Trends of the 1800s
  • The Crusades: Religious Zeal Meets World Travel
  • Marco Polo’s Road Trip: A Rough Guide to the Orient
  • Shakespeare: Unpacking the Drama of Lost Sonnets
  • Stonehenge: An Early Attempt at Assembling Flat Pack Furniture
  • Roanoke Colony: America’s First Escape Room Experience
  • French Revolution: The Unexpected Power of Cake Cravings
  • Atlantis: Advanced Waterfront Property Development Goes Awry

Political Cartoon Satire Topics

  • The Satirical Power of Caricatures in Presidential Campaigns
  • Unveiling Inequality: The Role of Political Cartoons in Social Discourse
  • Satirical Images as Social Commentators: The Case of Climate Change Policies
  • Decoding The Influence of Lobby Groups Through Political Cartoons
  • Pandemic Politics: The Satirical Illustration of Covid-19 Response
  • Brexit Through the Lens of Satirical Cartoons: A European Perspective
  • The Efficacy of Satire in Highlighting Racial Injustice: Political Cartoons’ Insight
  • Examining Public Health Policy Through Political Cartoon Satire
  • The Depiction of Populist Leaders in Global Political Cartoons
  • Dissecting Media Bias Through Political Cartoon Analysis
  • Roles of Political Satire in Presidential Impeachment Proceedings
  • Impacts of Political Cartoons on Gun Control Debate
  • Unraveling Economic Policies: The Satirical Perspective of Political Cartoons
  • Satire’s Lens on Immigration Policy: Political Cartoons’ Influence
  • Global Warming and Environmental Politics in Satirical Illustrations
  • Revealing the Irony in Diplomatic Relations Through Political Cartoons
  • Influence of Political Cartoons on Public Perception of the Middle East Conflict
  • The Power of Satire in Defining Political Corruption Scandals
  • Satirical Cartoons as Tools for Feminist Discourse in Politics
  • Political Cartoon Satire’s Influence on the LGBTQ+ Rights Movement

Political Satire Essay Topics

  • Understanding Trade Wars Through the Satirical Gaze of Political Cartoons
  • Political Cartoons as a Reflection of Societal Views on Nuclear Disarmament
  • Satire and the Culture Wars: Analyzing the Sociopolitical Divide Through Cartoons
  • Depictions of Nationalism and Patriotism in Political Cartoon Satire
  • Roles of Political Cartoons in the Satire of Capitalism vs. Socialism
  • Satire as a Medium for Political Education: Exploring Civic Literacy
  • The Reflection of Anti-Globalization Sentiment in Political Cartoon Satire
  • The Use of Satirical Cartoons in Portraying the Refugee Crisis
  • Political Cartoons as Windows Into Geopolitical Tensions: A Satirical View
  • Dissecting the Depiction of Cybersecurity Issues in Political Cartoon Satire
  • Satire’s Roles in Challenging Views on Government Surveillance
  • Revealing Political Hypocrisy: The Satirical Power of Cartoons
  • Exploring Drug Policy Reforms Through the Lens of Political Cartoon Satire
  • Privacy Invasion in the Digital Age: Political Cartoon Perspectives
  • Healthcare Reforms Under Scrutiny: The Satirical Angle of Political Cartoons
  • The Satirical Caricatures of International Diplomacy in Political Cartoons
  • Exploring the Power Dynamics in Political Cartoons: Satire of the Senate
  • Spotlight on Income Inequality: Political Cartoon Satire’s Depiction
  • Unmasking Political Deception Through the Power of Satirical Cartoons
  • Climate Denial Policies Unveiled: The Satirical Take of Political Cartoons
  • Analyzing the Satire of Political Cartoons in the Post-Truth Era

Satire Essay Ideas on Pop Culture

  • The Supremacy of Memes: A Deep Dive Into Digital Hieroglyphs
  • “Influencers”: Exposing the Manufactured Aura of Charisma
  • Reality TV: The Unreality Behind the Screen
  • The Paradox of Modern Hipsters: Mainstream Anti-Mainstream
  • Overpriced Minimalism: The Irony of Simplistic Luxury
  • “Lit” Language: The Absurdity of Transient Slang
  • Celebrity Pets: An Examination of Glamorous Canine Couture
  • The Esoteric Cult of Vinyl Record Collecting
  • Selfie Culture: The Ubiquitous Reflection of Narcissism
  • Fast Fashion: The Sardonic Circus of Seasonal Styles
  • Dissecting the Phenomenon of Viral Dance Challenges
  • Autotune Abuse: Exploring the Melody in Mechanical Voices
  • Vlogging Voyeurism: The Theatre of Daily Life
  • Celebrity Chefs: Our Unseen Kitchen Companions
  • Unmasking Superheroes: A Study in Unachievable Body Standards
  • Cringe Culture: The Appeal of Second-Hand Embarrassment
  • Exploring eSports: When Video Games Eclipse Traditional Sports?
  • Satirizing the Fitness Industry: The Quest for an Instagram-Worthy Body
  • Consumerism and Funko Pops: The Irony of Collectible Clutter
  • Foodie Fads: The Absurdity of Avocado Toast and Rainbow Bagels

Satire Essay Topics on Sports

  • Athletic Performance or Artistic Expression: Figure Skating Uncovered
  • The Great Golf Paradox: A Sport or a Leisurely Walk
  • Hidden Dramatics: The Untold Acting Talents of Soccer Players
  • Unmasking the Pantomime: A Satirical Take on Pro-Wrestling
  • Under the Helmet: The Absurdities of NASCAR Racing
  • Hysteria Behind the Hoops: Satire in College Basketball Fandom
  • From Stables to Stadiums: The Irony of Equestrian Sports
  • Mascots Unveiled: The Forgotten Gladiators of the Sporting World
  • Sailing the Seas of Absurdity: A Satirical Journey Into Water Polo
  • Unearthing the Hilarity in Hurdles: An Athletic Comedy
  • Shot Put: A Comical Spin on Stone Throwing Tradition
  • Ping Pong Diplomacy: The Unlikely Politics of Table Tennis
  • Skaters versus Gravity: The Sisyphean Struggle in Skateboarding
  • Fast-Paced Chess: Satirizing the Tactics of Basketball
  • Gridiron Grins: Unraveling the Humor Behind American Football
  • Chasing the Wind: The Ironic Struggle of Sailing Competitions
  • Dressage Drama: A Humorous Look at Horse Dancing
  • Marathons, Sprinters, and Snails: The Ridiculous Race of Endurance Running
  • Athlete or Acrobat: A Satirical Perspective on Gymnastics
  • The Glamour and Grit: Unmasking the Reality of Cheerleading
  • Of Arrows and Absurdities: The Comedic Art of Archery

Satire Essay Topic Ideas on Information Technology

  • From Hieroglyphics to Emojis: An Evolution in Communication
  • The Inadvertent Rise of Internet Trolls as Digital Heroes
  • When Refrigerators Join Politics: Big Data Insights
  • The Satirical Exploration of the 404 Error Message Phenomenon
  • Robots at the Helm: An Ironical Future of IT Administration
  • Autocorrect Mishaps: A Tragicomic Angle in Modern Communication
  • The Great Wi-Fi Exodus: An Imaginary Tale of Unplugging
  • Binary Code Humor: The Unseen Side of Cybersecurity
  • Unraveling the Mysteries of the Dark Web: A Humorous Account
  • Bits and Bytes as Billionaires: The Cryptocurrency Boom
  • A Tongue-in-Cheek Look at Artificial Intelligence and Joblessness
  • Satire in the Shadows of Cloud Storage: Sky Digitization Attempt
  • The Mirthful Side of Privacy Policies: Longest Fictional Narratives
  • Pets as Virtual Colleagues: The Zoom Etiquette Paradox
  • Gaming Consoles Advocate Rights: A Call for Thumbs Union
  • Social Media Influencers: The Unappointed IT Overlords
  • Invasion of the Smart Gadgets: A Conspiracy Against Humans
  • The Imagined Protest of Software Updates: A Modern Sisyphean Tale
  • Mining Gold in Browser History: The New Data Rush
  • The Unexpected Humor of Self-Driving Cars’ GPS Systems

Satire Essay Topics on Education

  • Standardized Tests: The Ultimate Measure of Intelligence?
  • Homework Overload: Is Learning or Burnout Happening?
  • Detention Rooms: Incubators for Future Nobel Laureates?
  • School Buses: Roller Coasters in Disguise?
  • The Cafeteria Menu: A Recipe for Indestructible Stomachs?
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings: The Real Battlefronts?
  • Hall Passes: Tickets to Freedom or Just Power Trips?
  • Report Cards: Pathways to Therapy?
  • Arts Education: A Side Show in the Circus of Curriculum?
  • Cramming Culture: The Art of Temporary Enlightenment?
  • Science Fair Projects: Child Genius or Parent’s Showdown?
  • School Uniforms: The Fashion Show We Never Signed Up For?
  • Textbooks: Libraries or Doorstops?
  • Extracurricular Activities: Education or Exhaustion?
  • Substitute Teachers: An Exercise in Classroom Chaos?
  • Physical Education: Fitness or Frustration?
  • Summer Break: The Great Academic Reset Button?
  • Grading System: An Algorithm for Anxiety?
  • History Class: Lessons From the Past or Naptime?
  • School Assemblies: A Lesson in Group Synchrony?
  • Class Participation: A Symphony of Raised Hands and Nervous Sweats?

Gender & Sexuality Satire Essay Topics

  • Overemphasis on Physical Appearance: A Satirical Analysis
  • Deconstructing Stereotypes: Humor in Female Leadership
  • The Hypermasculine Hero: Parodying the Male Savior Complex
  • Bathroom Debates: Absurdity in Gender-Specific Spaces
  • Gender Reveal Parties: A Hilarious Look at Outdated Traditions
  • Toys and Colors: Satirizing Society’s Segregation in Childhood
  • Bridging Gaps: Humorous Approach to the Gender Wage Disparity
  • Fairy Tales: Spoofing Traditional Gender Roles
  • The Maternal Mandate: A Satirical View on Motherhood Expectations
  • Shopping Segments: A Ridiculous Take on Gendered Products
  • Harsh High Heels: A Satirical Scrutiny of Fashion Impositions
  • Parodying Paternity: A Light-Hearted Look at Fatherhood Stereotypes
  • Sarcasm in Sex Education: Misconceptions and Misinformation
  • Comedic Analysis of Machismo Culture’s Ill Effects
  • Satire in Sports: Mocking the Gender Divide
  • Pink vs. Blue: Humor in Arbitrary Gender Assignments
  • The Drama of Dating: Satirical Examination of Heteronormativity
  • Make-Up Madness: A Satirical Dissection of Beauty Standards
  • Child Rearing Ridiculousness: Sending Up Gender Biased Expectations
  • Skewed Statistics: A Hilarious View on Sexuality Surveys

Law & Justice Satire Essay Topics

  • Uncloaking the Superheroes of Legal Aid: Paralegals
  • Exploring the Comic Side of the Jury Selection Process
  • Debunking the Gravity in Legal Jargon: An Easy Guide
  • Courtroom Sketch Artists: Mastering the Art of Blur
  • Undercover Heroes in the Courtroom: The Role of Bailiffs
  • Precedents in Law: Unwrapping Historical Comedy
  • Hidden Perks of Being a Law Intern: Endless Coffee Supply
  • Decoding Latin in Legal Lexicon: A Time Travel
  • Confidentiality Clauses: Peeking Into Pandora’s Box
  • Rise of AI in Law: Predicting the Rise of Robot Judges
  • Examining the Symbiotic Relationship: Divorce Lawyers and Therapists
  • Judges’ Robes: Unfolding a Fashion Trend in Judiciary
  • Polygraph Tests: Sweating Out the Truth or Nerves
  • The Art of Lawyerly Rhetoric: Mastering the Shakespearean Monologues
  • Public Defender: Unveiling the Superman in Disguise
  • Presidential Pardons: A Tale of Monarchs and Pawns
  • Lawsuits at Lightning Speed: Unraveling the Snail Pace of Justice
  • The Spotlight on the Witness Stand: Ready for Your Monologue
  • The Great Illusion of a Speedy Trial: Deconstructing the Legal Time Warp
  • District Attorneys: Casting Agents for Legal Dramas
  • Criminal Profiling: Venturing Into the Labyrinth of Psychology

Satire Essay Topics on Lifestyle & Society

  • Illuminating the Absurdity of Avocado Toast and Millennial Spending Habits
  • Capturing the Vanity: A Satirical View on Social Media Selfies
  • Deconstructing the Modern Obsession With Celebrity Culture
  • The Great Coffee Con: Exploiting Caffeine Addictions in Society
  • Reimagining the American Dream: Pursuit of Materialistic Pleasures
  • Analyzing the Irony of Fast-Food Fitness Fanatics
  • Piercing the Illusion: Luxury Brands and the Cult of Status
  • The Art of Procrastination: Society’s Undervalued Skill
  • Manifesting Mediocrity: The Self-Help Industry’s Greatest Success Story
  • Fashion Faux Pas: Satire on Clothing Trends and Personal Identity
  • Social Media Influencers: The Unlikely Heroes of the 21st Century
  • Romancing the Screen: The Absurdity of Digital Dating Norms
  • Lifestyle Gurus and the Illusion of Perfect Living
  • Dissecting the Paradox of the Modern Work-Life Balance
  • Environmental Activism: The Hypocrisy of Plastic Straw Boycotts
  • In Praise of Laziness: The Unexpected Virtue in Modern Society
  • The Comedy of Errors: Understanding the Irony in Health Trends
  • Redefining Success: The Satire of Billionaire Life Goals
  • Extreme Parenting: The Comic Reality of Child Rearing in the New Age
  • Transforming Privacy: The Tragi-Comedy of Online Personal Data

Media Satire Essay Topics

  • Influencers’ Obsession With Perfect Avocado Toast: A Critical Examination
  • Satirical Deconstruction of Selfie Stick Addiction
  • Decoding the Language of Emojis: A Hieroglyphic Revolution
  • The Invisible Pressure of Viral Dance Challenges
  • Proliferation of Pet Accounts: When Fluffy Rules Instagram?
  • The Unseen Life of Facebook’s Armchair Politicians
  • Twitter Character Limit: The Ultimate Brevity Test
  • Memes’ Conquest of the Digital World: A Light-Hearted Reflection
  • The Quintessential Art of Hashtag Overuse
  • Snapchat Filters: The Modern Magic Mirror
  • The Obscure Phenomenon of LinkedIn Humble Brags
  • YouTube Unboxing Videos: A Gateway to Consumerism
  • Exploring the Twisted Reality of TikTok Fame
  • Unraveling the Curious Culture of Subtweeting
  • Reality Behind Instagram Travel Diaries: Luxury or Illusion?
  • Cats vs. Dogs: A Facebook Debate That Never Ends
  • Fake News: The Unintended Social Media Comedy Genre
  • The Bizarre Boom of Mukbangs: A Satirical Perspective
  • Pinterest Dream Boards: Delusion or Inspiration?
  • “Fitstagram” Users: Chronicling the Unseen Gym Struggles
  • Social Media Detox: An Oxymoron of the Digital Age

Satire Essay Topics on Money & Finance

  • Exploiting the Irony of Cryptocurrency: Money Without Physical Existence
  • Wall Street Sharks: Parody of High-Risk Speculative Trading
  • Millionaires’ Misery: The Inherent Suffering of Luxury Living
  • Tax Evasion Excuses: A Humorous Look at Offshore Accounts
  • Indebted Students: Higher Education’s Ultimate Cash Cow
  • Lottery Dreams: The Absurdity of ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ Culture
  • Profitable Philanthropy: The Mockery of Charitable Tax Breaks
  • Credit Card Conundrum: Slavery to Plastic Wealth
  • Pension Ploys: The Elderly’s Unexpected Investment Strategies
  • Retirement Retreats: Expensive Havens for the Golden Years
  • Inflation Inspiration: How Rising Prices Boost Creativity?
  • Profitable Poverty: The Irony of Economic Disparity
  • Unicorn Startups: The Absurdities of Overvaluation
  • Celebrities’ Financial Fumbles: Luxury Overspending Exposed
  • Escalating Estate Taxes: The Afterlife of Affluence
  • Stock Market Mysteries: Unraveling the Riddles of Wall Street
  • Dollar-Driven Divorces: The Unromantic Side of Wealth
  • Overpriced Artworks: The Unfathomable World of Collectible Investments
  • Insurance Ironies: The Paradox of Paying for Potential Problems
  • Consumer Culture: The Hilarity of Holiday Shopping Hysteria

Satire Essay Topics on Relationships & Love

  • Unraveling the Mysterious Art of Understanding Women
  • Cupid’s Failed Attempts at Fostering Modern Love
  • Matrimony and the Irresistible Charm of Dirty Laundry
  • Tinder Love Stories: The Epitome of Romance
  • Romantic Films and Their Shocking Reality Check
  • Internet Dating: A Venture Into the Wilderness
  • The Delicate Balance of Texting in Modern Courtship
  • Decoding the Cryptic Language of Men
  • Dissecting the Phenomenon of Love at First Sight
  • When Grandma Joins a Dating App: A Tale of Unforeseen Love
  • PDA Etiquette: A Guide to Inflaming Bystanders
  • Polyamory: Balancing Multiple Valentine’s Day Dates
  • Long-Distance Relationships: A Crash Course in Astral Love
  • Ghosting: The Art of Invisible Breakups
  • Breaking Down the Myth of Prince Charming
  • Investigating the Secret Lives of Pets as Couple Counselors
  • The Bold Adventure of Singlehood in the 21st Century
  • Soulmates vs. Roommates: The Unavoidable Transition
  • A Study on Post-Breakup Ice Cream Consumption
  • Romance and the Comedy of Failed Proposals
  • The Hidden Joys of In-Law Relationships

Satire Essay Topics on Social Issues

  • Overturning Stereotypes: The Rising Popularity of Men in Knitting Circles
  • Cloning Influencers: A Proposed Solution to Boost Social Media Engagement
  • Waging War on Wi-Fi: The Hilarious Consequences of a Day Without the Internet
  • Digital Dilemma: The Struggle of Parents Understanding TikTok Trends
  • Bottled Happiness: The Distorted Reality of Influencer-Endorsed Health Drinks
  • Hipster Apocalypse: When Recycling and Veganism Go Too Far?
  • Overcoming the Pandemic of Pouty Selfies: A Global Initiative
  • Unmasking the Hoarders: The Untold Story of Tupperware Collectors
  • Hunger Games: The Unending Battle Between Keto and Vegan Diets
  • UFO Sighting: The Extraterrestrial Cause of Traffic Jams
  • Power to the Pooch: Dogs Taking Over the World, One Human at a Time
  • From Hashtags to High Society: How Twitter Influenced Etiquette?
  • Reality Revamp: The Consequences of Netflix as the New Textbook
  • Emojis Domination: The Art of Communicating Through Pictographs
  • Vlogging Vitriol: YouTube as the New Platform for Personal Vendettas
  • Meditation Madness: The Insanity Behind 3 AM Yoga Challenges
  • Behind Screens: Are Computer Glasses the New Must-Have Accessory?
  • Apocalypse Prep: The Boom of Luxury Underground Bunker Sales
  • Gen Z’s Rebellion: The Cultural Impact of Socks With Sandals
  • Digital Detox: The Hilarious Withdrawal Symptoms of Social Media Fast

Satire Essay Topics on Travel & Tourism

  • The Unseen Trials of Backpackers: A Hysterical Tale
  • Leisurely Misadventures: Unraveling the “All-Inclusive” Vacation Package
  • “Selfie” Culture: Destroying Historical Monuments One Picture at a Time
  • Embellished Instagram Holidays: The Hidden Reality
  • Eco-Tourism Debunked: Unearthing the “Greenwashing” Phenomenon
  • Mythical Hygiene Standards in Budget Accommodations
  • Inflight Experiences: Unmasking the Charm of Economy Class
  • Travel Etiquette Lost: The Epidemic of Reclining Airline Seats
  • Adventure Expeditions: Conquering Heights or Evoking Frights?
  • Pilgrimage Tourism: Devotion or Diversion?
  • Culinary Tours: Deconstructing the Allure of Food Poisoning
  • Virtual Reality Vacations: The Unsettling Future of Tourism
  • Alien Destinations: Pioneering Intergalactic Tourism
  • Faux Pas Abroad: Navigating Cultural Landmines
  • Woes of Unattended Children: Unplanned Entertainment on Long Flights
  • Noisy Neighbors: Hotel Walls and Their Supposed Transparency
  • Cruising Calamities: Titanic Lessons Unheeded
  • Extreme Sports Tourism: The Absurdity of Risking Life for Fun
  • Haggling Rituals: The Art of Insulting Local Vendors
  • Souvenirs or Junk: The Dilemma of Discerning Tourists
  • Wildlife Safaris: When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted?

Satirical Essay Topics on Celebrities & Entertainment

  • When Award Shows Turn Into Political Platforms: A Satirical View?
  • Shattering the Perfect Image: Unraveling the Insta-Famous Fantasy
  • Hyperbolic Publicity Stunts: The Celebrity’s Desperate Cry for Attention
  • Can Reality TV Sink Any Lower? The Absurdity of Scripted ‘Realness’
  • Exposing the Ridiculousness of Celebrity Feuds: More than Child’s Play?
  • Hashtag Activism: Unpacking the Performative Woke Culture of Hollywood
  • Alien Sightings: Celebrities’ Bizarre Obsession With Extraterrestrial Life
  • Confessions of a Ghostwriter: The Undisclosed Talents Behind Pop Hits
  • The Absurdity of Celebrity Fashion: From Red Carpets to Street Styles
  • The Oscars for Worst Behaved: Mock Awards Show for Off-Screen Antics
  • Unmasking the Irony of Celebrities Preaching Simplicity From Their Mansions
  • Do Celebrities Really Need More Perfumes? A Fragrant Tale of Excess
  • Celebrities Turned Politicians: A Comic Election That Everyone Wins
  • Diets of the Stars: The Ridiculous Recipes for Stardom
  • Faux Philanthropy: Exposing the Charitable Facade of A-Listers
  • The Great Escape: Celebrities’ Eccentric Attempts at Evading the Media
  • Clapbacks and Throwdowns: The Unruly Etiquette of Celebrity Twitter Wars
  • Misguided Motivation: The Bizarre Inspirational Quotes of Celebrities
  • Extravagant Birthday Bashes: How Celebrities Throw a Year’s Salary Party?
  • The Illusion of Relatability: Deconstructing Celebrities’ ‘Just Like Us’ Narrative

Fashion & Beauty Satirical Essay Topics

  • Dazzling Duplicity: Unveiling the Underlying Irony of Beauty Filters
  • Runway Rivalries: Poking Fun at the Competitive Nature of Fashion Shows
  • Plastic Surgery Pursuits: A Satirical Look at Beauty Standards
  • Cosmetic Catastrophes: The Comical Consequences of Beauty Blunders
  • Fabrics of Fiction: A Satirical Take on Sustainable Fashion
  • Beauty Bloggers: Deconstructing the Glamour Behind the Screens
  • Fashion Trends: Tracing the Absurdity of the Seasonal Rotation
  • Aesthetics Ascendancy: An Examination of Make-Up as Power
  • Wardrobe Wonders: The Humorous Interpretation of Haute Couture
  • Celebrity Cults: Satire on the Influence of Stars in Fashion Decisions
  • Fast Fashion Follies: The Comical Analysis of Throwaway Trends
  • Model Madness: Exploring the Absurdities in the Modelling Industry
  • Hair Havoc: The Bizarre Reality of Beauty Salon Experiences
  • Designer Dilemmas: The Irony in High-Priced Fashion Labels
  • Vanity Victories: The Unintentional Humor of Beauty Pageants
  • Social Media Mannequins: The Satirical Side of Online Trendsetters
  • Fragrance Fiascos: The Irony of Luxury Perfumes
  • Retail Runaround: The Absurdities of Shopping for Fashion
  • Red Carpet Ridiculousness: A Comedic Critique of Awards Show Attire
  • Pouting Perfection: The Irony in Pursuit of the Perfect Selfie
  • Skinny Jeans Saga: The Comical Consequences of Fashion Discomfort

Food & Diet Satirical Essay Topics

  • The Delectable Deception: Unveiling the True Origins of the “Superfood” Trend
  • A Fork in the Road: The Hilarious Consequences of Becoming a Food Critic
  • The Chronicles of Carrot Cake: A Revolutionary Tale of Vegetable-Based Desserts
  • The Salad Symphony: When Lettuce Takes Center Stage?
  • From Farm to Fork: The Epic Journey of a French Fry
  • The Art of Food Photography: Capturing the Perfect Angle (and Bite)
  • The Great Protein Shake Scandal: A Shaken, Not Stirred Investigation
  • The Gluten-Free Fiasco: How Wheat Became Public Enemy Number One?
  • An Ode to Avocado Toast: The Hipster’s Breakfast Revolution
  • Gourmet Dumpster Diving: Discovering Unexpected Delights in Food Waste
  • The Secret Life of a Kale Chip: Adventures in Wholesome Snacking
  • The Curious Case of the Vanishing Pizza Slice: An Unsolved Mystery
  • Fast Food Nation: The Unforgettable Saga of the Drive-Thru Generation
  • A Taste of Irony: Meat Lover’s Guide to Vegan Cuisine
  • The Rise of Quinoa Warriors: Ancient Grains and Modern Hype
  • The Eggplant Conspiracy: Unmasking the Vegetable Villain
  • An Epic Battle: Pizza vs. Tacos for Food Supremacy
  • Food Trucks Unleashed: A Culinary Carnival on Wheels
  • The Lost Art of Mealtime: How Social Media Killed Family Dinners?
  • Dieting With Desserts: Sweetest Path to Weight Loss

Satirical Essay Topics on Nature & Environment

  • Comical Critique: Unraveling the Absurdity of Recycling Programs
  • Parodying Pollution: A Hilarious Take on Industrial Waste
  • Laughing at Landfills: The Comedy of Our Throwaway Culture
  • A Whimsical Wink at Climate Change Deniers
  • Hysterical Hiking: A Satirical Spin on Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • Mocking Meat: The Great Vegetarian vs. Carnivore Debate
  • Laughing Through the Greenwash: Satire on False Environmental Claims
  • The Folly of Fossil Fuels: A Comedic Look at Our Energy Addiction
  • Irony in Organic Farming: Lampooning the ‘Natural’ Food Trend
  • A Mockery of Overpopulation: When Humans Multiply Like Rabbits?
  • Satire in Sustainability: Laughing at Our Feeble Attempts
  • The Delusions of Deforestation: A Hilarious Take on Timber Industries
  • Environmental Extremism Exposed: A Parody of Radical Activists
  • Spoofing Species Conservation: When Cute Animals Go Viral?
  • Ridiculing Renewable Energy: The Bumpy Road to a Greener Future
  • Comedic Commentary on Wildlife Tourism: Laughing With Binoculars
  • Farce in Environmental Education: When Green Turns Absurd?
  • The Absurdity of Plastic Bans: A Satirical Skewering of Single-Use
  • Laughing at Pesticides: A Hilarious Perspective on Chemical Warfare
  • Parodying Air Pollution: When Breathing Becomes a Comedy Act?
  • Sardonic Scrutiny of Urban Sprawl: The Concrete Jungle Chronicles

Religion Satirical Essay Topics

  • Divine Irony: The Almighty’s Hilarious Mishaps
  • Sacred Stand-Up: Comedy Clubs in Churches
  • Heavenly Hilarity: God’s Epic Pranks
  • The Holy Roast: Satirical Sermons
  • Pious Parodies: Religious Jokes That Cross the Line
  • Blasphemous Bloopers: Holy Fails and Epic Follies
  • Dogma Drama: A Comical Take on Religious Beliefs
  • Prophet Parodies: Ridiculous Impersonations of Religious Leaders
  • The Gospel of Sarcasm: Satirical Interpretations of Scripture
  • Holy Satire: Divine Laughter in Religious Texts
  • The Church of Absurdity: Lampooning Organized Religion
  • Sanctimonious Shenanigans: The Art of Religious Hypocrisy
  • Divine Intervention: A Comic Twist on Miracles
  • Heaven’s Got Talent: Satirical Take on Divine Abilities
  • Holy Fables: Satire and Satanic Stories
  • Worship Wars: Ridiculous Rivalries Between Religious Sects
  • The Sermon that Bombed: Religious Comedy Gone Wrong
  • Sacred Slapstick: Clowning Around in Places of Worship
  • Apocalyptic Comedy: The End of the World, Satire-Style
  • Sacred Silliness: Hilarious Rituals and Traditions

Satirical Essay Topics on Science & Medicine

  • Medical Miracles: The Surprisingly Curative Powers of Bubble Wrap
  • Quantum Mechanics: How to Make Your Toaster a Time Machine?
  • Genetic Engineering: Creating Designer Cats With Supermodel Genetics
  • Artificial Intelligence: Siri’s Secret Life as a Stand-Up Comedian
  • Space Colonization: Establishing Luxury Resorts on Mars
  • Vaccination Wars: The Battle Between Proponents of the Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin Vaccines
  • Climate Change Solutions: Cooling the Planet With Ice Cream Trucks
  • Nuclear Power: Harnessing the Energy of Popcorn Popping for Electricity
  • Teleportation Therapy: Curing Phobias One Quantum Leap at a Time
  • Robot Surgeons: When Operating Rooms Turn Into Sci-Fi Movie Sets?
  • Cryptozoology: Uncovering the Existence of Dancing Unicorns
  • Evolutionary Psychology: How Your Ancestors’ Love for Pizza Shaped Your Brain?
  • Brain Transplants: Swapping Minds and Hairstyles With Celebrities
  • Nanotechnology Breakthrough: Turning Cucumbers Into Diamonds
  • Genetic Cloning: Creating an Army of Genetically Modified Labradoodles
  • The Flat Earth Society: Exploring the Edges of Reason and Gravity
  • The Fountain of Youth: Discovering Eternal Life Through Tap Dancing
  • Astrology: Predicting Scientific Discoveries With Magic Crystal Balls
  • Quantum Healing: Curing Broken Hearts With Schrödinger’s Cat Hugs
  • Renewable Energy: Powering the World With Hamster Wheels and Rubber Ducks
  • Cryogenics: Freezing Pizza Rolls to Preserve Their Deliciousness for Eternity

Social Media Satirical Essay Topics

  • Behind the Scenes of Viral Animal Videos
  • Capturing the Absurdity of Online Challenges
  • Spotify Playlists: The New Mixtape Romance
  • Unmasking Instagram’s Unrealistic DIY Projects
  • Debunking Myths of Social Media’s “Productivity Hacks”
  • Navigating the Social Media Minefield: A Satirical Survival Guide
  • Trending Fads: The Quicksand of Online Popularity
  • The Unexpected Rise of ASMR: A Whispering Revolution
  • Cryptic Acronyms: The Modern Social Media Rosetta Stone
  • Reflection on Virtual Friends: A Phantasm or Reality?
  • The Hype House Phenomenon: A Mockery of Traditional Housing
  • Twitter Feuds: The Modern Colosseum
  • The Mysterious Magnetism of Bad Reviews
  • TikTok Trends: A Bizarre Temporal Distortion
  • Parallels Between Social Media “Clout” and Monopoly Money
  • Analyzing the Absurdity of Instagram Poetry
  • The Unlikely Friendship of Social Media and Conspiracy Theories
  • The Folly of Seeking Relationship Advice From Internet Strangers
  • The Silent Suffering of Parents on Facebook
  • Meme Stock Markets: A Parody of Traditional Investment

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350+ Satirical Essay Topics & Ideas for Students

Satire Essay Topics

Table of contents


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In a world full of quirks and paradoxes, there's a lot that can make us stop and say, "Really?" It's these moments that make perfect for satire essay topics. With a sprinkle of humor and a dash of insight, you can turn these "Really?" moments into clever social commentaries. 

The challenge, though, lies in finding authentic satirical essay topics that can tickle a funny bone while shedding light on a relevant issue. But worry not! We’ve designed this massive list of unique topics for a satire essay, each focusing on funny-yet-thought-provoking issues. And if you ever need a hand with your writing, our expert online essay writer team is just a click away. Dive in, and let's turn the absurd into the amusing!

What Are Satirical Essay Topics?

Satirical essay topics are issues, behaviors, trends, or phenomena ripe for humorous and critical examination. The student’s task is not just to entertain, but to use humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to critique something.

Satire essay topics often highlight absurdities, hypocrisy, or failings in the system or people's behavior. The art of satire lies in presenting these topics in a way that makes readers laugh, but also makes them reflect.

How to Choose a Satire Essay Topic?

Choosing a perfect satire essay topic is an essential first step. This selection will set the tone for your paper, and determine the kind of humor you want to bring to the table. Here's a brief rundown of how you can find a good topic for a satire essay :

  • Focus on something you're passionate about You need to care about your topic to write a good satire. This will allow you to create deeper, more insightful humor. Look for things in society, politics, or culture that spark your interest or frustrate you.
  • Know your audience Satire depends on shared knowledge. Your readers should be familiar with the subject you're satirizing. Try to pick those satirical essay topics that your audience will understand and appreciate.
  • Think about what needs to be changed The best satire not only entertains, but also inspires change. Look for things in society that you think need improvement, and use your satire to shed light on these issues.
  • Be original If you choose a topic that has been satirized many times before, your essay may seem stale. Try to find a unique angle or a fresh idea to keep your readers engaged.
  • Brainstorm and research Once you have a few satirical topics in mind, take some time to explore them. Use the internet to carry out research and brainstorm worthy ideas.

Satirical Essay Topics List

We often find humor in people's peculiar habits and societal norms. Here's a selection of unique satirical topics concerning various aspects of our life.  From the list below you can find out the most popular things to write a satire about:

  • "Mirror, mirror, on the wall": Society's obsession with beauty filters.
  • When robots start penning bestsellers: AI in the creative arts.
  • Health gurus and their magic potions: The detox tea phenomenon.
  • Climate change? Let's Mars-form instead: The escape to Mars plan.
  • Designer babies: When shopping goes genetic.
  • Extravagant space races: Billionaires' cosmic playground.
  • Reality TV: Breeding ground for future politicians.
  • Humans - the "endangered" species: The irony of biodiversity loss.
  • Dating apps: Love at the mercy of algorithms.
  • Minimalism: Selling simplicity at a premium.
  • Pet influencers: When your cat is more famous than you.
  • NFT art: Purchasing pixels, owning masterpieces.
  • Smartphones at dinner: Technology, the new family member.
  • Fake news: Gullibility in the information age.
  • Celebrity politicians: When fame becomes a political asset.

Good Satire Essay Topics

Probing the comedic side of life's idiosyncrasies, satire papers help us confront serious issues with a smile. Here are some good satire topics for you to select from:

  • Emojis as a universal language: Time for an emoji dictionary?
  • Black Friday stampedes: Consumerism on steroids.
  • Meal replacement shakes: Can technology cook?
  • Online privacy: A modern fairy tale.
  • DIY culture: Craft stores replacing universities?
  • Cryptocurrency: Virtual money, real madness.
  • Fitness trackers: Counting steps to happiness.
  • Reality TV: Real-world drama or scripted folly?
  • Social media challenges: Quest for viral fame.
  • Instagram travel: Tourism or narcissism?
  • Remote work: Pajamas as the new power suit.
  • Internet trolls: Bullies behind keyboards.
  • Life hacking: Shortcuts to nowhere.
  • Conspiracy theories: Aliens, flat earth and our love for mystery.
  • Bulletproof coffee: Where health meets absurdity.

Funny Satirical Essay Topics

Funny satire essay topics flip the usual, mundane situations of life into amusing tales. By highlighting humor, we can find fresh insights and question our assumptions. Consider these funny satire ideas and essay titles for your assignment:

  • Doomsday preppers: Paranoid or prophets?
  • Waiting in line: An extreme sport.
  • Fashion trends: Following sheep in designer clothes.
  • Sugar-free desserts: A sweet deception.
  • Parenting blogs: More kids or more content?
  • Procrastination: Tomorrow's the best day.
  • UFO sightings: Alien tourism hotspots.
  • Superfood salads: Can kale save the world?
  • Self-help books: Life instructions or confusion creators?
  • Office jargon: Decoding corporate hieroglyphics.
  • Yoga pants: Sportswear or everywhere wear?
  • Tiny homes: When less is too less.
  • Lottery winners: Sudden millionaires or targets?
  • Dating profiles: Reality vs virtuality.
  • Fad diets: Starving for perfection.

Easy Satire Essay Topics

Satire doesn't always have to be intricate. Even everyday experiences can inspire hilarity when viewed from a satirical perspective. By exploring the funny side of the ordinary, we can uncover unexpected insights. Take a peek at these easy satire topics that will let you find humor in the simplest of things.

  •  Snoring: Soundtrack to sleepless nights.
  • Elevator music: Unappreciated symphonies.
  • Traffic jams: The daily race to nowhere.
  • Are diet sodas just a placebo for health-conscious individuals?
  • Autocorrect fails: Smartphones having a laugh.
  • Queue jumpers: Rebels without a cause.
  • Noisy eaters: Sound effects at dinner.
  • Wi-Fi hunters: The modern nomads.
  • Is procrastination truly a thief of time or just a misunderstood productivity method?
  • Dishwashers: The appliance that replaced your dog.
  • Coffee addiction: Life fuel or liquid distraction?
  • Vegan burgers: Meatless contradictions.
  • Fortune cookies: Life advice with dessert.
  • Oversized sunglasses: Bug eyes are in fashion.
  • Speed bumps: The ultimate car acrobatics.

Interesting Satire Essay Ideas

With the right topic, you can create a funny story that goes beyond the obvious. If you're looking for something more interesting and unique, here are some topics to write a satire about:

  • When internet memes become the hieroglyphics of the digital age.
  • Home gyms, where workout dreams gather dust.
  • A world where Fido, your pet, has a more luxurious spa day than you.
  • Late-night infomercials - marketing genius or sleep deprivation nightmares?
  • The unsolved mystery of airplane food.
  • Bad hair days and the conspiracy against your morning routine.
  • Fast fashion, where trends are born and die within weeks
  • Smart home devices - conveniences or spies in disguise?
  • Supermarkets, where 'free samples' is code for a free lunch.
  • Vaping, the art of puffing clouds, not smoke.
  • The rom-com or horror story dichotomy of dating in your thirties.
  • Multi-level marketing and the thin line between friendship and business.
  • When weddings transform from a marriage kickoff to a bankruptcy countdown.
  • Job interviews, the real-world stage for a reality check.
  • The modern torment that is telemarketing.

Best Satirical Essay Topics

For the top satire essay ideas, think about those satire essay topics that spark strong emotions. Not only will you be able to tap into these feelings of frustration or joy, your readers will relate to them as well. Here are some best satire topics that should get your creative juices flowing:

  • Surviving the marathon of binge-watching.
  • Trading Earth for Mars – next big move.
  • Shopaholic's diary entries from a thrift store.
  • Expensive water brands : An investment in packaging.
  • Autocorrect, the unsolicited editor in your pocket.
  • The great laundry mystery of disappearing socks.
  • Hipsters and their vintage obsession: A journey back to the stone age.
  • Pop culture's survival guide to a zombie apocalypse.
  • Marriages at a drive-through – the fast lane to wedded bliss.
  • Instagram's reign over meal choices: An age of photo-worthy meals.
  • Office meetings: The black hole of productivity.
  • Gluten-free craze , when health fads know no bounds.
  • Surviving on social media likes – the digital age currency.
  • The irony of minimalism practiced in mansions.
  • When real life starts to mimic a soap opera plot.

Satirical Essay Topics Ideas for Students

Embracing a blend of humor, irony, and critical thinking, satirical essays are a unique tool for students to scrutinize the world around them. In this section, we present a selection of satirical essay topics tailored specifically for students. These satirical ideas touch upon various aspects of student life and popular culture, providing a starting point for your writing.

Satirical Essay Topics for High School

High school presents a ripe setting for satire with its unique blend of growing pains, social dynamics, and academic pressure. Consider these satire topics for high school students to find a good perspective:

  • When homeroom becomes home away from home.
  • Cafeteria food: A culinary adventure or a survival test?
  • Study groups or social clubs: A high school mystery.
  • Making sense of locker organization.
  • Navigating the social hierarchy on the lunchroom tables.
  • Pep rallies: The ultimate show of school spirit or social obligation?
  • Pop quizzes: The unexpected adrenaline rush.
  • The school mascot: More than just a costume?
  • The unending quest for the perfect prom date.
  • SAT essay and exam prep – the trial by fire for college hopefuls.
  • Varsity jackets: A badge of honor or fashion statement?
  • School dances: A ritual of adolescent awkwardness.
  • The mad dash for elective courses .
  • Navigating the high school hallway traffic.
  • Summer reading lists: A vacation or a sentence?

Satire Essay Topics for College Students

College students can satirize a wide range of subjects beyond campus life. Such things include politics, society, popular culture, and global issues. Take a look at these satire essays topics and ideas suitable for the college level.

  • Deciphering the language of politicians.
  • Designer babies : Perfect genes, perfect life?
  • Reality TV, the mirror of contemporary society?
  • The glamor of adulting: Bills, responsibilities, and more bills.
  • The environmental impact of our selfie obsession.
  • The illusion of work-life balance in the digital age.
  • Deconstructing the phenomenon of viral dance challenges.
  • Superfoods or super-marketing?
  • The paradox of solitude in the era of constant connectivity.
  • Online privacy: Myth or reality?
  • The quest for immortality in the age of Botox.
  • Organic labels : Health-conscious or simply cash-conscious?
  • Influencer culture: Personal branding or personal exploitation?
  • The mystery of unread terms and conditions.
  • Climate change denials: A grave comedy?

Satire Essay Topics by Subject

The good thing is that satire can be applied to virtually any subject. To let you access ideas more quickly, we'll present more satire writing topics, arranged by subject. From politics and social issues to personal experiences and popular culture, you'll find a plethora of unique satirical essay ideas waiting to be explored.

Satirical Essay Topics on Science

Science, with its objective truths, advancements, and occasional paradoxes, is an exciting territory for satirical exploration. Discover these satire paper ideas that take a humorous look at different aspects of science topics .

  • Black holes : Nature's ultimate vanishing act.
  • Why do cats defy the laws of physics?
  • Artificial intelligence: Will robots steal our jobs or just our hearts?
  • Diet trends: Can we photosynthesize our food like plants?
  • Pluto's demotion: A planetary identity crisis.
  • Are multivitamins modern day magic potions?
  • Cloning : The ultimate answer to loneliness?
  • Is sleep a waste of precious time?
  • Space junk: A starry sea of celestial clutter.
  • The eternal quest for the fountain of youth.
  • Aliens and crop circles: A misunderstood art form.
  • Quantum physics: A science or just fancy magic tricks?
  • Is dark matter just shy?
  • The unexpected dangers of water: Dihydrogen monoxide scare.
  • Why does toast always land butter side down?

Satire Essay Topics on Informational Technology

Satire can also be used to shed light on matters concerning information technology. From cybersecurity risks to online privacy scandals, we often find ourselves in dire need of a healthy dose of comedy. Below are some topics to write satire about:

  • Emojis: A new digital universal language?
  • Dating apps: Algorithms of love or despair?
  • The art of finding the perfect WiFi spot.
  • Internet cookies: A snack for your browser?
  • The irony of digital detox retreats.
  • Does my computer have a better memory than me?
  • The quest for the elusive unread email.
  • Is there life beyond the Cloud ?
  • Smartphone addiction: The modern epidemic.
  • Social media influencers : Are they puppeteers?
  • Cryptocurrency: Digital gold or digital illusion?
  • Smart homes: Convenience or Big Brother watching?
  • The paradox of infinite tabs on internet browsers.
  • The tragedy of forgotten passwords.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Our savior or the next overlord?

Business Topics for a Satire Essay

Business is yet another avenue where satire can be explored. This genre offers students a great platform to thoughtfully examine the world of finance, entrepreneurship, and economies. Here are some business topics for a satirical essay:

  • Dress codes: The secret to corporate success?
  • Latecomers: The unsung heroes of surprise entrances.
  • Endless meetings : An exercise in patience?
  • Does coffee fuel the world economy?
  • The rollercoaster ride of the stock market.
  • The art of workplace small talk.
  • Job interviews: A game of psychological poker?
  • The tale of an office chair's endurance.
  • Multitasking : A superpower or a myth?
  • The curious case of lunch break politics.
  • Business buzzwords: The corporate dialect.
  • Advertising: Convincing people to buy things they don’t need?
  • The rise of the work-from-home pajama trend.
  • The mysteries of the office supply closet.
  • CEOs on social media: A trend or a terror?

Political Satire Essay Topics

Politics, known for its controversial figures and high-stakes decisions, has long been a rich source of satirical content. Below, we added satire topics ideas that humorously tackle various aspects of politics.

  • Political ads: A masterclass in melodrama.
  • Election promises: Mythical beasts in the political wilderness.
  • Politicians' handshakes: A secret language?
  • The rollercoaster ride of public opinion polls.
  • Political correctness: A savior or a straitjacket?
  • The art of dodging questions in political debates.
  • Red ties, blue ties: Do colors win elections?
  • Fake news: A modern Pandora's box.
  • The unending marathon of election campaigns.
  • Can political manifestos become bestsellers?
  • The curious allure of political scandals.
  • Diplomatic gifts: A geopolitical treasure hunt.
  • Does spinach make politicians stronger than Popeye?
  • Bureaucracy: The spider's web in government offices.
  • Political cartoons: Do they sketch the real picture?

>> View more: Political Science Topics

Economics Satire Topics for an Essay

The world of economics is full of theories, abstract concepts, and somber predictions. Fortunately, it's also a great source of satirical essay topics ideas that can make for an entertaining read. Check out these satire ideas to cover different aspects related to economics papers topics :

  • Is money really the root of all evil or just misunderstood?
  • Black Friday: Bargain hunting or retail warfare?
  • Can economists predict the future or just explain the past?
  • Are cryptocurrencies real money or just a digital illusion?
  • Inflation : Is it the economy's way of going on a diet?
  • Are stock markets just high-stakes casinos?
  • Does trickle-down economics actually trickle up?
  • Are billionaires the result of economic success or just dragons hoarding gold?
  • Can economic crashes be predicted or are they just like surprises?
  • Is job automation a ticket to leisure or unemployment?
  • The lottery: Economic opportunity or taxation for the hopeful?
  • Do we understand taxes or just fear them?
  • Sweatshops: Are they economic necessities or moral failures?
  • Is ' economic growth ' just a fancy term for 'more stuff'?
  • Does the 'invisible hand' of the market need a manicure?

Satirical Essay Topics on History

History is, in a way, an account of our collective memory. It provides us with valuable lessons from the past. Yet, it can also be subject to comedic interpretations. From ancient civilizations to modern-day life, you'll find plenty of satire writing ideas in this domain.

  • Historical wars: Were they just really aggressive debates?
  • Dinosaurs: The world's first landscape artists.
  • King Arthur's round table: The first step towards democracy?
  • The mystery of Mona Lisa's smile: Was she just uncomfortable?
  • Pyramids: Ancient Egypt's obsession with geometry.
  • Pompeii: An extreme case of neighborhood watch failure?
  • Can we blame Columbus for our poor sense of direction?
  • Witches: The original influencers of the Middle Ages.
  • Vikings: The misunderstood hair fashion pioneers.
  • Stonehenge: An ancient rock concert gone wrong?
  • The politics of powdered wigs.
  • The love life of Henry VIII: A cautionary tale.
  • The Boston Tea Party : The steep price of a good brew.
  • Marie Antoinette: Misunderstood food critic or spendthrift queen?
  • The Titanic: An iceberg's misunderstood revenge.

 >> More ideas: History Research Topics

Religion Satire Topics for Essays

Religion, with its array of practices, stories, and moral codes, can be a sensitive yet insightful subject for satire when approached with respect. Consider these unique satire topics for an essay that humorously comments on various aspects of religious practices.

  • Noah's Ark: The original two-for-one deal.
  • Do guardian angels need to take breaks?
  • The curious case of multiplying fish and loaves.
  • Was the burning bush the first recorded instance of a fire hazard?
  • Buddha's path to enlightenment: Did he ever get bored?
  • Confessions: The original therapy sessions?
  • Biblical miracles: Divinity or just good timing?
  • Does God have a favorite color?
  • Religious attire: Divine fashion or just a dress code?
  • Church bells: The original alarm clocks?
  • Karma: The ultimate cosmic reward system.
  • The journey of a soul: Frequent flier miles included?
  • Do the gods enjoy watching soap operas on Earth?
  • Religious festivals: Are they divine parties?
  • Reincarnation: A second chance or a repeated punishment?

Satirical Essay Ideas on Social Issues

Social issues offer a meaningful context for satirical critique. You can criticize modern trends, cultural phenomena or public opinions. We’ve gathered these satirical essay topics that humorously analyze various social issues:

  • Can we run out of internet?
  • Tattoos: Self-expression or human billboards?
  • Dumpster diving: Extreme recycling or hipster trend?
  • Are audiobooks reading cheating?
  • Has autocorrect become our worst ene-moose?
  • Social media influencers: Modern messiahs?
  • Plastic surgery: Are we editing our life's cast?
  • Body shaming: Are beauty standards the real beast?
  • The paradox of privacy in the age of social media.
  • Social activism hashtags: Do they create change or just trend?
  • The mystery of disappearing socks in the laundry.
  • Gentrification: The invasion of hipsters?
  • Street art: Vandalism or a voice?
  • Will robots make better politicians?
  • Reality TV: A reflection of life or a circus mirror?

Satire Essay Topics on Media

Navigating through social media can sometimes feel like exploring a maze – amusing, baffling, and thought-provoking. From the towering giants of news networks and social media platforms to the labyrinthine corridors of advertising and celebrity culture, each turn yields an opportunity for satirical analysis. Consider these social media topics for satires:

  • Media neutrality: A myth or a forgotten art?
  • Product placement: Subtle persuasion or glaring intrusion?
  • Is reality TV the most unrealistic thing on television?
  • News headlines: Informative or clickbait?
  • Can we mute celebrity Twitter wars?
  • Tabloids: Gossip factories or hidden truth revealers?
  • Are commercials mini-movies with plot twists?
  • Photoshopping: Artistic touch-up or deceptive makeover?
  • Paparazzi: The shadowy heroes of entertainment news.
  • Are all journalists undercover superheroes?
  • Will Instagram filters replace make-up artists?
  • Breaking news: A constant adrenaline rush?
  • Streaming platforms: Endless entertainment or decision-making nightmares?
  • Do viral videos capture talent or just lucky moments?
  • Social media challenges: Collective fun or mass hysteria?

Satire Essay Topics on Sports

Sports provides many topics to satirize. Take those crazy matches, passionate fans, or dramatic twists and you'll find plenty of material to craft an interesting paper. Below are just some of the sports satire topics to write about.

  • Does synchronized swimming mean even the blinks are in sync?
  • Are mascots the unsung heroes of sports?
  • Do referees need a referee?
  • Celebratory dances in sports: Choreographed or impromptu joy?
  • Are extreme sports just adrenaline junkies' playground?
  • Can sports commentators predict the future?
  • Do athletes listen to pep talks or just nod along?
  • Is golf a sport or a leisurely walk with obstacles?
  • Do we understand cricket or just pretend to?
  • Stadium food: Nutritional disaster or part of the experience?
  • Yoga: Sport, philosophy, or contortionism?
  • Is chess the ultimate test of athleticism?
  • Are sport bloopers the true highlight reels?
  • Are half-time shows an energy booster or a distraction?
  • Is trading sports cards an underground economy?

Satirical Essay Topics on Medicine

Medicine is a field that often takes itself too seriously. We can use satire to explore various aspects of the medical profession, such as health care systems, research challenges, and innovations. Take a look at the following satire topics for essays to get some inspiration:

  • Can laughter indeed be the best medicine?
  • Medical dramas: Education or pure entertainment?
  • Placebos: Mind over matter or matter over mind?
  • Do medical students dream in Latin?
  • Are waiting rooms time warps?
  • Why do patients fear white coats more than diseases?
  • Are hypochondriacs visionaries or just worried well?
  • Does your smartphone make a good doctor?
  • Unraveling the mystery of doctors' handwriting.
  • Health supplements: A necessity or just expensive urine?
  • Is self-diagnosis a pandemic?
  • Can music therapy replace antidepressants?
  • Are annual check-ups health booster or anxiety inducer?
  • Is telemedicine impersonal care or the new normal?
  • Alternative medicine : Cutting-edge healthcare or old wives' tales?

>> View more: Medicine Research Topics

Environment Satire Essay Topics

Environmental topics often provoke strong feelings, and humor can be a powerful tool for exploring these important issues. Consider these satire project ideas that wittily explore various aspects of environmental science, policy, and culture.

  • Is recycling an environmental obligation or a new religion?
  • Are reusable bags fashion statements or eco-saviors?
  • Climate change: Nature's revenge or just a hot topic?
  • Can electric cars drive us to a greener future?
  • Plastic straws: The scapegoats of pollution?
  • Do animals throw better parties when humans are in quarantine?
  • Is organic food a luxury or an essential?
  • Do plants gossip during photosynthesis?
  • Eco-tourism : Sustainable travel or eco-colonialism?
  • Are environmental documentaries just horror films in disguise?
  • Can we solve overpopulation on Mars?
  • Is going paperless saving trees or just shifting the problem?
  • Fast fashion: Eco enemy or necessary evil?
  • Do birds critique our architectural skills when we build birdhouses?
  • Are eco-warriors our modern superheroes?

Extra Satirical Essay Topic and Ideas

Thinking of stepping outside the box? Perfect! There's a whole universe of unconventional, quirky, and downright strange ideas for a satire essay. Be it love, marriage, or underrated aspects of the world around us, these aspects all offer extra angles. Let's take a look at some additional satire paper topics and ideas for your essay.

Satire Essay Topics on Love

Love is another powerful source of inspiration for satire. Read through these unique love-related satire topic ideas to write about them:

  • Is love at first sight just a speed-dating tactic?
  • Romantic comedies: Are they instructional films for love?
  • Do lovebirds really make good pets?
  • Are love letters extinct or just endangered?
  • Love triangles: A geometry problem or a relationship issue?
  • Can love potions be the next big thing in beverages?
  • Is serenading still romantic or just noise pollution?
  • Are long-distance relationships a test of love or just of patience?
  • Is love really blind or does it just need glasses?
  • Matchmaking: A noble profession or just social engineering?
  • Do lovers really need a special language?
  • Is jealousy in love a spice or just a preservative?
  • Love vs. WiFi: Which has a stronger connection?
  • Can love be outsourced?
  • Breakups: Are they the end or just a fresh start?

Satire Essay Topics on Marriage

Marriage, with its many expectations and restrictions, is often the subject of satirical pieces. Read through these topics to find good satire ideas for your own essay:

  •  Are proposals a romantic gesture or an adrenaline sport?
  • Is "till death do us part" a vow or a sentence?
  • Can you truly marry for love or just for the wedding cake?
  • Wedding planning: A joyous occasion or a strategic nightmare?
  • Are in-laws the bonus family or the price you pay for marriage?
  • Is the honeymoon phase a fairytale or just a limited-time offer?
  • Can 'his and hers' ever truly be 'ours'?
  • Are bridal showers just friendly extortion?
  • The art of compromise: Is it the secret to a happy marriage?
  • Is a couple's first pet a test run for kids?
  • Anniversary celebrations: A testament to love or a memory test?
  • Are wedding receptions a celebration or a talent show?
  • Does 'marital bliss' come with a satisfaction guarantee?
  • Is 'for better or for worse' a vow or a warning?
  • Marriage counseling: A tune-up for love or just a troubleshooting session?

Friendship Satire Topics to Write About

Topics of satire can also be discussed in a friendship essay . After all, being a teenager (or adult) can be tough, and humor often helps us cope with the pressures of everyday life.

  • Are best friends psychic or just good guessers?
  • Can friendship bracelets serve as legal contracts?
  • Is the friend zone a real place or just a state of mind?
  • Is the 'bro code' an unwritten law or just a gentleman's agreement?
  • Do friends who eat together stay together?
  • Can a friendship survive a diet competition?
  • Do friends with similar Netflix tastes have stronger bonds?
  • Is lending money to a friend a gift or a gamble?
  • Are group chats the modern day round table discussions?
  • Can you measure friendship in social media likes?
  • Are friendships better maintained online or offline?
  • Is sharing secrets a friendship test or a security risk?
  • Can a disagreement over pizza toppings end a friendship?
  • Are surprise parties a friendly gesture or a scare tactic?
  • Is being fashionably late to a friend's party still fashionable?

Satirical Essay Topics on Money

Money has always been a source of great power and the subject of heated debates. You might want to criticize these aspects and ideas for satires related to money:

  • Is money really a universal language or just a global confusion?
  • Can money buy happiness or just a more comfortable form of misery?
  • Are wallets endangered species in the era of digital money?
  • Is money laundering just a dry cleaning service for cash?
  • Are money trees a viable agricultural venture?
  • Do coins feel unappreciated in a paper money world?
  • Can we consider shopping a necessary survival skill?
  • Is the quest for the dollar just a never-ending treasure hunt?
  • Credit cards: Financial freedom or a debt trap?
  • Do millionaires have more friends or just more acquaintances?
  • Is being broke a financial status or a lifestyle choice?
  • Is the concept of 'easy money' a myth or just a fairytale?
  • Can budgeting be considered an extreme sport?
  • In the world of finance, is risk a foe or a friend?
  • Does the 'money can't buy love' rule apply to pets?

Bottom Line on Topics for a Satire Essay

And there you have it – a wealth of satirical essay topics to ignite your creative spark. Remember, satire isn't just about making people laugh. It's about provoking thought through humor. So, whether you're pondering social issues or dissecting the oddities of behavior, keep your wit sharp and your insights sharper. Aim to entertain, but also to enlighten.


If you're ever feeling overwhelmed or simply need expert help, remember that you can buy college essays from our professionals. We've got a rich arsenal of experience and the right dose of humor to craft a brilliant satirical essay that's custom-made for you. So, don't stress about deadlines – we're here to help you ace that assignment.


Daniel Howard is an Essay Writing guru. He helps students create essays that will strike a chord with the readers.

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Satire Essay Topics to Inspire Your Writing

June 12, 2023

Satire is a literary genre of literature, and sometimes graphic and performing arts, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, corporations, government or society itself into improvement. In this article, we have compiled a list of satire essay topics that will help you craft an argumentative paper that has all the elements found in a satirical essay.

Satire Peculiarities

Satire is often employed to make fun of people’s stupidity or vices. In satire, the tone is not just humorous but also mocking. It may be used to attack political or societal structures, or specific people.

Satire is a clever combination of humor and criticism. Its intention is to criticize human conduct and institutions through the use of humor and exaggeration. It goes beyond mere laughter and effectively communicates an essential message about the subject it is satirizing.

Satire can be compared to irony because both make fun of something in order to draw attention to its absurdity. However, there are some differences between them:

  • Satire attacks specific ideas or people; while irony attacks general concepts or situations;
  • Satire aims at changing wrong thinking through ridicule; while irony aims at revealing contradictions between what one says and what one means;
  • Satire uses sarcasm as well as humor; while irony mainly employs sarcasm.

How to Choose Satire Essay Topic?

When it comes to writing your satire essay, you have a lot of options. You can choose from a wide range of topics; however, it is important that you choose one that will help you write an effective essay . Here are some tips on how you can choose the best topic for your satire essay:

  • Make sure you have enough knowledge about your topic. You need to know what you are talking about and how the idea works in real life.
  • Ensure that your topic is relevant to your audience. You can ask yourself if people are interested in this idea or not, and if there is anyone who would be interested in reading about it?
  • Find something funny but not too ridiculous for an essay topic, for example a teacher who has been teaching for more than 30 years, so he deserves a promotion or an award! It may sound funny but at the same time it’s not too ridiculous to be taken seriously.
  • Choose a current issue or event happening around you: politics, economics, environment, health etc., which is happening right now or will happen very soon (within 2-3 weeks).

Satire Essay Topics in Politics

  • The Art of Procrastination: How to Delay Your PhD in Political Science for Years
  • The Social Significance of Facebook Likes in the World of Political Science
  • The Politics of Political Correctness
  • The Great Debate: Whether or Not a PhD in Political Science Actually Makes You Smarter
  • The Effects of Red Bull on Political Scientists: A Case Study of All-Nighters and Caffeine Addiction
  • Becoming a Political Scientist: The Never-Ending Search for Funding
  • The Role of Sarcasm in Political Discourse: A PhD Analysis of Twitter
  • The Fascinating World of Political Science Jargon: How to Confuse Your Professors with Complex Terminology
  • The Politics of the Academic Ivory Tower: A Study on the Disconnect between Scholars and the Real World
  • The Effectiveness of Memes in Political Campaigns: A PhD Study on Internet Culture
  • The Dangers of Academia: How a PhD in Political Science Can Lead to Isolation and Burnout
  • The Relevance of Political Science in the 21st Century: A Critical Analysis of the Field’s Contributions to Society
  • The Art of Bullshitting: How to Get Away with Writing a PhD Thesis Without Actually Knowing Anything
  • The Influence of Power Dynamics on Political Science Research: A Critical Examination of the Field’s Biases
  • The Inevitable Disappointment of a PhD in Political Science: A Study on Job Prospects and Career Satisfaction
  • The Hypocrisy of Political Science Professors: How They Preach Diversity and Inclusion, But Practice Elitism
  • The Myth of Objectivity in Political Science: A Study on the Role of Personal Biases in Research
  • The Pros and Cons of Being a PhD Candidate: A Comprehensive Guide to the Emotional Rollercoaster of Graduate School
  • The Art of Networking in Political Science: How to Make Connections Without Selling Your Soul
  • The Politics of the Academic Job Market: A Study on the Unfair Advantages of Ivy League Graduates

Social Issues Satire Essay Topics

  • The Art of Avoiding Real World Problems
  • The Power of Hashtags: How Social Media Activism Can Save the World (or Not)
  • The Perils of Political Correctness: A Study on the Impact of Excessive Sensitivity on Social Issues
  • The Absurdity of Self-Help Culture
  • The Fine Line Between Virtue Signaling and Actual Activism: A Critical Examination of Social Justice Warriors
  • The Psychological Effects of Social Media on Society: A Study on How We’ve Become Addicted to Likes and Validation
  • The Allure of Outrage Culture
  • The Dilemma of Intersectionality: A Study on How Social Issues Can Conflict with Each Other
  • The Illusion of Diversity: A Critical Analysis of How Tokenism Can Actually Perpetuate Oppression
  • The Toxicity of Cancel Culture: A Study on the Consequences of Punishing People for their Past Mistakes
  • The Hype of Minimalism: How a Trendy Lifestyle Movement Can Actually Reinforce Privilege
  • The Political Implications of Everyday Life
  • The Paradox of Self-Care: How the Pursuit of Wellness Can Actually Be Selfish
  • The Silencing of Dissenting Voices: A Study on the Pressure to Conform in Social Justice Circles
  • The Pros and Cons of Slacktivism: A Comprehensive Guide to Online Activism
  • The Irony of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Study on How Businesses Can Simultaneously Be Heroes and Villains
  • The Ethics of Cultural Appropriation: A Critical Examination of When Borrowing Becomes Stealing
  • The Illusion of Progress: A Study on Why Social Issues Keep Resurfacing Despite Our Best Efforts to Solve Them
  • The Emotional Labor of Social Activism: A Study on the Hidden Costs of Caring
  • The Myth of Meritocracy: An Analysis of How Social Issues Shape Our Perceptions of Success and Failure

Money Satire Essay Topics

  • The Art of Living on a Stipend: How to Survive on Ramen Noodles and Hope
  • The Great Scam: How Banks and Credit Card Companies Are Stealing Our Money, and Why We Keep Letting Them
  • The Myth of Financial Freedom: A Critical Analysis of the Self-Help Industry’s Empty Promises
  • The Psychology of Shopping Addiction: A Study on How We’ve Been Brainwashed to Consume
  • The Problem with Payday Loans: How Predatory Lending Targets the Poor and Vulnerable
  • The Irony of Credit Scores: How We’re Judged by Numbers We Don’t Even Understand
  • The Folly of FOMO: How Social Media Is Driving Our Spending Habits
  • The Ethics of Investing: A Critical Examination of How Our Money Can Be Used for Good or Evil
  • The Illusion of Get-Rich-Quick Schemes: the Consequences of Greed”
  • The Paradox of Financial Literacy: How We’ve Been Taught to Manage Our Money, But Still Can’t Afford Basic Necessities
  • The Temptation of Tax Evasion: the Consequences of Cheating the System
  • The Power of Advertising: How Companies Manipulate Our Desires to Make Us Spend More
  • The Inevitability of Debt: A Study on How the System Is Rigged Against Us
  • The Danger of Keeping Up with the Joneses: How Our Obsession with Status Symbols Is Driving Us into Debt
  • The Bias of the Financial Industry: A Study on How Wealth Is Concentrated in the Hands of the Few
  • The Illusion of Economic Mobility: A Critical Analysis of the American Dream
  • The Madness of Monopoly: How Big Corporations Are Destroying Competition and Innovation
  • The Illusion of Consumer Choice: How Our Options Are Limited by Corporate Interests”
  • The Paradox of Luxury: How We’ve Been Conditioned to Believe That Expensive Means Better
  • The Fallacy of Saving for Retirement: A Study on How Our Future Is More Uncertain Than Ever

Satire Essay Topics in Business 

  • The Art of Buzzwords: A Study on How Business Jargon is Used to Confuse and Conquer
  • The Irony of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The Absurdity of Management Fads:
  • The Myth of the Self-Made Entrepreneur: How Privilege Plays a Role in Success
  • The Dangers of Office Politics: How Gossip and Manipulation Can Destroy a Company from Within
  • The Perils of the 9-5 Grind: How Corporate Culture Is Killing Our Souls
  • The Folly of Performance Reviews: How Biases and Misunderstandings Can Ruin Careers
  • The Paradox of the Work-Life Balance: How We’re Expected to Be Productive 24/7
  • The Danger of Groupthink:
  • The Irony of Innovation: How the Quest for Newness Can Actually Stifle Creativity
  • The Hype of Disruption: How Business Leaders Are Obsessed with Upending Industries
  • The Illusion of Management Science
  • The Myth of Job Security
  • The Madness of Mergers and Acquisitions: How Companies Destroy Value in the Name of Growth
  • The Temptation of Workplace Romance
  • The Bias of the Hiring Process
  • The Irony of Workforce Diversity: How Tokenism Can Backfire
  • The Illusion of Motivation: How Rewards and Punishments Can Actually Decrease Performance
  • The Dilemma of Ethics in Business
  • The Fallacy of Entrepreneurship: How Most Startups Fail

Marriage Satire Essay Topics

  • The Comedy of Marriage: How Humor Can Make or Break a Relationship
  • The Paradox of Compatibility: How Opposites Can Attract and Repel
  • The Myth of Happily Ever After
  • The Illusion of Love at First Sight
  • The Irony of Arranged Marriages: How Tradition Can Clash with Modern Expectations
  • The Folly of Keeping Score: How Couples Can Become Trapped in Petty Arguments
  • The Dangers of Social Media: How Technology Is Changing the Dynamics of Relationships
  • The Paradox of Intimacy
  • The Irony of Communication Breakdowns
  • The Temptation of Infidelity: How External Factors Can Threaten a Marriage
  • The Bias of Gender Roles: How Traditional Expectations Can Be Damaging to a Relationship
  • The Illusion of Marriage Counseling
  • The Madness of In-Law Relationships: How Families Can Interfere with Marital Harmony
  • The Paradox of Compromise
  • How Honesty Is the Best Policy in Marriage
  • The Illusion of Personal Growth: How We Can’t Always Change Our Partners
  • How Platonic Relationships Can Become Dangerous”
  • The Irony of Marriage Equality
  • How Different Upbringings Can Cause Conflict in a Marriage
  • The Fallacy of Ignoring Red Flags: How Early Warning Signs Can Predict the Failure of a Marriage

As you can see, satire essays are often funny but they can also be very serious, depending on the topic chosen by the student.

If you need help with satire essay writing, then you have come to the right place! We offer professional essay writing services at an affordable price. Our writers have years of experience in writing satire essays, so you can be sure that your paper will be written according to your instructions and requirements. All our papers are checked for plagiarism before delivery. So don’t hesitate and contact us right now!

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50 Satire Essay Topics For High School Students

The popular American author Sarah Cooper once said satire makes people learn something more than being lectured. While it can be the gospel truth, another undeniable fact is that satire might not be a cakewalk for many, especially when students do not choose the right topic. When students in high school are assigned Satire Essays to write about, they begin their search for a topic that can be interesting enough to be mocked and informative enough to be written about. 

While most high schoolers look for hypocrisy and irony in their topics, a smart idea can also be to look into the flaws of the system and very subtly mock it, proving your point. Hence, if you are a high school and are on a quest to search for the ideal satire topics for your essay, read below to understand and get an idea about how and what to present in that essay. 

Satire Essay Topics For High Schoolers

Usual essays can be super helpful for high schoolers, especially when they are written for scholarships. However, satire essay topics can be humorous and enlightening at the same time. When writing these kinds of essays, the students need to analyze the speech and many other factors carefully. However, the first crucial aspect of writing a satirical essay is choosing the right topic. Hence, here are 50 topics that students can choose from, as per their needs and liking. 

Generic Topics:

  • Why every music superstar should spend more money on flashy jewelry and car
  • History is the lesson, not the teacher
  • Was Alexander the Great genuinely great?
  • Why storytelling is a boring thing
  • Social class separation – The $30,000 dress and high-end designers
  • No Need For A Best Friend When You Can Have A Pet
  • Social Media Platforms Are The Better Option For Making Friends
  • Reasons To Connect With Your Parents On Social Media
  • Do rats sometimes find themselves in a “man race”?
  • How a TV is the best babysitter for your toddler

Social Topics:

  • Child labor’s advantages- A satire on how children tailors benefit the fashion industry
  • When money becomes a serious issue – Get the currency eliminated
  • Curbing overpopulation
  • How global warming benefits humanity
  • People should use the ocean as their dumping site
  • How police brutality benefits society
  • Homelessness is not that bad
  • Why Social Media Is Important In A Student’s Life
  • Why The Upper Class Experience More Stress Than The Lower Class
  • Can Comic Books Promote Certain Careers?

Topics related to School:

  • How To Excel In School Without Studying
  • Guidelines On How To Fail Your Exams
  • How Mathematics Can Become Your Favorite Subject In School
  • My Least Favorite Subject
  • Should teachers also be wearing uniforms?
  • Why Getting A College Education Is Not Important
  • Why School Boards Should Get Abolished
  • Reasons Why High School Proms Should Get Abolished
  • High school bullying continues as office harassment
  • Why school kids give the best advice about finance

Political Topics:

  • Annual Budget: What we should and should not spend more money on – A Satirical Take
  • Revising the freedom of speech law – Let all say whatever they want to say
  • Why North Korea needs press freedom
  • Why do people believe their politicians?
  • Why Russia is America’s best friend
  • The best president in the history of America: Is it Donald Trump?
  • Top 10 Reasons Why Brexit Is Good For Britain
  • Exercising Your Rights To Vote In Fun Ways
  • Ways Of Confronting Terrorists With Peace Messages
  • Is the free press truly free anymore?

Medicine and Science Topics

  • Why does almost everybody get a cold during the winter months?
  • Why people should do away with minerals and vitamins
  • Did the aliens build China’s Great Wall?
  • The role of polythene bags in environmental pollution
  • Simple solutions to soil erosion
  • What will happen when oil will be more important than water
  • Is The Cure For HIV/AIDS A Myth?
  • Is music the cure for many diseases?
  • Why Plastic Surgery Is A Good Idea If Your ID Got Stolen
  • Why Moving To Space Should Be On Everyone’s Mind

How to write an exceptional satirical essay? Tips and tricks explored 

Much like creative writing and essays, satirical essays can be fun and entertaining to write an essay that provides facts and is humorous at the same time, it is often stressful for the students, as they can find it overwhelming to share their thoughts with a spin of humor. At such times, the following tips and tricks can come in super handy:

  • Choose a topic in which you have vast knowledge, as you might want to include some hilarious examples to prove your point. 
  • To create an essay that would be great, you would like to choose a topic you are passionate about as it will be encouraging for you to pour in your own thoughts on the paper.
  • Think about angles that you can use to poke fun at the topic chosen. These should be elements that can be exaggerated and made fun of in the satire.
  • The tone and language should be considered as per the audience. Hence, know your teachers and their interests well before crafting your satirical piece.
  • Hyperbole can be your best friend in satire. This figurative language can help you add humor and over-exaggerate a fact to a point that it looks funny.
  • Sarcasm can be super effective if you wish to entertain the readers by helping them build a picture in their minds. 

High Schoolers should not forget that they should have the utmost fun while creating this assignment. While it might seem daunting at first, these are generally presentation topics can be rewarding and enlightening for the kids. It is often said that a human’s wit shows their intelligence level too. Hence, take your time and have some fun while creating the satirical essay. Nonetheless, writing a good satirical essay requires the use of vibrant humor blended with intelligence and a great vocabulary. Therefore, never fall short of these basic elements, and you will have a great essay presented in no time!

ideas for satirical essays

Sananda Bhattacharya, Chief Editor of TheHighSchooler, is dedicated to enhancing operations and growth. With degrees in Literature and Asian Studies from Presidency University, Kolkata, she leverages her educational and innovative background to shape TheHighSchooler into a pivotal resource hub. Providing valuable insights, practical activities, and guidance on school life, graduation, scholarships, and more, Sananda’s leadership enriches the journey of high school students.

Explore a plethora of invaluable resources and insights tailored for high schoolers at TheHighSchooler, under the guidance of Sananda Bhattacharya’s expertise. You can follow her on Linkedin

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  • 160 Satire Essay Topics

Satire essays are one of the most fun and entertaining types of essays you can write. Unlike other essay styles that may require more serious and formal language, satire essays allow you to be creative and use more playful language. The point of these essays is to poke fun at a particular subject and, in doing so, make a larger point about that issue.

However, don’t let the lighthearted or humorous nature of writing a satire essay fool you – these essays still require detailed structure and thoughtful planning to be successful.

If you have been assigned a satirical essay writing assignment and are having trouble getting started, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with this handy satire essay writing guide. You’ll also find 160 satire essay topics that will help inspire your writing.

Essential Tips for Writing a Satire Essay

When writing a satire essay, the key is to be sarcastic, funny, and intelligent. The goal of your essay should be to make a point about the issue you are satirizing, whether it is politics, celebrity culture, or something else entirely.

Failure to do this will result in an essay that comes across as simply mean-spirited, overly technical, or just plain dull. Here are some tips to help you write a successful satire essay:

1. Do your research

Before you start writing, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the subject you will be satirizing. This means doing some research on the subject and making notes about what you find.

2. Find your angle

There are many different ways to approach writing a satire essay, so it is important to decide on the angle you will be taking. For example, will you be poking fun at the subject itself? Or will you be using satire to make a larger point about society or the world in general? Whatever you decide, make sure your angle is clear before you start writing.

3. Be creative

One of the best things about writing a satire essay is that you have the opportunity to be creative. Use this to your advantage and experiment with different formats, structures, and even language. Just make sure that whatever you do serves to further your essay’s larger purpose.

Satire Essay Writing Guide

While the formal writing nature of a satire essay may seem like it would be easy to write, the reality is that it can actually be quite challenging. After all, you have to strike the right balance between making your readers laugh and getting your point across while using common essay structures and language.

To help make the writing process a bit easier, we’ve put together this handy satire essay writing guide. Simply follow the steps below, and you’ll be on your way to writing a successful satire essay in no time.

1. Create a thesis statement.

In a satire essay, the thesis statement will usually be something that you are trying to point out is wrong with the subject you are satirizing. This could be an issue in politics, society, celebrity culture, or anything else. The thesis in a satire essay may not be as formal as other essay styles, but it is still an essential component of your essay. Some great examples of satire essay thesis statements include:

“While celebrity status can be achieved through talent or hard work, more often than not, it is simply the result of being born into a wealthy and well-connected family.”

“The current state of politics is a farce, with elected officials more concerned with their own interests than those of the people they are supposed to be representing.”

2. Introduce your subject.

In the introduction to your satire essay, you will need to provide some context for the issue you are satirizing. This means giving a brief overview of the subject matter and introducing the main points you will be addressing in your essay.

Remember that the point of a satire essay is to use humor to make a point, so don’t be afraid to be a little lighthearted in your introduction. Just make sure not to go too over the top, or you risk losing your readers before you even get to the meat of your essay. Some great opening sentences for a satire essay introduction include:

“If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that money doesn’t grow on trees. Well, unless you’re part of the 1%, in which case money probably does grow on trees.”

“Catering to the needs of others is a noble pursuit… unless those others happen to be celebrities, in which case it’s just good business.”

3. Write your body paragraphs.

In a satire essay, each body paragraph will focus on a different element of the issue you are satirizing. For example, suppose you are writing about celebrity culture. In that case, you could have a body paragraph that focuses on how the media covers celebrities, another on the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous, and a third on the often-questionable behavior celebrities get away with.

4. End with a conclusion.

As with any other essay, you will need to conclude your satire essay by summing up the main points you have made and reiterating your thesis statement. However, since satire is all about using humor to make a point, you may want to end your essay with a bit of a punchline or clever observation. Just make sure not to overdo it, or you risk losing the impact of your satire.

You should have no problem writing a successful satire essay that will leave your readers entertained and enlightened by following the steps above.

All 160 of these satire essay topics will provide plenty of material to get started on your satirical essay.

Satire Essay Topics About Politics

  • Why should all political leaders be required to take a lie detector test before taking office?
  • Would the world be better if all politicians were honest?
  • Why do some people seem to believe everything that politicians say?
  • Is it possible for a politician to be both honest and successful?
  • How can we get people to be more interested in politics?
  • What would happen if all political parties were abolished?
  • Would it be a good idea to have a political party that represents the interests of animals?
  • How can we get young people more interested in politics?
  • Why do some people vote against their own best interests?
  • What would happen if all political campaigns were completely honest?
  • Would the world be a better place if there were no taxes?
  • How can we get people to pay more attention to local politics?
  • Why do politicians have term limits that are too long?
  • Should there be a limit on how much money politicians can spend on their campaigns?
  • Would the world be a better place if all politicians were required to have a college degree?
  • What would happen if all political offices were decided by lottery?
  • The absurdities of the political system in the USA.
  • Why do people vote for the politicians they do?
  • What would happen if robots replaced all politicians?
  • What would be the benefits of having a one-party political system?
  • The dangers of blindly following political leaders.

Satire Essay Topics About Celebrity Culture

  • Why are celebrities more interested in their image than in their talent?
  • Why do celebrities get away with so much bad behavior?
  • How can we get people to focus more on a celebrity’s talent than on their personal life?
  • What would happen if all celebrities were required to be role models?
  • Would the world be better if celebrities were not paid so much money?
  • The dangers of being obsessed with celebrities.
  • Why do people care so much about what celebrities are doing?
  • How can we get people to pay more attention to important issues than celebrity gossip?
  • The problems with the way the media covers celebrities.
  • The double standard that exists for celebrities regarding drug use.
  • Why do people buy into celebrity culture?
  • How can we get people to be more critical of the celebrities they idolize?
  • The shallowness of celebrity culture.
  • The way that celebrities are treated like gods.
  • The way that celebrity culture objectifies women.
  • The way that celebrity culture promotes unhealthy lifestyles.
  • The way that celebrities are used to sell products.
  • The way that the media protects celebrities from criticism.
  • How can we get people to be more aware of the negative aspects of celebrity culture?

Satire Essay Topics About Technology

  • The way that technology has made us lazy.
  • The way that we depend on technology too much.
  • The dangers of new technologies.
  • The way that technology is changing the way we think.
  • Technology is changing the way we interact with each other.
  • The way that technology is changing the way we learn.
  • The way that technology is changing the way we work.
  • How can we get people to be more kind when using technology?
  • The problem with our addiction to technology.
  • The way that technology is making us more isolated.
  • The way that technology is desensitizing us to violence.
  • Technology is changing the way we relate to each other.
  • How can we get people to be more critical of the technology they use?
  • The way that technology is making us less patient.
  • The way that technology is changing the way we communicate.
  • How can we get people to be more responsible when using technology?
  • The way that technology is making us more unhealthy.
  • The way that technology is making us less social.

Satire Essay Topics About the Media

  • The way that the media is biased.
  • How a few corporations control all of the media.
  • The way that the media sensationalizes news stories.
  • The way that the media is always looking for a scandal.
  • The way that the media invades people’s privacy.
  • The way that the media is always trying to sell something.
  • The way that the media is full of advertising.
  • The media is always trying to influence people’s opinions.
  • The way that the media is controlled by government officials.
  • The way that the media is controlled by special interests.
  • The way that the media is censored.
  • How can we get people to be more critical of the media they consume?
  • The way the media creates a false sense of reality.
  • The way that the media is making us more superficial.
  • The way that the media is causing people to be more divided.
  • The way that the media is making us less informed.
  • How can we get people to be more discerning when consuming media?
  • The way that the media is creating a culture of fear.
  • The way that the media is manipulating people’s emotions.
  • The way that political groups exploit the media.

Satire Essay Topics About Social Issues

  • The way that we treat the homeless.
  • The way that we treat immigrants.
  • The way that we treat welfare recipients.
  • The way that we treat the elderly.
  • The way that we treat prisoners.
  • The way that we treat animals.
  • The way that we treat the mentally ill.
  • The way that we treat the disabled.
  • The way that we treat people with different opinions.
  • The way that we treat people from different cultures.
  • How can we get people to be more tolerant of others?
  • The way that we discriminate against minorities.
  • The way that we discriminate against women.
  • The way that we discriminate against the poor.
  • How can we get people to be more accepting of others?
  • Solutions for tolerance among social groups.
  • Solutions for social inequality.
  • Ways to end discrimination.
  • How can we get people to be more responsible for their actions?
  • The way that we abuse our power.

Satire Essay Topics About Historical Events

  • The way that we remember history.
  • The way that we forget history.
  • The way that we learn history.
  • The way that history is taught in schools.
  • How can we get people to be more interested in history?
  • The way that historical events are portrayed in the media.
  • The way that historical events are portrayed in movies.
  • The way that historical events are portrayed in books.
  • How can we get people to be more critical of the history they consume?
  • The way that historical revisionism is used to promote agendas.
  • The way that historical revisionism is used to whitewash events.
  • The way that historical revisionism is used to downplay atrocities.
  • How can we get people to be more aware of the danger of historical revisionism?
  • The way our personal biases shape our understanding of history.
  • The way that our cultural biases shape our understanding of history.
  • The way that our political biases shape our understanding of history.

Satirical Essay Topics About Healthcare

  • The way that the healthcare system is structured.
  • The way that healthcare is funded.
  • The way that healthcare is rationed.
  • The way that healthcare is delivered.
  • How can we get people to be more responsible when it comes to their health?
  • The absurdity of medical bills.
  • The way that the pharmaceutical companies are price gouging.
  • The way that the pharmaceutical companies are marketing drugs.
  • The way that the food industry is marketing unhealthy food.
  • The way the fitness industry is making money off of people’s insecurities.
  • The health effects of unreachable standards of beauty are portrayed by the media.

Satire Essay Topics About Economics

  • Analyzing the student debt crisis.
  • The way that the wealthy are exploiting the poor.
  • The way that corporations are exploiting workers.
  • The way that the government is exploiting taxpayers.
  • The way that the economy is rigged in favor of the rich.
  • The way that economic inequality is creating social tensions.
  • The way that the monetary system is flawed.
  • The way capitalism is creating a class divide.
  • The way that capitalism is destroying the environment.
  • The way socialism can be used to fix the problems of capitalism.
  • The way communism can be used to fix the problems of capitalism.
  • The way that capitalism is creating a two-tier society.
  • The way that capitalism is destroying the middle class.
  • The way capitalism leads to greed and corruption.

Satire Essay Topics About Education

  • The way that the education system is structured.
  • Comparing the modalities of education.
  • The way that the education system is funded.
  • The way that education is delivered.
  • How can we get people to be more engaged in their education?
  • The absurdity of standardized testing.
  • The way the college admissions process is rigged against minorities.
  • The way the college admissions process is rigged against poor students.
  • The way the college admissions process is rigged in favor of the wealthy.
  • The way that the textbook industry is ripping off students.

Satire Essay Topics About Religion

  • Examining the similarities and differences in the major world religions.
  • The way that religious beliefs are used to justify violence.
  • The way that religious beliefs are used to justify discrimination.
  • The way that religious beliefs are used to justify oppression.
  • The way religion is used as a tool of control by the government.
  • How can we get people to be more tolerant of different religious beliefs?
  • The way that religious extremism is a danger to society.
  • The way religious fundamentalism is a danger to society.
  • The way that the church is losing touch with its congregation.
  • The way that organized religion is losing touch with its followers.
  • The case for atheism.

With any of these 160 satire essay topics, you’ll be able to use humor and sarcasm to expertly comment, critique, analyze, and examine any number of satirical essay topics from current events, politics, news, and more.

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Satire Essay Topics – All You Need to Know

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Table of Contents

A satirical essay is based upon the essentials of the style of writing that utilizes the elements of satire in order to poke fun or criticize a particular subject. Having said that, introducing the elements of satire in an essay is certainly no child’s play. Moreover, things tend to take a different turn altogether when it comes to picking and developing satire analysis essay topics and subject matters.

Choosing the right topics for a satire essay, especially when seeking “ essay tutoring ,” comes with a lot of stringencies and challenges in various shapes and forms. From picking the right topic to finding a unique slant or idea to initiate a fun conversation or a satirical take on the concerned subject – it’s an endless list.

Now that you are here, wondering how to go about satire essay topics and develop the same with absolute precision, invest some time in reading this blog. It shall introduce you to the nitty-gritty of how to start a satire essay, develop a topic and add every element of reference and analytical accuracy like a pro.

What is Satire in Literature?

Satire is nothing but the use of humor and irony in order to ridicule a particular event, person or statements made in the past. It involves the use of funny quotes, perspectives and mockery in order to criticize certain things in a funny manner. Having said that, one needs to take the context of the use of satire quite seriously. Ideally, the person should not end up being rude or indecent with their satirical takes on certain topics or phenomenon. Especially when it comes to writing and developing satire essay topics, one needs to keep a lot of crucial pointers in mind.

As a matter of fact, the 18 th  century poet Alexander Pope came up with one of the greatest satirical poems in the history of literature – The Rape of the Lock . Even though the name of the poem sounds serious, the piece essentially focuses on bringing back together two real-life families involved in a feud. The poet went on to humorously exaggerate the severity of the cause behind the turbulence and rift.

While this was only an example of the use of satire in literature, you can always ideate things further and analyse how you wish to approach the essay with the same satirical elements and inputs. When it comes to essays, you need to walk the extra mile and incorporate a few more essential components in order to add perfection to the paper at the end of the day. Now that you have got the hang of the basic concept of the use of satire in a work, it’s time to delve deep into the other essential fragments of the blog.

Here you go

How To Start a Satire Essay?

Satire essays come in various shapes and forms. You need to evaluate the subject closely before introducing satirical takes on the same. There should be a fine amalgamation of humor, hyperbole and irony to poke fun at a topic or the concerned subject. Now that you are here, wondering how to start a satire essay in the way it is supposed to be, take a look below and never miss out on making a striking impression on your professors with the perfect satirical hook.

ideas for satirical essays

Choose The Right Topic

You cannot just come up with satirical inputs across every other topic or subject matter under the sun. There are certain subjects, events and topics that are meant to be satirical in the first place. So, your job is to hunt them down and initiate the final draft accordingly.

Take a close look around and settle for the topics that hint at comic reliefs, political satire, caricatures and the likes. Also, it is equally important for you to make sure that the topic isn’t overly controversial or too narrow to proceed with.

There should be a fine balance between broad and narrow topic selection. Most importantly, you should refrain from picking topics that might spark religious controversy or other hurdles.

Bring Hyperboles Into Play

Well, to be frank, this is THE most important aspect of the entire context of the discussion. A satirical essay is simply next to nothing if it lacks the proper use of hyperboles as and when required.

For those who don’t know, hyperbole is a literary device used in order to exaggerate facts with the aim to add a dash of fun and satire to the primary topic of the discussion. There’s a catch. You need to use hyperbole carefully, based on facts and real-time information. Exaggeration doesn’t mean you will go on talking about irrational facets and points by overly modifying the real deal.

So, the next time you would attempt a satirical essay, use the elements of hyperbole carefully so that the real meaning and the background references associated with the topic remain intact.

This is again one important point of concern and undeniably one of the most important aspects associated with the task of writing satirical essays. If you are wondering, how to start a satirical essay, the use of irony in the opening notes can simply level up your work by setting the right impression. This is one particular literary device which is used in order to express just the opposite of what you actually mean.

This, as a result, pokes fun at the subject and elaborates on what one actually expects and what actually turns out to be. So, choose your cards well, pick the right slants and implement the elements of irony in the right shape and form.

Remember, not all ironical addition will be taken in good taste. So, be careful with the words you choose and the end message you wish to put across.

Add a Bit of Humor as Well

As mentioned already in this blog, not all satirical takes are funny. At time, there are certain words, phrases and expressions that might end up hurting the readers’ ego or self-respect. So, you need be quite careful in such cases. This is exactly the reason why you should always consider adding a bit of humor to your essay paper.

According to surveys  and reports , it has been found that a lot of readers respond quicker to humorous elements as they tend to relate well to the same and that too in a healthy taste.

So, you need to delve deep into the primary context of the discussion and decide on the areas and elements that can be tweaked and modified with the aim to insert as sense of humor flawlessly.

Simply keep referring to more such suggestions and never be blank with the question, “ How to start a satire essay ?”. Afterall, at the end of the day, all that matters is how you choose to go about the certain context of the discussion and what inputs you would actually bring forth in order to make the piece an interesting read.

How to Develop Satire Essay Topics?

This is perhaps the biggest question of the hour. Every 7 out of 10  students are found to wonder how to develop satire essay topics in the way it is supposed to be done. So much so, the task of developing the right satire essay topics is said to be tougher and more complicated than starting the essay or outlining the same.

So, invest some time in reading what’s explained below and embrace the best practices to develop satire essay topics like a pro.

Rely on your creative inclinations

It takes a lot of creative inclinations and insights in order to add satirical inputs to an apparently serious-sounding topic. So, first things first, you got to rely on your creative insights and dimensions in order to find and develop the perfect satire essay topics.

For example, if the topic is based on “Politics”, then you can mold the subject into a creative comic relief by introducing or elaborating on how certain politicians goofed things up in the past or how a particular political strategy backfired and ended up sounding meaningless and hilarious to some extent.

Having said that, you should take care of the fact that in an attempt to add the elements of satire, you should not end up getting personal or using words that might backfire with negative consequences for you to deal with.

Well, this is as important as anything. There’s no point picking a random topic, only to realize you are not quite well-versed with its whereabouts and background history.

You can choose to proceed with anything and everything, provided the subject matter sounds relevant and relatable to your area of study and academic specialization.

This is yet another point of significance one needs to prioritize while selecting an ideal topic for satire essays. You should know what you are up to or what perspectives or dimensions you are going to bring to the table. For example, if you are about to add up the element of satire and fun in a topic based on law and order of the country, then you should be aware of the legal history and constitutional nitty-gritty and their background history prior to initiating the final draft.

This will help you to come up with the right information, a super-solid base and facts that can be exaggerated further.

Instead, if you choose to go about a topic without enough background history and conceptual insights, then a baseless satirical take on the subject matter will only backfire which can also lead to paper rejections in the long run.

Now that you are aware of the nitty-gritty aspects of how to start a satire essay and how to develop satire essay topic, let’s delve deeper and take a look at some of the most sought-after satire essay topics for your next semester.

50+ Satire Essay Topics for your Next Semester

General essay topics.

  • Satire of an Asian household struggles
  • Satire of your college management system
  • Local leaders and their wrongdoings
  • Satire on bribing people and people accepting bribes
  • Satire of a middle-aged man and his crisis
  • A political debate with satirical inputs
  • Are school uniforms really meaningful or sensible?
  • Social media platform should be banned
  • How to save yourself from being bullied?
  • What could lead you to fail your exams?

Satire Essay Topics on Social Media

  • Is social media really needed or can we ignore it for a change?
  • The life before and after social media
  • The downturns of social media
  • Is Facebook productive anymore?
  • Is Instagram better than Twitter these days?
  • If everyone is a Social Media influencer, then whom do they influence?
  • A day without using social media platforms?
  • Is social media the future which is already here?
  • Can social media help you rank well in exams?
  • Is social media a blessing in disguise?

Funny Satire Essay Topics

  • What if aliens know how to dance?
  • How do the dumbest students become the smartest ones down the road?
  • How to approach people for a prank?
  • Why do all elderly people need to know how to operate Smartphones?
  • The perfect plan to cancel weekend parties and relax at home
  • What do the animals think about you?
  • Which is your soul animal?
  • Can you propose an alien ever?
  • What would happen if monkeys ruled the world?
  • Is gate-crashing a wedding good idea?

Political Satire Essay Topics

  • Should politicians be allowed to draw pensions?
  • Why should certain people behave like shrewd politicians?
  • Should we believe in the agendas of political parties?
  • Is there a better politician in your area or among your clan of friends?
  • Is there a fun way to deal with stubborn politicians?
  • Should politicians be allowed to own guns?
  • Is freedom speech really necessary, or we can manage without it?
  • Which favourite pop culture character resembles your favourite politician?
  • Was Hilary Clinton a high school crush ever?
  • Are jokes allowed to be cracked during political party meetings?

Satire Essay Topics on Sports

  • Don’t you think wrestling is a funny sport?
  • Is there a shortcut to score maximum goals during a soccer match?
  • Can I tickle my opponent while wrestling with them?
  • Will volleyball ever become as popular as the game of cricket?
  • Are cricketers wealthier than wrestlers around the world?
  • Which one is more entertaining – WWE OR MMA?
  • Are most wrestling matches scripted or pre-narrated?
  • Can I break my funny bones during a basketball match?
  • Is it necessary to score goals during a soccer match?
  • The role of technology in outdoor and indoor sports?
  • Should steroids be allowed during wrestling matches?
  • A day in your life as a sportsperson

While these are only some of the most asked and sought-after satire essay topics, keep an eye out for other subject matters as well. These include Data Science, Current Affairs, Economics, Geography, Humanities and more.Most Frequently Asked Questions By Students

Question: What is a satire essay?

Answer: A satire essay aims to poke fun at a subject or a particular event with the right use of literary devices such as hyperbole, irony, humor and the likes. This particular style of writing analyses the subject and its key essentials in a humorous way.

Question: What is a good example of satire?

Answer: The poem “The Rape of the Lock” by Alexandar Pope is said to be one good example of satire. Even though the name sounds quite serious, it is actually a hilarious take on two feuding families.

Question: How do you start a catchy satire essay?

Answer: Here’s how you should start a catchy satire essay.

  • Focus on the primary topic.
  • See if it is relevant to your area of academic specialization.
  • Introduce and implement literary devices in the paper in the form of humor, irony and hyperbole.
  • Break each idea and perspective in respective paragraphs.
  • Come up with real and relevant references.
  • Conclude with a funny take on the subject matter.

Question: How do you start a satire essay?

Answer: Here’s how you can start satire essays with a bang.

  • Come up with a catchy title.
  • Maintain the right balance between the right use of hyperbole, irony and humor.
  • Use the right references to back your claims and ideas.

Question: How do you write an introduction for a satire essay?

Answer: Here’s how you should write the perfect introduction for a satire essay.

  • Come up with the right hook.
  • Use words and expressions that poke fun at the subject.
  • Do not exaggerate across topics with zero references and background data.
  • Keep the introduction short yet impactful.
  • Use power words and ensure a balanced transition between perspectives.

Question: What style is required for a satirical essay?

Answer: Satirical essays follow a style that utilizes the elements of humor, hyperbole and irony in order to criticize or make fun of a particular subject or topic.

Question: What is the purpose of a satirical essay?

Answer: The purpose of a satirical essay is to criticize and poke fun at a particular subject matter, topic or event. This essay genre utilizes the elements of irony, humor and hyperbole in order to exaggerate things in a hilarious way.

Question: What are some fun satire topics?

Answer: Here are some fun satire topics for your reference.

  • Is there really a thing called alien invasion?
  • Can ghosts really see us?
  • Will the dinosaurs rule the world again?
  • Can aliens sing or dance?
  • Is Google the new friend in the hood?
  • Can you tag someone without the person knowing about it?

Question: What is a good opening sentence for a satire essay?

Answer: You can start a satire essay by defining a specific goal with a bit of humor and fun element in it. For example, “ In a world where everyone is a social media influence, I wonder then who gets influenced .”

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ideas for satirical essays

How to Write a Satire Essay: Examples, Outline and Topics

ideas for satirical essays

Ever wondered how to craft those hilarious yet thought-provoking satire essays that leave readers chuckling and pondering? Well, you've come to the right place!

Have you ever found yourself chuckling at the absurdities of life and thought, 'Hmm, there's definitely an essay in that'? Ever pondered how humor could be used to shed light on societal quirks and injustices? If so, you're already on your way to mastering the art of satire writing.

In this guide, you'll learn the ins and outs of writing satire essay examples. We'll cover everything from choosing the perfect topic to mastering the satire techniques. So, grab your pen, and let's have some fun being funny together.

What is a Satire Essay

A satire essay blends humor with social commentary to critique societal issues, human behavior, or institutions. Unlike traditional essays, it aims to entertain while highlighting life's absurdities.

This genre of writing uses wit, irony, sarcasm, and exaggeration to expose flaws and contradictions in society, targeting politics, popular culture, social norms, and human nature. It also addresses serious topics humorously, sparking conversation, inspiring change, and drawing attention to important social issues.

Satire essays come in various forms, from biting political critique to playful social commentary. Whether it's through clever wordplay, absurd scenarios, or biting satire, the goal of you as an essay writer is to entertain, enlighten, and challenge readers to see the world in a new light.

Who Said Essays Have to Be Dull?

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Types of a Satire Essay

Learning how to write a satire essay requires you to understand its different forms, each with its own unique style and approach to humorously critiquing society. Whether you ask us to write my essay or tackle it yourself, understanding its different types can help you choose the best format for conveying your message effectively. Here are some common types:

Types of a Satire Essay

  • Juvenalian Satire : This type of satire is harsh, bitter, and angry, focusing on exposing societal injustices, hypocrisy, and corruption.
  • Horatian Satire : Named after the Roman poet Horace, this satire is lighthearted, playful, and witty, aiming to amuse while gently poking fun at human folly and societal absurdities.
  • Menippean Satire : This satire is complex and unconventional, combining prose, verse, and various literary genres to critique society from multiple angles.
  • Political Satire : Political satire humorously highlights the absurdities of politics, aiming to provoke thought and inspire change through parody and humor.
  • Social Satire : Social satire critiques broader societal issues and cultural norms, such as relationships, consumerism, and technology, to prompt reflection on societal absurdities.
  • Literary Satire : Literary satire uses literary conventions to critique traditions, genres, and authors, often through parody and metafiction.
  • Visual Satire : Using images, cartoons, and caricatures, visual satire conveys satirical messages through humor and symbolism, often seen in political cartoons and memes.

25 Satirical Essay Topics

The topic you choose sets the stage for your humor and social commentary. From politics to pop culture, there's no shortage of informative essay topics that are also ripe for satirical critique. Here are 25 distinctive satirical essay ideas to inspire your satire:

  • The Absurdity of Celebrity Culture : Explore the obsession with fame and the cult of celebrity.
  • The Folly of Fashion Trends : Poke fun at the ever-changing world of fashion and beauty standards.
  • The Myth of Perfect Parenting : Satirize the pressure to be a perfect parent in the age of social media.
  • The Madness of Modern Technology : Lampoon our addiction to smartphones and social media.
  • The Dystopia of Dating Apps : Examine the pitfalls of online dating and hookup culture.
  • The Hilarity of Health Trends : Satirize the latest wellness fads and diet crazes.
  • The Chaos of College Admissions : Explore the absurdities of the college application process.
  • The Paradox of Political Correctness : Critique the complexities of navigating political correctness in today's society.
  • The Irony of Environmental Activism : Satirize the contradictions inherent in environmental activism and green living.
  • The Comedy of Corporate Culture : Examine the quirks and absurdities of office life and corporate culture.
  • The Farce of Fashion Weeks : Lampoon the extravagance and pretentiousness of fashion weeks around the world.
  • The Lunacy of Reality TV : Poke fun at the manufactured drama and shallowness of reality television.
  • The Nonsense of Self-Help Books : Satirize the industry of self-help books and motivational seminars.
  • The Ridiculousness of Social Justice Warriors : Critique the extremes of social justice activism and virtue signaling.
  • The Comedy of Conspiracy Theories : Explore the bizarre world of conspiracy theories and their believers.
  • The Absurdity of Gender Stereotypes : Satirize traditional gender roles and societal expectations.
  • The Hypocrisy of Holistic Healing : Examine the contradictions of alternative medicine and holistic healing practices.
  • The Parody of Political Campaigns : Poke fun at the theatrics and absurdities of political campaigns and election cycles.
  • The Comedy of Class Reunions : Lampoon the nostalgia and awkwardness of high school reunions.
  • The Folly of Fast Food Culture : Satirize the excesses and consequences of fast food consumption.
  • The Madness of Memes : Explore the cultural significance and absurdity of internet memes.
  • The Farce of Fashion Magazines : Critique the unrealistic beauty standards and consumerism promoted by fashion magazines.
  • The Hilarity of Home Renovation Shows : Poke fun at the exaggerated transformations and drama of home renovation reality shows.
  • The Paradox of Patriotism : Satirize the contradictions of nationalism and patriotic fervor.
  • The Comedy of Cults and Communes : Examine the absurdities of fringe religious movements and utopian communities.

How to Write a Satire Essay: Outline Guide

Creating a solid satirical essay is like serving up a delicious dish of humor with a side of social commentary. But where do you start? How do you take your witty observations and turn them into a compelling satire essay? Fear not! In this section, we'll break down how to write a satire essay outline step by step, starting with crafting the perfect thesis statement.

How to Write a Satire Essay: Outline Guide

Start with a Thesis Statement 

Writing a satire essay thesis statement is about encapsulating your satirical take on a particular issue or topic in a clear and concise manner. Your thesis statement should capture the essence of your satire – the target of your humor and the underlying message you're trying to convey.

For example, let's say you want to write a satire essay about the obsession with social media. Your thesis statement might be something like: 'In a world where likes and retweets reign supreme, social media becomes the ultimate stage for showcasing our most curated selves, blurring the lines between reality and virtual validation.'

This thesis statement sets the stage for your satire by highlighting the absurdity of our social media-driven culture and the disconnect between our online personas and real-life experiences. It presents a clear viewpoint that you'll then explore and dissect throughout your essay with humor and wit.

So, next time when crafting your thesis statement or asking us to write my thesis , remember to:

  • Identify the specific issue or topic you want to satirize.
  • Express your satirical take on the issue in a clear and concise manner.
  • Ensure your thesis statement sets the tone for the rest of your essay and guides your readers toward your humorous critique.

Explain Your Idea in the First Body Paragraph

Now that you know how to start a satire essay and lay the foundation with your thesis statement, it's time to dive into the first body paragraph. Begin by expanding on the central idea introduced in your thesis statement. Keep the tone light and playful, but also ensure that your satire is rooted in truth and relevance.

Continuing with our example thesis statement about social media obsession, the first body paragraph might delve into the ways in which social media platforms have become integral parts of our daily lives. You could discuss the addictive nature of scrolling through feeds, the pressure to curate the perfect online persona, and the impact of social media on mental health and self-esteem.

Use descriptive language and vivid imagery to paint a picture of the absurdities inherent in the topic you're exploring. Highlight contradictions, hypocrisies, or ironies that underscore the satirical angle of your essay.

For instance, you might describe the lengths people go to for the perfect selfie or the absurdity of chasing virtual likes and validation. You could share personal anecdotes or humorous observations to bring the topic to life and engage your readers' imaginations.

Add More Layers in the Second Body Paragraph 

Building upon the groundwork laid in the first satire essay paragraph, this section allows you to explore additional facets of the topic and further develop your satirical critique. Start by identifying specific examples, scenarios, or observations that illustrate the absurdities or contradictions inherent in the topic you're satirizing.

Here, you might focus on the ways in which social media distorts our perceptions of reality and fuels a culture of comparison and envy. You could discuss the phenomenon of "FOMO" (fear of missing out) and the pressure to present a flawless image online, even if it's far from authentic.

You might also share stories of people going to extreme lengths to capture the perfect Instagram photo or the impact of cyberbullying and online harassment on mental health.

As you write the second body paragraph, strive to maintain a balance between humor and substance. Use humor to engage your readers and keep them entertained, but also provide meaningful commentary that prompts reflection and critical thinking.

Wrap Up with Impact 

As you wonder how to end a satire essay, remember to summarize the key points you've made about the topic at hand.

For example, in our satire essay about social media obsession, the conclusion might reiterate the pitfalls of seeking validation through likes and retweets, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and genuine human connection in a digital age.

Reflect on the broader implications of the topic you've explored and offer insights or suggestions for addressing the issues raised in your satire. This could involve proposing alternative approaches or solutions in a humorous manner, providing a sense of closure and hope amidst the laughter.

Finally, consider the overall impact of your satire essay and the emotions it evokes in your audience. Did you succeed in entertaining, enlightening, and provoking thought? Did you strike the right balance between humor and substance? Now that you know how to write a conclusion for an essay , reflect on your writing process and consider how you can continue to refine your skills as a satirist.

Handy Tips and Tricks

Before you begin making funny comments about society, let's talk about some easy tips to help you start. Writing a satire essay is all about being funny, using irony, and being a bit smart. If you need some assistance, you can ask us to help me do my essay . But for now, let's take a closer look at how you can improve your skills.

  • Pick Your Focus : Satire works best when you make fun of something specific in society that you find funny or annoying.
  • Try Different Things : Use different ways to be funny, like making jokes, using irony, or exaggerating things.
  • Keep an Eye Out : Pay attention to what's happening around you for ideas. Satire often comes from real-life events or how people act.
  • Look at Things Differently : Try writing from different viewpoints, like pretending to be a silly politician or a funny commentator.
  • Have Fun : Remember, satire is all about having a good time and making people laugh. So, enjoy yourself and don't take it too seriously.

Satire Essay Examples

Through humor and wit, these satire essay examples offer insightful critiques of their respective subjects, demonstrating effective techniques for crafting satirical commentary.

4 Satire Essay Examples from World Literature

Satire is a popular tool in world literature, where famous writers use humor and irony to poke fun at society and human foolishness. Let's look at some well-known satire essay examples from literature and see how they work:

  • 'Gulliver's Travels' by Jonathan Swift : Swift's 'Gulliver's Travels' is a political satire masterpiece. Through Lemuel Gulliver's wild adventures, Swift mocks 18th-century British society and human nature. One famous episode is Gulliver's visit to Lilliput, where tiny inhabitants squabble over silly things like how to crack an egg. Swift uses these absurdities to show the silliness of politics and people.
  • 'Don Quixote' by Miguel de Cervantes : Cervantes' 'Don Quixote' pokes fun at chivalric romance. The main character, Don Quixote, is a delusional knight who goes on crazy quests to revive chivalry. Through his funny adventures, Cervantes criticizes the exaggerated ideals of honor and love. The book shows how fantasy can clash with reality in funny ways.
  • 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell : Orwell's 'Animal Farm' is a powerful satire on totalitarianism. Animals rebel against humans on a farm, but soon, pigs take over and become dictators. Orwell uses the animals to represent political figures and ideas, showing the hypocrisy of authoritarian rule.
  • 'Candide' by Voltaire : Voltaire's 'Candide' is a sharp satire on Enlightenment optimism. The main character, Candide, faces tragic and absurd situations but still believes everything is great. Through Candide's crazy adventures, Voltaire mocks the blind optimism of his time, revealing the harsh truths of human suffering and foolishness.

Final Words

Give yourself a pat on the back – you made it to the end of our writing adventure! With your sense of humor and a fresh understanding of life's funny quirks, you're all set to let your creativity loose on the page.

Just a friendly reminder: Satire isn't just about making jokes – it's a way to start conversations, question the status quo, and maybe even shake things up a bit. So, don't hold back! Try out different styles, go where your imagination takes you, and most importantly, be yourself.

Bored of the Same Old Essays?

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How to Write a Satirical Essay?

What is a satirical essay, what is a good satire essay topic.

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ideas for satirical essays

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Satire Essay Examples

Satire essay topics and satire essay ideas are boundless, allowing for creative expression in various formats and lengths. However, it's crucial to maintain a delicate balance, ensuring that humor does not transform into rudeness. Satire should be a lighthearted, even nurturing approach to highlighting the absurd or inappropriate aspects of a subject. The ultimate goal is to shed light on why something is shameful or incorrect.

To achieve this, writers often employ literary devices such as irony, allegory, hyperbole, and metaphors to invite the audience to read between the lines. Satire frequently conveys a message different from its surface meaning, so it's important to choose words carefully when using irony. The essence of satire lies in its ability to provoke thought and laughter simultaneously.

As you brainstorm satirical essay ideas and satirical essay topics, consider subjects that can be approached with a touch of wit and humor, while still highlighting important issues or absurdities in society. By doing so, you can create thought-provoking and entertaining pieces that captivate your audience while delivering a meaningful commentary on the world around us.

Popular Topics for Satire Essays

Explore a diverse array of thought-provoking and humorous subjects that serve as perfect topics for satire essays. These topics offer ample material for crafting witty and insightful satirical pieces.

  • The Absurdity of Social Media Influencer Culture
  • The Perils of Modern Dating Apps
  • Corporate Jargon and Buzzword Overload
  • The Bizarre World of Celebrity Obsession
  • Analysis of The Television Show "The Office"
  • The Ridiculousness of Fashion Trends
  • Over-the-Top Fitness and Diet Fads
  • The Hilarity of Political Campaign Promises
  • The Exaggerated Culture of Political Correctness
  • The Comedic Side of Student Loan Debts
  • The Presentation of Products to Consumers in The Onion Magnasoles: Rhetorical Analysis"
  • The Quirks of Office Politics and Office Etiquette

Satire Topics for High School Students

When seeking inspiration for satire essay topics, high school students or anyone else can benefit from exploring satire essay samples.These examples of satire topics for high school students can provide valuable insights into effective satirical techniques and help generate fresh and engaging ideas.


  • The Inexplicable Popularity of SparkNotes and CliffsNotes
  • The Dramatic Overanalysis of Shakespearean Sonnets in English Class
  • The Misadventures of Students Trying to Interpret Symbolism in Classic Novels
  • Comparing The Construction of Satire Through Naiveté
  • The Puzzling Fascination with Cliffhangers in Young Adult Fiction
  • The Chronicles of the Overused Book Report Clichés
  • The Hilarious World of High School Student Council Elections
  • The Absurdity of School Cafeteria Politics and Lunchtime Alliances
  • The Bizarre Election Promises Made by Class President Candidates
  • The Satirical Take on History Class and Revisionist History
  • The Comedy of Errors in Mock United Nations Debates
  • The Comedic Chronicle of Historical Misinterpretations in Textbooks
  • The Secret Lives of Historical Figures: A Satirical Exposé
  • The Time-Traveling Adventures of History Class: When Studying the Past Gets Weird
  • The Great Historical Conspiracy Theories: Aliens, Time Travelers, and Other Explanations
  • The Absurdity of Students Reenacting Historical Battles with Water Balloons

These satire topics provide a humorous take on various aspects of high school life, making them relatable and entertaining for high school students.

Remember, satire is a powerful tool for social commentary and humor, so it's essential to use it responsibly and thoughtfully. By staying within the bounds of humor and wit, you can create compelling satire essays that entertain and enlighten your audience without resorting to negativity or insult.

Writing a satirical essay presents a unique challenge that stands apart from other forms of writing. This genre requires not only a deep understanding of the subject matter but also a keen sense of humor and the ability to see the world through a critical, often ironic lens. Satirical essays aim to highlight the absurdities, hypocrisies, and flaws in society, politics, or human behavior, using humor as a tool to provoke thought and encourage change.

Unlike research essays, which aim to contribute new knowledge to a specific field through systematic inquiry and analysis, satirical essays use exaggeration and satire to underscore the absurdity and flaws within those very topics or in broader societal issues. Where proposal essays are structured to persuade or seek approval for initiatives with logical argumentation and evidence-based benefits, satirical essays skewer proposed solutions or existing conditions, highlighting their shortcomings or the ironic realities that underpin them.

The essence of a satirical essay lies in its ability to disguise critique within humor, making it a unique vehicle for social commentary. It challenges readers to question and reconsider the status quo, using laughter as a tool for reflection, rather than straightforward persuasion or the presentation of empirical research. This distinct difference sets satirical essays apart, making them not just a form of entertainment but a powerful medium for conveying complex critiques in an accessible and engaging manner.

What is a Satire Essay

Satire is a literary technique that employs humor, irony, and sarcasm to criticize or mock various aspects of society, politics, or human behavior. If you’re looking for inspiration for your satire essays , consider exploring satire essay examples and existing satire essays on various topics.

Contrary to popular belief, a satire essay is not about getting angry or bitter as you write about politics or some social issues that must be explained. The trick here is to explore existing satire essay topics that would help you come up with ideas. If you have never written satire in the past, you may be already provided with a topic to start with. In simple terms, a satire essay must criticize some subject by making it in a smart way where you talk about issues like procrastination or being too greedy. It has to be fun and not turn into a sort of bullying. Always show due respect as you structure things, as it will help you provide an excellent paper.

The Art and Power of Satire

Satire is a versatile and influential form of expression, frequently employed by writers and comedians to address serious issues indirectly. Let’s examine how it works, why it’s so popular, and explore some satire writing examples for a better understanding.

Understanding Satirical Elements

Satire typically utilizes the following elements:

  • Exaggeration : Satire often takes real-life situations and exaggerates them to absurd proportions. This technique draws attention to the flaws or absurdities of the subject.
  • Irony : Irony is a cornerstone of satire. It involves saying one thing but meaning another, creating a humorous contrast.
  • Sarcasm : The use of biting humor and cutting remarks is a trademark of satire. Sarcasm is a potent tool for satirists to convey their message.
  • Parody : Satire often mimics the style of its subject matter, creating a humorous imitation that highlights the subject’s flaws.

Satire has been a potent tool throughout history, addressing issues from politics to social norms. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to entertain and provoke thought simultaneously.

5 Satire Writing Examples

  • The “Smart” Home Assistant:   

In this satire piece, imagine a world where smart home assistants have become so intelligent that they start giving unsolicited advice, judging your life choices, and offering condescending remarks. It humorously highlights the overreliance on technology and the invasion of privacy in the digital age.

  • The “Healthy” Fast Food Chain:

Explore a fictional fast-food restaurant that claims to serve healthy alternatives, but in reality, their salads are drenched in more calories than a burger, and their smoothies are packed with sugar. This satire pokes fun at the deceptive marketing tactics used by some food establishments.

  • The “Eco-Friendly” Space Travel Company:

Imagine a future where space tourism companies claim to be eco-friendly while launching rockets that spew massive amounts of pollution into the atmosphere. This satirical piece highlights the hypocrisy of industries that prioritize profit over environmental concerns.

  • The “Innovative” Social Media Platform:

Create a satire of a fictional social media platform that constantly introduces new features, each more intrusive and time-consuming than the last. This piece satirizes the addictive nature of social media and the never-ending quest for user engagement.

  • The “Superhero” Government Agency:

Craft a story about a government agency tasked with solving everyday inconveniences rather than addressing real issues. This satire highlights the bureaucracy and inefficiency often associated with government institutions.

These satirical essay examples provide a glimpse into the world of satirical writing, where humor and wit are used to comment on various aspects of society, culture, and human behavior.

How to Start a Satire Essay

Speaking of satire essay structure , you must remember that it should resemble the rules of creative writing or narrative papers.

Here is what you can do as you are about to start with a satire essay:

  • Introduction with a strong sentence hook where you introduce a fictional person or a problem. 
  • Talk about why it’s bad and explain things by providing several examples that we all know well. 
  • Talk about how to avoid the problem by using some ideas why this or that is wrong. 
  • Tell a story or provide another example by making things fun. 
  • Provide a conclusion paragraph by explaining why something is wrong or pose a moral lesson. 

Remember, satire is all about using humor and irony to critique and comment on various aspects of society or human behavior. These prompts should inspire you to create a satirical essay that engages and amuses your readers while offering a unique perspective on the chosen topic. Explore free critical analysis essays to improve your understanding of satire and enhance your writing skills further

Prompts for a Satirical Essays

Social Media and Technology:

  •  The Social Media Obsession: Explore the absurdities of our society’s obsession with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. How has it affected our lives, self-esteem, and relationships?
  • The Endless Quest for the Perfect Selfie: Explore the humorous side of our society’s obsession with taking the perfect selfie. How far are people willing to go for that flawless Instagram post?

Health and Wellness:

  • The Ridiculous World of Fad Diets: Satirize the never-ending cycle of fad diets and weight loss trends. Are these diets truly effective, or are they just empty promises?
  • The Fast-Food Frenzy: Take a humorous approach to the culture of fast food, addressing issues like overindulgence, health consequences, and the strange allure of the drive-thru.

Society and Cultural Trends:

  • The Culture of Political Correctness: Explore the concept of political correctness and how it sometimes goes to extremes, leading to hilariously awkward situations and language policing.
  • The Fantasy of Reality TV: Explore the surreal world of reality television and the way it blurs the line between real life and scripted entertainment. How does it shape our perceptions of reality?

How to Write a Satire Essay

Here are the steps to help you write a satire essay effectively:

Steps to Write an Satire Essay

Satire Essay Writing Checklist

Take a look at our checklist for a satire essay and explore our free examples of satire essays . It’s always much better to find out what good satire essay structure must be like!

  • You introduce your topic by explaining why a certain problem exists.
  • You provide at least one example of a problem in real-life or describe a fictional character.
  • Make sure that there is no anger or offense.
  • You keep your tone in a narrative and follow an explanatory way.
  • You provide a moral lesson in the final paragraph by explaining things as to “why and how”.
  • You edit and proofread your satire essay by checking for logical words and transitions between the paragraphs.

Remember that satire is a form of social commentary, and while it is humorous, it should still convey a message or critique a particular aspect of society or the subject you’re addressing. Use your creativity and wit to craft a compelling satire essay that effectively communicates your perspective while entertaining your readers. Think about exploring satire books in classic literature to see what modern subjects can be suitable. 

10 Free Satire Essay Examples

Funny satire essay examples.

Satire it’s a powerful form of expression that allows writers to poke fun at the quirks and absurdities of our world while delivering insightful social criticism. But satire doesn’t always have to be serious or solemn; it can be downright hilarious! These humorous satirical essay examples are crafted with the sole purpose of making you laugh out loud while offering a satirical take on various aspects of society, culture, and human behavior. 

Famous Satirical Essay Examples 

Famous satirical essay examples showcase the remarkable ability of satire to address serious issues indirectly. Through humor, irony, and sarcasm, these essays provide a lens through which we can examine the absurdities of society, politics, and human behavior. They invite us to question the status quo and see the world through a new and often amusing perspective

These topics provide a starting point for creating famous satirical essays that engage with timeless themes while offering fresh and humorous perspectives on contemporary issues.

Modern Satirical Essay Examples

Modern satirical essay examples capture the spirit of our digitally interconnected world. From social media antics to the challenges of remote work, these essays take a humorous look at the experiences and dilemmas of the 21st century. They highlight the ways technology, politics, and culture intersect in our daily lives

Satire essay examples like the ones mentioned above demonstrate how humor can be a powerful vehicle for social commentary. Satire’s ability to entertain while prompting critical thinking makes it a unique and valuable form of expression.

In conclusion, exploring free satire essays and satire essay examples can be both enlightening and entertaining. It reminds us of the power of humor in addressing serious issues and encourages us to view the world with a more critical eye. So, next time you come across a satire essay, remember that beneath the humor lies a deeper message waiting to be discovered.

Satire on Bullying

Bullying is a prevalent issue in society, especially among young people. It can have serious consequences for the victims, including emotional and psychological trauma. Satire, as a form of humor that uses irony and exaggeration to criticize and ridicule societal issues, can be a powerful…

Voltaire’s Use of Satire in Candide

Voltaire’s novel, Candide, is a classic example of satire. Through the use of wit, humor, and irony, Voltaire challenges the prevailing ideas of his time and criticizes the societal norms and institutions of the 18th century. This essay will explore how Voltaire uses satire in…

Religious Satire in Huck Finn

One of the most debated aspects of the novel is the use of religious satire, particularly in relation to Christianity. In this essay, we will explore the religious satire present in the novel and examine its significance in the context of the story. Huck’s Relationship…

Satirical Elements in WALL-E

WALL-E, a 2008 animated film by Pixar, is often celebrated for its heartwarming story and stunning visuals. However, beneath its surface, the film also contains a number of satirical elements that comment on modern society. Through its portrayal of consumerism, environmental degradation, and human reliance…

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What’s Wrong with Illegal Immigration: Satire

Illegal immigration is a topic that has been widely debated for decades. It refers to the act of entering a country without proper authorization or overstaying a visa. Illegal immigration is a significant issue, and it affects various aspects of society. From economics to security,…

The Satirical and Hopeful Message of Wall-E

Wall-E is a 2008 Pixar film that tells the story of a lonely robot that cleans up the trash-covered Earth while dreaming of finding love. Through its satirical portrayal of contemporary society, modern technology, and capitalism, Wall-E offers a thought-provoking commentary on the current state…

The High School Circus: A Satirical Perspective

High school, the place where young minds are nurtured, friendships are forged, and the foundations of adulthood are laid. Or at least, that’s what they want you to believe. In reality, high school is more like a three-ring circus where the clowns wear backpacks, the…

The Absurdity of Poverty: A Satirical Examination

Imagine a world where the richest 1% of the population holds more wealth than the bottom 90%. Oh wait, that’s not just imagination; that’s reality! In our modern society, poverty has become an art form, a masterpiece of absurdity that leaves us all scratching our…

The Absurdity and Hypocrisy of Dress Codes

One of the most common forms of dress codes is for students in primary and secondary schools. These dress codes often impose restrictions on clothing, such as prohibiting tank tops, shorts, or clothing with offensive or provocative language or imagery. The consequences for breaking the…

The Absurdities of Social Media Culture: A Satirical Reflection

The rise of social media has transformed the way we communicate, consume information, and interact with others. While social media platforms have undoubtedly opened up opportunities for connection and communication, they have also given rise to a new culture that is often absurd, superficial, and…

What is a satire essay?

Although you might have seen rude satirical essay examples, this kind of writing stands for polite fun. The idea of satire is to expose the moral sides of a topic. The most popular satire topics will revolve around politicians, absurd situations, human greed, or even Instagram stars. Most importantly, satire essays should not be insulting or angry in any case!

How to write a satire essay?

The most satire essay examples you will encounter will have a structure that starts with an engaging statement, a famous quote, or an anecdote. You may even tell a story you have seen in person by turning it into a narration. Choose funny satire topics with a light-hearted approach and keep things educational. It has to teach a good lesson!

What makes a satire essay effective?

A satire essay is a piece of writing that uses humor, irony, sarcasm, and exaggeration to criticize or mock a particular subject, such as societal issues, individuals, or institutions. The primary goal is to entertain and provoke thought while highlighting the flaws or absurdities of the subject.

What topics can I satirize in my essay?

You can satirize a wide range of topics, including social issues, politics, popular culture, trends, and human behavior. The key is to choose a subject that you find interesting and that has room for satire.

How do I come up with satirical ideas?

Observe the world around you, paying attention to absurdities, contradictions, and hypocrisy. Satirical ideas often arise from everyday situations and human behavior.

How do I know if my satire essay is successful?

A successful satire essay entertains the reader, makes them think, and effectively critiques the subject. If your essay achieves these goals, it can be considered successful.

The most popular topics for Satire Essay

  • Christopher Columbus
  • Homelessness
  • Illegal Immigration
  • Competitive Sports
  • Global Warming
  • Climate Change
  • School Uniform
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Donald Trump

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  • Exemplification Essays

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ideas for satirical essays


105 Best Satirical Essay Topics and Ideas

Table of Contents

Satire essays are one of the best ways with which you can raise a point about the issues in a society, culture, or politics. Moreover, through satire essays, you can emphasize the absurdity of specific conditions or argue for the need for change. Majorly satirical essay topics will cover current events, social issues, and political figures. But no matter what topic you choose, the satirical essays that you create should make your readers think and laugh.

If you want to know more about satirical essay writing, continue reading this blog. Also, from here, get 105 outstanding satirical essay prompts on different themes.

What is a Satirical Essay?

A satire essay or satirical essay is a kind of writing that makes fun of or criticizes a subject by using irony and comedy. It is frequently used to highlight a point or draw attention to the weaknesses of a person, organization, or concept.

Typically, satire essays can be written in different styles, from humorous and lighthearted to serious. Also, a satirical essay tries to amuse the reader, remark on social concerns, or make a political statement. The main objective of a satirical essay, regardless of style, is to provoke the readers and make them view the topic from a different perspective.

Satirical Essay Topics

Steps for Writing a Satirical Essay

Are you unsure how to write a satirical essay? If yes, then simply follow the satirical essay writing steps suggested below.

  • First, choose an ideal satirical essay topic that you are passionate about and have a strong opinion on. Remember, the topic should give you the space to make fun of.
  • Next, perform in-depth research and get a better understanding of the topic. Research will help you generate numerous ideas for your essay and make a well-informed argument.
  • Once you get a good comprehension of the topic, brainstorm ideas for your essay. Especially, to make your essay more effective, you can use irony and exaggeration. Furthermore, you can figure out humorous and creative ways to raise your point.
  • After brainstorming, create a well-structured satirical essay outline. This will aid you to organize your thoughts and compose the essay with a smooth and logical flow.
  • Elaborate on the outline and write an outstanding satirical essay by including humor and sarcastic elements. Note that, your essay should be well-organized with essential elements such as the introduction, body, and conclusion. Also, it should keep your readers engaged and make them think.
  • Finally, after you finish writing your essay, make sure to proofread and edit the content. This will help you to submit a flawless and high-quality essay.

Tips for Finding a Good Satirical Essay Topic

The success of your essay highly depends on the topic you choose. So, make sure to select a unique satirical essay topic. In case, you are worried about how to choose an ideal topic for your satire essay, keep in mind the following tips.

  • Always give preference to a topic that is relevant to your readers and has the power to make them think.
  • Focus on a topic that allows you to create insightful humor.
  • Choose an entertaining topic or an issue that needs improvement.
  • Pick an original topic that has the scope to engage the readers and provoke them to think from a different perspective.
  • Finalize the topic only if it meets your instructor’s satirical essay writing guidelines.

List of Satirical Essay Topics and Ideas

If you have no idea what topic to choose for your satirical essay, take a look at the list published below. In the list, you will get 105 amazing satirical essay questions and ideas.

Best Satirical Essay Topics

  • Prepare a satirical essay about the benefits of making bad decisions.
  • Satirically discuss the beauty of being a college dropout.
  • In a satirical way explain how poverty increases happiness and creativity.
  • Humorously discuss the happiness of learning high school lessons.
  • Satirically present the amazing journey of teen pregnancy.
  • Compose a satirical essay about the chaos of college life.
  • Prepare a satirical essay about the upsides of junk food.
  • Satirically explain the influence of pop music celebrities on world politics.
  • Write a satirical essay on the benefits pollution brings to the planet.
  • Prepare a satirical essay about the joy of making the worst financial decisions.
  • Compose a satirical essay on the relaxing lifestyle of unemployment.
  • Satirically discuss the creativity involved in internet trolls.
  • Prepare a satirical essay on the meditative effects of traffic jams.
  • Satirically explain how reality TV shows teach life lessons.
  • Compose a satirical essay about the philosophies involved in Sitcoms.

Interesting Satirical Essay Topics

  • In a satirical way discuss the hidden joys of procrastination.
  • Prepare a satirical essay about the life lessons learned from hangovers.
  • Write a satirical essay about the advantages of being a pessimist
  • Satirically discuss the health benefits of eating fast food.
  • Write a satirical essay on the benefits of losing a game.
  • Satirically decipher the language of politicians.
  • Prepare a satirical essay on how self-obsession affects the environment.
  • Satirically discuss the mysteries of unread terms and conditions.
  • Explain why cats defy the law of physics
  • Will robots steal our jobs or just our hearts?
  • Prepare a satirical essay on the unexpected dangers of water.
  • Is sleep a waste of precious time?
  • Are multivitamins modern-day magic potions?
  • Satirically discuss the art of finding the perfect Wi-Fi spot.
  • Discuss the tragedy of forgotten passwords.

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Excellent Satirical Essay Topics

  • Explain the rollercoaster ride of the stock market.
  • Satirically explain the mysteries involved in election promises
  • Are stock markets just high-stakes casinos?
  • Does the ‘invisible hand’ of the market need a manicure?
  • Discuss the mystery of Mona Lisa’s smile
  • Is reincarnation a second chance or a repeated punishment?
  • Are audiobooks reading cheating?
  • Are social media influencers modern messiahs?
  • Will robots make better politicians?
  • Is media neutrality a myth or a forgotten art?

Top Satirical Essay Ideas

  • Do referees need a referee?
  • Are all Journalists undercover superheroes?
  • Do viral videos capture talent or just lucky moments?
  • Can laughter indeed be the best medicine?
  • Will Instagram filters replace make-up artists?
  • Is chess the ultimate test of athleticism?
  • Can music therapy replace antidepressants?
  • Are reusable bags fashion statements or eco-saviors?
  • Is organic food a luxury or an essential?
  • Are eco-warriors modern superheroes?
  • Can money buy happiness or just a more comfortable form of misery?
  • Are group chats the modern-day round table discussions?
  • Can you measure friendship in social media likes?
  • Are surprise parties a friendly gesture or a scare tactic?
  • Satirically discuss the effects of technology on education.

Thought-Provoking Satirical Essay Topics

  • Take a satirical dig at the impact of immigration on the economy.
  • Prepare a satirical essay on how peer pressure affects academic performance.
  • Write a satirical essay on how gender roles have changed in sports
  • Satirically explain how media coverage changed the way people viewed sports.
  • Create a satirical essay about the ethics of animal testing.
  • Write a satirical essay about pet influencers.
  • Is Instagram travel tourism or narcissism?
  • Prepare a satirical essay on fashion trends.
  • Is coffee addiction life fuel or liquid distraction?
  • Discuss the mystery of airplane food.

Outstanding Satirical Essay Topics

  • Prepare a satirical essay about how to escape from the marathon of binge-watching.
  • Satirically discuss the perks of being politically incorrect.
  • Write a satirical essay about the unexpected perks of noise.
  • Compose a satirical essay about the joy of living in a clutter.
  • Satirically discuss the peace of not having a smartphone.
  • Write a satirical essay about the benefits of receiving bad reviews.
  • Satirically explain the happiness that comes from forgetting.
  • Take a satirical look at the self-acceptance that comes from being awkward.
  • Compose a satirical essay about the effect of video games on youth culture.
  • Satirically explain the role of media in shaping public opinion.

Engaging Satirical Essay Ideas

  • Take a satirical look at how the gig economy affects the job market.
  • Prepare a satirical essay about the benefits of not being good at sports.
  • Satirically explain how technology affects privacy.
  • Satirically discuss the impact of fake news.
  • Write a satirical essay about the effects of media violence on children.
  • Satirically discuss the hidden joys of bad cooking.
  • Are credit cards financial freedom or a debt trap?
  • Is the art of compromise a secret to a happy marriage?
  • Write a satirical essay about the hidden lessons in Dad’s jokes.
  • Prepare a satirical essay on the pros and cons of franchising.
  • Are cryptocurrencies real money or just a digital illusion?
  • Satirically discuss the paradox of privacy in the age of social media.
  • Satirically explore the future of space exploration.
  • Take a satirical look at the advantages of scientific research.
  • Prepare a satirical essay on the power of money in professional sports.

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Unique Satirical Essay Topics

  • Satirically examine the effects of GMO foods on health and the environment.
  • Take a satirical look at the industrial revolution.
  • Satirically discuss the impact of automation on business.
  • Write a satirical essay on the benefits and risks of outsourcing.
  • Does your smartphone make a good doctor?
  • Are plastic straws the scapegoats of pollution?
  • Is jealousy in love a spice or just a preservative?
  • Are annual check-ups health boosters or anxiety inducers?
  • Is Photoshopping an artistic touch-up or a deceptive makeover?
  • Take a satirical look at the power of big data.
  • Write a satirical essay on the effects of corporate tax cuts on business.
  • Are tattoos self-expression or human billboards?
  • Are religious festivals divine parties?
  • Can we blame Columbus for our poor sense of direction?
  • Is job automation a ticket to leisure or unemployment?

Out of the numerous satirical essay prompts and ideas recommended above, choose any topic of your choice and compose an intriguing satirical essay. In case, you need satire essay topic selection, writing, and proofreading help from experts, call us immediately.

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110 Satire Essay Topics

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It is essential when coming up with good satire topics to identify your audience and craft your work in a way that appeals to your readers. This is what makes excellent satirical topics.

Below are 110 best satire essay topics to help you get started.

Satire Essay Topics for College Students

At a particular point, you will be required to write an essay using satire essay topics. Familiarizing yourself with them enough times to get experience is therefore vital. Here are a few examples of satire ideas:

  • How To Flunk Your Exams While Having Fun Doing It
  • No Need For A Best Friend When You Can Have A Pet
  • Social Media Platforms Are The Better Option For Making Friends
  • How To Avoid Doing Your Chores And Get Away With It
  • Reasons Why School Is A Complete Waste Of Time
  • Guidelines On How To Fail Your Exams
  • How To Excel In School Without Studying
  • How Mathematics Can Become Your Favorite Subject In School
  • Why Going To School Is A Complete Waste Of Time
  • Reasons To Connect With Your Parents On Social Media

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Research Paper

The Maya Tribe

Academic level: Undergraduate

Subject: History

  • My Least Favorite Subject
  • What I Hate About My Parents
  • Why Social Media Is Important In A Student’s Life
  • Why Dropping Out Of School Could Be The Best Decision
  • Reasons Why Students And Teachers Should Wear Uniforms
  • Why Getting A College Education Is Not Important
  • Should Students Get Well Paying Jobs In College?
  • Why School Boards Should Get Abolished
  • Why Students Should Not Get Punished In Schools
  • Reasons Why High School Proms Should Get Abolished

Satire Topics on History, Politics, and Governance

  • Politics and History are the subjects where one wouldn’t like to be left behind, not knowing what’s going on. Some good satire topics here could include:
  • Is Freedom Of Speech A Necessity?
  • Why We Should Believe Our Politicians
  • Why Donald Trump Stands Out Among The Previous Presidents
  • Reasons Why Russia Is America’s Top Ally
  • Why North Korea’s Press Freedom Is The Preferred Option
  • Top 10 Reasons Why Brexit Is Good For Britain
  • How Aliens Built The Great Wall Of China
  • Is Communism Direct Opposite Of Capitalism?
  • Reasons Why Kenneth Bone Turned into A Sensation At The Presidential Debate
  • Reasons Captain America Should Become The Next America’s President
  • Is Gun Control Talk Overrated?
  • How Racism Should Be Discouraged By Interracial Marriages
  • Obamacare Is The Best Health Care Plan For All
  • Ways Of Confronting Terrorists With Comic Books
  • Reasons Why All Countries Should Have Border Walls
  • Exercising Your Rights To Vote In Fun Ways
  • How The Aliens Built The Egyptian Pyramids
  • Ways Of Confronting Terrorists With Peace Messages
  • Ways People Can Benefit If Animals Got Granted Equal Rights
  • Reasons Fox News Should Cover All Trump Related News

Satire Ideas on Sports and Leisure

  • Everyone has one sport that’s close to their heart. Below are satire topics that you could use here:
  • Why Soccer Matches Should Be Closed Events As They Lead To Fights
  • Why Violent People At Sporting Events Should Be Made To Attend Such Functions In Their Inner Wears
  • Reason Why All Practice Jerseys Of All Sportspeople Should Have Ads
  • Why College Athletes Should Get Paid
  • How Steroids Will Help Athletes If Legalized
  • Reasons Why Steroids Users Should Be In The Hall Of Fame
  • Reasons Why Women Bench Heavier Than Men In The Gym
  • Ways In Which Video Games Are Means For Developing Valuable Professional Skills
  • Why Women Are Better Athletes Than Men
  • Should Boxers Wear Jerseys When Boxing?

Good Satire Topics on Social Issues

  • In the society, we often face problems affecting our day to day lives. However, it is crucial to confront these issues with a bit of fun. Some satire ideas include:
  • Why These Days Teen Moms Are On The Rise
  • Why The Upper Class Experience More Stress Than The Lower Class
  • Can Comic Books Promote Certain Careers?
  • Why Being Homeless Is Not Such A Bad Idea
  • Reasons To Follow A Stranger’s Advice
  • How To Master The Art Of Being Right Even When Wrong
  • How To Lie And Get Away With It In A Convincing Manner
  • 10 Reasons To Become An Annoying Human Being
  • Why Ignoring Strangers Is Such A Bad Idea
  • Do Rats Also Take Part In A Rat Race?

Love and Marriage Satire Topics

  • Here are some examples to help you tackle satire topics on Love and Marriage:
  • Why Most Men Should Be Stay At Home Dads
  • Ways Of Winning An Argument With Your Boyfriend
  • Why Social Media Is The Best Way To Break Up With Your Boyfriend
  • What Your Boyfriend Thinks About Your Hair Weave
  • Questions Your Girlfriend Is Most Likely To Ask You
  • How To Plan A Family Holiday Vacation Without Spending Money
  • Steps To Break Up With Your Partner Without Saying A Word
  • Things To Do On A Date To Avoid Getting Asked Out Again
  • Ways Of Winning An Argument With Your Wife
  • How To Be A Nosy Girlfriend Without Showing It

Environment Satire Essay Topics

  • Here are some helpful examples of environment satire topics:
  • Why Global Warming Is A Joke
  • Ways Of Making The Environment Clean Without Recycling
  • Not Brushing Your Teeth Is One Of The Effective Ways Of Confronting Global Warming
  • Why It Is Fun Living On Our Planet Without The Ozone Layer
  • Reasons Of Emptying Drainage Wastes In Rivers
  • How Real Is The Threat Of Overcrowded Burial Grounds?
  • The Obvious Choice Between Environmental Policies And Expanding Housing Projects
  • Why The Conventional Method Is The Best Way Of Improving Soil Fertility
  • Is Soil Erosion And Landslides Real?
  • Which Water Conservation Methods Get Used In The Desert?

Satire Topics in Business and Information Technology

  • Some examples of Business and Information Technology topics include:
  • How To Arrive Late For An Interview
  • Why You Should Follow The Advice Of Your Teenage Children On Finance
  • How Robots Will Conquer Us
  • Ways Of Criticizing Your Boss And Getting Away With It
  • Best Methods Of Embarrassing Yourself In Front Of Your Colleagues
  • Benefits Of Being The Least Favorite Employee
  • Why A World Without Internet Would Be A Better Place
  • How To Work Smart Without Doing Much
  • Why Robots Make Better Workers Than People
  • How Google Can Save Your Life

Funny Satire Topics

  • Some of the people or characters have been quoted giving good satire jokes. Some of them include:
  • Life Of The Middle Child: The Forgotten One
  • No Pastor Is A Sinner
  • Would You Stay Married To Kanye If You Woke Up As Kim?
  • Do Bears Like Honey?
  • Easy Life Of A Stay At Home Mom
  • Divorce Rates Are High After Expensive Weddings
  • Most People Want To Remain Slim But Eat A Lot
  • Human Efforts To Plant Tress While Deforestation Is On The Rise
  • Make Watching Football Illegal
  • The Customer Is Never Right

Satire Ideas on Science and Medicine

  • Yes, even Science and Medicine do have a sense of humor, and some of the satirical topics are:
  • Why Plastic Surgery Is A Good Idea If Your ID Got Stolen
  • Which Type Of Cancer Is The Better Option?
  • Reasons Why Women Should Be Discouraged From Breastfeeding
  • What Are The Benefits Of Pregnant Women Traveling?
  • Why We Should Do Away With Vitamins And Minerals
  • A Person’s Body Weight Should Be The Determinant Of What One Eats
  • How Music Has Cured Diseases
  • Why Moving To Space Should Be On Everyone’s Mind
  • Reasons For Getting A Cold On Winter Months
  • Is The Cure For HIV/AIDS A Myth?

Conclusion on Satire Ideas

It is critical to find your favorite satire essay topics to capture your intended audience. It will go a long way in keeping the reader captivated.

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List of Good Topics to Write a Satirical Essay and Make an Impact

Satire expresses the harsh truth in a funny or mocking way. There are various elements in human society that exhibit hypocrisy. A satirical essay can be a brilliant way to highlight the irony or hypocrisy in a situation.

List of Good Topics to Write a Satirical Essay

Not So Modest!

A Modest Proposal, by Jonathan Swift, is one of the most famous satirical essays about the complete lack of empathy by the rich class towards the poor oppressed class in 18th century Ireland. He proposes a ‘modest solution’ for the poor who cannot afford to tend and feed their children. He suggests that these children be fed to the rich landlords, which will solve the problem of the poor parents, and serve as a delicious treat to the inhumane landlords.

Satirical essays are intended to represent an ironic situation by inducing a touch of humor and hyperbole. These essays represent tough problems in a subtle manner, laced with wit and humor; however, they are highly effective in conveying the message.

If you’re planning to write one, there are various topics that you can choose from. Most satirical topics can be found in current affairs and politics. If you’re aware of the trending hot topics around you, it will certainly prove beneficial while writing satirical essays. Given below are a few major areas that can provide topics for writing a good satire.

Social issues

No society is devoid of problems. Look around and analyze the current social issues that need to be addressed urgently. Compare your society with that of others. Of course, there are bound to be cultural differences and many social evils still prevail, yet this very diversity can bring about various issues that need to be addressed.

Political issues

Political issues are the biggest source for satire. Keep yourself updated with news and recent happenings if you want to choose a political topic that is a currently trending. Yes, of course, you can pick up something from the history too. A good way to enhance the satirical impact of your essay perception is to read newspaper comic strips that address political issues.

Economic issues

Every economy has to face bad times, and it suffers from certain loopholes. Such loopholes can become a good topic for satire. For example, inflation, taxes, or problems associated with employment, etc.

Environmental issues

Addressing the environmental issues has become the biggest need of the hour, and is the biggest satire on the face of humankind. For his own benefit, man has exploited nature beyond reproach, and in turn invited the wrath of nature’s fury. A satirical essay on such issue can be a good way to create awareness that we need to protect our planet for the future generations.

Topic Suggestions

topic for satirical essay : marriage

► Gay marriages ► Challenges faced by the marriage system ► Rising divorce rates

satirical topics for essay : health

► Obesity ► Increase in suicide rates ► Increasing cardiovascular diseases

Teen Problems

satirical topics for essay : teen problems

► Obsession with social networking sites ► Couch potatoes ► Obsession with video games ► Teenage pregnancy ► Addiction to drugs ► Teen depression

satirical topics for essay : employment

► Rising work stress ► The rat race ► Carrot and stick approach ► Gender bias in an office environment ► Harassment at workplace ► Problems faced by the working class

satirical topics for essay : women

► Women’s Rights ► Fashion obsession ► Working mothers ► Crimes against women ► Gender inequality

satirical topics for essay : political

► War ► Terrorism ► International relations ► Export-Import policies ► Globalization ► Budget deficit ► Illegal immigration ► Abortion

► Unhealthy competition ► Unethical business practices ► Economic disparities ► Unemployment ► Inflation ► Debt peonage ► Taxes ► Demerits of capitalization


► Pollution ► Deforestation ► Global warming ► Ozone depletion ► Demerits of nanotechnology

Other Topics

► Is man becoming slave to technology? ► Child sexual abuse ► Crime rates ► Animal cruelty ► Racial discrimination

The comic element in a satirical must not be overdone. Also remember to not go overboard while bringing out the harshness or irony of the situation. If you’re writing on sensitive topics like religion, you need to be cautious with your language. You might be entitled to your opinion; however, your essay must reflect a fair analysis of the subject. Write a satirical essay with deep research and good knowledge of the subject. A poorly researched essay will expose your lack of knowledge.

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Here you’ll find lots of fresh topic ideas, amazing tips from experienced academic writers, and even essay samples. Follow us and boost your skills without any effort!

Top 150 Satire Topics to Write and Read About

satire topics

Many students struggle to choose or come up with satire topics for their essays. That’s because some learners don’t understand what satire means. But, composing brilliant write-ups on this subject requires learners to know what it is all about. Unfortunately, most people misunderstand satire.

Satire essay topics are humorous. Write-ups on these topics make readers laugh. When writing on these topics, learners can also look into the flaws of a person and mock them in some ways. If you’ve been asked to write a satire essay, paper, or speech, here are good satire topic ideas from our essay writers .

General Satire Topics

Interesting satire paper topics, satire topics for high school students, funny satire essay topics, satire essay topics on medicine and science, satire topics about school, popular satire topics, satirical topics on morality and religion, satirical essay topics on nature and environment.

  • Satirical Topics on Pop Culture

Do you want to write an essay on general but humorous topics? If yes, this category has some of the best topics to write a satire on.

  • Why every music superstar should spend more money on flashy jewelry and cars
  • Why storytelling is a boring thing
  • Why society needs more violence and sex in movies
  • Why society needs more despair-themed movies
  • Why we need more movie scenes with white superheroes
  • Everything in the fashion scene is fake
  • A healthy diet – cigarette and beer buffet
  • Beauty and power – Every young girl’s new sensation
  • Child labor’s advantages- How children tailors benefit the fashion industry
  • Social class separation – The $30,000 dress and high-end designers
  • Why award college athletes with cash and mega scholarship deals?
  • Why professional athletes’ drug tests need to be banned
  • Here’s why sportsmen should be encouraged to use steroids
  • Why raise the normal price for movie tickets?
  • Photo manipulation and fashion – More recognition for unrealistic standards
  • Mark Walberg should vie for the presidency
  • How to compensate for the efforts of professional athletes
  • Dumb and wealthy- A case for uneducated athletes
  • Why technology verification in sports is not necessary
  • Society needs more slim and fit models in the fashion industry

Use any of these topics to satire some elements in the society. However, you need to study those elements carefully to come up with a good write-up.

Do you want to write an academic paper on something satirical? If yes, here are good topics to write satire about different issues affecting society.

  • Using nepotism to solve leadership hurdles
  • Truthful leaders do not help the American people’s greatness
  • Why self-ambition is necessary for great leadership
  • How cabinet turnover helps a president
  • How alternative facts affect the meaning of certain aspects being discussed
  • How immigrants are responsible for all crimes
  • How global warming benefits humanity
  • Carbon discharges do not have negative effects
  • People should be allowed to throw garbage anyhow, anywhere
  • People should use the ocean as their dumping site
  • Society over-hype eco-friendly vehicles
  • How fun is the pollution of parks?
  • Society overrates safe air travel
  • Racial profiling safety
  • Shooting first advantages
  • How police brutality benefits society
  • Why workplace safety is not necessary for women
  • Narcissism is at the core of leadership mannerism
  • Scary words to tell an airplane’s seatmate
  • Don’t consider the airplane’s seatbelt sign because life is generally short

This category also has funny satire topics. However, you should be creative to come up with a good write-up on any of the topics you opt to write about.

If you’re a high school student and your teacher has asked you to write a satire essay, you should settle on a good topic. Here are good satire topics to consider for your essay.

  • Abandon your vehicle and global warming will reduce significantly
  • Obesity issues – Solving them by distributing foods depending on the bodyweight
  • Using shouting matches to solve workplace conflicts
  • Racism is a global menace- Every racist should go to Antarctica
  • Abortions should not be prohibited- People can use kids to get a free workforce
  • Unable to avoid fast food?- Let your cholesterol help you
  • Unable to choose between work and family?- Use a coin to decide what should come first
  • Incorrigible criminals and amnesty- A sure way to set terminally sick people free
  • Equal salaries introduction- The best way to prevent social prejudice
  • Don’t have enough time for raising your child?- Let TV shows babysit your child
  • Speech freedom explained- Allow people to say anything they want
  • Decongesting the cemeteries- Allow voodoo to raise the dead
  • When money is a serious issue- eliminate the currency
  •  Use illegal immigrants to provide a free workforce to curb illegal immigration
  • Use Sparta’s methods to address the overpopulation issue
  • How to show the teacher that you don’t intend to listen
  • Why teachers should be overpaid
  • Why sports hobby is not necessary when learning teamwork
  • Why school safety is just a waste of time and resources
  • Why high school lessons are crap

Consider any of these easy satire topics if you’re in high school and you want to come up with a write-up that will impress your educator.

Maybe you want to write an essay about something every reader will find funny. In that case, consider these funny satirical essay topics.

  • Convincing ways to tell a perfect lie without getting caught
  • How to be right to everyone when you’re wrong
  • Why are there more teen moms these days?
  • Being a cat in a rat race- a perfect way to win
  • Promoting some careers with comic books
  • Why you should not ignore strangers
  • Why stress is common in the upper class compared to the lower class
  • Why you should follow advice from a stranger
  • Why should be an annoying person
  • Homelessness is not that bad
  • Why women should be fit always
  • Why humans should treat animals with kindness
  • Why more men should stay fit than ladies
  • What is your favorite chore?
  • Reasons to adhere to your appointments
  • How to embarrass yourself during the first date
  • Actual problems for the working class
  • How to criticize the boss without being fired
  • Maintaining a stable relationship
  • Are people overcrowding burial grounds?

These are interesting topics for satire. But, they require creativity to come up with good write-ups.

You can also write a satire essay or paper when pursuing medicine or science studies. Here are examples of good satire essay topics to consider.

  • How does traveling benefit pregnant women?
  • Why does almost everybody get a cold during the winter months?
  • Using music to cure diseases
  • Can HIV AIDS be cured?
  • Don’t encourage women to breastfeed- Here’s why
  • Reasons to undergo plastic surgery after losing your ID
  • Which cancer do you consider better than the others?
  • Why people should do away with minerals and vitamins
  • Reasons to think about going to space
  • How a person’s bodyweight determine what they eat

These are good satire writing topics for learners pursuing medical and science programs. However, some of these topics require some research to come up with amazing essays.

Maybe you want to write an essay about your school in a satirical way. In that case, consider this satire topics list.

  • How to succeed in your school
  • How important are school uniforms?
  • How to go through the school’s social pyramid
  • Are chalkboards still relevant in schools?
  • Things teachers will never teach you in school
  • Is graduating from school necessary?
  • Are good grades important?
  • How to use your time in school better
  • How you can use your time better instead of going to school
  • How to flunk the exams
  • How school dropouts are better than graduates
  • Why high schools should legalize bullying
  • How schools do not help students manage their time
  • Why schools make grades seem like everything for students
  • How school bullying compares to office harassment

These are good satire topics for students that want to write about something touching on their school. Nevertheless, learners should take their time to write exhaustively on any of these satire topic ideas.

Perhaps, you want to write a satirical essay or paper on a topic that will resonate with everybody in your society. In that case, consider these topics for a satire essay.

  • What the gun control act means for the citizens
  • Exciting ways to exercise your voting right
  • Why do people trust politicians?
  • Simple ways to deal with the immigration problem in the USA
  • How to use public participation to confront terrorism
  • Why Jacob Zuma opted to resign
  • How bad or good is media freedom?
  • What’s happening to the African National Congress in South Africa?
  • How Brexit will affect trade between Asia and Europe
  • Rating the Trump Presidency
  • Why President Donald Trump stands out from the other presidents
  • Why speech freedom is necessary
  • Why North Korea needs press freedom
  • Why do people believe their politicians?
  • Why did Kenneth Bone become a sensation during the presidential debate?
  • How does Brexit benefits Britain?
  • How communism compares to capitalism
  • Did the aliens build China’s Great Wall?
  • Why Russia is the top ally for America
  • Interracial marriages will discourage racism

This category also has some of the best satire speech topics. Nevertheless, learners that pick any of these topics for a satire paper should be prepared to research extensively before writing.

If looking for satire topics for essays on morality and religion, consider some ideas in this list.

  • Why is the Holy City of Mecca a respected place for Muslims
  • Why playing every day is so important?
  • How has the war between Muslims and Christians in the Middle East affected their lives?
  • What message do you expect from the Pope every Easter season?
  • What is the effect of new scientific findings on religion?
  • What is the cause of increasing divorce cases?
  • Has social media affected how Christian worship?
  • Why are even the strongest marriages breaking abruptly?
  • Does morality support plastic surgery?
  • Challenges faced by the Jews during the Second World War

If you’re an environmentally conscious person, you may want to write about topics in this category. Here are brilliant ideas for satirical essays on nature and the environment.

  • Is recycling the ideal approach to enhancing the environment?
  • What will happen when oil will be more important than water
  • Should humans compromise environmental policies for housing projects?
  • The role of polythene bags in environmental pollution
  • How humans damage the ozone layer through deforestation
  • The impact and functions of the UNEP
  • The most threatened species worldwide
  • Crops that Middle East nations grow for food
  • Simple solutions to soil erosion
  • How to prevent global warming by refusing to brush your teeth and gums

This category also has interesting topics for anybody that loves writing satire topics essays. But, some of them may require some research to come up with good write-ups.

Satirical Topics in Pop Culture

You can also write a satirical essay about pop culture. Here are sample topics to consider in this category.

  • Celebrities are also human beings
  • Why does somebody become a trending personality on YouTube?
  • What are the latest hipster trends in the current music industry
  • How to excel in personal branding using the social media and some other social media essay topics
  • Differences between the reality and what the media thinks teens like

This list has good satirical essay topics for learners at different levels. However, some of these topics require research and creativity to come up with brilliant write-ups. Choose a topic you’re comfortable with and love will love writing about to earn the top grade.

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Satire Essay Topics

Satire essay topics list.

According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, satire is defined as “humor that is used to make fun of and often show the weaknesses of someone or something.” Satirical or satire essays often make use of humor, irony, and hyperbole to poke fun or criticize an object or a person. A majority of these are aimed at politicians, particular events, or even celebrities. The purpose of writing a satirical essay is simply to entertain readers and therefore, topic selection is indeed critical.

Consequently, here are examples of satire essay topics you can consider when writing your essay:

  • Increased fixation with social media platforms.
  • Employment: The harder you work, the lesser the pay.
  • The US government struggle to develop a new health care act.
  • The federal budget and its flaws.
  • Kevin Durant getting booed in return to Oklahoma.
  • The rift between Dalai Lama and the Chinese government.
  • Increased rate of teenage pregnancies.
  • Workplace harassment.
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Gender bias in the workplace.
  • Problems the upper-class individuals face.
  • Facebook and Instagram friends are the best.
  • How to twist a lie and make it convincing.
  • Why school is a waste of time.
  • Video game skills should be considered during job interviews.
  • Why the phrase “Any publicity is good publicity” makes zero sense.
  • The recipe of being an annoying human being.
  • How to change from an extrovert to an introvert.
  • Special guidelines on how to fail in your exams.
  • Do politicians tell lies?
  • Why should the Avengers lead our troops in the fight against ISIS?
  • Why I will hire Mike Ross and Harvey Specter as my lawyers?
  • Do we really need gun control?
  • Why global warming is simply a hoax?
  • Advantages of being homeless.
  • Do we really need the freedom of speech?
  • Writing a movie review on a movie you have never watched.
  • How to avoid getting punished even while you are on the wrong?
  • How to pass your exams without studying?
  • Reasons why dropping out of school is important for some people.
  • Why it is important to have your teenager son/daughter as your financial advisor.
  • Why you should be friends with your parents on social media.
  • Why it is important not to ignore strangers.
  • Reasons why some men should consider being stay-at-home dads.
  • Why your pet will never assume the role of your best friend.
  • What diseases has music really cured?
  • If the ozone layer is depleted, what will we be left with?
  • Who is the slave, man or technology?
  • What should be the appropriate sentence or punishment for animal cruelty charges?
  • What exactly is meant by the phrase “rat race”?
  • Are rats also involved in their rat race?
  • Reasons why girls workout more than boys.
  • Eliminating currency can help solve the problem of lack of money.
  • Why cars should be banned to help reduce air pollution.
  • Why FIFA should make soccer watching illegal to avert the dangers of hooliganism.
  • Food should be distributed according to a person’s body weight.
  • Equal salaries are the only solution to help eliminate social prejudice.
  • What will we do when the graves become overcrowded?
  • Using illegal immigrants as free workforce can help prevent others from coming.
  • Why TV shows currently make a strong case to be considered as babysitters.
  • If you wake up as Kanye West tomorrow, would you remain married to Kim?
  • As president for a day, which basketball game would you rush to watch?
  • Each country should build a wall round its borders to help keep its people in.
  • Is healthcare as complicated as the Republicans are making it to be?
  • Will it ever be possible to assign one’s sleeping time to a robot?
  • Should teachers be required to wear uniforms?
  • How to win an argument with your girlfriend.
  • How to break up with your girlfriend via social media.
  • A guy’s hairdo advice for girls.
  • Steps on how to be annoying on social media.
  • How politicians lie and blame it on their duty to the citizens.
  • Things to do to avoid getting into a relationship.
  • What to do when your boss finds you mocking them.
  • Ten reasons why brushing your teeth brings you closer to your grave.
  • What are some of the problems that the working class individuals face?
  • How to arrange and have an awkward date with your crush.
  • Why Donald Trump is my hero.
  • How not to do your chores.
  • What to do when surrounded by zombies.
  • If my identity is stolen, will I have a different face?
  • How to always show up late for dates.
  • How not to get asked what you are currently doing with your life.
  • How aliens built the Great Chinese Wall.
  • How to breakup with your girlfriend without talking to her.
  • How to defeat terrorists by downing our fighting gear.
  • How to be a nosy friend.
  • Here are some of the real causes of global warming.
  • Why I will be voting for Captain America as the 46th President of the United States.
  • Why we need an off button for the Internet.
  • Why conservative media houses should exclusively cover news regarding Trump.
  • Google is indeed making us more knowledgeable and hard-working individuals.
  • Why I prefer North Korea’s press freedom to ours.
  • Why women lift heavier weights than men especially in the gym.
  • Why recycling is the worst remedy for environmental pollution.
  • Top 10 reasons why Russia is America’s closest ally.
  • Reasons why Brexit is good for Britain.
  • Five reasons why animals should have equal rights as human beings .
  • Why deforestation must continue to help accommodate the surging number of people.
  • Is capitalism the direct opposite of communism?
  • Should people be forced into interracial marriages so as to help eliminate racial discrimination?
  • Why Kenneth Bone became an Internet sensation during the presidential debate.
  • Five reasons why President Trump was sniffing a lot during the debate.
  • Why President Trump has the best temperament compared to a majority of former US presidents.
  • Why President Trump is likely to deliver on all of his promises before his first 100 days in office are over.
  • Why I prefer taking the trash out over all other chores.
  • Why the barter system is better than the current monetary system.
  • How students can experience a stress-free environment in college.
  • How mathematics came to be my favorite subject in school.
  • Why the government is right to infringe on our privacy.
  • Where do all the mismatched socks disappear to?
  • Some of the inherent mistakes within our families.

Don’t be shy to  pay for writing essays on different satire topics if you really need them.

ideas for satirical essays

Employment Numbers up for Third Year in a Row: University of Arizona Law Class of 2023 Breaks Record at More Than 90 Percent

two students wearing suits comparing notes

For the third year in a row, recent graduates of the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law have achieved record employment numbers.   

The class of 2023’s full-time, long-term, rate of employment of bar-passage required and JD advantage jobs was 90.35% (103/114), the highest ever, exceeding the class of 2022 rate of 88.3% and class of 2021 rate of 88.1%.  

The figure, which looks at employment rates ten months after graduation, also exceeds the national 2023 class rate of 85.6% reported to the American Bar Association.  

“I am thrilled for the Class of 2023 and its historically high-quality employment outcomes,” remarked Interim Assistant Dean for Career Development Leah Won . “This success is a testament to our graduates' hard work and the investment of our employer partners in the College of Law community.”  

Notably, more than half of the employment of the class of 2023 – 51% – is with a law firm. This is up ten percent from the prior year. Ten class members are employed by firms of 501 or more attorneys.  

Won highlights the individual attention to each member of the class given by the Career Development Office (CDO) before and after graduation. “We work individually with every single graduate to help them achieve their employment goals and that is borne out and supported by our employment numbers,” she said. She also noted the collaboration between the CDO and other student services, like Bar & Academic Success.  

Judicial clerkships have historically been a strong suit of University of Arizona Law graduates, and the class of 2023 is no different. The Class of 2023 reports a sold showing of six graduates in federal clerkships, as well as an increase in state judicial clerkships (10 in 2023, including four clerkships with justices on the Arizona Supreme Court, compared to eight total in 2022).  

The variety of outcomes for the class of 2023, including firms of all sizes and state and federal judicial clerkships, reflects the CDO’s breadth of experience. Counselors with employment history in public interest, firms and clerkships help them to guide students to achieve their own ideal outcomes. For example, Won noted that the CDO team hired Assistant Director Chantal Johnson in late 2023. Johnson has a strong public interest background, with years of experience as a tenants’ rights attorney in New York City.  

The CDO also assists students with summer employment opportunities. According to Won, as of early May, 97% of second-year students (class of 2025) who have reported to the CDO had a summer position lined up.  

Employers interested in hiring University of Arizona Law graduates are encouraged to register for summer interviewing and other programs. This summer, interviews of rising second- and third-year students will take place virtually, in Tucson and in Scottsdale during the week of July 29. The deadline for employers to register to participate is July 2. Contact the CDO to learn more.  

Class of 2023 illustrative employers  

Arizona Attorney General’s Office  

Haynes and Boone, LLP  

Kirkland & Ellis LLP  

Perkins Coie LLP  

Polsinelli PC  

Quarles & Brady LLP  

Snell & Wilmer L.L.P.  

Squire Patton Boggs  

Tohono O’odham Nation Office of Attorney General  

United States Department of Labor, Office of the Solicitor   

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati  


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    Simply follow the steps below, and you'll be on your way to writing a successful satire essay in no time. 1. Create a thesis statement. In a satire essay, the thesis statement will usually be something that you are trying to point out is wrong with the subject you are satirizing. This could be an issue in politics, society, celebrity culture ...

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